What A Gas!

By tim

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 5

After Mitch and Justin had rested from breaking in the new mattress, Mitch changed the bed and the two showered together. Then they relaxed on the sofa until bedtime. That night Mitch and Justin slept soundly in each other's arms. Justin was very happy when he woke up the next morning to find that he had not had an accident through the night. When Mitch awoke, he told Justin to get dressed for Vegas. When Mitch himself had finished dressing he turned around to look at Justin.

"Damn!" exclaimed Mitch. "That's such a hot outfit that I'm tempted to just stay home with you!"

"Should I put on the rags you picked me up in then?" giggled Justin.

"Hell no!" said Mitch. "I hope Vegas is ready for us!" Mitch then laughed, and was soon joined by Justin.

Mitch and Justin went out and got in the car, then Mitch headed toward Interstate 15. This would take them through the coastal mountains and into the desert, which Justin had never seen before. After ten miles of desert though, Justin decided that the scenery wouldn't change much. So he and Mitch talked about what Vegas would be like. It had now been a few hours since leaving the mountains behind and Justin was getting more excited as the miles rolled by, and before he knew it they were approaching the state line.

"Our first stop is actually going to be a town on the state line named Primm." said Mitch.

As they neared their first stop Justin could see why they were stopping. Wrapping itself around a large resort was one of the most impressive sights that Justin had ever seen.

"That thing has to be at least two hundred feet tall!" exclaimed Justin.

"That's Desperado," said Mitch, "and it's first drop is actually two hundred and twenty something feet because it drops into an underground tunnel."

Mitch then exited the freeway and drove to the resort entrance. Mitch then reminded Justin not to slip about their relationship to anyone, and the pair entered the resort. Justin was almost overwhelmed by the sounds of the slot machines they had to pass to get to the coaster. Mitch bought two tickets and they were finally fastened into the machine, and ready to roll.

As the train rolled out of the building toward the mammoth hill Justin said, "This is so cool dude! I'm glad you brought me here!"

"You haven't seen anything yet my sweet little baby boy." replied Mitch.

For Justin's very first coaster ride to be on something so huge, Justin did very well. As a matter of fact, he loved it, although he did have to pee when it was over. As they were leaving their first stop, Mitch laughed and ruffled Justin's hair.

"We're going to have a great time today my wonderful angel." said Mitch.

Mitch gassed the car and bought both of them refreshments, before heading back toward the freeway. The drive into Las Vegas wouldn't be much further, so Mitch barely had time to outline today's itinerary. They would park the car at New York, New York, which would be their first stop. Then they would use public transportation to get up and down the strip. Soon afterward Justin got his first view of Las Vegas, which he was very impressed by.

"What's that big tower way in the background?" asked Justin.

"You mean you've never heard of The Stratosphere?" asked Mitch.

"I've heard of it but I didn't know what to expect." replied Justin.

"Well," said Mitch, "you're going to get a great view of it today. It's one of my favorite places in Vegas, and the wind is very light today."

Mitch made his way off the freeway at Tropicana Boulevard, and approached Las Vegas Boulevard.

"Wow!" exclaimed Justin. "There's another coaster on top of that building!"

"That's a common theme in Vegas." laughed Mitch. "That one is called Manhattan Express. It's a pretty intense looping coaster."

As Mitch pulled off of Tropicana Boulevard and into the parking garage at New York, New York, Justin got a good look at the lift hill for the ride. Now he couldn't wait to get to this one. Mitch and Justin entered the casino section of the resort, and Mitch guided the boy along the side of the room and upstairs to the arcade area.

"Do you have to go through the casino to get to every ride in Vegas?" asked Justin.

"Yes," chuckled Mitch, "they designed all of these places that way except for Caesar's Palace."

"What do they have there?" asked Justin.

"No coasters." replied Mitch. "They do have a really great simulator ride there though, plus a fantastic shopping mall. We'll stop by there later on for a little while."

