What A Gas!

By tim

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 4

Mitch and Justin finished their love-making a few minutes before the new mattress arrived. Mitch showed the delivery man where to pick up the old one and drop off the new one, then he and Justin went downstairs. Today's close call still had Mitch spooked, so he decided to go ahead and call the phone number the clerk at the mall gave him. Mitch dialed the number, then nervously waited for an answer.

"Hello." said the voice that answered. "Dwight here, may I help you?"

"I hope so." said Mitch. "My name is Mitch and I got your number from a young man by the name of Brent. He works in a clothing store at the mall. He told me that your group may be able to help me with a problem that I have. Problem is really the wrong word, it's more like a blessing but I want to keep it from becoming a problem for me and my new mate."

"Okay," said Dwight, "but I usually like to meet new contacts face to face. We can either meet at a neutral place or your home."

"I don't have a problem with you coming to my home." said Mitch. "When could we meet?"

"I was getting ready to sit down to supper with my lover." said Dwight. "Give me about two hours, okay? Also, would you mind if he comes along too? We will be going out tonight afterward."

"That sounds fine." replied Mitch. "We'll see you in about two hours then."

Mitch gave Dwight his address and directions, then said good-bye. Then Mitch went to the kitchen to see what he could fix for supper, for Justin and himself. While Mitch was fixing supper, Justin was going through today's new gifts from Mitch. Justin was still so overwhelmed, that he could not figure out what he did to deserve someone as great as Mitch. Justin had never felt so much love for anyone before, even if Mitch had not bought him any of the gifts. Finally Justin heard Mitch call him to the kitchen for supper. Mitch didn't care too much for his own cooking, which was why he usually ate food that came from a box or can. Justin however, felt that Mitch was a great cook. After supper Mitch and Justin went to the living room to relax. They still had about fifteen minutes before their guests were to arrive.

"I'm kind of nervous about meeting these people." said Mitch, as he sat on the sofa.

"I know a way to relax you." said Justin seductively.

Justin sat next to Mitch on the sofa, and put his arms around the man. Then Justin pulled Mitch down until their lips met. Justin and Mitch locked themselves in a passionate kiss, oblivious to the world. When Mitch was like this with Justin, he could not think of any problem in the world. Then Mitch and Justin were broken out of their utopia by the doorbell.

"I love you so much my baby boy." said Mitch, as he got up to answer the door.

When Mitch opened the door, he was shocked to find the district manager from the department store they were at earlier.

"I thought you sounded familiar on the phone." said Dwight. "I'm Dwight, and this is my lover Barry."

Dwight was introducing a good looking younger man. Dwight himself appeared to be near fifty, while Barry looked more like he was about thirty. Barry was holding his hand out to shake Mitch's, who finally came out of his shock and shook Barry's hand.

"Barry has been with me since he was thirteen," said Dwight, "although he did not move in with me until eighteen months later. I just thought it would be fair for you to have a little background on me first. Would it be okay to talk to you and your mate together? He should probably be a part of any discussions we have."

"Yeah," replied Mitch, "come on in to the living room."

When Justin saw Mitch enter the living room with Dwight and Barry, he became very nervous. The boy looked as though he were about ready to run at any moment.

"Hi young man." said Dwight, who realized that Justin looked spooked. "There's no reason to be nervous, my lover and me are here to help the two of you to remain together as a happy couple. I guess you remember me from earlier today, huh?"

"I really didn't do anything today sir." said Justin.

"I know that." replied Dwight. "To be honest, I had the both of you pegged earlier. You seemed like a troubled boy, and Mitch showed all the signs of a man trying to help someone who'd had a rough time of it. I'm just glad that I was there to keep the store manager from ruining both of your lives. Anyway, he's no longer with the company."

"So you're really here to help Mitch and me?" asked Justin.

"You bet, young man." said Dwight. "The only thing that matters right now is how you two feel about each other."

"I love Mitch more than anyone I've ever known before." said Justin. "Mitch has shown me more love in two days than everyone else has put together."

"I'm at a loss to explain how Justin has completely become such a huge part of my life since yesterday morning," said Mitch, "but I love him so much that I couldn't live without him now."

"That's easy!" laughed Dwight. "The power of a boy's love is one of the strongest forces in the world. I'll bet before Justin came along, you never would have thought of yourself falling so in love with someone his age. Am I right?"

"How did you know that?" asked Mitch.

Dwight smiled at Barry, who returned the smile, then replied, "When Barry here was just thirteen, he was so starved for love and affection that he melted my heart instantly. I told myself several times, "Get a grip on yourself Dwight, he's only thirteen." but it was too late. I fell madly in love with the boy, and my life hasn't been the same since." Dwight then gently squeezed Barry's upper leg.

