What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 18

Monday turned out to be a very important day. First, Justin left school after lunch that day to have the DNA test done. The test consisted of a swab being swiped on the inside of Justin's mouth, and a small amount of blood drawn to verify the results of the swab. Eric didn't want to leave anything to chance, which is why he insisted on the double check. He also met Mitch and Justin at the hospital that kept the DNA sample from Mitch's brother, so he could be the one to give Mitch and Justin the results. About twenty minutes after the samples were taken from Justin, Eric went to talk to someone about the results. Mitch and Justin sat in the waiting room with their arms around each other's back. They were both a wreck after waiting twenty minutes with no results. Eric finally returned about ten minutes later, holding the results in his hand.

"Well, I suppose you two want to hear this, no matter which way it went." said Eric in an emotionless tone.

"I guess you don't have to tell us." replied Mitch. "If you don't tell us though, you may have to have us sedated!"

"Okay then Justin, stand up there and give your uncle a hug!" said Eric as he smiled.

"Oh my God!" screamed Justin, as he threw his arms around Mitch. "I can't believe it's really true! I can't believe this is over, and I have an uncle now! I love you so much Uncle Mitch!"

"I love you too my dear, sweet little nephew." replied Mitch. "I always wanted a family, and now you've given me that."

"And I love seeing my friends and clients happy!" said Eric. "Congratulations you two, and I hope you have a lifetime of love and happiness together now. I know Justin deserves it after everything he's been through."

"Can I be the one to tell Marcy about this tomorrow?" asked Mitch. "I want to do it face to face with her, so I can see her face when she hears that Justin is my nephew."

"I don't blame you at all Mitch." replied Eric. "I'll drive with you to the jail where they're holding her."

Eric then guided his two friends out of the hospital before they attracted too much attention. Eric knew his friends would be doing a lot of celebrating now. Celebrating was the last thing on Danny's mind when he got home from school though. Reggie didn't pick him up after school, so with the other driver he was not able to take Antonio home. Danny was very confused and upset when he walked into his house that day.

"Well Danny, you want to make your own decisions, huh?" asked his mother.

"What is this about mom?" asked Danny.

"This is about you seeing your father behind my back!" said Danny's mom loudly. "The courts gave him as little visitation as they did for a reason Daniel!"

"Yeah mom, because you paid them to do it!" Danny shot back.

"Your father is no good for you Daniel, and it's my job to make that decision!" yelled Danny's mom. "He was never good for anything except chasing skirts towards the end! He didn't provide anything to this household compared to what I did, and he didn't even have the respect and courtesy to be faithful! His only real responsibility was to be a husband and a father, and he couldn't even do that!"

"MY dad was a hell of a good father to me, but you wouldn't know that because you were never around!" yelled Danny. "As for him cheating on you, I don't blame him! He never did anything until it got to the point where he couldn't even get an appointment to see you! You say he wasn't a good husband, but maybe that was because he didn't have much of a wife to be a husband to!"

Danny's mother slapped Danny hard across the face, then yelled, "You go to your room you little ingrate, until you learn how to behave yourself properly! And just so you know, your little stunt about having your father fight me for custody won't work, and it has already cost Reggie his job!"

"You bitch!" cried Danny. "I'll turn eighteen in a year and a half, and when I do I'll never want to see you again!"

Then Danny ran to his room crying. As soon as he was in his room, he heard his mother lock the door from the outside. That was all that Danny could take, so he climbed out his window after unlocking the bars. Danny was now very glad that he had snuck a copy of the key into his room. Once Danny was outside, he went around the back way to the servants quarters to see if he could catch Reggie. When Danny got there, Reggie was packed up and waiting for a taxi.

"I'm so sorry Reggie!" cried Danny, as he threw his arms around his friend. "I didn't want anything like this to happen to you!"

"That's okay Danny, it was bound to happen someday." replied Reggie. Reggie then lifted Danny's face upward and asked, "What happened to your face Danny?"

"That bitch hit me!" cried Danny.

"Well then, you have to get away from her, don't you?" asked Reggie.

"What am I going to do Reggie?" asked Danny. "What are YOU going to do? You lost your job and place to live because of me!"

"I'll be okay Danny." said Reggie. "Maybe a friend of mine can put me up for the night, then work me in with the people he works for."

"If I know my mother, she'll black list you though." said Danny. "I know someone who won't care though! Maybe I can help you out through him! I wouldn't blame you if you said no though, because look at what I've done for you so far today."

