What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 17

On the way home to Donald's, Donald asked, "Don't take this the wrong way son, but are you sure about this relationship with Antonio? The reason that I'm asking you is that this won't be easy for us, especially for you. I want to make sure that you feel as though you are doing the right thing. I will fight for you two boys as hard as I can if you just say the word."

"Mom has been controlling every part of my life dad." replied Danny. "When I am with Antonio, I feel like my life is my own again, and that a part of me that has been missing has been found. Kind of like I do right now by being with you. I love Antonio with all my heart dad, and I want to be with him forever."

"I'll do everything in my power to help you then son." said Donald. "You just worry about loving that boy of yours, and treating him right. Welcome to our family Antonio, but realize that I'm probably the only one who will be saying that to you."

"Thank you sir." replied Antonio. "I promise I'll take good care of your son. I've loved him from the first day I ever saw him."

Donald smiled at both boys and said, "I think you'll make a fine boyfriend for my son, Antonio."

The three guys continued on to Donald's house, with Donald smiling at the sight of Danny and Antonio kissing passionately next to him. He knew his son was happy and in love, and that was all that mattered to him. Between Danny and Antonio's kisses, Donald caught up on how his son had been doing lately. Danny was especially excited to tell him about how he and Antonio finally got together, thanks to Mitch and Justin. Just before pulling into the driveway, Donald told Danny that his girlfriend would be there when they got home. Danny said he was sure he would probably like her if she was better to him than his mother was.

Donald went in first to greet his girlfriend, and said, "Melissa, I would like you to meet my son Danny and his boyfriend Antonio. Boys, this is Melissa. She's the woman that I'm madly in love with, and hope to marry soon."

"Hi Melissa." said Danny, as he reached his hand toward her. "Are you a movie star too. You look beautiful enough to be one."

"I like him already Donald!" exclaimed Melissa. "He's every bit as charming as his father! I'm not a movie star though Danny. I do work for a studio, but I never did care much for some of the celebrities I've met. There are a few nice ones, but Hollywood tends to bring out the worst in some."

"You don't have to tell me!" snickered Danny.

""You and your boyfriend look very nice together Danny." said Melissa. "I'm sure my brother would approve of you two very much. So, how does your mother take you being gay Danny?"

"She doesn't know, and I'm not telling her!" said Danny. "I'm afraid it wouldn't fit into her plans."

"I'm sorry to hear that Danny." said Melissa. "You two boys don't have to worry about being yourselves around us though. Two gorgeous looking gay boys like you and Antonio belong together, and I hope we can all be a happy family together someday." Then Melissa gave both boys a light kiss on their foreheads.

Danny turned to his dad and said, "Don't ever let her get away dad, I like her a lot! I'm glad you're happy now too."

"Thanks son." said Donald. "I hope we can all be happy soon."

Everyone continued to talk together for a few more minutes, then it was time to go to bed. Donald put Danny and Antonio in the spare bedroom, next to him and Melissa. As soon as the boys were alone together, they were naked and in each other's arms. As Danny and Antonio made love that night, they could hear Donald and Melissa making love in their room in the background. Donald and Melissa could also hear Danny and Antonio's love-making as well, seeing that the boys were even louder than they were. As Donald continued to make love to Melissa, he told her of his plans to fight for custody of Danny. Melissa readily agreed that Danny should be with them where he could be happy, instead of being made into a prisoner by his mother when she found out about the boys. She wanted Donald to get started on it first thing Monday morning. Everyone finally fell asleep after making love, happily in their lover's arms.

Back in Mitch's bedroom, Justin was thrusting his cock in and out of Mitch's butt passionately as he panted, "I'm so glad we got Danny and his dad together tonight!"

"Me too baby." moaned Mitch. "It was the right thing to do. God, I love how your cock feels inside me!"

Justin took a few deep breaths as he continued thrusting, then smiled as he replied, "That's because I love making love to you so much! I can't wait until it's okay to feel your cock inside me again Mitch. I miss it so much!"

"I miss the way your tight rectum feels around me too baby!" moaned Mitch. "I always loved that popping noise my cock made when it came out of you."

"I loved it too Mitch!" panted Justin. "I'm gonna cum inside you now Mitch!"

"Please shoot your cum into me baby!" moaned Mitch.

