What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 14

After the last class of the day was over, Tyler and Danny quickly made their way to the practice field. The lacrosse team practice was just finishing up, and the boys on the team were going to rest up a bit before the game. Justin had much more of a workout during practice today, and he was really beginning to enjoy the game. At the end of practice, the coach told Justin he planned to use him in at least half the game. Tyler went over to talk to the coach, while Danny tore Justin away from Antonio.

"Hi coach." said Tyler, after all the boys had left for the showers. "Can we talk for a little while?"

"Sure Tyler." said the coach nervously. "Are you thinking of coming out for the team?"

"No, but I am thinking of cumming for the team's coach." said Tyler sheepishly.

"Tyler, I like how what we did felt, but it shouldn't have happened." said the coach. "I'm a happily married man, who supposedly isn't gay, and I could lose everything over this."

This was what Tyler was most afraid that he'd hear, but he wasn't about to give up easily. "I know how it would look if anyone found out sir, and that's why no one ever will." pleaded Tyler. "I love you sir, and I'll never let anything bad happen to you."

"You're really serious about this, aren't you Tyler?" asked the coach.

"Sir, before now, I've only loved one other person in that way." said Tyler. "That person was myself. What you saw today when you walked in that shower room was the only kind of sex I've ever desired. I was always afraid that I'd get hurt if I ever loved anyone else like that. Now though, I'm falling in love with another person for the first time. I wasn't looking for it to happen, it just did sir. I really would like for me and you to be able to express that kind of love to each other."

"Tyler, you can drop the sir and coach bit." said the coach. "Please call me Mike. I don't want to hurt you Tyler, but I'm terrified of losing everything I have because of having feelings for a teenage boy. If I wasn't so afraid, I could very easily love a boy like you Tyler."

Tyler smiled again and said, "Then don't be afraid Mike. You can make love to me as much as you want, and I'll never let anyone find out about us. I love you, and I never want to see you get hurt Mike. The only thing I want is to make love to you and make you feel good, and I'm pretty sure you want to make love to me too. We could be lovers for the rest of our lives, and I'll never interfere with your relationship with your wife."

Mike looked lovingly into Tyler's pleading eyes, and asked, "You really do love me, don't you Tyler?"

"With all my heart and soul Mike!" replied Tyler.

Mike motioned for Tyler to follow him to the stadium, which was only a few feet from where they were. Mike ducked into a booth inside the stadium, and Tyler quickly followed him. Mike gazed at the boy, wondering where this path would take him. Tyler gently took Mike's face into his hands, then softly pressed his lips against Mike's. Tyler put all of the love that he could into the kiss, and Mike could feel the love that the boy had for him. Mike then began returning Tyler's kiss passionately. After several wonderful minutes, Mike and Tyler broke the kiss.

"I have no idea what might happen because of this Tyler, but after that kiss it just doesn't seem to matter." said Mike softly. "I haven't felt love like that from my wife in a few years now, and I want us to explore this love even further."

"Will you be my boyfriend then Mike?" asked Tyler.

"I would love to be your boyfriend Tyler." said Mike as he smiled. "Right now though, I have to get ready for a game. My wife is out of town this week on a convention. Is there any way your parents might let you spend the night at my place? Just tell them you want to stay with a friend tonight, and he'll take you to school tomorrow."

"It wouldn't hurt to try!" chirped Tyler.

"Okay then." chuckled Mike softly. "You run along and call them then, while I get ready for the game."

Mike then swatted Tyler lightly on the butt, and let his hand linger for a few seconds. Mike then watched Tyler almost skip off, as he laughed lightly to himself. By the time Tyler had returned to where he left Danny and Justin, Justin had already gone to the locker room. Danny was waiting for him though, and could see Tyler's goofy grin from a mile away.

"I take it things went okay, huh?" snickered Danny.

"They went better than okay dude!" said Tyler, as he put an arm around Danny's shoulder. "He loves me too dude! Oh God, I'm so happy right now!"

"I can tell!" snickered Danny even louder. "You've got a tent in your pants big enough to hold a boy scout troop!"

"That's because he wants me to spend the night at his place!" bragged Tyler. "His wife is out of town on a convention of some kind. Now I have to ask my parents if it's okay."

"What are you going to tell them dude?" asked Danny.

"I was thinking of telling them the truth." replied Tyler.

"Are you crazy dude!?" asked Danny emphatically.

