What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 15

The rest of the week went by very slowly for Antonio and Danny. Tyler however, was having a lot of fun. Every day he would shower as quickly as he could after first period, then slip into the coach's office while everyone else was in the shower. Normally either Mike would suck Tyler's cock, or Tyler would suck Mike's cock. Tyler would have preferred to make love like they had done on Tuesday night, but a few minutes after class wasn't enough time for that. Tyler did have that talk with his parents on Wednesday, as soon as he got home from school. He explained to his parents that he was in love with a teacher at school, which was why he couldn't talk too much about it. He also told them that the man he was in love with was a very loving and gentle man, but was married to a woman who didn't love him any more. Tyler's parents agreed that they needed to be careful for his lover's sake, but they would have to know who he was eventually if Tyler planned on inviting him home. They told Tyler that seeing as how his lover was married, they wouldn't always be able to be together at his house. Tyler was still shocked by how accepting his parents were of him having a much older male lover. They agreed to let Tyler spend up to two nights a week at his lover's house whenever his wife was away, as long as Tyler made it to school on time and kept his grades up. Tyler thanked his parents and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

Justin had a great week as well. On Wednesday Mitch accepted an offer from a software company on the manufacture and distribution of his and Justin's program. The software company was willing to pay Mitch a huge sum up front, plus royalties on the sales of the program. Mitch and Justin celebrated Wednesday by going out for dinner and a movie, and Thursday by making love all evening.

Before the first round got under way on Thursday evening, Justin had Mitch measure his dick again. Both were surprised to discover that not only had Justin's dick grown almost another quarter of an inch, but he was now getting a few short hairs around the base of his dick. This news made Justin especially horny as he laid down with Mitch in a sixty nine position on the bed.

As Justin was devouring Mitch's cock, Mitch said, "I think yours is getting large enough now to call it a cock, and I can't wait to taste your cock Justin!"

This made Justin suck hard on Mitch's cock, as Mitch took Justin's cock into his mouth. Justin concentrated on the pleasurable feelings Mitch's mouth was producing for a few moments, then he began humping his cock into Mitch's mouth. Mitch just laid there as Justin thrust his cock in and out of Mitch's mouth, and continued to hungrily suck Mitch's cock. Mitch loved the feeling of letting his boy take complete control over their love making, and began to realize that he was becoming a bottom for Justin. That thought made Mitch's cock throb inside Justin's mouth. Justin began whimpering around Mitch's cock as Mitch felt himself building to an orgasm. The closer they got to their orgasms, the harder Justin would thrust his cock into Mitch's mouth. Mitch began cumming at the exact same time that he felt Justin's cum shooting into his mouth. Mitch and Justin swallowed hungrily, as they savored the taste of their lover's delicious cum. Mitch and Justin laid in each other's arms, resting for the next round. It was still early, and they hoped to make love at least three times before bedtime.

"I hate to spoil this beautiful evening, but I think I need to go pee." said Justin, as he rested in Mitch's arms.

"You lay right there my sweet boy, and I'll take care of it for you." replied Mitch, who then eased his way down the bed to take Justin's cock back into his mouth.

"Do you like the taste of my pee Mitch?" asked Justin.

"I have a confession to make Justin." replied Mitch. "There's been a few times that you've woke me up, about ready to pee in your sleep. I've drank your pee a few more times than you know about. Your golden juice is beginning to taste very nice to me. There's also been a few times where I've held you closer to me, so I could feel you peeing on me."

"I love you so much Mitch!" replied Justin. "If you want me to continue peeing in bed after I get to where I can control my bladder, I'd love to do that for you!"

"Thanks my sweet baby boy." said Mitch. "Now, let's get your cock in my mouth so you can pee."

After Justin had finished peeing, they were both ready for the second round. By the time bedtime rolled around, Mitch and Justin had made love to each other four times. Justin looked very peaceful and beautiful as he fell asleep in Mitch's arms that night.

