What A Gas!

By tim

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 3

In their rush to make love to each other, Mitch forgot to give Justin his little surprise. As soon as they got out of the shower and Mitch cleaned the bed, Mitch took Justin back downstairs.

Mitch pointed to all the boxes in the living room and said, "Do you know what that is baby?"

"It looks like a computer system." replied Justin. "Is there something wrong with yours?"

"No, my system works just fine." replied Mitch. "I actually got this one for you baby. Mine is set up to do all my programming work on, so I wanted you to have one in case you needed to use a computer."

"Dude!" exclaimed Justin. "No one has ever gotten me anything like this before. My mother has always been so drunk, that Christmas's and birthdays were always just another day. At least my last birthday was spent on the streets so it didn't hurt so much when nobody remembered it."

"Well then happy birthday my baby boy!" replied Mitch. "Just consider this a make-up present for all those times you were forgotten, and remember that I'll never let that happen again."

"You know that I'm happy that you bought me all this stuff today Mitch," said Justin, "but you know that you didn't have to."

"I know I didn't have to baby." said Mitch. "I did it because I love you and I wanted you to be happy, so I guess it worked."

Justin threw his arms around Mitch and gave the man a hard kiss. "I love you too dude." said Justin. "I never knew that love could feel this good."

"That's because it is real love Justin." said Mitch. "Real love is suppose to feel better than anything in the world. I hope I can always make you feel that way, so if I ever don't, please let me know immediately."

Justin smiled an angelic smile and said, "You got a deal dude." Then Justin kissed Mitch on the lips again.

When the pair broke the kiss Mitch said, "You love to kiss, don't you?"

"I've always wanted to meet a guy who loved me so much that he would love to put his face against mine, and let me feel his lips with mine." replied Justin. "I guess now I can't get enough of kissing you."

The pair spent the rest of the evening setting up the new computer, then Mitch checked Justin out to see that he wouldn't have any problems with it. Justin actually turned out to know quite a bit about computers, even though he had never owned one before. Justin explained that he learned quite a bit by using the computers at school, and talking to a few guys online.

Finally the first day came to an end, and Mitch and Justin went back upstairs to go to bed.

"So," asked Justin, "where do you want me to sleep?"

"That's a silly question," replied Mitch, "I assumed you would sleep with me."

"But dude, what if I have another accident?" asked Justin. "I'm sure you wouldn't want me to pee on you while we slept."

"Let me tell you one more time baby," replied Mitch, "I love you and want to have you near me. It doesn't matter to me if you have a problem controlling your bladder, that will never make me love you any less. You are my sweet little angel, and if you do have an accident we will just clean it up and go right back to bed together. If you pee on me I will still love you as much as ever, so there's no use worrying about that until it happens." Then Mitch held Justin softly in his arms.

When they parted Justin said, "I will try as hard as I can not to pee on you Mitch. I love you so much dude."

Before going to bed, Mitch took Justin to the bathroom to see if the boy could pee before going to bed. Justin said he thought he might have to, but nothing came out of his beautiful little dick. Mitch told Justin to wait by the toilet, then returned a minute later with a slender, round, nine inch piece of rubber that was rounded on one end.

"What's that?" asked Justin.

"It's an anal probe." replied Mitch. "I'm going to insert this into you and stimulate your prostate, to see if that makes you pee again."

"Cool!" exclaimed Justin.

Mitch had Justin bend over slightly, while he put some K-Y on the probe. Then Mitch gently inserted the probe into Justin, and aimed it at the boy's prostate. Within seconds Mitch heard the sound of Justin's pee splashing into the toilet, so Mitch continued the pressure on his prostate until the pee stopped. Mitch then removed the probe and carefully cleaned Justin's butt. When Mitch turned Justin around, the boy was near to tears.

"I'm sorry baby, did I hurt you?" asked Mitch.

"No," croaked Justin, "it's just that no one has ever cared enough about me to do anything like that for me."

As Justin began crying, Mitch took the boy into his arms and said, "Those days are over my little angel. I love you so much that I'll do anything I need to for you."

Mitch then guided Justin back to the bed and laid the boy down. Then Mitch climbed into the bed and held Justin in his arms until the boy drifted off to a peaceful sleep. As Justin slept, a beautiful grin crept across his face.

"You sleep well my little angel." whispered Mitch softly. Then he kissed the boy lightly on his forehead, and drifted off himself.

