What A Gas!

By tim the story guy

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What A Gas!

By tim

chapter 9

After Mitch took a few minutes to collect his thoughts and brace himself, he went up to Justin's room. Justin had recovered from his trip down memory lane, and was laying on his bed. Mitch sat down on Justin's bed and motioned for his boy to climb into his lap, then Mitch put his arms around Justin and gave the boy a passionate kiss. As Mitch held Justin in his arms like a small child, he began to tell the boy his story.

"I have something very important to talk to you about Justin," said Mitch, "but before I start I want you to know that what I tell you will not change our relationship. I love you very much in every way possible, including as a lover. I hope we continue to make love to each other for a very long time."

Justin looked warmly into Mitch's eyes as he sat in his lap and replied, "Me too Mitch. What could cause that to change?"

Mitch placed his lips against Justin's soft lips again, and gave the boy a brief but loving kiss. Then Mitch began, "I use to have a younger brother. He was a great guy, and you remind me a little bit of him especially when I look into your eyes. However, he died about five years ago from an inoperable brain tumor. That means that he had a tumor that was situated in a place in his brain that made it impossible to remove it. The reason he is important to our situation is he had a girlfriend about fifteen years ago. The girlfriend was a very wild type of girl, because at that time my brother was the type who loved to party. They had an argument one night, that would have been about eight months before your birthdate. The girl never would tell my brother what she even started the argument for, but he was afraid that he may have gotten her pregnant. He tried as hard as he could to keep in touch with her, in case his fears were correct, but she tried even harder to make sure that he couldn't keep in touch with her. He was very afraid that if she was pregnant with his child, that she would not be the type of person who could raise the child properly. He tried for years to find out what exactly had happened with her, and even went as far as to violate a restraining order against him, but he could never find out anything. He died without ever knowing if he actually had a son or daughter out there who might have needed him."

Justin's lip began trembling as he looked into Mitch's eyes. "Do you mean that you may be my uncle, Mitch?" asked Justin softly.

Mitch held Justin against him as he replied, "Even if I am your uncle, it doesn't change the way that I have loved you since you came into my life last week. When we make love it makes me feel like I've found a part of myself that has been missing for my whole life. Nothing will change that feeling inside of me. I will always enjoy making love to you no matter what happens. It all depends on how you feel, knowing that I may be your uncle."

"You may very likely be my uncle, but there's also the possibility that your brother's girlfriend was not my mother." replied Justin. "I love you like no other person I've ever met Mitch. You make me feel like every normal boy in the world is suppose to feel, and that's the first time in my life that I've ever felt that way. Making love to you feels so right, and your body against mine feels like it's suppose to be that way. Even if you are my uncle, I'll always want to be your lover Mitch."

Justin then placed his lips against Mitch, and pushed his tongue into Mitch's mouth. The pair fell back onto Justin's bed in a tight embrace, and with their lips sealed together. Mitch and Justin did nothing but kiss for about an hour, although it did not seem nearly that long. Finally, when they were both as hard as steel, Justin began to strip Mitch's clothes off. Mitch then returned the favor to Justin. Mitch slid underneath Justin, then laid the boy on top of him in a "69" position. When Mitch got Justin's four and a half rock hard inches into his mouth, Justin began gently humping into Mitch's face. Justin then took Mitch's cock hungrily into his mouth.

Mitch loved every sensation produced by having Justin's dick in his mouth, and did everything he could with his mouth to make Justin's dick feel good. Justin's mouth also felt so warm and soft around Mitch's throbbing cock, that Mitch was lost in Utopia every time they made love. Mitch knew that he and his boy would always share this type of love with each other, no matter what.

Justin could tell how much Mitch loved him, because no one had ever made his dick feel as good as Mitch could. Mitch made every nerve in his body tingle, and dance a joyful dance when they made love. He also loved everything about Mitch's cock, especially the way it completely filled his mouth and throat. Whenever he had Mitch's wonderful cock inside him at either end, the beautiful organ felt as if it were a part of his own body. Justin knew that he could never make love to anyone again, except for Mitch.

