What A Gas 2

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

Well everyone, after writing this chapter I decided that this is where What A Gas 2 should take over. That means that the story will continue without interruption. Updates will not be as fast as I would like for now though, so this chapter is a bit longer than usual. I hope you enjoy this just as much as the original series.

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males of different age groups (man/boy). If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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What A Gas 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 1

The next few weeks were very busy for everyone. Mike, Justin, and Antonio were busy with the team, getting ready for the playoffs. Mitch, Bernie, and Reggie were busy with the new house, wanting it to be ready as soon as Mitch received the license for the home. Bernie was also busy with the police and courts, with Danny's mother in custody and his gang having been rounded up. Eric also helped out, helping Bernie with his deal with the prosecutor and taking care of the legal details for Mitch's home. Everyone thought everything was going along well, except for Mitch. Mitch was very nervous about having everything ready at the end of the two weeks. Mitch finally relaxed on moving day, which was also Justin and Antonio's first playoff game.

Mitch took care of most of the work on moving day. He wanted his lover to be ready to have the game of his life that evening. Mitch caught up with Justin just before going into the locker room to prepare for the game. Mitch took Justin gently into his arms, and gave his boy a warm hug.

"I hope you have the best game you've ever had tonight, my beautiful baby boy." said Mitch. "We both have so much to look forward to right now, and I want to give you even more."

"I love you so much Mitch." replied Justin. "I feel like I could beat that whole team tonight by myself, just for you. I could have never imagined having a lover like you, or a life this great before I met you."

As a few of Justin's teammates showed up, Justin gave Mitch a passionate and loving kiss. Justin received some good-natured encouragement from some of his teammates, and a knowing smile from Antonio. Once the game began, it was easy to see who had prepared most for the game that night. Valencia Hills dominated control of the ball, while the other team played defense the best they could. Mike knew it would be a good night though as Antonio and Justin shared a pair of goals in the first five minutes. Then Antonio set out to help his best friend shine that night. Antonio made sure that Justin always got the ball whenever he would find himself clear, then he would block the defense for his friend. For Justin, the goal that night seemed to be as big as a barn door. Justin had his hat trick that night before the game was half over. Valencia Hills took their first game by a score of eight to three, with Justin finally ending up with five of his team's goals. Valencia Hills had now set themselves up as the team to beat for the championship this year.

After the game, Mitch invited everyone back to his new home for the night. There was plenty of room for everyone, so everyone headed toward Mitch's house. Mike had to go by his place first though to pick up Tyler and his boys, so Mitch had called one of the nicest restaurants in the area to arrange for a meal for everyone to go. Reggie drove Mitch and Justin by the restaurant, then they headed toward Mitch and Justin's new home. About three blocks from the restaurant though, Justin spotted trouble. A young boy was being grabbed ahold of by a man leaning out his car window.

"You need to learn to get use to this anyway boy!" said the man. "You haven't got any other way to survive out here on the street, and I'll break you in really good."

"Let go of me!" screamed the boy loudly. "I don't want to go anywhere with you, you creep!"

"I'll fix that boy!" said the man. "I'll make you walk funny for the next week! Now get in the car!"

Justin screamed for Reggie to stop the limo, then he hopped out and headed back toward the man in the car. Mitch yelled for Justin to come back, but Justin saw that something had to be done. Justin walked right up near the man's car."

"Here he is officer!!!" yelled Justin. "The guy in the gray Buick is the one who is trying to abduct kids around here!"

The man immediately pushed the boy out into the street, and took off as fast as he could. Justin ran out to where the boy had landed on his butt in the street. "Are you okay dude?" asked Justin.

"Yeah." replied the boy. "Thanks for helping. I'm still not use to this, but I knew that guy was bad news."

Justin held his hand out to the boy, who appeared to be in his mid teens, and said, "My name is Justin. My uncle and I were passing by, and you looked like you were in serious trouble there. What are you doing out here dude?"

