What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 21

Mike got back to the academy and began preparing for practice. Although he had a lot on his mind, he knew he had plenty of people to help him. Tyler would pick up Billy and Andy after school and take them home, and Mike knew Tyler would take very good care of his precious boys. Then he had Eric to help him deal with his wife. After a few moments of clearing his mind, Mike was ready to concentrate on his team and practice. Tomorrow would be a very important away game for the team. The playoffs and home field advantage would probably be between these two teams, and a win at this point in the season would put Valencia Hills in a very good position.

After school was over, Danny went out to watch the rest of practice and daydream about his boyfriend. Antonio was looking especially sexy in his uniform today, but then again, Antonio looked sexy in anything as far as Danny was concerned. At the same time, a messenger had just left Danny's mother at her house. Danny's mother was not exactly thrilled when the messenger delivered the restraining order against her. As a matter of fact, she threatened to cut off the messenger's testicles and ram them down his throat. The messenger considered himself lucky to leave there with everything intact. Then the Ice Queen proceeded to drink heavily and try to trash the mansion. It didn't matter to her because she had plenty of servants to clean up whatever mess she made.

Mitch had been nice enough to go pick up Tyler, and then Billy and Andy for Mike. His friend needed help now, and Mitch was happy to be there for him. When Mitch and Tyler pulled up at the younger boy's elementary school, the two boy eagerly climbed into the back seat of Mitch's Beetle.

"Hi Mommy Tyler!" chirped both boys in unison, as they got seated.

"Mommy Tyler???" asked Mitch as he smiled.

"Yeah." replied Tyler. "They say that I'm nicer to them than their mommy is, and since Mike and I are lovers, they want me to be their mommy now."

"That's just way too cute!" chuckled Mitch.

"Please don't tell the other guys Mitch!" begged Tyler.

"Don't worry Tyler, I wouldn't do that to you." replied Mitch. "I know that they would never let you live that down. For what it's worth though, you are a very sensitive and responsible young man, and I think you'll make a great mommy."

"Thanks Mitch." said Tyler. "Billy and Andy make it easy to be a mommy though. I wish I really were their mother sometimes."

"I hope Mike knows how lucky he is to have you." said Mitch.

"That's funny, I feel like the lucky one!" replied Tyler. "I guess we're both lucky."

After Mitch dropped off Tyler and the boys, he went on home to wait for Reggie to return with Justin, Danny, and Antonio. The other two boys had gotten permission to spend the night at Mitch and Justin's house. Mitch and Justin had received their first payment from the software company, who informed them that their program had hit number one in it's first week. Mitch didn't want to say how much it was, but it was enough to call for a celebration. Mike, Tyler, and Mike's boys would also be stopping by to join the celebration.

Mitch took everyone to Pizza Play Time that night, which was a local pizza parlor and arcade. Reggie was thrilled to be included in the celebration, as Mitch explained to him that he had quite a bit to do with the way things were going now. As the boys were off having fun after the pizza, Mitch pointed to a young man who was apparently by himself.

"We have to start thinking about finding you someone Reggie." said Mitch. "That young man over there looks like a nice guy."

Reggie looked at the young man for a while and replied, "I should hope he is, that's my son!"

"Your what?!" replied Mitch, after spitting out his drink involuntarily.

"That's my son." replied Reggie. "Before I went into the personal service industry, I was married and living a straight life. We had a son just before my wife and I split up. Once she found out that I had discovered that I was the way I am now, I was lucky to see him every two to three years. She didn't want him to be around THAT type of person. By now he is eighteen by just over two weeks."

"Well then Reggie, call him over here." said Mitch. "But first, does he know that you're gay?"

"I was told by my wife that if Brandon, my son, ever found out about that, I would never be allowed to see him again." replied Reggie. "I have never talked to him about that."

"We won't mention it either then my friend." said Mitch. "It will be up to you. Now, go ahead and call him over."

Reggie nervously got up and approached the solitary young man. "Brandon? Is that really you son?"

"Dad?!" replied Brandon. "It is me dad!" Brandon then stood up and put his arms around his dad.

"It's so good to see you again son." said Reggie. "It's been way too long!"

"I know dad." replied Brandon. "The last time was my fifteenth birthday. I threw a tantrum and wouldn't stop until mom invited you."

"Thanks son." said Reggie emotionally. "Would you please come over and join me and my friends son?"

"I'd love to dad!" replied Brandon.

Reggie put his arm around Brandon, and the two went back over to Reggie's table. Then Reggie said, "Brandon, I'd like you to meet my friend and current employer Mitch, and my other friend Mike. Mitch and Mike, this is my son, Brandon."