Tyler also spent Thursday night at Mike's house. He had to play with Mike's kids to tire them out first, and the kids were starting to like Tyler a lot. As Mike was tucking his youngest son in, the boy asked, "Daddy, can Uncle Tyler come say good night to us too? We like Uncle Tyler a lot!"

Mike smiled, then kissed his youngest son on the forehead. "You might have tired him out tonight, but I'll see if he wants to."

Mike then tucked his other son in and kissed him on the forehead too. Then he went to see if Tyler would say good night to them. Mike went into the boys room a few minutes after Mike had left them. He went over to the youngest boy's bed and sat down on the edge.

The boy smiled brightly at Tyler and said, "Good night Uncle Tyler, we like you a whole bunch!"

"I like you a lot too Billy, and your brother Andy." replied Tyler. "You are the two nicest little kids I know, and I had fun playing with you this evening."

"We had fun too, Uncle Tyler!" said Billy. "We had so much fun that we wish you could be our babysitter when mommy is gone!"

"Yeah Uncle Tyler." said Andy. "That would be great! You like to play with us, but our babysitter we have now just tells us to be quiet and watch TV!"

"Would you please be our babysitter Uncle Tyler? Please?" begged Billy.

"That might not be a bad idea Billy!" replied Tyler. "You and your brother are geniuses!"

"What's a genuses?" asked Billy.

"That's GEN-IOUS-ES Billy." giggled Tyler. "That means you and your brother are much smarter than most people."

"Thanks a lot Uncle Tyler, but you're much smarter than us!" said Billy.

"Yeah!" said Andy. "You're like, in high school and everything!"

"You guys will be too someday, and I bet you'll be a lot smarter than me." said Tyler. "After all, you were the first ones to come up with the babysitter idea!"

Tyler then said good night to both boys, and kissed them both on the forehead. Billy and Andy insisted on that! Tyler chuckled to himself as he went back to Mike's bedroom. Mike was already laying naked on the bed as Tyler undressed and told him about the babysitter idea. As soon as Tyler was naked, he looked down at Mike.

""My God Mike!" exclaimed Tyler softly, so the kids wouldn't hear him. "I can't believe how incredibly attractive you are!"

"You're pretty sexy yourself, Tyler." replied Mike with a grin. "Now, let's get down to some serious love making!"

Tyler laid down in Mike's arms, and pressed his lips against Mike's. Mike immediately pushed his tongue into Tyler's eager mouth. Mike and Tyler bathed the inside of each other's mouths with their tongues for quite some time, moaning softly into their lover's mouth. Mike finally had to come up for air.

Tyler softly stroked Mike's body as he said, "I love you so much I don't know how to describe it Mike. I would give anything to take your wife's place."

"You've already taken her place in my heart Tyler!" panted Mike. "Making love to her use to be great, but it hasn't been that way at all in a few years. I'm lucky to even get a quick kiss from her anymore. Making love to you Tyler is much better than it ever was with her."

"Please put your cock inside me Mike." begged Tyler. "I want to feel you love for me throbbing deeply inside me!"

"I'd love to Tyler, but I'm afraid I don't have anything here for lubrication." said Mike sadly.

"I got that covered!" replied Tyler with a smile.

Tyler quickly reached over the side of the bed and got a small tube of lube out of his pocket, then handed it to Mike. As Mike lubed his hard cock, he said, "Bless you Tyler for thinking of everything!"

"You can thank me by putting your cock inside me Mike." replied Tyler as he smiled at Mike.

Mike placed the head of his cock at Tyler's hole, then pushed himself gently inside Tyler. Tyler wasn't use to having anyone's cock inside him, so he strained as he got use to the penetration of Mike's cock. Once Mike saw Tyler begin to relax and smile again, he continued pushing his cock into Tyler. Once Mike's cock was as deeply into Tyler as it would go, Mike leaned down so his face hovered just above Tyler's.

"Is this the first time you've had a cock in your butt Tyler?" asked Mike.

