What A Gas!

By tim

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 6

Justin and Mitch woke up to a dry bed again, which pleased Justin greatly, then showered and got dressed in their new clothes. This morning they would go to New York, New York to get Mitch's car. Then Mitch wanted to take them out to the Nevada/Arizona border so Justin could see one of the most impressive engineering feats ever constructed. About an hour outside of Las Vegas, Mitch drove through the mountain town of Boulder City Nevada. Then they made their way through a mountain gorge. Finally, around a sharp bend in the road, was their destination. The Hoover Dam.

Justin couldn't see too much, until they crossed the road to the visitor center. The end of the building was all windows, and gave a spectacular view of the dam.

"WOW!" was all that Justin was able to say, as he looked out at the massive wall of concrete.

Mitch looked over at Justin and chuckled, as he signed them up for the tour. After he was done, he walked over to the awestruck boy.

"How would you like to see what it looks like inside?" asked Mitch.

"Inside there???" exclaimed Justin, as he pointed out at the dam.

"No, the lake behind it." chuckled Mitch. "Of course the dam. I didn't bring you all the way out here to stare at it through a window."

"Cool!" shouted Justin.

Mitch had a hard time containing the excited boy until time for the tour, but he enjoyed it none the less. Then the tour guide finally announced that it was time for the tour to begin. Mitch and Justin lined up toward the middle of the tour group, then everyone began filing into the elevators that would take them to the starting point. Once everyone was assembled there, the tour began.

"Welcome to the dam tour!" announced the tour guide. "It does get slippery down here, so please watch your dam step. Also, please feel free to take all the dam pictures you want."

It was just like the movie Justin had seen starring Chevy Chase, so he couldn't help himself as he yelled out, "Where's the damn bait shop?"

As soon as the entire group stopped laughing, the guide said, "So, we have a fan of the Vacation movies here today. There is no damn bait shop, but we do have a dam gift shop at the end of the tour."

That got a few more laughs, then the tour began. Justin was very impressed by everything he saw on the tour as it wound through the heart of the dam, down to the turbine room. Then the tour made it's way outside onto the top of the spillway.

"Holy shit, Batman!" exclaimed Justin, as he tipped his head all the way back to look at the top of the dam.

"Watch your dam language." chuckled Mitch, as he stepped in behind the boy.

"This thing is huge Mitch!" exclaimed Justin. "How did anyone ever build something like this?"

"It took years of very hard, almost impossible work." replied Mitch. "It's one of this country's greatest accomplishments, at a time when no one thought it could be done."

"Well, it's the most awesome thing I've ever seen!" said Justin.

The tour then made their way back into the dam, and back up to the top. Then everyone went out onto the sidewalk across the dam.

When Justin got to the sign in the middle of the dam he said, "Now I can tell everyone that I walked to Arizona." Then Justin began giggling like a little boy.

Mitch was having the best time he ever knew, watching Justin having so much fun. God only knows how much the boy needed it, after everything that he had been through in his fourteen years. Mitch now knew more than ever that this boy was his, and he would die before anyone could take Justin away from him. When he got back home, he would spend whatever he had to, to make Justin his son legally. Hell, he had millions of dollars that he would never know what to do with, and seeing Justin this happy was worth every penny of it!

Before leaving, Mitch and Justin stopped at the gift shop. Justin bought quite a few souvenirs with the money he had. His favorite was a shirt that said, "Someone I know went to the Hoover Dam, and all I got was this dam shirt!" That one even made Mitch laugh. The pair finally began the trek back to Las Vegas. The trip seemed to take no time at all, as Mitch listened to Justin go on and on. Mitch smiled all the way back to Vegas.

Once back in Vegas Mitch parked his car at the MGM, then went to the front desk. He had so much fun so far today, that he was changing his plans again. Bruce was delighted to extend their room for one more night. Then Mitch turned to Justin and asked, "How would you like to see something really spectacular tomorrow?"

"You mean we're going to stay one more day!?!" exclaimed Justin. "Cool! But I doubt anything could be as awesome as what we saw today."

"If you think what people can do is impressive, wait until you see what nature can do!" boasted Mitch.

Mitch and Justin then began their journey up and down the strip again. Justin wanted to go back to the Stratosphere, so that would be their first stop. On the way there, Mitch read a note that Bruce had given him. The note read, "Our headline performer would like you and your companion to join him for dinner tonight before his first show." Mitch was completely blown away. It's a good thing that they would be stopping by Caesar's Palace today for the simulator ride, because it seemed as though they would now need formal evening wear.

