What A Gas!

By tim

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 2

Mitch laid there holding the boy that he had just made love to, and thinking about what he should do now. He had never done anything like this before, but he knew he could not turn back now. Justin had become a part of him already. Mitch was afraid of what would happen if anyone found out, but he knew he would just have to deal with that if it ever happened. Right now Mitch's life was in Justin's hands, and so was Mitch's cock.

"Hey there my sweet boy." said Mitch. "I'm happy that you like me so much that you want to play some more, but your going to have to give me a little time to build back up."

Justin looked up at Mitch with a devilish gleam in his eyes and said, "You mean I'm going to be staying here long enough for that to happen. That could be a pretty long time dude!"

Mitch ruffled Justin's hair and said, "I may have to reconsider if you keep making cracks about my advanced age."

After a brief stare-down, Mitch and Justin both burst into laughter. Then Mitch gave Justin a very tender kiss on the forehead.

"I do love you Justin," said Mitch, "and now we have to think of a way for you to stay here, if you want to."

Justin began to tear up slightly before replying, "You are the first person who has ever said those words to me dude. I love you too, and of course I want to stay. I've been searching forever to find someone who could say that they love me."

Mitch put his arms tightly around the boy and said, "Then let me say it again, I love you Justin. I love you so much that I'm ready to sacrifice everything for you. Now, let's get cleaned up and make some kind of plan for you to stay here with me."

Mitch and Justin walked naked into Mitch's bathroom. When Mitch realized that Justin wanted to shower with him, it made Mitch very happy. Mitch climbed into the shower, with Justin right behind him. When Mitch got the water to the right temperature, he grabbed the bar of soap and began rubbing it over Justin's body. Mitch ran the soap over Justin's smooth skin very slowly, building up lots of lather. Then he got to Justin's limp three inch penis. Mitch just couldn't get over how good the pre-pubescent penis felt as he rolled it between his fingers. Mitch was making sure that Justin's dick was well soaped, when Justin broke him out of his trance.

"Hey dude," said Justin as he smiled up at Mitch, "I thought you weren't ready to play again yet! Or do you just like the feel of my tiny little dick?"

"No," said Mitch, "I love the feel of your dick, and it's really not as bad as you make it out to be. It's a perfectly fine boy's dick. I love the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way it tastes. The only problem you have with it is that puberty doesn't seem to have caught up to you yet in that department, but I'm sure it will before too much longer."

"I can't believe how nice you are dude." said Justin. "If you like my dick, then it's fine with me too. Not quite as fine as your beautiful looking cock though."

As Justin was saying that, Mitch was moving his hands around to wash Justin's nice round butt. Mitch was once again running the soap over Justin very slowly, especially when he ran his hand through the crack between Justin's cheeks. Once Justin's butt was nice and soapy, Mitch slipped the tip of one finger through Justin's pucker. This produced a low, satisfied moan from Justin. It also caused Justin's dick to stand at attention. Mitch reached his free hand around and began soaping Justin's dick even more. Justin was now moaning low, short moans, over and over again. When Mitch felt Justin's dick begin to twitch in his hand, he quickly rinsed the soap from it. Then when he noticed Justin's balls draw up, he went to his knees and took Justin's dick into his mouth. Mitch had just gotten the boy's dick into his mouth and sucked on it one time, when he felt Justin cumming into his mouth again. Justin's knees tried to buckle, so Mitch held the boy tightly against himself as he sucked as much cum from Justin as he could.

Once Justin's second orgasm of the day was over, Mitch removed his finger from the boy's ass. Then he gently lowered Justin down to the shower floor. Mitch and Justin kissed deeply while the water from the shower sprayed them all over. After a few minutes Justin had regained enough strength to stand up again. Mitch quickly washed the boy's crotch and butt once again, then it was Justin's turn to wash Mitch off.

