What A Gas!

By tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

By tim

Chapter 10

The next day when Mitch and Justin got back from doctor Bob's, they received the call from the academy that they had been waiting for.

"Hello, Mitch?" asked Ms. Gardenier.

"Yes." replied Mitch. "What's the good word?"

"We'll be proud to have Justin start with us tomorrow." replied Ms. Gardenier. "I need to fax you our policy on dress codes. We don't have uniforms at the academy, but we do have a dress code that we enforce strictly. I also need to fax you a list of supplies that Justin will need at the academy. We do have computer workstations in almost all of our classrooms, so a notebook computer is very important. He will need that tomorrow."

"Thank you very much Ms. Gardenier." replied Mitch. "Justin is very excited to be attending Valencia Hills Academy, and I am very glad that he will be going to a school with such an outstanding reputation. What time should I be there tomorrow morning with Justin?"

"Our classes begin at 8:45, but I need you to stop by the office first." replied Ms. Gardenier. "Plan on being here at 8:00, and we'll have all the papers you need to sign ready for you."

Mitch agreed on 8:00, then gave Ms. Gardenier his fax number. When the fax came through, Mitch took a gulp, as it looked like they would have a very busy evening of shopping at the mall ahead of them. Mitch looked over the dress code and although some of Justin's clothes would be fine for school, they would need to pick up a few things for him there as well. Justin had a fun evening though, especially at the computer shop. Mitch noticed him eyeing over one of the better models of notebooks.

"You certainly have good taste in computers son." said Mitch. "This is probably as top of the line as they come."

"I know it's a lot, but I'll bet this thing could almost do the dishes." said Justin pleadingly.

"I'll bet it could!" chuckled Mitch. "Well, my boy gets nothing but the best. Is there anything you think you might need to go with it son?"

Mitch caught the attention of the clerk, and before long Justin had the best notebook anywhere, along with all the accessories he could possibly need for it. Then it was off to the office supply store, followed by clothes shopping. That was always Mitch's favorite part of their shopping trip, seeing how good he could make Justin look. As far as Mitch was concerned though, Justin would look good in anything. Of course they had to go to their favorite clothing store.

"Hello Mitch!" said Brent. "How are you and Justin doing?"

"We're doing great Brent." replied Mitch. "I have to get my boy ready to go to school tomorrow. He's going to be attending Valencia Hills Academy."

"Wow!" exclaimed Brent. "Very nice school. I assume they have a dress code?"

"Yeah." replied Mitch. "That's why we're back so soon." Mitch handed Brent the fax outlining the dress code and asked, "What can you do with that?"

Brent studied on the dress code for a few minutes , then said, "I'll be right back!"

By the time Brent and Mitch were done with Justin, the boy had quite a few new fantastic looking outfits to wear to school. The two men couldn't help but to stare at the beautiful boy, who stopped several times to admire himself in the mirror.

"These outfits are great Brent." said Justin. "Thanks!"

"Anything at all for my favorite customers." said Brent. "So Mitch, have you guys started going to the group I told you about?"

"Yeah, and I can't thank you enough for that Brent." replied Mitch. "They're helping me adopt Justin legally now. I don't know what I'd do without everyone's help with this."

"That's great!" exclaimed Brent. "Me and my boyfriend are going to try to make it this weekend."

"Well then," replied Mitch, "we'll be sure to see you there then."

Everyone continued talking for a few more minutes, then it was time to pay for Justin's new clothes and head home. Mitch and Justin spent the rest of the evening getting Justin ready for his first day of school, then went to bed early. As soon as Justin crawled into bed naked with Mitch, Mitch got on top of him and began kissing Justin passionately.

When Mitch pulled back he said, "You taste so sweet tonight Justin. I have to have you."

"You can always do whatever you want with me Mitch." replied Justin eagerly.

With that, Mitch began covering Justin's body with kisses. He lingered on Justin's nipples long enough to make the boy squirm and giggle underneath him, then Mitch continued on. Mitch breathed several hot breaths onto Justin's rock hard dick, making it jump up and down, then Mitch covered Justin's dick with his mouth. Mitch licked Justin's dick from the base to the head, trying to lick it toward the back of his mouth.