"What are Justin and me up against then?" asked Mitch.

"I'm not going to lie to you two, it may not be easy." said Dwight. "I take it that your love is also physical too, right?"

"Yes it is." replied Mitch. "Justin wanted that kind of love, and I couldn't resist his pleas for affection."

"Not many gay men could, regardless of what they might say." said Dwight. "Those who say they could, have not had a boy pour out their heart and their love to them. There are dangers associated with accepting the total love of a boy though. Barry and me had many close calls before finding the group that we now run in this area. First of all, for you to have sex with Justin is a serious offense. If you are caught and convicted, you would be locked up for quite a long time."

"Believe me," said Mitch, "I do realize that, but when we are in bed together nothing else matters to either of us."

"It should matter." said Dwight. "It should matter to the point where you and Justin will do anything to keep others from finding out about your relationship. That's where our group will try to help you guys. Now, I hope you don't mind me asking a very blunt question. Have you put yourself inside Justin's ass Mitch?"

"I begged him to do it!" Justin almost cried. "I wanted it, and I still do. Mitch feels so good inside me that I can't live without it!"

"Okay young man," said Dwight, "I believe you. That does mean that you'll have to be especially careful if Justin requires medical attention, until he turns eighteen. Anal sex does leave unmistakable evidence in a boy. How about the life you ran away from Justin?"

"It was miserable." replied Justin. "My mother hated me so much that she wished me dead. I had nothing growing up, and even less when I left. Mitch is the only one who has ever really loved me."

"Then our group will do everything we can to keep you two together." said Dwight. "You guys will have to do your part to help though. First of all, be a lot more careful from this point on. Brent would never have given you my number if you hadn't slipped in front of him, and the incident today could have caused both of you guys serious trouble if I hadn't shown up."

"Justin and me discussed that after we left the store." said Mitch. "We're going to do everything we can to be more careful from now on."

"What about what we do in bed?" asked Justin. "Do we have to change what we do there?"

"Have you guys ever heard the old saying that it's too late to lock the barn door after the horse has gotten out?" asked Dwight. "That would apply in this case. What you've already done can't be taken back or covered up, so there's really no use in stopping now."

"Thanks." said Justin. "I was hoping you would say something like that."

Dwight chuckled as he asked, "You really do like doing that, huh?"

"Mitch just feels so incredible inside me." replied Justin. "Even though it makes me pee when he goes in, I still love the way it feels."

"You sound a lot like I was," said Barry, "except for the peeing part."

"Do you have a problem with your bladder Justin?" asked Dwight.

Justin was now too embarrassed, so Mitch replied, "He does have a problem with controlling his bladder. I think it may have something to do with him also being underdeveloped."

"We have a doctor that is a part of our group." said Dwight. "I'm going to check with him to see if he can take Justin as a patient. If you took him to another doctor, the doctor would have to file some kind of report. Our doctor is a little more discreet, that's why most members of our group use him."

"That would be great!" said Mitch. "I don't know how Justin and me are ever going to be able to thank you."

"If you guys live a long and happy life together, that will be thanks enough." said Dwight. "Our group meets once a week to discuss problems that come up. It is usually very helpful to our members, so I suggest that you and Justin attend. The meetings are usually on Saturdays, and I call everyone the day before to let them know where it will be. You may also be called on to host a meeting. Would that be a problem?"

"With everything that you've done for us already, I'd be delighted to." said Mitch.

"We'll see both of you Saturday then." said Dwight. "You take good care of your boy Mitch, this is a very special time in both of your lives. The love of a boy like Justin will make you feel things you never thought you would feel. And please be careful when you go out from now on."

"We will Dwight." replied Mitch. "Thanks again so much for coming by."

Mitch walked Dwight and Barry to the door to say good-bye, with Justin right behind him. When Mitch turned from the door, Justin had the most beautiful naughty smile on his face.

"We can still do stuff dude." said Justin lustfully.

Mitch and Justin immediately went upstairs to christen the new mattress. Mitch undressed Justin, while running his hands over every inch of Justin's smooth, young body. Once Justin's fine body was completely naked, Justin began working at Mitch's pants while Mitch removed his shirt. Once Mitch was also naked, Justin began kissing him on his chest and stomach.

"I must have done something really right to have been blessed with you in my life baby." said Mitch softly. "I love you so much that nothing matters as much as your happiness and pleasure."

Justin looked up at Mitch and replied, "I love you too dude. There is nothing I wouldn't go through now to keep our love going the way it is right now. I never dreamed in my best dreams that there was someone out there like you."

