What A Gas!

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

by tim

Chapter 25

There were times when Bernie Sharpes hated his job. He could never figure out why he got into this line of work, especially at times like this. He really did like people, and hated having to hurt anyone. Now though, the woman who hired him and his associates wanted them to kill two boys. The leader of the group acted like he could actually go through with it, but Bernie didn't know now. He thought the boys were all very good looking, and felt an urge to protect them. Then Bernie glanced at his television and saw pictures of the three boys who were tied up in the next room. He saw the boy's fathers almost crying, and offering anything to get their sons back.

"Damn it!" shouted Bernie under his breath. "I hate this shit! I ain't no damn killer, and I can't do what that crazy fucking bitch wants!"

Bernie checked to make sure his associates were still out, then went over to the room were the three boys were tied up. By this time, the boys wreaked from the smell of urine and excrement. Bernie gently shook each boy awake, and motioned for them to be quiet. "If you boys want to live and get back home, you have to come with me now. Danny's mother wants us to kill the other two, and she may not be happy with that."

Bernie untied the boys, then all four of them snuck quietly from the abandoned store they had been hidden in. Bernie got the boys into his car, then had them lay on the floor. Once they were away, Danny said, "I thought you were suppose to be some really evil killer or something."

"Not me." replied Bernie. "There are certain things I just can't do, and harming you sweet kids is one of them. Would any of you like to get cleaned up before I take you home?"

"Sure." replied Justin. "It would be great to go home smelling nice, instead of like this. Aren't you afraid of going to prison when you take us home though?"

"I've been there before boys, and there are much worse things." said Bernie. "Living with myself if anything happened to you boys would be worse than any prison could be. But just so you boys know, no one was suppose to get hurt. The guy that planned this with Danny's mother screwed things up, and put all of you boys in the middle of this. There was never any way I could let anything happen to you boys though."

"Thanks Bernie, you're not too bad for a mobster." giggled Justin.

"What were you in prison for before?" asked Antonio.

"I was caught laundering money for my bosses." said Bernie. "That's when you take illegally obtained money, and make it so it can't be traced. It wasn't for anyone really bad though, but it was just after 9/11 and the feds were really cracking down. Luckily I didn't get convicted on as much as I could have, and only spent two years in the pen."

"Why can't you just find something legal to do for a living Bernie?" asked Justin.

"I guess it was just easier to get into what I was doing than to get out." replied Bernie. "I really wish I could though, especially after this. Things almost got way out of hand this time."

"I'll see if my dad can help you then Bernie." said Justin. "I know he'll be happy that you helped us."

"You're a really sweet kid." said Bernie as he smiled. "All of you boys are really sweet kids. I'm glad we're away from those people back there."

The boys continued to talk to the man who saved them, as Bernie took the boys back to his safe house. None of his associates knew about this small house that Bernie used when he just wanted to disappear, and the boys would be the first visitors he had ever had there. Once there, Bernie showed the boys where they could get cleaned up, then collected all of their clothes to be washed thoroughly. After the boy's clothes were in the dryer, Bernie went to his sofa to sit down. He expected the boys to finish cleaning up, then come back into the living room wrapped in towels. Bernie was shocked by what happened next.

Justin came into the living room wearing nothing but a smile, and sat down next to Bernie. He was followed a few minutes later by an equally naked Danny and Antonio. Justin moved onto Bernie's lap, while Danny and Antonio sat on either side of him.

"Why don't you boys have a towel around you or something?" asked a nervous Bernie.

"We just thought we would wait for our clothes." giggled Justin.

"Besides, we wanted to do something nice for our hero." said Antonio as he smiled.

"Don't get us wrong Bernie, Antonio and I love each other very much, and Justin is just as much in love with his uncle." said Danny. "We could tell that you would appreciate a little attention though, and you did save our lives."

"I,... I don't know what you boys are talking about." stammered Bernie unconvincingly.

