What A Gas!

By tim

This story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males of different ages (man/boy). If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . I would like to mention a story written by a friend of mine named James. His story is called "Out Of A Dream" and can be found in the high school section. Please check it out when you get a chance. Please keep in mind though that James is a fifteen year old young man, and that this is his first attempt at writing a multi part story. Thanks.

On a personal note, my summer at the park is finally over. A few of you already know how bad the last few days of that ordeal was, and I will expand on that to everyone else as soon as my bonus has been paid out. Hopefully I will get settled here in Michigan quickly, and my writing will not fall too far behind.

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 7

On this night Mitch just wanted to hold his boy tightly against him in bed and cuddle. He had nearly lost Justin earlier in the day, but thanks to the senses and intelligence of Justin's burro, his boy was safe. Now Mitch needed to feel Justin's warm body against his. Justin had other ideas though, so the two made a compromise. As they cuddled, they would slowly stroke each other to an orgasm. Mitch had to admit that with Justin's body cuddled against his, the boy's stiff little dick felt very nice in his hand. Justin was also very content because he could stoke Mitch's cock all day and night if Mitch would let him.

After about thirty minutes of laying in bed and cuddling, Justin's young body began to tremble. Mitch gently stroked Justin's throbbing dick between his fingers, as Justin spurted his cum on both himself and Mitch. Mitch smiled, as the warm and creamy liquid felt good on his skin. A few minutes later Mitch unleashed his orgasm as well. Justin aimed the cum shooting from Mitch's cock well, as he covered both of them in Mitch's cum. Then Mitch and Justin both drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms and with their lips pressed together.

In the morning Mitch and Justin showered together, then it was time to go home. Justin was beginning to think that his bladder problem may have been psychological, as he was having much fewer accidents since being with Mitch. Before heading back to California, Justin stopped briefly to visit his new four legged friend. After giving the animal a pat on the head and a kiss on the nose, Justin rejoined Mitch to head for home.

It was a long drive from Arizona back to California, but Mitch was enjoying every mile of it. Justin could not stop talking about all of the things that they did and saw on the trip. The trip had been very well worth making as far as Mitch was concerned. Occasionally Mitch would reach a hand over and gently caress Justin's thigh as the boy was speaking. Justin would stop long enough to smile brightly at Mitch, then continue on as Mitch caressed him. After quite a few pleasant hours on the road, Mitch and Justin arrived back home. As soon as they stepped inside, Mitch wrapped Justin in his arms and picked the boy up off the floor.

Mitch gazed into Justin's eyes and said, "You are the most beautiful boy in the world!" Then Mitch pressed his lips against Justin's.

Justin returned Mitch's kiss passionately, even though his feet were dangling off the floor. As a matter of fact, kissing Mitch so deeply while his feet were in the air was very exciting to Justin. The kiss lasted for about ten minutes, until they were interrupted by the phone.

Mitch pried his lips from Justin, flipped his phone open, and said, "Mitch Gordon here. What can I do for you?"

"Hey Mitch, this is Dwight." replied Dwight. "I was just calling to give you the address for the meeting tomorrow. You and your boy Justin will be there, right?"

"Of course we will Dwight!" replied Mitch. "We're looking forward to it." Mitch then scribbled down the address that Dwight gave him and continued, "I'm glad you called tonight Dwight, I wanted to ask you something."

"What can I help you with Mitch?" asked Dwight.

"You don't have a lawyer as a part of your group, do you?" asked Mitch. "I want to make Justin my son legally and permanently, and I'm prepared to spend any amount to do it."

"I kind of thought you would at some point." chuckled Dwight. "We do have a lawyer in our group as a matter of fact. He joined us about two years ago from the San Francisco area. I'll make sure to introduce you guys tomorrow."

"Thanks Dwight, I"ll see you then." said Mitch.

When Mitch closed his phone he realized that he was still holding Justin in the air. Justin looked into Mitch's face and began giggling. Mitch then began covering Justin's entire face with quick kisses. This made Justin giggle even more, so Mitch covered the boy's mouth with his. Justin continued to giggle into Mitch's mouth, as Mitch caressed the inside of Justin's mouth with his tongue. Justin finally closed his lips around Mitch's tongue, and the two kissed for several more minutes.

