What A Gas!

By tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

By tim

Chapter 12

After Tyler went back downstairs, Mitch and Justin talked about the three boys who now knew their secret. Mitch was worried, but Justin had a strong feeling that he could trust them. Tyler had not been downstairs for very long, when Mitch and Justin heard a knock at the bedroom door.

"Come on in." called out Mitch.

Antonio walked through the door and over to the bed, then sat on the bed next to Justin. His eyes were red and puffy, like he had been crying.

"Dude! Are you okay?" asked Justin.

"Sometimes I really don't know." replied Antonio sadly. "I don't know what's wrong with me, but sometimes I hate living like this!"

That remark made Mitch sit up in the bed and take notice. He knew that Antonio was showing signs of depression. It also looked like the boy needed friends desperately. "Why don't you crawl over Justin and sit between us Antonio?" asked Mitch.

Justin was happy to give up his spot next to Mitch for his friend. As soon as Antonio was situated between them, Mitch and Justin both put an arm around him.

Mitch looked at the pain in the boy's eyes, and said, "We're your friends Antonio. Whatever is wrong, you can tell us and it won't go any further unless you want it to."

"Why do I always fall in love with guys that I can't have?" asked Antonio as he began to sob lightly. "I fell in love with Miguel, even though I knew that he was just curious and not really gay. I could fall in love with Justin so easily, but I know that you two are very happy together. And there's been one person that I have loved the whole time, but he's straight too! He sees fooling around with another guy as just something fun to do, and there's no way he would ever do anything himself!"

Antonio began to cry again as Mitch rubbed his back, and Justin stroked his hand. "This is about Danny, isn't it?" asked Justin.

"I love him so much, but it will never work." cried Antonio. "He's pretty much convinced that he's straight."

"Why don't you tell him how you feel, and see what happens?" asked Mitch.

"I tried that already." sniffled Antonio. "I fell in love with him as soon as he started at the academy last year. He was very popular very quickly, and about the hottest guy I'd ever seen. I became friends with him right away, because I already knew that I wanted more than that. Finally last spring, I got up the nerve to tell Danny that I was in love with him. I had already been responsible for everyone knowing about Danny's unusual talent, and his love for getting oral sex. We were just fooling around in the showers after Physical Education one day, and as I walked past him I grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times. He shot all over me, just like he did Justin yesterday. When I told him that I'd love to suck it sometime, he said that he loved getting blow-jobs from anyone but he wouldn't do anything else with another guy. After I had sucked him a few times, I thought he was just kidding about being straight so all the guys wouldn't hang all over him. I told him that I loved him, and I wanted to be his boyfriend. He stopped talking to me for three weeks when I said that. That was when I met Miguel, but I was still in love with Danny. He finally started talking to me again, and I've tried to be satisfied with being his friend ever since. What's wrong with me Mitch?"

"There's nothing wrong with you Antonio." replied Mitch. "You're a very handsome and sensitive young man, and any boy would be lucky to have you as his boyfriend. You just happen to have your heart set on winning the affection of a boy who seems to be out of your reach, but we don't always choose who we fall in love with. When I met Justin, I never would have dreamed of doing anything with a boy his age. My heart had other plans though, and I fell madly in love with him. We'll try to help you with this Antonio, but if Danny is straight we can't promise you that things will work out the way you want them to."

"We'll try though dude." said Justin. "Maybe Danny doesn't really know, and he's just fighting with himself over who he is. Either way though, you're my friend and I want to see you happy."

"I wish I could just spend the night with two people who care about me as much as you guys do." said Antonio.

"Well, Justin and me have already made love tonight, so I don't mind." replied Mitch. "You may want to discuss it with Justin though."