"Then this is just a coincidence?" asked Justin, as he gently felt Bernie's stiff cock through his pants. "There's nothing wrong with liking boys like that Bernie. My uncle and I are great lovers. It can be very beautiful if you find the right boy."

Danny took one of Bernie's trembling hands, and placed it on Justin's cock. Then he took Bernie's other hand and placed it on his own, while Justin freed Bernie's cock from his pants. Antonio then stood up and gently rubbed his cock across Bernie's face. Bernie opened his mouth slightly, then felt Antonio's cock slip gently inside his mouth. Danny kept Bernie's hand from stroking his cock too fast, because he knew that he would cum first anyway. Justin was content to enjoy Bernie's pace on his own cock though, as he erotically caressed Bernie's cock. Meanwhile, Bernie was now fully enjoying his first taste of a boy's cock in his mouth. It had been something that he had fantasized about before, but he never thought that it would ever happen to him. Antonio moaned lightly as he could tell that Bernie liked what he was doing very much.

In just a few moments, Danny's cum began shooting up over Bernie, Justin, and Antonio. Bernie couldn't believe how good Danny's warm cum felt as it splattered against them, and ran down his hand that was clenched around Danny's cock. After a few more moments, Bernie himself began shooting his cum up and into Justin's lap. Most of Bernie's cum landed where he was gently stroking Justin's cock. Justin moaned as he felt Bernie rubbing his cum into his throbbing erection, and then Justin could no longer hold back his orgasm. As Justin shot his cum up onto Bernie's chest, Antonio's cock began to spurt it's load into Bernie's mouth. Bernie swallowed the sweet cum from Antonio's cock, as Antonio gently caressed the back of Bernie's head. Then Bernie and the boys cuddled together as they relaxed after their orgasms.

"I can't believe how great that felt!" gasped Bernie. "You boys are the most beautiful beings I have ever met, and it has been an honor to know and help you."

"Well, maybe we can help you find a special boy, just for you." offered Justin. "After what you did for us, you deserve it."

"If your parents don't have me sent to prison again." replied Bernie. "Even if they do though, it was worth it to get to know you boys. Now, by the time you get cleaned up again, your clothes should be dry. I really should get you boys home now."

Each of the boys gave Bernie a soft kiss on the cheek, then Danny said, "We'll make sure that they know how you helped us, and that you're different than those others, including my mom."

"We won't let them send you to prison Bernie." said Justin. "You saved our lives."

"You stood up for us, and we'll stand up for you Bernie." added Antonio. "You're our friend forever now."

Bernie was so touched by the boys, that a single tear formed in his eye. Never in his life had anyone cared about him this much before, and now he knew he would never be the same as before. "I couldn't ask for better friends!" croaked Bernie. "Now, lets get you guys home where you belong."

The boys got cleaned up again and dressed, then they went with Bernie to the car. Bernie was now ready to accept whatever fate awaited him for what he had done. Justin gave Bernie directions to his house, and in about thirty minutes they were there. Bernie was nervous about returning the boys, but they begged him to go to the door with them. Justin rang the doorbell, and a few seconds later, Mitch threw the door open.

"My baby boy!" screamed Mitch. "You're okay! I was so afraid that I had lost you!"

"You might have if it hadn't been for our friend Bernie." replied Justin, as Mitch smothered him in a hug.

After a moment, Mitch gave Justin a chance to breathe as the other boys were reunited with their dads, and asked, "Who is Bernie?"

"Bernie is one of the mobsters that Danny's mom hired to kidnap us." replied Justin. "He wasn't like the others though. When Danny's mom said that she wanted Antonio and me killed, Bernie snuck us away and took us to his place. She would have killed us if it hadn't been for Bernie."

Mitch walked over to the strange man and looked at him warily. "I can't say that I'm happy with you for having anything to do with kidnapping my boy, but I'm glad you came to your senses and helped him get away from Danny's mother. Do you have anything to say?"