"Yes, and I'm glad that yours is the first Mike!" moaned Tyler.

"By the time we're done tonight, yours will be the first cock inside me too Tyler." said Mike softly.

Mike then leaned down and pressed his lips against Tyler's. As he began kissing Tyler, he began to thrust his cock in and out of Tyler's tight hole. Tyler began moaning repeatedly from the pleasure of feeling Mike's cock slide in and out of him. Mike used long and gentle strokes for the next ten minutes, as he thrust himself in and out of Tyler. When Mike felt Tyler writhing beneath him, he began to build toward his orgasm. Tyler could sense this as he felt Mike grunt into his mouth, so Tyler began trying to clench the muscles in his rectum. The wall of Tyler's rectum was now squeezing and massaging Mike's throbbing erection, and Mike could hold himself back no longer. Tyler sighed and panted into Mike's mouth as he felt Mike's cum blast against the wall of his rectum. Tyler used the muscles inside him to completely drain Mike's cock.

When the orgasm was finally over, Mike panted, "My God Tyler! I haven't ever felt that good! I can't wait to feel your cock inside me now!"

Once they were rested, Mike and Tyler traded positions. Mike could not believe how great it felt to have someone's cock inside him, as Tyler made love to Mike. When Tyler had cum inside Mike, he fell down on top of Mike and let his cock gradually slip out of Mike's butt. Mike and Tyler both smiled as they fell asleep in each other's arms that night.

Finally it was the day that Antonio and Danny had been looking forward to. They did have another hot scene in the shower after first period, and most of the other kids knew Danny's situation so they didn't mind the two boys having sex in front of them. Danny and Antonio both knew that their shower scenes were nothing like what they would experience tonight though. After Antonio's practice was over, Danny had another surprise waiting for him.

"Are you riding with us Danny?" asked Antonio as he exited the locker room.

"No dude, you're riding with me!" replied Danny, as he grabbed Antonio's hand.

"We'll see you and Mitch in a few minutes Justin!" yelled Antonio, as Danny pulled him toward the front of the school.

The two boys walked up to the limo that Danny had waiting, then Danny opened the door as he said, "I had a really great idea of how we could spend more time together!" Then Danny pointed to the driver as they got in, and said, "Antonio, this is my driver Reggie. Reggie, this is Antonio. He's the boy I was telling you about."

"Hello Antonio, it's very nice to meet you." said Reggie. "Danny has told me a lot about you, and I can see he wasn't exaggerating either!"

"I went to my mom and told her that on the days when I didn't have the limo pick me up, I was being harassed by some kids from another school." said Danny. "When she agreed to have a limo pick me up every day, I told her that Reggie here was the only driver we had that didn't give me the creeps. By the way Reggie, tell the other drivers that it wasn't anything personal. So now Reggie is going to be picking me up every day, and we're going to drop you off on our way home from now on. Right, Reggie my man?"

"That's correct Danny." replied Reggie. "I can't stand the way your mother treats us gay people, so you two boys are safe with me. You can do whatever you want back there, and no one will ever know. You can even put up the privacy glass between you boys and me if you want to, but rest assured that it's not necessary because I will never say anything about what you boys do."

"Reggie, if anything ever goes wrong between me and Danny, I love you dude!" said Antonio.

Both boys and Reggie laughed as Danny said, "You're lucky I'm not the jealous type Antonio!"

"You know that making love to you is the only thing I can think of these days!" replied Antonio.

The two boys began giggling as Reggie began driving them to the address that Danny had given him. Reggie smiled as he looked back every so often and watched Danny and Antonio kissing. Danny could tell that Reggie was watching them occasionally, and he wanted to do something special for the only driver he trusted enough to drive him and Antonio around. At Danny's suggestion, the two boys removed their shirts and resumed their passionate kissing. When they finally arrived at Mitch's house, the two boys put their shirts back on.

"Okay Danny, here we are." said Reggie. "I will pick you and your very handsome boyfriend up tomorrow."

