What A Gas!

By tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

By tim

Chapter 13

The next day Mitch got a call from Dwight. "We really missed you and Justin last night." said Dwight. "I understand though that Justin has obligations to his team."

"Not only that, he scored the winning goal last night!" beamed Mitch proudly. "It turns out that he's quite the lacrosse player!"

"That's great!" replied Dwight. "Please give your boy my congratulations. A few of our other members have expressed that Saturday has become inconvenient for them too, and we decided that Sunday afternoon might be a better time to meet. How would that be for you and Justin?"

"That would be really good Dwight, as long as it's good for the rest of the group." replied Mitch.

"Well, it was pretty much unanimous last night." said Dwight. "The only vote that didn't go for Sunday was yours, because you weren't there. I'll call everyone and let them know. I was also wondering if you might be interested in hosting the group next weekend?"

"I don't see any problem with that." replied Mitch.

"Good!" exclaimed Dwight. "I'll see you and Justin on Sunday then Mitch. Please call me if anything comes up."

Mitch and Dwight worked out a few details, then said good-bye. It started shaping up to be a busy Sunday when Eric stopped by later with his young lover that he had adopted. The boy had not been with Eric on the previous weekend, so Mitch and Justin were meeting him for the first time.

"Mitch and Justin, I would like you to meet my adopted son and lover, Casey." said Eric. "His was the only case that was ever more important than yours, and it was a hell of a lot tougher than yours will be. Casey, this is a good friend of mine named Mitch, and his boy Justin."

"Hi sir, hi Justin." said Casey, as he offered his hand to Mitch and Justin.

"Hello Casey, it's very nice to meet you." replied Mitch. Then he turned to Eric and continued, "Casey is a very sweet looking boy. How did you two meet?"

"I met Casey about two years ago in Frisco." replied Eric. "At the time, I had never even realized that I was gay. As I was leaving a party sponsored by my boss, I was approached by Casey on the street. He was fourteen then, and had been beaten by his father after he had found out that his son was gay. Apparently the man was trying to kill Casey, because he just dumped what he thought was Casey's dead body in an alley where they use to live. Casey was raped by two men in the alley as he started coming around, then the men brought him to Frisco, where they thought a boy like Casey might be worth something. Casey was sold to a man in Frisco who wanted to prostitute the boy out to other men. To make a long story short, Casey was nursed back to health, although he didn't fully recover, then he escaped from the man who bought him. He got so hungry and tired that he became desperate, and began trying to prostitute himself. I was the first person he tried to sell himself to. I ended up helping the boy, and falling in love with him in the process. He's legally been my son for about a year now, and most of the people in his past are now in prison. I made sure of that! I don't know if I could ever fall in love with another guy, but I love Casey with all of my heart and soul."

"I'm so glad that sweet boy chose you as the first man to proposition Eric!" said Mitch, as he fought back a few tears. "And now I understand why Justin's case is so important to you."

"Speaking of Justin's case." replied Eric. "I leaned on Marcy as hard as I legally could. She's facing a pretty decent prison term herself, but she still only admitted to everything but your brother being Justin's father. Getting a DNA sample from Justin will be no problem, but for irrefutable evidence I would also need a DNA sample from your brother. We could also do the test with you, but that would only give us a probability of Justin being from your family's bloodline. It is evidence, but no where near as concrete as the DNA from the actual father. I'd like to get the name of the hospital he was treated at, so I can see if they may have preserved any specimen samples from him. If not, then we'll do the test with you and Justin. It may not stand up by itself in court, but it may be enough to make Marcy crack."

"Sure Eric, anything I can do to help." replied Mitch. "He was treated at two different hospitals. First there was Loma Linda, and then The Stanford Medical Center."

"I see he got the best care available." said Eric.

"We were desperate to find some way to help him." replied Mitch. "At least we knew that we did everything that we could."

After business was over, Eric and Casey visited for several more hours. Justin and Casey started to become very good friends, as Justin showed Casey his computer and the program Mitch had developed. The boys had fun for hours, and Mitch and Eric had to pry them apart when it was time for Eric and Casey to leave.