By this time they had made their way to the back of the arcade, where the next ride was located. Justin loved the trains that looked like taxi cabs, and made sure to tell the ride crew. After they were fastened in, the train rolled out of the building and up the lift hill. This one was much more intense than Desperado had been, as the coaster looped and flipped it way along the track. Mitch couldn't help but laugh lightly as Justin staggered slightly while getting off the ride.

"If you think that was wild, wait until you try Speed: The Thrill Ride." chuckled Mitch. "It leaves me a little too dizzy to walk for a few minutes!"

"As long as I have a chance to recover first." replied Justin. "That was wicked dude!"

As Mitch and Justin crossed the casino downstairs on their way to the strip, Justin asked, "Have you ever played any of the slots Mitch?"

"It's not like I really need to." replied Mitch. "I have played them on a few occasions though, just for fun."

"They look like they could be fun I guess." said Justin.

"I'll tell you what angel." said Mitch. "My favorite machines are at The Stratosphere. When we get there I'll play a few, and if I win anything it will be all yours. You can tell me when to let it ride, and when to cash in."

"Cool dude!" exclaimed Justin. "That might really make it fun!"

Mitch and Justin passed the shops inside the resort, and made their way out to Las Vegas Boulevard. Justin's first sight of the strip left him speechless. There was anything you could imagine on the strip. As a matter of fact, they even had a large two story shop devoted to M & M's.

"Damn!" exclaimed Justin. "You'd need almost a whole week to see everything here, wouldn't you?"

"There is a lot to see in this town." chuckled Mitch.

Mitch loved seeing Justin getting excited over all the sights of the strip, and was seriously considering making this trip an overnighter. Mitch waited at the trolley stop beside the MGM Grand, with a very excited boy at his side. The next stop would be Circus Circus, where they had an indoor amusement park. After that, if Justin caught sight of the water park across the street and wanted to go there, Mitch would definitely make a last minute reservation for the night. Fortunately Mitch had made friends with one of the front desk clerks at MGM a few years back, so it shouldn't be a problem. Finally the trolley pulled up, and the pair were on their way up the strip. The trolley passed resort after resort before finally making it to Circus Circus.

Once again they passed by hundreds of slot machines to get to the back of the casino. Then they made their way upstairs to the entrance of the park.

Justin took one look around once they were inside and said, "Wow! That's a really pink coaster, isn't it?"

"Yeah," replied Mitch, "but it's not as extreme as the last one. It should be a nice change of pace for us."

"Yeah," said Justin, "it should be. Hey Mitch, do you think we might be able to check out the water park across the street from here when we're done?"

"Sure my angel," replied Mitch, "anything you want."

After spending a little while at this park, the two made their way across the strip to the water park. They stopped at the gift shop just inside the gate, where Mitch bought the apparel that they would both need for the water park. Then Mitch pulled out his phone on the way to the dressing room.

"MGM Grand." said the voice on the other end of the line. "How may I help you?"

"Is Darrell still with you by any chance?" asked Mitch.

"I'm afraid Darrell has transferred to our new hotel in Detroit." replied the clerk. "Is there anything I can help you with? Darrell and me were pretty close friends while he was here."

"My name is Mitch Gordon, and I'm in town today with the son of one of my cousins." said Mitch. "He's staying with me for a while, and this is his first trip to Las Vegas. Now I've realized that we're going to have to make this a two day trip, so I need to find a reservation somewhere tonight. I was hoping that Darrell might have been able to help me."

"I do remember Darrell mentioning you Mr. Gordon." said the clerk. "He said you're quite the computer wiz. By the way, my name is Bruce."

"Hello Bruce." said Mitch. "It's nice to talk to you."

"Thank you sir." replied Bruce. "Anyway, we might be able to help you if we can get our computer system straightened out. Right now it seems to be locking out all of our room codes, and it's giving our tech people and our operations manager fits. Not to mention our angry guests."

"Really." said Mitch. "What kind of operating system are you running?"

"The very latest version of Windows for business applications." replied Bruce.

"Well," chuckled Mitch, "that's your problem then! I'm just kidding Bruce, but Windows can be finicky unless the right person is maintaining it. Is it just your room codes that are affected?"

