What A Gas! 2:

The Dream House

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

"Thanks for letting me play another half hour." said Garrett. "I like playing with Josh."

"What did you two play?" asked Justin.

"We played on his Playstation 2." replied Garrett. "I can almost beat him on a few games sometimes."

The three finally began drifting off to sleep with Garrett snuggled comfortably between Mitch and Justin. When Mitch and Justin thought Garrett was asleep, they leaned over him to share a good night kiss. Garrett pretended to be asleep, and smiled as he watched Justin and Mitch kiss each other on the lips.

Wil stopped by again the next morning as soon as the kids were off to school. "How are you doing Mitch?" asked Wil. "How did things go?"

"Most of the day was a little bit rough." replied Mitch. "The last thing any child should ever hear is that their mommy or daddy don't want them anymore."

"Well, I can make it up to you." said Mitch. "Garrett's mother wasn't very happy when I showed up with a county deputy and had her charged with child abandonment. I'll bet she had almost as bad of a day by the time she got released on bail."

"If it wasn't for the fact that there's nothing funny about what she did, you have no idea how much that would make me laugh." replied Mitch. "Justin and the other kids did help quite a bit with Garrett when they got home yesterday though. I'm glad Garrett was here, yesterday could have been so much worse for him."

"Hi daddy, hi Mister Wil." said Garrett, as he came into the room.

"Hi there Garrett." replied Wil. "So, you already think of Mitch as your daddy, huh? I take it things are going better today then."

"A little bit." replied Garrett. "Did you talk to mommy yesterday?"

"You're mommy wasn't very talkative yesterday Garrett." replied Wil. "I had to get a nice police officer to explain to her that what she did was wrong, and that she needed help."

"Yeah, daddy Mitch and Justin explained that she needs help." replied Garrett. "Did you know that Justin's mommy threw a skillet at his head when she told him that she didn't want him anymore?"

"Yes, I knew." replied Wil. "Justin's mommy did some very awful things, that's why Justin is Mitch's son permanently now. She needed a lot of help."

"Yeah, Justin is lucky to have a daddy like Mitch." said Garrett. "Mitch takes care of him like a mommy or daddy should take care of their son."

"Would you like to have a daddy like Mitch until we can help your mommy?" asked Wil.

"I'd love for Mitch to be my daddy like he's Justin's daddy!" replied Garrett. "I never had a daddy before, and Mitch is a really good one. Besides, it would be fun to have a brother like Justin."

"I'll see what I can do for you then Garrett." smiled Wil. "I think you'll be okay here, and I know Mitch will take good care of you. Mitch, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't begin to care for Garrett as if he were going to be here for a while. You know, like enrolling him in a local school and everything. Were you in kindergarten this year Garrett?"

"Yeah, but I haven't been to school yet this week." replied Garrett.

"Well, Mitch will get you into a nice school closer to here." said Wil. "Will that be okay?"

"I guess so." replied Garrett. "I'll miss my friends at my old school though."

"I know Garrett, and I'm really sorry about that." replied Wil. "You have to be in school around here now though, until your mommy is better."

"I'll tell you what Garrett, if you want me to, I'll take you to your old school today so you can say good-bye to your friends there, and invite them to visit you here whenever they want." said Mitch.

"That would be great daddy!" smiled Garrett.

"Okay Mitch, I'm going to get going now." said Wil. "I'll stop back by later this afternoon when you two get back. I have a few more papers for you to sign so you can get him into school and stuff like that. You take it easy Garrett, and enjoy having Mitch as your daddy for now, okay?"

"Okay Mister Wil, thanks." replied Garrett.

As soon as Wil left, Mitch asked, "What would be a good time to go to your old school Garrett?"

"Well, they have playtime right after lunch, so that would be a good time to go." smiled Garrett.

"Okay son." laughed Mitch, as he ruffled Garrett's hair. "I'm going to go to my office here at the house, and do a little work before we leave then."

"Can I watch?" asked Garrett.

"Sure son." smiled Mitch.