Justin began to whimper, and his body shuddered as he shot his cum into Mitch, making Mitch smile warmly. As soon as Justin's orgasm was over, he immediately engulfed Mitch's cock in his mouth. Mitch continued to moan as Justin's lips and tongue stroked the entire length of Mitch's cock. When Mitch's orgasm began, Justin hungrily swallowed all of his cum. When Justin had sucked the last drop from Mitch's cock, he climbed up into Mitch's waiting arms. The two lovers fell asleep with smiles on their faces, and an uncanny feeling that something really good was about to happen.

The next morning Danny and Antonio had a great breakfast with Donald and Melissa. Danny was now missing living with his dad very much, but Donald assured him that he would do everything he could to correct the situation. As soon as breakfast was over, Melissa's brother stopped by.

"Danny and Antonio, I would like you to meet my brother Stephen." said Melissa. "Stephen, this is Donald's son Danny, and his boyfriend Antonio."

"You two make a marvelous looking couple!" said Stephen, as he shook the boys hands. "I wish my last boyfriend looked half as gorgeous as you two boys. I would have never let him go if he did!"

The two boys immediately took to Stephen, and all five of them had a great time until it was time for Danny and Antonio to leave. As Danny was leaving, he kissed his dad on the cheek and said, "I can't wait to see you again now, and I hope I can live with you and Melissa soon."

"I'll do my very best son." said Donald, as he returned the kiss to Danny's cheek. "In the meantime, don't slip in front of your mother, and try to hang in there. I'm very happy for you and your boyfriend, so make sure you take good care of him son."

"Hello Danny." said Reggie, as the boys got in the limo. "How are you two lovers doing today?"

"We're doing great after seeing my dad." replied Danny, as he and Antonio began undressing each other. "I hope I can see him much more often from now on."

"Well Danny, I'll bring you and Antonio out here anytime you wish." said Reggie. "And as always, my lips are sealed. Although I would miss you boys terribly if you came out here to live, it would probably be best for you."

"Even if that happens Reggie, I'll never lose touch with one of my very best friends in the world!" replied Danny.

Then Danny pointed his naked butt up far enough so Reggie could see it and drive, and Reggie watched with interest as Antonio slid his cock into Danny. As Reggie's cock stiffened, he joked, "You boys are going to keep letting me watch your beautiful love-making until I have an accident!"

"Just make sure the only accident you have is in your pants dude." grunted Danny, as Antonio's cock thrust in and out of him.

The two boys love-making became so passionate that Reggie finally had to find a private spot to pull over. Reggie turned around and watched through the open privacy widow as Antonio approached his orgasm. The two boys grunted in passion as Reggie took his stiff cock out of his uniform and began stroking it. Reggie's breathing became a little heavier as he watched Antonio cum deeply into Danny.

As the two boys traded places, Reggie said, "I hope you don't mind me watching you two beautiful boys making love to each other."

As Danny was slipping his cock into Antonio, he replied, "If we minded, I would have closed the glass. We want you to see us Reggie, because you are responsible for us being able to make love like this. We love you Reggie, don't we Antonio?"

"Oh God yes!" grunted Antonio, as he felt Danny's cock thrust deeply into him. "We love you for what you've done for us Reggie!"

"I love both of you boys too!" replied Reggie, as he stroked his throbbing cock and softly grasped one of Danny's butt cheeks. Reggie could feel Danny's butt flex as the boy drove his cock in and out of his lover.

"Your hand feels very nice on my butt Reggie." panted Danny. "Could you slip a finger into me Reggie?"

Reggie now stroked himself slowly as he wet a finger, then slipped it carefully into Danny. Danny moaned lightly and wriggled around on Reggie's finger, then began thrusting into Antonio again. Reggie had never dreamed of having his finger in one beautiful boy's butt, while that boy made love to another beautiful boy. The thought of such a fantasy actually coming true made Reggie smile incoherently.

"Oh God Reggie!" panted Danny. "Your finger feels so good inside me while I'm making love to Antonio! I'm so glad that you are a good enough friend to do that for me. I can't even imagine what my tight young butt feels like to your hot and strong finger!"

"Your butt makes my finger feel just the way it should be expected to feel." said Reggie breathlessly. "Very hot and excited! You two boys ooze sex from every pore on your young bodies when you're together, and I'm honored that you would share that with me in any way. Watching your cock slide in and out of Antonio makes me want to cum so badly!"

