What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 19

"She had Danny removed from school?!" replied Mitch. "I don't care who she thinks she is, she can't do that!"

"The bitch was writing the checks for his tuition." said Donald. "When she canceled the last check, the Academy had no other choice."

"You're still the one who's responsible for him now though." said Mitch. "Do you have the papers you got from Wes last night?"

"Yes, but they don't do us much good without the money for tuition." replied Donald. "I suppose I could mortgage my house to pay his tuition, but that would take time, and the Academy wants their money before he can attend another class."

"Let's go on in and see what we can do Donald." said Mitch. "Go ahead and go to class Justin. Danny will be joining you soon, I promise."

Justin went ahead to class, while Danny followed Donald and Mitch back to the office. Mitch told the receptionist there that he needed to see Ms. Gardenier immediately. A few minutes later Ms Gardenier came out and asked Mitch and Donald to come on in. Danny had to wait in the lobby for them.

"Hello Mr. Gordon." said Ms. Gardenier. "If this is about Daniel, I've already explained to his father that our hands are tied. His mother withdrew her check, and the tuition period started yesterday. Without his tuition being paid, he can't attend any classes here."

"Yes, but his father can come up with the money." said Mitch. "It would just take a week or two is all."

"Then he will have to reapply when the tuition can be paid." replied Ms. Gardenier. "We can get him back in when another opening is available. Justin took the last opening we had, and since then we have begun to have a waiting list."

"Have you processed Danny out yet?" asked Mitch.

"I was just about to do that next." replied Ms. Gardenier. "It's not that we don't want Daniel here, he's a wonderful student and we hate to lose him. I do have my boss that I have to answer to though, so I really have no other choice."

"Can Danny go back to class this morning if I replace the tuition that his mother withdrew?" asked Mitch. "You already know what my bank account is worth."

"I can't let you do that Mitch." said Donald. "I want Danny to stay here, but I want to pay his tuition on my own."

"You were going to take a loan to finish his education anyway Donald." said Mitch. "Does it matter where the loan comes from? I can guarantee you a better rate than the bank!"

"I don't know what to say Mitch." said Donald. "You're one of the nicest people I've ever met."

"Say yes then Donald." replied Mitch. "We'll have Danny back in class before his friends even miss him. What about that Ms. Gardenier, will that work?"

"As long as I have his tuition, I'm happy with whatever arrangements you gentlemen make." replied Ms. Gardenier. "I really wasn't looking forward to processing Daniel out as a student anyway."

"Okay Mitch." replied Donald. "My son and I will never be able to thank you enough for this. You're a great friend Mitch."

Mitch went ahead and wrote a check for Danny's tuition, and Ms. Gardenier ripped Danny's termination papers in two. Mitch and Donald thanked her for her help, then went out to give Danny the good news.

"Son, Ms. Gardenier said to get a pass from the receptionist, and get to your first class." said Donald.

Danny jumped up and gave his dad a hug. Then he realized that Mitch probably had something to do with it, so he gave Mitch a hug too. Danny got his pass and headed off to Physical Education, catching the class right as morning announcements had ended. Danny gave a high five to every single boy in the class, and a nice warm hug to Antonio.

"Dude, I was so worried when Justin told us that you weren't being allowed to come to school." said Antonio.

"It was a close one." replied Danny. "The bitch had canceled my tuition, but Mitch and my dad got me back in school. I hope you don't mind babe, but I owe Justin a nice kiss for having such a cool uncle."

"Go right ahead my love, as long as you know who your boyfriend is." replied Antonio.

"How could I forget that!" said Danny. "My boyfriend is only the sexiest guy in the world!"

"I guess I'll have to work on improving then." snickered Antonio.

The class finally made it to the locker room, and began to get ready for class. Right as Justin had removed the last of his street clothes, Danny grabbed him in his arms. Danny pulled Justin into him and pressed his lips against Justin's. Danny gave Justin a hot enough kiss to leave him slightly out of breath and erect.

"Wow!" exclaimed Justin, after their lips had parted. "What was that for?"

"That was for having such a great uncle!" replied Danny. "I know Mitch helped to keep me with all my friends today. Now I have to thank him tonight at your game. I wonder how he'd like the same kind of thank you?"