"My name is Ryan." replied the boy. "I would tell you why I'm here, but you'd never understand. No one has ever understood me."

Justin helped Ryan up as he said, "You should give my uncle and me a chance Ryan. We're a lot more understanding than we look. If you want to go for a ride, I'll tell you my story. Then we can drop you off anywhere you want to go."

"I just got out of one close call, and you want me to hop into a car with you and your uncle?" asked Ryan skeptically. "Although it is a very nice car."

"I promise you Ryan, you don't have anything to worry about now." said Justin. "I'll bet that you may end up being happy that you did listen to me for a few minutes."

"I guess." said Ryan. "If you guys are wierdos, just don't hurt me. Okay?"

Justin smiled as he led the nervous boy over to the limo. Justin climbed in, then motioned for Ryan to follow him.

"That was a very risky thing you did Justin, but I'm glad everyone is okay." said Mitch.

"We may have to take a few risks Uncle Mitch." replied Justin. "Anyway, this is Ryan. Ryan, this is my Uncle Mitch."

"Hello sir." said Ryan, in a subdued tone.

"Hi Ryan, Mitch will be fine." replied Mitch.

"Okay Ryan, I promised you my story." said Justin. "I was kicked out of my house by my mother just after I turned fourteen. My mother found out that I was gay, and she wasn't very happy about it either. I lived on the street for six months until I ran across Mitch in a gas station. Mitch took me in, and showed me what love was really like for the first time in my life. Now Mitch and I are committed to each other as lovers, so neither of us would even be looking at someone else. Also, Mitch and I are pretty rich, and we own a pretty good sized mansion now. We want to help young guys who don't have anywhere to go, and give them a home and a life that they would never have on the street. You would be the first person we take in if you want to stay with us Ryan."

"How do you know my parents aren't looking for me to get me back?" asked Ryan.

"It's just a hunch I guess." replied Justin. "Are they looking for you?"

"No, but they probably wouldn't mind reading about my death in the newspaper." said Ryan sadly.

"You can tell us about it Ryan." said Mitch. "We really do care, and we won't expect anything from you except to have a happy life from now on."

"Okay, but it's not pretty." said Ryan. "My dad found out about six months ago, on my fifteenth birthday, that I'm gay. I thought he was going to be really cool about it at first, because we were closer and happier than we had ever been. The reason he was being so good to me though is because he began trying to talk me into having sex with him. I wasn't too sure about that though, so he started spoiling me rotten. I was pampered by my father more than any other boy I knew, and I was beginning to like it. My dad promised to treat me like a little prince for the rest of my life if I would become his lover. I finally gave in, and the first time was awesome. He was so gentle with me, and we both had a great time. I was looking forward to making love to my dad again after that. The next time though, my mom walked in on us. My dad was lying on his back, with me on top of him. When she walked in, I was pushing my butt down on his cock. He claimed that I had walked in on him asleep, and that I was raping him. My mother bought his story, and they both threw me out that day. As I was walking out the door, my dad hit me in the face. He said that he would kill me if I ever came home again, and my mom stood right behind him. That was two weeks ago. My black eye finally healed, but now I have been getting so hungry that I can't stand it. That was when I met another kid on the street who told me that I would have to start having sex with men to make enough money to live on. The guy you ran off tonight was my first attempt."

"You shouldn't have to live like that Ryan." said Mitch, as he reached over to dry the boy's tears. "Just give us one night to see that we don't mean you any harm. If you want to stay with us, I'll do everything I can to make sure you have the kind of life you deserve. Please trust us Ryan."

"Okay, but if I don't like it, I'm gone in the morning." replied Ryan.

"I'll respect your decision too Ryan." said Mitch. "I hope that you will like us enough to stay though."

"I know you will like our house Ryan." smiled Justin, who knew that they had just taken in their first person in trouble.