The two lovingly coaxed each other's shafts with their mouths, and held back their release for as long as they could. When Justin felt Mitch's cock begin to twitch and surge, he backed it out of his throat. He was immediately rewarded by Mitch's strong tasting cum flooding into his mouth. Justin swallowed around Mitch's erupting cock, which caused Mitch to let out a satisfied moan. That was enough to cause Justin to begin cumming into Mitch's eagerly waiting mouth. Mitch hungrily swallowed all of Justin's sweet tasting cum. Mitch sucked at Justin's boy dick to make sure his boy was completely drained of any built up cum. Then Mitch turned Justin back around, and the two fell into a warm and happy embrace. They had been making love to each other for about ninety minutes, including the kissing that led up to it.

"I would look forward to making love to you even if you were my father, Mitch." moaned Justin softly.

"I love you with every ounce of my soul, my beautiful little boy." replied Mitch dreamily, as he smiled.

After Mitch and Justin rested in each other's arms for a while, they got out of Justin's bed and began moving around the house again. While Mitch was waiting for Will to stop by again, he began putting the finishing touches on the program that he and Justin had been working on. Justin would occasionally walk past and stroke Mitch's butt through his pants, which would cause Mitch to hug the boy close to him and softly stroke Justin's crotch.

Mitch finally asked, "Are you growing attracted to my butt Justin?"

"I've always been fascinated by your butt dude." replied Justin cheerily. "I can't wait until my dick is big enough to put it inside you!"

Mitch smiled and said, "I'm looking forward to that day too Justin. I can't wait for the day that I can feel you inside me. Would you like a closer look at it for now?"

"I'll never turn down any offer like that from you Mitch." replied Justin.

Mitch got up and walked over to the couch in his office. As he pulled down his pants and underwear, Mitch said, "You'll have to make it quick Justin. Will should be by before too much longer." Mitch then laid face down on the couch.

Justin kneeled down beside the couch and ran his hands over Mitch's butt, caressing each cheek gently. Then Justin spread Mitch's cheeks apart and gazed at the crack between them. Justin then ran one hand along the crack between Mitch's cheeks, stopping to fondle Mitch's pucker.

"Oh God Justin!" moaned Mitch. "That feels so incredible!"

Justin smiled, then leaned over and placed his tongue in Mitch's crack. Justin ran his tongue back and forth in Mitch's crack before zeroing in on Mitch's pucker with his tongue. Justin prodded at the opening until his tongue slipped inside Mitch a little bit. Then Justin began pushing his tongue in and out of Mitch as much as he could. After a few moments Justin pulled his tongue back out, but not before licking madly at Mitch's pucker. Then he placed his finger at the opening and pushed it in. Justin watched in fascination as his finger went in and out of Mitch's butt.

"You're making me feel so good right now that I hate to say this," moaned Mitch, "but Will will be here any minute, and I have to cum again!"

"Turn over then!" commanded Justin lustily.

When Mitch turned over on the couch, Justin went down eagerly on his cock. Within moments Mitch was filling Justin's mouth for the second time that day with his cum.

When his orgasm ended, Mitch said, "I think I've created a sex monster! What a wonderful thing to create." That caused Justin to giggle and Mitch to laugh lightly.

As soon as Mitch had his pants back on all the way, the doorbell rang. "Go make sure your finger doesn't smell funny." said Mitch.

Justin ran upstairs quickly to wash his hands as Mitch answered the door. Mitch invited Will into the living room, as he noticed that Will had a briefcase full of papers.

"Are all of those for me to sign?" gulped Mitch.

"No, no!" laughed Will. "I had one other person to call on this afternoon. Only about half of them are for you."

That still looked like quite a bit to Mitch. As Mitch and Will were making themselves comfortable at the coffee table in the living room, Justin came in to join them.

"Hi Justin!" said Will cheerily. "How are you doing this afternoon?"

"I'm much better sir." replied Justin.

"Can you do me a favor Justin?" asked Will. "Don't call me sir, it makes me think you're frightened by me and I want us to be friends. Just call me Will, okay?"

"Okay Will." replied Justin with a smile. "I'm sorry about this morning Will. It just hurt a little to think about what my life was like before I came here."

