What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

Justin leaned over and gave Garrett a very gentle kiss on the lips, and then Mitch leaned over and gave Garrett the same kiss. Mitch gazed into Garrett's eyes and said, "I love you son, and I hope you'll love being my son."

"I love you too daddy." smiled Garrett.

Then Justin reached in and tickled Garrett's tummy for a few moments, causing Garrett to giggle adorably. Justin gave Garrett another gentle kiss on the lips and said, "I love you little brother."

"I love you too big brother." giggled Garrett.

Then Mitch and Justin took Garrett into an embrace between all three of them, and they all fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

Justin woke up that morning to the sound of crying coming from between him and Mitch. As Justin leaned over to kiss Garrett on the forehead, he noticed that the bed was fairly wet with pee. "What's the matter Garrett?" asked Justin, after he kissed Garrett on the forehead.

"I must have had an accident last night Justin!" cried Garrett. "I peed all over you and daddy! I don't want you and daddy to stop loving me because I peed on you!"

"Do you know what I'm going to do if you peed on me Garrett?" asked Justin.

"No, what?" cried Garrett.

"I'm going to do this!" replied Justin. Then Justin leaned over again and gave Garrett a very nice kiss on the lips, and said, "I'm gonna love you even more, because you're my cool little brother! You're so cool that I don't mind at all if you pee on me Garrett. Besides, it might have been me that peed on you. I've been known to pee in bed at night too."

"You do?" asked Garrett, as his tears started to go away.

"Yep!" replied Justin proudly. "I've been peeing in bed ever since I was a little boy like you, and I still do sometimes."

"Doesn't daddy get mad?" asked Garrett.

"No son, I don't." replied Mitch. "Sometimes Justin can't control himself while he's asleep, and he has an accident. It's not his fault though, and I love him very much. That's why there's a plastic cover over the mattress. That way if Justin does pee in his sleep, it's no problem. I would never be mad at either of you boys for peeing on me, because I know that sometimes you can't help it."

Then Justin smiled impishly and said, "Actually, daddy kind of likes it when I have an accident and I pee on him. He probably likes it when you do that too."

"Do you daddy?" asked Garrett.

"Let's just say that I'm never going to complain about either of you boys having an accident, okay?" replied Mitch. "Now, do you pee in your sleep often Garrett?"

"I try not to, but I still do about once or twice a week." replied Garrett.

"Okay son, we'll have the doctor look at you Monday, and see if there's some way to stop it." said Mitch. "If we can't though, don't be afraid that I'll be mad. I don't mind getting a little pee on me, and all we have to do is change the sheets and covers."

"Thanks daddy and Justin, I love you." chirped Garrett.

"We love you too, you little pee monkey!" giggled Justin, as he tickled Garrett's ribs. Then Justin whispered into Garrett's ear. "It's okay to pee on us little brother, so don't be sad about having any accidents again."

"Well, today is the big day, my sons." said Mitch. "Let's get cleaned up and change the bed. Then we all have to get ready for Justin's big game tonight. I have to take him to practice this afternoon, so you can go with us to that Garrett."

Garrett was really excited about getting cleaned up and changing the bed, so he could watch his big brother play whatever game it was he played. Everyone was excited to see Justin's championship game tonight though. Trevor even called George that morning, and talked him to taking the night off to go to the game with everyone, and to the party afterward.

As Mike got ready for the team's final practice, he still hadn't heard back from the state high school athletic association. He had not been able to choose between Antonio and Justin for MVP if his team won tonight, so he sent their stats in, and asked the association if they would be able to decide between the two boys if they were in his position. So far, neither boy had inquired about it though, so he hoped it stayed that way until he heard something.

Mitch left Taz in charge of getting the party set up before Reggie brought everyone to the game that evening, and the other boys and girls were eager to help. Meanwhile, Mitch pulled up to the athletic facility at Valencia with Justin and Garrett. As Justin changed in the locker room, Mitch and Garrett took at seat at the practice field. Once the boys came out and warmed up, Mitch began trying to explain the game to Garrett, so he would know what was going on this evening. As Garrett caught on to the game, Justin and Antonio both were having a great practice. Both boys felt good about tonight's game.