Antonio turned to his friend, his eyes pleading with Justin's. Justin smiled and said, "You're my friend dude, and I could never say no to you. There is one thing you have to know though." Justin's expression changed to one of shame as he continued, "I have a problem. There's something wrong with my bladder, and I have a hard time controlling it. Mitch and my doctor were the only two people around here that knew about it before now. You're the only friend that I've told about it. The doctor has been helping me a little bit, but I still have accidents sometimes. If you do sleep with us tonight, there's a chance that I might pee on you during the night." Justin looked at Antonio, begging him for acceptance.

Antonio smiled at Justin and replied, "If you pee on me it's no big deal, it does wash off. You have nothing to be ashamed about Justin, it's a medical problem and I won't ever say a word to anyone about it."

Justin cried a few tears of happiness, and threw his arms around Antonio. "You don't know how much it means to hear you say that." said Justin emotionally. "You're a great friend Antonio, now let's go ahead and get some sleep."

As the three guys prepared to lay back in the bed, Justin hugged Antonio and gave him a deep, friendly kiss good-night. Before Antonio could recover from Justin's kiss, Mitch did the same thing. Once they laid down in the bed, Mitch and Justin snuggled up tightly against Antonio and wrapped him gently in their arms. Antonio smiled at being safely snuggled between two of the best friends he'd ever had. Mitch and Justin laid there for several minutes, then looked across at each other and nodded.

Justin raised up over Antonio's smiling face and said, "I hope you don't expect this all the time, but we want you to feel really good. I'm gonna start fixing you up with a boy you can love after this."

Justin lowered his face, until his lips met Antonio's quivering lips. Then Justin pried Antonio's lips apart with his tongue, and plunged it deeply into Antonio's mouth. At the same time, Mitch was gently stroking Antonio's cock to it's six inch erection. Mitch looked at the uncut cock for a few moments, then slid his lips gently around it. This caused Antonio to gasp into Justin's mouth, as Justin continued to passionately kiss his friend. Antonio finally began to respond by sucking on Justin's tongue, then plunging his own into Justin's mouth. Meanwhile, Mitch was working on Antonio's foreskin with his lips, gently tugging on it. Even with a full erection, Antonio's foreskin still more than covered the head underneath. Mitch finally pulled back, and grasped Antonio's shaft. He pulled all the way down on the shaft, exposing Antonio's pink cockhead. Mitch licked at it a few times, then held his tongue flat against it. Mitch then pulled back up on Antonio's cock, covering the head and his tongue with Antonio's foreskin.

"Oh dude!" moaned Antonio to Justin. "Your dad has just docked his tongue to my cock, and it feels incredible!"

Justin looked down to see Mitch's tongue lodged underneath Antonio's foreskin, then Mitch engulfed Antonio's cock with his mouth. Justin kissed Antonio deeply once more, the began to kiss his way down Antonio's body. Justin finally arrived to where Mitch was sucking Antonio's cock.

"Hey dad, how's his cock?" asked Justin.

"Your friend has a very nice uncut cock son." replied Mitch has he backed off of it. "Do you want to try sucking on it?"

Justin kissed Mitch warmly, then took Antonio's cock into his mouth. As Justin began to work on Antonio's cock, Mitch kissed his way back up Antonio's now writhing body. He stopped long enough to suck hard on both of Antonio's nipples, then continued on to the boy's gasping mouth.

"Is my son making you feel good Antonio?" asked Mitch as he gazed into Antonio's eyes.

"Almost as good as you did Mitch." panted Antonio. "I can see why he loves you so much now."

"Don't worry about a thing, you sweet boy." said Mitch softly. "Justin's a great lover too, and he;ll have your head spinning soon."

Mitch then placed his lips over Antonio's, and began to kiss him deeply. Pretty soon Antonio began to feel the need to cum, but he started holding it back because he wanted this to last. Antonio gently pushed Mitch's face away from his.

"What's the matter Antonio, don't you like my kissing?" asked Mitch.

"No sir, it's not that." said Antonio. "I just wanted to know if I can suck your cock?"