"I'm sorry too Justin." said Will. "I didn't mean to cause you any bad thoughts, but I had to know about your life with your mother to be able to help you. I promise you won't ever have to live like that again. I know Mitch will take much better care of you than your mother ever did. Now Mitch, let's get started on all these papers."

Mitch had never signed so many papers in his life, not even when he developed a program for the government. There were applications for guardianship and adoption, statements about Mitch's financial and personal fitness to care for Justin, statements about Mitch's possible relationship to Justin, consent to investigate the possible relationship and Mitch's financial affairs, and pledges to do certain things for Justin, including medical care and schooling. There were quite a few more papers, but Mitch didn't know what they actually were. He just knew that the way Will explained them, that they sounded important to sign. There was even a statement for Justin to sign about his living conditions with his mother.

"I tell you what Mitch," said Will, "you look a little overwhelmed right now. Why don't you call your lawyer and have him look everything over for you before I leave here today. I don't want you or Justin to think I'm trying to get away with anything here."

"Are you sure you don't mind that Will?" asked Mitch. "It could take him a while to get here."

"I don't mind at all." said Will. "You're my last stop of the afternoon anyway."

"In that case would you like to have an early dinner with me and Justin?" asked Mitch. "It would be absolutely no extra trouble at all."

"Sure!" replied Will. "That sounds great to me. I've been on the run all day, and haven't even had the chance to stop at a burger joint."

Everyone moved to the kitchen as Mitch called Eric. Eric told Mitch he would be there as soon as he got out of court, but it probably would be about an hour to ninety minutes. Then Mitch prepared everyone a very nice early dinner. Justin and Will both enjoyed the meal, as did Mitch too.

"You're not too bad of a cook Mitch!" complimented Will. "I have problems even boiling water, and if a meal doesn't come out of a box from the freezer it's usually too complicated for me."

"Thanks Will." chuckled Mitch.

"While we still have a little time to kill, why don't you tell me about this program that you and Justin made?" asked Will.

"It's a virtual reality program where you can design and ride your own rollercoaster." said Mitch. "It will come with a headset that you wear, that will project the images around your head while you're riding."

"That sounds fantastic!" exclaimed Will. "Are you finished with it yet?"

"It should be completely ready by the end of the week." replied Mitch. "Would you like to stop by on Friday and check it out?"

"I'd love to Mitch." answered Will. "I'll stop by after my last appointment on Friday. I have to check up with you to make sure Justin has been enrolled in school, and get a doctor's report from you anyway."

After a few more minutes, Eric stopped by to take a look at all the papers that Will had Mitch sign. After a careful examination, Eric was satisfied that everything was in order. After a few minutes of friendly conversation with Mitch and Will, Eric said that he wanted to get home.

"Before you go, can I ask you a favor Eric?" asked Will. "I know you were instrumental in having Marcy Malloy picked up, and I was wondering if you can help us get some information from her? We are trying to determine if Mitch is actually Justin's uncle."

"Justin's uncle!" exclaimed Eric. "Why didn't you tell me that Mitch? That makes quite a difference in your case. It should be a much easier case to dispose of now."

"We didn't realize that there was a possible link until this morning." replied Mitch. "Besides, didn't you see that in all of those papers?"

"I wasn't reading them word for word." said Eric. "My only concern was that there was nothing in there that would get in the way of our case, but they all appear very commonplace." Then Eric turned back to Will and said, "I'll do everything I can to help find out if Mitch is Justin's uncle."

"That's great!" replied Will. "Thanks for your help Eric. I want to get this tied up quickly, so Justin can get on with his life here with Mitch."

When their business was complete, all three guys shook hands. Then Mitch and Justin were by themselves again. Mitch and Justin cuddled on the living room sofa for the entire evening.

Finally Mitch said, "Well Justin, it's time for bed. We have to get up early tomorrow to find you the best school we can find. Fortunately, Eric left me a few brochures for private schools in the area."

"Do I have to go to a private school?" asked Justin.

"You are a very intelligent boy." replied Mitch. "I went to public school, so I know they will not nurture your potential the same way that a private school will. Besides, we'll look until we find one that you like."

