What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 22

Mitch woke up early that morning to prepare for the party. He and Justin began changing the decorations to reflect two birthdays, instead of just one. Reggie wanted to go out that morning to pick up presents for Brandon and Tyler, so Mitch decided to go with him. He put Justin in charge of calling the caterer right away and informing them of the expanded party, then finishing preparations. Justin loved it that Mitch didn't treat him like a little kid, and he was intent on making Mitch proud of him. They already knew what Tyler's favorite color was, so Justin nonchalantly found out what Brandon's favorite color was too. Then he sent Antonio out to pick up some balloons in both colors, while he called Mitch on his cell phone to ask him to stop somewhere and rent a helium tank. Danny helped Justin finish the decorations, and Antonio returned a few minutes later to help. Fortunately the convenience store down the street had balloons in both colors.

When Mitch and Reggie returned, Justin had Danny and Antonio keep Brandon occupied while they also kept an eye out for Mike and Tyler. Mike and Tyler did finally arrive, with Tyler driving and smiling from ear to ear. Danny snagged Tyler before he could see the party preparations, while Billy and Andy excitedly helped Justin with the balloons. The caterer finally made their delivery, then everything was ready for the guests to arrive. Tyler's parents came as the caterer was leaving, then came Donald and Melissa, followed by a few of Tyler's friends from school. Tyler's aunts, uncles, and cousins were the last to arrive, and then it was time to start the party. As a rule, Tyler's cousins didn't know that Tyler was gay. There were a few exceptions to that rule though. One of those exceptions was Tyler's cousin Peter, who was nineteen. Peter was also gay, and Tyler had talked to him about things quite a bit. Another exception was Tyler's cousin James. James was a year younger than Tyler, and claimed to be straight. Whenever he was around Tyler though, he always made passes at his cousin. The rest of Tyler's eight cousins either didn't know, or didn't say anything about it if they did know. As far as Tyler knew, the rest of them were also straight.

After everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Tyler and Brandon, Tyler went over to be with Justin, Danny, and Antonio. He was hoping that would throw James off his trail for now, as it appeared James was still up to his old tricks. It didn't work though, as James caught up to Tyler and stroked his cousin's butt suggestively. The other boys snickered, as they could tell that James wasn't quite as straight as he wanted everyone to believe.

"You know something James?" Antonio finally asked. "With as many gay people as there is at this party, you don't really have to torture Tyler to find out what it's like to have sex with another guy."

"Why?" asked James. "How many gay people are there at this party?"

"I'd say at least half the guys here are gay dude." replied Danny. "Besides, Tyler already has a serious boyfriend."

"I kinda wanted to know what it would be like with him though." said James. "I'm not really gay, just curious."

Peter came up behind the boys and said, "Well, I'm sure there are a few guys here that would love to satisfy your curiosity James. You don't always have to bother Tyler about it."

"I'm sorry Tyler, I don't really mean to bother you." said James dejectedly.

Tyler put one arm around James, and his other hand lightly over James's crotch. Then Tyler gave him a soft and quick kiss on the cheek and said, "You're not really bothering me dude. It's just that I have someone very special in my life right now. Peter is right though, you're so good looking that several of the guys here wouldn't mind satisfying your curiosity. Why don't you stop being so hung up on everyone thinking that you're straight, and go meet a few people here. I guarantee you'll have fun!"

"Thanks cousin." said James. "Whoever your boyfriend is, he's a lucky guy." Then James went off in search of some fun.

"So Tyler, who is this special guy?" asked Peter.

"It's Mike, the guy over there with Mitch and Donald." replied Tyler.

"Damn cousin, I always had you pegged as a guy that liked older guys!" said Peter as he smiled. "He is a pretty hot looking older guy though. How did you two meet?"

"He's one of my teachers at the academy." replied Tyler. "He teaches Physical Education, and one day in the shower room something just snapped. It felt so good that day in the showers that I fell in love immediately. The two little kids running around here, Andy and Billy, are his sons. They are really sweet little boys, and they kinda think of me as their mother now."

"It sounds kind of like a dream come true, huh?" asked Peter.

"My dreams have never been this awesome!" said Tyler, as he smiled widely.

"Well cousin, I'm glad that things are turning around for you." said Peter. "I remember some of the talks we've had, and you deserve to have a great guy and a great life. Now, who is the other birthday boy, Brandon? He looks hot as hell!"

"You're in luck then Peter." said Justin. "Brandon just happens to be available, and looking for a nice guy. He's our housekeeper's son."

