What A Gas!

By tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

By tim

Chapter 11

Mitch laid Justin on the bed, and said, "I want to taste all of that nice big dick in my mouth, my sweet little boy."

"Only if I can make love to your cock at the same time." replied Justin.

Mitch went ahead and laid down the opposite way that Justin was laying, then took the boy's dick into his mouth. Now that Mitch thought about it, Justin's dick did feel slightly different than the first time he took it into his mouth. Mitch was so happy for Justin that he was a little more aggressive with Justin's dick than usual, which made Justin squirm as he was swallowing Mitch's cock down his throat.

After a few minutes Mitch backed off Justin and moaned, "Oh God Justin! I never would have dreamed that a boy your age could deep-throat a cock my size so exquisitely. I don't know who taught you that, but I'm glad that they did. Your mouth and throat feels like heaven when it's wrapped around my cock."

That made Justin deep-throat Mitch with even more enthusiasm. He loved having Mitch's large cock as far down his throat as he could get it, even if it did make breathing tricky. Mitch went back to work on Justin's dick, sucking on it with as much suction as his mouth could produce. Mitch wanted Justin's dick to grow as much as possible, because he couldn't wait for the day he would feel Justin inside of him. Mitch also sucked on Justin's balls too, which caused Justin to squirm even more as he began humping into Mitch's face. It also made Justin's cock throb visibly. When Mitch noticed that, he took Justin's dick back into his mouth. As Mitch approached his orgasm, Justin began whimpering. That had become Justin's signal that he was close. Mitch reached down and stroked the back of Justin's head, which was now his signal the he was ready to cum. Within seconds, Mitch and Justin was filling each other's mouth with their cum. Both guys swallowed every drop as if they couldn't live without the taste of their lover's cum.

After both orgasms were over, Mitch turned around. Justin snuggled deeply into Mitch's warm embrace, and fell asleep with a smile on his face. Mitch smiled too as he softly stroked Justin's back until sleep overtook him as well. Justin was awoken during the night by the sensation of himself peeing. Mitch had put the mattress cover back on his bed, so Justin smiled as he snuggled even closer to Mitch.

When Justin's pee stopped he was surprised by Mitch kissing him on the forehead and saying, "I love you my sweet little boy."

The next morning Justin and Mitch woke up, and after a passionate kiss, they took a shower together. As soon as breakfast was over, Mitch drove Justin to school. Before pulling into the academy, Mitch and Justin shared a warm good-bye kiss. After Mitch dropped Justin off and pulled away, Tyler came walking up to him smiling. Justin didn't know it, but Tyler had seen the two of them kissing before Mitch dropped Justin off.

"Good morning Tyler!" chirped Justin. "What's the really cool smile for?"

"I guess I'm just happy to see my best friend this morning." replied Tyler brightly. "I'm all ready for tonight my buddy. As a matter of fact, I got permission to make it a sleep over if Mitch is okay with it." Tyler was actually happy to know that Justin had a lover, even if it was Mitch. It would make it easier for him to share his secret with his best friend.

Danny caught up with the pair on the way to morning announcements. "Hey dudes!" exclaimed Danny happily. "I'm all set for tonight. I'll have to let my mom know when I'll be ready to come home though, so she can send the limo for me. Since it's not a school night I can stay up to midnight, unless we make it a sleep over."

"I'm sure we can arrange something Danny." replied Justin. He was now thinking to himself that sex with Mitch tonight would probably be out of the question, now that he was going to have overnight guests. "I got some great news dudes." continued Justin. "I checked my dick last night, and it's growing again!"

"I'm so happy for you Justin." replied Tyler. "You might not want to say that quite so loudly though. Some of the kids here still love to joke about dick size."

"I'm happy for you too dude." said Danny. "I remember how stressful it was until mine started growing."

All three boys laughed as they continued on to the classroom. After announcements were over, it was time to head to the fieldhouse. Before Physical Education started, Justin gave his signed form back to the coach and told him he would love to try out for the lacrosse team. The coach then called the office, and got Justin excused from his last class. Tyler was slightly disappointed that Justin wouldn't be in the class with him, but he knew that being on the lacrosse team was pretty cool. The class went okay, and after the whistle there was a show in the shower room. Tyler and Justin saw a boy come in and walk up to Danny, so they stopped showering to watch.

"Hi Antonio, what's up?" asked Danny.

"Hi Danny." replied Antonio. "My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. He said he wanted to try having a girlfriend for a while."

