What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 23

The next morning, Tyler woke in Mike's arms again. After a brief but passionate kiss, Mike got Tyler out of bed to wake the boys. Mike didn't want Tyler and the boys anywhere in the area when his wife showed up today. Tyler got his briefs on, then went to wake Billy and Andy. When Tyler got to the boys room, he stopped dead in his tracks. Laying in the same bed were Billy and Andy with their arms around each other's naked bodies. Tyler quietly went back to Mike's bedroom and told him to bring his camera quickly. After Mike followed Tyler back to the boys room, he gazed at his two beautiful sons for a moment. Then Mike took a picture quickly, and told Tyler to go ahead and wake them. Tyler approached the bed they were sharing, then leaned down and kissed them both gently on the cheek.

When Tyler gently shook their shoulders, Billy's eyes fluttered open. "Hi Mommy Tyler." said Billy sleepily, with his arms still around Andy.

Then Andy began to wake up too, and said, "Hi Mommy Tyler. Is it okay that Billy and me slept together last night?"

"I think it's wonderful that you and your brother wanted to be close." replied Tyler.

"That's good, because I liked feeling Andy against me when I went to sleep." said Billy, with an impish smile.

"Yeah, it feels really nice to sleep with another boy, especially Billy." said Andy.

"Well, it's sweet that you like each other that much." said Tyler. "Now, get up and ready for breakfast. After breakfast we get to go to the amusement park!"

Both boys squealed with delight as they jumped up, and began getting ready. Within just a few minutes, both boys were waiting impatiently at the kitchen table. Mike made all of his boys, including his boyfriend, a very nice breakfast, then Tyler took them out to his car. Billy and Andy were still small enough that they both fit in the passenger seat together. Then Tyler got in behind the wheel, and took off to Mitch's house. Everyone there had just finished breakfast, as Tyler pulled up in his new car. After a few last minute preparations, Mitch, Reggie, and all of the boys were ready to go. Everyone except Reggie piled into the back of the limo, then Reggie pulled away. Tyler, Andy, and Billy sat on one seat, with Danny and Antonio sitting across from them. In the furthest set of seats from the driver was Mitch, Justin, Brandon, and Peter.

As Reggie drove toward James's house to pick him up, Billy and Andy watched intently as Danny and Antonio kissed passionately. Tyler was looking out the window though, and the two smaller boys noticed that. When Tyler did turn back around, Billy and Andy had their lips pressed together.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Tyler.

"Well,... well,... Uncle Danny and Uncle Antonio looked like they were having a lot of fun." stammered Andy. "We just wanted to see if it was fun."

"Yeah mommy, that's all it really was." added Billy.

"I just love how they call you mommy, Tyler." giggled Danny.

"Yeah, it's really kinda cute." added Antonio.

Tyler tried to shoot Danny and Antonio a glare, but couldn't help but to smile instead. Then he turned back to Andy and Billy and asked, "So, was it fun?"

"Heck yeah, mommy!" answered both boys excitedly.

"Well then, I don't mind if you two do that if you really want to." said Tyler. "We will have to have a talk about things later though. Just make sure you don't kiss each other like that where strangers can see you doing it, okay?"

"Okay mommy!" peeped both boys in unison. Then Billy and Andy resumed kissing each other like they were before.

"Damn, if I didn't know any better, I'd say those two brothers are in love with each other!" said Danny.

"Yeah, it kinda looks that way." replied Tyler. "They slept naked together last night, and they both woke up smiling about it. I guess I'm going to have to talk to Mike about whether or not it's healthy for them to be in love with each other."

"It may only be a phase that they're going through together, seeing as how there are so many gay people around them all the time." said Antonio. "Even if they do grow up to be lovers though, I think it's really kinda cute. I just hope you got pictures of them in bed together though. I'd love to see those!"

"You'll have to ask Mike if it's okay to see the pictures." chuckled Tyler.

By the time Reggie pulled up in front of James's house, Billy and Andy had finished kissing for now. They were still looking at each other quite a bit though, and occasionally licking the tip of each other's tongues and each other's noses. James hopped in the front of the limo with Reggie, and Reggie pulled away from the house. After a few blocks, Reggie pulled over again so he and James could share a passionate kiss. Then they were on their way to the park.