Mitch and Justin returned with the meal and the new houseguest just as Mike, Tyler, and the kids pulled up. After Justin introduced Ryan to everyone, Mitch had him show Ryan to a room so he could clean up a little. Brandon had done a good job of getting the house ready for the boys who would be coming in. The rooms themselves were pretty plain, but he had stocked that area of the house with plenty of clean linens, and a supply of t-shirts and basic shorts. If any boy needed a fresh change of clothes right away, they would be able to handle his needs. Justin got Ryan's sizes, and waited outside the bathroom with a clean change of clothes. By the time Ryan was cleaned and dressed, supper was ready. Ryan did seem to eat more than his share, but Mitch had picked up plenty of food for everyone.

After supper, Mitch said, "You probably noticed that the room Justin showed you to is pretty plain right now. That's so that if you decide to stay on with us, you can decorate it any way you want. Keep in mind though that you will eventually have a roommate when the home begins to fill up."

"So you guys are doing this all legit and everything, huh?" asked Ryan.

"Yes, we got our license earlier today to run a home for troubled young boys." replied Mitch. "You would be our first boy if you decide to stay, and hopefully we can help a lot more who need it."

"Well, I was only on the streets for two weeks, but I'd say you can bet on finding more boys pretty quickly." said Ryan. "Some of them may be beyond this kind of help, but there are a lot that aren't. I think I've already decided to stay though. This beats the hell out of the street!"

"SWEEET!" exclaimed Justin rather loudly, which made Mitch chuckle.

"I think you've already made a new friend too Ryan." said Mitch. "I'll have Eric stop by in the morning then, so we can arrange for me to have guardianship of you. You will also have to have an HIV test, which is required by the state. After that, we'll get you into a school in the area, depending on what you want to do with your education. I hope you are very happy here Ryan, and that you never have to think about what you've been through again."

"Thanks Mitch, you guys are so nice." said Ryan. "I didn't even know that people like you existed."

That night Ryan slept with a smile on his face for the first time in weeks. He was in a clean bed, and in a safe home. Ryan would have cried about what he had missed for the past few weeks, but he was now too happy for tears. Also, the clean bed felt nice against his bare skin. He couldn't believe his luck in running across the nicest people he had ever met. The next morning, after Mitch and Justin had made love, Justin checked in on Ryan. Ryan opened his eyes and smiled as Justin quietly looked in from the doorway.

"I'm sorry dude, I didn't mean to wake you." said Justin.

"Don't worry about it Justin, it's time to get up anyway." replied Ryan cheerfully.

"How do you feel this morning?" asked Justin.

"I feel incredible!" replied Ryan. "Last night was the most comfortable I've been in a long time. I can't thank you and Mitch enough. So, he's really your boyfriend, huh?"

"Mitch is way more than my boyfriend." said Justin proudly. "He's my boyfriend, my mate, my uncle, my dad, and he saved my life by taking me in. He's the greatest person I've ever known."

"You're so lucky dude." said Ryan, somewhat sadder. "It felt so good when I made love to my dad. I was really hoping he would be my boyfriend for a while. I just can't believe he turned on me like he did."

"He just didn't want your mom to know how much he enjoyed making love to you dude." said Justin. "Besides, you should have a boyfriend that isn't your dad anyway."

"What about you though?" asked Ryan.

"Mitch isn't really my dad, although I think of him that way." replied Justin. "Besides, we were lovers before I found out he was my uncle."

"I'm jealous though that you have such a great man in your life." said Ryan. "I love the way a man looks at you when he's about to make love to you, at least when he really loves you. He looks at you like you're the most special person in the world to him. I've had a few boyfriends my own age, and they just don't treat you the same way. I'd love to find another man as my lover."

"Well, that could happen Ryan." said Justin. "You are very good looking, and any man who likes boys would die for you."

"I hope you're right." said Ryan. "Would Mitch be okay if I found an older boyfriend?"

"If you loved him, I'm sure Mitch would be fine." replied Justin. "Now, let's get downstairs to breakfast."

"You said the magic word!" giggled Ryan.