"Oh God!" moaned Justin. "I still can't believe how good you make my dick feel Mitch. I wish you could make love to me twenty four hours a day!"

This encouraged Mitch to gently suck Justin's dick, to try to make his boy last as long as possible. When Justin would near his orgasm, Mitch would clamp down on his dick until the orgasm went away. Mitch continued doing this for about fifteen minutes, before Justin began to beg Mitch to let him release his load into Mitch's mouth. At that point Mitch sucked hungrily on Justin's dick for about a minute, then Justin exploded his cum into Mitch's mouth. Mitch drank as much of Justin's sweet cum as he could get from the boy, as Justin shot his biggest load of cum yet. It was the most wonderful orgasm Justin had ever felt, as he held Mitch's head tightly to his crotch. When Justin had finally been drained, Mitch held a small amount of Justin's cum in his mouth as he climbed back up the bed. Mitch wanted Justin to know how delicious his cum tasted. Mitch sealed his mouth against Justin's, and let the boy's cum mingle between their two mouths. Within a few seconds Justin was hungrily licking the inside of Mitch's mouth. After a few minutes Mitch finally pulled back.

"No wonder you love my cum so much Mitch." said Justin softly. "It tastes really good!"

"Your cum is the sweetest taste I have ever tasted." said Mitch. "I can't ever get enough of it, although you shot quite a load that time. I think your dick might be starting to get a little larger too."

"Really!" exclaimed Justin. "That would be so great!"

"Yeah, I might be feeling your dick inside me sooner than we had hoped, and I can't wait!" replied Mitch, before laying back on the bed.

As soon as Mitch laid back, Justin was on top of him. Justin was much quicker at making his way down to Mitch's cock, and quickly made it disappear inside his mouth and throat. Mitch moaned contentedly, as Justin expertly pleasured his manhood. Justin had always loved to suck cocks, but he loved Mitch's more than any he'd ever known. Justin quickly coaxed Mitch's cock to an orgasm, and swallowed every last drop of Mitch's cum. Mitch pumped out as much cum as he could, trying to fill his boy's stomach with it, and Justin savored every drop.

When Mitch's orgasm was over he moaned, "Climb up over top of me, and straddle my face Justin. I want to make you cum again."

Justin did as he was asked, even though he didn't know if he could cum again. Mitch took Justin's dick back into his mouth again, and had Justin thrust in and out of his mouth. After a few minutes, Justin felt pressure beginning to build up behind his dick. Then Justin realized that this didn't feel like cum and tried to pull back, but Mitch was holding Justin so his dick would stay in his mouth. Before Justin could say anything, he felt the flow of pee coming from his dick. Justin was panic stricken as he looked down at Mitch to apologize, but then he saw Mitch gulping as fast as he could to keep up with the pee that was flooding his mouth.

"I'm so sorry Mitch, I didn't mean to pee." apologized Justin.

"Don't apologize for that Justin." said Mitch breathlessly. "Your pee didn't taste bad at all. It wasn't the sweetest tasting thing in the world, but I don't mind that you did it. Now, let's work on making you cum."

Justin didn't know what to think as he looked down at Mitch, who was now sucking his dick hungrily again. The thought of having just peed in Mitch's mouth, and Mitch swallowing all of it, was arousing him quite a bit now though. Within a few moments Justin was blasting another load of cum into Mitch's waiting mouth. When Justin was finished, he laid down into Mitch's warm arms.

"Are you sure you don't mind that I peed in your mouth Mitch?" asked Justin.

"It wasn't something that I would do on purpose Justin," replied Mitch, "but it was an accident, and I'll never be upset about swallowing anything that comes from your beautiful dick."

This satisfied Justin, and he smiled as he cuddled into Mitch's arms. Within a few minutes, Mitch was being lulled to sleep by the beautiful sound of Justin's gentle snoring. The pair woke up early the next morning so Justin could get cleaned up and dressed for school. Mitch would drive Justin to and from school until Justin turned sixteen, and he did not mind at all. Before approaching the school, Mitch pulled over and Kissed Justin passionately for a few moments.