"I don't blame you for feeling the way you do." said Bernie. "I'm very ashamed of what I set out to do. You and these other men have three very special boys though, and I had to help them when I found out what that crazy bitch wanted to do. I'm glad I was able to help them and get to know them, and I'm ready to accept whatever you want to do about me. Just trust me that there was no way that I would let her or my associates hurt any of those wonderful boys of yours, and I'm a better person now for having known them. When I get out of prison this time, I swear that I will change my life to undo some of the things that I have done wrong in the past."

"Bernie really has changed Uncle Mitch." said Justin. "Please don't have him sent to prison. I would trust him with my life now, because he has already saved it once."

Mitch looked at Bernie again and said, "Thanks for bringing my boy home safe Bernie. What happens to you now is completely up to you. I want Danny's mom to pay, and I want you to cooperate with the authorities on this. That means that you may have to go against your associates too, but I'm mainly concerned with seeing her in prison for a very long time. If you do that, then you have earned your freedom, and the reward that was offered for the safe return of the boys."

"It would be an honor for me to do the right thing for once in my life." replied Bernie. "These boys are so wonderful that I would do it without the reward."

Mitch then called Eric, the police, and the county prosecutor. Mitch convinced them that Bernie would cooperate, but the prosecutor advised Bernie to let him know where he was at all times anyway. Eric then talked to the prosecutor about a deal for Bernie, while they waited for warrants to be issued for Danny's mother and the rest of her henchmen. Until everyone had been picked up by the police, Mitch, Donald, and Gus decided it would be best to wait at Mitch's house. Then Mitch approached Bernie again.

"There is one more thing that I need you to do Bernie." said Mitch. "My chauffeur Reggie was in charge of the boys when they were snatched. This whole thing has left him pretty devastated, even though I just told him that the boys are back now. He feels like he failed my family, and he's having a hard time with that. I need you to apologize to him for what happened. I don't know what his reaction might be, but we need our friend to know that this wasn't his fault."

"I'm afraid I know what his reaction might be." replied Bernie. "I was driving the car that forced him to stop. I deserve whatever happens because of this though, so I guess I better talk to him."

Bernie went to Brandon and Reggie's room, and was gone for quite a while. Reggie's response when he first saw the man who drove the car that had stopped him was to knock Bernie down with a punch to the face. Bernie slowly picked himself up off the floor, then waited for Reggie to hit him again.

"I don't blame you for that Reggie." said Bernie, as he rubbed his now swelling eye. "If you want to hit me again, go ahead. I deserve much worse."

Reggie did draw back, then looked at the man who was obediently waiting for Reggie's next blow to his head. Reggie couldn't hit him again though. Instead he cried out, "Why?! Why would anyone do what you did?!"

"There isn't any excuse for what I did Reggie." replied Bernie. "I have spent my whole life learning how to be a criminal, and it finally got to the point where it got carried away. I hope that it's not too late for me to change though. I just want you to know that what happened wasn't your fault. My former associates and I have probably had a lot more training in kidnapping someone than you have ever had in preventing it. I'm very ashamed that we trapped you the way we did, and I'd like to make it up to you."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Reggie.

"I could show you what everyone in your position should know to keep things like this from happening again." replied Bernie. "There are things you could have done that would have stopped us from doing what we did, and I owe it to you to show you what to do if anything like this happens again. I don't ever expect us to be friends after what I did, but I'd like the chance to make it up to you."

"Okay Bernie, you have a deal." said Reggie. "I don't ever want to let Mitch down like this again."

"I have some more news for you Reggie." said Bernie. "Mitch and his family love you very much. As far as he's concerned, you didn't let him down. He's concerned that you were just as much a victim as everyone else here. I wish that I'd had people who care about me as much as he does about you and your son."

After Reggie gave Bernie a brief hug for his last comment, Bernie went back out to the living room. Mitch offered Bernie an ice pack for his eye, and Justin immediately jumped up to get it. About an hour later, Mitch's phone rang. The police were calling to tell Mitch that Danny's mother had been picked up at the airport while trying to leave town under her first stage name.

