What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 16

As Mitch and Justin laid down that night to make love, Danny and Antonio were preparing for what they hoped would be a night they would never forget. Danny was kinda nervous though, because he knew this wasn't going to be just a blow job in the showers. This would be two boys showing each other completely how much they loved each other. Danny began to tremble slightly as Antonio began to undress him.

Antonio kissed Danny on the ear and whispered, "Relax babe, this night is going to be so beautiful for both of us."

"Do you promise that you'll be with me, no matter what I have to go through for you Antonio?" asked Danny.

"I love you Danny, and I always have." whispered Antonio. "There's no where else I'd rather be than by your side forever, no matter where that takes us."

Then Antonio knelt down and finished removing the last of Danny's clothes. Danny now felt very different being naked with Antonio, and he liked it a lot. Looking at both of their naked bodies made Danny feel very warm and comfortable. Antonio sat down on the bed as he grabbed Danny's hand, then gently pulled Danny down on top of him. Antonio licked his lips, then pressed then firmly against Danny's. When Danny felt Antonio's wet lips, he began kissing his lover as though he had never loved anyone before now. Antonio could feel Danny's passion, so he put as much love into the kiss as he could. After a few minutes, Antonio breathlessly broke their kiss.

"I've been waiting for this since the day I met you Danny." said Antonio softly. "How are you feeling right now babe?"

"I feel so great Antonio." replied Danny. "I want you to make love to me so badly right now!"

Antonio kissed Danny deeply for a few more minutes, then turned around on top of Danny. Antonio lowered his hips until his crotch was gently nestled into Danny's face, then lovingly took Danny's cock into his mouth. Danny let out a soft moan, then swallowed Antonio's cock. Both boys felt nothing but love as they slowly sucked each other's cocks. After several minutes of loving each other's cocks with their mouths, Antonio lifted his cock out of Danny's mouth then knelt on the bed between Danny's legs.

"I want to see your beautiful face as I put my cock inside you and make love to you Danny." panted Antonio.

"I want to feel your beautiful cock inside me more than anything I've ever wanted Antonio." replied Danny.

Antonio leaned over the side of the bed and pulled a small tube of lube out of his pocket, then massaged some of it into Danny's hole. Danny smiled warmly as Antonio carefully lubed his butt. Then Antonio put some more lube on his cock, and placed it at Danny's hole.

"I love you Danny, and I want you to feel how much I love you." said Antonio as he slowly pushed his cock into Danny.

Danny gasped as he felt Antonio's cock slip inside him. It only hurt for a second, and the initial pain was quickly replaced by a feeling Danny couldn't explain. He would have called it pleasure, but he had never known pleasure to be that intense. Thrill didn't quite fit either, because this feeling went much deeper than being thrilling. Then Danny figured out what the feeling was. It was love! As that realization struck Danny, he began to smile from ear to ear. By this time Antonio had his cock all the way inside Danny.

"I take it you like my cock being buried deeply inside you babe." said Antonio as he smiled too.

"I love it Antonio!" panted Danny. "Please don't ever stop making love to me this way!"

Antonio leaned over and began to kiss Danny as he thrust his cock in and out of Danny's butt. Danny caught Antonio's tongue with his lips, and began to suck hard on it. The more Antonio massaged the wall of Danny's rectum with his cock, the more urgently Danny sucked on Antonio's tongue. Antonio wrapped his arms completely around Danny, and began thrusting his cock into Danny with a little more force.

That made Danny let loose of Antonio's tongue and moan loudly, "Oh God Antonio! Make me feel your love dude! I love you so much!"

Antonio began to lightly nibble at Danny's lips and tongue as his thrusts gradually increased in force. After several more minutes, Antonio began panting into Danny's mouth in approach of his orgasm. As Antonio's orgasm began, he raised up off Danny and began grunting loudly.

"Oh yes Antonio!" shouted out Danny, when he felt Antonio's cum blasting into him. "Your cum feels so good that I hope it doesn't stop!"

Antonio's orgasm did finally end though, and when it did, Antonio carefully lowered himself back down on top of Danny. Antonio was so exhausted from his orgasm that he didn't even have the strength to pull his cock out of Danny. Danny wrapped his arms around Antonio and kissed him passionately, still enjoying the feel of Antonio's cock inside him even though it was now still and softening.