Once the practice was over, Mitch and the boys had just enough time to go out for an early dinner. They were joined by Danny and Antonio, and everyone had a fun dinner. Danny and Antonio loved meeting Garrett, as they had already heard Justin talk about him. They thought Garrett was every bit as cute as Justin had described him. It was finally time to get back to the fieldhouse, and Justin and Antonio were more excited than nervous. Mitch and Garrett joined everyone else from their home outside the fieldhouse, and they all went in to be seated together.

When the game started, it was obvious the other team had heard about the blow-out from the last weekend. They covered Antonio and Justin well all night. Although they never took the lead in the game, whenever Valencia did, they were always able to tie the game back up. As they went into the last period, Mike knew that this game was the nail biter of the year. The crowd knew that too, as they would cheer when Valencia took the ball, and groan when they lost it. Everyone in Mitch's group had their fingers crossed for Justin to be able to break out, and give the team the lead for good, but the other team stayed all over him. As the game got near the end, the other team knew that Justin would be the most likely choice to try to score. That caused them to begin to let Antonio get more open. Justin noticed this, and spoke to Mike for a second. After that, everyone tried to get the ball to Justin as much as possible, even though he was very well covered by now. Justin's plan worked just like he thought, and he caught Antonio wide open. Justin fired the ball over to Antonio, who had a completely open shot at the goal with ten seconds left in the game. As Antonio got ready to take the shot at the go-ahead goal, a player on the other team dropped his stick and tackled Antonio hard to the ground.

The referee immediately blew the whistle, stopping the clock at five seconds. Justin rushed over to Antonio, who was so groggy that he couldn't even sit up on his own. "Are you okay dude?!" asked Justin.

"Dude, everything's kinda fuzzy." replied Antonio. "I need help to get to the bench."

Mike ran out and asked, "Does your neck or back hurt Antonio?"

"They feel okay coach." replied Antonio.

"Do you have any tingling in your arms or legs?" asked Mike.

"No, I just can't get up by myself." replied Antonio. "I do feel a little queasy."

"You might have a concussion then son." replied Mike. "I'll have you taken to the hospital to check you out."

"Can I wait until the game's over?" asked Antonio.

"Okay, but I want the paramedics to come to the bench to look at you." replied Mike.

"Valencia, you have a penalty shot since your player had a scoring chance, and the other player has been ejected." said the referee. "If the player who was fouled can't take it, you need to choose someone else."

"Let me help you with Antonio, then put the ball past those jerks!" said Justin.

"Okay son, get one for your friend." smiled Mike.

Justin helped Mike get Antonio to the bench, then came out to take the penalty shot. After what they had just done to Antonio, there was no way Justin was going to let them stop him. Justin took the ball at midfield, then gave the goaltender the coldest stare he could. Everyone held their breath as Justin started for the goal. Justin started very hard toward his favorite side, then spun around quickly. The goaltender had already committed himself, and Justin sailed the ball clearly past him onto the net. As the goal light came on, the clock ran out.

The goaltender turned around quickly to face Justin, and Justin yelled, "You assholes fuck with my friend, and I'll fuck you so hard you'll never forget it!"

The referee ran down quickly to get between the two boys, and Justin went to his bench. The crowd was making so much noise now, Justin couldn't even hear his heart beating. Valencia had just won the championship game, and their home crowd was yelling their approval. The other team realized it was over now, and they needed to get to the locker room quickly.

"I got em for you Antonio!" beamed Justin. "They won't ever try that crap again!"

As the crowd continued to roar, the state athletic director came out to award several trophies. Antonio wanted to stay, but the paramedics wouldn't allow it. Danny said he would bring Antonio to the party if the hospital let him go. Mike wanted to stay, but he felt a strong obligation to his injured player. Mike made Justin the temporary team captain, then left with Danny and Antonio. Justin then went to the sideline to meet the state athletic director.

"Where's your coach son?" asked the man.

"He had to go to the hospital with an injured player." replied Justin. "I'm the team captain, so I can accept the trophy for him."

"Well then son, come on out here to the microphone with me." replied the athletic director.

When Justin and the athletic director stepped up to the mic that had been set up at midfield, everyone quieted down. Then the athletic director said, "Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pride to award the championship trophy to this year's champions, the Valencia Hills Academy Tigers!" The crowd roared again, as the athletic director handed Justin the trophy. Then Justin had the rest of the team join him. After the crowd quieted back down again, Justin stepped up to the mic.