After the terrifying rides at the Stratosphere again, and a visit to the gift shop in their mall, Mitch and Justin began going back down the strip. The next stop was the NASCAR Cafe, and Speed: The Thrill Ride. Mitch and Justin were fastened into the front row, then waited for the ride to launch. The train suddenly sped to a mind numbing speed, then hurled them through a ninety-five degree banked turn. They then dived underneath the sidewalk going into the cafe, and back up into a huge loop. Then the train climbed straight up a dead end track over the entrance to the Sahara Casino. The train finally used all of it's momentum, then went through the course again backwards. After the ride, Justin agreed that it was somewhat difficult to walk straight.

After that they went to the Las Vegas Hilton for the attraction there, and then back to Caesar's. After riding the simulator there and shopping for their dinner wear, it was still early. They decided to spend time in the shops near the MGM. Justin definitely wanted to see how they could fill a two story shop with M&M's. He couldn't believe it when he discovered that it was possible! Justin spent quite a bit of money there, including a really great M&M dispenser and every color of the candy that you could imagine.

"You're going to get fat if you eat all of that!" quipped Mitch.

"Nah." replied Justin. "Probably just sick. I'll have to make sure I eat a lot of different colors, so it looks really cool." That made Mitch and Justin both laugh.

Finally it was time for dinner. Mitch and Justin got ready, then headed to the VIP restaurant. As they were shown to their host's table, they marveled at how elegant the place looked.

"Here is your table sirs." announced the Matre'd.

"Mr. Gordon, it's great to meet you again." said their host. "And who is this fine young man with you, that I also remember from the show."

"It's so nice of you to have us at your table sir." said Mitch. "This is Justin. He is staying with me temporarily right now, but I soon hope to make it permanent and make him my legal son."

Justin's eyes doubled in size when he heard that. "Are you serious, Mitch?" asked Justin.

"I've never been more serious about anything in my life son." replied Mitch.

Justin jumped up and threw his arms around Mitch as he cried, "I love you so much dad!"

"This sounds like a story that I would love to hear." remarked their host.

As everyone ate, Mitch told their host about how Justin had come to leave home and about his life on the street. Then Mitch told their host about their life together so far, minus the sex of course. Finally he told everyone how he had come to decide that he had to become Justin's legal dad.

"I wish both of you the best of luck." said their host. "This fine young man definitely needs you Mitch."

The rest of their dinner was great. Their host was one of the most gracious and friendly people they ever met. When dinner was over, Mitch and Justin retired to their suite. Mitch and Justin sat in front of the window, with Justin leaning into Mitch's side.

"I can't believe this is all happening Mitch, I mean dad." said Justin softly. "I'm afraid that I'm going to wake up any moment to find out that this has all been a dream. No one has ever loved me so much, or in so many ways as you dad." Justin then giggled lightly and continued, "I love how that sounds dad. And I would be thrilled to spend the rest of my life with you."

"You are my life now son." said Mitch. "My only purpose now is to make you happy in any way that you could ever desire. I would be nothing without you now son."

"Then let's go to bed dad." said Justin. "I want you to love me all night."

Mitch picked Justin up and carried the boy to their bedroom in his arms. Mitch then slowly and lovingly undressed Justin to nothing but beautiful bare skin. After Mitch removed his own clothes, he carried Justin gently to the bathroom. Mitch sat Justin down on his feet over the toilet, then lubricated his finger. Mitch carefully inserted his finger into Justin, and pressed it into the boy's prostate. After Justin stopped peeing, Mitch carried the boy back to the bedroom and gently laid him on the bed. Mitch laid down beside Justin and wrapped the boy in his arms. Finally Justin's and Mitch's lips came together. As far as Mitch was concerned, he would die happy if he died while kissing this beautiful little angel. Justin loved this man he was in bed with more than any other person who was ever a part of his life. Mitch was always telling him how he couldn't live if they were separated, and Justin felt exactly the same way. He would not have a life now if it had not been for Mitch.

Justin's tongue completely explored the inside of Mitch's mouth, while Mitch's hands completely explored Justin's perfect young body. Mitch and Justin were now both as erect as they could be, without ever touching each other there. After a blissfully long kiss, Mitch raised up slightly.

"I have to taste your beautiful little dick now son." moaned Mitch softly.

Mitch lowered himself down Justin's body, and took Justin's dick into his mouth. It felt and tasted better than anything that Mitch had ever known. Mitch caressed Justin's hard little shaft with his lips and tongue, as Justin moaned and writhed in complete ecstasy. Mitch knew that Justin loved to cum in his mouth, and Mitch was going to please his boy with whatever he wanted tonight. Mitch hummed contentedly as he gently sucked Justin's dick. That put the boy even more out of this world. Justin wanted to feed Mitch his cum so badly, but he also wanted this to last as long as possible. Justin was sure that no one would ever be able to suck his dick like Mitch could. That was because no one would ever love him like Mitch did. Justin held off for as long as he possibly could, but eventually his body took over. Justin blasted so much cum into Mitch's hungry mouth that he became dizzy, and thought he might pass out.