Finally Casey pinned Eric back against the sofa and said, "Thanks for bringing me here dad. Justin is a really cool friend!"

Then Casey placed his lips against Eric's, and kissed his dad passionately. After a few moments had passed, Justin and Mitch could tell that Casey had his tongue deeply in Eric's mouth. Eric was also softly stroking Casey's back and butt. That gave Justin an idea, so he pinned Mitch against the sofa, next to Eric and Casey. Justin began kissing Mitch with as much passion as Casey and Eric were displaying, and Mitch responded by stroking Justin's body through his clothes. When Justin and Casey had both men panting and wanting more, they broke their kisses and smiled at each other. Then Justin and Casey worked their way down the front of Mitch and Eric in unison. The boys unfastened Mitch's and Eric's pants, then pulled both pairs down to the floor. Justin took Mitch's cock into his hand, as Casey wrapped his hand around Eric's cock. The boys took both cocks into their mouths together, which got simultaneous moans from Eric and Mitch.

"Oh God!" moaned Eric, as he looked over to Mitch. "Do you love your boy as much as I love mine Mitch?"

Mitch closed his eyes and softly stroked the back of Justin's head as he replied, "Every bit as much Eric!"

Justin and Casey continued caressing Mitch and Eric's cocks with their mouths, as the men both caressed their boy's head. Casey watched Justin sucking Mitch's cock out of one eye, watching his friend take Mitch's cock deeply into his throat. Casey had never done that to Eric before, but he was now ready to give it a try. Justin noticed Casey gag as Eric's cock hit the back of his throat, so Justin pulled off of Mitch's cock briefly.

"When you feel his cock hit the back of your throat, swallow and let your throat relax, then immediately take his cock into your throat." instructed Justin.

Justin watched as Casey carried out his instructions, and saw Casey take Eric's cock into his throat. Then Justin went back to work on Mitch's cock. After a few more minutes, Mitch and Eric were both breathing very heavily, and moaning loudly.

"Oh God Mitch!" moaned Eric. "I'm about to cum into my son's mouth! Are you there yet my friend?"

"I'm so close I'm going to burst!" panted Mitch.

"Here comes your daddy's cum son!" gasped Eric to Casey.

"Oh God Justin! Your uncle is going to cum for you now!" gasped Mitch.

Both boys began sucking as hard as they could, ready to taste the creamy liquid that the men they loved were about to shoot into them. Eric was the first to scream out as he shot his cum into Casey's mouth. He was followed a second later by Mitch shooting his cum into Justin's mouth. Both boys swallowed hungrily, as they ate the cum from their lovers. Then they both sucked hard, trying to drain every drop from Mitch and Eric. Once the men's cock began deflating in their mouths, Justin and Casey climbed back up into Mitch and Eric's arms. They kissed the two men passionately as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Once Mitch and Eric were breathing normally again, they returned the boys kisses passionately.

When the foursome finally broke their kisses, Eric looked at Mitch and smiled as he said, "Don't we have the two greatest boys in the world?"

"That, and the best lovers that any man could want!" replied Mitch.

Justin and Casey smiled at each other, proud that they had made the men they love feel so good. Eric and Mitch finally pulled their pants back up, and Eric was ready to leave for home again. The two men said their good-byes as Justin and Casey talked.

"Bye Justin, it was so cool meeting you today." said Casey. "And thanks for teaching me how to deep throat Eric's cock. I'm going to drive him crazy with that one!"

The two boys giggled madly as they hugged each other good-bye. Then Eric and Casey walked hand in hand to Eric's car, as Mitch and Justin waved good-bye with their free arms around each other. As soon as Mitch and Justin went back inside and sat down, it was Mitch's turn to pleasure Justin. Mitch sat Justin on the sofa and removed his pants. Then Mitch sucked Justin's dick more passionately than he ever had before. After a few minutes of Justin squirming on the sofa, he began to whimper like a puppy. Then Justin filled Mitch's mouth with the sweet cum that Mitch desired to taste. The rest of their Sunday was filled with kissing and cuddling.