"Yay Justin!" yelled out Garrett, which got a little laughter from the team and crowd.

"Thanks Garrett." replied Justin into the mic. "That was my little brother Garrett everyone. I hope he grows up to be just as good at lacrosse as I am. I don't really know what our coach Mike had planned to say. He had to go with our teammate and close friend Antonio to the hospital. The only thing I can say is that everyone on this team is responsible for us winning this trophy tonight. So is the best home crowd that any group of kids could ever play for. Thanks for being here with us everyone."

The crowd roared again, and took a few minutes to quiet back down. Then the athletic director asked Justin, "Which one is Antonio Barrelli?"

"He's the injured player who was taken to the hospital." replied Justin.

"I guess I'll have to have you hand all of these out then son." said the athletic director, who then turned back to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a few more awards here tonight. First, I have a trophy for Coach of the Year for Valencia's coach, Mike Harmon. Coach Harmon sent a problem to us that he was having in determining who should be the league's Most Valuable Player. After going over the stats and tapes he sent me, I couldn't reach that choice either. This year we are handing out two MVP trophies to Antonio Barrelli and Justin Gordon!"

Once again, the crowd went crazy as Justin accepted the awards for Mike, Antonio, and himself. Once everyone finally calmed back down a little, Justin stepped up to the microphone and said, "I don't know exactly what Mike and Antonio would say right now, but I'm sure it would be close to what I want to say. None of this could have happened without everybody on the team. This is the greatest team that anyone could want to be a part of, and I'm proud to be here with these guys. This also couldn't have happened without the support of our friends and family out there in the seats. I want to thank everyone here tonight, and I'm sure Mike and Antonio would too."

Since Mike was gone, Mitch thought he would help his friend out by keeping an eye on the locker room, and making sure everything was squared away for the custodial staff. Everyone else went back to the home except Garrett, to make sure that the party was ready. Mitch had never seen a happier group of boys when he stepped into the locker room. Justin was ready to go into the showers by this time, but he still took a moment to give his dad and brother a hug. Mitch and Garrett both gave their naked hero a nice hug. Then Mitch made sure all of the boys on the team had been invited to the party.

As soon as the bus got back to the home, Trevor took George up to his room. Trevor gave George a very passionate kiss, then said, "Thanks for being here tonight George. I love you very much, and this was very important to me. I'm sure it was important for Justin for you to be here with me too."

"I still can't understand sometimes why you love an old guy like me, but I'm glad that you do Trevor." replied George. "This seems like a dream that I never even knew existed. I love you too, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere but with you."

Then Trevor and George locked themselves into another kiss, even more passionate than before. Trevor began removing George's shirt, and was soon running his young hand across George's hairy chest. George now had Trevor's shirt off too, and was caressing and lightly squeezing Trevor's smooth chest and stomach. Trevor moaned lightly from the touch of his wonderful man, and began working on the rest of George's clothes. Eventually, Trevor and George were both completely naked on Trevor's bed.

Trevor sucked lightly on George's lip as he pulled back and gazed into George's eyes. "I love how hairy your body is George." said Trevor softly. "It's very masculine, and it excites me like crazy. When I get older, do you want me to let myself get hairy like you if I can, or keep myself nice and smooth?"

"How long do you expect us to be together Trevor?" asked George as he smiled at his beautiful boy.

"For the rest of our lives George." replied Trevor. "I'll never stop loving you."

"That sounds so wonderful." replied George, as he stroked Trevor's firm round butt. "Would you rather be hairy or smooth?"

"I want to be just like the most beautiful man in the world." smiled Trevor. "I hope I look every bit as masculine as you when I get older."

"That's what I was hoping you'd say, my young lover!" smiled George.

The two shared another kiss, then Trevor turned around on top of George. George's cock looked very beautiful and thick, and Trevor worked all of it into his warm mouth. George moaned lightly, then pulled Trevor's young cock down into his mouth. George still knew that Trevor was just a fourteen year old boy, but he had now become comfortable with that because Trevor was so filled with love and affection. George could no longer imagine a better lover, as he made love to Trevor's beautiful young cock. After ten minutes of very passionate love making, Trevor turned back around and put his lips against George's again. As the two kissed, Trevor reached over to his nightstand for a tube of lube. Trevor put a drop of lube on George's finger, and told George to work it into his hole. Then Trevor sensuously lubed George's cock. Then Trevor laid on his back and smiled up at George, as George prepared to put his cock inside Trevor. Trevor knew that this was the man his Indian friend had prepared him for out in the desert.