"Judging by how hard you just made my cock, he should love it!" replied Justin. Then Justin gasped as he felt a pair of lips on his cock. Justin looked down to see Casey sucking his cock very intensely, so he asked, "What are you doing dude?"

"I'm helping you get your cock soft so you can get it into your jock." replied Casey. "What did you think I was doing?"

Then Casey went back to sucking Justin's cock. Danny smiled, then tweaked Justin's nipple firmly as he left. Justin began to pant, and grabbed the back of Casey's head. Justin pushed his cock as deeply into Casey's mouth as it would go, and Casey sucked even harder on his best friend's cock. Several boys grabbed ahold of Justin's butt as they went by, and Justin leaned his head back. Within another minute, Justin began to whimper. Then he shot his cum into Casey's mouth, as Casey swallowed eagerly. Justin quickly put his PE clothes on as soon as he finished cumming. He and Casey were the last two to come out of the locker room.

Tyler ended up being the teacher's assistant that day, and he and Mike talked together for most of the class. Tyler was stunned to hear that Mike's wife might have a secret bank account, but he wasn't upset. That only meant that he was a little bit closer to being a family with Mike and the two boys. When Tyler told Mike that, Mike smiled for the first time since yesterday evening.

After Donald and Mitch left the Academy, they decided to go out for a cup of coffee. Donald thanked Mitch over and over, as he tried to make plans with Mitch to repay him for Danny's education. It wasn't a big deal for Mitch though, so he was agreeable to whatever Donald said. Mitch was just happy to be able to help Danny.

"So Donald, what do you think the Ice Queen will try next?" asked Mitch.

"I like that nickname, Mitch!" laughed Donald. "You're right though, I don't think we've heard the last of her. Your friends Wes and Eric might make a difference this time though. I don't think Wes likes people who hit kids."

"I'm pretty sure you're right about that Donald." replied Mitch. "And I think Eric might have enough connections to let us know if anything is happening on the legal front. All we really have to worry about is if she does something stupid."

"I'm afraid that wouldn't be much of a stretch for her." said Donald.

"Then we should consider having Reggie take all of the boys to and from school." said Mitch. "I think he might have enough motivation now to put her in her place if she needs it."

"I should also call the Academy back and tell them that she isn't allowed near Danny, in case she shows up there again." said Donald. "My God Mitch, I can't believe we're discussing Danny's security like he's the leader of a country!"

"Well if it becomes necessary, I'm sure that a lot of publicity about this wouldn't do her career much good." said Mitch.

"Well, I may need to consider that at some point." replied Donald.

Donald called Valencia Hills on his cell phone, and was assured that Danny's mother would not be allowed on the school grounds. Then Mitch and Donald continued to talk a while longer until Donald had to leave to keep a business appointment. Mitch left the coffee shop and went to see a dealer who sold limousines, so Reggie would be able to drive all of the boys to and from school. When Reggie was informed that Mitch had bought a stretch Hummer, it brought a smile to Reggie's face.

Mike's wife had no reason to smile today though, but she had been through this before as she sat in the private medical office. Soon it would be her turn to go in and end her pregnancy before it could become obvious to anyone. Eric's PI sat outside of the ordinary looking building, checking into what went on inside the building as he waited for his subject to come back out.

"Before we begin the procedure today, I have to give you the standard lecture." said the doctor. "You really should do better at taking your contraceptive pills. I'm sure your agent will tell you the same thing. We've been through this four times now in the past three years. The more we go through this, the greater the chances are that something could go wrong. It would be so much safer for you just to take the pill."

The abortion procedure went as expected, and in a few hours Mike's wife went on her way. The PI was now very intrigued as to why the woman he was following had just had an abortion. He also wanted to find out who had paid for the procedure today.

Mike was surprised to see Eric and Casey at the game that evening, and he knew that something was up. He tried not to think about it though, seeing as how Eric would not say anything until after the game. Mike coached his team to another victory, and Antonio and Justin both had outstanding performances. As soon as the game was over, and all of the boys had gone to the locker room, Mike called Eric down to the field to talk.

"What's going on Eric?" asked Mike nervously. "Why are you so hush-hush tonight?"