"Try to hold it Reggie." grunted Antonio. "We have a surprise for our best friend."

Danny smiled as he realized what Antonio was talking about. The thought of bringing their adult friend to an orgasm made Danny thrust into Antonio even more passionately. Danny began to writhe on Reggie's finger, and Reggie held his breath. He could tell that Danny was about to cum into Antonio at any second. Reggie slowed down his stroking as he watched Danny's body shake as it began it's orgasm. Both boys moaned loudly as Danny's cum shot deeply into Antonio. When Danny's orgasm finished, and his body stopped shaking, Reggie carefully removed his finger from Danny's butt and slipped it into his mouth.

After both boys took a few seconds to recover, Danny said, "Put your cock back in your pants and come back here Reggie."

Reggie did as he was asked, and when he had joined the boys he said, "You boys don't have to do this. I would never expect either of you boys to do this for me."

"We know we don't have to." said Danny as he smiled at Reggie.

"We want to show our best friend how much we love and appreciate everything he does for us." said Antonio.

Danny grabbed the buckle on Reggie's pants, as Antonio took ahold of Reggie's zipper. In just a few seconds the boys had Reggie's stiff cock freed from his pants, and his pants pulled down. Antonio took Reggie's cock into his mouth as Danny began sucking gently on Reggie's balls. Reggie put a hand gently on the back of each boy's head and began moaning from pleasure. When Reggie felt their heads move around, he looked down. The two boys were now kissing each other, with Reggie's cock trapped between their locked lips. After a few moments of that, Danny took Reggie's cock into his mouth and began sucking.

Antonio looked up into Reggie's eyes and said, "You have a very nice cock Reggie. Any boy would be happy to have a lover like you. We can't wait for you to cum for us."

Reggie was very close to cumming in Danny's mouth, so he didn't reply. Danny was now sucking very hard on Reggie's cock, and Antonio put his face next to Danny's so they could share Reggie's cum. Reggie began grunting loudly as Danny took the first three shots of cum from his cock. Then the boys switched quickly and Antonio took the rest of Reggie's cum. When Reggie's orgasm was over, both boys stuck their tongues out as far as they could. Then Danny and Antonio gently licked Reggie's softening cock clean. The boys laid Reggie's cock back against his groin and pulled his pants back up for him. They worked lovingly at properly fastening Reggie's pants back together, then rose up to eye level with Reggie.

"We love you Reggie, and it was a great pleasure for us to do what we just did for you." said Danny softly.

Danny softly kissed Reggie on the lips, followed immediately by Antonio. Both boys looked into Reggie's eyes, and gave him another warm kiss each.

"I love you boys, and I will never forget today." said Reggie. What you two have is special though, and this shouldn't happen again."

"We know that." replied Danny. "This was a one time thing. We wanted to make sure you knew exactly how we felt though Reggie."

The rest of the drive went very happily. Antonio gave Danny a passionate kiss before leaving the limo when it got to his house. Then the drive continued to Danny's house after Danny got in front with Reggie. The two talked about a lot of things on the way, with Reggie giving Danny insight into being in love, and to what he and his dad had planned. Reggie really did hope that the boy would be able to live with his father, because he knew what kind of hell his mother could make his life. Reggie had been down that painful road himself, and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Before Danny got out of the limo at his house, he said, "Once again Reggie, you ARE the greatest!" Then the two friends said good-bye.

Donald was not going to give his ex wife any warning about what he was doing until he talked to his lawyer, so the rest of the weekend went well for Danny. On Sunday, Mike went to pick up Tyler to go to the meeting at Mitch's house. Mike was a little early because he wanted to have a chance to be with Tyler first, so Tyler invited Mike to come in at his house.

"I don't know about that Tyler." said Mike. "What if your parents figure out what is going on?"

"My parents already know what's going on, and they're fine with it." replied Tyler.

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Mike, as a look of terror crossed his face.

"Take it easy babe." said Tyler. "I didn't tell them your name, only that I was having a relationship with an older man. They're actually happy for me, and they want to meet my boyfriend! I thought it would be best for you to introduce yourself though, whenever you're ready. I'm hoping that will be today though, because they will love you, and it will make you feel much better about being with me. What do you say Mike?"