Tyler went straight to Mitch's house after school, after he had heard that his friends had been found and were okay. Tyler didn't want to go to school that day, and neither did Mike, but Mike had to and he convinced Tyler to as well. Tyler asked Justin and Antonio if they would be able to play in the game tonight, which Justin and Antonio had forgotten about. The game tonight was to clinch a spot in the state playoffs, and even though Justin and Antonio were exhausted, they wanted to be there if they were absolutely needed.

Everyone headed out to the academy, and Justin and Antonio joined their team in the locker room as they were almost ready to go out. The entire team's mood brightened incredibly when their teammates walked into the locker room, and Mike gave the two boys a very warm and tight hug. Mike tried to let Justin and Antonio sit tonight's game out, but the score was tied with less than five minutes left.

"Let Justin and me go into the game coach!" begged Antonio. "We have enough to give you five minutes."

Mike looked at the two pleading boys for a moment, and called for a substitution. The field house erupted when Antonio and Justin went into the game. Justin and Antonio were played hard by the opponents, and were giving the game every ounce of energy that they had. With one minute left, Antonio fired a pass to Justin, who was immediately covered by the other team. Justin saw Antonio move in closer though, so he fired the ball right back to his friend. As soon as Antonio took the pass, he fired the ball hard toward the net. A thunderous applause went up when Antonio's shot went into the net to score. The other team quickly tried to mount an attack, but time ran out before they could tie the game. As soon as the final buzzer sounded, the entire team lifted Justin and Antonio into the air.

Justin was almost in tears as he was carried into the locker room by his teammates. At the beginning of the school year, Justin was a runaway who had nothing to look forward to. Then he took a chance on a stranger in a gas station. Now he was surrounded by friends and family that were worth more than he could have ever imagined, and he was considered a hero by his school. Justin could have never imagined life being this great so soon after running away from his abusive mother.

Antonio hugged his friend and said, "You deserve this kind of life more than anyone I've ever known Justin. You're one of the greatest dudes I've ever known."

When the locker room was finally cleared, everyone went back to Mitch's house to celebrate. The first thing Mitch and Justin did when everyone had gathered at Mitch's house was to take each other in a passionate embrace in front of everyone. Justin pressed his lips against Mitch's, and dove his tongue into Mitch's mouth. Justin's and Mitch's friends witnessed one of the most erotic and love filled kisses they had ever seen before.

After a five minute kiss, Mitch backed away slowly and grabbed Justin's erection through his pants. Then Mitch declared to everyone, "This will have to wait until later, when we can make love alone."

Everyone in the room cheered for the two lovers, then the celebration began. Bernie felt a little out of place there, until Mitch and Justin did everything they could to make him feel welcome. Then Mitch made an announcement that finally did just that.

"I need everyone's attention please." said Mitch. "The greatest day I could have ever imagined was when a troubled young man came into my life. I did immediately fall in love with Justin, but the feelings I got from helping a young boy in trouble were just as wonderful to me. I want to help even more boys who need it now, and I've just bought a large estate that will help me do just that. I know that my nephew and lover also shares my desire to help other troubled boys, and he's told me that he wants to do this too. I've already asked Reggie and Brandon both to work for us, managing the estate and transportation. I'm hoping that Eric will help out by being our legal counsel for the home, and I also hope that our newest friend will accept a position in providing security for the home. What do you say Bernie? Are you really ready to turn your life around?"

"I don't know what to say Mitch!" said Bernie, as he was nearly in tears. "It would be more of an honor than I deserve to help you with this. I promise that I will do everything that I can from now on to provide a safe environment for your family and the boys you take in."

"I'm glad you accepted Mitch's offer." said Reggie. "It was my idea after what you told me earlier. I'm sorry about the black eye."

"Don't worry about it Reggie." replied Bernie with a smile. "I deserved a hell of a lot more than just a black eye. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had been mad enough to kill me."

