What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 24

Mike and Tyler took the two boys with them when they got ready to make love that evening. Mike and Tyler got into position on their bed, and began explaining carefully what they were doing as they did it. Andy and Billy watched and listened in fascination. Mike also made sure to explain the love it took to perform certain acts. The boys could see a lot of love between Mike and Tyler too. After Mike and Tyler had covered oral sex as completely as they could, Mike knew that he would have to also explain anal sex. The boys might not be able to perform that act yet, but Mike wanted them to know what to be careful of when they were able to. The boys watched intently as they watched their dad's cock slide gently and carefully into Tyler's butt. Andy and Billy rested on Tyler's hips as they got as close to the action as possible. The sight of the two boys heads resting on his hips, and staring at Mike's cock going in and out of his butt, made Tyler incredibly hard. Billy and Andy would occasionally look at Tyler's cock as it bobbed back and forth on it's own. Billy was the first to reach up and gently stroke Tyler's painfully erect cock. Tyler moaned as he felt first one, then another small hand gently stroke his cock.

"Oh God Tyler, I'm going to cum inside you now my love!" moaned Mike, as he forgot about everything else now.

The two boys left Tyler's cock to concentrate on watching what their dad was doing. They saw Mike's cock visibly pulse as Mike shot his cum deeply into Tyler. Billy and Andy thought that was about the coolest thing they had ever seen until Tyler began to moan. Both boys looked up in time to see Tyler's cock erupt, without anyone touching it at the moment. The boys were entranced by the creamy liquid spurting from the tip of Tyler's jerking cock. When Tyler finished cumming, both boys carefully examined the pearly colored cream on Tyler's stomach and chest.

"You can taste it if you want to." said Tyler. "It won't hurt you to eat it."

"Let me show you how boys." said Mike.

Mike picked out a string of cum that had landed on Tyler's chest, and sensuously licked it off his lover. When the two boys saw their dad swallow Tyler's cum, they were eager to try it themselves. Tyler smiled as he watched the two boys clean the rest of his cum from his body.

Once Tyler had been cleaned off, Mike said, "Now, why don't you boys go to your room and have a little fun with each other. Remember what we taught you, and don't hurt each other."

Billy and Andy scampered off, eager to use what they had learned. The two boys laid down on one bed together, then Billy looked longingly at Andy's dick. Andy watched in anticipation as Billy carefully took his brother's dick into his mouth. As soon as Andy felt Billy's mouth around his dick, Andy gasped loudly.

"Holy shit Billy!" gasped Andy. "That feels better than anything I've ever felt before!"

Billy smiled, even with Andy's dick in his mouth, as he began to mimic what their dad and Tyler had done earlier. Andy and Billy lost all track of time, as Billy lovingly sucked Andy's dick. When Billy finally pulled off, after almost thirty minutes, Andy's dick was beginning to get a little sore. It still felt great though as far as Andy was concerned.

"My dick felt so good while you were sucking it little bro." said Andy. "Now I want to see what it tastes like to suck yours."

"Yours tasted pretty cool." said Billy. "I want to do that again sometime!"

"I think we might have to go to bed after I suck you." replied Andy.

Andy gently rubbed his little brother's body as he slid down the bed, which made Billy smile and giggle. Andy looked at Billy's cute little uncut dick for a few seconds, then touched the head of it with his lips. It felt so good to Billy that he hummed contentedly. Then Andy parted his lips, and slid them over Billy's dick.

"That feels so good that I don't ever want you to stop!" moaned Billy.

"It tastes so good that I don't ever want to stop!" mumbled Andy, not wanting to let go of Billy's dick.

After a few minutes, Billy was writhing around on the bed, having never felt anything that compared to the way it felt to have Andy sucking his dick. After sucking Billy's dick for over ten minutes, Andy switched to sucking his tight little balls. They were each about the size of a small marble, but they felt great to Andy as he gently sucked them. After another ten minutes, Andy returned to sucking Billy's cute little dick. Andy didn't know how long he continued to suck on Billy, but it was longer than Billy had sucked him. Andy finally noticed that Billy had stopped squirming, and when he looked up he noticed that Billy was snoring softly. Andy rested his head on Billy's thigh, and fell asleep with his brother's dick still in his mouth.

When Tyler went in to wake them the next morning, Billy and Andy were still in the same position that they fell asleep in. "They look so beautiful like that!" thought Tyler to himself. "They must really love each other."

Tyler went over to the bed and gently shook both boys as he said, "Hey lover boys, it's Monday morning. Time to get up for school."

"Do we have to mommy." Billy yawned and whined at the same time. "We'd rather stay home today and make love to each other."

