What A Gas!

By tim

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What A Gas! - by tim

Chapter 8

When Mitch heard those words over the phone, he could feel a feeling of tightness in his chest and he became short of breath. Mitch was not having a heart attack, but he was having a severe anxiety attack. Justin could tell Mitch was in trouble, so he ran to Mitch's side. Justin pushed the hold button on the phone, then guided Mitch to the couch in his office. Justin laid Mitch down on the couch and threw his arms around Mitch.

"Please come out of it Mitch!" begged Justin. "I need you Mitch! I'll never make it without you!"

Justin began crying as he gently massaged Mitch's chest. While he continued the massage, Justin began covering Mitch's face with kisses. When Justin's tears began dropping onto Mitch's face, Mitch began to come out of it.

When Justin saw Mitch coming around he cried out,"Thank you God! Thank you for not taking Mitch from me! What's wrong Mitch?!"

"Your mother is on the phone!" gasped Mitch. "She said she knows what we've been doing!"

"Please Mitch!" begged Justin. "You can't let that bitch take me away!"

Mitch's breathing began to return to normal as he said, "I'll die before I let that happen Justin. There's no way she's going to take you away from me." Mitch took a few minutes to recover, then picked up the phone and took the call off hold.

"I was beginning to think you'd left me Mr. Gordon." said Justin's mother. "That wouldn't have been a good idea."

"Please," replied Mitch, "let's not be so formal and confrontational about this. Please call me Mitch. I wouldn't have hung up on you, I just needed a few minutes to take in what you said."

"Okay," said Justin's mother, "I'll play along. My name is Marcy Malloy and I'm the mother of the little faggot you're keeping with you now. Tell me something Mitch, do you like fucking children? Is my little faggot son a good fuck?"

"Please Marcy, let's try to be civil and friendly about this." replied Mitch. "I'm sure if we talk about this situation, we'll find out that we both want what is best for Justin."

"Please Mitch, don't insult me by trying to deny that you've fucked my son's ass." said Marcy smugly.

"I assure you that I haven't done what you think I've done Marcy." replied Mitch. As far as Mitch was concerned, he was telling the truth. What Marcy was describing was a filthy and violent act.

"Then why did you take my son to Las Vegas Mitch?" asked Marcy.

"Because Justin needed to get away and forget about some of the things he's been through since you threw him out and wished he would die." replied Mitch.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Marcy. "He's such a sensitive little faggot, and he's blown that all out of proportion. I was just kidding when I said that."

"A mother throwing a skillet at her son's head, kicking him out to the streets, and wishing he were dead is not much of a joke!" said Mitch. "I've had Justin with me all week now, and I know he doesn't deserve to be treated that way."

"Fuck you Mitch!" said Marcy. "I'm just going to assume that you are a lying sack of shit, and that you have fucked my son! In that case, I am willing to make you a deal. I figure for a man like you to have a boy like Justin, that you can fuck any time the notion strikes you, should be worth about a million dollars. And even if he's not that good of a fuck, staying out of prison should be worth that much to you!"

"Let me get this right." said Mitch. "You want to sell Justin to me for one million dollars, right?"

"You're a smart man Mitch." said Marcy sarcastically. "Do you want to buy Justin from me, or go to jail?"

"What if I were lying to you though, and I was molesting your son?" asked Mitch.

"That's not my concern." said Marcy coldly.

"What if I were the kind of man who was hurting Justin?' asked Mitch. "What if I were hurting him so much that eventually I would have to end up killing him and disposing of his body?"

"Once you buy him you can do what you want with him!" replied Marcy. "So, do you want to buy Justin or go to jail Mitch?" asked Marcy.

"I need some time to think about your proposition Marcy." replied Mitch. "I want to make sure I'd be getting my money's worth out of the deal. Can you give me a week? If Justin is everything you say he is, we can complete our little business transaction then and you'll be a million dollars richer."

"Okay Mitch," replied Marcy, "you have one week. Please don't think that I won't hesitate to call the police though, after all Justin is legally my son."