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Peter. "If he's gay and available, I have to go meet him!"

"Let me take you over there and introduce you then." said Tyler. "It's just about time to open presents anyway." Tyler and Peter went over to Brandon, and Tyler said, "Happy birthday Brandon. I picked you up a little something." Then Tyler pointed to his cousin.

"Hi Brandon, I'm Peter and Tyler was just kidding." said Peter. "I did want to meet you though."

Brandon looked Peter over, then smiled and said, "I'm glad you wanted to meet me Peter. Would you like to talk a little after we open presents?"

"I'd love that!" replied Peter.

Tyler opened several of his presents, then Brandon had a few to open as well. Brandon especially liked the gold chain his dad got him. The chain had a sun pendant on it, which Brandon liked very much. After opening most of his presents though, Tyler still hadn't found one from Mike or his parents.

"I think we forgot something." said Mike, who then handed a small box to Tyler's dad.

"Happy birthday son." said Tyler's dad as he handed Tyler the box. "This is from Mike and us."

Tyler opened the small box and found a keychain and keys. "This can't be what I think it is, is it?" asked Tyler.

As Mitch was coming back in from rolling Tyler's present from the garage to the driveway, he said, "Why don't you look in the driveway and find out?"

Tyler looked out into the driveway to see a bright blue Mazda Miata, with a huge bow tied around it. "Oh my God!" screamed Tyler, as he bolted out of the house to the driveway. Tyler drooled as he ran his hands over the bright new car.

Mike and Tyler's dad came up behind him, and Tyler's dad said, "We're glad you like it son. It was Mike's idea, and I agreed completely with it."

"I don't know what to say." said Tyler emotionally. "You are the two greatest men in the world, and I love both of you!"

"We love you too son, and I hope you and Mike are happy together for a long, long time." said Tyler's dad. "And please help him take care of those two little angels of his. They're almost like grandchildren to us now."

Tyler gave the two men a long hug in the driveway, then everyone returned to the house. The party was going great by this time, except for James. James had been trying to meet other guests, searching for that guy that Tyler and the others had talked about. He couldn't get any indications from anyone though as to whether or not they were interested. He had thought of maybe taking another shot at Tyler, but by this time he could see how much Tyler loved Mike. James didn't really blame his cousin either, even though Mike was much older. James wandered out to the back yard to think, and was about to have a seat on a bench except there was already someone there.

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't know there was anyone out here." said James.

"That's okay, and you don't have to call me sir." said Reggie. "My name is Reggie. I'm Mitch's housekeeper and chauffeur."

"You're Brandon's dad too, aren't you?" asked James, as he sat down next to Reggie. "Brandon's a lucky guy. It looks like Peter really likes him."

"Yes, they are getting along well together." replied Reggie.

"Are you okay Reggie?" asked James. "I was coming out here to think about things. I figured everyone would be inside at the party, unless they had something on their mind."

"I'm okay, really." replied Reggie. "It's just that I missed seeing Brandon grow up. I'm glad I was here to see him hopefully find a nice guy though. He doesn't need to be as lonely as his old man gets at times."

James smiled at Reggie and said, "You're not THAT old. You're right though, Peter is a pretty nice guy."

Reggie looked over at James and chuckled as he said, "Thanks James, I needed to hear that."

James and Reggie laughed together for a moment, and then their eyes met. After a few moments, Reggie shook himself out of his gaze by asking, "So, what would a nice young man like you have on your mind that would make you leave the party to think?"

"It's kind of complicated." said James. "I've always wanted to think of myself as straight, and I want everyone else to see me that way too, but I've also always been kinda interested in my cousin Tyler."

"Well, are you gay or straight James?" asked Reggie.

"I really wouldn't know." replied James. "To be honest, I've never had sex with anyone."

"Having sex doesn't make you gay or straight though." said Reggie. "What really matters is how you feel inside when you're around other people. You can find yourself being attracted to certain people your whole life without ever acting on that. Have you ever been attracted to girls, or other guys besides Tyler?"

"No girls, I guess." replied James. "There may have been one or two other guys besides Tyler though that made me wonder what it would be like."

"Then you may very well be gay James." said Reggie. "Whether you are or not though, it would be best to figure it out and not try to fool yourself."

James looked at Reggie and said, "To be honest again, I think I have already figured it out. I just don't want to admit it."

Reggie looked at James and said, "Don't worry too much about what other people think, just admit it to yourself to start."