"Hi Brandon, it's nice to meet you." said Mitch. "You are welcome at my house any time, as that is where your dad lives right now."

"So Brandon, your dad tells us that you don't get to see each other very much." said Mike. "We actually didn't even know that Reggie had a son."

"I don't blame dad for not telling anyone about me, seeing as how his own son didn't see him any more than I did." replied Brandon. "If it's okay with him though, I'd like to make up for that."

"I'm not ashamed of you Brandon." said Reggie. "I should be the one being sorry because we haven't seen each other much. You're my son though, and I love you!"

"It's nice to hear that dad." said Brandon. "I had it out with mom as soon as I turned eighteen. I found out that she was doing everything she could to keep us from seeing each other. I asked her how I was suppose to feel about not being allowed to have a dad. She really hurt me by doing that, and I let her know it just before I left home. I've been staying with friends for the past two weeks now, but I don't know how long that can last."

"I'll help you any way that I can son." said Reggie. "I hope we can see each other a lot more now, although I've missed what should have been the best years of ours lives as a father and son."

"Do you think there's enough room for Brandon in your room until we get a larger place?" asked Mitch.

"You really don't have to do that just for us Mitch." said Reggie.

"I'm doing it for Justin and myself actually." replied Mitch. "I guess it's about time to tell you guys how much we made today. The check Justin and I received today was for forty million dollars, and that's not even the last of it. We really should have a nicer home now. Besides, there may be more kids out there that need to be protected from life for a little while, and Justin and I would like to help if we can. Maybe Brandon could even help with that, if he's interested."

"What do you think son?" asked Reggie.

"There's something that we would have to talk about first dad." replied Brandon. "Can we talk later?"

"Sure son." replied Reggie. "But there is something that I would like to talk to you about right now. This is going to be kind of awkward for me, so please hear me out. Son, I'm gay. I never realized it until after your mother and I had split up. I wanted to tell you sooner so it wouldn't have to come out like this, but your mother wouldn't allow it. She told me that if you ever found out about me, she would never let me see you again. I've always cared about you very much Brandon, and my being gay doesn't change who I am. It's the way that I've always been. Please don't hate me son, I could never take that."

"That was actually what I wanted to talk to you about dad." said Brandon. "I'm gay too. At least I'm pretty sure that I am. I've had sex with a few girls that I thought I really liked, but it never felt like what everyone said it was suppose to. Then one of my best friends was having a rough time, and he ended up asking me to have sex with him. I was really nervous about it, but there's nothing that I wouldn't have done for him. Within a few moments though, I knew I was making love to him instead of just having sex. When we were done, I told him that I was in love with him, and that I'd love to make love to him again sometime. He didn't take that too well, and we never saw each other again. Since then though there have been quite a few guys that I have wanted to make love to, and two that I actually have made love to. They didn't work out either, but now I believe that the right guy is waiting for me out there somewhere."

"How long ago did all this happen son?" asked Reggie.

"My best friend came to me on the day before my sixteenth birthday." replied Brandon. "Mother was suppose to call you that night to invite you to my party, but she found out what I had done and canceled my sixteenth birthday party. After that, she always seemed to have some excuse why I couldn't see you. I guess we know why now."

"What do you mean son?" asked Reggie. "Wait a minute! Are you saying that she thought I had turned you gay?! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life!"

"Yeah, but just ridiculous enough to come from her." said Brandon.

"I'm afraid you're right about that son." said Reggie. "I'm sorry about the way she treated you because of me."

"It's not your fault dad." replied Brandon. "I love you so much, and I always have." Then Brandon got up and threw his arms around Reggie, squeezing him in a tight hug.

"Then it's all settled." said Mitch. "Brandon will come home with us."

The kids finally played themselves out, with Andy and Billy almost crashing out in the ball pit. Tyler carried a boy over each shoulder as they returned to the table. Then Tyler sat the boys down next to Mike, and sat on other other side of them. Mike loved how much Tyler cared about the boys, and he knew his sons thought the world of Tyler too. Mike was now falling even more in love with Tyler.

"Thanks mommy." mumbled Billy, as he snuggled against Tyler's side.

"Now that is just too cute for words!" giggled Danny. "Although I think Tyler would make a great mommy for them!"

Then Reggie introduced the boys to his son. All of the boys took turns saying hello to Brandon before Mike said, "Well, I have two little ones who look like they need to get home to bed. Tyler's dad is taking him to the DMV tomorrow morning as soon as they open, so we should get to your house for the party by eleven Mitch. Did mine and his parents present arrive yet?"

"Yeah, everything is all set." replied Mitch. "It should be a great party. I was wondering though Tyler, would you mind if we made it a sixteenth birthday party for you AND Brandon? Brandon missed his party two years ago."