"I wish you were up to making love to me like that again Antonio." said Danny softly as he broke the kiss. "Having your cum inside me right now is making me feel so happy."

"I would love to do that again Danny, but I'm going to have to rest a little bit first." gasped Antonio. "In the meantime though, I'd love for you to make love to me!"

"I suppose that means you'll have to take your cock out of me." replied Danny. "Can we wait just a few more minutes before you do?"

"You really do love feeling my cock inside you, don't you?" asked Antonio as he smiled.

"I love you, and I love feeling your beautiful cock inside me." replied Danny, as he too smiled.

The two boys kissed passionately for a few more minutes, while Danny continued to enjoy feeling Antonio's cock inside him. Finally though, Danny was ready to make love to Antonio. He knelt between Antonio's legs and carefully lubed Antonio's butt and his cock, just like he had watched Antonio do.

As Danny held his cock at Antonio's hole, he said, "This is going to feel better than anything I've ever done before, besides letting you make love to me."

Danny then slowly pushed his cock into Antonio. Antonio was use to anal sex, so Danny's cock felt great from the instant Danny entered him. Danny continued to push his cock all the way into Antonio as he watched Antonio smile. Once Danny got use to thrusting in and out of another boy's butt, he leaned down and placed his lips against Antonio's. Within minutes, Antonio and Danny were both writhing in pleasure. Danny had never felt his cock throb so hard as it did inside Antonio, and Antonio was in ecstasy from having the boy of his dreams deeply inside him.

"Oh God!" panted Danny. "I would love to do this all day, but I think I'm ready to cum now!"

"I can't wait to feel your cum flooding inside me Danny!" moaned Antonio. "Please cum for me now!"

Danny raised up and gave two hard thrusts, then felt his cum exploding from his cock. Danny was shooting his cum as deeply into Antonio as he could, and Antonio was loving every blast from Danny's cock. Danny was beginning to wonder if his orgasm would ever stop as he felt Antonio's rectum clench around his swollen cock. When Danny's orgasm did finally end, Danny slumped down on top of Antonio. Antonio enjoyed a few more dry spasms from Danny's cock before he finally let it slide out of his ass.

Antonio kissed Danny lovingly, then said, "I guess we could both use a good nights sleep, huh?"

The only reply that Danny was capable of right now was a weak giggle, which Antonio took as a yes. Antonio then slid Danny off of him, and laid his lover on his side away from him. Then Antonio nestled in tightly behind Danny. Antonio got his cock just hard enough to slide into Danny's butt, then Antonio wrapped his arms around his lover and held him tightly. Danny smiled once again at the feeling of Antonio's cock inside him. Within a few minutes both boys had drifted off to sleep, with Antonio's cock still deeply inside Danny.

The next morning as Justin and Mitch were waking up in each other's arms, and Mike and Tyler were waking up in each other's arms, Danny was waking up to the feeling of Antonio still inside him. Danny smiled and began humping back gently into Antonio as he slept. Antonio finally woke up to his cock shooting it's cum into Danny once again.

"Oh God dude!" gasped Antonio. "I wish I could wake up like that every morning!"

Once Antonio lovingly sucked Danny to a morning orgasm, the two boys got cleaned up to join Mitch and Justin for breakfast. Justin smiled as he watched his two friends sit tightly against each other, and feed each other their breakfast. Mitch smiled too, as he thought the two boys looked very beautiful together.

"So, how was last night?" asked Justin.

"It was the most beautiful and perfect night of my life." replied Danny proudly. "It was everything that I hoped it could be, and then some!"

"It was the answer to a prayer for me." said Antonio, as he looked into Danny's eyes and smiled. "I've always loved Danny, and I'll continue to love him for the rest of my life."

"My mother will have to accept us at some point." said Danny. "There's no way that I'll ever let Antonio go now."

"Well, I'll certainly do everything I can to keep you boys together." said Mitch. "One look at you two, the way you are now, could tell anyone that you were meant to spend the rest of your lives together."

"Thanks Mitch." said Danny. "If we need anything, we won't hesitate to come to you."