Justin watched as Ryan climbed out of bed naked, and began to dress. Ryan was fifteen, had blonde hair and blue eyes, stood just under five and a half feet tall, and was slender and smooth except for a nice patch of pubic hair over the top of his flaccid, five inch cut penis. Justin was right that Ryan did look very nice. Once Ryan was dressed, the two boys headed down to the dining room. Everyone from the night before was still there for breakfast. Ryan was amazed at all of the male couples around the table. He thought it was especially cute how Billy and Andy kissed several times during breakfast.

"You two guys really love each other, huh?" asked Ryan.

"My brother is an awesome boyfriend!" exclaimed Billy.

"Yeah, we don't want to be boyfriends with anyone except each other." said Andy.

"That's so cool!" said Ryan. "Don't ever let anyone tell you there's anything wrong with being in love with each other."

After breakfast, and all of the guests from last night had left, it was time for Ryan to get to know his new family better. Eric had shown up by that time as well, so he was included in the introductions.

"Okay Ryan, first we have the home's legal counsel, Eric." said Mitch. "You'll be working with him to get your past squared away, so you can be happy here for as long as you want. Next we have Reggie and his son Brandon. Reggie handles the transportation for the home, and Brandon makes sure that the home runs smoothly. Finally we have Bernie. He takes care of security matters for the home, so try to cooperate with him, even if you don't understand something. Just ask him or someone else, and they will explain anything you don't understand."

Ryan shook hands with everyone as Mitch introduced them. When he got to Bernie, he could see something in Bernie's eyes that he liked. Neither Ryan nor Bernie made any connection to the handshake though. Justin smiled though, as he noticed the different look in Ryan's eyes when he shook hands with Bernie. Eric finally took over.

"I'm going to get started with the papers I need to file for Ryan." said Eric. "After I'm done talking with you Ryan, Mitch will need to take you for an HIV test. The state requires the test, but at the place I'm recommending they have the quick test, which will satisfy the state. It'll also only take about twenty minutes, then it will be over."

Ryan spent the next hour with Eric, answering more questions about his family than he ever wanted to. Eric didn't think this first case would pose any problems though, as far as getting Ryan placed in Mitch's custody. Next came the HIV test, which Ryan wasn't worried about. He wasn't on the street long enough to pick anything up, and his only sexual encounters had been with his father and his close friends. As expected, Ryan's results came back negative. Mitch's home was now open for business, and Justin was helping Ryan settle into his new home. That evening, Justin had a talk with Bernie.

"I just wanted to let you know something Bernie, so it doesn't take you by surprise." said Justin. "Ryan likes men, just like me. I've talked to him about it, and there's no mistake. I've also noticed Ryan noticing you. Do you remember how we made you feel a few weeks ago?"

"I'll never forget anything about that day Justin." replied Bernie. "Are you sure about Ryan? I mean, he's a very attractive boy and I'd be lucky if he did think that way of me."

"I'm pretty sure Bernie, but you may have to take things slow with him." replied Justin. "His last experience with his dad left him a little unsure of himself. With a little charm though, I think he'd love to be your boyfriend."

"Thanks Justin, I'll remember that." said Bernie as he smiled. "I'd love to treat Ryan as special as he deserves to be treated."

After the success with Ryan, Justin was pumped up to go out and find more new friends. Mitch didn't want to let him go alone, but Justin convinced him that Reggie would be with him. Mitch finally agreed to let Justin and Reggie go out for one hour. Justin was almost convinced by the end of the hour that he wouldn't find anyone tonight, until he spotted a tired looking young boy on a corner. Justin had Reggie pull up in front of the boy, then he opened his window.

"Are you looking for some fun tonight?" asked the boy, who looked about the same age as Justin.

"I might be." replied Justin. "What do you like to do?"

"I'm just trying to make some money here." said the boy. "I'm up for anything. I don't see many dudes your age in a limo. Are you like really rich?"

"I've got enough to do me." replied Justin with a smile. "Why don't you hop in with me?"

"You look safe enough I guess." replied the boy.