"Fortunately I'm just not a killer." chuckled Reggie.

Everyone talked and laughed until late into the night, grateful for how everything had turned out, and excited about Mitch's plans. The estate Mitch had bought was closer to Valencia Hills, where Mitch wanted to send any boy who wanted to go. It would have enough room to house Mitch and Justin, the staff and their family, and up to twenty boys. Mitch thought that would be a good start, but Justin knew that the home would fill up way too quickly. Justin felt they could find twenty boys who weren't too far gone to help in a matter of a few hours on the streets. In any event, they would find out in just two weeks. By then the home would be ready, and Mitch would have a license to run a shelter for young boys.

That night, after everyone had gone home, Mitch and Justin went to their bed together. Mitch got Justin into the room and said, "I want you to stop right there, and not move another muscle for the rest of the night. From that point right there, I will take care of every move you make. I want to worship the reason that my life is as wonderful as it is right now."

"But what if I need to use the bathroom?" asked Justin as he grinned.

"I will carry you there, and clean you afterward." replied Mitch.

"I think I'm going to like this a lot!" replied Justin eagerly.

Mitch then picked Justin up, and carried him gently to the bed. Mitch began undressing the boy, and soon had Justin completely naked before laying him back on the bed. Once Mitch was naked as well, he joined Justin on the bed. Mitch ran his hands softly over Justin's smooth body, and his hard little cock. Justin moaned very softly at the touch of Mitch's hands. After Mitch thoroughly caressed Justin for several minutes, he lowered his mouth down over Justin's cock. Mitch sucked lovingly on the cock of the boy he loved more than life itself. He didn't want to suck too hard though, because he wanted Justin to be hard for as long as possible. Mitch continued to suck Justin slowly for the next ten to fifteen minutes, as Justin moaned very lowly. Finally Justin's cock was throbbing to the point where he could no longer hold back. Justin shouted out in ecstasy as he shot his cum into Mitch's mouth, and Mitch hungrily swallowed every drop he could.

As soon as Justin had been drained, Mitch lifted his legs into the air. Mitch lapped at Justin's pucker lovingly with his tongue for a few minutes, then took a tube of lube and lubed Justin's pucker thoroughly. Once that was done, Mitch lubed his cock to prepare it for Justin. Justin smiled as Mitch lifted Justin's ankles up to his shoulders. Then Mitch placed the head of his cock at Justin's hole and slowly pushed it into Justin. Justin grunted contentedly as he felt Mitch's erection push deeply into him. Once Mitch was all the way in, he began using long and slow strokes on his boy. Justin's rectum clenched eagerly at Mitch's cock as it slid in and out of him, and Mitch began panting heavily after a few minutes. As Mitch's cock erupted deeply inside Justin, Justin shot another orgasm over his own smooth chest and stomach. Once Mitch's orgasm finally ended, he slowly removed his cock from Justin, accompanied by the familiar "pop." Then Mitch leaned down and cleaned Justin's second orgasm from the boy with his tongue.

Once Justin was clean, he said, "That was great Mitch! I do think I need to use the bathroom now though."

Mitch smiled as he got up and picked Justin up off the bed. Mitch carried Justin to the bathroom, and set his boy down on the toilet. Mitch's cum came back out into the bowl, mixed with a good amount of Justin's poop. When Justin's bowels had been emptied, Mitch stood the boy up and leaned him over slightly. Mitch lovingly cleaned Justin's butt until it was spotless, then he carried the boy back to their bed. After Mitch laid down with Justin, he took Justin into a protective embrace. The two kissed passionately for a minute, then fell asleep in each other's arms.

I hope this chapter was worth the wait. After I tie up the details with Mitch and Justin's current status, I will end What A Gas! Then I will continue the story with What A Gas! 2. Hopefully there will not be much of a wait between two books, but I also need to work on a more commercial novel that I'm working on. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 26.