What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

"Well then, I'm sure she just went to get you and her a bite to eat, and you got separated." smiled Mitch. "Let's go down there and look around. I'll bet by now she's looking all over for you. How long ago was it when you came out of the restroom and didn't see her?"

"It was three days ago." Garrett almost cried. "I hope she did get something to eat, because I'm really hungry mister."

Mitch then hugged Garrett close to him, as he began to cry himself.

"I'm sorry mister, I didn't mean to make you cry." said Garrett, as Mitch hugged him. "I'll just keep looking for mommy. She has to be here somewhere!"

Mitch had to pull himself back together quickly. Mitch could tell that Garrett's mother was not likely to return, even though the boy refused to believe it. Mitch had Garrett follow him into the store where his kids were shopping, then he found El and took him to a clerk.

"I'm Mitch Gordon, and this is my credit card." said Mitch to the clerk, as he handed the card to El. "I am also this young man's guardian, and he has my authority to sign for whatever the kids I brought in buys here. El, when you guys are done, meet me down by the food court. Okay Garrett, let's go see if I can help you. If you want, I can get you something to eat too."

"That would be great mister!" replied Garrett.

As Mitch led Garrett down toward the food court, he discreetly took out his cell phone and called Wil. Wil told Mitch he could be at the mall in twenty minutes. Mitch took Garrett to one of the fast food places and got Garrett something to eat, then Mitch spotted a security guard.

"You stay right here Garrett, and I'll be back in just a second." said Mitch. "Just eat, and don't go anywhere." Then Mitch went over to the guard and asked, "Where you on duty here Saturday?"

"Yeah, I was here Saturday." replied the guard. "What do you need to know about Saturday?"

"I was wondering if you had anyone taken from here, either by the police or an ambulance." said Mitch

"I don't recall anything like that myself." replied the guard. "It was pretty quiet this Saturday, for a change. Let me check though, and see if anyone else reported anything." The guard talked on his radio for a minute, then said, "No one else had any reports like that either. It's too bad all Saturdays aren't as quiet around here."

"Okay then, thanks for your help." said Mitch.

Mitch then went back to the table where Garrett was eating and sat down. Garrett must have been hungry, because he was nearly finished with what Mitch had bought him, so Mitch asked, "You want anything else to eat Garrett? If it's been three days, you must be hungry."

"Maybe later." replied Garrett, as his expression turned sad again. "My mommy left didn't she Mister Mitch? Will she come back?"

"I don't know what happened to your mommy Garrett, but I'll help you find out tonight, I promise." replied Mitch. "How have you been able to stay here three days?"

"People always say if you lose your mommy, to wait where you lost her until she comes back." said Garrett. "She didn't come back before the mall closed though, so I had to find someplace to hide so I could wait for her. I hid over there, right behind that barricade the first night. I was really spooky, and I was really scared. Then when the mall opened the next day, I came back out to wait for her. She still never found me though. I'm so scared that she'll never find me!"

Garrett started crying again, so Mitch moved to the other side of the table and wrapped Garrett in his arms. Mitch rubbed Garrett's back gently, trying to ease his pain. Garrett's crying finally slowed down when Wil and the kids showed up.

"Oh no." said Wil. "Please don't tell me he's been abandoned here Mitch."

"I'm sorry Wil, but I don't know what else it could be." replied Mitch, as he held Garrett tightly. "He's been here since Saturday."

Will sat down next to Garrett on his other side while the kids gathered around, and asked, "Hi son, what's your name?"

"My name is Garrett." replied Garrett, trying not to cry again.

"Okay Garrett, my name is Wil." said Wil. "Do you know what I'm going to do for you Garret? I'm going to do everything I can to find out where your mommy went. Can you tell me your mommy's name Garrett?"

"Her name is Jenny." replied Garrett. "Can you really find her?"

"I'm sure I'll find her Garrett." replied Wil. "If I don't find her tonight though, would you like to go someplace and sleep in a nice soft bed?"

"Why can't you find her tonight?" asked Garrett.

"I'll try as hard as I can Garrett, but it's getting kind of late right now." said Wil. "I promise though that I'll try as hard as I can, and if I don't find her for you tonight, I'll probably find her tomorrow."

"Would you like to stay with me and my kids tonight, if Wil can't find your mommy Garrett?" asked Mitch.

"Your youngest kid is nine Mitch." said Wil. "Are you sure you can take on someone Garrett's age?"

"I'm positive Wil." replied Mitch. "Garrett needs plenty of people around to keep him from being too sad right now. He'll certainly have that at my house."