The next morning Justin woke up in an exuberant mood. The boy was beyond happy that he didn't have an accident during the night. As soon as Mitch woke up, he joined Justin in his celebration. Of course the celebration included a long and passionate kiss. After Justin went to use the toilet, Mitch had the still naked boy lay down on the bed. Then Mitch gently put his lips around Justin's dick, and began sucking the boy lovingly.

"Oh Mitch!" cooed Justin while his dick hardened in Mitch's mouth. "I'm going to love living with you. I've always wanted to live with a guy that I could make love to all the time. Please make my little dick feel good."

Mitch massaged Justin's dick with his tongue, especially the head, then began sucking the boy's dick like a lollipop. After a few minutes, Mitch reached down with his tongue and drew Justin's balls into his mouth too. Each of Justin's balls were the size of an unshelled almond, and completely hairless. Mitch loved the way they felt in his mouth along with Justin's dick.

Justin now had what he had wanted for the past six months, a man who would make gentle love to him and never let him be hurt again. This caused Justin to be more sexually aroused than he had ever been in his life, and caused him to begin approaching his orgasm after only a few more minutes.

"Mitch!" panted Justin. "My boy juice is going to squirt into your mouth soon. You love the taste of my sweet cum, don't you?"

Mitch nodded his head yes, as he was not about to let Justin's beautiful little dick out of his mouth yet. Mitch continued sucking his boy's dick, as he felt Justin begin to buck underneath him. Mitch knew that in just a few more seconds his boy would be feeling great from a morning orgasm, and he would be treated to his boy's delicious cum. Mitch savored the taste in his mouth, as Justin released his load into the man. Mitch sucked hard until no more would come from Justin's dick. Then Mitch bathed his tongue in the load that he had not swallowed yet, while coating the inside of his mouth with Justin's sweet cum. Finally, as Mitch was becoming drunk from Justin's cum in his mouth, he swallowed the load so it could become a part of himself.

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I love drinking your cum Justin." said Mitch. "If I had a quart of it, I would gulp it all down without stopping. It's a taste that I can't imagine living without anymore."

"I know what you mean." moaned Justin softly, as he recovered from his orgasm. "Now it's my turn."

Then Justin rolled over onto Mitch, and took Mitch's cock into his mouth. The boy sucked as much of Mitch's cock as he could, and within minutes Mitch was nearing his orgasm.

"I'm sorry I can't last long my angel." moaned Mitch. "I almost cummed taking your load in my mouth."

Justin didn't care though, as long as he made Mitch feel good. That was the most important thing to Justin now. Justin swallowed quickly as Mitch shot his cum into the boy's mouth. When the orgasm slowed down Justin sucked hard on the head of Mitch's cock, trying to get every drop that he could from Mitch. Then the pair found their way into each other's arms.

After several minutes Mitch said, "As much as I would love to lay here naked with you all day, we have some things to do today. I'm also working on something on my computer."

"Oh yeah!?!" exclaimed Justin. "What are you working on dude?"

"Well," said Mitch, "I picked up a virtual reality headset that projects ninety degrees above your head, and one hundred and eighty degrees around your head. Then I wrote a program to go along with it. It's a coaster simulation because that seemed like the most feasible thing to do. Now I'm trying to program everything so that the headset will work on a PC, but it seems to want to give me fits."

"Wow!" said Justin. "That sounds really cool. I've never even been on a coaster before, so I hope you get the bugs worked out of it."

"Don't tell me," said Mitch, "your mother and her boyfriends were always too drunk to take you to any parks?"

"You're really starting to understand her, dude." laughed Justin.

"Well then," said Mitch, "I guess we're going to have to take care of that situation too. Would you like to run up to Magic Mountain tomorrow, or over to Vegas. They don't have as much in Vegas, but what they do have is pretty wicked."

"Wow dude!" exclaimed Justin. "I always wanted to go to Vegas."

"Vegas it is then." replied Mitch.

Mitch then got up and dressed to go downstairs. After a few minutes he was joined at the computers by Justin. Justin watched as Mitch tinkered with the programming on the computer, trying to get his computer to recognize the new hardware. At about midday Mitch finally became frustrated with the new program and decided it would be a good time to run a few other errands. Mitch wanted to get a new mattress and plastic cover in case of any more accidents, then pick up some extra sheets and blankets. This gave Justin an opportunity to begin trying out some of his new outfits. After stopping at the furniture store to pick out a new mattress, Mitch and Justin headed toward the department store.