When they separated, Mitch stared into Justin's eyes and said, "I love you more than words can express my beautiful baby boy."

"I love you too Mitch." replied Justin. "I've never felt as strongly for anyone else as I do for you. I want to spend the rest of my life with us giving each other as much love as we possibly can."

Mitch and Justin kissed one more time, before Mitch finally set Justin back down on the floor. Mitch prepared supper for them, while Justin unpacked the car from their trip. After supper Mitch and Justin rested in the living room in each other's arms, while listening to soft, beautiful music. After a few hours, Justin's eyelids began to droop, so Mitch scooped the boy up and gently carried him to their bed. Mitch undressed Justin completely and laid him on the bed. By the time Mitch was naked too, Justin was drifting off to sleep. Mitch laid down and took Justin into his arms lightly.

"Sleep tight my beautiful baby boy." said Mitch. He then kissed Justin on the nose, and laid back to listen to the sound of Justin softly snoring. Mitch was now getting very use to this, as he too drifted off to sleep.

Mitch was awoken in the morning by Justin sobbing, "I'm so sorry Mitch! I didn't mean to do it!"

Mitch quickly realized that Justin had an accident sometime during the night, as Justin's pee had soaked both of them. Mitch tenderly put his arms around the sobbing boy.

"I know you didn't mean to do it my sweet baby boy." comforted Mitch. "I love you and I don't care that you had an accident, because that's just what it was."

Mitch then placed his lips gently against Justin's, and quieted the sobbing boy. After Justin had recovered, Mitch picked his boy up and took him to the shower. Mitch lovingly bathed Justin, while cleaning himself too. When they were both clean, Mitch came back out and stripped the bed while Justin dressed himself. Mitch then happily cleaned the plastic mattress cover, and dressed himself. Mitch put his arms around Justin, as Justin looked up at the man in wonder.

"You are the greatest man alive Mitch." said Justin softly. "No one has ever shown me the love that you have, and I'm glad that I found you."

Mitch kissed Justin tenderly on the lips and said, "I love you more than life itself my precious boy, and there's nothing that will ever change that."

Mitch and Justin had most of the day to kill before the meeting tonight, so Mitch worked on his new program while Justin played on his computer. Later that afternoon Mitch turned to Justin and said, "Come here son, I want you to see something."

Justin went to where Mitch was working, and Mitch placed a headset on the boy that completely covered most of Justin's head.

"Watch this and tell me what you think." said Mitch.

Mitch then ran the design that he had entered into his program, and watched as Justin stood there and began weaving back and forth. After the program had run, Mitch removed the headset from Justin. Justin had a very excited smile on his face.

"That was so awesome dude!" exclaimed an excited Justin. "It felt just like I was riding on a real coaster! It was great dude!"

"Come here and I'll show you how to build your own coaster." replied Mitch.

Mitch guided Justin as the boy worked at Mitch's computer. Justin had a great time making his own design, and then it was time to check it out on the headset. Justin had gotten extremely carried away with making his design loop and twist in incredible directions. When Mitch removed the headset again, Justin looked a little green and had trouble standing up.

"That was wicked dude!" exclaimed a recovering Justin. "It was so wild that it almost made me hurl!"

Mitch laughed at Justin's exclamation, and was soon joined by Justin. "I haven't got the program completely ready yet," said Mitch, "but I should be able to start pitching it to the software companies by the end of next week."

"I bet it will make you twice as rich as you are now Mitch!" exclaimed Justin.

"You mean us." corrected Mitch. "You helped with the program, so half of the profits will be yours. Now, let's get ready for the meeting."

Justin was in a daze as he prepared for the meeting tonight. It was impossible for him to contemplate how much Mitch and himself stood to make from the program that they had developed, but he knew it could be more than he could ever imagine.

Once Mitch and Justin were dressed, they went to the address that Dwight had given them. Mitch and Justin went up to the door of a small house, in a neighborhood that was a lot like the one Mitch lived in. The door was answered by a good looking sixteen year old boy.

"Hi," said the boy, "I'm Max. Who are you?"

"I'm Mitch," replied Mitch, "and this is my boy, Justin."

