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$What a Dollar will buy$

You know it's absolutely amazing what a dollar will buy these days. I'm referring of course to the Dollar Stores which seem to be everywhere these days and though some of the stuff they sell is pure junk, there is a lot of quality stuff there  guessed it,for one Dollar.

Well, I like saving money as much as the next guy and though I'm single I'm as shrewd a shopper as you'll find. So I shop there a lot. I had just bought a new car, one I'd been lusting after for a long time and I'd finally bit the bullet and bought it. It was sweet, red with a sunroof and a back up camera, a boss sound system and yet economical to operate. I loved my little red car and I intended to pamper it for as long as I owned it. 

I was at the Dollar store that day because I wanted to pick up a few things to go in my trunk organizer and a waste basket to put up front. I had already bought a tool kit and some paper towels but I needed some window cleaner and for a buck the stuff they sold was as good as the name brand stuff.

I picked up a basket and began making my way through the store and as usual I found more than I came for. I picked up the window cleaner, some tire cleaner and found a perfect little trash can (also red) and a few other things and headed to the checkouts. The line was backed up because some lady was buying a bunch of what appeared to be party stuff so I relaxed to the inevitable and studied the other shoppers while I waited.

There was a cute black boy in front of me, though too young to really peak my interest, but the cashier was also black and he looked pretty hot so I watched him for a while. I was scanning the check out ahead and suddenly I saw a white boy of about 11 or 12 and I zeroed in on him right away. He was blond and cute as could be and very sexy looking with baggy shorts and bright blue sneakers. He wore a while pullover shirt and as I watched he was joined by two other boys. 

One of the other boys was black and he was wearing a tank top which he had folded up at the bottom to expose his smooth flat tummy and outie belly button. I hoped I wasn't being too obvious (or drooling) but when I got to the third boy I felt a rise in my Levi's as they say. He was obviously mixed, maybe Hispanic and black, and he was amazing. His mop of hair was scattered and he had colored the top part of it reddish brown contrasting against the rest of his black hair perfectly. He was shirtless and a little God of design. He had a baby six pack and skin so smooth and perfect it took my breath away. 

They were looking for something and I heard the white boy ask the black cashier I'd been ogling earlier where something was, but I didn't catch what it was he was looking for. I heard the cashier say he thought it was near the back and off the three went racing by me  close enough that I actually got a whiff of their intoxicating boy scent.

What's more I actually made eye contact with the mixed boy and he smiled at me. He smiled at if I wasn't already in love, he had to smile at me. Well, of course I knew there was no way I'd ever approach these hotties so I resigned myself to just fantasizing and continued to wait my turn.

A moment later I heard voices and turned to see the three boys perusing the sunglass rack a few feet away from me. At this distance I could clearly see that the three were older then I had first guessed, maybe 13 or 14, but that only made them seem even more desirable. I loved comers, especially young ones that could make that sweet nectar by the quart and I imagined them to be those kind of boys.

The mixed boy caught me staring and smiled again, only this time he nudged the  black boy and whispered something to him. I quickly averted my eyes and played it off for fear the next words out the kid's mouth might be, "What the fuck you staring at pervert?" but when the moment passed I casually glanced back their way and was met my three sets of mischievous eyes and three perfect smiles.

I must've blushed but I managed to smile back and look unaffected, even though my heart was beating a mile a minute. Meanwhile the checkout line had begun to move and I moved along with it keeping tabs on the boys with my peripheral vision but they seemed to be oblivious of me now.

I paid for my things, 15 of them, and grabbed up my sacks and looked back to give  the boys one last look, but they were nowhere to be seen. I mentally shrugged and headed for the door and once outside I almost tripped over them. The white boy was sitting on a beat up old bike while the other two stood on either side of him holding equally beat up skateboards.

I was so surprised I couldn't speak, but when the mixed boy spoke I soon found my tongue.

"Hey, man....which way you headed?" He asked eying me with a bravado that caused me to shiver.

