What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

Valencia was unstoppable that night, on their way to the championship game next week. They completely dominated the game to the point where the other team looked like they hadn't even trained for it. Justin set a school record by scoring a triple hat trick that night, and Valencia set an all-time record high eighteen goals. Mike tried to keep the boys from overdoing it, but once the goals started coming, the team just couldn't control it. Mike knew that their opponent in the championship game would be well aware of this game, and they would come out gunning for them. The team would have to train extra hard for the championships. The locker room that night was louder than it had been all year, and Mike now had to choose the league MVP in case Valencia won it's final game. He was having a terribly difficult time choosing between Justin and Antonio.

That night Danny, Tyler, and Mitch had special celebrations planned for their heroes. All three couples would go to sleep that night with smiles on their faces.

In Mitch's and Justin's bedroom, Mitch decided that it would be request night for his little hero. Justin knew exactly what he wanted, as he asked his uncle to put his cock inside him, then make himself last as long as he could. While Mitch was inside Justin, Justin also wanted him to tease his cock and balls. After Mitch lovingly drove his cock all the way into Justin, he grabbed Justin's balls and pulled on them firmly.

"Is that what you want my lover?" asked Mitch softly.

"Oh God YES!" moaned Justin loudly.

Mitch smiled at the state of arousal Justin was in now. As he thrust his cock in and out of Justin, Mitch tried something he had seen Danny and Antonio try once. Mitch leaned all the way over forward, and once he determined that he could still thrust in and out of Justin like that, Mitch took Justin's cock in his mouth and began chewing lightly on it. When Justin began to loudly scream his love for Mitch, Mitch stretched himself out and kissed Justin passionately. Mitch held himself back from cumming for the next thirty minutes, as he alternated between kissing his boy and teasing his cock and balls. Justin moaned and screamed in ecstasy until he felt Mitch finally fill his rectum with cum. Before Mitch popped his cock out of Justin, he lubed Justin's now straining erection.

Then Mitch laid on his stomach and said, "I want you to put your cock into me as hard and fast as you can my lover. Then make love to me as hard as possible. Please don't hold back any."

Justin smiled as he did exactly as Mitch asked. Then Justin thrust himself in and out of Mitch as hard and fast as he possibly could, with Mitch moaning from pleasure the whole time. Justin only lasted about five minutes like that, but that was long enough for Mitch to have another orgasm as his lover made love to him. Once Justin had finished the most massive orgasm of his life, he collapsed on top of Mitch with his cock still buried deeply in Mitch. Mitch also went limp, as his cock and balls rested in a pool of his own cum.

Danny and Antonio took a bit kinkier approach that night. Danny had his lover tie him up tightly, then do anything and everything he could dream of. Antonio was able to live out one of his wildest fantasies that night, as he looked lovingly at his tied up lover, and used Danny's entire body to make his cock feel pleasure. Danny completely relaxed, and let Antonio's cock enter him and rub him any way Antonio wanted it to. After Antonio eventually rammed a very large orgasm down Danny's throat, he made Danny's cock feel incredible pleasure, until it too erupted in a massive orgasm. Then Antonio smiled as he untied Danny, then tied both of them together. Danny and Antonio slept happily and tightly tied together that night.

Tyler wanted to make very passionate and slow love to Mike that night, and he also wanted Mike's boys to watch them. That part had actually been Billy's and Andy's idea, but Tyler agreed to it as he smiled. The two boys climbed right up on the bed, as close to Tyler and Mike as they could, then watched as Tyler and Mike started off with a very passionate sixty nine. After a little over five minutes, Mike and Tyler took turns passionately thrusting their cocks in and out of each other as the younger boys watched eagerly. After Tyler and Mike had both left their cum deep inside each other, they laid on the bed in an embrace, and watched as Andy and Billy made love to each other. Then all four of them snuggled together closely on the bed, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next day after breakfast, Mitch was getting a few people together to go to the group meeting. Mitch was going to ask Doctor Bob to be the home's physician, and dedicate one evening a week to come to the home and check-up on any of the kids who had medical concerns. Ryan and Bernie would be going along too. Now they were waiting for James to accompany Reggie with them, and Tyler and Mike to join them. When George showed up to see Trevor again that morning, he looked a little uneasy, so Mitch convinced him and Trevor to go with them. Once they got underway in the limo, Mitch had Ash dropped off at the hospital to be with Denton.

Dwight welcomed Mitch and the group at the door and said, "Come on in Mitch. I see you brought a few new faces with you, but I trust your judgment. Come on in everyone, and make yourselves at home. We'll introduce everyone together as a group." Once everyone had arrived and been seated, Dwight said, "Let's start with the couple to Mitch's right."