This time the stare lasted a little longer. As James stared at Reggie, something inside him made him move closer. Reggie was so caught up in the look in James's eyes that he didn't even notice the boy getting closer. James kept moving closer though, until his lips touched Reggie's. By the time Reggie let himself realize what was going on, James had their lips pressed together. An instant later, Reggie felt James's arms close around him. Reggie took the boy into a hug, and returned the kiss passionately. The two shared a long kiss until James finally broke it.

"Can we go to your room Reggie?" asked James. "Earlier today I wanted to do this with someone because I was curious. Now I want to do this with you because I can't think of anyone that I'd rather be with. Please make love to me Reggie, and be my first."

Reggie knew that he should say no, but he could not resist the look of longing in James's eyes. Reggie got up, then pulled James up too. Then Reggie led the boy back to the house, and to his room. "Are you sure about this James?" asked Reggie.

"I'm positive Reggie." replied James.

James then walked over to Reggie and removed his shirt. Reggie moaned lightly as James ran his hand over his chest. When James told Reggie that he liked the way his chest felt, Reggie gently removed James's shirt. Then Reggie gently flicked at James's nipples.

"Please don't stop with the shirt." gasped James breathlessly.

Reggie began kissing James's soft lips, then worked his way down the boy's chin, chest, and tummy. As Reggie was kissing James's smooth, flat tummy, he began to unfasten James's pants. Within a few minutes, Reggie was removing James's shoes, socks, pants, and briefs. Then Reggie stood up and gasped at the naked boy standing in front of him.

"Do you like what you see Reggie?" asked James. "If you do, I want this body to be only for you. Please tell me that you want to make love to me."

"I want to make love to you very much James." replied Reggie softly. "Your smooth body is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

James smiled brightly, then began to take off the rest of Reggie's clothes. Pretty soon, Reggie was as naked as James. Reggie scooped James up, then laid him gently on his bed. As soon as Reggie laid down beside James, The two locked themselves into a passionate embrace. Reggie's tongue explored the deepest reaches of James's mouth, as James sucked softly on his tongue. After a few minutes, Reggie rolled over onto his back. Then he carefully turned James around on top of him. Reggie studied James's dick lovingly for a few moments, then took it into his mouth. When James felt his dick in another guy's mouth for the first time, he gasped loudly and his eyes rolled back. Reggie knew that gasp though, and he knew James thought it was an incredible feeling. As soon as James recovered from the intense feeling of pleasure he first felt, he joyfully took Reggie's cock into his mouth. Reggie expected to have to warn James to watch his teeth, but James was taking great care to make Reggie's cock feel great. James could not believe what he had been missing, and he was starting to love Reggie for the way the man was making him feel. Reggie was very much enjoying the feel of a young dick in his mouth, and he was determined to make this unforgettable for James. James and Reggie made love to each other for what seemed to them to be a few seconds, but was actually close to fifteen minutes, before their orgasms began to build up.

"I... think... I'm... gonna... cum!" gasped James.

"Please let me taste your sweet cum then James!" begged Reggie.

As soon as Reggie tasted the sweetness of James's cum in his mouth, he began to cum into James's mouth. Reggie fully expected the boy to back off when he tasted his cum for the first time, but James began sucking Reggie's cock even harder instead. The two guys lovingly devoured each other's cum, lost in an ocean of pleasure. As soon as both orgasms had finished, James turned around and crawled back into Reggie's arms.

"I know how much of a difference there is in our ages Reggie, but I can't help myself now." said James. "I love you so incredibly much!"

Reggie and James pressed their lips together, and wrapped their arms around each other once again. Their kiss was so deep and passionate that they didn't notice Brandon and Peter entering the room.

"So this is where you ran off to James." said Peter.

James suddenly held on to Reggie tightly in fear. "Please Peter,... please don't tell anyone!" James almost cried.

"I would never do that James." replied Peter. "I've been where you are before, and I know how you're feeling right now. You and Tyler have always been my two favorite cousins though because the three of us are so alike, even if you do have problems admitting it. I hope you know you can talk to me about anything though. Tyler and I have had some very good talks together. Now, do you really love my new boyfriend's dad?"

"I've never felt this way about anyone before." replied James as he relaxed. "Reggie makes me feel like I really know myself for the first time in my life. What we just did together feels so good and right."

"What about you dad?" asked Brandon. "Can you feel comfortable being with someone even younger than your son?"