"I know with the way you two feel right now you'd love to suck each other all day, but if your daddy and I can't stay home from school and make love, then neither can you." replied Tyler as he smiled. "Now, wake your brother up so you can get your dick out of his mouth and get ready."

The boys finally joined everyone at the breakfast table, and Mike said to Andy, "I hear you and your brother are in love with each other. Is that true?"

"Yes daddy, I love Billy very much, and he loves me too." replied Andy. "We love to make love to each other too."

"There's something else I need to explain to both of you then." said Mike. "You and your brother being in love so much that you have sex together is called incest. I don't mind as long as you boys really love each other, and I believe that you do. A lot of other people in the world though think that incest is wrong, just like they think that boys your age having sex is wrong. I don't mind anything that you two boys do together in this house, but I don't want you to talk about it or do it outside of the house. It could cause trouble for the whole family. Do you little guys understand?"

"Yeah daddy." replied Andy. "We shouldn't have sex, or talk about having sex, or even kiss outside the house, right?"

"That's exactly right son." replied Mike. "Do you understand Billy?"

"Yeah daddy." replied Billy. "If we do, we could get us and you in a lot of trouble. We don't want to do that."

"Good!" said Mike as he smiled, "You two boys finish breakfast and getting ready, and don't forget to kiss before we leave. You won't be able to kiss each other once we leave."

"Okay daddy!" chirped both boys in unison.

When the boys had finished breakfast and getting ready for school, they joined Tyler and Mike near the front door. "Oh wait daddy, I forgot something!" said Andy.

Andy embraced Billy in front of Mike and Tyler, and the two boys gently pressed their lips together. Mike was surprised by the amount of passion that the two little boys put into their kiss, and by how long they could hold their kiss. Tyler thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen, but Mike began nervously looking at his watch. When Mike finally cleared his throat, both boys began giggling madly as they broke their kiss.

There was absolutely nothing about that day that made anyone think it would be anything other than ordinary. The two youngest boys controlled themselves very well at school that day, and the older boys had a great time at the academy, joking around together often. At the end of the school day though, as Mike and Tyler were about to go pick up their boys, and the other boys were about to hop into Justin's limo, a very cold chill rustled though the trees. It was noticeable enough to make Danny shiver.

"Did you dudes feel that?" asked Danny, as he stopped at the door to the limo. "Something doesn't feel right!"

"Do you want me to go home with you tonight Danny?" asked Antonio eagerly. "I'm sure I can make you feel right!"

"I always want you to go home with me, but I was serious dudes!" replied Danny.

"Well, we'll all keep our eyes open on the way to your house Danny." said Justin comfortingly. "Then Antonio can stay to make sure nothing happens. I'm sure his dad won't mind, seeing as how you two are practically married now anyway."

"Thanks, you guys are great." said Danny as he smiled.

The boys then climbed on into the limo. They would normally drop Antonio off first, then Justin would go home as Reggie took Danny on home. Since Antonio was going home with Danny though, the boys all stayed together as they went to Danny's house first. Just before getting to Danny's street, a car pulled out in front of Reggie. Reggie managed to slow the limo down in time to keep from hitting the other car, but then the car stopped dead in front of him. The impact wasn't too hard, but Reggie still needed to make sure the driver of the other car wasn't injured. When Reggie got there, the other driver appeared to be stuck inside his car. While this was going on, the boys did not notice someone sneaking up beside the limo. The trap was so perfectly executed that before Reggie or the boys knew what was happening, a man had climbed behind the wheel of the limo and locked all of the back doors. Then two cars and the limo sped away, leaving Reggie standing helplessly in the middle of the street.

A very shaken Reggie ran to the nearest home and explained why he needed to use the phone. His cell phone was still in the limo, along with his young passengers. Reggie frantically explained to the 911 operator what had happened, and the police were at the scene about ten minutes later. All Reggie could really do was give a good description of the limo and the boys, and of the car and driver that he had collided with. Reggie was so shaken that the police had to give him a ride back to Mitch's house. Then came the hard part. Reggie had to explain to Mitch what had happened so Mitch could call the other parents. By the time Reggie had told Mitch what happened, he was in tears. Mitch held onto Reggie as he told his friend that it wasn't his fault. Then Mitch called Donald and Gus, and told them that the boys had been taken. Mitch was trying hard not to think about it himself, but by this time he was going crazy inside. What had happened to his beloved Justin and his friends? What would happen when Mitch caught the person responsible for this?

The police decided to stay around until they could talk to Gus and Donald, which they would have had to do anyway. Mitch was beginning to think a little more clearly now, and he had a pretty good idea of what happened. Mitch thought to himself, "If anything happened to Justin or the other boys, that bitch would have to die!"