"I'm sorry to hear that dude." said Danny. "You and Miguel made such a nice looking couple."

"I'll find another boyfriend to replace him eventually." said Antonio. "As a result though, we didn't do anything last night. I was wondering if I could stroke you a few times, and let you shoot your load in my mouth. I love the taste of cum, and I need it almost every day now."

"Sure dude!" replied Danny, as water rushed over his body. "Anything to help out another guy in need."

Danny's cock immediately sprang to an erection, and Justin and Tyler were starting to stiffen as they watched Antonio get on his knees in front of Danny. Antonio stroked Danny's cock firmly a couple of times, then put his mouth over the head of Danny's cock. Justin and Tyler watched in fascination, along with some of the other boys in the shower, as Danny grunted loudly and filled Antonio's mouth with his cum. Antonio sucked and swallowed greedily until Danny's orgasm was over, and he had swallowed all of Danny's cum.

Antonio stood up and rubbed his tummy as he said, "Thanks Danny, your cum really hits the spot. I'd be your boyfriend in a heartbeat if I could talk you into trying gay sex."

"You know better than that Antonio." replied Danny. "You can drain my balls anytime, but I can't bring myself to do anything with another guy's cock." Then Danny looked over at his friends and said, "Looks like that little scene got you guys turned on." Danny then pointed at their erect dicks.

Tyler couldn't do anything about his problem yet, but Justin grabbed ahold of his own dick. All of the boys in the shower room cheered Justin on as he furiously pumped his dick. When Justin began to whimper and breathe heavily, Antonio got on his knees and took Justin's dick into his mouth. Justin weakly tried to push Antonio away, but his orgasm hit him quickly. Justin blasted his load into Antonio's hungry mouth, and Antonio sucked every drop he could from Justin's dick.

As Justin was recovering he panted, "I'm not mad at you Antonio cause it felt good, but I have a boyfriend. Please don't do that again without asking first."

"Okay dude." said Antonio shamefully. "It's too bad though because your cum tastes better than any I've ever tasted."

"Don't be ashamed dude." replied Justin. "What you did to me felt good, and you'll make someone a fine boyfriend. It's just that my heart belongs to someone else dude."

"He's a lucky guy then." said Antonio. Antonio did begin to smile again as he stepped under the shower spray next to Justin and Tyler, and the three boys did talk some more.

After the showers, the boys dressed quickly and got on with the rest of their day. As the last class approached, Justin became very excited. When the bell rang, Justin hurried to his last period classroom and downloaded the Acceptance and Tolerance lesson, then he hurried back to the fieldhouse. The coach told him to hurry up and meet everyone at the practice field beside the stadium. Then Justin noticed Antonio was in the locker room too.

"Hey Antonio, I didn't know you were on the lacrosse team!" exclaimed Justin.

"Yeah dude, I'm the first junior in twenty years to be the team captain!" replied Antonio proudly. "If you need any pointers on how to play, just ask dude."

"That's good!" said Justin. "I've never played lacrosse before, so I'm gonna need all the help I can get!"

"Well, don't worry too much about it." laughed Antonio. "Just do everything the coach tells you to do, even if you don't know why you're doing it. That will come to you as you learn the game. The coach is really interested in your ability to learn the game, not what you already know. That's why we have had the best high school team in the state for the last six years in a row!"

"I do have one question though." replied Justin. "If lacrosse is an outdoor sport, why is the season starting so late in the year? Aren't some places in the state going to be getting pretty cold soon?"

"The league in this state is an indoor league." answered Antonio. "We have a nice enough climate so we can usually practice outside, but when we play for real we'll be playing in the fieldhouse. There are a few teams in the state that play outside though. They're usually fun places to play. Let's hurry up now, and see what you can do Justin."

Justin and Antonio made their way out to the practice field to join the other boys. After warm-ups, the coach had Antonio put the team through drills while he worked with Justin. Justin listened to the coach intently, and paid attention to what Antonio and the team were doing. When the coach asked Justin to try something, Justin gave it his very best effort and performed well. Then the coach had Antonio and a few other boys join them. After the coach had several things demonstrated to Justin, he would put Justin in with the other boys to see what Justin had learned so far. Towards the end of practice, the coach pulled Justin and Antonio aside.