Justin opened the door, and the boy climbed into the limo with him. Then the boy said, "I get twenty for quick head, but if you want more, I go by the hour. What do you want to do?"

"Well, I thought I'd start with us introducing each other, then we'll go from there." replied Justin.

"Whatever dude, it's your money." said the boy. "Seeing as how this apparently isn't going to be a quick blow job, it's fifty an hour starting now."

Justin pulled out five twenties and said, "I'll start with having you for two hours, and we'll go from there."

The boy smiled as he took the money from Justin and said, "I thought this was going to be a slow night. This might turn out to be fun. If we're going to spend a lot of time together tonight though, I'll have to check on someone really quick in a little while."

"That will be fine dude." replied Justin. "My name is Justin. My driver's name is Reggie, but the glass is up so he won't bother us." Justin then pushed the intercom button and said, "Just drive us around here anywhere for now Reggie."

"Okay." said the boy. "My name is Joey. I just turned fourteen, but all my customers say that I'm really good. What do you want to do Justin?"

"Well Joey, to be honest, I have a really good boyfriend who takes care of me really well in bed." said Justin.

"Why are you out picking up tricks then?" asked Joey.

"Because I saw you and thought that I'd like to cuddle with you for a while." replied Justin. "Can we do that?"

"Like I said Justin, it's your money." replied Joey. "I'll do whatever you want for the next two hours as long as you don't hurt me. By the way, I can take care of myself in case you do think about trying anything."

"I would never hurt anyone Joey." replied Justin.

"Yeah, you didn't look like that type." chuckled Joey.

Justin then put his arms around Joey, and had Joey return the hug. Justin ran his hands up and down Joey's body, and after a few minutes he began to remove Joey's shirt. Joey let Justin begin to undress him as he closed his eyes and smiled.

"I think I'm going to like this Justin." said Joey softly. "Usually when I get picked up, the guy only wants sex as fast and rough as he can get away with."

"Well, you should be treated more gently Joey." said Justin. "You have a very nice and sexy body. Would you like to take my shirt off Joey?"

"Sure!" replied Joey.

Joey gently removed Justin's shirt, and the two boys pressed their bare torsos together. Justin placed both arms behind Joey, and laid his head into the front of Joey's shoulder. Joey ran his hands gently up and down Justin's back, and occasionally stroked Justin's cheek. Justin finally bent his head down, and playfully licked one of Joey's nipples.

"I like this Justin, but are you sure you just want to do this for two hours?" asked Joey.

"I might want you for even longer, but we'll have to go by my place for more money." replied Justin.

"I'm yours for as long as you want me Justin." smiled Joey. "Can we stop somewhere really quick first?"

"Sure Joey, where do you want to go?" asked Justin.

Joey gave Justin an address, which Justin gave to Reggie. Reggie then called Mitch on the way to let him know that Justin may have found someone, and they would be a little later. The address Joey gave Justin turned out to be an abandoned building, so Justin asked, "Why are we stopping here anyway dude?"

"I have to check on someone, and let them know that I'm okay." replied Joey evasively.

"Who is it?" asked Justin. "Maybe they can join us."

"No!" replied Joey. "I'm sorry Justin, I didn't mean to yell. I have to look out for this person though, and I don't want him involved in anything like this. It's bad enough that I have to do this for us to make it."

Joey looked as though he might begin to cry, so Justin placed his arms around Joey and said, "It's okay Joey, you don't have to do anything like that tonight. I'd like to help if I can though. Who are we stopping to see?"

"You have to promise not to hurt him, or let on to what I'm doing for us to make it." said Joey. "Okay?"

"I promise Joey." said Justin. "I only want to help if I can."

"Okay, I'll be right back then." replied Joey.

Joey was gone for several minutes. Just as Justin was becoming concerned, Joey came back out. Following Joey was a young boy who looked a lot like Joey. Joey got back into the limo, followed closely by the younger boy.

"Justin, this is my nine year old brother, Josh." said Joey.