Mitch and Garrett went to Mitch's office, and Mitch booted his computer up. Then he sat down and began working at some lines of code while Garrett watched.

"What are you doing daddy?" asked Garrett. "That looks kinda boring."

"Well, I'm writing computer code right now for a program that I'm working on." replied Mitch. "The computer code is pretty boring, but the program that it will run is pretty cool."

"What is the program like?" asked Garrett.

"Let me show you son." smiled Mitch, as he saved his code. Then Mitch opened the program and said, "The code is going to run this coloring book. See, over here you have different kinds of crayons and markers, then you can choose between a lot of different colors here." Then Mitch showed Garrett how to choose a crayon and color, then fill in the picture on the screen.

"I've seen computer coloring books before." said Garrett. "Yours does have more colors than others though."

"There is something this one does that others don't do though." said Mitch. "When you finish all the pictures in one chapter, you can make your own cartoon, and have your characters do whatever you want them to. The code that I'm working on now turns the pictures you see here into animation."

"Wow!" exclaimed Garrett. "That IS cool! You must be really smart daddy!"

"I have my moments." laughed Mitch. "But sometimes your brother Justin helps me. He's really smart too. And if you do well in school, you can be just as smart as me and Justin."

"I would love to be that smart!" smiled Garrett.

Then Garrett watched Mitch work on some more code, and it seemed a little more interesting now. Just before time to get ready to leave, Taz came in and joined Mitch and Garrett.

"My teacher has to go somewhere this afternoon, so I guess I'm finished for the day." said Taz. "What are you guys up to Mitch?"

"I was getting ready to take Garrett by his old school to see his friends there." replied Mitch. "We were going to stop for lunch on the way there. Do you want to go too?"

"Sure, I don't have anything to do until Lance gets home." replied Taz as he smiled.

"Are you and Lance like best friends?" asked Garrett.

"I guess you could say that." laughed Taz.

"You haven't noticed anything unusual have you Garrett?" asked Mitch.

"A lot of the boys here seem to have really good best friends that are other boys, kinda like a few boys are best friends with girls." replied Garrett. "I saw a few boys last night holding hands, and the two boys that look alike kissed each other on the lips."

"Oh-oh!" exclaimed Taz. "Time to have a talk with the kids!"

"That's okay Taz, this was bound to come up eventually." replied Mitch. Mitch then sat down on the couch and motioned for Garrett to sit on his lap, and Taz sat down beside them. "Do you know what the difference is between the way a boy has another boy as a friend, and the way a boy has a girl as a friend?" Mitch asked Garrett.

"I've seen boys kiss girls on the lips before." replied Garrett. "Is that what you're talking about?"

"Yes, it's kind of like the way a mommy and a daddy like each other." replied Mitch.

"Do you mean that the boys that look alike are going to get married?" asked Garrett.

"Well, it not legal for two boys to get married." replied Mitch. "Even if it were, Frank and Lin are brothers, and I doubt they would be allowed to do that. A lot of the boys here like other boys the way a mommy and daddy like each other though."

"If they got married, wouldn't that make them both daddies?" asked Garrett.

"I guess it would." replied Mitch. "There are quite a few people though that don't think two boys should like each other like that."

"Why not?" asked Garrett.

"They were raised to believe that it's wrong, even though it isn't." replied Mitch.

"Yeah, Lance and I like each other like that." said Taz. "If someone told me that I couldn't like Lance like that, it would make me very sad."

"Yeah, I guess it would make me sad if I liked someone like that, and someone told me that I couldn't." replied Garrett. "Are you and Lance going to get married?"

"We would if we could." smiled Taz. "Like Mitch said though, it's not legal because some people don't think it's right."

"That's silly though." replied Garrett. "If you two like each other that much, you should be able to get married."

"I say we make him the state's governor Mitch." laughed Taz. "He'd be much better than the guy that's governor right now!"

"You might be right Taz!" laughed Mitch. "Anyway Garrett, because a lot of people don't like boys liking each other like that, there are a lot of things in this house that you should never talk about with people from outside the house."

