What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 20

"Mike!" exclaimed Tyler. "What's wrong? Please slow down, and take deep breaths my love!" Then Tyler rubbed Mike's bare shoulders until he calmed back down a little.

"I'm not worried about myself!" said Mike in a stunned tone. "What about my boys though? How are they going to take this? I'll have to tell them something, but what? I can't tell them the truth!"

"What's this about Mike?" asked Tyler. "Just tell me what this is about, and I'm sure we can figure out something."

"That was Eric on the phone." said Mike. "He found out why my wife has a secret bank account, and is always gone on business. My wife, the mother of my children, is a porn star! She has sex with other men and women for money, so others can watch her!"

"Fuck!" exclaimed Tyler. "We can't tell Billy and Andy that! We'll figure something out though, my love."

Then Mike smiled and said, "I don't know what I would do without you right now Tyler. I'm the luckiest man in the world to have you love me as much as you do."

"You got that right Mike." said Tyler as he smiled back. Tyler gave Mike a quick but loving kiss, then continued, "I'm lucky to have you too Mike. I love you more than I could ever explain with just words, and I want to be with you forever. We can do a great job of taking care of your two beautiful angels together."

Tyler then laid Mike back on the bed, and pressed his lips against Mike's. As Tyler passionately kissed Mike, he also gently ran his hands over Mike's body. As Tyler did that, Mike reached over for the tube of lube that he had set on the nightstand. Mike gently lubed Tyler's cock without Tyler even realizing it. Tyler was now fully on top of Mike, so Mike raised his hips as much as he could, then placed Tyler's cock at his butt hole.

"Please make love to me Tyler." said Mike softly.

Tyler thrust his hips upward, and felt his cock slip smoothly inside Mike. Tyler then thrust his cock in and out of Mike as they kissed deeply. Tyler moaned softly into Mike's mouth as Mike hugged him lovingly. Mike ran one hand slowly down Tyler's back, then slipped one lube covered finger into Tyler's pucker. Tyler's rectum massaged Mike's finger as he thrust his cock in and out of Mike faster. Tyler raised his head slightly, so that his lips were barely hovering over Mike's.

"It feels like heaven when you make love to me." moaned Mike, barely audibly. "If feels like you were meant to be a part of me. I don't know how I made it this long without feeling the sweetness of your love."

Then Mike pulled Tyler's lips back down to his. Tyler reached back to Mike's hand, and pushed Mike's finger into him as deeply as it would go, then moaned into Mike's mouth. Mike continued to thrust his finger deeply into Tyler, as Tyler's cock began to throb inside Mike. As Tyler continued to slide in and out of Mike, he began to pant heavily into Mike's mouth. Mike was pushing his finger so deeply into Tyler now, that he was driving Tyler's cock deeply into himself at the same time.

Tyler raised up again and moaned out, "I love you Mike!"

Mike gasped as he felt Tyler's cum shoot deeply into him. Tyler's cock jerked and spasmed inside Mike, as he fired shot after shot of cum into him. Mike's insides wrapped tightly around Tyler's cock, milking it for all the cum it would shoot. A few moments after Tyler's orgasm finished, he looked down and smiled at Mike.

"There's only one thing that could possibly feel better than that." said Tyler softly.

Tyler grabbed the lube, then reached down and coated Mike's cock. Then Tyler hovered his butt over Mike's crotch as he smiled brightly. Mike was about to tell Tyler that he loved him, but before he could, he felt Tyler's butt slip down over his cock. Tyler drove Mike's cock as deeply into himself as he could, then leaned back over to place his lips against Mike's again. Mike took ahold of Tyler's hips and pulled the boy up and down on his cock, as his own hips thrust his cock in and out of Tyler. Tyler now wanted Mike to hold his cum back forever, because he didn't want Mike to stop doing this to him. Tyler's rectum pulling erotically at Mike's cock though, had Mike ready to cum in just a few minutes. Mike began grunting into Tyler's mouth as he began cumming, and Tyler sucked hard on Mike's tongue. As soon as Mike stopped cumming, Tyler rested all of his weight on top of Mike. Mike's cock was still inside Tyler, and Tyler made no move to pull off of it. Mike couldn't believe it when Tyler fell asleep in that position, but he smiled and began to fall asleep himself, with his cock still inside Tyler.

Mike and Tyler were awoken early the next morning by Andy asking, "Daddy, why is your pee-pee inside Uncle Tyler's butt?"