"Justin, I am very impressed by what I saw from you!" said the coach. "While it's true that you've never played before today, you seem to have a natural ability for the game. You also absorb and carry out what you're taught extremely well. We practice during last period every Tuesday and Friday. Our games are usually on Tuesday and Saturday nights. Welcome to the team son!" Then the coach turned to Antonio and said, "I want you to work with Justin, Antonio. I want him to learn from my best player because I think he'll be a tremendous asset to our team. Consider yourselves close friends now. Now hit the showers!"

Justin and Antonio smiled at each other and high-fived, before they turned to go to the showers. Antonio wanted to hang out with Justin that evening, but Justin told him he had already invited two other friends to his house for the evening. When Justin said that it was too bad they didn't know how things would go sooner, Antonio pulled his cell phone out of his locker. After talking to his mother for a few minutes, Antonio told Justin that it would be okay for him to go to his house.

"I'm sure it will be okay with Mitch." said Justin. "He's the guy that's going to adopt me because my mother is such a bitch! He's really cool though, so I'm sure there won't be any problem. Besides, he was saying yesterday that he wanted to meet all my new friends."

Justin and Antonio got showered and dressed, then headed to the front of the academy to meet up with Tyler and Danny. Tyler and Danny were shocked, but happy that Antonio would be joining them. Then all four boys went to meet Mitch. Mitch was somewhat shocked to see Justin walking up with three good-looking boys.

"Hi dad." said Justin to Mitch. "You already know Tyler. This guy on my right is Danny that I told you about yesterday, and the guy on my left is Antonio. He's the captain of the lacrosse team, and the coach wants us to get to know each other seeing as how I'm on the team now!"

"Hello sir!" replied Danny and Antonio in unison.

"Hello Danny and Antonio." replied Mitch as he shook each boy's hand. "If you keep making friends son, we're going to need a bigger house and a bigger car." Then Mitch chuckled to show that he was just joking. "We'll have to find some way to squeeze everyone into the car though. It'll be just like my college days, seeing how many people we can squeeze into a beetle! Justin and Tyler, make sure you tell the other boys about calling me sir though."

"I have an idea." offered Antonio. "Me, Justin, and Danny can ride in the back. Justin is the smallest, so he can sit in my lap if he needs to. Then Tyler can ride in the front seat."

"That sounds just crazy enough to work!" joked Mitch.

After everyone squeezed into the car, Mitch reminded Justin that Will would be coming by too. Justin explained to everyone who Will is, and that everyone would have to be on their best behavior until Will left. Antonio did behave himself during the ride, honoring his friend's request. Antonio's cock had a mind of it's own though, as it stiffened from having Justin in his lap. Justin giggled when he noticed Antonio's cock poking him in the butt. Danny looked over at Justin and Antonio, and began giggling too. Pretty soon Mitch had a car full of giggling boys, and he didn't mind one bit. As they pulled into Mitch's driveway they noticed that Will was waiting for them. As soon as Mitch parked and got out of the car, he went over and shook Will's hand.

"Hi Will." said Mitch. "Justin started at Valencia Hills Academy yesterday, and he's already bringing three friends home with him. This is Tyler, then we have Danny, and the one climbing out of the car now is Antonio."

"Hi boys, I'm glad to see that Justin is making friends so quickly." said Will. All of the boys replied hello as they shook Will's hand, then Will turned back to Mitch. "I'm impressed that you got Justin into such a good school. Valencia is probably the best in the state, if not the country. Did you get that doctor's report for me Mitch?"

"I sure did." replied Mitch. "It's inside, in my office. Come on in and I'll show you that program that Justin and me came up with too. I pitched it to three software companies today, and all three of them are extremely interested. I guess it will depend on who can outbid the other two."

"That sounds great Mitch!" replied Will. "I'd love to check it out!"

"You guys are going to love this!" exclaimed Justin to his friends.

Everyone then went into Mitch's office, and waited a few seconds while Mitch booted up. Mitch already had a somewhat milder coaster than Justin had built loaded in the program, and ready to run. Mitch helped Will strap the headset on, then explained what was going to happen.

"Okay everyone, Will is wearing a virtual reality headset." said Mitch. "When I start the program, he will see everything in 3-D. It will also run on the monitor so we will see what he does, except not in 3-D. I already have a coaster loaded in and ready to run, but you can design your own from scratch. It's really fun to see what you can come up with too. Are you ready Will?"

"Go ahead Mitch." replied Will.

Mitch started the program and the boys alternated between watching the monitor, and watching Will weave back and forth. When the program stopped, and Mitch helped Will take the headset off, Will looked amazed.