"Do you mean like two boys kissing or holding hands?" asked Garrett.

"Yes, exactly like that." replied Mitch. "If other people knew that Taz and Lance liked to kiss each other, they would take both boys away, and keep them apart."

"That would be terrible!" exclaimed Garrett. "If Mister Wil works for the state, I shouldn't say anything to him about boys holding hands and kissing, should I?"

"It would really be good if you didn't." replied Mitch. "Wil is a nice guy, and I think he would understand, but the people he works for wouldn't. Those would be the people who would split up two boys who like each other like that. There are other people who could do that too though. Anyone that doesn't like the idea of two boys kissing could go to the state, and get those two boys in trouble."

"How can you get in trouble for liking someone?" asked Garrett. "Would some people rather have you hate someone?"

"A lot of those people do hate other people Garrett." replied Mitch. "You should never hate anyone else though. Hate is a very bad feeling, and it's more wrong to hate than it is for two boys to like each other."

"I agree daddy." replied Garrett. "I'll never talk to anyone from outside the house about how some of the boys here like other boys. I love you daddy, and I love all my brothers and sisters here too."

"That's good Garrett." smiled Mitch. "Love is a much better feeling than hate. There's never anything wrong with loving someone." Then Mitch leaned down and kissed Garrett on the forehead, causing Garrett to giggle. "Now son, let's go see your friends at your old school."

When Mitch, Taz, and Garrett stopped for lunch when they got close to Garrett's old school, Garrett saw Taz taking his medications and asked, "Are you sick Taz? That's a lot of pills!"

"I'm not really sick, but I do have a disease that could cause me to get really sick." replied Taz. "I have to take these pills to keep from getting sick."

"It must be a really bad disease if you have to take that many pills." said Garrett. "I hope you get better soon, you're a really cool big brother."

"You're a really cool little brother too!" smiled Taz, as he started taking his medications.

When they got to Garrett's school, Taz wanted to stay in the car. Mitch insisted though, and talked Taz into going in with them. Mitch checked in at the office first, to make sure it was okay for Garrett to visit his old class as they were just about to start playtime. The principal was a very nice lady, and had no problem with that. Then she called Garrett's teacher to let her know that they were on their way to the classroom.

As Mitch, Garrett, and Taz entered the classroom, Garrett's teacher said, "Look who's come back to see us everyone. It's Garrett. You can go ahead and share playtime with your friends Garrett, while Mitch and I talk."

Garrett smiled brightly, then ran off to play with his friends. "Thank you very much for letting Garrett do this, Miss?..."

"It's Mrs. Holton, but you can call me Melanie." replied Garrett's teacher.

"Hi then Melanie." replied Mitch. "My name is Mitch Gordon, and this is one of my foster sons, Taz."

"Hello Mitch and Taz." replied Melanie. "I assume you are caring for Garrett now then."

"Yes." replied Mitch. "Since I live over in Bel Air, I wanted to bring Garrett over to say good-bye to his friends here. I'll be putting him in school there next week."

"Well, the children will miss him, but I'm glad Garrett has someone to take care of him." replied Melanie. "I was kind of worried about him when he didn't come to school this week. What happened?"

"He was found in a mall on Tuesday, looking for his mother." said Mitch. "She had left him there on Saturday, and never went back for him."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Melanie. "That sweet little boy was left in a mall alone for three days?!"

"Yes." replied Mitch. "He was very frightened and hungry by the time I came across him. I've had him placed in my custody now though, and he seems to be doing much better today."

"I'm glad you found him then!" replied Melanie. "I always worried about him more than most of my students, so it will be a relief to know that he's being taken care of. I've met his mother twice, and she has never impressed me as someone who could take care of her son."

"Yes, the state isn't very happy with her right now either." replied Mitch. "I'm actually hoping to adopt Garrett when the mess with his mother gets straightened out. I've adopted one of my foster children so far, and would like to adopt several others. Garrett is the most urgent case right now though."

"Is Taz your adopted son then?" asked Melanie.