"I can already tell that that will be one of my favorite parts of driving you to school." said Mitch. The pair drove on through the gates, and up to the school. Justin was given his class schedule and a map of the school grounds to study, while Mitch was busy signing papers and paying Justin's tuition fees. Finally it was time for Justin to head to his first class of the day.

"You be a good boy, and make me proud of you. Okay Justin?" asked Mitch.

"I'll do my best Mitch." replied Justin.

"That's all anyone expects Justin." said Mitch warmly.

Justin's first class was Physical Education, so the class met in an empty classroom for morning announcements before heading to the fieldhouse. The teacher, who coached soccer, lacrosse, and baseball, wanted to see what condition Justin was in physically. After he started the class with the activity of the day, he ran Justin through a standard physical conditioning test. Justin joined the rest of the class about halfway through the period, and had a great time. Seeing as how Physical Education was required for all four years at the academy, the class consisted of boys from two grade levels. This particular class happened to include Tyler, which made Justin very happy. As soon as the coach blew the whistle to end the class, all of the boys headed to the locker room. Tyler had saved Justin a locker next to him, so Justin would feel more at home on his first day. Justin was surprised at how much more casual the atmosphere was in this locker room, than it was in the PE class at his last school. The atmosphere tended to be a little more mean spirited there. Justin felt a little self-conscious as he stripped in front of the other boys, until Tyler helped him out.

Tyler looked down at Justin's crotch and said, "You don't have anything to be ashamed of dude. It might be only a little smaller than normal, but no one here will ever put you down because of that. They might rib you a little, but we're like a happy family here dude. Besides, I think it looks okay."

"That's easy for you to say Tyler." chuckled Justin. "You're bigger soft than I am hard!"

"It only gets to about six and a half inches when it's hard." said Tyler, as he casually flicked his cock.

The two boys then talked casually as they headed to the shower room together. Justin was trying hard not to stare at the other naked boys, and Tyler noticed that Justin was straining to control himself.

Tyler went over to the corner Justin was trying to hide in and said quietly, "Dude, don't hurt yourself trying not to look around. If you're gay and like to look, no one here is going to beat you up over it. We're all taught to get along with each other, regardless of our differences. I'll prove it to you." Tyler picked out one of the boys in the shower room and said, "Hey Danny, you're cock looks nice today."

A couple of boys giggled as Danny replied, "What else is new Tyler? You always think my cock looks nice. Too bad you can't be convinced to have a little fun."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Justin quietly. "Something like that would get you beaten up at the last school I went to! Is Danny,... uh,... you know?"

"Nah, Danny's as straight as an arrow, but he wouldn't turn down a blowjob from anyone." replied Tyler. "As far as getting beaten up goes, you're not at you're last school anymore."

"Are you gay Tyler?" asked Justin.

"Not exactly." replied Tyler.

"So you're straight then?" asked Justin.

"Not exactly." chuckled Tyler. "I'll have to tell you about it sometime when we're away from here, because it might require a detailed explanation. If you want to suck Danny though I'm sure he'd be happy to oblige you, just don't expect him to return the favor."

"That's right." said Danny as he walked past. "My mouth is only for the ladies, but I'll let anyone take a ride on my stick."

Justin blushed slightly as he replied, "I actually already have someone kinda special dude. Sorry."

"Too bad." replied Danny. "You look like you could do a lot better job than some kids around here. I still like you though dude, what's your name?"

"I'm Justin." replied Justin. "This is my first day here."

"Well Justin," said Danny, "if Tyler starts to freak you out too much, just let me know. I'll make sure you learn the ropes around here. You sure you don't want to stroke me a couple of times?"

This caught the attention of most of the boys in the shower room, who waited for Justin's response. Tyler started to say something, but before he could, Justin replied, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to do that."

When Danny heard that, his cock became erect immediately. Justin wrapped his hand around Danny's cock and stroked it twice. Suddenly Danny's cock erupted all over Justin. Justin let go of it and watched, as Danny's cock shot quite a few nice shots of cum.