George looked over to Trevor, then smiled as he slipped his arm around the boy and said, "My name is George, and this is my boyfriend Trevor. I had fantasized about being with a boy a few times before, but I'd never really seriously considered such a thing. Then last week, Mitch and his group came into the restaurant I manage. I was called out when there was a discrimination issue with one of my now ex-waiters, and immediately took notice of the large group of very good looking boys. Then Trevor spoke up. Something hit me right then, and I was sure that Trevor felt it too. That was confirmed when Trevor slipped me his phone number on the way out. After that, I couldn't get him off my mind. He was the most attractive male I had ever seen, but he was just a boy. With the thoughts in my mind of how some people feel about a man who loves a boy, it took me almost a week to build up the nerve to call Trevor. I'm glad I did though, even though I'm still a bit nervous about it. I got together with Trevor socially for the first time yesterday, and he took me to his room. Then he told me about the feelings he had been having for me, and why. It took some convincing on his part, but he convinced me that our feelings weren't wrong. When Trevor and I made love yesterday for the first time, it was the most beautiful experience of my life. When I looked into his eyes afterward, I could see nothing but love from him for the way I had made love to him. Trevor has one of the most beautiful souls that I have ever known, and I don't want to be without him now. I'm still afraid though. I know that a lot of society just can't believe that Trevor and I could feel that much love for each other, but we do."

"My name is Jack, and that was very beautiful George." said one of the group members. "I can definitely understand what you are feeling now." Jack slipped his arm around a boy sitting next to him and continued, "This is my boyfriend Shaun. Shaun's parents couldn't accept that their son was gay, and in love with an older man. They almost had me put in prison a few times over my love for Shaun, but thanks to a friend of Shaun's named Max, he knew how to keep that from happening, When Shaun's parents realized they couldn't change the fact that their son was gay, and how he felt about other guys, they were very rough on him. Shaun has just won his emancipation case against his parents, and immediately moved in with me. As bad as it would have been to go to prison over Shaun, it would have been much worse to lose him. There have been way too many cases where society has caused things like that to happen." Then Jack leaned over and shared an intimate kiss with Shaun.

"With Trevor being in Mitch's care, I don't think you have to worry about that aspect George." said Dwight. "Mitch himself has a very wonderful boy who he's deeply in love with, and I'm sure he understands exactly how you and Trevor feel. You do have to worry about Trevor being a part of the state system though. Until they have released his case completely to Mitch, Trevor could be subject to an examination by the state. We do have a doctor in our group though, and I'm sure he would be glad to talk to you and Trevor about what types of activities could be discovered by such an examination."

"I'd be happy to." replied Bob. "Let's get together during the meeting, and I'll tell you and Trevor what would be reasonably safe ways for you to express your love. There should be no reason for you to worry about loving Trevor the way you do."

"Thanks, that helps a lot." smiled George, who then leaned over and gave Trevor a kiss.

"Okay, why doesn't the other new couple introduce themselves." said Dwight.

"My name is Bernie, and this is my boyfriend Ryan." said Bernie, as he gave Ryan a loving hug. "I use to be a very rough character. I was groomed at a very young age to work for the mob. Then one day, my associates and I were hired for a nightmare of a job. Some insane bitch had hired us to kidnap her son. The problem was, her son wasn't alone when the snatch took place, and we ended up kidnapping three very nice young boys, instead of just her son. That was when things went really bad. She wanted her son's two friends killed and disposed of. I knew that I could never do anything that monstrous, but my associates were determined to finish the job they started. Something in my heart changed at that moment, and I knew I could never be a part of that life again. I went ahead and took all three boys away from there to where they would be safe, then turned in my associates and the woman who had hired us. The kids looked at me like I was some kind of guardian angel that had been sent to protect them, but I knew I didn't deserve that. They felt I did though, and after I had gotten them cleaned up, all three of the boys showed their appreciation to me. Justin, you and you friends made me experience feelings that I never thought myself worthy of. What you three boys did for me that day changed me forever, and I can never thank you enough for helping me to make sure that the old Bernie is gone forever. They also left me with a deep desire to find a boy who would be my own, and who I could show the love that I now felt for the first time in my life. Then Ryan came into my life, and I fell madly in love with him. I know Ryan has a troubled past with his real father, but I want to show him what real love is this time. I want to help him through this time in his life, and love him for the rest of our lives." Bernie then gazed into Ryan's eyes lovingly, and gave his young lover a deep and passionate kiss.

"I just hope you know that you're not a monster now Bernie." said Eric. "Your acts on that day, and since then has proven that your heart has changed. Where your heart use to be filled with coldness and greed, it is now filled with love and compassion. I'm very proud of you, and I'm proud that you have given so much of your love and soul to a boy who really needs it. I've talked to Ryan quite a bit in trying to convince him to file charges against his parents. You have given him so much love, and he loves you so much, that he is now ready to deal with his parents, and commit his life to you. You deserve that kind of love Bernie."