George looked down at his beautiful smiling young lover, as he firmly pushed his cock into Trevor. Trevor smiled intensely, as he felt his insides spread apart by George's thick cock. "Having you inside me is the most wonderful thing I've ever felt George!" moaned Trevor, as he smiled at his lover.

George leaned down and pressed his lips against Trevor's, as he began thrusting his cock in and out of Trevor passionately. This felt so good to both lovers that they wanted it to last all night. George loved how Trevor moaned softly into his mouth, and could tell the boy craved the feelings they were experiencing now. After another ten minutes, Trevor's hands were caressing George's back softly as George began moaning louder. George wanted it to last longer, but he could not stop himself from filling Trevor with his cum. Trevor now moaned loudly too, as he felt his lover's warm cum shoot into him. When George's orgasm was over, he relaxed for a few minutes on top of a madly smiling Trevor. George finally felt his cock slip ot of Trevor, and he pulled back to gaze into Trevor's love-filled eyes.

"I've developed a deep love for the taste of your cum Trevor, and now it's time to show you that love." said George softly.

George slid down Trevor's body, and lovingly took the young cock into his mouth. George pushed his mouth and nose into Trevor's crotch as hard as he could, then slid his lips slowly up Trevor's shaft. Trevor moaned in pleasure as he felt George's tongue swirl around the head of his cock, then George plunged back down onto it deeply. Trevor had never felt so much love from anyone before, as George made love to his excited young cock. After only five minutes, Trevor began moaning loudly. As George swallowed Trevor's orgasm, he moaned softly in appreciation for the taste of Trevor's cum. It was the most wonderful thing George had ever tasted, and he couldn't get enough of it now. When Trevor's orgasm had finished, George and Trevor laid in each other's arms and kissed as they recovered. Then they finally dressed each other, and went downstairs to join the party.

Most everyone smiled at the sight of the man and boy holding hands all night, especially Justin. When he saw Trevor and George come down the stairs holding hands, he knew that they had both found their life's mate. The party was pretty festive, as the boys on the team mingled with the kids in Mitch and Justin's home. The party really became happy when Mike, Danny, and Antonio showed up from the hospital. Justin immediately took the trophies from that night to meet his friends. Mike was flattered when he heard that he had received a trophy for Coach of the Year, and Justin presented him with the award. Then Justin gave Antonio his Most Valuable Player trophy.

"I'm so sorry dude." said Antonio. "You deserved this every bit as much as I did."

"Maybe that's why they gave me one too!" smiled Justin brightly, as he showed Antonio his trophy as the Co-Most Valuable Player.

The two boys gave each other a happy hug, then shared a brief kiss. Mitch and Danny were fine with that, as they knew it was a kiss of friendship. Everyone had a great time at the party, with lots of good food, and even dancing. Most of the couples who danced were all male, and Mike's kids made a very cute couple when they danced together. What was even more adorable though, was when Josh and Garrett were spotted dancing together. Josh giggled as he taught the cute little five year old a few dance steps, then everyone took a few moments to watch them. At the end of the song they were dancing to, Josh gave Garrett a very sweet kiss on the lips.

"I never kissed another boy on the lips before." said Josh. "That felt kinda nice Garrett."

"Yeah, it did." replied Garrett. "You have nice lips Josh. Do you want to kiss some more?"

"Sure!" replied Josh eagerly.

When Joey broke his kiss with Leah, he smiled at the sight of Josh and Garrett kissing. Joey could plainly see that his little brother would be gay, which was fine with him as long as Josh was happy. He looked forward to many nice intimate talks with Josh when his little brother started becoming sexually active.

"They make very cute boyfriends, don't they?" asked Leah.

"Very cute!" smiled Joey. "I love that little guy, and I'll make sure he's happy with being a cute little gay dude."

"You can tell he's gay at nine?" asked Leah.

"Just look at them kiss." giggled Joey. "You can tell how much Josh enjoys that kind of contact with other boys."