Mitch climbed up so that his cock hovered over Antonio's mouth. Justin continued to lovingly suck Antonio's cock, as he looked up in time to see Mitch's cock going into Antonio's mouth. Antonio sucked on Mitch's eight inch cock, taking as much of it into his mouth as he could. Mitch moaned as he looked down to see his cock going in and out of Antonio's mouth. A few minutes of sucking Mitch's cock was all Antonio could take before he could no longer control his orgasm. Antonio moaned around Mitch's throbbing cock as he pumped his cum into Justin's mouth. Justin greedily swallowed Antonio's cum, sucking as hard as he could to get as much of Antonio's cum as possible. Once Antonio's orgasm was over and his cock began to deflate, Justin gently grasped his foreskin between his teeth and tugged on it one last time. Then Justin released Antonio's flaccid cock, and joined Mitch. As soon as Justin placed his lips against Mitch's, and stuck his tongue into Mitch's mouth, Mitch began to cum into Antonio's mouth. Antonio swallowed his first taste of adult cum, then began sucking hard to get more. Mitch kissed Justin hard, as he continued to shoot his cum into Antonio's mouth.

When Mitch had finished cumming, Justin asked, "Okay, who wants me?"

Antonio replied, "I want to pleasure your balls while Mitch works on your very pretty dick."

Justin sat down on Antonio's face, putting his balls right on his mouth. Then Mitch laid on top of Antonio and took Justin's dick into his mouth. As Mitch caressed Justin's dick with his lips, Antonio used his tongue to massage Justin's balls, which were now in his mouth. Justin was squirming around from the sensations he was feeling, as he sat on Antonio's face. Within a few moments, Justin began to whimper. Then he blasted his cum into Mitch's mouth. Mitch wanted to share with Antonio, so he let some of Justin's cum escape from his mouth, and run down over Justin's balls. Antonio quickly licked up the cum that Mitch had offered him, as Mitch continued to drain Justin's dick. Once Justin's orgasm was over, the three guys laid back down on the bed. Antonio was in the middle once again, as the three cuddled together and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Antonio awoke to find that Justin had peed during the night. The puddle he was laying in felt nice though, so Antonio hugged Mitch and Justin both closer to him. This caused Justin to begin to wake up.

"I'm so sorry dude!" said Justin in a frightened tone.

Antonio kissed Justin lightly on the forehead and said, "Don't worry about it my best friend, I'm not."

Antonio smiled warmly at Justin, until Justin returned his smile. When Mitch woke up, the three guys got up to shower together. Fortunately Mitch had an extra large shower in his bathroom, and all three of them just fit. First Mitch and Justin cleaned Antonio, then Mitch and Antonio cleaned Justin. Finally the two boys took great care in cleaning Mitch. When they were all cleaned off, they dressed and stripped the bed. Then they went down to the kitchen, so Mitch could start breakfast for all of the boys. Within a few minutes, Tyler and Danny showed up in the kitchen, waiting anxiously for breakfast.

Danny went up to Antonio and said, "Dude, I thought you were sleeping with me last night. What happened?"

"I went to talk to Mitch and Justin after you fell asleep, and ended up falling asleep in their room." replied Antonio. "I guess they didn't have the heart to wake me up."

"Oh, okay dude." said Danny. "I was just wondering. It's not a big deal or anything."

The remark went over everyone's head, except for Justin's. He began to get the feeling that there was more going on than either of his friends realized.

"Hey!" said Mitch, as he was serving breakfast. "If you boys aren't busy today, how about we all go out to the Mountain?"

Everyone thought it was a great idea, so the boys began calling home. They would have to be back in time for Antonio and Justin to make it to the warm up and the game, but it would still be fun. Instead of everyone piling into the Beetle though, Danny asked his mom to send a limo for them. Danny's mother, being the cautious type, had already run a quick check on Mitch Gordon and found out he was pretty well off. She was pleased to help Danny make friends with Justin. The limo pulled up in front of Mitch's house within the hour, and everyone was off to the park.