Bernie and Ryan then hugged each other tightly, as Bernie repeatedly pledge his love to his young mate. The rest of the meeting went very well as everyone got to know each other. At one point, all of the boys got together to discuss the special men in their lives. As the boys talked and laughed, the men smiled at their young lovers, happy to be a special part of their lives. Trevor and George did have a good talk with Doctor Bob, and went away feeling much better about the love they felt for each other. Max was there to help, as all of the things Bob had suggested to George and Trevor were things that he had done with his lover Max. Then Max would excitedly tell how good Bob made him feel when doing those things. Bob gave Max a very passionate kiss for his help with George and Trevor, as he ran his fingers through Max's long blonde hair. Then Mitch approached Doctor Bob about being his home's physician. Bob immediately agreed to it, and Max eagerly volunteered to be his lover's assistant. They decided that Bob and Max would come to the home every Monday evening, starting the following day. To start things off properly, Bob would give every boy and girl at the home a thorough physical examination.

Once everyone got home, Bernie and Reggie took their boys to their rooms, while Mitch and Justin got in his car to go back to the hospital. Before Mitch and Justin went in to see Denton, Evan told Mitch the the boy could be released in the morning. Denton had already seen a psychologist today while Ash was there, and she felt that the boy would be okay with outpatient therapy. Then Mitch and Justin joined Ash and Denton in Denton's room.

"Hi, how are you boys doing today?" asked Mitch.

"I can't thank you enough for finding Ash, Mitch." replied Denton. "I promise everyone that I'll never try anything like this again."

Ash kissed Denton lightly on the forehead and said, "You better not. I don't know what I would have done if they had found me, only to tell me that I had lost my best friend in the world."

Denton smiled up at Ash and replied, "I promise dude, I'll never try to leave you again."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that too Denton." said Mitch. "You very nearly did a good job of it this time. If you stay with us though Denton, I promise you'll never have to go through what caused this again. Everyone in the home will love you like a member of their family, and we'll all do anything we can for you."

"I think Denton and I will love being a part of your family Mitch, won't we Denton?" asked Ash.

"Yeah, cause I have my best buddy in the whole world back with me!" replied Denton, with his biggest smile yet since Mitch had met him.

"I think I could get use to that smile of yours Denton." said Mitch fondly.

"Thanks Mitch." replied Denton. "So, who's the new dude you have with you today Mitch?"

"Denton, I would like you to meet Justin." said Mitch.

"Hi Justin." replied Denton. "I assume you're the Justin that plays lacrosse, not the one that's Mitch's boyfriend."

"Actually, I'm both." replied Justin.

Justin could tell right away that Denton looked somewhat confused. That was because Denton was. He had automatically assumed that there were two Justin's in the home, and one of them would be much older. Justin knew that he could explain things though.

"I guess you thought there were two Justin's, didn't you?" asked Justin. "I was the first person that Mitch took into his home. At the time he found me, I guess I was desperately in need of love, and I also thought Mitch was really hot. I talked Mitch into giving me the love that I thought I needed, and ended up falling deeply in love with him. Since then, Mitch has been the sweetest, kindest, and gentlest lover that I could have ever imagined. Not only did he make me feel very special, he made me believe in myself again at a time I never thought I would. Mitch is my lover, and I couldn't be happier about it."

"That's really sweet Justin." said Denton. "I don't have any problem with you and Mitch. I just assumed there were two Justin's, and I guess I was a little surprised. I'm glad you two love each other so much that he was able to help you."

"Mitch loves everyone that much." replied Justin. "The love that we have goes much deeper than that. Mitch is a part of me now." Then Justin gave Mitch a very loving kiss in front of the two boys.

"That's really kinda sweet." smiled Denton.

"If you think that's something, there are two more men at the home that have lovers our age." said Ash. "I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall of Bernie and Ryan's room!"

After everyone laughed at that remark, they continued having a nice visit. Before leaving, Mitch told Denton that he would be by early the next morning to take him home.

Monday was very busy. Mitch and Ash would go to pick up Denton at the hospital first. After they got home, Reggie would take all of the new kids except Denton to the clinic for their tests. Mitch had had the hospital perform Denton's tests, so he didn't need to go. While Reggie was doing that, Mitch would be busy with the contractor. Building a plain one hundred bed dormitory would have been cheaper, but Mitch wanted the new rooms to be built as a part of the mansion so it would look better. Taz was taking a break from his studies as the contractor was going over property measurements.

"How are you and Lance doing?" Mitch asked Taz.

"He's the most awesome boyfriend in the whole world!" smiled Taz. "When I saw that people could tell I was positive, I thought I'd never have another boyfriend again. Now Lance has come along and blown every guy I've ever known right out of the water!"

"You boys are keeping it safe, aren't you?" asked Mitch.