"I wish Antonio and I could have some fun before we get there." Danny said to Tyler.

"Boys, can you handle seeing Uncle Danny and Uncle Antonio making love without it bothering you?" Tyler asked Billy and Andy.

"Yeah mommy, we won't bother them or nothing." replied Andy.

"We can handle it mommy." said Billy.

"I guess you can go ahead and try it." said Tyler to the two older boys.

Danny immediately pulled his pants and shorts down, then laid back against the side of the limo. Billy and Andy kept their promise as they quietly watched Antonio suck Danny's cock. Danny moaned as Antonio lovingly worked at bringing him to an orgasm. When Danny began cumming in Antonio's mouth, Tyler thought the other two boys would have to speak up. Billy and Andy kept their word though, although Tyler could tell that they were bursting with questions. After Danny had been drained, Antonio stripped off his pants and shorts, and the boys once again watched as Antonio's cock went into Danny's mouth. By the time Danny worked Antonio close to an orgasm, Billy and Andy were staring intently and breathing heavily. They continued to stare as Danny began hungrily swallowing Antonio's cum.

"Wow!" was the only thing Billy and Andy could exclaim, once again in unison.

When Danny and Antonio were both redressed, they kissed each other deeply. As the two boys kissed, Tyler asked, "Do you guys have any questions?"

"They really liked having their thingies in each other's mouths, didn't they?" asked Billy.

"Well, Uncle Danny and Uncle Antonio love each other very much, so it feels very good for them to do that with each other." replied Tyler.

"Why did their thingies get so big and hard?" asked Andy.

"When you get older, your thingy does that when something is happening to it that you really like." replied Tyler.

"Did they pee in each other's mouths?" asked Billy. "They both swallowed something that came out of their thingies."

"That wasn't pee though." replied Tyler. "Do you guys remember the talk we all had after you saw my thingy in your daddy's butt?"

"Yeah." answered both boys.

"Then you remember what we said about sperm, and how it is what makes babies," replied Tyler. "That is what Danny and Antonio were swallowing. They were making each other make sperm, and then swallowing it."

"How does sperm taste when you swallow it?" asked Andy.

"If you like the other guy enough, it tastes really nice." replied Tyler.

"Do you and daddy swallow each other's sperms a lot?" asked Billy.

"Your daddy and I love each other very much." replied Tyler. "We do what Uncle Danny and Uncle Antonio did quite a lot, and we love swallowing each other's sperm."

"How come when we saw you and daddy, you had your thingy in daddy's butt?" asked Andy.

"When a guy puts his thingy in another guy's butt and moves it back and forth, that's one way to make love." replied Tyler. "You can also make love by putting your thingy in another guy's mouth, like Danny and Antonio just did. Those are both ways that two guys can make love. You only saw your daddy and I doing it the first way, but we've done it the other way too."

"Can we make sperms yet?" asked Andy.

"You guys are a little too young to be able to do that." replied Tyler. "A boy usually doesn't start making sperm until he's around twelve to fourteen. You guys could play with your thingies all day, and nothing would come out of them unless you had to pee."

"Would it be okay for me and Andy to see what it's like to have our thingies in each other's mouths?" asked Billy.

"I think it would be better for you guys to wait until we can all talk to your daddy about that." replied Tyler. "Your daddy will have a lot of questions for you because you should only do that if you really love the other guy."

"I do love Andy though!" said Billy.

"And I love Billy too!" said Andy.

"You guys are brothers though, you're suppose to love each other." replied Tyler. "The love that it takes for making love is different, and your daddy will want to make sure you love each other that way too."

"Okay, but we want to talk to him when we get home." said Andy.

"Oh look everyone!" said Danny, as he pointed out the window. "There's the park!" Then Danny smiled as he looked at Tyler, and Tyler mouthed the words, "Thank you!"

Mike's wife pulled up in front of their home, and went into a quiet house. Mike was patiently waiting for her in the living room. Then she spotted Mike.

"What the hell do you think you're doing you bastard?!" yelled Mike's wife.

"You're violating a restraining order right now Leslie, so I suggest you shut up and listen!" yelled Mike back. "How long did you think you could get away with having sex with men and women for money without me finding out about it?! Do you honestly think that I'm as stupid as you are?!"