As the orgasm slowed to a stop, Danny grunted, "Oh dude, that felt great! You can stroke me anytime!"

Several kids were snickering as Tyler said, "I tried to warn you dude, Danny is auto-orgasmic. If you suck him, he comes like anyone else. If someone else strokes him though, he has an orgasm almost instantly."

"Yeah," chuckled Danny, "it really surprises the shit out of the girls, but then they always want me to fuck them. I'm glad you're such a good sport about it though dude. You might want to wash my cum off you though, sorry about that."

"That's okay Danny." said a stunned Justin. "I've never seen anything like that before though dude."

"It's a very rare talent." boasted Danny. "And I meant it when I said you can stroke it anytime, your hand felt nice dude."

"Like I said, I already have someone kinda special." replied Justin, as he washed the other boy's cum off his body.

"That's too bad." said Danny as he left the shower room.

Justin was now out at school after only his first class, and a couple of boys looked at him with a little interest. Justin didn't notice though, as he was now trying to figure out what Tyler's big secret was.

After Justin was dressed and heading out of the locker room, the coach said, "Hey Malloy! Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure sir." replied Justin nervously. "If this is about what happened in the showers........"

"I don't care what you boys do in there." said the coach. "As long as no one is trying to do something with someone that doesn't want to, you boys can do whatever time allows. I wanted to talk to you about your extra-curricular activity requirement. As you know, I also coach the lacrosse team. Even though our season started a few weeks ago, I would like you to try out for a spot. I think you would make a great lacrosse player. Please think about it, and talk it over with your parents. We have a practice tomorrow afternoon, so I'd like to know by then. If your interested, I can have you excused from your last period as long as you stop by and download the day's lesson."

"Okay sir!" chirped Justin as he smiled. "I'll find out if it's okay tonight!"

"In that case, take this permission and release form with you." said the coach, as he held a paper out to Justin.

Justin took the form and thanked the coach, then he headed off to his next class. The next class was computer arts, which Tyler had taken the year before. Justin did share the class with Danny though, and the only open station was next to him.

"Hi Danny." said Justin nervously. "You mind if I sit here?"

"I'd love for you to sit here dude!" said Danny, as he noticed Justin's mood. "Dude, if you feel weird about what happened last period, I wish you wouldn't. I really do want us to be friends. I'm sorry about surprising you the way I did. The thing is, I know a lot of kids at the academy, but I don't have a lot of friends. People tend to start acting really weird when they find out my mom is a famous actress, but you look like the kind of guy who would still act the same way. Would you please be my friend dude?"

Justin saw the pleading look in Danny's eyes, and his mood brightened considerably. "I'd love to be your friend Danny." replied Justin.

"That's so awesome dude!" exclaimed Danny loudly. "I really like you Justin, you look like a really cool dude. We got to hang out together though, I wanna know everything about you dude. I can tell we're gonna be really good friends, even if you're gay and I'm straight. I think that's cool too dude. I can't wait to have you come over to my house dude, it'll be so much fun!"

Justin was almost to the point of snickering over how excited Danny seemed to be about having him as a friend. Even if Danny was talking out loud about sexual orientation, no one seemed to mind yet that Justin was gay. Justin wasn't sure about Danny knowing too much about his lover though, at least not until no one could ever take him away from Mitch. Danny did seem really cool though, and Justin liked being able to make so many new friends.

Fortunately the class turned out to be very easy for Justin, as Danny kept the conversation going throughout the class. Justin still completed the day's assignment, and it turned out to be the best project of the day for that class. The teacher told Justin that she was very impressed, and then had Justin download his homework. Justin did very well in the rest of his classes too. He seemed to be getting more homework than anyone else, but he did have some time to make up for being out of school. The last class of the day was Language Arts, and he would be sharing that class with Tyler, whom he had also sat with at lunch.

"So, how's the first day going dude?" asked Tyler.

"It's going even better than I had hoped!" replied Justin. "Me and Danny seem to be friends now too. And even though a few of the kids know that I'm gay, it doesn't seem to bother anyone."