At first Mitch thought he might have to compete with the other boys for Justin's attention at the park, but Justin seemed more preoccupied with getting Danny and Antonio riding together as much as possible. That only left Mitch and Tyler to vie for Justin's attention, and they easily reached a compromise. By this time Mitch was really beginning to like Justin's choice of friends, and he had a great time just watching the four boys have fun. On some of the scarier rides tough, Justin had to be seated next to Mitch, and there was no compromise on that as far as Justin was concerned. Tyler understood completely, and smiled at his two friends.

As Tyler and Mitch sat on a bench, waiting for everyone else to use the restroom, Tyler said, "Justin is so lucky to have run across you the way he did. I know you care about him very much, just judging from the way you act with his friends. You are a very cool guy compared to most adults Mitch, and if I were actually looking for someone, I'd want to find someone just like you."

Mitch blushed from the compliment as he replied, "Thank you very much Tyler. At first I was kind of concerned about Justin going out and meeting new people, but judging from the three boys he brought home as friends, I don't have anything to worry about. You guys are good looking, nice, sensitive, and you seem to understand what me and Justin mean to each other. Justin seems to be a pretty good judge of character. So, are you coming to the game tonight?"

"Just try to keep me away!" replied Tyler as he smiled brightly.

The other boys finished in the restroom, and rejoined Mitch and Tyler. The five guys continued to have a great time at the park until it was time to leave. Danny told the limo driver to drop off Tyler, then Antonio at their homes. Then he would ride with Mitch and Justin to their house, before returning home with the limo. After Antonio had been dropped off, Danny checked to make sure the privacy glass was up between them and the driver. Even if it wasn't, Danny trusted this particular driver anyway. He just didn't want to take any chances.

"How much did Antonio tell you guys about us last night?" asked Danny.

Justin didn't know how much he should say, so he looked to Mitch. Mitch replied, "Antonio told us that he's always wanted to be your friend, and that he likes you very much. He says you're the most popular guy in school."

"That's me, Mr. Popularity." snickered Danny. "Although I think a lot of people are more interested in me because of who my mom is. You guys, and Tyler and Antonio are different though. You don't go around all the time like you're impressed just because I'm the kid of a movie star, and that does mean a lot to me."

"I guess that can be kind of rough at times, huh?" asked Mitch.

"Very few people could understand what it's like, but I think all of you guys do." replied Danny. "What did Antonio say about last spring? And please don't tell me that he didn't bring it up, because I know he must have."

"I wouldn't lie to you at all Danny." said Mitch. "He did bring bring it up, but only because he was worried that he had ruined his friendship with you. It seems to be very important to him that you don't think badly of him. It's true that he does like you a lot, maybe even more than you're ready for, but the friendship is much more important to him."

Justin rolled his eyes, worried that Mitch had said too much. Mitch could also see that there was something that the two boys didn't want to talk about though, and he felt that he knew what he was doing.

Danny smiled as he said, "Tell Antonio that he doesn't have anything to worry about. He's a pretty cool guy, and some of the things we do right now are kinda fun. The only problem I've ever had with him is that he wanted to go someplace with our friendship that I just couldn't go. I know that he's gay, and he's always had a crush on me, but too much is expected from me to ever go there. I still like Antonio, and I won't ever hurt him again, but he has to understand where I'm coming from too."

"We'll do everything we can to help him with that Danny." replied Mitch. "We'll help both of you boys in any way you need it. Can I ask you to do something though Danny?"

"What's that?" asked Danny.

"We know that you like feeling pleasure from anyone who wants to give it to you." said Mitch.

"No big secret there!" laughed Danny.

"We also know that it sometimes doesn't matter to you who the person is that's giving you pleasure." said Mitch. "When that person is Antonio though, it does matter to him. I'm not telling you to be gay if you're not, but could you treat Antonio just a little more affectionately when he's pleasuring you? You don't have to kiss him or return any kind of favors if you don't want to, but I think it would mean a lot to him if you treated it as something a little more special than the usual."