"I didn't want to say anything that might disturb you before the game tonight Mike." replied Eric. "I got another report from the PI today. Mike, your wife had an abortion today. We don't know how she became pregnant, or who paid for the abortion. We are going to find out what is going on here though Mike. The only thing we know is that she didn't set it up or pay for it. As soon as we find that information I would suggest filing for divorce, along with full custody of Andy and Billy. I don't think she is going to be the kind of person that the courts will want around those two boys. I'm sorry you had to find out this way Mike."

"Just find out who she really is Eric." said a stunned Mike.

Tyler had stayed for the game, and saw Mike turn from Eric to go to the locker room. He could tell that Mike was upset, so Tyler followed the man to the locker room. When Tyler got there, Mike was sitting at his desk with his head in his hands.

"What's wrong babe?" asked Tyler, as he went into Mike's office and closed the door. "You don't look too good."

"Thanks Tyler, that was much better than hearing that I look sexy." replied Mike.

"You know that you always turn me on, you sexy devil." said Tyler seductively. "I just meant that it looked like someone pissed in your Wheaties."

"I just found out tonight that my wife had an abortion." said Mike emotionally.

"I thought that you two weren't having sex." said Tyler.

"We're not!" replied Mike as he began to choke up.

Tyler put his arms around Mike as the man began to cry. Tyler hugged Mike tightly and rubbed his lover on the back. Then Tyler raised Mike's head and placed his lips against Mike's. Tyler kissed Mike passionately as he soothed his hurt lover. Tyler kissed Mike for several minutes until Mike was returning the kiss with equal passion.

"I can't imagine what you're going through now Mike." said Tyler. "I do know that I love you and your sons more than she ever will though. I will make you so happy that you'll never miss her Mike. You are the most important person in the world to me now, and I want to be the same for you. When you divorce her, I want all of us to be a happy family Mike."

"I want that too Tyler." replied Mike.

Tyler then stood Mike up, and laid him back on his desk. Tyler leaned over and kissed Mike, as he began to unfasten Mike's pants. Then Tyler slowly worked his way down to Mike's cock. Mike moaned as he felt Tyler's lips around his cock. Tyler began to passionately and eagerly suck Mike's swelling cock, as Mike's hands ran through Tyler's hair. Tyler felt the swelling cock throbbing in his mouth, and sucked on it with as much love and passion as he could as Mike moaned louder and louder.

"I love you so much Tyler!" moaned Mike. "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone before. You arouse feelings in me that my wife could never dream of arousing."

Tyler's hunger for Mike grew stronger and stronger, as Mike began to pant heavily. Tyler could feel Mike's balls draw up, and he began swallowing as Mike's cum shot into his mouth. Tyler hungrily swallowed Mike's cum as it erupted from his throbbing cock, until Mike had been drained. Mike continued to moan and run his fingers through Tyler's hair until his cock began getting flaccid again. Mike then pulled Tyler up to him, and embraced the boy in a passionate kiss. By the time Tyler and Mike broke the kiss, the team had all left the locker room to go home. Mike and Tyler sensuously showered each other, then dressed so Mike could drive Tyler home. Before Tyler got out of Mike's car, Mike gave him another warm kiss.

"I love you Tyler." said Mike softly. "I always will love you in a way that I could never love anyone else again. I can't wait until I divorce my wife so we can be together with Andy and Billy. I know the four of us can be a very happy family."

Tyler went to sleep that night with a smile on his face. Mike smiled too as he fell asleep that night, because he now knew what he had to do as soon as he heard from Eric again. The only one who wasn't smiling that night was Danny's mother. She had heard earlier in the evening that Danny was still in school at Valencia Hills, and his father had repaid Danny's tuition. She tapped her nails angrily on the table as she held the phone to her ear. Then she heard Donald answer the call.

"Hello Donald." said Danny's mother. "I hope you and the boy think that you're funny, because you won't be laughing much longer. Do you really think that you'll make me look like a fool in front of the press?"

"You're doing a fine job of that by yourself dear." replied Donald. "And if you ever lay another finger on my son, it will be the last stupid thing that you do. I think by morning you will see exactly what I mean."

"Are you threatening me, you piece of shit?!" yelled Danny's mother. "I will make sure you don't get custody of Danny now, just to spite you! You disgust me, and you've been teaching that rotten little boy a lot of bad habits. I should have hit the little piece of shit even harder!"