"Now we have Mitch and your driver on our side babe." said Antonio to Danny. "It would be great if we could get your dad on our side too!"

"If my mom will even let me speak to him." said Danny. "I'm lucky if I get to see him once a year anymore!"

"That's just not right Danny." said Mitch. "I don't care if your parents did have problems when they were together, there's no excuse for them to take it out on you. What was it that split them up anyway?"

"My mom's career didn't allow her to spend any time with us, so my dad had to find ways to deal with his loneliness." said Danny. "He loved my mom very much, but it got to the point where he couldn't even get an appointment to see her. I don't blame him at all for the way things turned out, I just wish that he'd been able to find the happiness that he's been looking for."

"I'd love to help, if I can Danny." said Mitch. "Do you mind giving me his number so I can talk to him, and possibly get you two together more often."

"I would be grateful to you forever if you could do that Mitch." replied Danny emotionally.

"Consider it done then son." said Mitch, as he smiled at Danny and Antonio.


By this time Tyler was getting ready to go home. Mike's wife would be coming home from the airport in just a few hours. Mike and Tyler got themselves alone before Tyler left, and shared a very passionate good bye kiss.

"I wish you didn't have to go Tyler." said Mike. "I've experienced more love this week that I have in the last two years combined. Look at how hard I'm getting just thinking about you Tyler."

Tyler looked down at the tent in Mike's pants, then gently stroked his hard cock through his pants. Mike took ahold of Tyler's face, and kissed him passionately once more as Tyler stroked his cock.

Mike finally broke the kiss and said, "I wish we had time for that again my love, but I'm afraid we don't. I'll try to sneak away for that meeting at Mitch's house tomorrow though, and I'll pick you up on the way. I love you so much Tyler, that I can't believe how lucky I am to have met you."

"I'm lucky too Mike." replied Tyler. "I couldn't have picked anyone better to fall in love with for the first time in my life than you. You're a very sweet and attractive man, and I love you with all of my heart."

"Then I want you to do something for me Tyler." said Mike as he smiled. "I want you to suck yourself tonight before you go to bed, and think about us making love while you do it. I'll be imagining you doing that for us."

"I'd love to!" replied Tyler, as a mischievous grin spread across his face.

Tyler and Mike then went back out so Tyler could say good bye to Billy and Andy. He gave each boy a gentle kiss on the forehead, and neither boy wanted him to leave. He promised them that he'd be back to babysit them soon, and that they would play the whole time he was there. That seemed to satisfy the two boys, who then kissed their Uncle Tyler good bye on his cheek.


Shortly after breakfast, Reggie arrived to drive Antonio and Danny home. Danny and Antonio thanked Mitch and Justin for everything, then gave them both a hug. Then the two boys walked to the limo with their arms around each other. When the boys climbed into the limo, they both greeted their friend Reggie.

"I take it things went well last night for you boys." said Reggie.

"Things went better than either of us could have hoped, Reggie my man!" replied Danny. "Can you keep an eye on how close we are to Antonio's house, and if we're not finished back here before we get too close, pull over and park for a few minutes?"

"It will be a pleasure to do that for you two boys." replied Reggie.

As Reggie pulled away, he watched the two boys kissing and stripping each other in his mirror. Reggie smiled at the sight of two boys so desperately in love with each other. Then he pointed his mirror down a little so he could watch the two boys as they got into a sixty-nine position in the back of the limo. When he got close to Antonio's house, he pulled the limo over, then turned around and quietly watched the two boys finish making love to each other. When the two boys were finished, Danny leaned forward and gave Reggie a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Reggie, you're the greatest!" said Danny.

After Antonio gave Reggie the exact same thank you, Danny asked, "What do you think the odds are we could make my mother think I was spending the night at Mitch's again tonight, but come over here to Antonio's house instead?"

"I will be more than willing to cover for you if Mitch will." said Reggie. "I'll do anything for you two beautiful boys!"

"Cool!" exclaimed Danny. "We'll be together again tonight Antonio!"

Then Danny gave Antonio another passionate kiss before he started dressing his lover. Danny remained naked as they dropped Antonio off at his house.. As Danny was getting dressed on the way home, he told Reggie that if there was ever anything he could do for him, to let him know. Reggie smiled as he told Danny he would keep that in mind.