"Absolutely Mitch!" replied Taz. "It would kill me if I were to infect my babe Lance with this. He still likes feeling my cock inside him though, and the three rubbers idea is working great so far. Besides, when we do make love like that, then it's my turn to feel Lance's cock inside me. I always liked having a cock inside me, which I guess is one of the things that got me where I am, but Lance's cock feels ten times better than anything I've ever felt before."

"You do know that having another guy's cock inside you isn't necessarily what led to you getting HIV, right?" replied Mitch. "It was doing that without using any protection."

"I know." replied Taz. "It's just that when I felt like I really needed to have someone inside me, I usually got careless. When you're out on the streets, the other guy rarely cares enough about you to use protection. It does help me realize that this is real love now though. I could never take any chance of infecting Lance."

"Yep, I'd say that's real love then." smiled Mitch. "I hope you boys have a very long time together to love each other that much. I know somebody up there has to like you Taz, just look at the things you've done since you've been here. You've kept one very beautiful boy from having his heart crushed by an unrealistic expectation he had, and then you saved the life of another very beautiful boy. You're a very special young man Taz, and you deserve having something special happen for you." Then Mitch gave Taz a very warm hug, and a nice loving kiss on the cheek.

After Taz had gone back to his studies, the contractor finally came back in to talk to Mitch. The man explained what he would do, then gave Mitch his bid and said he could finish the job in six months.

"That's way too long though." said Mitch.

"I'm sorry Mister Gordon, but that's probably the best that anyone can do for you." replied the contractor. "Some of my fellow contractors could have gone as high as twelve months."

"But this is for a very good cause." said Mitch, as he looked at the blueprint. "I'll tell you what. Building the entire addition at once is what's going to take so long. If you build it in four sections, and split it here, here, and here, could you finish each section in one month? I could double your bid if you could do that."

"If it were for any other cause but yours, I couldn't do it Mister Gordon." replied the contractor. "I'll do it for you though. I have one job that I think I can stall for a while without losing it."

"Thank you so much, and I know all of my kids would thank you too." said Mitch, as he shook the contractor's hand.

With a one month deadline for the first section, work on that section would begin the next day. The first section would not only include rooms and facilities for twenty more kids, it would also include a large enough expansion of the kitchen and dining area to cover all four additions. That evening, after picking up Justin from practice, Doctor Bob and Max stopped by as planned. Mitch called all the kids together, then explained that Doctor Bob was now the home's physician. Bob would need to start a file on everyone in the home, which meant he would have to give everyone a physical examination. That meant Ryan would have to go back to his old room with Trevor until the doctor had gotten to them. At least they were second on the list.

First up though was a real trip for Bob and Max, as they went to the room of Frank and Lin.

"Okay, we'll start with you Frank." said Bob.

"I'm Lin." laughed the twin.

"Scratch that then Max, we're starting with Lin." smiled Bob. "Okay Lin, I need you to take all your clothes off for me."

As soon as Bob said that, both twins began to undress. "I just need Lin to undress for now Frank." said Bob. "We'll get to you in a few minutes."

"But we do everything together." replied Frank. "If Lin strips, I strip."

"You guys do EVERYTHING together?" snickered Max.

"That's right, EVERYTHING!" replied Frank.

Bob could see that Max was already getting worked up, and these were only their first two patients. "Oh Max, my love!" said Bob. "Remember your professionalism, okay? Although I wouldn't complain about seeing that either!"

As soon as Bob said that, Frank and Lin took each other into a deep and sensuous kiss. "Boys, I was just kidding." said Bob. "You can do that when Max and I are done. We have fifteen people to give examinations this evening."

"Party pooper." giggled Lin, as he and his brother broke their kiss.

"Okay Max, I'm going to do a physical description of Lin first, and you write down what I say." said Bob. "I need you to step up on my portable scale there Lin. Here we go Max, we have a height of five feet and seven and a half inches, and a weight of one hundred and thirty nine pounds. Blonde hair about halfway to the shoulders, and blue eyes. I need you to open your mouth wide Lin. There are no fillings or chips in the teeth, and no missing teeth." Then Bob took out a small tape measure and carefully examined every square inch of Lin's body as he worked his way down. "We have an appendectomy scar two and a half inches long. When did you have your appendix removed Lin?"

"January first, two thousand." replied Lin. "Frank and I even did that together."

"That's just too sweet!" laughed Bob. "Navel is an innie, with no sign of distention. The penis is circumcised, and five and one quarter inches flaccid. Would you mind getting yourself erect for me Lin?"

"Damn doc, you are really thorough, aren't you?" laughed Lin. "That's okay doc, you can do it for me."

"Um, I think I better have my assistant do that." said Bob.

Max was standing next to Lin in a flash, and wrapped his hand around Lin's cock. "I knew there was a good reason I volunteered for this!" smiled Max.