"No, but I wouldn't mind that either." smiled Mitch, as Taz smiled too.

"How many foster children do you have right now?" asked Melanie.

"Well, my adopted son and I wanted to open a group home, to help as many kids as we can." replied Mitch. "Not counting my adopted son Justin, I have sixteen foster sons and daughters."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Melanie. "They must keep you quite busy then!"

"Well, fortunately we've begun to hire a staff for the home." laughed Mitch. "We currently have room for four more kids, but we're in the process of building onto the home."

"It's sad to think that there are that many kids out there who need help." said Melanie.

"What's sad is that there are thousands of kids on the street in Southern California with no home, and there's no way we can help them all." replied Mitch. "My home will eventually have room for one hundred, but that's only scratching the surface."

"That is sad Mitch." replied Melanie. "I would love to be able to get into an environment like that though. I love teaching kindergarten, as the kids here are just starting out, and they can be such a joy. To help children of any age that have no one to turn to though would be so rewarding."

"Well, we're going to need to add staff when the first new addition is finished." said Mitch. "If you would like, I could interview you for a spot in the home."

"It would be an honor to be considered for a position like that." replied Melanie.

"Good." said Mitch. "This weekend is kind of busy with Justin's championship lacrosse match on Saturday. Would Monday after school be fine?"

"That would be very good." replied Melanie.

"Okay then, I'll expect you on Monday." said Mitch. "Here's my card with the home's address. The position I would be interviewing you for would be as a monitor and counselor. Right now the home is made up of fourteen boys and two girls, and most of the kids are in their mid teens, although there are several that are adolescent and pre-teen. Sometimes kids in their teens have a tendency to be a little frisky, and they don't mind being that way around each other. Would you be comfortable with that environment?"

"Well, I don't embarrass too easily, if that's what you're asking." laughed Melanie.

"That's a very good thing then." smiled Mitch. "Also, most of the kids in the home have had to live on the streets for anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a couple of years. Due to some of the things they've been through, the interview will get rather personal. I need to make sure that whoever works with these kids will not make their past any worse for them than it's already been. Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all." replied Melanie. "I would look forward to helping these kids find acceptance with what they've been through, and help them move forward with their lives."

"That was a very good answer Melanie." replied Mitch. "I think you may fit in well."

As Mitch, Melanie, and Taz watched Garrett and his friends play, Mitch realized that this was exactly what Garrett needed today. Garrett did invite his best friends to come to his new home in Bel Air whenever they wanted to, and Melanie told Mitch that he was welcome to bring Garrett by for a visit when he could, as long as she didn't get another job somewhere else soon. By the time playtime was over, Garrett seemed happier than Mitch had seen him yet, and Mitch was glad they visited Garrett's school.

"There's one more thing you should know about the home." said Taz before they left. "One of the kids there is HIV positive."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry to hear that!" replied Melanie. "I sure hope that everyone is giving him or her all of the love and support they need. And don't be afraid to give whoever it is a good hug every once in a while. I'm sure they could use that as much as possible too."

"I'm glad you feel that way." said Taz. "It's me."

Melanie took Taz into a very close and gentle hug and said, "I meant every word of what I just said Taz. If I come to work there, I'll do everything that I can to help you."

"Thanks Melanie." smiled Taz.

On the way home, Taz said, "I hope you hire Melanie Mitch, I really like her. I think she would work very well with us."

"She does seem to be very sensitive to what you kids have been through." replied Mitch. "Considering who the kids in the home are though, I have to be really careful about who I bring in. Whoever it is has to be very open and accepting of other lifestyles."

"Do you mean Mrs. Holton wants to come and work at our house daddy?" asked Garrett. "I like her! I think that would be really nice!"

"I think it would be too son." smiled Mitch. "I am kind of concerned that she's married though, as this would be a live-in position. It's not like a cook or driver, where you can start your day at a certain time, and have it end at a certain time. A monitor and counselor would have to be there at all times. How is her husband going to feel about moving, and would he be a good fit with our home?"