"I tried to fight it at first." replied Reggie. "There was just something about James though that made me feel close to him, and I just couldn't fight what we both wanted. I'm glad that I didn't fight it now though, because I felt more love with him than I've felt in a long time." Reggie then gave James a warm kiss and said, "I want to have a relationship with James very badly, if that's what he wants too."

"I've never felt this way in my life Reggie." said James. "I think I would love to be your boyfriend. I love you so much right now Reggie. And you're right Peter, I never wanted to admit to myself that I might be gay, but when I look into Reggie's eyes I can't deny it anymore. Can all you guys help me accept that it's okay to be gay?"

"Anything you need from myself or Tyler, don't hesitate to ask." said Peter. "We all love you cousin, and we'll help you any way that we can."

"I'll help you and my dad any way that I can too." said Brandon. "I'm just glad that my dad has found someone he can love. He's lucky too, because you're a very cute young man James."

Then Reggie looked into James's eyes and gave him a short but passionate kiss. "If there's anything I can do for you my love, I won't hesitate to do it." said Reggie. "You have made me happier today than I've been in a long time, except for being reunited with my son."

"I'm so glad that I've fallen in love with you Reggie." said James as he smiled.

Reggie gave James yet another kiss, then said, "Well, I think we better get dressed now, and let my son and his boyfriend use the bedroom. I can tell by the look in their eyes that they want to be just as passionate together as we just were."

"Okay." replied James with a grin. "Besides, I can't wait to tell Tyler about my new boyfriend. I think he'll be very happy for us."

Reggie picked up James's pants and briefs, and began to pull them back up James's legs. Just before pulling them all the way up, he leaned down and gently kissed the head of James's dick. Then James did the same thing for Reggie, including kissing the head of his cock.

"I hope you guys didn't mind our little display of affection son." said Reggie to Brandon.

"Not at all dad." replied Brandon. "I thought it was very sweet and beautiful. It also got my boyfriend and I as hard as a rock!"

All four guys laughed together as Reggie and James finished dressing. Just before leaving the room, Reggie kissed James once more and said, "I love you so much James. I hope you will be my boyfriend for the rest of my life."

"I wouldn't want anything else right now." replied James, as he gazed into Reggie's eyes.

James went back down to find Tyler and his friends, while Reggie wanted to talk to Mitch and Mike. Tyler , Justin, Danny, and Antonio were happy to hear about James's experience, although Tyler was a bit shocked at first. The boys then told James to be careful only to talk to people he trusted, since he was only fifteen and Reggie was much older. Reggie got Mitch and Mike together and alone, then asked them about being in love with someone so young.

"I wouldn't trade my relationship with Justin for anything." said Mitch. "You do have to be careful though, considering James's age. He looks like a very nice boy, and I'm sure he wouldn't deliberately hurt you, but there are a lot of things that can interfere in relationships like the ones we have. There is a group that can help with a lot of your questions though. They're meeting tomorrow, so we'll miss that one because we're taking Tyler and Mike's boys to Magic Mountain, but it would be good for you to attend the meeting next weekend. If things go right though, you'll find that your love for James can be a wonderful thing, and I'm very happy for both of you."

The rest of the party went very well for everyone, and both James and Reggie seemed happier than they had ever been. Before James's parents left the party, James's got Reggie off alone in a private spot. James wrapped his arms around Reggie and gave him a warm and loving kiss.

"I'm so glad that I'm in love with you Reggie." said James. "I'll try to get over here as much as I can. I already told mom and dad that Tyler wants me to go with him tomorrow, and they said okay."

"That's great." replied James. "I have a feeling that I'll enjoy that place tomorrow more than I ever have before."

Before James left, he gave Reggie one more deep kiss. The kiss was also accompanied by James's hand caressing Reggie's crotch. James left Reggie there panting with excitement. By the time that night rolled around, the plans for the next day had been set. Mitch, Justin, Danny, Antonio, Tyler, Billy, Andy, Brandon, Peter, Reggie, and James would all pile into the limo and go to the park, while Mike waited at home for his wife to show up. Peter, Danny, and Antonio spent the night at Mitch's house. Reggie enjoyed the sounds of his son and boyfriend in the other bed that night because he was now in love too. Back at Mike's house, Mike and Tyler fell asleep in each other's arms after making passionate love to each other.

Well, almost everyone is happy for the moment. Mike will soon confront his wife though, and the Ice Queen is still poised to strike. The next chapter should be exciting. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 23.