"This isn't your fault Danny." said Reggie, as he hugged Danny close to him. "I would be crazy to turn down any offer from my absolute best friend in the world. What do you have in mind?"

Before Danny could tell Reggie what he was thinking, Reggie's taxi pulled up. As Reggie loaded his stuff into the taxi, Danny snuck around to the other side and climbed in. He hoped his mother didn't see him, as it would make his escape a little easier, but he didn't really care either way now.

Reggie got into the taxi, and saw Danny hiding in the back seat. "I hope you know what you're doing Danny." said Reggie. "I'm afraid there won't be any turning back from this."

"I can't spend one more minute here Reggie." cried Danny softly. "Besides, I know that I have one parent that really cares about me!"

"The only question is, will she allow that to happen?" asked Reggie.

"I don't care if she likes it or not!" replied Danny.

When the driver asked Reggie where he wanted to go, Danny gave the driver Mitch's address. Then Danny tried to think of how he would ask Mitch this favor. He was hoping that all of his friends would help him now, because he might need everyone's help at this point.

Meanwhile, Mike had found a place to be alone, so he could talk to Eric on the phone. "Okay Eric, do you have anything?"

"Well, the PI's report from today looks like ordinary and mundane activities." said Eric. "He tailed her to work today, and she went straight there without stopping. He then went inside, posing as a prospective customer, and didn't see anything unusual while he was there. Then on her lunch break she went to the bank and made a deposit. After lunch...."

"Wait a minute!" interrupted Mike. "She made a deposit at the bank? We didn't have anything that I know of that would have required making a deposit today!"

"You may want to go online and check your account then Mike." said Eric. "Do you two have a joint account, or do you keep separate accounts?"

"The only thing I know about is our joint account." replied Mike, who was busy accessing his bank account records on the computer. Then Mike said, "I don't show any pending deposit here Eric! If she had made something to our joint account, it would have at least shown up as pending."

"I think we may be onto something here then Mike." said Eric. "Let's face it, a secret life and a secret bank account are not normal things for most married couples. I'll keep the PI on this, and we'll see if we can't find out what's going on here Mike."

"Thanks Eric." replied Mike. "Make sure you let me know if the least thing unusual happens."

Mike was really confused now. Sure, he and his wife didn't spend as much time together as they use to, but this whole thing was starting to seem like someone else's life now. Mike couldn't wait to see Tyler at school tomorrow. Tyler, Billy, and Andy were the only things about his life right now that seemed real.

Back at Mitch's house, Justin was answering the doorbell. Justin saw Danny at the door and said, "Dude, Mitch is really my uncle now! I can't believe it dude! This is the greatest... What happened to your face Danny?"

"My mom hit me dude!" replied Danny, as he tried to hold back his tears again. "Can me and Reggie come in?"

Justin began to freak out, as he started having some bad memories of his own. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Justin. "Come on in dude! Uncle Mitch! Danny's been hurt! Come here Uncle Mitch!"

Mitch came running to the door and said, "Okay Justin, calm down. Let me take a look." Mitch examined Danny's face and said, "I think you'll live, but you got a nasty bruise going on there. Are you taking up boxing or something Danny?"

"No, my mom did this." said Danny. "She found out that my dad had filed for custody of me, and she just flipped out. First she fired Reggie, then she hit me when I got home. I know you guys don't know Reggie other than being my driver, but he's a really good friend, and a great guy. I was wondering if there was any way you could help us out?"

"You don't even have to ask, Danny." replied Mitch. "Go bring your stuff in Reggie, and we'll straighten this mess out. Now Danny, let's get some pictures of that face while the bruise is nice and fresh. Then we'll get some ice on it. Justin, call Eric and Donald for me. Tell them both that Danny is here, and he was hit by his mother. He'll be okay Justin, I promise."

"Okay Uncle Mitch." replied Justin. "You haven't broken any promise to me yet. I guess I was just thinking about my mom, and it kinda freaked me out."

Mitch went ahead and took care of Danny while Justin called Eric and Donald, and Reggie got his stuff out of the taxi. Justin also went ahead and called Antonio too. Mitch was glad that he had picked up the best camera he could get now, as he wanted the picture to show everything.

"Did she pull back when she hit you Danny?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah, how did you know that?" asked Danny.

"You can see the imprint of her fingers on the side of your face Danny." replied Mitch. "There's also a mark here from her ring. Does your face hurt Danny?"

"It still kinda stings a little bit." replied Danny.