Monday at school was terrific for Justin. By then, all of the students had heard how Justin had scored the game winning goal in Saturday night's game. Needless to say, Justin became very popular, very quickly. He was also surprised to find there was a new student at the academy today, Casey!

When Justin saw Casey in his first period Physical Education class, he exclaimed, "Casey! Why didn't you tell me yesterday that you were coming here?!"

"I wanted to surprise you dude!" replied Casey. "I take it that it worked!" The boys laughed for a moment before Casey continued in a low voice, "By the way, after my dad drained the cum out of me when we got home, I deep throated him really good. I drained a second good load from him!"

"That's cool dude!" replied Justin. "You don't have to whisper around here either, except that maybe you're doing it with your dad." The second half of the sentence was said in a whisper, then Justin continued, "No one around here cares if your gay though. You can be as proud to be gay as you want to, and everyone here will still like you! It's so great here!" To prove his point, Justin introduced Casey to Tyler first.

"Hey Justin, How's the school hero today?" asked Tyler.

"I'm great Tyler!" replied Justin. "I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. Tyler, this is Casey. Casey is gay just like me!"

Tyler smiled as he held his hand toward Casey and said, "Hi Casey! I'm Justin's friend Tyler. Welcome to Valencia dude!" After the handshake, Tyler gave Casey a warm hug. "Damn! You're a nice looking dude Casey. The girls are going to be sad that you're gay, but it's best to let them know right up front. By the way, when you see Danny in the shower room today, ask him if you can stroke him a few times. You gotta see what he can do dude!" Justin snickered lightly until Casey turned back around, then quickly straightened himself up.

"Is everyone here this friendly Justin?" asked Casey.

"You ain't seen nothing yet dude!" said Justin with a smile.

After morning announcements, first period went well. Justin was picked first to be on a team, which was a first for him. The boost of confidence he got over the weekend made him enjoy PE more than he ever had in his life. Finally, it was time to hit the showers. Justin and Tyler got naked and walked into the showers, with Casey right behind them. Danny was already in the showers, as Justin and Tyler approached him.

"Hi Danny!" said Justin. "How's my friend doing today?"

"I'd be doing better if you had been on my team today." replied Danny with a smile. "They shouldn't let you and Antonio be on the same team in PE, you guys are unbeatable!"

"Thanks!" replied Justin brightly. "I'd like you to meet another friend of mine Danny. Casey, this is Danny. Danny, this is Casey. Today is his first day, and he's gay, just like me and Antonio."

"Well, in that case I'm glad to meet you dude!" said Danny, as he shook Casey's hand. "I kinda have a tradition here with any new dude that's gay. Would you like to stroke my cock a few times Casey?"

As Casey relied, "I guess a few strokes wouldn't hurt.," Justin and Tyler backed up. By the time Casey could take ahold of Danny's cock, it was fully erect. Casey stood face to face with Danny, as he stroked Danny's cock a few times. Danny erupted immediately, and covered Casey with cum from head to toe. As Casey stood there shocked and covered with Danny's cum, Justin and Tyler were doubled over in laughter.

"Oh my God dude!" wailed Justin as he laughed. "He got you better than he did me last week!"

Casey finally came back around, then licked a string of Danny's cum from his upper lip and nose. Then Casey lifted his right arm to his face, and licked up another string of cum that had landed there. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen!" exclaimed Casey. "By the way Danny, your cum tastes pretty good!"

"In that case Casey, would you like to suck me right now?" asked Danny. "I think I could cum again dude!"

"That's okay Danny, I'll pass." said Casey.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of dude." begged Danny. "I can prove it to you too. How many guys in this shower have had the pleasure of sucking my cock?" Four boys, including Antonio, raised their hand. "See!" continued Danny. "There's four guys in here that have done it! The really cute one over there is Antonio, and he's one of my best friends. He makes me feel better than anyone else when he sucks me, that's why I let him do it whenever he wants!" Danny had remembered what Mitch had said to him, and it made Antonio smile.