"But honey...." started Mike's wife.

"Don't you dare "but honey" me!" yelled Mike. "I've known you all these years as my wife Samantha, and then I find out that you're also a porn queen named Leslie Star! How the fuck do you think that's suppose to make me feel?! We also have two boys, whom it would kill if they ever found out about all of this. Did you stop for one second to think about that?! Or was the money the only thing that was important to you?"

"Well then, what do we do now?" asked Samantha.

"I'm very glad you asked that." said Mike. "You're going to sign all of those papers you received in New York. You're going to give me an uncontested divorce, and complete custody of Andy and Billy. Then you are going to honor the restraining order against you, and never try to see me or the boys again. You are going to drop completely out of our lives, and hope that those boys never find out who their mother really was!"

Samantha took a swing at Mike, and Mike moved back out of the way. Then she screamed, "How can you do this to me?! I'm going to fight you over this, you bastard!"

"If you fight me over this, all of your fans and business associates will know that your name is Samantha, and you are a mother of two boys!" said Mike. "They will know that you care more about spreading your legs for a dollar than you do about your own children! They will know you for the slut you really are! If you never proclaimed that you loved me, or had two children with me, it would be a different story. If you loved me or the kids though, you never would have done this. So don't try to make it seem like you want to fight this out of any sense of love or motherhood, because nothing could be further from the truth. If you fight me, I will win and your career will come screeching to a halt. My lawyer and I will make damn sure of that!"

Samantha slumped into a chair and put her head in her hands, then said, "Okay Mike, you win. I'll sign the papers and never try to see you or the boys again. I just hope that you're happy with what you've done to me."

"My only hope isn't for either of us, because there is no more us." said Mike. "I just hope that Andy and Billy never find out about this. I hope that their friends at school don't find out someday, and make their lives a living nightmare. I hope they never know the shame that you have tried to cause them. I don't hope anything for you or me, because they mean everything in the world to me. I would sacrifice everything that I have for those two boys, and it's a shame that their mother never felt the same way. Just honor my wish, and let us try to put this behind us."

Samantha knew that Mike was right, and she also knew that she could not give up being Leslie. She cried as she signed the papers, then left them with Mike and quietly walked out the door. Once Samantha was gone, Mike slumped into a chair and cried harder than he ever had before. Thirty minutes later, Eric came up to the door, but no one answered. The door was open though, so Eric went in to make sure that nothing was wrong. Eric saw Mike sitting in the chair crying, and his shirt was wet with tears. Eric picked Mike up and held him tightly, until Mike's tears finally came to a slow stop.

"It's over now." croaked Mike. "The papers are there on the table."

"You know it had to be done Mike." said Eric lightly into Mike's ear.

"I know." agreed Mike. "That's what hurts so much. I did love her once, but she could have hurt the kids so badly with what she did. How can I trust anyone after that?"

"Did you ever once get the feeling that she would sacrifice her life for them Mike?" asked Eric.

"No, that just wasn't her style." replied Mike.

"But you would have, right?" asked Eric.

"I wouldn't even have to think about it Eric." replied Mike.

"Do you know anyone else who would be willing to sacrifice their life for them?" asked Eric.

Mike finally smiled slightly and said, "We're so lucky to have Tyler, aren't we Eric?"

"I'd say you all got pretty lucky there my friend." said Eric, as he patted Mike on the back. "I have Casey out in the car with me. Let me get him in here, and we're going to stay with you until your family gets home, including that beautiful new mate of yours named Tyler."

Everyone had a great time at the park that day. Most of the couples had no problem expressing themselves to each other, and even Reggie and James held hands when no one was looking. They even found a few moments to exchange warm and loving kisses. Tyler caught Andy and Billy kissing once, but didn't say anything to them because they kept it pretty tame, and they weren't where anyone else could see them. The ride home was pretty quiet, with everyone having exhausted all of their energy at the park. Tyler didn't even have the energy to say anything when he caught Billy's hand on Andy's crotch, and vice versa.

"They really are curious now, aren't they?" asked Antonio.

"I guess they are at that!" chuckled Tyler. "We'll talk to their dad when we get home though."