Gus and Donald arrived at Mitch's house in record time. As Donald came in, Mitch pulled him aside and said, "I think Danny's mother may be behind this Donald."

"If she is, I'll personally make her wish she were dead!" replied Donald.

Then Mitch and Donald went to the police officer with their suspicions. The officer promised that he would have Danny's mother checked out immediately. Five minutes later, the officer came back and told the men that Danny's mother was not at her mansion, and no one seemed to know where she was.

The boys had been blindfolded on the way to where the men were taking them. Once they got there, and all of the boys had been tied up inside a plain and vacant room, the man that they had already seen removed their blindfolds.

"What's going on you asshole!" screamed Danny. "When we get loose, you'll wish you had never seen us!"

"Well then, it's a good thing you'll never get loose the way I tied you up." chuckled the man. "Anyway, my job with you is done and if I'm lucky, I'll never see you again."

The man then left the boys alone in the room. The boys could still hear him in the other room though, and it sounded like there were other men still with him. It sounded like they were waiting for someone to show up, but the boys couldn't tell who.

"W-w-what's happening?" stuttered Justin, in fear.

"I don't know dude." replied Danny. "I think I might have an idea why though."

"We have to try to get out of here guys." added Antonio.

Just then the door to the room opened slowly, and Danny exclaimed, "Mom?! What the fuck do you think you're doing???"

Danny's mother saw the three boys tied up in the room, and slammed the door as she stomped back into the other room. "What the fuck is wrong with you morons?" yelled Danny's mom at the men in the other room. "I told you to pick up Danny! I didn't tell you to bring everyone else with him. Can't you dumb asses follow the simplest instructions?!"

"What were we suppose to do with them?" asked the man who stole Mitch's limo. "We watched them all last week, and Danny should have been alone. We aren't going to kill kids in cold blood just because they're no use to you!"

"You're in this as deep as I am now, and you're going to do anything I tell you to!" snapped Danny's mom. "It's too late now though, they're already here. I guess the next time I hire someone for something like this, I'll have to give them an IQ test first!" Then Danny's mom turned and went back to the other room. "Now Danny, you thought you could do whatever you want, but I'm going to teach you who's in charge. I got custody of you for a very good reason young man, and if you cooperate, you may save your little friends from some unnecessary pain."

Danny wasn't about to take any more shit from the bitch who called herself his mother. "The only fucking reason you got custody of me was to help your own fucking career!" screamed Danny. "You have never cared about me, only about yourself. You don't even have the slightest fucking idea who I am! The only reason you got custody of me is because you lied your worthless fucking ass off when you went to court! That's how you handle everything mother, you lie your ass off! At least dad doesn't do that though. Dad cares about me, and he knows who I am. Dad knows that I'm gay, and he'll support me one hundred percent!"

Danny's mother drew back and slapped him hard enough to turn the side of his face red, then screamed, "You are not any kind of faggot! Do you hear me you lousy little shit?! If you say that again, I'll make sure it's the last time!"

"Leave my boyfriend alone, you bitch!" yelled Antonio.

Danny's mother glared at Antonio, and Antonio braced himself for a blow from her. That blow never came though. Instead, Danny's mother turned around and left the room. She had to think for a while. How could things have become so complicated? Why did Danny insist on ruining her life? She couldn't deal with this right now, so she left to go to her getaway place. After telling the men she hired to stay there and make sure the boys didn't get away, she left the building.

"I'm so sorry you guys." said Danny sadly. "I got both of you into this shit, and now she's gone off the deep end. I wouldn't blame you if you both hated my guts right now."

"How can you talk like that babe?" asked Antonio. "I love you more now than I ever have!"

"We're always going to be with you Danny." said Justin. "It isn't your fault that your mom belongs in a psych ward. Maybe her studio can put her in a remake of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."

Danny almost smiled as he said, "Thanks dude. I don't know what I did to deserve friends like you. I just hope she doesn't hurt either of you two."

"Don't worry dude." replied Justin. "If I know Mitch, he's already hired the national guard to find us."

The boys all then began to check the ropes that bound their hands again, trying to find a way to get loose. The boys struggled hard, but finally figured out that they were tied up too tightly to free themselves. Meanwhile, Mitch and the other two worried fathers were discussing what to do. Reggie was wracked with guilt, and sobbed heavily on his bed as Brandon consoled him.

"I know the cops want us to let them handle this, but these are our sons we're talking about." said Mitch. "We have to do something."

"I agree, Mitch." said Donald. "We can't let that evil bitch get away with this! I'm going to call a good friend at her studio. He owes me a favor from the divorce, and it's time to call it in. I'll have her dismissed from the studio by the end of the night, then we need to find a way to find her. I want to be the one to tear her apart."