"You have to do me a favor Mitch." said Will.

"What's that my friend?" replied Mitch.

"Let me know immediately when a company makes a deal with you." said Will. "I want to know which one it is so I can buy their stock! That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!"

"I'll make sure to do that." chuckled Mitch. "By the way, here's the doctor's report you wanted."

"Thanks Mitch, I'll put this in your file." replied Will. "I mean it about letting me know what company buys your program too. Maybe I can make enough like that to send my kids to Valencia when they get to high school. Speaking of kids, I better get home to mine. Thanks again Mitch, and I'll see you and Justin later."

Mitch said good-bye to Will as he walked with him to the door. Once Will had left, Mitch returned to his office. "Okay, who's next?" asked Mitch.

All four boys raised their hand eagerly, but Mitch wanted Justin to let his friends go first. The boys had a great time building and riding coasters on Mitch's computer, and Mitch was having a great time watching the boys. Everyone did take a break when the pizzas Mitch called for arrived. After Mitch and the boys stuffed themselves with pizza, it was back to the computer. Each boy wanted to build his own coaster, then have everyone ride it.

While Tyler was busy designing his coaster, and the others were standing around, Antonio said, "I know what we can do while we're waiting. Show Mitch what you can do Danny, I'm sure he's never seen anything like it!"

Mitch knew what Antonio was talking about, so he said, "That's okay, you boys probably shouldn't be exposing yourselves in front of me anyway."

"It don't bother me." said Danny. "You're so cool that it's like you're one of us kids anyway. Can I get Justin to do the honors? Just make sure you stand clear this time dude."

Danny dropped his pants and underwear, and his cock immediately went from soft to erect. Mitch was amazed because he had never seen anyone get such a fast erection. By this time Tyler had turned around to watch.

"Okay Mitch, you come over here on this side to watch so you get a good view." said Danny. "Justin, as soon as Mitch is in place go ahead and make me cum."

Mitch got into place and admired Danny's seven inch erection. He liked Justin's dick much better, but he had to admit that Danny looked very nice. Justin then stepped up to Danny and thought about what good friends they had become. Justin had that thought in mind when he took ahold of Danny's cock, and gave it two very passionate strokes. Then Justin stepped back while everyone watched Danny shoot cum from his cock like a fountain. Mitch watched in awe as Danny's cock pulsed and and shot its cum all by itself.

When Danny's orgasm ended, Mitch said, "That was THE most incredible thing I've ever seen Danny. It's a good thing for you I've already got a serious boyfriend."

Mitch said the last part before he realized what he was saying, then cupped his hand over his mouth. It was too late though, all of the boys had heard his remark. Mitch began to look as though he were going to have another panic attack, so Antonio went over and put his arm around Mitch.

"Calm down Mitch." said Antonio softly. "We know what the situation is with you trying to adopt Justin, and we think it's great what your doing for our friend. The fact that you're gay doesn't make one bit of difference in how you raise Justin, and we don't really care who you like to have sex with. What's important is that our friend is happy, and you're the one responsible for that. We all care about Justin. As a matter of fact, if he didn't already have a boyfriend too, I'd,... I'd..." Antonio was the last one in the room to catch on to what he was saying, as he began to look at Mitch and Justin both.

"If you boys do really care about Justin, you have to promise both of us something." said Mitch. "Justin and I love each other very much. This isn't just about sex, although we do both enjoy that very much. It's about two people who love each other so much, that they need the presence of the other one in their life in order to survive. I will do everything that I can to finish raising Justin and give him the life he deserves, and I will also make him as happy as I can sexually too."

"Yeah guys, please don't say anything about this." pleaded Justin. "I love Mitch more than I could ever describe to anyone. The day I came up to him at a gas station, and he took me home with him, was the best day in my life. I've always been attracted to men around Mitch's age, but Mitch is different than any guy I've ever met. Not only is he an awesome lover, but he cares a hundred times more than my mother ever did about my well being. He's the best dad and lover that a kid like me could ever hope for, and I would die without him."

"You guys don't have to worry about me." said Danny. "I'm sure your whole story sounds like a fairy tale come true, and I'm glad that Justin's dreams have come true. You're my friend forever Justin, and I'll never hurt you or Mitch."

"Now I know why I want to be your best friend Justin." said Tyler. "You prove to me that things work out well for good people. It was probably fate that led to you meeting Mitch at that gas station, and you two belong together more than any two people that I can think of. You two could trust me with your lives because I think a lot of both of you."