"Of course he is Marcy." said Mitch. "I will call you back in one week, I promise."

When Mitch hung up the phone with Marcy, Justin had a look of terror on his face. Mitch went to sit next to Justin, but Justin flinched away from him. Instead Mitch kneeled in front of Justin, leaving himself completely open to the scared boy.

"Justin," said Mitch softly, "I would never do anything to hurt you. You have to believe me son, I love you with all my heart. I will never let any harm come to you, and I will show you nothing but all of the love in my heart."

"But what about the things you said to my mother?" asked Justin on the verge of tears. "You're just going to buy me like a piece of meat in the supermarket?"

"I had to say those things Justin." said Mitch gently. "It was the only way I could trap that filthy, rotten, good for nothing including a halfway decent fuck, piece of shit bitch! You see baby, I was taping every single revolting thing she said, and now I'm going to call Eric."

Justin threw himself into Mitch's arms and began crying. "I'm so sorry Mitch!" cried Justin. "I'll never doubt you again!"

Then Justin began covering Mitch's face with urgent kisses. Mitch finally trapped the boy's face in his hands, and placed his lips over Justin's. Mitch and Justin kissed desperately for several minutes.

"I love you more than my own life Justin." said Mitch. "I would never do the horrible things that evil woman was saying. The only thing I will ever do with you is make beautiful and passionate love to you."

"I will never be able to love anyone except for you Mitch." said Justin. "You are my entire life now."

With that, Mitch called Eric and told him that he needed him to come to his house urgently. While they were waiting for Eric, Mitch and Justin continued their kiss with passion. Even though it took Eric a half hour to get to Mitch's house, it only seemed like a few minutes to Mitch and Justin. Mitch led Eric into his office and played his conversation with Marcy. Eric was almost shocked by what he heard.

"Okay you guys." said Eric. "I'm going to put things into action right away. I'll have to ask both of you to abstain from any anal sex from this point on. Hopefully I can have Marcy picked up right away, and charged with several felony charges. I don't want you caught in the crossfire though Mitch. I also want you to take Justin back to Doctor Bob right now, and see if there's anything he can do to minimize the evidence of anal intercourse. I'm going to try my best to keep Justin in this house, so you can expect to hear from child welfare on Monday. I suggest you set up a bedroom for Justin by then. He doesn't have to use it, but he will need it for appearances sake. I will make damn sure that I earn every penny that you'll be paying me Mitch."

"If you keep Justin in my home, I'll gladly give you everything I have Eric." said Mitch.

"Well," chuckled Eric, "I won't charge you that much. It will only seem that way."

Mitch finally let himself go, and he laughed with Eric. The two men laughed for several minutes together, until Justin thought that they needed help. Eric assured Mitch that he would not allow himself to lose this case. In fact, Eric almost never lost a case, and this one had just become very important to him.

After Eric left, Mitch called Doctor Bob, then he and Justin drove back to Bob's house. Bob carefully examined Justin's anus again, then gave Mitch a tube of medicated ointment to rub into the boy's anus three times a day. Bob assured Mitch and Justin that the ointment would do what they needed it to, and ordered them to abstain from anal intercourse until Justin was legally Mitch's son. It was very late when Mitch and Justin returned home, so they immediately went to bed. Tonight would not include any sexual contact for Mitch and Justin. Instead, they cuddled in each other's arms until they drifted off to sleep.

The next day was very busy, as Mitch and Justin spent the day turning the spare room into a room that gave the appearance of being lived in by a fourteen year old boy. Mitch spent a small fortune furnishing the room with everything a boy like Justin would have in his room, right down to posters for the wall. Then Justin moved his clothes into the room. Then it was time to make sure the house was free from any sexual aids, as these were not necessary for the only types of sex that would be allowed for them. It took both of them until evening to get everything ready, but when they were done it looked like Justin had lived in his own room for years, and nothing improper had ever happened between them. That evening the pair went out for dinner to a very nice restaurant, then returned home.