Mitch and Justin laughed softly when they saw Josh and Garrett kissing. They could also tell how much Josh was enjoying it though, so they knew they would have to have another talk with Garrett later. For now though, the two boys looked so adorable that they wasn't going to disturb either of them. Another group that was having fun at the party was a group of four boys from the team, who had been invited to Frank and Lin's room to witness the two brothers in action. Within a few minutes, all four of the boys were stroking their cocks as they watched the twins make love.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed one of the boys, as Frank prepared to put his cock inside Lin. "That's the hottest fucking thing I ever saw!"

"I wonder if doing it with a twin makes it feel like you're doing it with yourself?" asked another boy.

"Damn, they're really getting into it now!" exclaimed another boy, as Frank began sliding in and out of Lin.

"How many of you guys have ever felt another guy's cock in your mouth?" asked Frank.

All of the four boys answered no, so Frank said, "Lin and I usually just let guys watch us, but Lin would like to give you guys a chance to see what another guy's cock feels like in your mouth." When the four boys looked at Frank oddly, Frank laughed and said, "Don't worry guys. Just because you know what a cock feels like in your mouth, it doesn't make you gay. We'd really like all four of you guys to see what it feels like."

The first boy stepped up and leaned over Lin's stiff cock. He watched Frank's cock go in and out of Lin for a moment, then nervously stared at Lin's cock. The boy then opened his mouth, and slid it down over Lin's cock. It felt kind good, so the boy slid Lin's cock back and forth inside his mouth a few times, as he felt the length of it with his tongue. He had never even thought of what another guy's cock felt like in his mouth before, but this wasn't bad at all. The other boys then took turns feeling another guy's cock in their mouths for the first time. By the time the last boy had finished his first taste of cock, Frank was extremely aroused by watching the four boys suck his brother's cock.

Lin was also aroused, as he moaned, "You guys have me close to cumming! Would anyone like their first taste of cum?"

The first boy smiled as he stepped up and replied, "I'll do it!"

The three boys watched as their friend eagerly went back down on Lin's cock. Frank and Lin began moaning louder as Frank moaned, "When he starts to cum in your mouth, don't even think about it. Just start to swallow. I'll bet you like how it tastes by the time it's over!"

Then Lin began cumming, and the boy began swallowing as fast as he could. As Lin gave the boy his first taste of cum, his rectum squeezed around his brother's cock. Frank moaned loudly as he began cumming inside Lin. The other three boys watched in amazement as the twin brothers had their orgasms together. When it was over, Frank had all four boys stroke themselves to an orgasm and shoot their cum onto Lin. Once all four boys had done that, they watched Frank rub their cum together into Lin's chest and stomach. Then Lin rubbed some of the cum into his brother's chest and stomach, and the four boys watched as the two brothers licked each other clean. It was an experience that the four boys would not forget, especially the first boy, who now knew that he wanted to find a boyfriend.

Ash and Denton had gotten off together to have a talk. Ash's love for his best friend had now gotten to the point where it hurt not to be able to express it. He knew that Denton had some feelings though, as the boys had been intimate without being sexual several times since the doctor visited on Monday.

"Denton, I am so in love with the greatest guy in the world right now that it hurts." said Ash. "I know the guy has feelings for me too, but he's afraid to let them show completely. His old life has messed his head up pretty good, but now that's over. He's living with people now who can understand and love him for who he is, if he'll let them. He also has a guy who loves him so much that he'd do anything for him."

"I'm still afraid though Ash." replied Denton. "What if everything isn't as good as it looks right now? Even if it is, what if something happens, and I have to live like I use to?"

"Listen to me again Denton." replied Ash. "I love you and I'll do ANYTHING for you. You'll never have to go through that again, and I'll make sure of it. You don't have to be afraid to love me Denton, cause I'll help you with that as much as I can. Please Denton, you've been my very best friend for our whole lives. Please be my friend AND my lover."

"I have always loved you Ash!" cried Denton, as he threw his arms around Ash. "I may be afraid of being gay, but I'm not afraid of loving you. Please help me show you that!"

Ash held Denton tenderly for the entire night, and comforted his best friend and lover. Ash now knew that he and Denton would be happy together for the rest of their lives. As Denton took comfort in Ash's embrace, the two boys shared a kiss that seemed to last a wonderful eternity.

I apologize for all of the sex, but this was a party with a whole bunch of affectionate kids. I did try to end on a very sweet note though, to make up for it. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 14, where there will be a little less sex.