"Okay Mitch." said Wil. "Now Garrett, can you tell me your mommy's last name?"

"Anderson." replied Garrett. "It's the same as mine."

"Okay Garrett, give me just a moment." said Wil.

While Mitch and the kids kept Garrett busy, Wil called the police. He had them check everything from hospital reports, to arrest reports, to coroner reports, but they had nothing on a Jenny or Jennifer Anderson. Wil then knew that this one wasn't going to be fun, as he turned to go back to talk to Garrett.

"Garrett, do you know your phone number?" asked Wil.

"I try to remember it, but it's too long." replied Garrett.

"How about your address then?" asked Wil.

"It's on Beacon Avenue in West Hollywood, but I don't know the number." replied Garrett.

"That's okay Garrett, we'll find it." replied Wil as he smiled. "Do you live in a house, or an apartment?"

"It's an apartment, but it's really nice." replied Garrett.

"Okay then Garrett, I want you to do me a favor." said Wil. "I'm going to go find your mommy for you, but she may not be there tonight. I'd like you to go with Mitch here, and stay with him tonight. He has a whole bunch of kids at his house, so it'll be fun. If I find your mommy, I'll bring her right to you, okay?"

"Okay sir, but I'd rather go home." replied Garrett.

"I know Garrett, and all of us will do everything we can to help you." said Wil. "Don't worry about it tonight though, and try to have fun at Mitch's house, okay?"

"Okay, I'll try." replied Garrett.

Mitch had the kids take Garrett back over to the food counters to see if he wanted anything else before they left, and Wil said, "I'll be by in the morning Mitch. I've seen these abandoned child cases before though, and they're never easy, especially when we do reach the parent. You're going to have a very upset little boy there."

"That's why he needs as many people around as possible." replied Mitch. "If he has other kids around that can help him, it'll make it a lot easier for him."

"Okay buddy, I just wanted to make sure you're ready for this one." said Wil. "I'll see you in the morning then. Now I have to go see why his mother would abandon him the way she did."

Mitch gathered the kids and took them out to where Reggie was waiting for them. Even though Mitch's kids were quite a bit older than Garrett, they all took an immediate interest and liking to the boy. Denton and Ash tried to cheer him up with jokes, and Angelica treated him like a big sister would treat her little baby brother whenever El wasn't holding onto him tightly. Even Frank and Lin took an interest in him, and Garrett was very inquisitive about the two boys who looked exactly alike. Mitch knew that his family would be good for Garrett, with what he would be going through.

Dinner was still being served when they got home, and after that was over, Mitch introduced Garrett to everyone in the house. Justin immediately fell in love with the adorable little boy, and gave Garrett a nice warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Garrett got along best with Josh though, since they were closest in age. The nine year old Josh and five year old Garrett instantly became playmates.

That night, after Mitch filled Justin with his cum and popped his cock out of his rectum, then gently sucked Justin to an orgasm, they held each other softly in their arms. "You know Mitch, when the addition is finished, we might as well open a branch office at the mall." giggled Justin,

"We could probably fill it quickly like that." smiled Mitch.

Then they heard a soft knock at the door, and had a pretty good idea who it was. Mitch put on a pair of shorts, and went to open the door for Garrett.

"I can't sleep." whined Garrett.

"Is there something wrong with your room, or having El as a roommate?" asked Mitch.

"The room is nice, and so is El." replied Garrett. "I want to be at home though."

"Wil is working on that as hard as he can Garrett." said Mitch, as he put an arm around the boy. "Do you want me to take you back to your room and tuck you in?"

"No." whined Garrett. "Can I stay in here?"

Mitch looked over to Justin, who smiled as he scooted over to the side of the bed more. "Okay Garrett, come on in." smiled Mitch.

Mitch closed the door behind Garrett, then pulled the covers back a little as Garrett climbed into the bed next to Justin. Then Mitch slipped his shorts off and climbed back into bed as Garrett actually smiled a little.

"Do all adults and older kids sleep without clothes?" asked Garrett.

"Quite a few do, it depends on what they're comfortable with." replied Mitch, as he and Justin snuggled the boy between them.

"Why do you sleep with Mitch, Justin?" asked Garrett.

"Um,... because I feel better when I sleep next to my uncle." replied Justin. "He makes me feel safe and comfortable."

"That's cool." yawned Garrett. "This does feel nice."

Mitch then kissed Garrett softly on the forehead, and Justin gave him a kiss on the cheek. Try to get some sleep then Garrett." said Mitch softly. "Tomorrow will be a busy day."

"Good night Mitch, good night Justin." yawned Garrett.

"Good night Garrett." replied Mitch and Justin together softly.