Maybe they were hustlers or maybe they were gang bangers looking to beat up some old guy and take his wallet or worse, mess him up, but I didn't think so. In all my years of dealing with boys, I had never once misjudged one and these three before me seemed as innocent and straightforward as any I'd known.

"I live near the River," I said easily, "but if you need a ride I can take you almost anywhere you want to go."

"I bet," the black boy said snickering and poking the white boy in the ribs. 

I smiled but didn't respond to his attempted humor instead I decided to take control of the situation. "We can throw that bike in the trunk, it's pretty big, and you two can hold your skateboards. Where are you headed?"

"Nowhere special," the mixed boy said. He seemed to be in charge so I directed all further conversation to him, "Just"

"Shopping then chilling," I said easily. I really liked this young mixed Adonis, he was super cool and so much fun to look at.

He laughed and I felt chills go down my body, It was the most beautiful laugh I had ever heard, so sweet and innocent, yet something about him said innocence had left him long ago.

" wanna take us with ya, we aint gotta be no where special, do we guys?"

The other two grunted in agreement and eyed me questioningly.

I shrugged, "Sure come on, but I do ask that you respect my car. It's brand new and I am pampering it."  I laughed and got polite smiles from the three.

When I led them to my car, they went crazy. Circling it and checking everything out as they rattled off a thousand questions which I happily answered. 

"Man, this is sik," the black boy said as I used the remote to pop the trunk. The white boy's bike fit easily and I closed the lid and unlocked the doors. 

I was unsurprised to hear the mixed boy call shotgun and the other two piled in the back and without my asking, buckled their shoulder harnesses.

"I'm Rob," I said hoping to exchange names so I could stop thinking them in terms of their colors.

"I'm J, that Leroy and the cracker is Shawn, " the black boy said easily.

"Oh, J.A.Y or just the letter J?" I asked having had some experience with black boys and names in the past.

"Just J, they call me that cause I jack off a lot," he cackled and the other two laughed even harder.

"Then I should be J too," I said joining in, "Cause I bet I do it moren' you."

All three laughed and from that moment on the ice was broken. They began to chatter and before long I knew all about the three. Leroy and J were step brothers, and the current dad was J's dad, an Hispanic man who owned his own lawn service. Shawn lived with his mom and little brother in the same low rent complex and the three were fast friends. Shawn was the oldest at 14, J was 13, and Leroy 12. 

"You got any eats at your place?" J asked after we'd been driving around talking for almost an hour.

"Sure, or we can stop and get some burgers or chicken..your choice, I'm easy."

Again Leroy said "I bet," and nudged Shawn, but this time we all laughed. I didn't take offense, besides it was true, but I really think it was just something Leroy said a lot and he really didn't mean anything by it.

The decided on Chicken so I went through the drive-thru at KFC and got the biggest bucket they had plus six sides. I drove to my apartment near the river and parked in the covered parking spot reserved for me and we got out.

"You live here? This is sik, man I wish I lived gotta pool here man? Can we go swimming?" J asked as I led them up the stairs to my apartment landing.

"Yes, me too, yes, and yes,"  I said answering all his questions at once. It took him a minute to understand then a smile lit up his face. 

"Thanks man, you're pretty cool for a cracker," he joked.

"I am," I said grinning ear to ear. Just being around these cute boys was making me happy and I didn't want the day to end, "And you are pretty cool for a kid." I joked.

"Kid? Kid?" he said making a funny face, "I'll show ya who's a kid...I aint no kid. I'm biggern my old man..that's for sure."

I assumed he meant his penis but I didn't comment, instead I let us in and showed the boys around causing more oohs and ahs but eventually their stomachs won out over their curiosity and I set the table and poured us all drinks. 

Despite being what I thought of as street kids their table manners weren't bad. In fact J surprised the Hell out of me by insisting he say grace. I had no problem with that, in fact I usually said grace myself, and it just endeared the boys to me even more.