"I don't keep secrets from my parents." said Tyler. "They caught me sucking my own cock about six months ago, and we had a very long talk. Way too long dude! They wouldn't care who I was with, as long as I was having a relationship with someone other than myself. I even asked them, what if I fell in love with a guy in his thirties or forties? They said as long as we were in love, they wouldn't care. It would be much better for me than continuing to have sex with myself."

"Wow!" exclaimed Danny. "I can't even imagine what it would be like to be caught sucking my own cock by my parents!"

"It was kind of embarrassing." said Tyler. "But they did everything they could to not make me feel too bad about it. I guess they're just cool like that."

"So, what are you up to now my amigo?" asked Danny.

"I was going to call my parents, then stick around for the game." replied Tyler. "If they say yes, then I can just leave with Mike. How about you, buddy?"

"I'm going to wait at the fieldhouse for Mitch to get here." said Danny. "Justin said it shouldn't be a problem for me to spend the night though."

"Well then, let's go over to the fieldhouse my friend!" said Tyler.

On the way to the fieldhouse, Tyler called home on his cell phone. He did tell his parents that he had met an older guy today, and he wanted to spend the night at his house to get to know him better. They did press Tyler to tell who the guy was, but they just wanted to make sure Tyler wasn't in any danger. Once Tyler told them a little more, they seemed satisfied enough to let him spend the night. They did tell Tyler they didn't want to hear about him being late or missing school the next day though. Tyler assured them that it wouldn't be a problem, and agreed to talk more about it after school tomorrow.

Mitch showed up for the game early, and was met by Tyler and Danny. He asked the boys if they'd had supper yet because he had planned to take Justin to supper before the final warm up. When they said no, Mitch took them with him to get Justin, then the four of them went out for a quick supper. During supper, Danny asked if he could spend the night with Mitch and Justin. After making sure Danny had asked his parents, Mitch agreed with no problem. Then it was Tyler's turn to tell how his day was going. Mitch listened especially carefully to Tyler's story.

"As a man who's in love with a boy, I have to ask you something Tyler." said Mitch. "You do understand that he's not only sacrificing everything he has, but his freedom too, right?"

"Yeah, I know that." replied Tyler. "I love him though, and I'll never let anything like that happen to him."

"Okay, but I want to give you a phone number." said Mitch, who then wrote down a number on a napkin and gave it to Tyler. "If you and your boyfriend ever feel like you need help handling this kind of relationship, give that number a call."

"Okay Mitch." said Tyler as he smiled. "Thanks a lot, for everything."

Everyone then hurried up and finished their dinner, so they could get Justin back in time to be ready for his warm up. Once they got back to the fieldhouse, Justin gave Mitch a nice kiss and then went to the locker room. Mitch, Tyler, and Danny went on inside, so they could get seats right behind the home bench. Mitch tried to find out what was wrong with Danny as they waited for the game, but Danny didn't want to talk until later. Then the three watched the boys on the floor, going through their final warm ups. Justin looked very sharp and excited. He knew he would be playing half of this game, and he didn't want to mess it up. As warm ups ended, Antonio gave Justin a brief hug and a pat on the back. As everyone came to the benches Antonio smiled at Danny, Justin smiled at Mitch, and Mike smiled at Tyler.

When introductions started over the PA, Mitch and the boys had quite a surprise. Not only was Justin going to play half the game, he was announced as starting the game. The coach was going to play him in five minute shifts with one of the regular forwards. A few minutes into the game, Antonio scored the first goal from center when Justin blocked one of the other teams guards and knocked the ball lose toward Antonio. Then just before Justin's first shift ended, he took a pass from Antonio with a good shot at the net. Valencia was up two to zero as Justin came to the bench to rest.

"Good job Justin!" said Mike, as Justin came to the bench.

"Allright Justin!" yelled out Tyler and Danny from behind the bench.

Justin turned briefly while there was a break in the playing, and flashed a smile at Tyler, Danny, and Mitch. Then he focused his attention back on the playing field. While Justin was on the bench, both teams scored another goal each. When Justin did get back into the game, one of Valencia's guards was called for a penalty, giving the other team a one player advantage. While Valencia was short-handed, Justin intercepted a bad pass between two players on the other team. With no one between him and the goal, Justin scored his second goal of the game. One more goal was scored by each team during the remainder of the game, with Antonio and Justin teaming up again for Valencia's goal. Justin was selected as the player of the game for his efforts. The locker room was very happy, with everyone giving Justin a swat on the butt to congratulate him. Antonio threw in a nice hug too. When everyone finally came out of the locker room, Justin went over to where Mitch and Danny were waiting for him, while Tyler left with coach Mike.