"Let me see inside your mouth then Danny." said Mitch. Mitch looked around inside Danny's mouth for a moment, then had Danny hold his mouth open so he could get some pictures of the inside of his cheek. Then Mitch said, "It looks like you have some small lacerations inside your cheek caused by your teeth. Do your teeth hurt Danny?"

"They're a little sore, I guess." replied Danny.

Mitch then hugged Danny to him and said, "I think you'll be fine son. I think it would be a good idea to get checked out at the hospital tonight though. I think Eric and your father might insist on it. Why don't you go talk to Justin for a little while, so he knows that you're okay?"

Danny could see now why Justin loved Mitch so much. Mitch was one of the nicest and most gentle people Danny knew, except for Antonio of course. Danny found Justin, and the two boys talked while Mitch turned his attention to Reggie.

"The Ice Queen strikes again, huh Reggie?" asked Mitch.

"I guess anyone who lives around her has a very ambiguous existence." replied Reggie. "Danny is right though that she probably will black list me in this town."

"Well then, it's a good thing that I don't subscribe to any black list." said Mitch as he smiled. "What kind of talents do you have Reggie?"

"Well, I've worked as a driver, groundskeeper, and housekeeper." replied Reggie. "I also love to cook, but have never had work as a cook. It's more of an enjoyable pastime with me, and people usually want someone who is trained."

"I wouldn't mind having a general housekeeper for Justin and myself, but I would have to find someone who can be very discreet." said Mitch.

"Well, the Ice Queen still doesn't know about Antonio, does she?" replied Reggie, as he gave Mitch a wink. "Besides, with as much as you and Justin obviously love each other, you need someone like me who can help protect you from what others would think."

"What are you talking about Reggie." asked Mitch nervously.

"I can tell when two guys are deeply in love Mitch." replied Reggie. "I've been there myself."

"I think this will work out great then Reggie." said Mitch. "Just promise not to start calling me master or sir, and you have yourself a position in this home."

"I don't know what to say Mitch." replied Reggie. "Thank you so much! I will pamper you and Justin so much that you won't know how you survived without me."

"There's one more thing Reggie." said Mitch. "If you stay here, I want you to consider yourself a member of the family. If you want to bring a boyfriend home with you, we'd be happy to meet him. I want you to think of our home as your home, but if you still want your own quarters just let me know."

"This type of arrangement will be new for me, but I think I can adjust Mitch." replied Reggie.

Antonio was the first to arrive, as he had made his dad break the speed limit the entire way to Justin's house. Antonio took one look at Danny's face, and wrapped his boyfriend tightly in his arms as he smothered him with kisses.

"Oh my God Danny!" Antonio almost cried. "We can't let her do this to you again!"

A few minutes later, Eric and Donald arrived at about the same time. Mitch filled them both in as much as he could, and they both agreed that Danny should be checked out. Then Mitch gave Eric the pictures he had taken and told him that they may come in handy. Eric then called the police, and told them to meet everyone at the hospital. Antonio rode with Donald and Danny, and held Danny in his lap all the way there.

"What exactly happened today son?" asked Donald, as he drove to the hospital.

"As soon as I got home today, mom told me that she had been told that you were filing for custody of me." said Danny. "Then she started saying some really bad things about you that weren't true, so me and her got into an argument. When she told me that she had fired Reggie over this, I told her how I felt about her. That's when she hit me. Then she locked me in my room, but I had a duplicate key for the window bars so I snuck out."

"Then there's a good chance that she has reported you as a runaway already." said Donald. "At least now we are prepared to talk to the police."

"Why is she insisting that we have to do it this way dad?" cried Danny, as Antonio tried to comfort him.

"It's because she doesn't consider anyone before she thinks about herself." said Donald. "Don't get me wrong son, I'm not trying to put her down in front of you. I wouldn't play you as a pawn between us. That's just the way she has been trained to think now. I remember when she was just starting out though, and we had just fallen in love. She was a much different person then."

The police arrived at the hospital as Danny was being looked at, and Eric was the first to talk to them as he said, "I'm the lawyer for Danny's father. He filed for custody of Danny today, which is what started this whole thing. We do have pictures of the damage caused by the assault, which we will turn over to the police. I have already made copies of those for our records, and we will want a copy of the doctor's report too."

"Okay sir." said the officer. "We will have to question a few people though. We also received a call from Danny's mother tonight. She didn't mention anything about Danny being injured, but she did say that Danny had been kidnapped by Mr. Reggie Thomas."

"Okay, I'll have Reggie talk to you." said Eric. "Danny did leave with Reggie of his own will tonight though. He didn't feel safe in his mother's home after she had assaulted him."