"I think something happened to her husband though daddy." said Garrett. "I don't think he's with her anymore."

"Well, I guess we'll find out on Monday." said Mitch. "Now Garrett, about school. You'll have the same choice as Josh had between a public school and private school. At a private school, most of the kids parents are either rich or famous, or both. Josh decided that he wanted to go to the private school, because he wants to go to the same school as his older brother when he goes to high school."

"I want to go to the same school that Josh goes to." replied Garrett.

"Okay, we'll go there and enroll you tomorrow." said Mitch.

That night, Justin once again had Garrett go play with Josh, while he played with Mitch. Just as the previous night, Garrett came back right after Justin and Mitch had finished their love-making, and he once again pretended to be asleep as he snuck and watched Justin and Mitch share a good-night kiss.

The next day was pretty normal, and Garrett seemed excited about seeing his new school. With the papers Wil had brought out the day before, Mitch had no problem enrolling Garrett, and the school said that Garrett could start on Monday. Once again that night, Justin sent Garrett of to play with Josh, as his idea seemed to be working really well. Then Justin and Mitch got into position for a sixty nine. It was the night before Justin's big game, and Mitch and Justin wanted to be very passionate tonight. They were so wrapped up in making love to each other that neither of them noticed the door open and close.

Garrett could immediately see that Justin and Mitch had each other's dicks in their mouths, and it looked like his daddy and brother were having a lot of fun. Garrett quietly hid in a place where he could watch them, but they couldn't see him.

Justin lifted off Mitch's cock and moaned, "Oh Mitch! Your cock tastes so good tonight, but I really need to have it inside me!"

"I would love to have my cock tightly inside you tonight, my lover!" panted Mitch.

Garrett watched in awe as Mitch rubbed something onto his huge dick, and then into Justin's butt hole. Garrett couldn't believe it when he saw Mitch push his huge dick into Justin's butt. From where Garrett was hiding, he could just see it as his daddy's dick began going in and out of his brother's butt.

"Oh God, my love!" moaned Justin. "Your beautiful cock feels so good inside me tonight!"

"Your body always feels good wrapped tightly around my cock babe!" moaned Mitch.

Garrett watched as Mitch leaned over and placed his lips against Justin's. Now Garrett had an even better view, as he watched Mitch's dick go in and out of Justin in fascination. After Mitch and Justin made love passionately for about ten minutes, Justin moaned out, "I'm gonna cum my love!"

"Me too babe!" moaned Mitch. "Make sure you shoot all of it onto your chest and stomach so I can clean it off you!"

Garrett was now wide-eyed in fascination as he watched something white come shooting out of Justin's dick, and landing on his chest and stomach. His daddy also looked like something was happening to him too, but Garrett couldn't tell what was happening. When Mitch began to look okay again, Garrett watched as his daddy pulled his big dick out of Justin. Garrett could hear it pop as it came all the way out, then he watched his daddy lean down and lick the white stuff off Justin's dick, stomach, and chest. Then Garrett saw Justin and Mitch kiss harder than he had ever seen them kiss before.

"That was so cool!" exclaimed Garrett, as he came out of his hiding place.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Mitch, as he rolled off Justin, and covered them over.

"How long have you been in here Garrett?" asked Justin, as he tried to stay calm.

"I came in while you and daddy had your dicks in each other's mouths." replied Garrett. "I was going to get something to show Josh, but I forgot what it was now. Why is daddy trying to hide?"

Justin leaned over and whispered, "This is going to be a lot easier if we both act normal about it my love." As Mitch tried to pull himself together, Justin turned to Garrett and asked, "Why didn't you say something when you came in, little brother?"

"You and daddy were having a lot of fun, and I didn't want to disturb you." replied Garrett innocently. "What were you and daddy doing?"

"Okay Mitch, it's long talk time." whispered Justin. "We both have to be calm about this, and explain it as honestly as we can." Then Justin turned to Garrett and smiled as he said, "Hop up here between me and daddy, and we'll explain it to you."