"So Max, are you Doctor Bob's boyfriend?" asked Lin, as Max stroked his cock. "I only ask because he did call you his love."

"Yeah, Bob is a great lover." replied Max. "He was my doctor from as early as I can remember, and the first man to ever play with my dick when I was five. At eight he told me he had a really special examination planned for me, then sucked me for the first time. It was so cool watching my dick going in and out of his mouth that I also had my first dry orgasm that day. My parents never knew about the things I let Bob do to me, and they thought he was the greatest doctor ever. Then when I was eleven both of my parents were killed by bank robbers. I found out they really did like Bob, because they had left me in his custody if anything ever happened to them. I was really upset for a while, but Bob comforted me and made love to me as much as possible until I started feeling better. What really helped me to be happy again though was about a year later, when I finally talked Bob into putting his cock in my ass for the first time. His big cock filled me and pounded my rectum until I also had my first wet orgasm. Then right after my orgasm stopped, I'll never forget that first time he filled me with his cum. My eyes almost bugged out of their sockets because it felt so good." Then Max looked down at Lin's cock and said, "There Bob, he's hard as a rock!"

Max laughed as he picked his clipboard back up, and Bob said, "Lin has a very firm erection at seven and a half inches. Both testicles are free of lumps, and identically sized at about two inches in length. There are no signs of hemorrhoids around his sphincter, but he does show signs of previous anal intercourse."

Bob finished his inspection without finding anything else to report. Then Bob had Lin sit on his bed, and told Max to take his temperature and pulse while he did respiration and blood pressure. Max held up two thermometers and said, "I have rectal, and one that goes in the ear. Which would you prefer?"

"I'll do the rectal." replied Lin softly.

"Sweet!" smiled Max. "That's my favorite too! We'll get that just before the rectal exam."

Max asked Lin to relax so he could take his pulse, and finally got him relaxed enough to do it. Then Bob told Lin to lay back with his butt just sticking over the edge of the bed, and had Max put on a glove.

"You have to have some experience at doing some of these things Max." said Bob. "After you get his temperature, put a small bead of K-Y on your gloved index finger, then insert it like I've shown you before. If you are unsure of anything you feel inside his rectum, please ask me. You do remember how to find his prostate, and what size it should be, right?"

"Yep!" replied Max. "I can do it babe."

As Bob examined Lin's abdomen for unusual lumps or pain, Max gently slid the thermometer inside Lin's rectum. After Lin's temperature had been taken, Max replaced the thermometer with his finger. Max felt around inside Lin's warm rectum for a few seconds, even though he knew where his prostate was. Then Max aimed his finger at the prostate and checked it. After checking it, Max rubbed Lin's prostate just enough for his cock to stiffen again and jerk around a few times. Max thrust his finger back and forth a few times, then removed it from Lin's rectum and discarded the glove.

"How did you like my rectal exam dude?" asked Max.

"It was fucking awesome!" replied Lin, as Bob finished his abdominal exam. "If you weren't Bob's lover, Frank and I would love to have you over sometime!"

"Actually, Bob and I have kind of an open relationship." replied Max. "He knows that although we love each other very much, I still sometimes need sexual contact with people my own age. He doesn't mind that, and in return, I would never do anything with another older man. So, when would you two like to get together?"

"How about tomorrow night?" asked Lin.

"I'll be here dude!" smiled Max.

"Okay Max, now that you have a date, let's get started on Frank." smiled Bob.

Okay everyone, break time again. Grab a snack, and we'll be here when you get back.

The examination of Frank went almost identically to Lin's, except when Max stroked Frank to an erection, he nibbled lightly on one of the boy's nipples. Most of the boys loved the thorough examinations that Doctor Bob and Max were giving them. Even the girls kind of liked how Bob examined whether or not their hymens were still intact, which they weren't on either girl. The last examination was of Ash.

"Okay Max, here we go." said Bob, as Denton watched them examine his friend. "Ash is five feet even, one hundred and ten and a half pounds, has chestnut colored hair at just past ear length, and brown eyes. Only one freckle on his face, which is on his right cheek. He has one composite filling on his upper left first molar, and no chips or missing teeth. There is a rust colored birthmark under his left armpit, about three quarters of an inch wide. His navel is a very slight innie. His penis is uncircumcised, and four inches to the tip of the glans while flaccid. Would you like to make yourself erect like Denton did, or would you like my assistant to help you?"

"Please say help." said Max softly.

"I guess Max can help me." replied Ash.

"Thank you dude!" grinned Max, as he dropped to his knees.

"Are you changing your method there Max?" asked Bob.

"Look at his dick babe!" replied Max. "I have to!"

"I don't blame you my love." smiled Bob. "Ash does have a very nice looking penis."