The ride to Mike's house was very quiet, as Mike and Tyler were both kind of nervous. "I don't even know how I'm going to explain you to the babysitter and the kids." said Mike. "Do you have any suggestions Tyler?"

"Shit!" exclaimed Tyler. "I didn't even think of that!" Tyler thought about it while Mike continued driving, then finally said, "I guess you could tell them that I'm one of your students, and my parents went out of town unexpectedly. They asked you if you could look after me for tonight."

"I guess that would work this time." said Mike. "I hate being dishonest though, but for you it's worth it."

"We could always try the truth then." said Tyler, with a mischievous smile.

"I think we'll stick with your first idea!" chuckled Mike.

When they arrived at Mike's house, his two kids immediately wanted to know who Tyler was. The kids and the babysitter seemed to buy their story easily though, seeing as how Mike always seemed to be doing some kind of favor for a friend. After the babysitter had been paid and left, Mike put his two kids to bed and gave them both a kiss on the forehead.

"Tell Tyler goodnight for us daddy." said Mike's youngest son.

"Yeah, tell him we hope his mommy comes home soon, and we hope she isn't gone all the time like ours." said Mike's other son.

"You guys know your mommy's job is very important though." said Mike. "A part of her job has her traveling a lot, but she really misses you when she's gone."

"We know daddy." said the youngest son. "We miss her too, and we can't wait until she comes home Friday night."

"I'm sure she can't wait either." said Mike, as he kissed both their foreheads again.

Mike then turned off the light and left the room. As he stepped outside their room, he almost ran into Tyler, who had been listening at the door. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop." said Tyler. "That was so sweet though, it almost made me cry."

As Mike and Tyler walked back toward the living room, Mike said, "I wish their mother was here more. Her job is very important to her though. Sometimes though, it seems like it's more important than her family. Anyway, the kids seem to like you already Tyler!"

"I guess that's a good thing, huh?" asked Tyler.

"Well, they're both a very good judge of character." replied Mike.

Then Mike drew Tyler close to his body. As they entered the living room, Mike pressed his lips against Tyler's. The two shared a very deep and passionate kiss. For Mike, it was more passion than he had felt in another person's lips in quite some time, and he began to fall deeply in love with Tyler. Tyler had never felt these feelings for anyone before, and he let it show in the passion and enthusiasm of his kiss. The two didn't break the kiss for fifteen minutes, although it seemed much shorter to them.

Then Mike quietly said, "I can't believe I've fallen so in love with you Tyler. This is the first time I've ever felt this way about anyone other than my wife, but we haven't had feelings like this for each other in a few years now. I love you Tyler, and I need you in my life so much right now."

"I'll do whatever I have to to make this work for both of us Mike." said Tyler. "I know we both have to be very careful, but I love you so much that it won't be a problem for me."

"Good then Tyler." replied Mike. "Let's go to my room so you can teach me how to make love to another guy."

At Mitch's house, Danny had finally gathered his thought's enough to talk to Justin and Mitch about Antonio. "Why did Antonio have to fall in love with me?" asked Danny.

"When you're talking about true love, you never have a choice in who it will be with, it just happens." replied Mitch. "You don't hate him because of it, do you Danny?"

"That's the problem, I could never hate him for anything." replied Danny. "Antonio is the sweetest and most attractive person I've ever met."

"What's the problem then?" asked Justin. "I know for a fact that Antonio would do anything for you Danny."

"My mother is the problem." said Danny. "She wants everything to be perfect for her son, and she's use to getting everything she wants. Hollywood has spoiled her rotten. She wants her son to have the perfect girlfriend, the perfect friends, the perfect career in show business, everything has to be her idea of perfect for me!"

"She does sound like she loves you Danny." said Mitch. "It's just that her expectations might be a little out of focus. I don't imagine that Hollywood has taught her that nothing is ever perfect."

"Well, I wish she would figure it out!" cried Danny. "Antonio has done everything he can to make me fall for him, but my mother would ruin everything if she knew how I felt about him!"

Mitch hugged Danny as he began to sob, and asked, "You really do love Antonio, don't you Danny?"

"Why did this happen Mitch?" cried Danny.

"Like I said Danny, we usually don't have much say in it when it comes to true love." said Mitch, as he gently patted Danny's back. Justin was now holding and stroking one of Danny's hands.

"I tried to keep it from happening though." sobbed Danny. "I thought last spring might have done it, even though it hurt me as much as it did Antonio. I could never do anything like that to him again though. It would kill me to hurt him like that again."