Justin began by soaping up Mitch's upper body, gently running his hand across the man's chest repeatedly. Justin was beginning to love the feel of the patch of hair in the middle of Mitch's chest, and he loved running his fingers through it. After a few minutes Justin began working his way down Mitch's body, and Mitch was on another planet. He couldn't believe that a boy could have ever made him feel the things that Justin was making him feel. Before soaping Mitch's butt, Justin kissed and licked at both cheeks. Then he began running his hands slowly over the two mounds of flesh. Then Justin turned his attention to what he considered the best looking part of Mitch's body, other than the man's face. Justin lovingly wrapped both of his hands around Mitch's eight inch erection, then slowly soaped it completely. Then Justin would watch as the water slowly rinsed the soap from Mitch's cock. At this point Justin was hard again, and Mitch was beginning to build up to his second orgasm. When Justin felt Mitch's cock begin to twitch in his hands, he quickly rinsed the man's cock off. Then Justin put the head of Mitch's cock in his mouth and began licking the head like a lollipop.

Mitch had had sex with some of the best guys around when it came to sucking cock, but this boy was now putting every one of them to shame. Also, Justin had had to suck a few cocks in order to survive for the past six months, but no cock ever felt as good in his mouth as Mitch's did. Justin was now going up and down on Mitch's shaft, while at the same time sucking hard on the man's cock as though he were sucking his thumb.

"Oh god Justin, you beautiful boy." moaned Mitch. "I'm going to cum for you now baby."

Justin's lips formed a tight seal around Mitch's cock now, so that he wouldn't lose any of Mitch's cum. Then his mouth began milking Mitch's cock. Justin let the first few shots of Mitch's cum coat the inside of his mouth before he began swallowing. Justin was falling deeply in love with the taste of Mitch's cum, which was not as bitter as some adult's cum that he had tasted. Justin continued swallowing hungrily until no more would come from Mitch's cock. When Justin looked up at Mitch, Mitch was leaning back against the wall of the shower with a totally oblivious look on his face. Justin washed Mitch's cock off again, then stood up and wrapped his arms around Mitch. Mitch's arms automatically went around the boy, as the two stood there holding each other tightly. Finally Mitch began coming back to his senses, so he and Justin got out of the shower and began drying off. Then they went out and sat naked at the kitchen counter.

Mitch went to the fridge and got he and Justin both a soda, and the two guys sat at the counter just looking at each other while they drank their soda. Mitch could not imagine anything more beautiful than Justin's naked, smooth body. Justin also could not get enough of looking at Mitch's good-looking adult body.

Justin finally broke the silence by saying, "Can I stay with you forever Mitch?"

"Just let anyone try to take you from me now." replied Mitch. "I can't imagine some of the things you've gone through, but I plan on doing my best to make sure you never have to think about those things again. You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, and you deserve to have someone treating you good."

"I'm falling so in love with you so fast, that I can't believe it dude." said Justin.

"Yeah, it's pretty great, isn't it?" asked Mitch. "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone before." Then Mitch leaned over and put his lips against Justin's, and gave the boy a deep and passionate kiss. When Mitch broke the kiss he continued, "Now we have to come up with some kind of story in case anyone asks about you."

"I could always be the son of a cousin, or something like that." offered Justin.

"I guess that could work," said Mitch, "unless someone gets too nosy and starts checking out the story."

"That would be the case with any kind of story we came up with though." said Justin.

"I guess you're right." said Mitch. "We'll go ahead and go with the son of a cousin story until we can come up with something better. I want to try to find some way for you to stay here legally though, so you can go to school and everything."

"That would mean involving my mother in this though," said Justin, "and that thought scares the hell out of me."

"Don't you worry about that my sweet boy." said Mitch. "I won't let anything happen to you. Now, let's think about getting you some clothes. Even though I love to look at your beautiful naked body, you'll need something in case we go out somewhere." That caused Mitch and Justin both to laugh, and Justin had the most wonderful boyish laugh.

After Mitch retrieved Justin's clothes from the dryer and got dressed himself, the pair went out to the mall where Mitch was going originally until he met Justin. Now Justin was feeling much better though, as he looked over the inside of Mitch's car.