Danny placed his hand on Reggie's shoulder and said, "Thanks Reggie, you really are the best there is! I don't know what me and Antonio would do if it weren't for you. We both love you dude!"

"I have to say Danny that you have made this the best job that I've ever had, and it's more than just a job to me now!" replied Reggie. "I will do everything I can to see that you and Antonio have a very long and happy life together."

"Like I said Reggie, you ARE the greatest!" exclaimed Danny warmly. Danny gave Reggie a gentle squeeze on the shoulder, and the two boys headed toward Mitch's house.

On the way, Antonio said, "I like him a lot! Don't ever let your mother get rid of him!"

"That'll only happen over my dead body!" said Danny as he began to laugh. Then Danny rang the doorbell as he and Antonio walked up to the door.

Justin answered the door and yelled out, "Hey Uncle Mitch, the rich kid and his boyfriend are here!"

All three boys began laughing, then Danny replied, "You're just as rich as I am now dude! What with the hottest video game ever made going into production any day now!"

Mitch walked up and said, "You boys make yourselves comfortable for a few minutes. When Tyler gets here with his boyfriend and his boyfriend's kids, we're all going to go out for supper!"

"That means you two horndogs better be on good behavior for dinner!" snickered Justin. "That reminds me, I need to get something out of my system before they get here!"

Justin then jumped into Mitch's arms and pressed his lips against Mitch's. The two kissed deeply as Danny and Antonio looked on.

"And he was just calling us horndogs!" snickered Danny.

"Geez you two, get a room!" snickered Antonio.

Mitch and Justin finally separated when the door bell rang. Mitch answered the door and let in Tyler and Mike, along with two chattering small kids.

"Okay everyone, time for introductions." said Tyler. "You already know Mike, and these are his two kids. This is Billy, and he's five. Then we have his brother Andy, who's six. Mike, Billy, and Andy, this is my friend Justin and his Uncle Mitch. These other two guys are my friends Danny and Antonio."

"Hi Justin." said Billy. "Is Mitch your real uncle, or is he your uncle the same way as our Uncle Tyler?"

"I hope he's my real uncle." replied Justin, as he giggled at the Uncle Tyler remark.

"You have a couple of very sweet boys Mike." said Mitch.

"Yes, they are little angels." replied Mike as he smiled. "And they've taken to Tyler faster than I've ever seen them take to anyone before!"

"Don't you mean Uncle Tyler?" giggled Antonio.

As Tyler, Justin, Danny, and Antonio entertained Mike's kids, Mike pulled Mitch off to where they could talk alone. The adults snuck off to the kitchen, and Mitch made Mike a cup of coffee. Then Mike softly said, "I'm really scared Mitch. I love Tyler more than I've ever loved my wife, but those two boys are my world! I know my wife will eventually find out about me and Tyler, and I'll lose everything. I called the number you gave Tyler and spoke to Dwight. He came out and spoke to me earlier today, but my wife will be home tomorrow and that scares me. I'm not a very good actor Mitch."

"Maybe we can have Danny give you a few pointers on that." replied Mitch to lighten the moment. "Have you considered maybe doing something preemptive before she finds out?"

"What do you mean Mitch?" asked Mike.

"Well, it's obvious that there's not much love between you and her anymore." said Mitch. "Maybe you can work this out to yours and your kids advantage before she ever finds out about you and Tyler. I have a friend who will be at the meeting here on Sunday, and he happens to be my lawyer as well. Maybe you should speak with him."

"I'll try to sneak out on Sunday if I can." said Mike. "Please tell me everything will be okay until then though."

"I'm sure everything will be fine Mike." said Mitch as he patted Mike on the back. "Just remember those two boys out there, and how you have to act around your wife in order to keep them. Hopefully we can figure something out before too long. I do know that Tyler is a really great boy, and he loves you an awful lot!"

"I'll do my best Mitch." replied Mike. "It really helps that Billy and Andy have taken to him so well too."