"That, and our cashier codes." replied Bruce. "None of our cashiers can cash out at the moment."

"You may want to get your operations manager and security chief on the line then." replied Mitch. "I think someone may have found a vulnerability in the program, and used it to hack your system!"

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Bruce. "I'll get them right away and explain who you are!"

Within moments Mitch was talking to the operations manager. He walked the man through the operating system, and into the passwords program. Mitch had the man explain what he would see when he was asked to perform certain operations. Within a few minutes Mitch determined that they had indeed been hacked, and he talked the manager through overriding the security system. After about thirty minutes Mitch had talked the man through blocking all outside lines into the security program, and resetting all of the passwords. The manger quickly checked what effect that had on their problem, and was delighted that the problem had been cleared up.

"Mr. Gordon," said the manager, "we owe you a great debt. Who knows what someone may have been trying to do to us. I've been told by Bruce that you are looking for a reservation for tonight, right?"

"Yes, I do need to find a reservation for tonight." replied Mitch.

"Well," said the manager, "you now have a reservation at this hotel any time you wish, for the rest of your life. Just stop by this evening and I'll have Bruce take very good care of you. Thank you very much again sir."

"You're very welcome, and thank you sir!" replied Mitch.

Mitch then apologized to Justin for the delay, but Justin had heard the conversation with the hotel and was very understanding. Mitch and Justin enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the water park, before their stomachs began complaining about being neglected. They decided on a snack for now, so their stomachs would stop rumbling, then have their dinner at the hotel when they were done at The Stratosphere.

Upon arriving at the tower, they made their way through the casino and upstairs. Then they went through the large circular mall, to the ticket center and elevators to the roof. Justin was terrified as he stepped out onto the roof of the tower, and he still had to go on three rides up there. Fortunately the coaster named High Roller wasn't too extreme, because the location was frightening enough. Then Justin was scared shitless on The Big Shot, as he was propelled upward to over 1000 feet above the strip. Finally came X-Scream, and Justin wasn't too sure about this as they were being fastened in. When the ride started they were plunged over the side of the tower, face first, before being pulled back to safety. Justin had never been more scared, or had more fun in his life. He definitely needed to find a bathroom when the last ride was over though.

Once safely off of the tower Mitch and Justin made their way back to the casino. Mitch got a supply of quarters, then let Justin pick which machine to play. Mitch didn't have too much luck with the first few machines Justin picked, but after playing yet another machine for a few minutes Mitch won back what he had spent so far. This got Justin pumped up, so he set out to find another machine. Mitch fed the machine and pulled the lever about six times with no luck.

"Let's play the maximum bet this time dude," said Justin, "I have a feeling about this one."

"Okay angel." said Mitch, as he put the required coins in the machine. "Would you like to do the honors this time?"

"Cool!" exclaimed Justin, as he grabbed the lever and pulled.

The two guys watched the wheels spin, then one by one they stopped. When the last wheel had stopped, the light on top began flashing as alarms began going off.

"Shit dude!" screamed Justin. "We hit the jackpot!"

Mitch quickly grabbed a few empty buckets in case they were needed before the attendant could get to them. As the first bucket became full an attendant finally came up, and shut the coin chute down.

"Congratulations sir!" said the attendant. "That was very good playing. It seems as though you have won the ten thousand dollar jackpot on this machine!"

Mitch and Justin were both still in shock as their good luck began setting in. The attendant took the coin bucket from Mitch, and gave him a claim ticket to take to the cashier window. When Mitch handed the claim ticket to the cashier she asked, "How would you like this sir? Cash, check, or chips?"

Mitch thought for a while and replied, "How about five hundred in cash, and the rest in a check?"

"Very good idea sir." said the cashier. "It's not a good idea to carry too much cash around this town. If you like, we can electronically deposit the check directly into your bank."

"That will be fine." replied Mitch.

Mitch took care of the paperwork there, then he and Justin left the casino. Mitch explained to Justin that the deal they had was still good, but it wasn't a good idea to carry that much money around. Mitch then gave Justin the five hundred he got from the jackpot, after buying his boy a wallet to put it in. Finally they made their way back to the MGM Grand. Mitch and Justin went through the casino to the front desk, and Mitch asked for Bruce.