"I want to be friends with you and Mitch too Justin." said Antonio. "You guys are the two luckiest guys in the world to have found each other the way you did. And you Mitch, you gave Justin a chance in life that he never would have had without you. A lot of kids at the academy have had everything handed to them for their entire lives, but Justin has paid his dues to be where he is now. I don't think I could have put up with the things you have Justin, so I admire both of you greatly. Don't ever be ashamed around us because of how much you love Justin, okay Mitch? You obviously realize the same thing we all do, what a great guy Justin really is."

The five guys shared a group hug, then Mitch and Justin tearfully thanked their new friends. Everyone continued to have fun like they were before, except now Justin was free to cuddle into Mitch's side in front of his friends. Antonio called home again, and got permission to stay the night with his friends after Mitch spoke to his mother. Every once in a while the three boys would smile as they caught Mitch and Justin sharing a kiss.

Finally the time came for bedding assignments. Justin and Mitch didn't have to worry about sleeping together now, so two of his friends could share his bed while the other slept on the sofa. Tyler volunteered for the sofa, leaving Danny and Antonio to share Justin's bed. Antonio looked forward to that, seeing that he knew Danny would let him suck his cock without tripping Danny's auto-orgasm first. Antonio wanted to tell Danny how he really felt, but Danny was never really very receptive to other guys. The only thing Danny ever did was let other guys stroke his cock or suck it, but Antonio wanted Danny to do so much more with him.

As the two boys laid down in Justin's bed, Antonio asked, "Can I suck your cock Danny? I wanna give you a real blow job, not just stroke you a few times and let you cum in my mouth."

"Sure dude!" replied Danny. "You know I've never turned anyone down who's wanted to suck my cock. Who knows, you might be really good at it!"

Antonio smiled at Danny, then pulled the blanket down to expose Danny's erect cock. Antonio stared longingly at it for a few moments, then engulfed the entire shaft in his mouth. Danny closed his eyes, and began to breathe deeply as Antonio's lips caressed his cock. When Antonio began to use his tongue on the head, Danny began to groan lowly. Danny was right, Antonio was very good at making his cock feel good. Danny was now very glad that he orgasmed like anyone else when it came to having his cock sucked, because Antonio's lips felt very good.

"Oh dude!" moaned Danny. "Miguel is such an idiot for letting you go. You are so hot that I hope I can hold off for a long time." It wasn't everything that Antonio had wanted to hear, but it was enough to make him happy as he put as much love as he could into sucking Danny's cock.

Meanwhile in Mitch's room, Mitch and Justin were engaged in a very passionate 69, when they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Mitch and Justin pulled themselves apart, and straightened themselves up as quickly as they could. "Come in!" called out Mitch.

Tyler came in, and immediately sat down on Mitch's bed. "I thought it was time that I shared my secret with Justin." said Tyler.

"You boys could have done that downstairs after everyone had come up here." replied Mitch.

"No, you should know too Mitch." said Tyler. "That way you'll know that you can trust me as Justin's best friend. Could you guys give me a little room on the bed?"

Mitch and Justin moved over as far as they could while Tyler was taking his clothes off. When Tyler was naked he laid down in the space that Mitch and Justin had made for him, then he began to show his secret. Tyler brought his legs up into the air and over, bending his back at an impossible angle. When Tyler hooked his legs behind his head, he was able to take his own cock into his mouth. Tyler gently sucked at his own cock, while his lips caressed up and down the entire shaft. By this time Mitch and Justin were both painfully erect again. As Tyler continued stroking his shaft with his own lips and licking the head with his own tongue, Mitch and Justin resumed their 69. Tyler glanced over and watched Mitch and Justin pleasure each other, as he continued to pleasure himself. Mitch and Justin both also kept a close eye on Tyler, as neither of them had ever seen anyone suck their own cock like Tyler could. Tyler lovingly sucked on his own cock, as it slid in and out of his mouth. He was now completely unaware af anyone else in the room, as he trembled from the feeling his lips and tongue were creating in his cock.

As Tyler looked over and saw Justin taking Mitch's huge cock all the way down his throat, he couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer. Tyler's cock began flooding his mouth with his own sweet tasting cum as Tyler sucked hungrily, trying to suck every drop of cum from his churning balls. Tyler's orgasms were always intense when he sucked his own cock, and this one was no different. When Tyler had drawn the last drop of cum from his cock, he unrolled himself and laid exhausted on the bed.