"So," asked Justin, "what do you do for a living anyway Mitch?"

"Well," replied Mitch, "I do a lot of work on computers. Mostly writing new programs and things like that."

"You must make pretty good money doing that." said Justin. "I've heard that people who work with computers usually make quite a bit of money."

"I guess I do pretty good for myself." said Mitch.

"So why do you live in an average house and drive a Beetle." asked Justin.

"I don't know," replied Mitch, "I guess I just don't like showing off."

"Showing off!" exclaimed Justin. "Just how well do you do for yourself?"

"Well," said Mitch, "I've written a couple of pretty successful programs. One was bought by a large software company, and the other one was bought by the U.S. Government. I really don't know how much I've made off those two programs, millions I suppose."

"Whoa dude!" exclaimed Justin. "You mean on top of being so sexy and good-looking, you're loaded too?"

Mitch began laughing so hard that he could barely keep his car on the street. Finally he replied, "I guess that would be one way to put it, although some of my ex's wouldn't agree."

"If they let you go then I wouldn't trust their opinion anyway." said Justin. "I don't see how anyone could not love you, I know I sure do."

"I love you too baby." said Mitch. "If anyone had told me yesterday that I would fall in love with a fourteen year old boy, I would have told them that they need help, plus a few other things. Today though, you are about the most sexy and attractive person I have ever met."

Justin leaned his head over against Mitch's side and said, "Just don't let anyone else hurt me Mitch, I didn't know how much more I could take when you came into my life dude."

"I'd sacrifice anything to protect you my sweet, young lover." said Mitch. "I think we both may have to look out for each other though."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Justin.

"If anyone found out about us," replied Mitch, "you'd be placed in the custody of the state, and I'd be put away for a very long time. We really need to be careful and watch out for each other."

"I would never let something like that happen on purpose dude." said Justin.

"I know," said Mitch, "that's why I love you Justin."

By this time Mitch was pulling his car into the mall parking lot. Now it was time for the pair to have some fun. Justin wanted to go to the lower priced, more conservative stores at first, because that was all he had been use to throughout his life. Mitch had slightly different plans though. He took Justin to the trendiest shops he could find, until Justin started to get into the swing of going all out. It seemed as though the more radical the outfit got, the better it looked on Justin. There was still something missing though. Then on a hunch, Mitch took Justin to get his hair done. Mitch had the hair stylist cut Justin's hair down to a respectable length, then he had the stylist spike Justin's hair. Mitch couldn't believe it, but Justin looked even hotter now than he did before.

The next shop they went into was one of the trendiest shops in the mall. Justin went right for a very radical outfit, which the store clerk help the boy size into properly. When Justin came out of the dressing room Mitch's jaw nearly dropped to the floor, and the clerk who helped Justin dropped the load of clothes he was carrying.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed the clerk. "I have never seen anyone quite that gorgeous before, even the models in magazines! You better keep a close eye on your boy sir, he's going to drive everyone wild."

When Mitch could talk again, without thinking he said, "I must have died and gone to heaven because I can't even imagine how angels could look so wonderful."

The clerk looked at Mitch for a few moments and said, "I'm guessing he is not your son, is he?"

Mitch now almost looked panic stricken. How could he have been the one that was so stupid as to give them away so soon? Mitch could begin to see his future, which didn't look very appealing to him. He now knew that there was no way that he could survive in prison for what he had done. Finally Mitch was broken out of his panic by Justin.

"Mitch!" yelled Justin. "Mitch! Snap out of it dude!"

"I'm sorry!" Mitch almost cried as he turned toward the clerk. "I'm so sorry, but you don't understand."

"Shhh!" shushed the clerk. "You don't want to draw any attention, do you sir? I didn't mean to cause you to panic sir."

"Yeah Mitch," said Justin, "you looked like you were going to fall over dead for a moment. You had both of us worried."