On the way there Mitch said, "I noticed earlier that you were studying what I was doing pretty intently."

"I'm sorry." apologized Justin. "I didn't mean to make you nervous, I was just fascinated by what you were doing. What you've done so far is cool as hell."

"You didn't make me nervous." chuckled Mitch, before turning serious. "Although it is cool as hell, it won't matter much if I can't get the computer to interface with the headset. You do seem to be pretty bright though, so if there is anything that you see that I'm overlooking please feel free to let me know. I'd appreciate any help I could get with this one."

"Well then," replied Justin, "instead of trying to get the program to make the computer accept the headset, why don't you just write a separate program to install in the computer to make it recognize the headset on it's own."

Mitch Pulled the car over and exclaimed, "Oh fuck! Do me a favor Justin and shoot me now!"

"I love you dude." said Justin. "I don't want to shoot you! What's the matter?"

"Here I am," said Mitch, "the genius who's responsible for part of our nation's security, and for helping people to handle their personal finances by computer. It turns out that I'm not even nearly as bright as my fourteen year old boyfriend. I'll give you credit for helping with this project, but please don't tell anyone exactly what you did to help my angel. I'd never live it down."

"Wow dude!" exclaimed Justin. "I don't even want to take any of the credit for it. I'm sure you would have come up with that on your own."

"Yeah," chuckled Mitch again, "the only question is, how many new swear words would I have invented in the process?"

Mitch and Justin both laughed hard for a good five minutes before they could continue on to the department store. When they got to the store, Mitch went straight to the housewares department. While Mitch was looking at sheets and blankets, Justin disappeared though. As soon as Mitch finished picking out sheets and blankets, he noticed that Justin was gone. Mitch finally caught up to Justin in the electronics department. As Mitch was walking up behind Justin he noticed the boy looking around, and immediately knew what Justin was about to do.

"Hey son!" yelled out Mitch. "You find anything that you want?"

This spooked Justin, who put back what he was holding. "Whaddaya mean?" asked a nervous Justin.

"I mean you're my son and I'll get anything for you that you want." said Mitch loudly, before lowering his voice to ask, "Do you understand?"

Justin knew that he had almost been busted, so he lowered his head and replied, "Yes sir."

"Please don't lower your head like that my angel." said Mitch in a low voice. "I'm the one who should be sorry for not stopping to think that you're still a boy who likes all the things that a boy likes. I should have taken care of you first so that you know I will get you anything you want. After all, you left home with nothing and that's just not right. Now, let do some shopping for my sweet angel."

Justin nearly cried as he put his arms around Mitch and asked, "What did I do to deserve a guy like you?"

Mitch ruffled Justin's hair and replied, "I don't know, I guess someone up there just likes you now."

"I promise that I'll remember I don't have to live like that anymore." said Justin. "You also don't have to go shopping for me. After what I almost did, I don't deserve it."

"Yes you do, and that's that!" declared Mitch. "Now, let's do some shopping or I'll just start buying you stuff at random that you might not even like."

"I'm sure I'd like anything that you got for me dude." said Justin.

"I don't know," replied Mitch, "there's a Barney program over there for your computer that looks pretty cool."

"Okay," laughed Justin, "I get the point. The old man has lost it!"

After Justin and Mitch finished laughing, they began shopping for Justin. Mitch loaded an entire shopping cart just for his boy, with all of the electronic toys a boy could want. Justin had also replaced most of his meager music collection, and then some. After checking out and paying for everything, Mitch and Justin were stopped by a well dressed man as they approached the door.

"Hello." said the man. "I am the store manager here, and we were watching this boy earlier. Is he your son sir?"

"Yes he is my son bozo, and what were you doing watching him?" replied Mitch.

"When he first got to the electronics department earlier, he was acting kind of suspicious." said the man.

"Are you accusing my boy of something?" asked an irritated Mitch.

"We keep an eye on all suspicious people." said the man. "We believe that if you hadn't come along when you did, he may have tried something."

"Now you've insulted me, as well as my boy." said Mitch, who was now putting on the performance of his life. "Justin, why don't you reach into your pocket and show this foul smelling creep how much you need to steal from his disgusting store!"

Justin almost blew it when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills, mostly fifties and hundreds. All the man saw was the wad of bills the boy was holding.

"I hope you are very satisfied with yourself sir!" as Mitch continued his tirade. "Now I want you to take this cart full of crap and refund every penny I've spent today." Mitch held the receipt out toward the man so he could see the total. "We'll go ahead and take our business across the street to Target, if that will make you happy!"