"I don't think that would be a problem." replied Danny as he smiled. "Antonio is a pretty nice person, and I probably should see the way he treats me as a little more special than anyone else. Just so you know though, things might change if I ever get a serious girlfriend."

"I'm sure he would understand that." said Mitch.

"Thanks for being so honest with me Mitch." said Danny. "I know a lot of people wouldn't have told me some of the things you did. I'm really glad we had the chance to talk though, because I want all of us that were together last night and today to become great friends, especially Antonio."

"I'm glad we talked too Danny." said Mitch. "You're one of Justin's close friends now, and there isn't anything we wouldn't do for any of you."

By this time the limo had pulled up in front of Mitch's house, so Mitch and Justin said good-bye to Danny for now. Justin looked at Mitch all the way to the door as if he were impressed.

Once they were inside, Mitch said, "Well my boy, let's get ready to go to your first game."

"Okay." replied Justin. "I want to say something first though. Back in the limo, I thought you were going to say too much to Danny about what Antonio said last night. I think the two of them should be together, and I'm going to try to help them to be together. Not only did you not say too much, you said it so well that it makes me proud to be your son. I love you dad."

Mitch was so moved by Justin's words that he wrapped him in his arms, and gave the boy a warm and loving kiss. Then Mitch said, "I love you too son, and I'll never get tired of expressing all of my love to you. Now, let's get ready for your game before we're too stiff to go."

That caused Justin to giggle, which made Mitch giggle too. Justin and Mitch got ready, then drove to the academy after stopping at Tyler's to give him a lift to the game. Mitch and Tyler sat in the seats of the field house and talked, while the team went through it's warm-up and final practice. The coach and Antonio spent quite a bit of time with Justin, who looked very cute in his new uniform. As game time approached, the seats began to fill up. The fieldhouse might not have seated as much as a major college arena, but Mitch was surprised at the turnout. The game began with Justin on the bench, watching his teammates in action. Whenever Antonio would sit out for a rest, he would sit with Justin and explain everything that was happening in great detail. Justin had worked on passing and shooting drills in the warm-up and practice, so he was starting to get a feel for the game. Mitch and Tyler had a great time together, cheering on the team and hoping Justin would get a chance to make an appearance.

With five minutes left in the game and the score tied, one of Valencia's forwards went down with a slight injury. It wasn't too serious, but the coach wanted him to sit out the rest of the game. He looked down the bench until his eyes fixed on Justin.

"I know this may be a little soon Justin, but let's see how you do at the forward position." said the coach.

Justin was nervous and excited at the same time, as he got up from the bench to make his way to the floor. Justin heard his name and number announced over the P.A., and hoped he wouldn't throw up. Then he heard Mitch and Tyler in the seats, cheering like crazy for him. "This one's for you dad." said Justin to himself, as he took his position. Fortunately the play started off slowly, so Justin had a chance to get use to playing in an actual game. He did make a few blocks for the other forward on the team, which allowed his teammate to make a few shots. The score remained tied however, as the opposing team was now focused on the more experienced forward. With one minute left, Antonio took the ball at his center position. Both of his forwards were open, but the opposing team was still concentrating on the more experienced player. Antonio passed the ball to Justin as he shouted out, "You can do it Justin!" Justin moved in toward the net, catching the other team off guard. He took one last look at the net, which now seemed impossibly small, then took a shot. Justin could not believe it when he heard the horn that signaled a goal had been scored. The home team fans were cheering loudly, but could not drown out the cheers coming from Tyler and Mitch. Less than a minute after the play had resumed, the game was over. Antonio picked Justin up and carried the boy on his shoulders, to the bench.

The coach reached up to shake Justin's hand, and said, "I knew I was right about you Justin!"

Justin and Antonio finally emerged from a very happy locker room, to meet Mitch and Tyler.

"Way to go dude!" exclaimed Tyler as he gave Justin a high five. "That was freakin' awesome dude! Can I have your autograph?"