Once the amen was uttered it was on. Forks and spoons flew dishing up coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad and greasy delicious chicken found it's way to the boys' plates and inevitably to their mouths.

Greasy lips that looked so kissable wrapped around a chicken leg were almost more than I could handle. I know now why they say eating can be a sensual thing, because watching those three hotties eat was like watching porn. Food Porn..I guess.

Eventually the last wing and thigh and the last of the sides was consumed along with the last biscuits with butter and honey and the boys pushed back from the table. I had eaten only moderately, but felt sated (at least appetite wise) but felt obliged to offer dessert. I had a variety of frozen ice cream treats and the boys somehow made room for them before proclaiming they were full.

We retired to my patio overlooking the courtyard and pool and the boys watched the swimmers below with interest. There was a cute teenage boy and his girlfriend frolicking about and I watched the boys to see how they reacted to the bikini clad cutie.

I couldn't really tell what they were thinking but eventually Shawn made a sexual comment that could have gone either way, "I bet he fucks her tonight."

All three boys laughed and I nodded in agreement, "I would." I added causing the boys to stare at me as if they couldn't believe what they were hearing.

" like girls?" Leroy stuttered.

"Don't you?" I threw back at him.

"Hell ya, I like pussy," he said too quickly. So that was it, they had me pegged as gay and thought I couldn't appreciate a young girl. Well, he was half right, I was gay but I know beauty when I see it and yeah...I'd do that...he he.

"And I bet she'd walk bowlegged for a week," I chuckled.

"Hell yeah, I got a big assed dick, aint I Shawn?"

Well, I had to wonder, how did Shawn know that? Apparently Leroy figured out just how gay that sounded and stuttered, "I mean...we seen each other nekkid in the showers at gym and at the pool..."

"And when you wake up next to each other with morning wood," I laughed.

Leroy started so say something, but I butted in, "I'm just bustin your balls, I know buds see each other nekkid and it's no big deal. It's like brothers or something...just another guy."

"Yeah, yeah...that's how it is," Leroy said looking grateful for what I'd done.

"So...Leroy has a big assed dick, how about J here? You got a big assed dick too?" I laughed.

"The biggest, you wanna see?" J smirked grabbing himself through his shorts. 

For the first time I really noticed how he was dressed. He had baggy shorts and black socks with orange tennies and his legs were as smooth as a babies butt. He had a belt on but it was so loose he might as well have left it at home. There was a bulge in those shorts below that loose belt that said he might not be lying about his size but I didn't know if I was ready to find out quite yet.

"Maybe later, okay," I said casually. He could take it however he wanted.

"Okay, after we swim then," he smirked, "I know you wanna see it, maybe even grab it."

"Hmmm, whatever you say," I said rolling my eyes, "So, you guys wanna swim. I actually have trunks you can wear. They don't allow shorts here."

"You do, they don't? How come?" J asked looking puzzled.

"I don't know, just some silly rule."

"No, I mean how come you got trunks for us?"

"Oh, I have nephews who come over and visit and they like to swim," I lied, I had no nephews and in fact was an only child, but I did occasionally have a boy over for a swim and I kept a variety of sizes on hand, in several different styles and colors.

I showed the boys to the spare bedroom and opened the drawer containing the freshly laundered swim trunks and let them pick out a pair. J opted for a bright orange pair which I thought fit him perfectly, while the other two chose less gaudy colors, Shawn's were white and blue and Leroy's red.

I let them choose how and where they'd change and went off to put on my own trunks and when I got back to the living room I was confronted with three of the hottest swim suit models this side of Heaven.

To say they were perfect in every way would be as accurate a statement as I could make. Even Shawn, now that his chest was exposed was a hot little body, with a baby six pack and smooth perfect skin. His bulge was more defined in the trunks and I didn't think Leroy had much more to brag about than this golden boy. J looked absolutely edible and Leroy was no slouch either. I was afraid little Rob would rear his head in approval but I managed to keep him down by thinking non sexual things and I quickly led the boys to the pool. 