"Once again sir, I'm sorry." apologized the clerk. "As a matter of fact, I do understand. I met my current boyfriend when I was fifteen and he was forty. That was ten wonderful years ago, and it's been the best ten years of our lives. We went through what you just did several times though, until we found a group of people who helped us make it through the scariest years." The clerk then scribbled a phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Mitch. "Give these people a call. It was the best phone call me and my boyfriend ever made."

Mitch looked at the clerk, with a smile beginning to return to his face. He shook the clerk's hand and said, "Thank you. Thank you very much. I will call them as soon as possible. I'm so glad it was you that I slipped up in front of, because it was enough to make my life flash before my eyes."

"Well, we don't want that to happen." laughed the clerk. "You are a very lucky man to have a boy like Justin who loves you as much as he obviously does. Now lets continue with the shopping and make that boy look absolutely smashing!"

Mitch decided that the shop they were at was a very good one to do most of the rest of their shopping. Mitch and the clerk had a ball watching Justin try on more outfits. Even though the clerk stood to make the best commission of his career, watching Mitch and Justin was worth even more to him. By the time the trip to the mall was over Justin had more outfits than he had ever had in his life, and they all looked great on him. Mitch also had the time of his life too. On the way out of the mall, Mitch remembered his original reason for going. He was going to the computer store to pick up a few things. He decided to add a complete system to his shopping list, so Justin could have his very own computer, but he didn't tell Justin what he was doing. The only thing Justin knew was that Mitch seemed to be bringing an awful lot of boxes out with him.

On the way home Justin laughed as he said, "Dude, you should have seen yourself back there when you slipped. You looked so scared that I thought you were going to pee your pants. I know I do that when I get that scared."

"I'm happy that you find my near heart attack so amusing." smirked Mitch. "On another note though, is peeing on yourself ever a big problem for you?"

"Usually only when I lose control of myself." replied Justin in a lower tone. "Like when I laugh too hard, or when I get really scared. It hardly ever happens for no reason though."

"What do you mean by hardly ever?" asked Mitch.

"Like once every month or so." replied Justin, who was now looking ashamed.

Mitch noticed that and said, "There's nothing to be ashamed of Justin. If it happens, it happens. There's probably a good reason for it."

"Yeah, like I'm a little baby who should be in diapers." Justin almost cried. "I know certain parts of me still look like a little baby." At this point Justin was fighting back a few sniffles.

Mitch pulled the car over and stopped it, so he could put his arms around his boy. "There, there, my love. You know how much I like certain parts of you, and you don't belong in diapers. I know someone probably has told you that in the past, but it's not true. Your accidental urination could be caused by psychological reasons, or it could even be medical. That may even be why puberty hasn't hit you like it should have. But one fact remains, I love you just the way you are. If you do pee on yourself again, it won't change that at all." Mitch then gave Justin a light kiss on the lips.

Justin's tears cleared up, and a smile began to return to his face. "How did I get so lucky as to find you?" asked Justin.

"I ask myself that very same question." replied Mitch.

This brought a very bright smile back to Justin's face, and the drive home continued without further incident. When they got back home Mitch wanted Justin to model all the new outfits for him, but Justin had other ideas. Justin backed Mitch up to the bed, then talked Mitch into laying back on the bed. Justin removed Mitch's clothes very slowly and erotically. Once that was done, Justin stripped his own clothes off while Mitch looked on eagerly. Mitch could not wait to see that boydick that he craved so much now. Then there it was, in all of it's four and a half inch erect glory.

"Please crawl up here until your crotch is straddling my face." begged Mitch.

"You really do love my little dick, don't you?" asked Justin.

"Love only scratches the surface." moaned Mitch, as Justin's dick drew nearer. "I need it now. I can't imagine surviving without that beautiful little dick of yours."

At that point Justin's dick drew close enough to Mitch so that he could take the boy's dick into his mouth. Once again Mitch could not believe that a male penis could taste as good as Justin's dick did. To Mitch it was exactly like sucking on a four and a half inch candy cane. The only difference was that he was eagerly awaiting the sweet cream that this candy cane would be squirting out before too long. Mitch sucked on Justin's dick, while the boy squirmed and moaned as he kneeled over Mitch's head. Justin then began thrusting his hips toward Mitch's face, as Mitch let the four and a half inch erection penetrate his mouth at it's own pace. Soon Justin was thrusting his dick in and out of Mitch's mouth at a fast pace, while Mitch applied just the right amount of suction to the beautiful little dick in his mouth. Mitch was in heaven as Justin approached his orgasm.