Mike had an easier time with the return of his wife than he thought he would. She didn't guess right away that Mike had been having an affair with a teenage boy, like Mike feared she would. Billy and Andy did mention Tyler though, and Mike explained that the old babysitter wasn't working out so he got Tyler to begin watching the boys. Mike's wife seemed satisfied with that, and it was back to life as usual for Mike. There was no show of affection from his wife, but Mike didn't expect anything like that anyway. Mike soon discovered that his wife actually cared so little, that he would get by with this new situation easily, as long as he kept in mind how much he loved Tyler and what would happen if he slipped.

Mike told her that he had a business function to attend on Sunday afternoon. When his wife asked what kind of business function a high school teacher could have, Mike explained that it was a seminar on dealing with high school aged kids. She was concerned that it might conflict with an office party that she was expected to attend with her husband, but Mike assured her that he would be finished well before then, and it would even allow him to pick up the babysitter on the way home. Mike's wife was satisfied with those plans. When Mike called Tyler to tell him of their plans, Tyler was very satisfied.

That evening, Danny's mother did call Mitch and wanted to speak with Danny. Danny had called Mitch earlier, and asked if he could cover for him though. Mitch knew right away that Danny's mother was checking up on her son.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but Danny is in the shower right now." said Mitch. "Can I have him call you as soon as he gets out?"

"Yes Mitch, that will be fine." replied Danny's mother.

Mitch immediately called Danny and Antonio, so Danny could return his mother's call. As soon as he had done that, Mitch decided he should call the number that Danny had given him for his dad.

"Hello." said Mitch into the phone. "Is this Danny's father, Donald?"

"Yes it is." replied Donald. "What is this about?"

"My name is Mitch, and our sons have become good friends." replied Mitch. "I just wanted to talk to you about Danny for a few minutes."

"Well Mitch, my son doesn't live with me right now." said Donald. "Maybe you should be talking to his mother."

"That's actually why I wanted to talk to you." said Mitch. "I've already talked to his mother."

"You mean her highness granted you an audience?" asked Donald. "Well, that explains why you want to talk to me now. How is Danny anyway?"

"He's fine doing personally." said Mitch. "You really don't get to see him much, do you?"

"Not nearly as much as I'd like to." replied Donald, with a hint of emotion in his voice. "I love my son very much, but his mother doesn't see any advantage for him to see me."

"Well Donald, I do." said Mitch. "If you could come over to talk, I'd like to see if I can help you and Danny. Your son misses you very much, and he wishes he could see you more often."

"I'll come over right away!" replied Donald, on the verge of tears.

Mitch then called Antonio and Danny again, and asked if the boys could come over for a little while. Antonio asked his parents, and his father said they would all be over right away. He wanted to speak to Danny's father too. Antonio lived a little closer to Mitch, so they arrived first.

"Is he here yet?" asked Danny anxiously. Danny had decided that one of his parents should know about him tonight. Danny's father was chosen as the lucky parent.

"He should be here soon Danny." replied Mitch, who then turned to Antonio's father. "You must be Antonio's father. It's good to meet you sir."

"My name is Augustus." replied Antonio's father. "Everyone calls me Gus though. It's nice to meet you too Mitch. Antonio tells me that you have helped him and Danny tremendously."

"I do whatever I can for Justin's friends." said Mitch. "Antonio and Danny are both very nice boys. I take it you are okay with their situation."

"I've known that my son is gay for a while now." said Gus. "I love him very much, and have no problem accepting that him being gay is a part of him. When he was dating Miguel I could tell that the two weren't really meant for each other, but it's completely different with Danny. Anyone can tell instantly by seeing them together that they were meant to be that way. I can't say that I understand his feelings completely, but that would be like expecting a dog to know how a bird is suppose to feel. It's not really important as long as I love and accept my son for who he is."

"That was really nice Gus." said Mitch. "I've never heard it put that well, and Antonio is a lucky boy to have a father like you. Hopefully Danny's father will be half as understanding as you, because his mother certainly isn't."

"We'll see what we can do about his father!" chuckled Gus.