"I'm not threatening you dear, but I am taping you." said Donald gleefully. "You will never get near Danny again, and I'll ruin you in the process if I have to. No one hits my son and gets away with it!"

As soon as Donald ended the call, he called the police and asked them to come to his house. Then he called Eric and asked him to come over. Eric and the police arrived at Donald's house at the same time, so Donald played the tape for everyone.

"I think we have enough evidence to have her arrested now." Eric told the police. "Could you please have her picked up for Danny's safety?"

The police officer called his supervisor on the radio, and in a half hour he had the approval to pick up Danny's mother. To say she was mad when the police arrested her would have been an understatement. For a moment the officers thought they would have to taze her for their own safety. She had to spend the night in jail before she could have her bail set, and was now mad at the whole world. Her lawyer advised her to stay well away from Donald and Danny for now.

"Why should I have to stay away from my own son?!" yelled Danny's mother, once she was outside the jail. "You're suppose to be trying to get him back in my home anyway!"

"Right now I'm just trying to keep you out of prison for assaulting a minor, and you're not helping much!" replied the lawyer forcefully. "You need to realize that this is more than just a parking ticket. We're talking about defending you on a serious felony charge! We're done here for now, and I think the studio wants to have a little chat with you as soon as you can get there."

Mitch and Reggie went that morning to pick up the new limo. Mitch got a good deal on it because it had originally been a part of an order from a major film star. He had originally ordered three of the stretch Hummers, but decided upon delivery that he only needed two. Mitch signed the papers to make the vehicle his, then handed the keys to Reggie.

"This is without a doubt the nicest limo that I've ever had the privilege to drive." said Reggie, as he sat behind the wheel. "It will be a real pleasure to drive you and the boys around in this."

"I'm sure it will!" chuckled Mitch. "As a matter of fact, I think I'd like to go along when you pick the boys up this afternoon. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!"

Mitch then called Donald, Gus, and Tyler's parents to tell them that he would pick all of the boys up after school. Mike also got a call that day. The call was from his wife, telling him that she had to go out of town on a sudden business trip. She had to fly out to New York after work today, and would be gone through Sunday evening. Mike immediately called Eric, and gave him the information to give to the PI.

"Do you want to pay the PI to follow her to New York today?" asked Eric.

"I have to Eric." replied Mike. "I have a feeling that this trip may answer all of our questions."

The PI checked on his subject's fight arrangements as soon as Eric called him, then left her to quickly pack a bag and make his own arrangements on the same flight. Meanwhile, Mike was arranging for Tyler to spend the rest of the week babysitting Andy and Billy. Wednesday and Thursday were no problem for Mike, but he still wanted an excuse to have the time with Tyler. On Friday and Saturday though, Tyler would be in charge of his favorite little boys. Tyler was looking forward to this as an example of what it would be like when they were finally a family together. Mike was looking forward to this as a way to finally make Tyler's dream a reality when he found out what his wife was up to.

Tyler and Mike did go out to the front of the Academy after school was over to see Mitch's new limo though. The seats in the back of the limo were made of the softest leather available, with silk trim. The passenger area was equipped with TV and stereo, a small fridge, a hot box for warm snacks, and a mini bar. Two of the four sets of passenger seats also reclined fully, in case someone wanted to rest or whatever. As soon as Mitch, Justin, Danny, Antonio, and Casey were in the limo and on their way, Danny and Antonio stripped each other naked.

"We hope you don't mind if we make love Mitch." said Danny, as he gazed into Antonio's eyes.

"You boys go right ahead and have a good time." replied Mitch as he smiled. "Justin and I might even join you after we drop Casey off."

"Why wait until you drop me off?" asked Casey. "I love to watch guys make love!"