"Hello sir!" said a man who looked about thirty years old. "I'm Bruce, and you must be Mitch Gordon! It's so good to meet you in person, you're something of a hero around here right now."

"I"m really flattered," replied Mitch, "but I'm sure your tech people would have spotted the problem before much longer."

"Yes," said Bruce, "but our quick action, with your invaluable assistance, helped us to arrest six people inside the hotel. They were planning one of the largest crimes in the history of this town."

"Holy crap!" exclaimed Mitch. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"To show you how serious we are, my boss wants you to have our deluxe suite for the night." said Bruce. "Compliments of the house. It's usually reserved for VIP's, but that's what you've become around here. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call."

Mitch reached his hand out to shake Bruce's hand as he said, "Thank you very much. This is all way too much, but thanks."

"Oh by the way," said Bruce, "when one of our headline acts heard what you had done, he wanted you to have these." Bruce handed Mitch two show tickets then continued, "Actually both of our headliners had wanted you to have tickets but only one of them could win, unless you want to take in a later show too."

"That would be great," said Mitch, "but this is all really way too much."

"Not as far as we're concerned." said Bruce, while handing Mitch two more tickets. "Like I said, call if you desire anything at all. We want to ensure that your stay here is memorable."

"Well," said Mitch, "if the first show is in ninety minutes, we could use a last minute reservation at your restaurant."

"Consider it done sir." replied Bruce. "We can seat you there in about thirty minutes. That should give you time to freshen up a bit first."

Mitch and Justin were led to their suite by the head bellhop. When Mitch offered him a tip, the bellhop informed Mitch that the staff had been informed not to accept any gratuity from him.

"Wow!" exclaimed Justin. "This suite is sweet!"

Mitch chuckled as he replied, "It would seem as though we are having an extremely good trip my angel." Then Mitch wrapped Justin in his arms for a very passionate kiss. Mitch's hands caressed the back of Justin's head, as Justin had his hands cupped around Mitch's butt cheeks. After a few minutes they came up for air.

"I've been waiting for that all day." said Justin softly.

"Me too, my dear sweet love." replied Mitch. "But now we have to get ready for dinner."

Grudgingly, the two freshened up a little and made their way back down to the restaurant. They were seated at one of the best tables as soon as they arrived, and informed that their meal would also be compliments of the house.

As they enjoyed a meal fit for royalty, Justin asked, "Is everyone in Vegas always this nice?"

"I've always been treated very well here." replied Mitch. "This however, is slightly out of the ordinary. I guess that's what makes this one of my favorite towns though, you never know what to expect here."

"What are we going to do for clothes Mitch?" asked Justin. "We didn't exactly prepare for an overnight trip."

"Fortunately Vegas never closes." replied Mitch. "I'm sure we'll have no trouble going shopping after the shows, and picking up an outfit for tomorrow."

Mitch and Justin finished their meal, then made their way to the first show of the evening. It was more of a rock and roll show, so Justin enjoyed it quite a bit. They were seated right in front of the stage, and at one point the performer had the spotlight put on Mitch while he asked the crowd to give Mitch a round of applause. As soon as that one was over, they made their way to the next show, where they also sat right in front of the stage. Mitch knew that they were very lucky to have tickets for this show, as it was usually sold out well in advance. The music was more traditional Las Vegas type music, but the performer seemed to have an endless supply of energy which spread throughout the audience. This time though when the performer took a pause in his show, he did not have a spotlight pointed on Mitch. Instead he had Mitch join him on stage where he introduced the audience to him. The performer told the audience what Mitch had done, then asked them for the biggest round of applause they could manage. After receiving a standing ovation, Mitch took his seat. Then the performer sang "WInd Beneath My Wings" for Mitch. When the song was over, the crowd gave another standing ovation. The rest of the show was absolutely great. Mitch was kind of glad when it ended though, because he wasn't use to so much attention.