"Oh God, I love myself so much!" moaned Tyler, knowing that Mitch and Justin could hear him.

Tyler then looked over, and saw Mitch and Justin intensely working on each other's cock. Tyler got closer to where Justin was deep-throating Mitch, so he could get a good view. Tyler had never seen anyone their age take such a large cock so far down their throat, and he was entranced by the job Justin was doing on Mitch. Tyler was so caught up that he began cheering them on.

"My God Justin!" exclaimed Tyler. "I've never seen anyone suck such a large cock as good as you can! Go ahead and cum for him Mitch. He's as hungry for your cum as I am for my own! Go ahead and fill Justin's expert mouth with your creamy cum, so he can taste it in his mouth and feel it slide down his throat! I want to see you fill Justin's mouth with your cum Mitch!"

Mitch never needed any encouragement to cum for Justin, but Tyler's coaxing was turning him on incredibly. Mitch felt more pressure building in his balls that he had ever felt before. When Mitch's orgasm exploded into Justin's mouth, he let out a loud moan of relief, and began moaning his love for Justin over and over. Tyler watched Mitch's cock pulse from the volume of cum pumping through it, and he could see Justin gulping madly to keep up. No one could have kept up with the orgasm Mitch was having though, so Tyler saw strings of cum shooting from Justin's mouth and landing back on his face. When Mitch's cataclysmic orgasm was finally over, he collapsed exhausted on the bed.

"Dude, you got cum all over your face." said Tyler softly. "Let me clean it off for you." Tyler gently cleaned Justin's cum streaked face with his tongue, then pulled back and said, "Mitch's cum don't taste too bad at all!"

"I love the manly taste of Mitch's cum." moaned Justin. "That's why Mitch's cock will be the only one to ever cum in my mouth!" Then Justin looked up at Mitch.

"I'm so sorry baby, I'm exhausted." panted Mitch. "You two boys drained me completely, but I would love for you to make love to my face."

Justin climbed up the bed to Mitch's head, followed closely by Tyler. Justin placed his cock at Mitch's face, but Mitch was too exhausted to help guide Justin's small erection into his mouth.

"May I?" asked Tyler.

When Justin nodded his approval, Tyler grabbed Justin's dick and guided it to Mitch's mouth. Tyler placed the head of Justin's dick between Mitch's lips, and told Justin to push. Justin pushed his erect dick into Mitch's mouth and began thrusting it in and out. As Tyler watched Justin's little dick go in and out of Mitch's mouth, his own cock began to grow again. Tyler watched intently as Mitch's lips and tongue caressed Justin's dick.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Tyler. "Not again!?!"

Tyler laid back down on the bed and quickly got himself into position, then began sucking his own cock again. As Justin thrust in and out of Mitch's mouth, he watched his best friend suck furiously on his own cock. Neither boy could last very long now though. As Tyler cummed in his own mouth for a second time, Justin erupted into Mitch's mouth. Mitch and Tyler both hungrily swallowed the cum that was flooding into their mouths until the last drop had been sucked from the boymeat that was in their mouths. Tyler rested on the bed with Mitch and Justin for several minutes as he recovered from two intense orgasms.

Mitch finally leaned up to look at Tyler as he said, "Tyler, that was the most incredible thing I have ever seen, and I know that makes the second time I've said that tonight. You beat Danny's auto-orgasm by a mile though. How did you ever learn to do that?"

"Ever since the first time I saw a picture of a guy sucking another guy, I've known that I'm in love with myself." explained Tyler. "I knew I had to find a way to suck my own cock, so I asked my mom if I could take yoga lessons. After a whole year of yoga and watching dogs suck themselves, I finally managed to do it. Since then I've loved every single time that I've sucked my own cock. I'm not really vain though, I think it's because I'm schizophrenic. I have at least two people inside me, and they happen to be in love with each other. At least that's what my shrink says. All I know is that I've never been able to make love to anyone the same way that I do to myself."

"Well Tyler, we don't think there's anything wrong with that." said Justin. "Right dad?" Then Justin and Mitch gave Tyler a warm hug.

"Thanks guys." said Tyler emotionally. "You don't know how much it means to me to find a friend who understands how I feel. I'm lucky to have friends like you, and to always be with the person that I love intimately." Mitch, Justin, and Tyler shared another warm hug until Tyler decided to go back down to the sofa and turn in for the night.

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