The teenage boy and girl had already departed, and Leroy made a rude comment about how they were off fucking somewhere and J laughed, "You need to get laid bro, so you won't be thinkin bout that stuff all da time."

"Who says I aint?" Leroy protested.

"Shiiit, I knows you aint got no pussy yet. Don't make me have to say mo." J threatened.

Leroy shut up then and dived into the deep end and proceeded to swim laps. He swam like an otter and I envied him his agility and gracefulness. It was all I could do not to drown when I swam. Shawn was diving repeatedly resurfacing  nearby while J floated along beside me and studied me carefully.

"You ever been married?" He asked as if he already knew the answer. 

"Yup, does it show?"

"Maybe. What happened?"

"Long story," I said not willing to share that pain yet.

"I got time, was it cause you're gay?"

"Why do you think I'm gay?" I asked curiously, this kid was amazing me more by the minute.

"I saw your zines in the crapper, plus you been checking me out since the store, that's how," he said boldly looking me straight in the eye.

I shrugged, " know, now what? You gonna rat me out to the others and yell for the cops?"

He chuckled, "I hate the cops, and I never ratted no one out..ever. Sides, I knew it all along. We came cause we figured you'd be good for some fun and maybe some eats or some bread."

"Bread being money," I said feeling a little depressed. Had it come to this, paying boys for their company?

"Yeah, but we coo, the eats was good and lettin us swim. We coo, no probs,"

He swam off then before I could say anything so I climbed out and took residency on a lounge chair. The sun felt good on my skin and a feeling of well being washed over me. Even if they asked me to take them back after they swam, it had been fun having them over even if for a little while.

I closed my eyes and dozed off and the next thing I knew Shawn was shaking me, "Hey, mister...Rob, uh I need to go use your bathroom. Is that okay?"

"Oh, sure..hold on I'll walk up with you. I locked the door earlier." No way was I giving him my door key, I trusted him but not that much.

"Hurrrrry..." he said dancing around, "I gotta go poop." he said so adorably that I wanted to wrap him in a hug and then carry him up to the apartment. Instead I hurriedly led him upstairs and let him in. He ran to the bathroom and closed the door and I sat down at the computer and busied myself with emails while he pooped.

About ten minutes later he emerged looking sheepish, "Sorry, chicken always does that to me."

"No problem, feel better?"

"Lots, hey..." he said then looked away. His eyes scanned the room before coming back to lock onto mine, "can we...uh, talk for a minute?"

What was this all about, I wondered. "Absolutely, what's on your mind buddy?"

"It's about Leroy....and J. See, they...well...they said you was gay and that you wanted to bring us to your place and do stuff with us. Is that true?"

"Well, first of all...yeah I'm gay, but you guys asked me to come here, I didn't force you and I didn't put any conditions on your coming here, so you can leave whenever you want and I'll even take you to wherever you need to go."

He looked thoughtful for a minute, then he frowned, "So, we're not gonna do stuff?"

I almost laughed, Was he begging to be molested?

I shrugged again, "Like what?" I said feigning ignorance.

His eyes lowered he seemed to be studying his feet bringing my attention to them. They were as perfect as the rest of him, lovely, small, and  so soft looking I felt my cock stir in my trunks. I had a major foot fetish for boys feet though I seldom ever got to satisfy it, I longed to with this boy.

"Sex...I guess," he said in a trembling voice, "you know sucking and stuff."

"Is that what you boys do together?" I asked and as soon as I saw the look on his face, I knew I'd hit the nail on the head.

He looked at me in surprise then blushed, "How..ummm, did you guess?"

"Well, Leroy let it slip that you knew how big his dick was're boys and that's what boys do. I did it and almost every boy in history has done it at one time or another and every boy who comes along till the end of time will probably do it too. So....I didn't have to guess very pun intended."