After the shows, Mitch and Justin went shopping at Caesar's Palace. They both picked out very nice outfits for the next day, although Justin managed to spend more that the five hundred that he had. Mitch gladly covered the whole amount because the outfit made Justin look even more incredible. Then they made their way back to their suite. As soon as they were inside the suite, there was a knock on the door. A bellhop came in with a very expensive bottle of champagne, which had been chilled to perfection.

When the bellhop started to speak Mitch chuckled, "I know, I know. Compliments of the house."

"We just wish for you to have a great time with us sir." said the bellhop.

The bellhop then turned, and left the champagne cart with Mitch. Mitch rolled the cart over to the sitting area, which faced a window overlooking the strip. He then had Justin join him. Justin sat as close as he could to Mitch on the overstuffed sofa, as Mitch took two glasses from the cart and uncorked the champagne.

"I know you're only fourteen," said Mitch, "But this is a very special occasion." Mitch poured two glasses of the bubbly liquid and handed one to Justin as he continued, "To us, and to the most wonderful day that I've ever had in my life. The only reason for that is that you are here, to share my life and my love with me."

"I could never feel the feelings I feel right now for anyone but you Mitch." said Justin. "You picked me up from the ground at the lowest point in my life, and showed me how great life and love can truly be."

The two gazed into each other's eyes as they tapped their glasses together, and drank a toast to the greatest love that either of them had ever known. They drank two glasses of the champagne together as they sat on the sofa, kissing and cuddling passionately. Then Mitch picked Justin up in his arms and carried the boy to the bedroom. Mitch undressed Justin lovingly and laid him on the bed, then undressed himself. Mitch then picked Justin up again and carried him into the bathroom. Mitch stood Justin in front of him and held the boy's dick toward the toilet, while pushing firmly on Justin's bare tummy. This caused the boy to pee, while Mitch directed the urine into the toilet. When Justin had completely relieved his bladder, Mitch carried the boy back to the bed and laid him on his back. Then Mitch kneeled between Justin's legs, and grabbed a tube of lube that he had bought earlier in the day.

While Mitch lubed his cock and Justin's pucker he said, "This is going to be all about you my angel. I don't want you to have to do anything, except lay there and let me make sweet love to you."

"I love you so much that I can no longer even tell you." said Justin, as he gazed up at Mitch lovingly. "There are no longer any words to describe how I feel about you my lover."

With that, Mitch eased his cock into Justin very gently, while a warm smile spread across Justin's angelic face. Mitch took great care as he pushed himself completely into Justin. Then he leaned down and placed his mouth against Justin's, as he gently slid in and out of the boy. Making love to anyone had never felt as warm and wonderful as it did to Mitch at this moment, and Justin felt exactly the same way. As Mitch's cock gently caressed Justin's insides, Justin wanted this to last forever. No one had ever felt as good inside him as Mitch did right now. Mitch felt Justin becoming more and more passionate with his kissing, so Mitch decided that he would hold himself back longer that he ever thought he could. Mitch's cock remained one with Justin's body for almost thirty minutes, as it caressed inside the boy and filled him with love. At this point Justin could not understand how he could have held back so long himself, except that he wanted nothing more than for Mitch to take his cum from his body.

Mitch finally raised up while still caressing in and out of Justin and gasped, "I want to see your beautiful face as I do this."

Mitch then let his cum begin flowing into Justin, who clamped tightly around Mitch's cock. Justin could finally no longer hold himself back, as his cum shot straight up in the air and back down onto his flat tummy. Justin was disappointed that he could not hold his cum in, for his lover to take from him. Mitch wasn't disappointed though. He loved it that he made Justin cum without anyone touching Justin's beautiful dick, and he loved watching Justin's cum shooting straight up into the air. Mitch gently removed his cock from inside Justin, but it still made a loud pop as it came out. The noise caused Justin to giggle, as Mitch leaned down and licked all the cum from Justin's tummy and the end of his little dick. Once Justin was cleaned of all his cum, Mitch laid beside the boy. Mitch and Justin took each other into their arms, and drifted off to the most beautiful slumber that either of them had ever experienced.

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