"That's because you love him with all of your heart Danny." said Justin.

"Justin is right Danny." said Mitch. "You might not have wanted this to happen, but you couldn't stop it because what you feel for Antonio is the real thing. As powerful as your mother is, she can't stop it either Danny. She could hurt a lot of people by trying though, including you."

"She says she doesn't want to hurt me though, she only wants what's best for me." said Danny.

"Then we have to come up with a way to make her accept the fact that her son is gay." said Mitch. "Have you admitted that to yourself yet Danny?"

"I can't!" cried Danny.

"You have to Danny." said Justin. "The longer you go on fighting it, the more it's going to hurt you."

Danny cried on Mitch's shoulder for a few more minutes, then straightened up and wiped the tears from his eyes. He looked at Mitch and Justin, and could see that for the first time in his life, someone wanted what was really best for him. "Mitch, Justin, I'm gay!" said Danny. "I love Antonio so much that it hurts!"

Mitch smiled and kissed Danny on the forehead. Then he said, "We're going to do everything we can to make it hurt less Danny. You should be able to love him so much that it makes you both feel good. We'll also help you figure out how to deal with your mother, so she'll allow her son to be who he was meant to be."

"I love both of you guys too." said Danny. "I've never had anyone care about what's really best for me like you guys do." Danny gave Justin and Mitch both a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, then said, "You're the two best friends that a gay person like me could have."

"We'll do everything we can for you Danny." said Justin.

"Good, because I don't want to sleep alone tonight." said Danny. "This has been one of the toughest days I've ever had."

"That's fine Danny, we'd be happy to have you join us tonight." said Mitch.

"Could you give me and Mitch a few minutes alone first though?" asked Justin, with a mischievous smile.

"Anything for two friends like you!" snickered Danny.

Everyone then went to Mitch's bedroom and removed their clothes. While Danny took a nice long bath, Justin began kissing Mitch madly. After a few minutes, Justin turned around on top of Mitch and devoured his cock. Justin's dick was dangling over Mitch's face, so he took it hungrily into his mouth. Mitch and Justin then pleasured each other while their friend was soaking in the tub. Justin's dick tasted as good as ever to Mitch, as he sucked it until it began to throb in his mouth. Justin felt Mitch's mouth working on his dick as he took Mitch's cock deeply into his throat, then came all the way back up to just the head. After about five minutes, Mitch and Justin were both moaning lowly around each other's cocks, so they began to suck each other lovingly. As they heard Danny begin to finish his bath, Justin began to whimper around Mitch's cock.

When Mitch tasted the sweet cum that began shooting from Justin's dick, he unleashed his load into Justin's mouth. Justin and Mitch hungrily sucked the cum from each other, then Justin turned back around to lay in Mitch's arms for a few minutes. When Danny rejoined them, Justin and Mitch separated so they could have Danny between them. Danny climbed between them, then Mitch and Justin snuggled into Danny.

Before pulling the covers over them, Mitch said, "I hope you don't mind if I give you a few strokes Danny, I like seeing what you can do."

"Go right ahead Mitch." said Danny. "You and Justin are both good friends, so I don't mind at all."

Justin and Mitch both watched Danny's cock as Mitch gave it two firm strokes. Danny's cock then began to erupt, shooting cum over all three of them. When Danny's orgasm ended, Justin and Mitch took turns licking his cum off each other. Then they both licked Danny's body clean, with Justin gently cleaning the head of Danny's cock. They both gave Danny a kiss on the cheek, then snuggled back into him to fall asleep.

During the night, Mitch was awoken by Justin tossing slightly in his sleep. Mitch looked down at Justin's twitching dick, and could tell he was fighting a losing battle in his sleep to control his bladder. Justin hadn't told Danny about his problem though, and Mitch thought Danny might be freaked out by Justin peeing on him. Mitch worked his way down the bed carefully, so as not to wake either of the boys, then took Justin's dick into his mouth. Justin immediately stopped tossing, as his bladder released its urine. Mitch swallowed quickly as Justin peed into his mouth. When Justin's bladder had been emptied, Mitch swallowed the rest of his pee, then cleaned his dick off. Mitch carefully climbed back up in the bed, then fell asleep with the taste of Justin's pee in his mouth.

The next morning, Justin and Danny got up and started getting ready for school together. Mitch smiled at the sound of Justin and Danny's laughter as they cleaned themselves and got dressed. Once the boys were done with the bathroom, Mitch began to get ready to take them to school. Mitch pulled up at the school, and gave Justin a quick kiss, then the two boys headed into the school, still talking and laughing. When the boys got to morning announcements, they spotted Tyler with the funniest smile on his face that they had ever seen.