"Oh god Mitch!" moaned Justin. "I love you more than I could ever imagine. Taste my love for you dude."

Justin's dick began cumming into Mitch's waiting mouth. Mitch took Justin's entire load into his mouth without swallowing, so he could let Justin's cum wash over his tongue over and over again. The taste of his boy's cum was something that Mitch knew that he would never get tired of. After a few moments of tasting the most heavenly cream that he had ever tasted, Mitch let Justin's cum slide down his throat to become a part of him. By this time Mitch's cock had grown impossibly hard, as Justin reached behind himself to take it in one hand. Mitch let Justin's now deflating dick slide from between his lips.

"Oh my god baby," said Mitch softly, "I got myself so hard just sucking your beautiful dick."

"Good!" said Justin breathlessly. "I have something that I want you to do for me."

"What is it my sweet young lover?" asked Mitch. "I will do anything you want."

In response, Justin climbed up onto the bed and laid on his back. Then the boy lifted his legs up into the air.

"Are you sure that you want me to do that baby?" asked Mitch.

"I want to feel you inside me so bad that I can't stand it dude." replied Justin.

"How much experience do you have with this?" asked Mitch.

"There was my mother's boyfriend, but fortunately he was too drunk to cum in me." replied Justin. "He was quite a bit smaller than you though. There was one guy who tried to once, but he could never get his cock hard enough to get inside me. He ended up just bashing the hell out of my ass crack. Another guy, who was almost as big as you, wanted to once. Every time he would try to get it in me though he couldn't get it through my hole. I think he was just a lousy aim though. I would get him hard, then he would take so long to get in me that he would lose his erection before he could do it. That's about it."

"Well," said Mitch, "if we are going to do this, I want to do it right. I know my cock will go into you, but I don't want to hurt you. It should feel just as good to you to have my cock inside you as it does to me. Go ahead and turn onto your stomach baby."

As Justin was turning over, Mitch went to his dresser to retrieve a tube of K-Y from the top of it. Mitch put the tube down on the nightstand, then climbed on top of his boy.

"Your ass is just as beautiful as your little dick baby." said Mitch. "The cheeks are so full and round that I can't help but to be attracted to them, and I'm not usually a butt person." Mitch and Justin both giggled before Mitch continued, "I'm going to love getting you ready just as much as putting my cock inside you, if not more."

Mitch then leaned in closer, with a nice round cheek in each hand. Mitch spent a few minutes kissing and licking each cheek thoroughly, before moving on to the task at hand. Mitch spread Justin's cheeks apart and gazed at the boy's opening. It looked so tight that Mitch wondered if this was going to be possible. Then Mitch put his tongue into Justin's crack and began licking from one end to the other. When Mitch's tongue was directly over Justin's pucker, Mitch pushed in with his tongue. He did feel the pucker give slightly under the pressure from his tongue, so Mitch decided that they were okay to continue. Mitch continued bathing Justin's crack with his tongue, and pushing his tongue against Justin's pucker, until Mitch felt the tip of his tongue slide into the boy. Mitch had never felt anything like this before. It felt as though his tongue was actually becoming erect! Mitch was now more turned on than he had ever been in his life. Mitch pushed his tongue against Justin's pucker even harder and felt a little more slip into the boy. Now Mitch knew that his tongue was having an erection, although it was just because the muscles in his tongue were beginning to draw up tightly. As Mitch tongue fucked Justin, Justin was moaning a low, pleasurable moan. Mitch was having fun eating out Justin's ass and fucking the boy with his tongue, but he knew there was something that his boy had wanted even more.