"Okay my friend, let's round up all the boys and go to dinner!" said Mitch.

Dinner with six boys ranging in age from five to sixteen was very interesting for Mitch, to say the least. First of all, Billy and Andy were disappointed that the restaurant they went to didn't have hamburgers and fries on the menu. Mitch and Mike went over the menu with the boys, trying to find something they might like. Billy and Andy were pretty much set on hamburgers and fries though, so Mitch called the waiter over.

"We have two very young boys with us, and their idea of eating out is hamburgers and fries." explained Mitch to the waiter. "I know you don't have that on the menu, but is there anything you can do for us?"

"I don't know what we would be able to do sir." replied the waiter.

"Well, you do have beef patte." said Mitch. "Is there any way you could over cook it, then put it on a roll for the boys?"

"I really don't believe our cook would go for that sir." replied the waiter. "I'll be back for your orders when you are ready sir."

Once the waiter was gone, Mitch said, "They certainly aren't very understanding, are they?"

"It would appear not." replied Mike. "I did see a burger joint next door though. As soon as we order, I'll run over there and get the boys something. I'll probably be back before our order is done."

"If they give you any problems coming back in, just tell them you're with a very disappointed multi millionaire." chuckled Mitch.

Once the orders were placed, Mike took off for the burger joint next door. Danny and Antonio had been making eyes at each other, then they decided to head for the restroom. After they had left, Justin decided to try to play footsie under the table with Mitch. Mitch gave Justin a stare that caused Justin to begin giggling. After a few minutes had passed, and Justin's giggling died down, Mitch felt Billy tugging at his arm.

"What is it Billy?" asked Mitch as he smiled.

"What are they doing Mr. Mitch?" asked Billy, who was pointing toward a corner that Danny and Antonio had found.

"Ummm,... Uhhh..." stuttered Mitch.

"Well Billy, they like each other a lot." said Justin. "That's why Danny is kissing Antonio."

Tyler immediately got up to go break up the Danny and Antonio show.

"We like daddy and mommy and Uncle Tyler a lot, but we don't kiss them like that!" said Billy.

"Well, they kinda love each other." said Justin. "It's kinda like your mommy and daddy love each other."

Mitch was trying to shush Justin, but it was too late.

"Mommy and daddy don't kiss like that either!" said Billy.

"Oh!" replied Justin. "Ummm,... well,... maybe it's something that just Danny and Antonio does then."

"Oh, okay!" said Billy. Then he seemed to forget about what he had seen Danny and Antonio doing.

At about the same time that Tyler, Danny, and Antonio returned to the table, Mike came back in carrying burger bags and was appearing to have some trouble with the matre d. As soon as he said what Mitch had told him to say though, the matre d backed down. Mike got to the table at about the same time as everyone else's food arrived.

"These people are nuts!" said Mike. "And a little on the snobbish side too!"

"I noticed!" said Mitch, just loud enough for the server to hear. "I'm very disappointed, and I don't think I'll be coming back here anytime soon!"

The food was good though, so everyone decided to enjoy their last time at this particular restaurant. Billy and Andy enjoyed their burgers and fries as much as everyone else enjoyed their food, and never mentioned what Danny and Antonio had done earlier. That was a huge relief to Mitch. When the meal was over, and everyone left the restaurant, Mike decided to go on home from there.

"It was really great getting together with you Mitch." said Mike. "We'll have to do this again soon!"

"Anytime at all Mike." replied Mitch. "It was a pleasure to meet you and your boys."

Finally Mitch, Justin, Danny, and Antonio were on their way back to Mitch's house. Mitch seemed to be a little relieved that things had not gone worse, but something about the evening struck Justin as hilarious. By the time they were back at Mitch's place, all three boys were either laughing or giggling. Mitch couldn't help but smile too.

Sounds like Mitch had fun at the restaurant, huh? Join me in Chapter 16, when Danny and Antonio make love for the first time. It should be fun. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. See you again in Chapter 16.