Mitch knew he would have to talk to Garrett about this, but right now he wanted to see the boy get to sleep. After a few minutes, Garrett began snoring softly between them, so Mitch and Justin leaned over the sleeping boy, and gave each other a soft good night kiss on the lips.

The next morning when Mitch woke up, he laid in bed a few minutes, and softly stroked the top of Garrett's head. Justin woke up and smiled at the two, then leaned over Garrett to give Mitch a good morning kiss. As they broke the kiss, Garrett began waking up.

"Good morning daddy,... I mean Mitch." yawned Garrett. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you daddy."

"It's okay Garrett, you don't have to be sorry about that." smiled Mitch, as he continued stroking Garrett's head.

"Even though Mitch is my uncle, I call him daddy quite a bit." said Justin. "He's the only daddy I've ever known. My real daddy was Mitch's brother, but I never got to meet him before he died."

"Do you have a daddy at home Garrett?" asked Mitch.

"No, it's always just been mommy and me." replied Garrett, almost sadly again.

"Then you can go ahead and call me daddy if you want to." smiled Mitch.

"Okay daddy." replied Garrett, as he began to smile again. "Daddy, why were you and Justin kissing on the mouth when I woke up?"

"Justin, would you go ahead and take your shower now while I have a talk with Garrett?" said Mitch.

"Okay daddy." replied Justin playfully. "I'm going to shower with the other boys this morning."

Justin got up from the bed, then reached down and pulled his briefs on. Then he got a towel and clean briefs, and headed to the boys shower room.

"Okay Garrett, time for a talk." said Mitch. "If you have any questions, just ask when I finish. Justin was the very first boy who came here to live with me. Him and his mother wasn't getting along very well, so I took him into my home. At that time, I didn't even know that he was my brother's son. His mother didn't want anyone to know that because she knew that with the way she treated Justin, I would take him away from her. That's because I love Justin very much, and we have a very special relationship as uncle and nephew. We are so close now that it feels nice for us to kiss each other the way we do. Some people though would think that our relationship is bad, even though it isn't. That's why very few outside the house knows that we sleep together every night, and that we kiss the way we do. Some people wouldn't understand that I'm the only family he has now, and we love each other very much."

"I shouldn't say anything to anyone about you and Justin sleeping together and kissing then, should I?" replied Garrett.

"That would be a good idea Garrett." said Mitch.

"It's kinda silly that people don't understand that you're Justin's only family though, and you love him." said Garrett. "I can understand that, and I'm only five!"

"And you're a very bright little five year old boy too!" smiled Mitch, as he ruffled Garrett's hair. "Now, how would you like a nice breakfast this morning?"

"That would be great daddy!" replied Garrett as he smiled.

Mitch got out of bed and slipped on his shorts, then cleaned Garrett up as best as he could. After a quick shower, he and Garrett returned to the room to find Justin getting dressed for school. Once they were all ready, Mitch, Justin, and Garrett went down for breakfast. After breakfast, Mitch gave Justin a warm kiss as all of the kids except Taz headed out the door for school. Then, as soon as the kids had left, Wil came to the door. It looked like Wil had had a rough night, so Mitch asked Taz to keep Garrett company for a while.

"Good morning Wil." said Mitch. "I'm going to assume you didn't have a very good night."

"Is it THAT obvious?" Wil half-laughed. "I did have a talk with Jennifer Anderson last night. At first she tried to disavow any knowledge of Garrett. She said that she was an aspiring actress, and she couldn't afford to be hampered by a child. Luckily for me, I was able to get a copy of his birth certificate before I got there. I asked her if that helped her memory, and she said that wherever Garrett was now, he was probably better off. Then I kinda lost control, and we had a shouting match for about the next hour. I'm going to have to make Garrett a ward of the state, and bring his mother up on child abandonment charges. Someone is going to have to tell the poor little boy that his mother doesn't want him with her anymore. Are you still up to caring for him Mitch?"

"I certainly wouldn't want that coming from someone Garrett doesn't even know!" replied Mitch. "This whole thing is going to be hard enough on him as it is. Wil, he is such a sweet and kind child that I don't see how anyone could treat him this way.

"If I didn't know any better Mitch, I'd swear you sound like someone who would want to adopt him as your son." said Wil as he smiled.

"He's found a place in my heart very quickly Wil." replied Mitch. "I don't see what would be bad about that at all. I would be happy to have him as my son if his mother won't think of him that way."