"Okay Garrett, do you remember yesterday when we were talking about boys liking other boys?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah, but we were talking about boys kissing and holding hands." replied Garrett, as Justin snickered.

"I think he may need to know a bit more than that." laughed Justin.

"I'm so glad you find this so amusing my love." replied Mitch.

"Okay Garrett, do you know how mommies and daddies like each other?" asked Justin.

"Yeah, we talked about that too, but Mitch wouldn't explain exactly what he meant." replied Garrett.

"Well, I'll explain it now." said Justin. "Right now, the only thing your dick can do is pee. When you get older though, your dick can do other stuff. It can be made to feel really good, and then stuff comes out of it that isn't pee."

"I saw that happen to yours Justin." replied Garrett as he smiled. "It was really cool!"

"Well those were the kinds of things daddy was talking about yesterday when he talked about how a mommy and daddy likes each other." said Justin. "When a mommy and daddy like each other, they like to make each other's parts down there feel really good. Did daddy tell you that boys can also like each other the same way that a mommy and daddy like each other?"

"Yeah." replied Garrett.

"Okay then, some boys grow up to like girls the same way a mommy and daddy like each other, like Joey and Leah." said Justin. "But then some boys grow up to like other boys the way a mommy and daddy like each other, like,.... well, most of the boys in this house!" Then Justin couldn't help but to giggle. After that, Justin continued, "When a boy grows up to like other boys like that, he likes to make other boys dicks feel good, so white stuff will come out, and he also likes other boys to make his dick feel good too. Do you understand so far?"

"I think so." replied Garrett. "This is what Mitch was saying that some people don't like about boys liking other boys, right?"

"That's exactly right Garrett." said Mitch, who was finally beginning to loosen up. "I'm sorry I didn't go into more detail yesterday. I just didn't know if you would understand all of this."

"I think I understand everything except, why would some people think it's wrong for a boy to make another boy feel good if they like each other?" asked Garrett.

"This was why we were talking about hate too." replied Mitch, as he began to hit his stride. "Some people don't understand those feelings, so they think they're bad, and they hate people who feel differently than they do."

"So just because a boy likes girls like a mommy and daddy like each other, and he sees a boy who likes boys the way a mommy and daddy like each other, he doesn't understand how the other boy can feel that way so he hates him?" asked Garrett.

"Bingo!" shouted Justin.

"That's crazy though." said Garrett. "Why is it anyone's business if a boy likes another boy enough to want him to feel good?"

"It's not anyone's business Garrett, and hate is never acceptable." said Mitch. "And that's why we never talk about what the boys in this house do when we go outside the house, or when someone else that we don't know comes in."

"So, do you and Justin like each other like a mommy and daddy like each other?" asked Garrett.

"Yes son, we do." replied Mitch.

"I kinda thought so." smiled Garrett. "You and Justin looked like you were making each other feel really good!"

"Oh yeah!" replied Justin.

"So big brother, it felt good when daddy put his dick in your butt and pushed it in and out?" asked Garrett.

"Oh yeah!!" replied Justin. "It felt so good that he made white stuff come out of my dick!"

"Did it make you feel that good too daddy?" asked Garrett.

"Yes, but my white stuff came out while my dick was in Justin's butt." replied Mitch.

"Then I'm glad I got to see my big brother and my daddy make each other feel good." said Garrett as he smiled. "When I get a good-night kiss tonight, could both of you kiss me good-night the way you kiss each other good-night?"

"You bet little brother!" smiled Justin.

Justin leaned over and gave Garrett a very gentle kiss on the lips, and then Mitch leaned over and gave Garrett the same kiss. Mitch gazed into Garrett's eyes and said, "I love you son, and I hope you'll love being my son."

"I love you too daddy." smiled Garrett.

Then Justin reached in and tickled Garrett's tummy for a few moments, causing Garrett to giggle adorably. Justin gave Garrett another gentle kiss on the lips and said, "I love you little brother."

"I love you too big brother." giggled Garrett.

Then Mitch and Justin took Garrett into an embrace between all three of them, and they all fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

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