"I guess this will happen sooner or later anyway Tyler." replied Mike after he had calmed down. "Let's go do it now."

As Tyler had said, his parents liked Mike right away. They were actually much more comfortable with what their son was doing, now that they knew who the man in his life was. Within a few minutes Mike was starting to feel much better about being with Tyler, and meeting his parents. Mike felt so good, that Tyler talked him into going up to his room with him for a little while and making love to him.

As the two were getting ready to leave for the meeting, Tyler's dad said, "Tyler told us about the meeting you two are going to. We hope that these people are able to help you two be happy together. Now that we know who you are Mike, we don't have to worry about our son being hurt by some weirdo. Just take good care of our boy."

"I love Tyler very much, and I'll make sure to take good care of him sir." replied Mike to Tyler's dad.

Eric and Casey were the first to arrive at Mitch's house. Eric had some news for Mitch and Justin that was going to make him burst if he didn't tell them right away. As soon as everyone was seated in the living room, Eric said, "I got about the best call that we could have hoped for Mitch. This morning I got a call from one of the hospitals your brother was seen at. When they told me that they hadn't kept any DNA samples, I was kind of disappointed. I didn't really expect that anyone had though, so I was prepared to hear the same thing from the other hospital when I called them. I couldn't believe my ears when they told me that they had kept a sample from your brother! I've made all the arrangements for Justin to be tested Monday afternoon, then we'll know the results twenty minutes after the test. I feel so good about this one Mitch! I know we're going to confirm that you are Justin's uncle. Then this whole thing will be easy to clear up!"

Justin and Mitch hugged each other, and cried in joy at the news. "I love you so much Uncle Mitch!" cried Justin proudly. "I can't believe this is really happening! Nothing good ever happened to me until I found my uncle, and fell in love with him! And now we're both going to be happy for the rest of our lives! I love you Uncle Mitch!"

"I love you too my dear sweet nephew!" wept Mitch. "It seemed at times like this day would never happen, but now you're going to be my nephew forever! I love you so much Justin that nothing can hurt us now, and we're going to be happy for the rest of our lives!"

Eric was even shedding a few tears himself at the exchange between Mitch and Justin. Eric always loved to see his clients turn out this happy, and he was glad that he's had the privilege to meet Mitch and Justin. Now all that had to be done was the test, which everyone including the state was seeing as a formality. All it would take then would be the stroke of a pen to put Justin in the care of his only living relative on a permanent basis. Mitch had heard that directly from Wes earlier in the week, when he called Wes with the information about the company that was releasing his new program. When Mike and Tyler got there, Tyler couldn't figure out why Justin was so happy. Then Justin told Tyler the news.

Tyler grabbed Justin in a tight hug and lifted him off the ground as he exclaimed, "All right Justin! That's the greatest news I could have heard about you, and you deserve an uncle who loves you like Mitch does! I'm so happy for you dude!"

As the boys were celebrating, Mitch had introduced Mike to Eric. Eric listened intently as Mike told him about him and Tyler, then him and his wife. He also told Eric about his two boys, who he loved very dearly and wanted to keep with him if things weren't going to work out with his wife. Everyone agreed that that would be the case, seeing as how she had no love left for Mike, and Mike and Tyler were so deeply in love.

"So, how does she feel about Billy and Andy?" asked Eric.

"The boys adore her, even though she won't give them any of her time or affection anymore." said Mike. "They are the sweetest little angels, and they could never dislike anyone, especially their mother. Even though she doesn't show proper feelings towards them or me, she would never let me have them if we split up."

"Then you and Tyler have to be very careful not to let anyone find out about you." said Eric.

"Tyler's parents already know about us, but they really seem to like me and support their son's choice." said Mike. "We had a good talk earlier today, and they just want Tyler to be safe and happy. They could see how much we love each other, and they know I'll never hurt Tyler."

"Damn!" exclaimed Eric. "It sounds like they want Tyler to nominate them for parents of the year!" After the three men finished laughing, Eric continued, "Well then, we absolutely have to be careful about your wife finding out about this. That means being very careful around Billy and Andy right now too. Then we have to show good reason why they should not be with her before we proceed. Can you think of anything Mike?"

"I don't even know my wife anymore Eric." said Mike. "She's gone so much of the time on business, and when we are together, she won't talk much about the time she spends away."