"Okay, I'll call child welfare out to talk to Danny." replied the officer. "We'll get to the bottom of who's not telling us the complete truth before Danny goes anywhere tonight."

The officer talked to Danny's father, then to Reggie. By that time Wes had arrived at the hospital, so he and the officer interviewed Danny with Eric present. After the interview with Danny, Mitch talked to his friend Wes, and told him what he knew of the situation as well. Wes agreed that it would be best if Danny stayed with his father, at least temporarily. Wes then let Donald break the news to Danny.

When Danny came out of the examination room, Donald wrapped his arms around Danny and asked, "What do you say to us going to OUR home when we leave here son?"

Danny hugged his father tightly as he cried tears of joy. Danny had always longed to be with his dad, and now it seemed as though he would get his wish. Then Danny caught up to Antonio and gave him a kiss. The two boys wanted to be together that night, so they went to Gus. Danny said it wouldn't be any problem for Antonio to go to school with him tomorrow, so Gus agreed to let the two boys be together.

Later that night, after everyone had returned to their homes, Danny was gently sliding his cock into Antonio. Once Danny's cock was all the way inside Antonio, he leaned down and pressed their lips together. The two boys kissed deeply as Danny began thrusting slowly in and out of Antonio, and Antonio moaned softly into Danny's mouth.

Danny finally broke the kiss, and as he made love to Antonio he said, "Thanks for being with me tonight babe. I need your love so badly tonight."

"You make me feel so good Danny, that there's no where else I'd rather be right now." moaned Antonio, who then smiled as he felt Danny's cock sliding in and out of him. The two boys continued to make gentle love to each other for the next half hour.

Meanwhile, in Mitch and Justin's bedroom, Justin was laying on his back as he raised his legs into the air and said, "I'm ready for you now Uncle Mitch. Please put your beautiful cock inside me as far as you can!"

Mitch looked down at Justin as he lubed his cock and replied, "You've really missed feeling my love deep inside you, haven't you?"

"I've missed it so much that I can't stand it any more!" begged Justin. "Please make love to me now Uncle Mitch!"

"Okay my sweet nephew." said Mitch. "I love you so much."

Justin closed his eyes and smiled as he felt Mitch's large cock stretch his hole open for the first time in what seemed to be ages. Mitch moaned softly, as Justin's rectum felt as tight around his cock as it ever had. Mitch slowly pushed his cock into Justin until it was in as far as it would go. Once Justin felt Mitch's cock all the way inside him, he began to pee. Mitch lowered himself down so that Justin's pee struck him in the abdomen and chest, then rained down on the happy boy. Mitch began sliding in and out of Justin, as Justin continued to shower both of them. The golden stream from Justin's cock finally slowed, then stopped, and Mitch pressed their urine soaked bodies together. Mitch continued to thrust as he pressed his lips against Justin's. Justin panted and moaned as he felt Mitch's tongue explore the inside of his mouth. Mitch could feel Justin's stiff cock poking him in the abdomen whenever he thrust into Justin, and it didn't take Mitch more than a few minutes to feel his orgasm coming on.

"I'm going to cum in you my sweet baby boy!" panted Mitch.

Justin began bucking into Mitch, trying to get Mitch's cock as deeply into him as possible. Then Justin moaned contentedly as he felt Mitch's cum shooting into him. Mitch pushed his cock into Justin as deeply as he could, and let his cum shoot deep inside Justin. Justin hugged Mitch tightly, and licked his urine soaked chest as he felt himself being filled with Mitch's cum. When Mitch's orgasm finally ended, he slowly pulled his cock out of Justin. Mitch and Justin both smiled when they heard the familiar popping of Justin's butt as Mitch's cock slid out of it. Then Mitch immediately engulfed Justin's cock in his mouth. Justin's cock was already throbbing and twitching, and in about one minute he began to whimper. Mitch swallowed hungrily as Justin shot his cum into Mitch's mouth. As soon as Justin's cock had been drained, Mitch climbed back up in the bed. Justin and Mitch embraced each other tightly, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning as Mitch was dropping Justin off at school, they met Donald marching madly out of the school. He was being followed by a very sad looking Danny.

"What's wrong Donald?" asked Mitch.

"I can't believe the depths that bitch would sink to!" replied Donald loudly. "She had Danny's tuition canceled, and had him removed from school starting today!"

What a bitch, huh?! I have a feeling that she won't win quite that easily though, although it could get ugly. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in chapter 19.