If he got the joke he didn't acknowledge it, "Is that gay? I mean for two guys to do stuff?"

"Do you think it's gay?" I asked putting it back on him.

"He shrugged, the kids at school think it is."

"But a lot of them are probably doing it too, it's normal boy stuff. But so what if it's gay, so what if you or your buddies are gay? What's the big deal? Maybe you're bi, you like both, that's cool too. The ladies dig that, a lot of em get turned on watching two guys do it."

"Really," he said looking more at ease, "J says aint nobody's business but ours."

"Thank you! I totally agree. No need to go around yelling it from the roof tops but if someone finds out tell them it's your business, not theirs."

He was right beside me then and I could feel the heat coming off of him. I could smell chlorine and a slight bitter odor that was his own unique smell. I looked up at him and he smiled shyly.

"You watch porn on there?" He asked pointing to my computer.

"Way more than I should."

"Can I see?"

"You might not like the kind of porn I watch," I warned, but I knew I'd show him anyway.

"Uh uh, I like all kinds, let's see it."

I pulled up a favorite site and clicked on a video. It was two twinks kissing, then undressing each other before proceeding to suck and fuck each other for about a half hour. He watched with his mouth slightly open as he rubbed himself absent mindedly and when I slipped my hand around his waist he offered no resistance as I pulled him onto my lap. 

I let him sit there as I put my arms around him and held him gently and waited. He was shaking as if cold and I gave him a reassuring hug then began rubbing his velvety smooth stomach.

"Tickles," he  giggled as he grabbed my hand and held it still against his rock hard stomach.

Slowly he began to push my hand down, inch by inch until there was no mistaking what he wanted. As my hand slid down the last half inch the blade of my palm came into contact with the base of his penis and as I had expected he was well hard. I fondled his erect cock through his shorts and he sighed and leaned back into me. Emboldened by his reaction I let my hand snake into the elastic of his trunks and grasped his hard penis in my hand. He shuddered and I waited for him to settle down. 

When he reached back and began tugging at his trunks I helped him remove them and suddenly I had a lap full of naked boy. I toyed with his cock, now fully 5" and fat and squeezed his plump balls but I had no intention of wasting his cum by jacking him off. Instead I lifted him up, sat him in the chair and knelt down between his legs.

He knew exactly what I had in mind and he began to assist me. Thrusting his crotch towards me he waited. I wasted no time running my tongue across his slit to find a delicious drop of pre-cum which I swallowed noisily. Unable to hold back I took all of him in my mouth and began giving him the best beejay of my life.

I remembered his feet then and letting his cock slip from my mouth I picked up a foot and began to kiss and lick it. At first he was disappointed that I had left his cock to go to his feet, but he soon got into my foot worship and was wiggling his toes and giggling. I continued until I had sucked all ten toes then went back to his cock.

He was close, squirming and making little noises when suddenly the door burst open and in walked J and Leroy. Damn, I thought, I forgot to lock the freaking door.

"I thought so," J laughed, "leavin us down there while you all have fun. That aint right man."

"Want to be next?" I asked coming up just long enough to talk then going back down again.

"Hell yeah. He any good Shawn?"

"Uhhhh," was all he was able to say, but it was as fine a testimonial as any cock sucker could ever receive.

"Damn, you close? I need to get my nut. wanna start?"

I looked up with interest as the other two boys slipped out of their trunks and began fondling each other. So, they were no strangers to one another or to gay sex. This just got more interesting by the minute. I was shocked none the less to see Leroy drop to his knees and begin to wash J's dick and balls with his tongue. It was so hot I almost dropped my own load without touching myself.

Fortunately I was occupied with another event as Shawn began to come buckets of sweet, salty boy nut cream and I gobbled it down like the greedy dick pig I am. When I was sure I had it all I licked him clean and motioned for the boys to follow me to the bedroom. I wanted to be more comfortable for the next round.