"Hi Max." said Justin, as he stuck his hand out to Max.

Max shook Justin's hand and said, "You're the two guys Dwight was telling me about. Come on in."

Mitch and Justin were the last to arrive, so Dwight immediately started things off. "We have a pair of newcomers here tonight," said Dwight, "so I'll let them introduce themselves first." Dwight then pointed to Mitch.

Mitch stood and said, "My name is Mitch. Just this week someone very special came into my life. I wasn't looking for anything, it just happened. I met a boy who my heart went out to, but it soon became more than just that. I've fallen deeply in love, and this boy is now a very important part of my life. He is so important to me that I would like to make him my son." Mitch had Justin stand and continued, "This is my boyfriend, and I hope soon to be son, Justin."

After everyone had taken turns introducing themselves and saying hi to Mitch and Justin, the meeting got under way. The first topic of discussion was a man in the group who had fallen in love with a boy who's parents had begun to suspect something was going on between their son and the man. The parents and authorities were trying to coerce the boy into making a statement against the man, but were having no luck thanks to Max. The group had stayed in contact with the boy through Max, and were letting him know what to expect and how to handle things. So far the group had managed to keep the man from being charged with any crime by giving support to his boy. Now the group was giving support to the man who wanted his relationship with the boy to eventually continue. He would have to wait until the boy was no longer under scrutiny, which might be until he turned eighteen. Max assured the man that his boy still loved him very much, and couldn't wait for the time when they could be together.

Then the group turned their attention to Mitch's statement about wanting to adopt Justin. First they told Mitch of the problems he could expect to encounter, which did not sway Mitch. Then they began offering advice. Mitch was then introduced to the lawyer in the group, who's name was Eric. Eric wanted to meet Mitch later. Then Mitch was introduced to the doctor in the group, who turned out to be Max's lover. He agreed to examine Justin after the meeting, to see if there was a medical reason for Justin's problems.

Then the meeting concentrated of general problems of the group's members. Some of this was very interesting to Mitch. As the meeting dragged on for over an hour though, Mitch and Eric got together. Eric told Mitch that adopting Justin could become very costly, and there was no guarantee that it would even happen. Then Eric and Mitch discussed Mitch's sexual activity with Justin. Eric was concerned that if such activity could be proven, it would have a serious impact on Mitch legally. Then Justin told Eric about his activities before meeting Mitch. Eric agreed that the information may help them, and then brought up the question of Justin's mother's fitness as a parent. Eric concurred that she was unfit to be a parent, but they would need proof of her behavior to go into a courtroom. Mitch said that he would get the proof they needed, no matter what it took. Eric agreed to meet with Mitch and Justin again, after he had been able to weigh the information he had already been given.

By this time the meeting had become more of a social gathering, so Max's lover Robert decided it was a good time to examine Justin. "Okay Justin," said Robert, "the examination will mostly involve you being naked. Would you prefer that Mitch were present?"

"Yes please." replied Justin.

So Robert, Mitch, and Justin went into the examination room Robert had set up in his home. Then Robert had Justin strip down naked, and Robert began examining Justin's penis and testicles. After a careful examination of those, the doctor examined Justin's abdomen. Robert would push down and ask Justin if he felt any pain. Once that part of the examination was over, Robert had Justin bend over the edge of the exam table as he gloved and lubed his finger. Robert then examined Justin's prostate, and the wall of his rectum that ran alongside Justin's bladder. Mitch could tell what Justin's reaction would be, so he asked for a container to catch Justin's urine in. Justin was relieved when Mitch held the opening of the container to his dick, as Justin emptied his bladder. Finally Robert was finished, and told Justin to get dressed.

"I think Justin's under developed genitals and his lack of bladder control are unrelated." said Robert. "The genitals are due to puberty not fully starting with Justin. I would suggest we give that more time to see if nature takes it's course. If it doesn't we can jump start his development by using steroids, but that does have serious risks. I don't think it should even be considered at this time. The bladder control problem seems to be due to a lack of muscular control around the bladder. I think we can successfully treat that with drugs and special exercises. I'll give you a prescription and lay out an exercise program for Justin to follow. Is there anything else right now?"

"What about evidence of someone having anal sex with Justin?" asked Mitch.