At that point, Justin was in a mood to play. As soon as he and Mitch were in Mitch's bedroom, Justin began performing a strip tease for Mitch. Mitch sat on the bed and watched his beautiful boy slowly display himself. By the time Justin was finally naked, Mitch was as hard as a rock. Then Justin began stripping Mitch, which he was suddenly in a hurry to accomplish. Once they were both naked, Justin pushed Mitch back onto the bed. Justin hovered over Mitch and looked into his face, which was filled with anticipation. Justin finally wrapped his lips around Mitch's cock, and began a sensual massage of the engorged organ. Mitch felt his cock throb as Justin's lips slid back and forth over it. Then Justin went down as far as he could and swallowed. This time Mitch's cock slid into his throat with much more ease than the last time. Justin hungrily slid Mitch's cock back and forth in his throat, while stroking the shaft with his tongue. As Justin expertly sucked Mitch's cock, he began massaging Mitch's balls with his soft hands. By this time Mitch was moaning his love for Justin over and over.

Justin pulled off of Mitch's cock and begged, "Please shoot your cum into my mouth Mitch. I can't live without the taste of your love on my lips!"

Then Justin hungrily took Mitch's cock back into his mouth. When Justin put some suction onto Mitch's throbbing cock, Mitch felt his balls begin to churn. Within moments Mitch was shooting his cum into the hungry boy's mouth. Justin swallowed as fast as he could, so he could drink every last drop of Mitch's cum. When Mitch's orgasm ended, Justin laid back on the bed.

Justin grabbed ahold of his stiff little dick, and began wiggling it at Mitch as he giggled boyishly. Mitch was on top of Justin immediately, taking Justin's sweet tasting dick into his mouth. Then Mitch also took Justin's balls into his mouth at the same time, and began sucking Justin like a man possessed. Justin began moaning at the feelings Mitch was producing within him. Mitch's tongue was frantically massaging Justin's dick and balls, as he sucked on his beautiful boy. In almost no time Justin was so close to his orgasm that he could not hold it back. Mitch was in complete ecstasy as he drank Justin's cum. Justin shot several good streams into Mitch's mouth before his orgasm quickly subsided. Mitch climbed back up the bed and took Justin into his arms. The pair sealed their lips together and kissed until falling asleep in each other's arms.

The pair awoke the next morning to find that Justin had had an accident through the night. Mitch immediately gave Justin a warm kiss and said, "Let's go get cleaned up my beautiful baby boy."

Mitch was so warm and gentle that Justin was not upset about having an accident this morning. Instead the pair went to the shower and lovingly cleaned each other off. Then they returned to Mitch's bedroom and began stripping his bed. The child welfare officer could be there soon, but Mitch did not feel rushed until he discovered that the plastic mattress cover was still on his bed!

Mitch quickly snatched it off the bed and urgently said, "Quick son, take this and put it on your bed! Then make your bed and mess it up! Hurry!"

As Justin was doing that as fast as he could and getting dressed, Mitch was making his bed and getting dressed too. As Mitch was finishing, he heard the doorbell ring. Mitch went by Justin's room and yelled "Hurry!" through the door, then went to answer the front door. At the door was a young man, a few years younger than Mitch.

"Mitch Gordon?" asked the young man. "My name is Will Daniels from the Child Welfare Authority."

"Please come in Mr. Daniels." said Mitch as he offered his hand. "Can I get you anything like coffee or water?"

"Coffee sounds great." replied Will. "I still haven't had my daily recommended allowance yet." Both men chuckled as Will continued, "Please call me Will, okay Mitch?"

"Okay Will," replied Mitch, "please come in and have a seat. I'll be right back with the coffee."

Will had a seat in the living room, after first looking around briefly. Mitch returned shortly with two cups of coffee. The men took a few sips of coffee, then Justin came into the room.

"Will, I'd like you to meet Justin Malloy." said Mitch. "Justin, this is Will Daniels from the Child Welfare Authority. I assume he'll be our caseworker?"