Mitch finally pulled away from Justin's ass and reached over to the tube of K-Y. Mitch then squeezed out a good-sized drop, right onto Justin's pucker. The cool jelly caused Justin's pucker to wink slightly at Mitch. Then Mitch took one finger and began working the jelly around Justin's pucker. Mitch coated the area around Justin's pucker with a fair amount of the jelly, while still leaving a nice drop of it right on the pucker itself. Then Mitch put his finger right on the drop of jelly, and pushed his finger into the boy. Justin was making such happy and satisfied sounds that Mitch's cock never lost a bit of it's hardness, as Mitch pushed his finger in and out of Justin. With his free hand Mitch added a little more jelly to Justin's pucker, then added a second finger. Now Mitch could feel the boy's pucker begin to stretch, but Justin never gave any sign that he was feeling any discomfort. Mitch worked the jelly into Justin, as he also worked on stretching Justin's pucker out enough for what would soon follow. When Mitch added more jelly and a third finger, he could hear a rush of air pass between Justin's lips.

"Are you okay baby?" asked Mitch in a calming voice.

"Yeah," moaned Justin, "but I can really feel your fingers now dude. They're making me feel really full."

"Does it hurt though?" asked Mitch.

"No, it doesn't hurt." replied Justin. "It's kinda hard to describe, but it feels good. I think it's turning me on again too."

Mitch smiled as he said, "Just you wait then my sweet baby boy. I think it's time to put you back on your back."

Mitch removed all but one finger from Justin, as he helped the boy roll back over. Then he squeezed out just a little more jelly to work into Justin. After Mitch removed the last finger and wiped his hand off, He began smearing a generous amount of jelly over his incredibly hard cock.

"Here we go baby." said Mitch. "Are you ready?"

"I've been ready for this all day." replied Justin.

Mitch took Justin's smooth legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. Now his cock was perfectly lined up with Justin's waiting ass. Mitch took one more look down at Justin before going ahead. Justin's cock was now hard again and Justin had the most incredible smile on his face. Mitch pushed his cock against Justin's pucker, and kept increasing the pressure until the head of his cock popped into the boy. Justin's eyes immediately rolled back in his head.

"Are you okay baby?" asked Mitch with a concerned voice. "Do you want to stop?"

The immediate pain that Justin felt when Mitch's cock popped into him was intense, but Justin did not want to stop now. Justin gathered all of his wits back together and replied, "There's a little discomfort, but not enough to stop me from feeling you inside me. I just need to get use to it because I've never had anything as large as your cock inside me."

"Take as long as you need baby." said Mitch. "I'll keep it right where it is until you're ready to go on. We have all the time in the world."

Mitch held his cock right where it was, just inside of Justin's tight hole. Mitch then reached down and began massaging Justin all over, trying to relax the boy. After a few minutes, the pain that Justin had felt was now being replaced by the most incredible feelings of pleasure that Justin had ever felt before. Justin then let Mitch know that he was okay to proceed slowly. Mitch began to slowly inch his cock into Justin, who was beginning to feel fuller than he had ever felt in his life. Justin now knew though that when he became use to this, that he would become totally addicted to having Mitch's large cock inside of him. Then Justin felt Mitch's cock nudge into something inside of him, which caused Justin to lose control of himself. To Justin's horror, he felt himself begin to pee. Mitch watched as Justin's urine arced up from the boy's erect cock and splattered on Justin's chest and face.

Then Justin began to cry out, "I'm so sorry dude, I couldn't help it! I really tried to hold it back but it just wouldn't stop! Please don't hate me!" As the urine began to sting Justin's eyes, his tears began to flow freely.

Mitch leaned down and pressed his body against Justin's urine soaked body, the pressed his lips against Justin's. The taste of Justin's pee was almost pleasant to Mitch. Then Mitch drew back and said, "I'll always love you no matter what, my baby boy. Don't ever worry about peeing on yourself, it can be cleaned up after we're done. As a matter of fact, it kind of turns me on to think that I caused you to lose control of yourself that much." Mitch then looked into Justin's eyes with as much love as he could put into his gaze.