After Justin had finished cumming, Mitch moaned, "Oh my beautiful baby boy! That was the largest orgasm you've had yet, and every precious drop of it tasted like heaven."

"I'm glad that you love it so much." said Justin breathlessly. "I have to have your cock in my mouth tonight dad."

Mitch immediately laid on his back, and Justin climbed over him. Justin got his face down near Mitch's cock, and looked up at Mitch. "I want to take all of you into me dad." said Justin. "When it starts to go all the way in, I want you to thrust it the rest of the way."

Justin put his lips around Mitch's cock and ran his tongue around the head and shaft. Then the boy began stroking Mitch's shaft with his lips, going down a little further on each stroke. Finally Justin went down as far as he could, which was about three quarters of Mitch's cock. Justin worked the head around the back of his mouth, trying to get it to go deeper. Just as the boy was about to give up in frustration, he took a swallow. The head of Mitch's cock started to slide deeper in, and Mitch thrust it the rest of the way in just as Justin had wanted. Mitch almost shot his cum when he saw the rest of his cock disappear into Justin's mouth. Justin grabbed tightly around Mitch, and tried to pull him in even deeper. Mitch was already as far into Justin as he could go though. Justin did not want to let Mitch's cock come back out any at all, but Mitch knew that his baby would not be able to breathe that way. Mitch slowly humped a little way in and out of Justin's mouth, in order to move some air down Justin's throat. Mitch's cock felt so good in Justin's throat that the boy had a second orgasm without touching himself. Justin's throat was so tight around Mitch's cock that he was not too far behind Justin's second orgasm.

"I hate to do this my beautiful baby," gasped Mitch, "but I can't hold it back any longer."

Mitch pulled his cock out so it was just out of Justin's throat, then his cum shot into the boy's mouth. Justin swallowed as fast as he could, so he could keep up with the cum flowing from Mitch's cock. Justin loved the taste of Mitch's cum, and didn't want to let any of it get away from his mouth. Mitch's orgasm finally subsided, and Justin finished swallowing the rest of his cum. Then Justin climbed up the bed, into Mitch's waiting arms. Justin and Mitch once again kissed passionately, taking turns exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Justin wanted to kiss Mitch forever at this moment, but sleep finally overtook both Mitch and Justin as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning Mitch awoke with Justin wrapped gently in his arms. Mitch kissed Justin on the forehead and said, "I want to wake up like this every morning from now on."

Justin's eyes fluttered open as he smiled and said, "Good morning dad, I love you."

"I love you too my beautiful son." replied Mitch. "Let's get that beautiful young body of yours cleaned so we can get going. We have a three hour drive ahead of us this morning."

"Where are we going this morning dad?" asked Justin.

"The Grand Canyon my baby boy." replied Mitch.

Justin excitedly jumped out of bed and dragged Mitch to the bathroom. He had heard about the Grand Canyon, and now his dad wanted to take him there! Justin kept after Mitch until they were both finally ready to check out, and get started on today's trip. The first part of the trip was a repeat of yesterday, but today they continued on across the dam and into Arizona. Mitch and Justin drove on to Flagstaff, and then headed north. After passing through the mountains north of Flagstaff, Mitch pulled up in front of a lodge. Mitch went inside the lodge and checked in for tonight, with Justin right behind him.

As they were exiting the lodge, Justin asked, "Where's the canyon? I thought it was like the biggest hole in the ground in the entire world!"

"Follow me my baby boy." said Mitch.

The two followed a path through a grove of trees, then suddenly there it was! The most beautiful and awe inspiring sight that nature had to offer.

"Holy freakin' hole in the ground Batman!" exclaimed Justin.

"Quite a sight, isn't it son?" asked Mitch.

"I don't even know what to say!" replied Justin. "I've never even imagined seeing anything like that."

After looking at the canyon for several minutes, Mitch told Justin that he wanted to take him down into the canyon. Mitch almost thought Justin was going to jump in right then and there, but he finally convinced the excited boy to wait until he could sign them up for the tour. If Mitch thought Justin was excited about the idea of going into the canyon, that was nothing compared to when Justin found out they would be riding burros into the canyon. The tour guide loved having kids on the tour, because they were so much fun to take into the canyon. The guide introduced Justin to the burro he would be riding into the canyon. Justin immediately fell in love with the animal he would be riding, and began gently stroking it's neck. The animal acted as though it immediately took to Justin as well.

"Okay everyone." said the guide. "You really don't need to worry about guiding your burro, because these animals have been to the floor of the canyon and back many times. The path that we will be taking into the canyon is very narrow and it's a long way to the canyon floor, so please hold on to your reins tightly and try not to fall off your burro. These animals are very well-trained and will not throw you off, but they are navigating a treacherous path so you have to keep your balance on them. Is everyone ready to get started?"