"Thanks Uncle Mitch, I love you." said Justin.

"I love you too Justin, but we may want to wait for the official report before you call me uncle." replied Mitch.

Mitch leaned down and gave Justin a deep and passionate kiss, then picked the boy up and carried him upstairs. After Justin relieved himself without help, they both climbed into Mitch's bed. Mitch wrapped Justin's warm body in his arms.

When Mitch felt Justin's hand on his cock, Mitch said, "I don't think I'll be able to cum again today my baby boy. If you can cum again though, I'd love to pleasure you before we go to sleep."

"I can cum anytime for you Mitch." boasted Justin softly.

Mitch very passionately pleasured Justin to another orgasm, and was treated to the taste of Justin's sweet cum. Within moments Justin was snoring softly in Mitch's arms, then Mitch fell asleep with a smile on his face.

The next morning, Mitch and Justin woke up and shared breakfast and a kiss. Then it was off to find a school for Justin. The first school was very modern looking, but they noticed that the children there did not look very excited to be there. Mitch went through all the schools that he had brochures for, without much luck. A secretary at the last school they were going to visit did give them the address for another school that Mitch might be interested in checking out though. As Mitch and Justin drove through the gate, they noticed that the grounds were very nicely maintained. The buildings were older Spanish style buildings, but they had been renovated on the inside. Mitch and Justin were both impressed as they entered the spacious lobby. Mitch went to the receptionist's desk and asked to see the admissions director. A woman came out to speak to Mitch.

"Hello Mr. Gordon," said the well-dressed lady, "my name is Ms. Gardenier and I am the admissions director here at Valencia Hills Academy. We are a high school level preparatory academy for gifted young ladies and gentlemen, and we are very expensive."

"Expense is no object Ms. Gardenier." said Mitch. "I am a freelance program designer, and I'm worth millions!"

The last word Mitch spoke captured Ms. Gardenier's attention, and she became very friendly.

"Please come on into my office Mr. Gordon, and lets get acquainted." said Ms. Gardenier. "I'll have one of our students come by and show your son around our campus. I'm sure he will like it here very much!"

"Justin isn't actually my son yet," replied Mitch, "but I hope that he soon will be. I am his legal guardian as of now though."

"Well believe me, having Justin enrolled at our Academy will certainly help you there!" said Ms. Gardenier.

After Ms. Gardenier explained to Mitch and Justin about the entrance exam, which she assured them was just a formality, a very nice looking, well-dressed boy came into the office.

"Hi," said the boy in a very melodic voice, "my name is Tyler, and I'm 16." Tyler then held his smooth hand out toward Justin. "I've been assigned to show you around our academy. I love it here, and I'm sure you will too. If you have any questions while I show you around, make sure to ask me."

After Justin shook Tyler's hand, the two boys left the office for the tour. As Justin left he turned around and smiled warmly at Mitch. All of the classrooms the boys visited were very nicely remodeled, and were complete with computer workstations for every student. Tyler explained that every class was limited to twenty students, and there was a teacher and a certified teacher's aide in each classroom. Tyler also bragged that almost every student who graduated from the academy went on to only the finest colleges in the country. Justin looked around the classrooms carefully, and noticed that the students did not seem to be under any stress at all. As a matter of fact, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the students seemed to be having fun while they were learning.

"This sure isn't anything like the last public school I went to!" remarked Justin.

"I'm sure it's not!" Tyler chuckled softly. "You'd be surprised at the kind of education that enough money can buy!"

"How much will Mitch be spending for me to attend this academy?" asked Justin.

"The parents are told to never tell us kids exactly how much our education costs." replied Tyler. "It keeps us from becoming unduly stressed out over it. I do know that this is one of the most expensive schools in the country though."

Tyler then guided Justin to the recreation facilities. The buildings here did look a little more modern than the educational facilities.

"Over here is our swimming and diving center." said Tyler, as he pointed at a soft domed structure. "Next to that is our fieldhouse. It is used for basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, and other indoor sports." Then Tyler pointed toward an impressive looking stadium as he said, "Finally we have our outdoor sports center. It is used mostly for football, soccer, baseball, and track and field."