Justin began to smile again as he said, "Then let's keep going. I've never felt anything that made me feel such intense pleasure before."

Mitch was more than happy to honor his boy's request, so he slowly pushed his cock the rest of the way into Justin. When Mitch's entire cock was embedded inside Justin, he gave the boy a few moments to get use to the feeling. Then Mitch began slowly going in and out of Justin. Justin's rectum felt so incredibly tight around Mitch's cock that he didn't know how long he would be able to last, but he hoped that it was long enough to make his boy happy. After a few minutes of Mitch going in and out of Justin slowly, Mitch could feel Justin begin to thrust himself down onto the cock that was buried inside of him. Mitch took this as a sign that Justin wanted him to pick up the pace, so Mitch put a little more speed and force into his thrusts. Justin's rectum was now clenching around Mitch's cock, which was driving Mitch's cock crazy. The friction inside of Justin finally drove the boy to another orgasm without his dick even being touched. Mitch watched in wonder as Justin's cum shot up into the air and landed on the boy's chest and stomach. It even seemed as though this was the largest load that Justin had shot all day!

Then Mitch suddenly felt his own cum begin to boil up in his balls. "Oh my god baby!" shouted Mitch. "I'm gonna shoot my cum into you now!"

Mitch gave a final thrust into Justin before feeling the cum shooting from his cock into the boy he loved. Mitch lost himself to feeling his cum shooting deep into Justin. When Mitch's orgasm finally began to subside he looked down at his beautiful boy. Justin was now smiling more brightly than Mitch had ever seen yet, and a little more cum was dribbling from Justin's still erect dick. Mitch's now deflating cock slipped out of Justin, so Mitch dropped down and took Justin into his arms. The pair kissed deeply for several minutes, as they recovered from the most intense love-making that either of them had ever experienced.

"That was so totally awesome." said Mitch softly. "I can't ever remember making love being so damn intense before."

"I know exactly how you feel Mitch." said Justin. "I'll never be able to imagine making love to anyone else besides you from this day on. I love you so much that it hurts Mitch."

"You're not talking about your butt, are you baby?" asked Mitch.

"Hell no!" exclaimed Justin. "I can't even begin to describe how great that felt dude!"

Mitch began laughing softly, followed shortly by Justin's wonderful boyish laugh. Mitch held Justin's body tightly against his, as the love that the pair felt for each other flowed freely between their bodies.

Finally Mitch broke the embrace and said, "Well, I guess we should think about getting cleaned up again."

"You're really not mad about the mess I made?" asked Justin.

"Hell no!" exclaimed Mitch. "It was the most wonderful mess that I've ever been involved with. I don't ever want you to feel bad about that happening, it's just a part of who you are and I love everything about you. I'll never be mad at you for having an accident, as a matter of fact it makes me love you even more my baby."

"Do you wanna know something?" asked Justin. "People would always call me a baby when something like that happened, and I got to the point where I hated it. For some reason though, when you call me baby it makes me feel loved. I love having you call me baby Mitch."

"In that case you will always be my baby boy, no matter how old you get." said Mitch. "I'll try to control myself in public though." Then Mitch ruffled Justin's beautiful spiked hair, and the pair shared another warm laugh together.

Mitch and Justin then got out of bed to get cleaned up. First though, Mitch grabbed the sheet off of the mattress to put in the washer. When Mitch saw the mattress he said, "I think I may have to get a plastic cover for our mattress, and a few extra sheets too. Don't worry though, I'm happy to do that to have you with me baby."

Mitch threw the sheet into the laundry chute and walked Justin to the bathroom, with his arm wrapped lovingly around the boy. The pair got into the shower again and took turns soaping each other up gently. Mitch watched as the soap was rinsed from Justin's body, and began to smile. It made Mitch feel good just to watch the water and soap cascade down Justin's smooth body. Justin was having the exact same feelings watching Mitch's body being slowly rinsed off. Then Justin and Mitch kissed deeply, as the water continued to run over both of their naked bodies.

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