"Yes Mitch," said Will, "I will be the caseworker in this case. It's nice to meet you Justin."

"It's nice to meet you too Mr. Daniels." said Justin politely, as he offered his hand.

"I'm very impressed already!" said Will. "You've taken a kid who has lived on the streets for six months and taught him very good manners."

"There really wasn't much to teach." replied Mitch. "Justin has been a well-mannered boy from the time I met him."

"Would you like to tell me how you ended up meeting Justin?" asked Will.

"I'd love to." replied Mitch. "One week ago I stopped at a gas station to fill my car. Justin was there trying to pump gas for people to make enough to eat. I could tell right away that Justin had been living on the streets, and had not been bathing or eating properly. It really just started as trying to help him at the moment, but Justin was such a nice kid that I soon wanted to help him more than that."

"Why didn't you call Child Welfare at that time?" asked Will.

"Justin was technically a runaway." replied Mitch. "At first I was afraid if I had done that, he would have just started running again and I didn't want to see that happen. Then later, when I knew that I wanted him to stay here, we were afraid that he might not be allowed to stay and end up being returned to his mother."

"Well," said Will, "I can safely say that won't be happening anytime soon. Marcy Malloy was arrested last night on several felony charges, some of which pertained to Justin. She did however say something about you taking Justin to Las Vegas for three days."

"Yes." replied Mitch. "Justin had had such a rough time that I wanted to see if I could lift his spirits. It started out as a one day trip, but he was having such a great time that I kind of extended that."

"Yeah!" added Justin. "Mitch took me to see the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon! It was really great!"

"I imagine it was." chuckled Will. "The Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places. So you guys didn't spend the entire time in Las Vegas?"

"No, we didn't." replied Mitch. "Las Vegas is an exciting town, but not exactly made for a boy Justin's age."

"We did ride all the rides though," said Justin, "and we went to the big water park there."

"It sounds like you guys had fun then." said Will.

"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Justin. "It was the most fun I've ever had, especially the Grand Canyon!"

"Okay," said Will, "I'm not too worried about the trip you guys took anymore. Marcy apparently made it out to sound much worse than it actually was. You do know a fourteen year old boy should be in school though, right Mitch?"

"If I were his guardian, I would take him now and enroll him in the finest school in the area." said Mitch. "Unfortunately under the current circumstances no school would allow me to enroll him."

"Let's see what we can do about that then." said Will. "Do you mind showing me around Mitch? We need to make sure that everything here is set up appropriately for a boy Justin's age."

"I don't mind at all." replied Mitch. "It's good to see the state take such concern over children like Justin."

As Mitch began the tour of the house, Will took out a notepad. Whenever Mitch showed Will a room, Will would look around thoroughly and scribble a few notes in his notepad. Then they came to Mitch's office.

"Two computers?" inquired Will. "Do you have Justin's computer set up in here as well?"

"Yes." replied Mitch. "I work as a free-lance program designer, so I spend a lot of time in here. Justin didn't want to feel too alone when I was working, so we put his computer in here for now. When we get him into school, we'll probably move it to his room."

"Do you mind me asking how much you make as a free-lance program designer?" asked Will.

"Not at all." replied Mitch. "The last time I checked all of my bank balances, they were in the neighborhood of forty million. My latest program, which Justin helped me with by the way, stands to be worth even more than that."

"Justin helped you with it?" asked Will.

"Yes." replied Mitch. "When Justin came to stay with me last week I had been stuck on a problem with the program. Justin figured out what the problem was, and I was able to get the program working beautifully. Part of the profits from the program will go to Justin's education, and his welfare after he finishes school."

"You sound like a very bright young man Justin!" remarked Will.

"Thank you sir." replied Justin.

Then the tour continued on upstairs. After looking over Mitch's room carefully, they moved on to Justin's room.

"Justin, could you make your bed?" asked Mitch. "We don't want Will to think you haven't learned to do that."

Justin only thought for a second before he smiled and replied, "Sure Mitch! I'm sorry I forgot to make it this morning."