"Do you and Uncle Tyler love each other like a mommy and daddy love each other?" asked Billy.

Mike and Tyler had kicked their covers off in their sleep, and Mike reached for the covers after pulling his cock quickly out of Tyler. He then asked the two boys to let him and Tyler get dressed. Mike was now going to have to do something that he hoped he wouldn't have to do for a long time. Mike and Tyler spent the rest of the morning, before dropping the two boys off at elementary school, trying to explain to them what they had seen. Then Mike and Tyler both chastised themselves all the way to the academy for not locking their bedroom door.

Justin, Casey, Danny, and Antonio all looked happier than they had ever been that morning at school, but Tyler was still down. Justin noticed that, and sat next to Tyler for morning announcements.

"What's wrong my best friend?" asked Justin cheerfully. "Why aren't you as happy as the rest of us today?"

"Andy and Billy walked into the bedroom on me and Mike this morning, and woke us up." replied Tyler somberly.

"Oh my!" exclaimed Justin. "They caught you guys in bed together?"

"It's a little worse than that." said Tyler. "I had fallen asleep last night with Mike's cock inside me, and we had kicked our covers off in our sleep."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Justin. "That would explain things. What did you guys say?"

"What could we say?" replied Tyler. "They clearly saw their daddy's cock inside me dude! We tried to explain what happened as well as we could without screwing up their heads, but we don't think they are able to understand things like that yet."

"I'm going to call Uncle Mitch then, and we're all going to Mike's house with you guys after school." said Justin. "Maybe we can all explain things to them so they can understand, without screwing up their heads."

"I don't know if that's possible, especially after Eric called last night." said Tyler. "Not only did they catch us having anal sex, but their mom is secretly a porn star."

"You guys don't believe in having simple problems, do you?" asked Justin.

Tyler's frown finally began to disappear, and was replaced by laughter. It was very light laughter, but still laughter just the same. "That's better Tyler!" said Justin. "Now, try not to be down, and tell Mike not to worry either. We'll help you guys with this, and everything will be okay. I promise."

Justin got ahold of Mitch on the phone, and Tyler tried not to get upset again. Mike couldn't help but to worry though. He knew that they had his wife right where they wanted her, but if it came out that the kids had seen him and Tyler having sex, it wouldn't do him any good. Hell, he would be lucky to avoid prison if that happened. Mike remained worried for the rest of the day, which seemed to drag on forever. Mike was more relieved than any of the students had ever been when the final period of the day was over. Mike and Tyler were followed home by Mitch's limo, with Mitch and the boys inside, and by Eric and Casey.

"Justin, why don't you, Danny, Antonio, and Casey keep Andy and Billy occupied while us adults talk for a minute?" said Mitch. "You can stay here though Tyler, as this involves you too."

As soon as the boys were out of range, Mike said, "Eric, I don't want to go to prison, and I don't want my wife to end up with the kids. She's nothing but a whore as far as I'm concerned now."

"Okay Mike, just try to stay calm." said Eric. "Let's figure out exactly where we stand right now before you worry yourself to death, and that is possible too. Tyler, how old are you?"

"I just turned sixteen yesterday Eric." replied Tyler. "Mike and Mitch were going to throw me a huge party on Saturday morning that I wasn't suppose to know about. Why?"

"Congratulations son, you've reached the age of consent." replied Eric. "Mike can have sex with you anyway he wants, and the only way he could get in trouble for it is if you or your parents filed charges against him for rape. You did say that your parents completely approve of your relationship with Mike, right?"

"Yeah, they're happy that I'm so happy." replied Tyler. "They love Mike."

"That's a huge relief to hear Eric!" said Mike.

"Let's not break out the champagne yet Mike." said Eric. "You are right that if the court catches wind of this, your odds of getting custody would be the same as getting elected president. How much do they know about what they saw?"

"We tried to explain it to them subtly this morning." replied Mike. "I really don't want my wife to be responsible for raising them though Eric. She has sex for money. You can call art if you want to, but I just don't see it that way."

"I'm not saying that she would get custody either Mike." replied Eric. "With what we know about her, the boys would most likely go to a foster home, and neither of you would be allowed to see them."

"Please Eric, don't let that happen!" begged Mike, on the verge of tears.

"We don't have any choice Eric." said Mitch. "The boys have to understand what they saw, and what would happen if anyone else knew what they saw."