"It's not that Danny, it's just that I have a boyfriend that I love very much." replied Casey.

"If he doesn't want to, can I?" asked Antonio.

"Sure dude!" replied Danny, as he began to breathe heavier.

Danny and Antonio stood in the middle of the shower room, as Antonio went to his knees in front of Danny. Antonio took Danny's cock gently into his mouth, as every boy in the showers watched. Most of the boys absently began stroking themselves as they watched Antonio begin to hungrily suck Danny's cock. A few of the boys had paired off to stroke each other though. Without realizing what they were doing, Casey and Justin took ahold of each other's erection and began to sensuously stroke each other.

Danny looked down at his friend, and ran his fingers through Antonio's wet hair as he said, "Your mouth feels so good on my cock Antonio. I can tell that you still love me by the way you make me feel. If I were to figure out that I'm gay, I would be your boyfriend so fast. All these other guys are just another blow job, but you're special Antonio."

Danny's words made Antonio so happy, that he began to caress Danny's cock with all of the love that his mouth could put into it. Antonio had Danny feeling so good that Danny was now moaning loudly. As a matter of fact, every boy in the shower room was moaning now, as they were all approaching an orgasm.

"Oh God Justin!" panted Casey. "You're going to drain the cum out of my cock dude!"

"I'm gonna cum too dude!" whimpered Justin.

All of the boys were now beating whatever cock was in their hand vigorously, as they all moved in closer to Antonio and Danny. Casey was the first to cum, as he shot his cum over Antonio's neck and shoulder. Then all of the boys began cumming, shooting their cum all over Antonio, and on Danny's legs. Feeling the other boys cum splattering on his legs was all that Danny could take.

"Oh Antonio, I know how much you love my cum!" panted Danny. "I love to see you enjoying the taste of my cum too! Here it comes my best friend!"

Danny then began filling Antonio's mouth with his sweet cum. Antonio swallowed Danny's cum as hungrily as he could, until Danny's massive orgasm ended. As Antonio came to his feet, he looked into Danny's eyes and said, "I do love you so much it hurts Danny. You just made it hurt a whole lot less today though my friend."

"I was serious when I said that if I ever find out that I'm gay, you'll be the first to know." replied Danny, as he looked deeply into Antonio's eyes.

Antonio would not be the first to know though, and neither would Danny. Justin could tell by looking at his two friends now that Danny was in love with Antonio. All he had to do was get Danny to see it, and he knew his friends would be happy.

"You boys!" gasped the coach from the door to the shower room. The coach was sporting a huge tent in his shorts. "You boys got me so hot that I'm going to have to take care of it soon! Thank God for liberal schools! Now, you better get yourselves out of here quick before you're late for second period!"

After the boys had quickly cleaned themselves off and dressed, the coach stepped into a stall in the toilets. He quickly pounded his cock to an orgasm, replaying the sight he had witnessed over in his head. Most of the boys giggled about what they had done, as they hurriedly made their way to their second period. The rest of the day was not nearly as exciting for Casey, but he knew that he would love his new school. And he was already making some cool new friends.

When Justin went home that afternoon, he had to have a talk with Mitch. First he told Mitch about Casey starting at his school today. Then he told Mitch all about the scene in the shower room, and what he saw in Danny's and Antonio's eyes.

"I have to admit that it does sound like Danny doesn't even know that he's in love with Antonio." said Mitch. "Or, he could be fighting his feelings for Antonio. Either way son, don't push Danny too hard. I know you want to help your friends be happy, but Danny has to come to his terms on this."