Ash gasped as Max took his dick into his mouth, then massaged it gently with his lips and tongue. Max moaned as he felt Ash's cock swell in his mouth. Bob noticed that and said, "Please don't make Ash orgasm until after I take an erect measurement Max."

Max backed off Ash's erect cock and asked, "Do you want some of this babe? It's really nice!"

"Do you mind Ash?" asked Bob.

"Uh-uh, not at all!" replied Ash.

As Bob knelt down and took Ash's cock gently between his lips, Max turned to Denton and asked, "Have you ever had the fun of tasting his cock?"

"Nope dude, I'm not gay." replied Denton.

"So what?" replied Max. "You don't have to be gay to play around a little. Every boy does it at least once, and I'm sure Ash wouldn't mind since you're best friends."

By this time, Bob had pulled off Ash's cock, and measured it at six and a half inches. "That's very impressive Ash!" said Bob. "Your penis goes from four inches flaccid, to six and a half inches erect. That's very good for a boy your age."

"Come on Denton, just try it for a second!" urged Max.

"Oh,... okay." replied Denton.

Denton nervously got up and knelt in front of Ash. When Denton looked up at Ash, he could never remember seeing his friend so happy. Then Denton smiled at Ash, and took another boy's cock into his mouth for the first time. Denton was so glad that Ash was happy right now, that he didn't mind sucking his friend's cock for a little while anyway.

When a little while turned into a few minutes, Ash panted, "I'm gonna cum soon Denton."

Ash knew that his friend would want to be warned so he didn't take a load of cum in his mouth, and Denton pulled off Ash's cock. Then Max immediately took over. Denton stood up and held onto Ash, as Max's lips stroked Ash's cock closer to an orgasm. Ash began to tremble as Denton held him, then Max began hungrily swallowing Ash's cum. Denton held Ash up so he didn't fall, as Max drained Ash of his last drops of cum.

"Could you boys set Ash on the bed?" asked Bob. "We'll give him a few moments to relax, then finish the examination."

After they sat Ash down, Max kissed him briefly on the lips and said, "You tasted so nice dude. Thanks for letting me make you cum."

"Thanks for making me cum." replied Ash breathlessly. "That was great!"

Ash had wished it would have been Denton that made him cum like that, but Max did great, so that would have to do. After a few moments, Bob and Max finished the examination. Then he went to tell Mitch that all of the kids were fine, and that Davey's venereal infection had even cleared up, and the boy could resume normal sexual activity. Davey and Randy both were so glad when Bob had told them that, that the door locked as soon as Bob and Max left them. Bob told Mitch that he would make copies of all the kids records, so Mitch could have them on file at the home too. Then Bob excused himself and Max until next Monday.

That night, as Ash and Denton laid in their separate beds, Ash asked, "Do you remember the night when everything went to Hell?"

"I'd say after just getting out of the hospital today, it's still pretty fresh in my mind." replied Denton. "Why do you ask buddy?"

"Because I was wondering if we could spend tonight the same way we spent that night." replied Ash.

Denton smiled in the darkened room, as he thought everything was returning to how it use to be, then replied, "Sure Ash, come on over here and hop in with me."

Ash got out of his bed naked, and walked over to where his friend was holding the covers of his bed back for him. Ash smiled as he climbed into the bed with Denton, and snuggled his back tightly against the front of Denton's naked body. Denton put his arm over Ash, and pulled his friend into his body tightly.

"Denton?" asked Ash, as he enjoyed the contact with his friend.

"Yeah Ash, what is it?" replied Denton warmly.

"This feels just as nice as it did the last time." said Ash softly. Ash could feel Denton's flaccid dick resting against the cheeks of his butt, which made him feel very good.

"Yeah, this makes us feel really close as friends." replied Denton. "I like having you as my best friend Ash."

Then Ash decided to take a really big chance as he asked, "Denton?"

"Yeah buddy?" replied Denton, as he subconsciously rubbed his hand in a small circle on Ash's chest.

"You do know that I'm in love with you, don't you?" asked Ash.

Denton thought for a few seconds as he continued rubbing Ash's chest, then replied, "I kinda started thinking that about a month ago."

"You don't mind, even though you're straight?" asked Ash.

"You've been my best friend for a long time Ash." replied Denton. "It kinda feels good that you care about me that much. Beside, if I minded, do you think I would have done what I did this evening?"

"That did feel really nice Denton." smiled Ash. "Thanks for doing that for me. Would you mind if I showed you how it felt to me?"

"I guess I wouldn't mind." replied Denton nervously. "Are you sure about this Ash?"

"Uh-huh." replied Ash.

Denton then pulled the covers off both of them, and laid on his back in the middle of the bed. Ash climbed Between Denton's legs, and looked lovingly at his friend's five inch flaccid dick. "I love you Denton." said Ash softly.