"Well then Mitch, you're about to go through a very rough stretch of parenthood when you talk to Garrett." said Wil. "I have the papers with me to place him in your custody until the state straightens out this mess with his mother. Then we'll see about adoption. I know you've done a great job with Justin since adopting him, so I'm not worried about how well you'll take care of Garrett."

After Mitch finished signing the papers Will had for him, the two men shook hands. "Good luck with your talk with Garrett, you're going to need it." said Wil.

Mitch had to think of what he would say to Garrett, after Wil dropped off Garrett's clothes he had brought with him and left. After tossing it over in his head for about thirty minutes, it was time to talk to Garrett. Mitch had Garrett come downstairs from Taz's room, and sat the adorable little boy in his lap.

Garrett, before I say anything, I want to tell you that you are a very sweet little boy, and I already love you as if you were my son." said Mitch. "Wil found your mommy last night and had a talk with her. Your mommy seems to think it would be best if you stayed here from now on, where my family and I can love and raise you."

"Doesn't my mommy love me anymore?" asked Garrett, as tears began to well up in his eyes.

"That might not be the case Garrett." replied Mitch, as he gently rubbed Garrett's back. "Your mommy is very confused right now, and she needs help. Right now Wil and I don't think she's in any condition to care for you. I love you though Garrett, and nothing would make me happier than to be your daddy. I promise that I'll love you and take care of you forever."

Garrett spent the rest of the day crying in Mitch's arms. Mitch gave the boy as much love and comfort as he could, but Garrett had been very hurt by learning that his mother didn't want him with her anymore. Mitch was afraid that Garrett was going to need counseling to get over this, as he held the boy tightly, and even cried a few times with him.

When the kids came home from school, Mitch still had Garrett in his lap, comforting him. All of the kids came by, and gave Garrett a kiss on the forehead. Then Justin sat next to Mitch and Garrett.

"Garrett, I know it really hurts to find this out." said Justin. "I went through what you're going through now. I found out my mommy didn't want me by having to duck a skillet that she threw at my head. Then I met the most wonderful daddy that any boy could ever want, and what my mommy had done didn't hurt quite as much anymore. I still hate it that she felt that way about me, but my daddy Mitch has more than made up for how much she made me hurt. Now Mitch wants to be your daddy too. We could be brothers. I've always wanted a little brother to have around, especially one as nice as you. I promise I'll never get too old to play with my awesome little brother. Will you be my little brother Garrett. Daddy and I will help make things better for you, we promise."

Garrett then left Mitch's lap for the first time since that morning, as he scrambled into Justin's lap and gave Justin a kiss on the cheek. "I love you and daddy, Justin." said Garrett, as he tried to dry his tears. "I would love to be your little brother."

Justin kissed Garrett right on the nose, making the boy giggle, and said, "That's what you are from now on then Garrett. You're my sweet and adorable little brother."

Then Mitch leaned over and kissed Garrett on the cheek and said, "We both love you very much son. We promise that we'll always take good care of you. I love both of my wonderful sons." Then Mitch put his arms around Justin and Garrett both.

Garrett stopped crying after that, and he followed Justin around all evening while holding Justin's hand, to tell everyone that he was Justin's little brother now. Everyone hugged and congratulated Garrett, and they were happy that he seemed much happier now. Mitch wondered what effect this might have on his and Justin's relationship, but that wasn't quite as important as helping Garrett right now. As expected, Garrett once again wanted to sleep with Mitch and Justin that night. Even though Mitch and Justin knew that they never went a night without making love anymore, neither of them could turn down Garrett's request. Then Justin came up with what he thought was a great idea.

Justin sat down on the bed and said, "Garrett, Josh is really looking forward to having a little playmate around here. Would you like to go down to Josh's room and play with him for about a half hour before we go to sleep?"

"Sure Justin!" chirped Garrett. "What are you guys going to do for a half hour though?"

"We'll talk or something." smiled Justin.

As soon as Garrett scampered out the door, Justin took off his shorts, then laid back on the bed and giggled as he said, "Okay daddy, go ahead and make love to me!"

Mitch smiled as he lubed his cock, then slid it all the way into Justin. Mitch and Justin had just finished making love when Garrett came back to the room, and climbed in between them on the bed.

"Thanks for letting me play another half hour." said Garrett. "I like playing with Josh."

"What did you two play?" asked Justin.

"We played on his Playstation 2." replied Garrett. "I can almost beat him on a few games sometimes."

The three finally began drifting off to sleep with Garrett snuggled comfortably between Mitch and Justin. When Mitch and Justin thought Garrett was asleep, they leaned over him to share a good night kiss. Garrett pretended to be asleep, and smiled as he watched Justin and Mitch kiss each other on the lips.

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