J stretched out on the bed with Leroy sitting beside him watching me closely for a clue as to what his part in this would be. I knelt at the end of the bed and grabbed one of J's feet and began licking the sole and he came unglued.

"What the.....oh, man that feels wicked," he panted, "you got a foot thing or something?"

I didn't answer, instead I proceeded to suck each toe one by one while he moaned and thrust about, his dick pulsing with each beat of his heart. Leroy had a sly smile on his face, maybe in anticipation of his own foot worship or maybe because he knew he'd soon get his rocks too, and when I suggested he help J out while I finished with his feet, he didn't waste a move.

To my surprise he leaned down and kissed J on the lips. Not a brotherly kiss mind you, but one of those kisses that sends steam out of your ears and curls your toes, only his toes were in my mouth and they didn't have a chance to curl. I watched with interest as they swapped spit and then when they finally broke for air, Leroy moved down to J's neck and then to his chest where he bit playfully at the boy's nipples. 

It was obvious to me that the two were very familiar with each other's bodies and played often by the way they responded to each other. As Leroy continued to move down he kissed and licked his step brother's smooth flat tummy and then grasping J's cock in is hand he swallowed it in one gulp. Quite a feat considering by my estimates J was at least 7" long. Though slender, his cock was a thing of awesome beauty and I couldn't wait to taste it or have it inside me. 

I didn't know if the boys liked anal or even if they'd ever tried it, but I was convinced that if I could get them to try it, they'd be hooked for life. I hate to brag but I have an amazing ass and a ride on it can turn a straight man gay.

I finished with J's feet and moved up his legs to his crotch and met Leroy there. He came up off of J and looked at me for instruction and I just started licking my side of J's dick. He got the idea quickly and began to lick the other side as J moaned and cursed at no one in particular. I knew he wouldn't last long if we kept this up so I pulled back and Leroy once again followed my lead.

"Ever fuck anyone?" I asked J in my sultry bedroom voice.

"In the ass? Well...yeah...why?"

"Because I want you to fuck me, in fact I want all three of you to fuck me."

Shawn who had been watching with detachment after having come so hard only a short time ago, perked up and I could see the excitement in his eyes.

"Bareback or with a rubber? I hate rubbers....I'm clean....are you?"

"Bareback of course, I hate rubbers too. I'm clean and safe and I pretty much think you are too. So, if you want this ass it's yours." I said slapping it for emphasis. I'm 40 but I hit the gym twice a week and I'm in pretty good shape, but my ass is amazing looking. It's naturally smooth and what little hair that I do grow back there I immediately get rid of it. I shave my pubes too, but not smooth, they are very short and manageable and that way I can keep them clean easier. All in all I'm one good looking guy and a joy to fuck.

"Sure, okay...I go first though..don't want sloppy seconds..." he joked.

"Absolutely, I want that big ole thing in me now," I said stripping off my trunks to reveal my 7" cock which was now rock hard and dripping with pre-cum.

Leroy gave my cock a good looking over and I swear his mouth was watering. I guessed he was a natural born cock sucker and I hoped to find out if I was right before the night was over.

I grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside table and began fingering my hole with it getting it nice and slick. I figured J's pre-cum would be lube enough for him if I could get my hole well oiled and when I was confident I was ready I laid back and raised my legs to expose my glistening hole.

I saw J swallow hard then he was between my legs ready to go.

"Take it slow, you're pretty big," I said causing his ego to swell, "just rub it around for a bit then when I tell you push, but not hard. Once we get the head in, it'll be okay, but that's the hardest part."

I needn't have worried, if Leroy was a natural sucker, then J was a natural fucker. He treated me like a lady as he slowly and gently entered me, but once he bottomed out it was a different story. He was a mad man, driving in and out of my hot hungry hole so fast he was just a blur. The whole bed shook and I feared we'd go through the wall or make so much noise the neighbors would complain, but thankfully J didn' t last long. 