"I'll be ten in another month though." squeaked Josh.

"Yeah little bro, and I have to do something special for your tenth birthday." said Joey as he smiled. "Josh, this is a friend of mine. His name is Justin."

"Hi Justin." said Josh. "Does Joey have sex with you for money like he does with other guys?"

"What?!" exclaimed Joey. "Who told you that?!"

"I'm almost ten now Joey!" said Josh proudly. "I'm not a stupid little boy anymore. I know you have to get money for us to live on."

"I don't think your protecting him from the street worked Joey." said Justin.

"I didn't want you to ever have to know what I was doing Josh!" cried Joey. "I'm so sorry little brother."

"Don't cry Joey, I love you." said Josh. "I know you're just trying to help us."

"Can I help you and your brother Joey?" asked Justin. "The only way to protect him from the street is to get him off it. He's only nine, and he shouldn't be out here."

"What can you do?" sobbed Joey.

"I can give both of you a place to stay." said Justin. "My uncle and I are very rich, and we help boys get off the street. I use to be out here too dude, and I know that anything is better than this."

"Our home wasn't." said Joey sadly. "My brother and I ran away six months ago. My mom was addicted to crack, and one day she decided that she would rent us out to men to make money for her drugs. She lined up a guy to come in and have sex with me. He just stripped me, then threw me on the bed. When he put his cock in my butt, it hurt worse than anything I had ever felt before. What hurt even worse is that she had another man lined up later to do the same thing to Josh. I couldn't let that happen, so I reached around and squeezed his balls as hard as I could. It hurt him enough that he backed off, then I kicked him in the balls as hard as I could. I grabbed my clothes and ran to Josh's room, then we both climbed out the window and took off. That was the last time either of us has been home. Please get my brother off the street Justin. I'll do anything for him to be safe and happy."

"I'm getting you both off the street Joey, and you don't have to do anything in return." said Justin, as a tear formed in his eye. Justin pressed the intercom button again and said, "Take us home Reggie."

Joey leaned over and placed his lips against Justin's, and gave Justin a very warm kiss. Then Joey said, "I'm not even gay Justin, but I love you! The only reason I did what I did was it was the only way to survive. If I could find another guy like you though, I'd at least be bi."

Justin smiled and said, "He would be a very lucky guy too!"

The boys talked and laughed on the way back to Justin's house, with Josh being as adorable as he could be. He had never been in a limo before, so Josh had a great time. Justin had a great time too, talking to the two brothers. He could easily see why Joey went to great lengths to protect Josh. The limo finally pulled into the driveway, and Joey and Justin put their shirts back on. Then Justin led the two boys inside to Mitch.

"Hi Mitch." said Justin. "I'd like you to meet Joey and his younger brother Josh. I met Joey on a street corner trying to make money for him and his brother to live on. They really have no where else to go, so I brought them here."

"I guess you want the money back that you gave me now." said Joey.

"Nah, I have plenty." replied Justin. "Split that with your brother and get something nice for yourselves."

"So Joey, what's your story?" asked Mitch. "How did an innocent looking boy like you and your younger brother end up on the street?"

Mitch listened as Joey told his story again. This story infuriated Mitch though. How could anyone ruin the lives of two boys like Joey and Josh? Joey's sexual identity may be screwed up for a very long time because of what he had been forced to go through, and Mitch knew he had to do something about it. When he talked to Eric tomorrow, he would check into criminal charges against the boys' mother. Toward the end of the story though, Mitch's only thought was to hold Joey in a warm embrace. As soon as Joey was finished, Mitch told Joey what he could do for he and his brother. Joey wanted Josh to be safe more than anything in the world, so he agreed that they would stay.

Justin showed the two boys to the room they would share, as Joey wanted to be close to Josh for the time being. Then Justin fitted the boys with clean clothes, and showed them where to shower. After getting cleaned up, Joey and Josh slept better than they ever remembered.

Well, that's the start to Mitch and Justin's dream. They have three boys now, and more on the way. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 2.