All of the boys were laughing hard as Mitch came up to Justin and gave him a warm hug. "I'm so proud of you right now son, I could almost cry." said Mitch.

Mitch offered Antonio a ride home, so the four guys went to Mitch's car. The drive to Antonio's house, then Tyler's house, was very loud and happy. Justin was congratulated on scoring the winning goal over and over by Tyler and Antonio. By the time Mitch and Justin got home, Justin was getting tired. Mitch walked his tired boy upstairs, right to the bedroom. First Mitch undressed Justin, then he undressed himself and they both laid down on the bed. Justin was the first to reach over, and began fondling Mitch's cock.

"I guess someone isn't too tired after all!" said Mitch as he took Justin's dick between his fingers.

As soon as they were both hard, Justin asked, "Can I try to put my dick inside you and make love to you tonight?"

"Nothing would make me happier." replied Mitch softly.

Mitch grabbed the lube from the nightstand and gently lubed Justin's hard dick. Then he handed the lube to Justin as he held his legs straight up, and parted his cheeks. Justin excitedly lubed Mitch's hole, then crawled up between Mitch's upstretched legs. Justin placed the head of his dick at Mitch's hole, and began to try to push it in. After several attempts, Justin felt his dick slide into Mitch.

"You did it baby!" exclaimed Mitch. "Your dick is inside me, and it feels so good! Please make love to me Justin."

Justin pushed his dick into Mitch as far as it would go, then began to thrust in and out. Justin could not believe how good his dick felt inside Mitch, and began thrusting passionately. Mitch was also feeling very good too. To him it felt just like he had a finger going in and out of him.

"Oh God, my sweet little boy." moaned Mitch. "Your dick feels so good Justin. Please take as long as you want to."

"I don't know how long I can last Mitch." panted Justin. "My dick has never felt like this before. It feels so good and warm inside you."

Justin continued thrusting his dick in and out of Mitch, totally oblivious to everything else. Mitch looked up at his boy and thought that Justin looked so beautiful as he pleasured both of them. Mitch could watch the expression on Justin's face all night, but he knew Justin would never last that long. Justin was wishing that he could thrust himself in and out of Mitch all night, but after a few more minutes he began to feel his orgasm building. By this time Justin had given himself over to the passion and desire that he was feeling, so he had no control over holding back his orgasm. Mitch watched as Justin's expression changed to one of the most wonderful sights he had ever seen, and he felt Justin's cum begin to shoot inside of him. It was the most intense orgasm Justin had ever felt as he whimpered, moaned, grunted, and shouted out his love for Mitch. It was such a stimulating sight to Mitch, that he almost cummed without even touching himself.

"Oh God, Justin!" moaned Mitch. "If you had taken any longer, I would have started cumming!"

"Then let me take care of that for you." said Justin softly, as he began to break out of his orgasmic ecstasy.

Justin slid his dick out of Mitch's butt, then lowered his head toward Mitch's bulging cock. Justin took it into his mouth passionately, and massaged the entire length of it with his lips as it slid in and out of his throat. Justin had become so accustomed to Mitch's cock that he could effortlessly take it into his throat now. Mitch watched Justin lovingly, as Justin pleasured his throbbing cock. In less than a minute, Mitch was pumping his cum into Justin's throat and mouth. Justin continued sliding the shooting cock in and out of his throat, as he loved feeling Mitch's cum shoot directly down his throat and into his stomach. Justin expertly worked on Mitch's cock until he had been completely drained of his orgasm, then climbed up into Mitch's strong and warm arms.

"I love you so much that words can no longer describe it." said Justin dreamily.

"You are such a beautiful young man." cooed Mitch. "I love you with all of my heart and soul."

After kissing passionately for a few minutes, Justin and Mitch fell asleep happily in each other's arms.

I hope everyone enjoyed that chapter. It was very fun to write. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in chapter 13.