"I kinda hope Mike doesn't have a problem with it." said Danny, as he watched the two younger boys and smiled. "I think they are so incredibly cute together. I almost think they do love each other enough to be boyfriends."

As if on cue, Billy and Andy launched themselves into the most affectionate kiss of the day. Tyler stroked each boy on top of his head and said, "You might be right Danny. They are closer than any two brothers I have ever seen."

By the time the limo got back to Mitch's house, Billy and Andy were leaning against each other and sleeping soundly. Mitch helped carry the sleeping boys to Tyler's car, and strapped them into the passenger's seat together. Before Tyler took off, he reached over and placed the boys' hands back over each other's crotches. The sleeping boys smiled once again as Tyler pulled out to head for home. Once Tyler pulled into the driveway at home, he hoisted a boy over each shoulder. Mike opened the door and smiled at his boyfriend and two sons.

"That's a sight that I'll never grow tired of seeing." said Mike, as he stood aside.

"I might get tired of it though when they get a little bigger!" snickered Tyler. Then as Tyler stepped into the house, he heard giggling coming from both of his shoulders. "Were you two playing asleep?" asked Tyler.

"Yeah, we like it when you carry us over your shoulder mommy." giggled Andy.

Tyler sat the boys down and swatted them both gently on their butts, then wrapped his arms around Mike. Eric walked up as Mike and Tyler shared an erotically passionate kiss.

"I guess Casey and I can leave now that the happy family is together again." chuckled Eric. "You make sure and call me if you need anything Mike, okay?"

"Okay my friend, and thanks for today." replied Mike, after breaking the kiss with Tyler.

"Was it that bad?" asked Tyler.

"Let's just say that I'm glad the boys weren't here babe." replied Mike.

After Eric left, Tyler had Mike have a seat in the living room. Then Tyler called Andy and Billy into the living room too. Then Tyler said to Mike, "I know you've probably already been through a lot today my love, but do you remember how we found the boys this morning?"

"Yeah, it was kind of adorable." replied Mike as he smiled.

"Well, I think there may be a lot more to it than that." said Tyler. "Do you boys want to ask your daddy anything?"

"Daddy, we love each other a lot." said Andy. "We wanted to know if we could do stuff with each other, even though we know we're not old enough to make sperms yet."

"Do you boys know what you're asking?" asked Mike.

"We think so daddy." replied Billy. Billy then placed his arms around Andy, and the two boys began kissing again.

"They discovered what it was like to kiss each other like boyfriends today, and it's just gotten deeper and deeper from there." said Tyler. "They do look like they really have feelings for each other beyond being brothers though. I just don't know how healthy it would be to let them explore their feelings at this point."

"This is one of those really tough calls that parents have to make though Tyler." said Mike. "I'm going to ask them a lot of questions, and really talk to them. I want you to stay here though because you are their mommy now. That's how they feel about you, and I'm going to have you make the decision."

Tyler looked very nervous as Mike talked to the two boys. Mike had quite a few questions for them, and they had almost as many questions for their daddy. Without a doubt though, the two boys wanted to show each other affection. They were eager to see how good they could make each other feel. After an hour, Mike finally stopped asking questions.

"Okay Tyler, you're their mommy now, and for the rest of their lives." said Mike. "What do you say about this? And remember, I reserve the right to overrule you."

"Okay, Billy and Andy." said Tyler. "I think you do have feelings that go a little past being brothers. It almost looks like you look at each other as being two parts of one person. I'm never going to tell you boys who you can and can't love, but I also don't want to see you hurt each other. You're very young, so you don't know how serious sex really is. It can be an expression of love that can't be matched by anything, but if it's done wrong, it can also really hurt the one that you say you love. I know neither of you boys wants to hurt the other. If you really want to do things with each other, then you have to let me and your daddy show you what you can and can't do. Come to our room tonight, and we'll show you what you can do, and tell you what can happen if you do things wrong. Once we're sure that you won't accidentally hurt each other, then you'll be free to make love to each other. Okay?"

"Okay mommy!" replied both boys excitedly.

"I guess we'll go with your idea Tyler." said Mike. "It may be unique, but that's one of the the things I love about you."

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