"Let's hope that this doesn't come to violence Donald, for our boys sake." said Mitch. "If anything happened to Justin though, you'd have to get to her before I could kill her."

"We know from what Reggie said that there were quite a few people involved in this." said Gus. "How much do you think it would take to make one of them rat the others out?"

"To get my Justin back would be worth every last penny I have." replied Mitch emotionally.

"Let's get Eric over here then!" said Donald. "He may have a way that we can flush these people out, and still see them all where they belong! Then it wouldn't cost you a penny."

The men waited for Eric to come over, then discussed how to make one of the kidnappers greedy enough to foil the entire plot. Eric called the district attorney, and a friend of his who was a lieutenant with the police. If they were going to try to set a trap for the kidnappers, Eric wanted to make sure it would be legal and that all of the kidnappers would be put in prison. The district attorney listened to Eric's plan, and assured him that it would not be considered entrapment. The police lieutenant pledged his complete cooperation in capturing everyone involved in the disappearance of the three boys. The banks were closed by this time though, so they would have to wait for morning to set their trap.

Danny, Antonio, and Justin had a bad night that night. No one had fed them or given them water, and their pleas to use the bathroom were ignored by whoever was in the next room. By morning, all three boys had soiled themselves, and didn't get much sleep from being tied up.

"These people are going to pay big time when this is over." said a weary Justin.

"Dude, I think I have to poop." said Antonio.

"You've already peed on yourself, haven't you?" asked Justin. "I know Danny and I have already."

"Yeah, I couldn't hold it either." replied Antonio shamefully.

"There isn't any reason to be ashamed Antonio." said Danny. "The three of us are very close, and it's not like we had any choice. I say if you have to poop, go right ahead. Maybe we can stink these bastards out!"

After Antonio's bowels had finished moving, the boys could definitely smell the mess they had been making in their pants. After a few minutes of consoling each other, the boys heard Danny's mother enter the other room. She sounded very upset this morning. The boys didn't know it, but her studio had released her from her contract under very unfavorable conditions. The boys heard the doorknob turn, but all Danny's mother could stand doing was barely peeking into the room. She immediately closed the door and began screaming.

"What the fuck is wrong with you retarded idiots?!" screamed Danny's mother. "Who's fucking idea was it to let them use the toilet on themselves??? Do you men need someone to think for you?"

The men that Danny's mother had hired were really beginning to hate her, and were now regretting what they had done. The leader of the men said, "They must have done that while we were home sleeping."

"What?!" exclaimed Danny's mother in a rage. "You left them here alone last night?! So help me, if you men fuck this up, I'll have you all killed! Now I have to think of what to do with those other two boys. I don't need them, and their presence here could cause all of us to get caught. I just need to think of some way to dispose of them."

After Danny's mother had left, one of the men said, "She's fucking crazy boss! I say we turn those boys loose and disappear somewhere!"

"Like it or not, we're just as involved in this as she is." replied the leader. "If she goes down, we go down. There won't be anyplace we would be able to hide then."

"You can't tell me that you agree with her plan to kill two of those boys!" said the man who was losing his nerve. "Those boys are so young and innocent. They didn't do anything to deserve this!"

"I don't like the idea any more than you do, but what can we do?" asked the leader. "The only other choice we would have would be to kill her, and pray that the boys can forgive us for what we did enough to help keep us out of prison."

"I'd much rather kill her than any of those sweet looking boys." said the other man.

In the meantime, Mitch had visited his bank. After a few hours, they had been able to come up with enough cash to fill a large suitcase with five million dollars. Now Mitch, Donald, and Gus were about to go in front of the TV cameras, and go public with their trap.

As the cameras began rolling, Mitch said, "Hello everyone, My name is Mitch Gordon, and these are my two good friends Donald and Gus. Our three wonderful sons have been kidnapped, and this message is directed at the kidnappers. This suitcase we have with us is filled with five million dollars." Mitch held the suitcase up so the cameras could get a good shot of it, then continued, "This money will be paid to you upon the safe return of our sons. We know who hired you to do this, and she no longer has a job with her studio. She may not be able to pay you for what you did for her, but be assured, I can more than pay for the safe return of the three boys. All we are interested in is the woman who hired you, and having our boys safely home where they belong. Please do not harm them, and let them come home to us. That's all we ask for. Please, we want our sons back."

By the time the cameras stopped, Mitch and the other two men were close to crying. All they could do now was hope the kidnappers were watching, and that they would take the bait. No one else knew it, but Mitch felt it would be worth five million dollars to have Justin back, and to put Danny's mother behind bars.

I guess the Ice Queen doesn't fool around, does she? She does need to learn how to treat others though. How much more will her henchmen take before they turn on her? Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 25.