"If you want any chance of keeping them Mike, I'm afraid Mitch is right." said Eric. "We have to do something about your wife immediately though Mike. She's the one that I'm most afraid of the boys opening up to. We have to see if we can arrange it so that she has no further contact with them whatsoever. Can you take some time off tomorrow to go to court? We can try to get a restraining order against her. I have a judge that owes me one favor, and I'm willing to use it for you."

"I guess I have no other choice, but I have to be back for practice tomorrow afternoon." replied Mike.

"I'll do the best I can." said Eric. "Now, we have two boys that we have to explain the birds and the bees to."

Mitch called all of the boys back into the living room, and had Andy and Billy sit between Mike and Eric on the sofa.

"Okay Andy and Billy, what did you boys see this morning?" asked Eric.

"Daddy had his pee-pee in Uncle Tyler's butt." giggled Andy.

"Do you boys know why they were doing that?" asked Eric.

"I think it had something to do with Uncle Tyler liking having daddy's pee-pee in his butt." said Billy.

"There's a little more to it than that boys." said Eric.

"Do you guys remember when you saw Danny and Antonio kissing in the restaurant?" asked Justin.

"Yeah, that was a fun night." said Andy mischievously.

"Do you remember why I told you they were doing that?" asked Justin.

"You said that they love each other like a mommy and a daddy love each other." replied Andy.

"There's a problem with that though son." said Mike. "Me and your mommy don't love each other like that anymore. We're not going to be living together anymore."

"Do you mean that you're going to unmarry mommy?" asked Billy.

"Yes, and it's called divorce." replied Mike. "Like I said, we don't love each other like that anymore. She's also been doing some bad things which might make her not good enough to raise you boys anymore. I want to raise you guys, but what happened this morning might make it so I can't do that."

"If mommy can't take care of us, and you can't take care of us, who is going to take care of us?" asked Andy fearfully.

"Your daddy didn't say that he couldn't take care of you, just that he might not be able to." said Eric. "When you saw your daddy's pee-pee in your Uncle Tyler's butt, that's called sex. Usually when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, the daddy will do something like what yours was doing to Uncle Tyler. When a daddy does that to a mommy, except in that place where the daddy's pee-pee is but a mommy don't have a pee-pee, that's having sex. Sometimes when a daddy has sex with a mommy, the mommy gets pregnant and has a baby. That's how you two were born."

"What does a daddy and a mommy doing that, have to do with us?" asked Billy.

"Could someone else take over?" asked Eric.

Danny immediately volunteered, and said, "Your mommy has a place inside her called ovaries. Inside her ovaries are little eggs that can become baby boys or baby girls. The only thing they need is to be fertilized. That means to make them start growing. The daddy is the one who fertilizes the eggs by putting his pee-pee inside the mommy, kind of like yours was doing with Tyler, except from the front. When your daddy's pee-pee has been inside someone long enough, it makes sperm. Sperm is what causes the egg inside mommy to start growing."

"That sounds kind of icky Uncle Danny." said Andy. "Are you making that up?"

"No way little dudes!" snickered Danny. "I could never make up something that icky!"

"Does that mean that Uncle Tyler is going to have a baby then?" asked Billy.

By that time Danny was pointing at Tyler and laughing so hard, that he couldn't continue. Mitch took over and said, "Uncle Tyler is a boy, and boys can't have babies."

"Then why did daddy have his pee-pee inside Uncle Tyler?" asked Andy.

"Do you remember that mommies and daddies have to love each other a lot to do that?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah." replied Andy.

"Well, mommies and daddies aren't the only ones who can love each other like that." said Mitch. "Danny and Antonio love each other like that, that's why they were kissing in the restaurant. Your daddy and Uncle Tyler also love each other like that."

Andy turned to Mike and said, "So you and Uncle Tyler love each other like a mommy and a daddy do, and you wanted to have sex. But Uncle Tyler is a boy, so you had to put your pee-pee in his butt. Is that right?"

"Yes son, that's right." said Mike. "Your Uncle Tyler and I love each other very much, just like a mommy and a daddy is suppose to."

"If mommy can't live with us, and you love Uncle Tyler like a mommy, can he be Mommy Tyler now?" asked Billy.

"Yeah daddy, please?" begged Andy.

Everyone in the room was on the verge of laughing, except Tyler. Mike hugged his two sons tightly as he laughed and said, "If you can talk him into being your Mommy Tyler, that's fine with me." Tyler finally gave in and snickered, as he rubbed the two boys heads.