"It won't bother anyone here." replied Tyler. "You'll see why tomorrow when we have our twice a week Acceptance and Tolerance class, it's a pretty cool class. They have it in whatever class your last period is on Monday and Friday, so we'll have it together in this class. Danny is okay, although he can be rather rambunctious. I'm sure you and him will be great friends."

"I'm glad you like him." said Justin. "I was going to ask both of you if you'd like to come over to my house tomorrow evening, after I clear it with Mitch of course. Danny already said he'd love to, seeing as how his date canceled on him."

"Oh yeah! Danny and his girlfriend of the month!" snickered Tyler. "I'd love to come over Justin. You may need some help cheering Danny up anyway!"

"Thanks Tyler." said Justin. "I've never really had too many friends before, so I'm glad I met you and Danny. I was wondering if there was a chance that we might become like, best friends? I've never had a best friend before."

"You'd make a great best friend Justin." replied Tyler. "Let's see how things go and keep our fingers crossed."

Justin smiled, then curled his index finger and held it up. Tyler held his index finger up, and interlocked it with Justin's. Justin was happier than he had ever been, now that their friendship was sealed. The last class went great, and Justin once again received a ton of homework. When the last class was over, and school was out for the day, Justin had Tyler follow him out to Mitch's waiting car.

"Hi Mitch!" said Justin as he opened the car door. "You remember Tyler from Tuesday, don't you?"

"Of course I do Justin." replied Mitch. "How are you today Tyler?"

"I'm fine sir." replied Tyler.

"I was wondering if Tyler and another friend could come to our house tomorrow night?" asked Justin. "The other kid is named Danny, and he's a really cool guy."

"Your friends are welcome in our house anytime Justin." replied Mitch. "Do you need a lift Tyler?"

"Sure sir, that would be great!" replied Tyler. "I'm still working on the parents to get me a car, so a ride beats walking to the nearest bus stop!"

"Okay Tyler, but there's one condition." said Mitch. "Stop calling me sir. I'd rather have Justin's friends call me Mitch."

"Okay Mitch." replied Tyler, as he hopped in the back seat.

On the way to Tyler's house, Justin told Mitch how great the first day was, and how cool all of the kids at school seemed to be so far. He also told Mitch about being asked to try out for the lacrosse team, now all he had to do was figure out how to play lacrosse. Mitch laughed and told Justin that it was kind of like hockey, except without the ice and it could be rougher at times. Also instead of a stick, you played lacrosse with a pole that had a small net attached to the end of it. Justin seemed quite interested in lacrosse by the time Mitch was finished describing it to him.

After Mitch and Justin dropped Tyler off and said good-bye, Justin told Mitch about how cool the kids at school seemed to be about gay kids. Justin also told Mitch about the incident in the shower with Danny, but that they both seemed okay with what happened and it was just harmless fun. Mitch readily accepted the boys' encounter as harmless fun, but reminded Justin to be careful about giving away too much personal information. After all, they both now had a great deal to lose if anyone became wise about their relationship as lovers. Justin assured Mitch that he loved him deeply, and would never let something that horrible happen to them. Mitch and Justin were both happy that Justin had experienced such a great first day of school, and that Justin was making some friends his own age.

That evening, before making love, Justin wanted Mitch to measure his dick to see if it was growing now. Mitch asked Justin if he had in fact measured his dick at four and a half inches, and Justin said that he had and it was exactly that big. Mitch found a ruler, and then sucked Justin to an erection. After removing Justin's dick from his mouth, Mitch gave it a few firm strokes to make sure it was as long as it could be. Mitch chuckled as he carefully held the ruler against Justin's dick.

"Well, well, my young man!" proclaimed Mitch. "How does a shade over four and three quarters sound to you?"

Justin was more excited about the growth of his dick than he had ever been about anything. Justin jumped into Mitch's arms and covered his face with kisses. Then Mitch carried his excited boy upstairs to make love to him, while all the way upstairs he gently stroked Justin's precious, longer dick.

I hope everyone feels so happy for Justin. I remember what it was like putting that ruler up to my own dick as a kid, and seeing that it had grown. lol. Please send all comment to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . See you again in Chapter 11.