With that, Justin began to strip Mitch. Once he had Mitch naked, he stripped himself. Mitch asked Reggie if he wanted the glass closed, but Reggie said to keep it open as he glanced at Danny and Antonio as they began to make love. Mitch knew what Justin wanted, so he knelt between Justin's legs as he took out a lube of lube and lubed his cock. Casey moved in closer, and Danny and Antonio stopped their love-making for a moment. All of the boys eagerly watched as Mitch was about to put his cock inside Justin. They wanted to see how such a large cock went inside their friend. The boys watched in amazement as Mitch's cock slowly disappeared into Justin, and Justin smiled widely. Once Mitch began to slide gently in and out of Justin, Danny and Antonio went back to their sixty-nine. Casey watched Justin's little cock stand straight up like a statue as Mitch slid in and out of him. Casey then leaned down and took Justin's little cock into his mouth. Justin moaned loudly as Mitch's cock filled his butt, and Casey's mouth caressed his cock. Justin only lasted about five minutes before he began to whimper. Casey swallowed hungrily when he felt Justin's cum shooting into his mouth. Justin's orgasm caused his rectum to tightly grasp ahold of Mitch's cock, and within a few moments, Mitch began to shoot his cum deeply into Justin. By this time Danny and Antonio were cumming into each other's hungry mouths as well. As all of the orgasms had ended, Mitch began to pull himself out of Justin.

"Listen to this you guys!" panted Justin breathlessly. Justin's butt made it's usual loud popping noise as the head of Mitch's cock slipped out of it.

"Wow!" exclaimed all three boys together.

Then Mitch noticed that Casey's pants were tented to the point were they might rip at any moment. "Hey Justin, why don't you take care of your friend?" asked Mitch. "He did help you out just a moment ago."

Justin looked into Mitch's eyes, and could see that it was okay with Mitch. Then Justin grabbed Casey's pants and pulled them down. Casey gasped as he felt Justin's lips wrap gently around his erection. Everyone watched the two boys for a few moments before getting involved. Mitch began to slowly stroke the back of Justin's head as Antonio began to kiss Casey, and Danny leaned down to lick between Casey's cheeks. After a few minutes, Casey was panting and moaning into Antonio's mouth. Then his pucker began to nip at Danny's tongue. When Mitch reached up and gently twisted one of Casey's nipples, Casey began to cum into Justin's mouth. Justin sucked hard on Casey's cock as Mitch sucked on a nipple, Antonio sucked on his upper lip, and Danny pushed his tongue into Casey. Casey's whole body trembled as he blasted a massive orgasm into Justin's mouth. As soon as the orgasm was over, Casey collapsed onto the seat, weakened by the most intense orgasm he had ever had before. Everyone took a turn giving Casey's softening cock a gentle lick before Justin put Casey's pants back on for him. All Casey could do was look up and smile at everyone.

By the time the limo had arrived at Casey's house, he had begun to regain his strength. Casey said, "I can't thank all of you enough for today. That was the most awesome orgasm I've ever had!"

Then Casey gave everyone a very sweet kiss on the lips, and hopped out of the limo. Everyone smiled as they watched Casey skip up to his front door, and disappear inside. Next was Danny's house, where Antonio had also gotten permission to spend the night.

"Thanks for the ride you guys." said Antonio.

"Yeah, this limo is so much sweeter than anything my mother ever had!" said Danny.

Then the two boys took turns giving Mitch and Justin a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. Mitch and Justin smiled as they watched Danny and Antonio walk up to Donald's house with their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Mitch and Justin cuddled and kissed the rest of the way home, as Reggie watched the two and smiled. Mitch noticed Reggie watching and thought to himself, "We have to fix this guy up with someone really nice."

Late that night, as Mike and Tyler were laying in bed and recovering from an intense round of love making, Mike's phone rang. "Hi Mike, this is Eric." said Eric. "I'll need to stop by tomorrow when you get home. It seems like your wife didn't waste any time getting down to business tonight. Or should I say going down?"

"What the hell is going on Eric?" asked Mike, unsure of if he wanted to hear this.

"Have you ever heard of a porn star named Leslie Star?" asked Eric.

"No, and what does that have to do with my wife?" replied Eric.

"Leslie Star is a very big star in lesbian and bisexual porn films." said Eric. "It seems as though Leslie Star is a very valuable asset in the industry, and her films have made quite a bit of money. They're mostly the bisexual films, where she has sex with both men and women at the same time. She couldn't afford to have any kind of scandal that might jeopardize her name. Mike, your wife is Leslie Star!"

Whoa!!! Did anyone see that one coming?! lol. Poor Mike, and lucky Tyler. It looks as though he may get his wish sooner than he expected. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 20.