Now the man was in shock, as he stood to lose a nearly two thousand dollar sale. "I'm, I'm, I'm sorry sir," stuttered the man, "someone has made a terrible mistake!"

"Yes they have," said Mitch, "and that someone was you! I would like to speak with your boss, right now!"

"He's, he's, he's not even in the store right now." stuttered the man.

Then from behind everyone a voice said, "Yes I am in the store right now!" The man looked at Mitch and continued, "I'm very sorry for your experience here today sir. Every one of our employees are suppose to be trained not to act unless a law has been broken. They are under no circumstances suppose to insult our guests by making baseless accusations. Our employees have overstepped their bounds today, and will be dealt with accordingly. I hope you can accept my sincerest apologies, and not hold what happened today against our store. If you give me your address, I will make sure you receive a gesture of our apologies."

Mitch concluded his business with the store's district manager, then he and Justin made their way out to the car.

"Where the fuck did all that money come from?" asked Justin. "I almost peed my pants when I pulled that wad out of my pocket!"

"I'm sorry my angel," said Mitch, "I slipped it into your pocket when we were hugging earlier, just in case we ran into a problem. I guess that was pretty good thinking, huh?"

"Pretty good thinking if you want to see me pee on myself and blow our cover!" exclaimed Justin. "Can we find a restroom really quickly?"

"I'm sorry baby," said Mitch, "I didn't stop to think about that. We'll go to that gas station right over there beside the store."

Mitch quickly pulled over to the gas station so Justin could relieve himself, then they started home after what was a very interesting shopping trip.

As Mitch was driving he said, "There is one thing I want you to think about my baby boy. If you had gotten picked up for shoplifting today, they would have taken you away from me forever. If that happened, I really think that I would die. Please don't do that again my little angel. If there's ever anything at all that you want or need, please come to me."

"I'm really sorry Mitch." said Justin. "I guess I lived like that for so long that I forgot I didn't need to do that anymore. Please forgive me Mitch, I really don't want to get taken away from you either."

"I've already forgiven you my sweetheart." said Mitch.

Mitch held Justin's hand and tried to get love to flow from his body, into Justin. Justin began smiling brightly at Mitch, so it must have worked. As soon as they arrived home, Mitch and Justin went straight to the bedroom. Hopefully the new mattress wouldn't arrive as they were giving the old one a final workout.

Mitch began undressing Justin and running his hands gently over the boy's smooth body, and giving the boy's body light kisses everywhere he could think of. When Mitch began kissing Justin's cute belly button, it made Justin begin giggling, which was sweet music to Mitch's ears. Then Mitch moved down and gave another light kiss to Justin's dick. This made Justin's beautiful dick spring to attention. Finally Mitch had Justin completely naked, and it was Justin's turn to undress Mitch. When Justin had Mitch's shirt off, he ran his small, slender fingers through Mitch's chest hairs. Then Justin laid his cheek in the patch of hair and ran his delicate hands over Mitch's stomach. Then Justin began working on Mitch's pants and briefs. Justin finally uncovered the only cock that he ever wanted to do anything with again. Mitch's cock laid flaccid, over toward his right hip. Justin picked up the cock in his hand, then licked it from the base to the head. Upon reaching the head of Mitch's cock, Justin gave it a very hard kiss. Now Mitch's cock was also standing erect.

Mitch continued laying on his back, while he placed Justin on top of him in a "69" position. Mitch opened his mouth for Justin's dick, while Justin began going down on Mitch's cock. Every time Justin had Mitch's cock in his mouth, he was able to take it in a little further. Now Justin was able to take about three quarters of Mitch hard cock into his mouth. Then Justin began thrusting his dick in and out of Mitch's mouth, while he sucked the man's cock. Mitch loved to have Justin fuck his mouth, as he could really feel Justin's passion that way. Mitch added just enough suction to Justin's dick to drive the boy wild. After about five minutes, Mitch tasted the sweet taste of Justin's cum shooting into his mouth. This was all it took for Mitch to begin giving his cum to the hungry boy who was trying to eat his cock. Mitch and Justin swallowed all of the cum that was offered to them, then Justin turned to face his beautiful man. Both of them finished licking the cum from their lips, as they stared longingly into each other's eyes. Their lips moved closer and closer together until they finally touched, and they could taste themselves on their lover's lips. The pair kissed deeply until it was almost time for the delivery van to arrive with the new mattress.

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