"Hey Tyler." said Danny. "I would ask you how you're doing, but you seem to have taken the sport right out of it."

When Tyler didn't respond, Justin said, "Earth to Tyler. Come in Tyler!"

"Oh, I'm sorry guys." said Tyler, as his face reddened. "I must not have heard you come in."

"Damn!" exclaimed Danny. "Am I going to be like that the first time I do it with Antonio?"

This caused all of the boys to laugh hysterically. Antonio walked into the room, and couldn't figure out why his friends were laughing so hard. Finally, Danny stopped laughing enough to stand and greet his friend.

Danny threw his arms around Antonio in a hug, and asked, "How's the greatest guy in the world this morning?"

"Okay!" said Antonio. "Who are you, and what have you done with Danny?"

Danny snickered as he said, "We need to have a talk dude! I need to apologize for all the times I've been a real jerk. Then we can talk again Friday night at Mitch's house about the way things where meant to be between us!"

Antonio's eyes widened, as he looked over Danny's shoulder to Justin. Justin smiled and nodded to Antonio. "Oh my God, Danny!" said Antonio emotionally. "I can't believe it dude!" Then Antonio gave Danny a nice kiss on the lips.

When Antonio broke the kiss, Danny said, "Well, I guess I deserved that! I've also been a really bad boy, in case you want to spank me!"

This time all four boys were laughing hard. Casey came in and couldn't figure out why his four friends were laughing so hard. The coach had to quiet them down so the announcements could be heard, but they wouldn't tell him what it was about. The rest of the morning was a blur for Antonio. All he could concentrate on was Danny's face. "Could he really be about to tell me that he loves me?" thought Antonio to himself.

Lunch time finally came, and Antonio was about to have his question answered. As soon as Danny came into the cafeteria, he pulled Antonio aside to where no one else was sitting. Then Danny stared into Antonio's questioning eyes for a few moments.

"I guess you should know something Antonio, I'm gay." said Danny. "I've never wanted to admit that to myself or anyone else before. As a matter of fact, I've fought it since the first time I saw you. I know that doesn't excuse some of the things I've put you through, but I hope it helps you forgive me. I'm gay, and you're the guy I love Antonio. I love you so much it hurts dude."

A few tears of joy trickled down Antonio's cheek as he replied, "You have no idea how much I've wanted to hear those words from you Danny. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, and my only hope since then has been that you would love me too. Why were things so hard for us Danny?"

"It was mostly fear." replied Danny. "My mom has raised me a certain way, and expects certain things of me. Falling in love with another boy is not one of them, but I can't help it. I could no more force myself to not love you than I could force myself to breath water. It just won't work like that. I'm afraid of how I'll be made to feel that I've let people down though. And I'm afraid of how my mom will take this, but I know that she's going to have to be told at some point. It's the only way I will ever see any peace from what is expected of me. In the meantime there is one undeniable fact. You are the only one I can ever love the way I love you now. I may need a little help though dude."

"I've always loved you Danny, and I'll do whatever I can to help you." promised Antonio. "As long as we have each other, everything will work out fine. I know you've just made me the happiest guy in the world, and I'm going to make you just as happy!"

Danny started to look around to see if anyone was watching, but then decided it didn't matter if they were. Danny placed his quivering lips against Antonio's, and the two boys shared an extremely passionate kiss. Justin, Tyler, and Casey were watching from their table, and smiled at the sight of their two friends in love. By the time Danny broke the kiss, Antonio was completely breathless. After taking a few moments to recover, Antonio and Danny got up to rejoin their other friends.

"Hi guys!" said Danny happily. "This is MY boyfriend, Antonio. I love him more than I've ever loved anyone before!"

Justin, Tyler, and Casey took turns giving the two boys high-fives. Then everyone happily finished their lunch. Antonio now couldn't wait until Friday night, when he and Danny would fully consummate their love. Antonio didn't want to wait that long, and he was sure his parents would be accepting of Danny. They did know about him and Miguel, before Miguel decided he liked girls more. The problem was Danny's mother wouldn't allow him to spend a school night at Antonio's house, and Antonio's parents didn't like him spending a school night at anyone's house. Antonio knew they would be able to work something out though. They had gotten this far, so he now felt like anything was possible.

Wasn't that beautiful? But how will Antonio and Danny overcome the obstacles in their way? Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. I'll see you again in Chapter 15.