"There is a small problem though boys." said Eric after he had recovered. "If anyone at all, including your mommy, knew that your daddy loved Tyler like that, you wouldn't be able to stay with your mommy or daddy either one. A lot of people still don't think that it's okay for a daddy to love another guy like he would love a mommy. If anyone knew about this, you boys would have to live with someone you don't know, and you'd never be able to see your mommy or daddy again."

"We don't want that!" said both boys fearfully in unison.

"Then you can never tell anyone about how your daddy loves Uncle Tyler, or how your daddy had his pee-pee in Uncle Tyler's butt." said Eric. "You can't tell any strangers, or your mommy, or your teacher, or even your best friend. This has to be something that you never talk about to anyone. Can you boys do that?"

"If we never saw daddy again that would be really bad." said Andy. "We won't ever talk about this to anyone, not even mommy."

"You might also not want to talk about us telling you about how babies are made either." said Justin.

"That's so gross that I don't think we could talk to anyone about that!" said Andy.

"Yeah, I might get sick just looking at girls now!" said Billy.

Once again everyone had a good laugh, and Mike hugged his two adorable sons. Everything looked like it might be just fine, as long as Mike got the restraining order tomorrow. After everyone else had left, Tyler went up to Mike and gave him a loving hug.

"At least we don't have to sneak around with Andy and Billy anymore." said Tyler.

Tyler's lips met Mike's, and the two were locked in a passionate kiss. At about that time, Andy and Billy came up to remind their daddy that they hadn't had supper yet. The boys giggled as they waited for their daddy and Uncle Tyler to finish kissing. Once Mike finally broke the kiss, he noticed their audience.

"It's way past supper time daddy." said Andy.

"Yeah, we're hungry!" said Billy.

"Okay boys, you mind if we just call for pizza?" asked Mike.

"Pizza!!! Yeah!" shouted both boys in unison.

Mike snickered at the boys' reaction, then went to phone in their order. While Mike did that, Tyler hugged both boys at the same time.

"Thanks for understanding about your daddy and I loving each other the way we do." said Tyler. "You are the greatest little boys in the whole world, and I'd do anything for you."

"We like you a lot Uncle Tyler." said Andy. "You're much nicer than our mommy, and daddy seems so much happier when you're here. We were serious when we said we want you to be our Mommy Tyler, even though you are a boy."

Tyler kissed them both on the forehead and said, "I would love to be your Mommy Tyler, just don't say that in front of Justin, Danny, and Antonio too much. They'll try to put me in a dress if you do."

"You'd look funny in a dress, Mommy Tyler!" giggled Billy.

"Tyler would look great in anything!" said Mike, as he came back into the room. "I wanted to thank you boys for being so understanding about mommy not coming back."

"We really kinda thought she might not." said Andy.

"Why's that sport?" asked Mike.

"Is an abortion when a mommy kills a baby before it's born?" asked Andy. "After what you told us tonight about babies, that seems what it sounds like."

"Why would you ask about something like that?" asked Mike.

"Because we accidentally overheard mommy talking about getting another abortion again." replied Andy. "How many of our baby brothers or sisters has she done that to? And why would she say she wished she had done that with us?"

Andy and Billy both looked scared, so Mike picked them both up in his arms and said, "You are my sweet little angels, and you should have never had to hear something like that. I'll make sure that you never hear that again, and that you only have people around you who love you."

"Do you mean like Uncle Tyler?" asked Billy. "We love Uncle Tyler, and he loves us too. We hope he stays around for a long time daddy."

"I love Tyler too, very much." said Mike, as he smiled at Tyler. "I hope you boys, and me, and Tyler can all be a happy family together soon."

The next morning Eric had almost forgotten that Donald had a scheduled appointment at court too, to get his restraining order. When Eric saw Donald there, he called his office and had a messenger run the paperwork for Donald's order right out to the courthouse. By lunchtime both of Eric's clients had their restraining orders, and Mike had to get back to the academy. Eric was going to have Mike's order faxed to New York, along with a message for Leslie Star, and delivered by a friend of his there. Mike still knew his wife would show up on Sunday though. Tyler agreed to take Andy and Billy to Mitch's house early Sunday morning, and go with Mitch and Justin to Magic Mountain. That way Mike could have it out with his wife, and give her an ultimatum to disappear from his and the boys' lives.

Well, looks like we'll have fireworks on Sunday. lol. Also, Danny's mom is way too quiet. The Ice Queen scares me when she's quiet. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 21.