"Justin does show signs of anal intercourse." said Robert. "The thing is though that after Justin's sphincter has become accustomed to that kind of activity, it is difficult to determine anything except whether he has been penetrated recently. My advice would be to abstain from that activity temporarily when you begin to start the adoption process."

"Thank you doctor." said Mitch. "I hope this helps Justin to begin to return to normal."

"I'm sure it should." replied Robert.

Mitch and Justin went back out and visited with the other members for a while longer. They had a great time, and both of them made several new friends. Finally though, it was time to leave. Mitch stopped by an all night pharmacy on the way home to pick up Justin's medication, then they headed home. As soon as they were through the door, Justin grabbed Mitch's hand and dragged him upstairs.

"I want you inside me while we can still do it." begged Justin.

"You really do love having my cock in your tight ass, don't you my sweet little boy?" asked Mitch.

"I love it so much that I don't know how I'll be able to live without it when we have to stop for a while." replied Justin.

"In that case I could never refuse you." said Mitch. "You peed quite a bit while Doctor Bob was examining you, do you think your bladder will be okay?"

"It should be." replied Justin.

Mitch then began to slowly strip his beautiful boy. Once Justin's smooth and beautiful body was naked, Mitch gently laid him on the bed. Then Mitch stripped himself naked, as Justin watched with love in his eyes. Mitch kneeled on the bed between Justin's legs, while Justin generously lubed Mitch's stiff cock. Mitch then spread some of the lubricant on Justin's pucker and placed the head of his cock against it. Mitch watched the look on Justin's face as he gently pushed his cock into the boy. Justin had a look of ecstasy on his face that Mitch had never seen on anyone else before. He now knew how much Justin loved having his cock inside him, so Mitch slowly pushed himself all the way into Justin.

As Mitch began slowly thrusting in and out of Justin, he lowered his face toward Justin's. Mitch put his lips against Justin's, and offered the boy his tongue. Justin began sucking on Mitch's tongue as hard as he could, as Mitch continued to slide his cock in and out of Justin. As Mitch made love to the boy of his dreams, he made sure to rub Justin's stiff four and a half inch dick between their two bodies. After about five minutes Justin began whimpering like a puppy while he was still sucking on Mitch's tongue. Mitch knew Justin was close to his orgasm, so Mitch reached down and firmly pinched Justin's dick closed so the boy could not cum until he was ready to. Then Mitch raised up so he could see his cock going in and out of Justin. He could also see Justin's dick visibly throbbing as he felt it between his fingers. By the time Mitch felt his balls begin to churn, Justin was begging for Mitch to let him cum.

As Mitch felt his orgasm begin, he let the pressure off of Justin's dick. Justin's first shot of cum went several feet into the air, and landed on his face. Every shot after that fell a little lower on Justin, until he had left a trail of cum from his face to his stomach. At the same time, Mitch was filling Justin's insides with his cum. Finally both orgasms were over. Mitch lifted off of Justin, as Justin's ass made the now familiar popping sound as Mitch's cock came out of it. Mitch took Justin into his arms and they both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

The next morning Mitch and Justin awoke happily, still in each other's arms. Mitch gave Justin a nice warm kiss, then they both got up to take a shower together. Mitch lovingly cleaned Justin's body as the boy smiled at him, then Justin carefully and sensually cleaned Mitch's body. After they were thoroughly cleaned, they got dressed and Mitch made the bed. Then they went downstairs to have breakfast. Just as they had finished breakfast, Mitch received a phone call on his land line. Mitch did not recognize the number on the caller ID, so he decided he would wait until the phone stopped ringing and return the call from his computer. His computer had a phone program which allowed him to record calls, which Mitch always did as a precaution when he didn't recognize the caller's number. Mitch and Justin went to the office, and Mitch booted his computer up. Then he opened the phone program and clicked on record before dialing the number.

When the call was answered Mitch said, "This is Mitch Gordon returning a call that was placed to this number."

The female voice on the other end of the line sneered, "I know what you've been doing with my son!"

Oh my, it's the scariest moment that can happen in this type of relationship! Please send all comments to: Timthestoryguy10@cs.com . Thanks, and I'll see you again in chapter 8.