"Anyone who keeps their life a secret from their family to that point is usually involved with someone or something else that they know they shouldn't be involved with." said Eric. "Can you afford a private investigator to have her watched for a while?"

"I don't know Eric, that sounds pretty expensive." replied Mike.

"Well, it depends on how much time they spend on the case, but they're generally very expensive." said Eric.

"Don't worry about that Eric, just have it done right away." said Mitch. "I'll make sure Mike can afford it."

"Okay, I'll get it started tomorrow." said Eric. "I assume you want the best there is?"

"What else would we expect my friend?" asked Mitch rhetorically.

After everyone else arrived, the meeting got started. After Mike and Tyler introduced themselves, the group took turns offering them advice and strength. The meeting was a huge help to Mike, who now knew he could keep things going until Eric could help him. A lot of that was due to the group's discussions of what could go wrong if he didn't, and what types of things other group members had been through. Towards the end of the meeting, it had broken down into friendly visiting. Mitch told Eric to expect a call tomorrow from Danny's dad, and Eric joked about having to start giving Mitch a commission. Mike and Tyler visited for a few more minutes before having to head out to Mike's house. Tyler congratulated Justin again on almost legally being Mitch's nephew, and the two boys shared a friendly hug. Then it was off to babysit two of the cutest kids Tyler had ever met before.

As soon as Mike and his wife were gone, Billy and Andy wanted to play with their Uncle Tyler. That name always made Tyler grin now. Tyler had fun playing with the boys, especially hide and seek. As the evening wore on, Tyler knew what he wanted. The love of Mike, and to be able to help raise his two sweet kids. As Tyler sat on the sofa and rested, Billy crawled up on his lap.

"Uncle Tyler, does your mommy tuck you into bed at night?" asked Billy.

"When I was your age, she tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead every night." replied Tyler. "I never wanted her to stop, but I started getting too big for that. I'm sure if I still wanted it though she wouldn't mind doing it once in a great while. Why do you ask Billy?"

"Because our mommy doesn't do that anymore." said Billy. "She says that it's just for babies, and we're not babies anymore. Our daddy still tucks us in though when she's not here. Does our daddy love us more than our mommy does?"

By this time Andy had snuggled up tightly against Tyler as Tyler replied, "Both of your parents love you Billy, it's just they have different ways of showing it. Your daddy still thinks it's important to tuck two sweet little boys like you into bed, and kiss you on your foreheads. Your mommy doesn't think it's that important anymore, but I'm sure she still loves you."

"She would probably be mad at daddy if she found out he tucks us in, wouldn't she?" asked Andy, who was resting all of his weight into Tyler's side.

"If she doesn't think it's important to do that, she might be mad at him if she found out." replied Tyler.

"That's why you're the only one who knows that daddy tucks us in Uncle Tyler." said Andy. "We don't want mommy getting mad at daddy any more than she already does."

"Does your mommy get mad at your daddy a lot?" asked Tyler.

"Yes!" replied both boys in unison.

"She says it's because of her job." said Billy. "If I had a job like that though, I'd get another job!"

"Me too Billy!" chuckled Tyler lightly. Then he continued, "This is something your mommy and daddy have to work out between themselves though guys. It's best not to worry too much about it right now. Just remember that your mommy and daddy love you so much that they'll do what's best for you guys."

"Okay Uncle Tyler." said Billy.

"We're glad we got you to be our babysitter Uncle Tyler." said Andy. "You're really smart about things!"

"Yeah, we love you Uncle Tyler." said Billy.

"I love you guys too." replied Tyler, as he stroked them both on the top of their heads.

Tyler then gave them each a kiss on the forehead, and enjoyed the cuddle for a few more minutes. By that time Billy and Andy were ready to play again, and so was Tyler. He loved being able to be a little kid again with these two sweet little boys. He loved it so much that he realized that he was giving Mike something that his wife couldn't give him anymore. He was making the love of his life feel young and alive again. Tyler smiled at the thought of doing that for his Mike, and knew that it was something that shouldn't be taken away from him. There just had to be some way that he, Mike, Billy, and Andy could be a family someday.

There, it wasn't all sex. lol. I wonder what kind of dirt Eric's PI will dig up on Mike's wife? I also wonder how Danny's mother, the evil Ice Queen, will take it when she finds out what her ex is up to. I'm guessing not good. We'll find out soon though. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 18.