"That's okay Justin." chuckled Mitch.

"I guess I have that to look forward to when my two young sons are Justin's age, huh?" asked Will as he chuckled.

"It's really not that bad at all." replied Mitch with a smile.

"Yes, I guess it isn't." replied Will. "Justin's room looks very nice for a boy his age, I've seen much worse." Then Will examined Justin's bed before saying, "I notice you have a plastic mattress cover on Justin's bed."

Justin blushed slightly as Mitch replied, "Yes. Justin does have a bladder control problem. I have found a doctor who would see Justin, and he assures us that it is a temporary condition as long as it is treated now."

"You've had Justin seen by a doctor?" inquired Will. "The doctor should have filed some kind of report with us."

"He didn't see Justin until Saturday, so he hasn't had the chance to yet." replied Mitch. "I think he also wanted to wait until my lawyer got things rolling this morning."

"Yes," responded Will, "that is understandable. Your lawyer has filed for you to adopt Justin as your legal son whenever the matter can be addressed. Is that what both of you want?"

"Justin is a great kid." replied Mitch. "I want to make sure he has every opportunity that he has been deprived of up to this point. I care very much about his welfare, and I would love for him to be my son."

"How about you Justin?" asked Will.

"I've never really had a real dad before." said Justin. "Mitch has been a great dad so far though. He's already given me more care and wisdom than anyone ever has. He certainly takes better care of me than my mother ever did! I really want Mitch to be my dad more than anything I've ever wanted before."

"Can you tell me about your mother?" asked Will. "What was it like living with her?"

"It was a nightmare." replied Justin somberly. "She hated me throughout my whole life. She told me than when she found out she was pregnant with me, she was furious with my real dad and never saw him again. She said she would have had an abortion, but no one would pay for it and she couldn't afford it. Then she found out that she could get paid by the state to raise me, so she wouldn't consider giving me up for adoption. She never wanted me around though, even though I've been taking care of the house for as long as I can remember. She was always drunk, and couldn't take care of the house herself. After she threw a skillet at my head and kicked me out of the house, she said she wished I would die." Then Justin began crying.

Mitch gave the boy a gentle hug and said, "It's allright Justin, you're safe here. I'll never let anything like that happen to you again, I promise."

This was the first time that Mitch had heard about Justin's childbirth, and he too was moved by it. Mitch laid Justin on his bed and gave the boy a fatherly kiss on the forehead, then Mitch and Will left the room.

"I'm sorry Mitch." said Will. "I didn't mean to raise any bad memories for Justin, but all of this will be very important to his case. You seem to care very much for Justin, and I'll be happy to get your guardianship of him taken care of today."

"It's more than just that now." said Mitch, as he led Will back into the living room. Then Mitch sat down and continued. "I had a brother that I lost about five years ago to an inoperable brain tumor. It must have been about fifteen years ago that he had a girlfriend, who he said loved to drink and party. The relationship ended when she had a fight with him one night. She never told him what the fight was even about, but he feared that he may have gotten her pregnant. He tried to find out for sure, but the girl had cut off all contact with him. He was never able to find out anything more about her. Justin may very well be my nephew, but even if he isn't, his story is a little too close to home for him to be anywhere but here." Mitch then wiped a single tear from the corner of his eye.

"I'll put this case on a fast-track Mitch." said Will. "We'll try to find out if Justin is your nephew, but that will depend on how cooperative Marcy is. She's facing a prison sentence though, so I'll personally lean on her. Even if Justin's not your nephew though, I think he needs you. I'll stop by later today with some papers to sign, but in the meantime Justin should be made aware of your story."

"You're right Will." said Mitch. "I"ll give him a few more minutes to recover, then have a nice talk with him. Thanks for your help Will."

"If there's anything that either of you need, call me immediately." offered Will. "Here's my card with my cell number. Don't be afraid to call anytime Mitch."

Will gave Mitch his card, and the two men shook hands. Mitch now had a lot to think about, and a boy upstairs who needed to hear his story.

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