Justin promised not to push his friend, but he would be honest with Danny whenever he talked to him. That night when Justin and Mitch went to bed, Justin recalled how his telling of the shower room scene had made Mitch hard. After Justin put his dick inside Mitch's butt and began thrusting in and out as hard as he could, he began retelling the scene again. This time Justin's retelling used much more descriptive words, and he told of every stroke and grunt from every boy there. Justin thrust in and out of Mitch as if his soul were driven by it, and when he started telling about every drop of cum that hit Antonio and Danny, he could feel his balls churning. Mitch began begging desperately for Justin to cum inside him. Justin's orgasm was so intense that he thought he might black out, as his cum coated Mitch's rectum. As Justin was cumming in Mitch, Mitch's cock started shooting it's cum without ever being touched. The first three shots hit Mitch in the face, and in his open, gasping mouth. Justin moaned loudly as he watched Mitch cum on his own face, and when his orgasm ended, Justin collapsed on top of Mitch and began licking the cum from his face. As Justin was licking his face, Mitch was savoring the cum that landed in his mouth. When Mitch's face had been cleaned, Justin snuggled into Mitch's arms. The two drifted into a deep slumber together.

Danny was not having the same kind of evening however. The scene in the shower room today had brought up feelings that Danny had been fighting hard to control, and his mother wasn't helping things any.

"Daniel, I don't see why you won't consider going out with April." said his mother. "You have to start thinking about your public image young man, because you're not a little boy any more."

"I told you once mother, everyone thinks April is a little slut." replied Danny. "Did you actually see her the last time she was on MTV? It was disgraceful, and I don't see how she can go out in public after that."

"Those are just nasty stories that are started by boys who know that they would never stand a chance of going out with someone like her." said Danny's mother. "It would do you both a world of good to be seen in public together. People are going to start talking about you before too much longer."

"Then they'll just have to talk because I'm not going to be April's groupie." replied Danny. "When I do go out with someone in a serious way, I want it to be because there are some feelings between us."

"I just want you to have every opportunity to be just as successful as me Danny." said his mother. "With the right image, you could have so many doors opened to you."

"If you're that interested in me, why won't you come to see me in the school choir?" asked Danny. "Everyone says I have the best voice they've ever heard."

"You're right Danny, I should come see you." said Danny's mother. "I promise that I'll make your next recital, but please start thinking about your image. If you don't like April, we'll find some other high quality girl for you to go out with."

"Okay mother!" groaned Danny.

Now Danny was laying in his bed thinking about what had happened earlier in the day. Sure, he loved to cum, but why was it so different with Antonio? Antonio could have anyone he wanted, so why did he have to be in love with him? And why was he becoming more and more curious about what it might be like to go a little further with Antonio? Danny knew his mother would never accept anything like that, but he was getting to the point where he could never turn down Antonio's affections for him. If Antonio wanted to pleasure him on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, he would willingly let him do it. This was the kind of thing that Danny had been hoping to avoid last spring, but it apparently didn't work and Danny didn't have the heart to hurt Antonio again like he did then. As Danny tossed and turned, his last thought before falling asleep was, "You better love me dude, with as much as you're messing up my head."

Antonio didn't have nearly as much trouble falling asleep. He was still on a high from the scene in the shower room. He couldn't understand why Danny had treated him with more affection today, but he wasn't going to question it. Maybe now there was hope that Danny may someday be his boyfriend, and Antonio wanted that more than anything in the world. Antonio fell asleep with a smile on his face, and had pleasure filled dreams of Danny's perfect naked body. After all, the boy he loved had the sexiest body of any boy in school.

The next day at school, Danny decided he was going to be firm. He just couldn't let this thing with Antonio get out of control. His mother would kill him if she found out how much Danny really enjoyed the feel of Antonio's lips on his cock. Danny, Justin, Tyler, and Casey were already in the showers when Antonio came in.

"Hi Antonio!" said Justin. "How ya doin today?"

"I'm fine, my lacrosse maniac little friend!" said Antonio as he smiled. "I'd be even better though if I could get a taste of the best tasting cock in school though!" Then Antonio looked mischievously at Danny.

"We really need to find you a boyfriend dude!" said Danny. When he noticed Antonio's expression change to one of hurt though, he said, "I'm sorry dude, that was a crappy thing to say. Come over here, and let me apologize properly."

Antonio cautiously walked up to Danny, and Danny placed his arms around Antonio then said, "You're a great friend Antonio, and you make me feel really special. I don't know why you put up with me sometimes, but you can make me feel special anytime you want dude."