Everyone replied yes, so the guide took the lead and started off. Mitch had Justin go just in front of him, so he could keep an eye on the boy. Mitch was a bundle of nerves all the way down, because he was sure that Justin had never rode any kind of animal before. When the tour made it to the floor of the canyon safely, Mitch breathed a huge sigh of relief. Mitch had no reason to worry though because Justin's burro liked carrying the boy very much. When Justin got off the animal he went around in front of it and rubbed his nose against the animal's nose.

"You be a good boy and get a nice drink of water while we look around down here." said Justin to the animal. The burro shook his head up and down in response.

Mitch saw the entire exchange between Justin and the burro, and it made him smile from ear to ear. "That boy is more and more amazing every day." thought Mitch to himself. Mitch was becoming so filled with pride for Justin that he thought he might burst.

Justin then came over to Mitch, and the pair began exploring the canyon floor together. Mitch explained to Justin that the only thing he really needed to look out for was snakes. Justin thought the idea of snakes was cool, until Mitch explained to him that most of the canyon's snakes were poisonous. Mitch and Justin spent the entire afternoon exploring the canyon without running into any snakes, although some of the others on the tour did spot a few. Justin was so excited about being in the canyon, that the afternoon flew by for him. It was the most awesome time he ever had, and he couldn't believe how beautiful the canyon was from the floor.

As it was time for the tour to assemble and head back up out of the canyon, Justin said to Mitch, "Now I know I'm not dreaming dad, my dreams could never be this beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing me here."

Seeing as how people were beginning to gather around, Justin settled for kissing Mitch on the cheek. Mitch wondered, "How can every day keep getting better than the last?"

As soon as everyone had mounted their burros, the tour began the trip up out of the canyon. Once again, Mitch had Justin go just ahead of him. This time though, Justin's burro stopped about halfway up the canyon wall. The burro seemed very agitated about something, and tried to back up as much as it could. Mitch could see horrifying pictures in his mind of the burro knocking Justin off it's back, or Justin and the animal both tumbling over the edge of the canyon wall. "What in the hell is that animal trying to do to my boy!" thought Mitch to himself.

The tour guide had noticed that there was something wrong, and had found a place to maneuver around the line behind him. The guide made it back to the scene, and noticed something that had been hidden on the way up. The guide cautiously and quietly removed a tranquilizer gun from his pack, then carefully aimed toward the canyon wall. The tour group barely noticed the noise from the gun, but everyone saw the cougar that fell onto the path from behind some rocks. Justin's burro immediately calmed back down.

Justin leaned down and hugged the animal around it's neck as he said, "You saved my life boy! You're such a smart and handsome burro!"

Mitch watched wide-eyed as the tour guide pulled the unconscious cougar over to the side of the trail, then radioed for a game warden to come and pick the animal up. There was no time for words right now because the guide wanted the group out of the canyon, just in case the cougar woke up sooner than expected. As soon as they were out of the canyon, Mitch went to make sure that Justin was okay. Justin seemed fine except for being a little scared, so Mitch went over to the tour guide.

"I'm very sorry sir." apologized the guide. "We do everything we can to keep animals like that out of the area used by the tour, but they do sometimes get past us. Please accept our apologies sir."

"Yeah, whatever." replied Mitch. "That burro saved my son's life today. I wanted to thank you for that, and to make sure that you find some way to reward the burro."

"I think your son is taking care of that!" chuckled the guide, as he pointed to Justin and the burro.

Mitch turned around just in time to see Justin kiss the burro on the nose, then hug the animal around it's neck again.

"You're the most bravest and smartest burro in the world!" Justin said to the animal. "I love you boy, and I'm never going to forget you!"

The burro actually pricked it's ears up while Justin was speaking to it. Then when Justin was finished speaking, the burro nuzzled it's head gently against the side of Justin's head.

Mitch smiled a crooked smile, and as a single tear formed in his eye he said, "Now I've seen everything!"

The tour guide replied, "I agree!"

Mitch and the guide went up to Justin and the burro. Mitch first rubbed Justin on the head, then he rubbed the burro on the head too. Mitch looked at the burro and said, "You took very good care of my boy today. I'm very proud of you." The burro whinnied it's response.

Justin was very thrilled and excited when the guide offered to let him help the caretaker take care of that particular burro this evening. After dinner, Mitch relaxed in their room while Justin went out to the stable. He helped clean out his new friend's stall, the petted the burro as he brushed it's hair. After helping to feed his new friend, Justin gave the burro another kiss on the nose and pledged to come back and see him again someday. Then Justin went back to the lodge to join Mitch.

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