"That would be a great idea Mitch!" replied Tyler. "Can you pull it off at such short notice?"

"I'm Mitch Gordon!" chuckled Mitch. "I can do anything! Would anyone like to see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?"

"You didn't wear a hat today, Uncle Mitch!" snickered Justin.

"That's what makes it such a good trick!" laughed Mitch.

After everyone finished laughing at Mitch's corny joke, Mike and Tyler said good-night. Then it was time for everyone else to leave too. Brandon had a car himself, so he followed the limo back to Mitch's house. Everyone helped Brandon bring his stuff in after Mitch explained what was going on, and Brandon began settling in.

"Well, we'd like to visit all night, but Antonio and I have to go to our room now and make love!" said Danny, as he smiled seductively at Antonio.

"Whatever you say, my sexy lover!" replied Antonio.

The two boys went to their room and slowly stripped each other, then laid down on the bed together. Danny and Antonio kissed each other passionately as they gently stroked each other's cocks. After a few minutes, Antonio had Danny kneel between his legs. Antonio carefully lubed Danny's cock, and then his own pucker.

Then Antonio placed Danny's cock at his hole and said, "Let me feel your love throbbing inside me babe."

Danny smiled as he gently pushed his cock all the way into Antonio. Then he began to make slow and gentle love to Antonio. After a few minutes Danny was breathing heavily as he slowly thrust his cock in and out of Antonio. Antonio smiled back at Danny as he gently stroked his own cock. Then Danny leaned down to kiss Antonio as his hips heaved up and down, and his cock thrust in and out of Antonio. Danny made slow and gentle love to Antonio for about fifteen minutes before he could no longer hold his orgasm back. Danny grunted softly to Antonio as his cum shot deeply into him.

At about the same time Danny and Antonio were switching, everyone else was preparing to retire for the evening. "Well, it's about time for Justin and I to go to our bed."

"Do you mean you two sleep together, even though you are uncle and nephew?" asked Brandon.

"We're also lovers too!" boasted Justin. "I love it when Mitch makes love to me."

"Aren't you a little too small for him though Justin?" asked Brandon.

"Mitch's cock is a pretty tight fit inside me, but it feels incredible as far as I'm concerned." said Justin. "It's almost just as incredible when I have my cock inside him though."

"Yeah, Justin's cock is almost perfect as far as I'm concerned." said Mitch, who then wrapped his arms around Justin and pressed their lips together.

Then Mitch picked Justin up without breaking their kiss, and carried the boy to their bed. Reggie and Brandon then headed to their room for the night. Without giving it a second thought, Brandon stripped all of his clothes off, and climbed into his bed. Reggie finally did the same thing. Reggie and Brandon laid in their separate beds, and could soon hear the sounds of both couples making love. They finally began to stroke their cocks silently, both now wishing that they had someone special in their lives.

Justin had wanted to try something new that night. He had Mitch lay on his back, then prop his knees up in the air. Justin lubed Mitch's cock thoroughly, then lubed his own pucker. Justin squatted over Mitch's cock, as he lined it up to his hole, then began to sit down on it. Mitch watched Justin's face as the boy sat down on his cock, and although Justin was straining slightly, it did not appear that he was hurting himself. Justin slowly impaled himself on Mitch's cock until it was buried all the way inside him. Then Justin lifted up slowly, and let himself go. Justin's weight drove Mitch's cock into him fast, and deeper than it had ever been before. Then Justin began to pee. Mitch smiled as Justin peed all over his stomach, chest, and face. As soon as Justin finished showering his lover, he began bouncing up and down on Mitch's cock quickly. Justin and Mitch were both moaning loudly, as Justin was having the time of his life. He loved being in control of how Mitch's cock drove in and out of him, and he was now riding Mitch like a cowboy on a bucking bronco.

After five to ten minutes, Justin's dick began twitching madly as he drew near his orgasm. Reggie and Brandon were now stroking their own cocks hard, as they listened to Justin moan and yell out. Five people began cumming at the same time, as Antonio also began cumming inside Danny. All six guys in the house were thoroughly drained and happy that night.

Meanwhile, in the mansion of Danny's mother.

"Okay then, you're going to snatch him Monday as he gets out of his friend's limo at his father's house." said Danny's mother. "Make sure you do this right, then bring him right back here. And whatever you do, make sure no one recognizes you. If you screw this up, you might as well get rid of him and never come back here again."

Oh my God NO!!! What is the bitch known as the Ice Queen going to do now? If any of you know how to get in touch with Danny, please let him know! Also, please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and we'll see what happens in the next exciting chapter.