Antonio looked into Danny's eyes, and saw the sensitive and honest Danny looking back. Antonio then got down in front of Danny, and took Danny's cock into his mouth. The boys once again looked on as Antonio passionately sucked Danny's cock, and Danny moaned softly as he ran his fingers through Antonio's hair. Danny looked around the shower room as Antonio pleasured him. Justin and Casey were jacking their own dicks as hard as they could, and Tyler was doubled over on the floor with his cock in his own mouth. There were two boys over in the corner, engaged in a sixty-nine on the floor. In the other corner were two more boys, one with his cock in the other boy's butt. Most of the other boys in the shower room were busy jacking themselves off. Danny had never seen so many boys getting pleasure from other boys before, and he came very close to blurting out that he loved Antonio. He fought very hard though, and controlled himself before saying that.

The coach was once again witnessing a very hot scene in the shower room. He was amazed at the sight of most of the boys getting close to cumming as he now had his cock out, stoking it very slowly. The most amazing thing was Tyler, who was almost ready to cum in his own mouth. The coach watched as Tyler twitched and squirmed, hungrily swallowing his own cum. When Tyler straightened himself out, he saw the coach in the doorway, stroking his huge cock. Tyler felt a feeling inside himself that he hadn't felt too much before, as he got up and walked over to the doorway. Without saying anything, Tyler got down on his knees in front of the coach, and slowly put his lips around the massive erection.

The coach looked down at the boy who was now sucking his cock as he softly moaned, "I'm not gay son." The coach made no attempt to stop Tyler though, instead he moaned, "I'm married and have kids of my own son." Still though the coach made no attempt to stop Tyler, who was bringing the coach closer to a massive orgasm. The coach moaned, "I could lose everything for this son." When the coach got no reply except for an increase in Tyler's efforts on his cock, he gave in and moaned, "Please make me cum you wonderful boy!"

The coach panted and moaned as he cummed into Tyler's mouth at the same time that Danny was cumming in Antonio's mouth. Antonio and Tyler sucked hard to drain the cocks that were cumming in their mouths, and they left the coach and Danny weak in the knees for a few moments. By this time most of the boys in the shower room had experienced their climax, and everyone worked quickly to get cleaned up. For the second day in a row, the boys would barely make their next class in time.

As the coach was getting himself cleaned off, Tyler gave him a kiss on the lips and said, "I know I could make you very happy sir."

The coach kissed Tyler on the tip of his nose and said, "I'll bet you could my boy! We have to talk about this sometime though Tyler. Like I said, I could lose everything."

Tyler looked at the coach intensely and said, "I'll never let that happen sir, I think I'm falling in love with you."

Tyler gave the coach one more quick and warm kiss on the lips, then leaned over and kissed the head of the coach's flaccid cock. The coach quickly fondled Tyler's warm cock, then let the boy go so he could make it to his next class. Tyler went through the rest of the morning, walking around with a goofy grin on his face. Tyler, Justin, Casey, Danny, and Antonio got together at lunch time, and everyone stared at Tyler.

"What?!" beamed Tyler, as his smile covered his entire face. Then Tyler began to giggle as he said, "Okay, you guys got me. I can't believe that I've fallen in love with a teacher though! This is so freakin weird to me."

"It had to happen someday dude." said Justin. "I just can't believe it was with mine and Antonio's lacrosse coach!"

"You guys are my closest friends, you gotta help me!" said Tyler. "I don't want to screw things up for him, and I don't want to screw things up between us either!"

"Just play it cool like Justin does, and I'm sure everything will be fine Tyler." offered Antonio. "You're one lucky dude though Ty! Do you know how many boys here have had the hots for him?"

This caused all of the boys to laugh, then they continued to enjoy their lunch. Tyler knew he was going to have to hang out for the game tonight though, and see if he could talk to the coach after practice. Danny was also planning on hanging out for the game, as he wanted a chance to talk to Mitch and Justin tonight. He was sure his mom would let him spend the night at Justin's, if Mitch were okay with it.

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