Mitch and Justin then laid down on the new mattress. It did feel different at first because of the plastic cover, but Mitch could easily get use to it if it meant having Justin in his bed. When Justin laid on his back and spread his legs in the air, Mitch knew exactly what his boy wanted. Mitch reached into the nightstand drawer and took out the tube of K-Y, then spread a drop of it into Justin's warm pucker. Mitch then put a generous amount of the lube on his cock. Mitch lifted Justin's legs onto his shoulders and placed the head of his cock against Justin's opening, which caused Justin to smile brightly. Mitch watched Justin's stiff little dick jump around as he began pushing himself gently into the boy. Sure enough, when Mitch's cock hit Justin's prostate, Justin began to pee. This time Mitch lowered himself downward, so that Justin's pee hit him in the chest before raining back down on the boy. Mitch smiled warmly at Justin, as Justin's pee soaked his chest. This time Justin did not seem bothered at all that he had lost control of his bladder, because he could tell that Mitch did not mind what was happening. The only thing that Justin could see in Mitch's face now was the most satisfying love that Justin had ever known. When the pee stopped flowing from Justin's stiff little dick, Mitch pushed his cock all the way into the boy. Then Mitch pressed their urine soaked bodies together.

"We smell like pee dude." said Justin playfully.

"I think we smell wonderful, my beautiful baby boy." replied Mitch warmly.

Then Mitch pressed his lips against Justin's, as he began thrusting his cock in and out of the boy's ass. Justin moaned deeply into Mitch's mouth on every in stroke, and sucked Mitch's tongue hard on every out stroke. Mitch no longer worried about having his cock buried inside Justin, because he knew that Justin was feeling more pleasure now than he ever knew existed. Mitch himself was feeling an incredible amount of pleasure too. Justin's rectum was very tight around Mitch's cock, and it almost took some effort to pull out of the boy. Mitch's cock was being squeezed very tightly whenever it was inside Justin, and Justin would moan over and over how great Mitch's cock felt inside him.

"You want to try something a little different?" asked Mitch softly, as he held his cock deep inside of Justin.

"Sure my love." moaned Justin.

"Okay then." said Mitch. "I'm going to hold you against me tightly, then lean backward until I am on my back. That will pull you up until you are sitting on top of me, with my cock still inside you. Then you can control how my cock feels as it goes in and out of your ass."

Mitch then successfully executed the maneuver, which left a madly grinning Justin on top of him. Justin kissed Mitch deeply once more, before raising up so he could get down to business. Justin pushed himself down hard onto Mitch's rock hard cock, and felt the most intense pleasure that he had ever felt before. Justin then began impaling himself as hard and fast as he could on Mitch's cock. Beads of sweat began to drip from Justin's forehead, and run down over the most wonderful smile that Mitch had ever seen before. Mitch had never seen anyone as deeply in the throes of pleasure as Justin was now. Mitch reached down and clenched his own balls tightly, trying to hold off his approaching orgasm as long as possible. Mitch wanted Justin to be able to get as much pleasure from him as the boy could, before releasing his cum into Justin. Finally though, Mitch could hold back no longer. As Mitch's cum began shooting into Justin, Justin sat down hard onto Mitch's cock. Then Justin began lifting up and down slightly, while clenching Mitch's cock with the muscles in his rectum.

As Mitch was nearing the end of his orgasm, he looked up at Justin through an orgasmic haze. Justin had himself deeply impaled on his cock, and Justin's stiff little dick was bobbing up and down madly. Mitch finally felt the last of his cum leave his cock.

"Get up here right away and put that beautiful dick of yours in my mouth before you cum." gasped Mitch.

Justin pulled himself up off of Mitch's cock. His ass was clenching the man's cock so hard that it made a loud popping noise when it came completely out of Justin's ass. Mitch opened his mouth as Justin lunged it toward Mitch's face as quickly as he could. Mitch could feel Justin's little dick throbbing in his mouth, so he knew that Justin had already been holding himself back for a while. Mitch closed his lips around the beautiful dick and began sucking, as Justin thrust himself in and out of Mitch's mouth. Mitch reached up with both hands and took Justin's nipples firmly between his thumbs and forefingers. Justin moaned loudly as he began blasting the largest load of his life into Mitch's hungry mouth. Mitch gulped greedily at the most wonderful tasting cum that he had ever tasted. Mitch was also very surprised at the amount of cum that Justin was pleasuring him with. When Justin finally finished cumming he was totally exhausted, so he collapsed on top of Mitch. Mitch held the exhausted boy in his arms, and gazed into the most satisfied face that he had ever seen.

"I think puberty may be catching up with you yet, my beautiful little angel." cooed Mitch.

"Mmmmm." was the only reply that Justin was capable of at this time.

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