Ash took Denton's dick into his mouth, and sucked on it gently as it grew to a six inch erection. Then Ash softly caressed his friend's cock with his lips and tongue. Denton moaned very softly as he caressed Ash's head. His friend was now making him feel so good that he didn't know what to think. The only thing he knew was that he didn't want Ash to stop anytime soon. Ash had always dreamt of making his best friend feel good, and now Denton was letting him fulfill that dream. As Ash caressed Denton's cock, and listened to him moan softly, he thought about earlier. He thought about Max and then Doctor Bob sucking his dick, and how it didn't even compare to when Denton had taken him into his mouth. Although it felt okay when Max sucked him to an orgasm, he wished more than anything that it had been Denton who did that. Ash continued making love to his friend until Denton's cock began to throb, and Denton's moans grew deeper. Then Ash began sucking very lovingly on Denton's cock, and held on tightly to his friend as he began cumming in Ash's mouth. Ash continued to suck until Denton's orgasm was over, and his moans had ceased.

When the two boys laid back in the bed together, Ash turned to face Denton this time. Ash gave Denton a very brief kiss on his still trembling lips, and softly said, "Thanks for understanding how I feel about you, and for letting me do what I did for you."

Denton's reply was to pull Ash into him very tightly, and press his head into Ash's shoulder underneath Ash's head. Both boys wrapped their arms around each other, and soon drifted off to sleep. Denton awoke the next morning to see Ash smiling into his eyes.

"Are you okay with last night?" asked Ash sweetly.

"I don't know Ash." replied Denton, as he stared into Ash's angelic face. "I know it felt really nice, and I feel closer to you than ever before. Just promise that whatever happens, you'll always be my best friend Ash."

Ash leaned in and gave Denton a very sweet kiss, and said, "I'll always be your best friend Denton, no matter what. I love you Denton."

"Thanks Ash." smiled Denton, as he pulled Ash tightly against him. "I guess we better get ready for breakfast. Mitch wants to take all of us by the school today, then take us out shopping."

Both boys then got out of bed, and smiled at each other's naked bodies. Ash ran his hand softly over Denton's bare chest, then was surprised when Denton did the same to him. Then the two boys laughed softly before donning a pair of shorts, grabbed a towel, and headed off to the boys showers. The shower room was packed, as there were only six shower nozzles, but Denton and Ash found two more left, and they were next to each other. The boys giggled and laughed as they showered, and ocassionally watched the other boys there showering. Everyone in the home was pretty open and accepting though, and no one minded if any of the other boys watched them as they showered. As a matter of fact, Frank and Lin were in there, and they made it a point to put on a bit of a show for anyone who was interested. After a very stimulating shower, all the boys and girls began heading down to the dining room.

Mitch and Justin were sitting next to Reggie, and smiling as they watched everyone come down to eat breakfast. Their new cook had prepared a great breakfast, and Mitch was going to have to make sure to compliment her.

"I think we're going to have to start thinking about adding a second bus, and another driver Reggie." said Mitch. "It's a good thing Justin and I have been working on another program that looks like it may be a hit too."

"Yes, I would have to agree Mitch." replied Reggie. "You should be out of beds soon now, and the first addition to the home will be ready in a month. That would give you a capacity of forty, and the bus only holds thirty."

"After you drop all of us off at school today, I want you to go see your vehicle broker friend." said Mitch. "See if he can get us another bus, exactly like the one we have now, and have it ready before the first addition is done. You may want to tell him that we'll need a third bus two months later, and a fourth bus another month after that."

"I'd be happy to Mitch." replied Reggie.

As soon as breakfast was over, all the kids except Taz began heading out to the bus. First Reggie dropped Josh off at elementary school, Randy at middle school, and then headed to the academy. As they pulled into Valencia, Mitch gave Justin a very nice kiss, which brought a cheer from most of the kids.

"Okay, I need Denton, Ash, Frank, Lin, El, and Angelica to follow me to the office." said Mitch as he stood up. "Everyone else, have fun at school today."

The bus unloaded, and Mitch led the six new kids to the office. Ms. Gardenier was waiting for Mitch, and had a room set up for his new group. As the group walked up to the office, and passed by quite a few kids on their way to their first classes, Tabitha spotted the group.

"Hey girlfriend!" Tabitha yelled out loudly to Angelica.

"Hey there hot babe!" replied Angelica, as Tabitha walked up and gave her a hug.

"Good morning Tabitha." said Ms. Gardenier, as she smiled at the two girls.

"Good morning Ms. Gardenier." replied Tabitha, as she broke the hug with Angelica before it turned into more.

"Since you already seem to know our new group, could I ask you to be their student guide today?" asked Ms. Gardenier.

"Sure ma'am, I'd love to!" replied Tabitha excitedly.

"Okay then, report back here after your first period." said Ms. Gardenier. "They should be almost through with the entrance exam by then."