Justin was awed as he looked around. The grounds between the educational and recreational facilities was just as beautifully landscaped and maintained as the grounds at the entrance to the academy. Justin couldn't imagine himself ever being fortunate enough to attend school at a place like this, but he knew this was where he wanted to be. He was broken out of his euphoria by Tyler's pleasant voice.

"I know it's a lot to take in, but you'll get use to it very quickly Justin." said Tyler. "Most of the kids here are from very rich families, or are even the kids of celebrities. I'm sure you'll meet a few of them here, and all of the students get along very well together. We even have classes on being accepting of all of the people around us. You will also be encouraged to pick at least one extra-curricular activity. I'm on the baseball and soccer teams, although I do best at soccer."

"I think I like it here already!" exclaimed Justin. "This is like what going to school should be."

"Well then," said Tyler brightly, "just make sure you do well on the entrance exam. It's a piece of cake though dude. Ms. Gardenier may even let you take it today, that way you could start on Thursday. That would be so cool!" Then Tyler got a very shy look about him as he added, "I would like to be your first friend here, if that's okay Justin."

Justin reached his hand toward Tyler and beamed, "That would be so great dude. I never got a chance to make too many friends at my last school."

Tyler smiled happily as he shook Justin's hand again, and the two became friends right there. Tyler and Justin merrily made their way back to the admission's office. The boys were met there by Mitch and Ms. Gardenier.

"So Justin, did you like the tour?" asked Mitch.

"It was great!" exclaimed Justin. "If you have to go to school, this is the most perfect place in the world to do it!"

Ms. Gardenier laughed lightly as she said, "Well, thank you very much for the rave endorsement young man. I know we'll enjoy having you here as a student Justin. Would you like to take our entrance exam today? It will take approximately ninety minutes, but we can get you started by Thursday if we do it today."

"Would that be okay Mitch?" asked Justin.

Mitch smiled at Justin and said, "That would be perfect if this is where you want to attend school. I'll just come back here in ninety minutes to see how you did. I'm glad you are happy with this academy, it will look very good on your record when you go to college."

Ms. Gardenier took Justin to a testing room, while Mitch went to find a way to kill ninety minutes and Tyler returned to his classes. Ms. Gardenier told Justin to relax and take his time, and if he got stuck on a question to skip it and go back to it later. It was one of the toughest tests that Justin had ever taken, but he just managed to make it through by the end of the ninety minutes. When he was finished, Mitch was waiting for him in the lobby. Ms. Gardenier escorted Justin to the lobby to speak with Mitch.

"We will have Justin's results ready tomorrow afternoon, and I will give you a call then Mr. Gordon." said Ms. Gardenier. "We will have to go over Justin's curriculum, and what supplies he will need by Thursday. You'll have to come with him on Thursday to sign his enrollment agreement and contract. I'll look forward to talking to you tomorrow."

"Thank you Ms. Gardenier," replied Mitch, "and it has been a pleasure talking to you, and seeing your wonderful academy."

Mitch and Justin were finally on their way home for the day. Once there, they got ready to go out to a nice restaurant for dinner. After dinner Mitch and Justin returned home to cuddle in each other's arms.

"I'm glad you liked Valencia Hills Justin." said Mitch as they cuddled. "If you are happy there, then that's all that matters."

"It was great." replied Justin. "All of the kids there looked so happy. We couldn't have found a better school."

"I'm not going to have any competition for you now, am I?" asked Mitch half-jokingly.

"I don't know, Tyler was very cute!" replied Justin. "He already wants to be my first friend at school." When Justin saw Mitch's mock scowl, he began to giggle. "You are the only one that I will ever want to make love to Mitch." said Justin. "Tyler may become a great friend, but I already have my one true lover."

With that, Justin pulled Mitch down to his face and placed their lips together. Justin explored Mitch's mouth deeply with his tongue, while he ran his hands over Mitch's body. When Justin's hand got to Mitch's crotch, he caressed Mitch's growing erection lovingly. Mitch picked his beautiful boy up without losing contact with Justin's lips or hands, and took Justin upstairs to make sweet love to him.

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