A few minutes later, Mitch went to answer the doorbell. The man at the door introduced himself as Danny's dad, Donald, and Mitch invited him inside. As soon as Danny saw his dad, he ran to him and threw his arms around him.

"I miss you dad, and I wish we could see each other more often!" said Danny emotionally.

"I miss you too son, and I'd love to see you more often." replied Donald. "Your mother won't even talk to me about the subject though."

"I'm sixteen thought dad, and she can't control my life forever." said Danny.

"I know that son." said Donald. "You are growing into a fine young man, and there should be some things that you have a voice in. Your mother is use to having absolute control over everything though. I know Hollywood has provided the lifestyle that you and her are use to, but it has spoiled her badly. You shouldn't have to suffer over this though Danny. I may try to take her to court to have a little more influence and direction in your life son."

"I would love that dad!" said Danny as he smiled at his dad.

"Well Donald, let me introduce you to everyone." said Mitch. "This is my hopefully soon to be son, Justin. Over here we have Danny's friend Antonio, and Antonio's dad Gus."

"Hello Antonio." said Donald, as he offered Antonio his hand. "Any friend of Danny's is a friend of mine."

After Antonio shook Donald's hand, Danny said, "Dad, there is something important that I wanted to talk to you about. Antonio isn't quite my friend. I've tried to fight this because of mother, but I have certain feelings that I can't control. Mother thinks she can though, but she's going to destroy both of us trying if she finds out how I really feel. Dad, I love Antonio, and he's my boyfriend. Please don't hate me daddy!"

"I could never hate you son." said Donald, who then became silent for a few minutes. Everyone was getting scared, and Danny was on the verge of crying when Donald finally spoke again. "I take it your mother doesn't know about this yet, does she son?"

"No sir." croaked Danny. "She would lock me away somewhere if she did."

"It's good she doesn't know then Danny." said Donald.

"I just want to say something Donald." said Mitch. "I haven't known Danny too long yet, but he is a great kid. Being gay is a part of him, so it's a part of what makes him a great kid. Anyone should be proud to have a son like Danny."

"I can tell you as a father, your son being gay is not as bad as some people like to think." said Gus. "I've known that Antonio is gay for quite a while now, and I'm still just as proud of him as I ever was. If anyone tries to change who either of these boys are, it will destroy them, and they will never be the same person again."

"I think you people have misunderstood my reaction." said Donald. Then Donald wrapped his arms around Danny and said, "I love you son. I have since the day you were born, and I've never stopped. You'll always be my son, and I'll never be ashamed of you. If you love Antonio, then that is very important and I hope you will both be happy for a long time. I know your mother very well though son. I am very afraid for both of you boys because of her. I believe you are correct that she would destroy you if she found out. We can't allow that to happen son."

"We're very happy to hear you say those words Donald." said Mitch, as Donald hugged his crying son.

"You didn't need to worry about how I would feel about Danny." said Donald. "I met a very wonderful woman about three months ago. We love each other very much, and we are very happy together. She has a brother, who is one of the nicest and most likable people I know. We're all almost like family now. He is gay as well, and I would do anything for him. Being gay doesn't make anyone a bad person, it just makes them who they are."

Danny stopped crying and said, "I want to live with you dad. I'm tired of being afraid every day of my life. She doesn't even know or care what she's doing to me either!"

"I'm going to work on that son." replied Donald. "I will see a lawyer first thing Monday. I'm also going to make sure I spend more time with you in the meantime. We may need the help of your friends for that, because your mother won't allow it, but you're my son and we should spend time together. I love you Danny!"

Everyone sat around and talked for a few more hours, getting to know each other. Danny was happy to once again have his dad in his life, but now they would have to deal with his mother. The adults talked about what they could do about Donald and Danny's situation, and Mitch gave Donald Eric's number. Mitch told Donald that Eric was the best there was in matters like this, so Donald promised to call Eric. Danny didn't want to be split up from his dad that night, but he also couldn't wait to get back to Antonio's house to make love to his boyfriend. It was Gus's idea for the two boys to go with Donald. He would just give Danny's driver Donald's address when he came to pick Danny up tomorrow.

Well, it looks like Danny is well on his way out of the closet now. Will Danny and Donald be able to defeat the evil queen though? lol. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter17.