Angelica giggled as she watched her new girlfriend almost dance off to her first period class. Ms. Gardenier and Mitch both smiled at the two girls.

"Okay boys and girls, may I have your attention?" said Ms. Gardenier. "We are going to be going to an exam room first. I'll tell you a little about our school, and explain the test you will be taking. After everyone has completed the test, Tabitha will be taking you on a student tour of the campus. If there are any questions that she can't answer, we can go over those after lunch. Then we will go over what will be expected of you if you are accepted as students here at Valencia Hills Academy. Just so you know, no one that Mitch has brought in yet has been turned down, so I'm sure all of you will be attending here if that's what you decide you want."

Tabitha returned just before the kids started finishing their tests, and as soon as everyone was finished, she began the tour. Mitch and Ms. Gardenier would then talk business while the kids were on their tour. Angelica walked right next to Tabitha as the tour began in the courtyard.

"First thing everyone, Valencia is a very open and accepting school." said Tabitha, as she stopped in the center of the courtyard. "Diversity and tolerance classes are mandatory here at Valencia, and all the students here are very accepting of their fellow student's differences. That means that if I wanted to do what I'm going to do next, it wouldn't bother anyone here, and no one would say anything about it."

Then Tabitha hugged Angelica close to her, and gave her a very passionate kiss. Angelica returned the kiss eagerly, and left her arm around Tabitha after the kiss had been broken.

"Okay, the building we just left is the administration building." said Tabitha as she smiled. "The building ahead and to the left is our academics building, and the next one to that is our arts building. The new building between the arts building and the administration building is our sciences building. We just opened that at the beginning of the semester, thanks to very generous donations. The path that goes between the arts building and sciences building leads down to our athletic facilities. Our library and cafeteria is located in the arts building."

Tabitha then continued the tour, taking the group into all the buildings, and down to the athletic facilities. The tour took its time, and Tabitha answered as many questions as she could. The only question that she couldn't answer came from El.

"Do you have any girlfriends here who are as hot as you and straight?" asked El mischievously.

That question caught Tabitha off guard, and made the other kids snicker. Tabitha did finally recover enough to tell El that he shouldn't have any problem finding a girlfriend at Valencia though. The rest of the tour went great, and wrapped up just before lunch period. By the time everyone returned to the administration building for a lunch voucher, they really liked the tour of Valencia.

After lunch, Ms. Gardenier informed everyone that they all passed the admissions portion of their test. She did tell Ash and Denton that she was somewhat concerned about the last school they attended though, as she knew that school's policies were very conservative compared to Valencia. Ash and Denton both assured her that they never liked the conservative policies of their last school, and they were eagerly looking forward to attending Valencia. Then Ms. Gardenier told everyone that their enrollment and preliminary schedule would be processed the next day, and they could attend their first classes on Thursday. After that, she went over Valencia's student policies, and what was expected of the children who attended Valencia.

Once they were done at Valencia for the day, Mitch would have Reggie kept very busy for the next few hours. First, he would drop them off at the mall, then return to pick up the kids at school. Justin had arranged for a ride with Antonio after practice today, so Reggie would return to the mall after taking the kids home, then wait for him and the six new kids to finish shopping. The shopping trip went great, especially when Mitch informed everyone that Valencia expected each student to have their own notebook computer for classes. Needless to say, Mitch's friends at the computer store were happy to see him approaching with six new kids. Once that was done, and the computer store clerks were left with joyful glee on their faces, it was time for clothes shopping. Mitch reminded everyone what would be acceptable at school, and although they could pick out whatever they wanted, they had to make sure they picked out enough acceptable clothes for school. Once he was sure that everyone understood that, he went to the courtyard outside to relax.

As Mitch sat and watched the water in the fountain dance, he felt a tug on his arm which would soon spread to his heart.

"Mister, have you seen my mommy?" asked a small child, as he tugged on Mitch's arm.

The boy looked to be about five or six, and Mitch replied, "Are you lost son? What's your name?"

"My name is Garrett." replied the boy, with a sad look on his face. "My mommy told me to go use the potty, but when I came back out, I couldn't find her."

"Well, I'm sure she couldn't have gotten very far Garrett." replied Mitch. "Don't look so sad, I'm sure we'll find her really soon. Besides, a nice little boy like you shouldn't look so sad. Which restrooms were you using?"

"The ones by the food places down there." replied Garrett, as he pointed.

"Well then, I'm sure she just went to get you and her a bite to eat, and you got separated." smiled Mitch. "Let's go down there and look around. I'll bet by now she's looking all over for you. How long ago was it when you came out of the restroom and didn't see her?"

"It was three days ago." Garrett almost cried. "I hope she did get something to eat, because I'm really hungry mister."

Mitch then hugged Garret close to him, as he began to cry himself.

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