Ten minutes into the fuck he arched up cried "Fuck" and began to unload in my bruised hole. He must've been saving it up because there was so much cum that when he finally pulled out I was leaking all over the place.

I wouldn't need lube for Leroy or Shawn, I decided, J had just lubed me up with his baby batter. 

Leroy was a sweety, not only did he kiss me as we fucked but he took it slow and gentle as if he was making up for J's rough ride. His dick was maybe 6" and slender and it felt just right inside me. I wanted it to last a long time and I kept pulling him against me and he would rest while we kissed then he would start again. 

It took Leroy almost a half hour to come and it was undoubtedly  the best fuck of my life. When he came he sighed and nuzzled my neck as he gently thrust deep inside me rubbing out the last of his orgasm as his hot boy seed joined J's deep inside me. I held him until we both grew tired then he rose and smiled at me and went off the bathroom.

It was Shawn's turn but I was tired of holding my legs up so I rolled onto my tummy to give him a traditional fuck. He was as horny as before and anxious to get started and fortunately for me he wasn't that big so I let him do it his way which was pretty much ram it in, fuck like crazy and explode five minutes later. There was no kissing, no nuzzling, just raw sex, but I like that too and I enjoyed it almost as much as the other two.

Now it was time to find out if I was going to be left high and dry or if one of the three felt obligated to return the favors I'd given. I was almost shocked to distraction when it was J who offered.

"Fair is fair man. You let me fuck you, now you can fuck me."

What? Did I hear him right? He was offering me that beautiful bubble butt of his? I didn't now what to say at first, but my lust soon got the better of me.

"I would love to, if you're sure."

"Sure, no probs here. Just do like you said, take it slow. I aint ever had one that big up my bootie."

"I'll be so gentle you won't know I'm in till I bottom out," I promised. I was a bit of an expert at breaking in virgins and though by his own admission J wasn't exactly a virgin, it was almost the same thing.

I chose spooning for the position because I have better control and I figured he wouldn't feel trapped like if I was on top of him. I rimmed him first causing more cursing and moaning and more looks of envy from the other two, then lubed him up gently using my fingers to stretch him a little. 

By the time I was ready to start he was relaxed and as pliant as putty in my hands and I easily entered him. I allowed him to adjust to my intrusion before going any further then pushed a bit more in. Slowly and gently I entered him a half inch at a time till my pubes were crushed up against his butt. I sighed and kissed the back of his neck and placed my arm lovingly around him and began.

I could feel his dick and it was rock hard and I debated whether I should try to masturbate him as I fucked or concentrate on my own needs. My needs won out, but in the long run he wound up coming anyway just from my rubbing against this prostate.

When I came it was the most amazing orgasm of my life. It was as if all sex acts up until then had merely been a rehearsal for this one. I felt as if my very life energy was flowing out of me and into J and his into me. We were joined as one even if only for those few amazing minutes as I basked in my afterglow, kissing and nibbling every inch of J's flesh I could reach. 

He sighed noisily as a I gently slipped out of him and then he rolled onto his back and looked up at me. I knew in that instant that this was not the last time I would see J and his friends, but it was J that really mattered.

He smiled and shook his head, "Don't go gettin sprung on me man, I aint down with that." But the protest was just for show, perhaps to save face in front of his buddies for eventually he was a sprung as I was.

The three of them came back many times that summer, then it was just J and eventually he moved in with me. He was 17 then but an emancipated minor and no one gave us any flack. He is still my lover to this day and every time we go to the Dollar Store we remember how we met. Isn't it amazing what a Dollar will buy?

The End

Hi readers. Once again I have been affected by a chance encounter with boys, this time in of all places: A Dollar Store. They were as beautiful as I described, but of course everything else described here is pure fiction. I hope you enjoyed this little romp through fantasy but please note that this is a short story and there is no more except what you may conjure up in your imagaination. 

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