What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

"Listen to me again Denton." replied Ash. "I love you and I'll do ANYTHING for you. You'll never have to go through that again, and I'll make sure of it. You don't have to be afraid to love me Denton, cause I'll help you with that as much as I can. Please Denton, you've been my very best friend for our whole lives. Please be my friend AND my lover."

"I have always loved you Ash!" cried Denton, as he threw his arms around Ash. "I may be afraid of being gay, but I'm not afraid of loving you. Please help me show you that!"

Ash held Denton tenderly for the entire night, and comforted his best friend and lover. Ash now knew that he and Denton would be happy together for the rest of their lives. As Denton took comfort in Ash's embrace, the two boys shared a kiss that seemed to last a wonderful eternity.

The next morning, Mitch awoke to find Garrett sprawled on top of him, face down. Mitch and Justin had gone to bed together alone last night, thinking that Garrett would spend the night with Josh. Mitch looked over to where Justin was snuggled against his side, to see that Josh was snuggled tightly behind Justin. Mitch looked back up into the face of his sleeping angel, and realized that Garrett had peed on him during the night. Mitch smiled, then leaned up and kissed Garrett on the nose.

When Garrett's eyes fluttered open, Mitch asked, "What are you two little angels doing in here? I thought you were going to stay in Josh's room tonight."

"Josh though we should come in here, in case I peed in my sleep last night." yawned Garrett. "I guess he was right. I'm sorry about peeing on you again daddy."

"I love you Garrett, and you don't ever have to be sorry about peeing on me." smiled Mitch. "As a matter of fact, I like it that my little angel is so comfortable with me that he can pee on me."

"That's good daddy, cause I don't think I can make it to the bathroom this morning!" giggled Garrett.

Mitch smiled as he felt Garrett peeing on him, and Garrett could tell that his daddy liked it. "Hey little pee monkey!" said Justin, as he felt Garrett peeing on Mitch and smiled. "Why don't you turn this way and give your big brother some?"

Garrett giggled as he turned slightly, and peed on Justin and Josh. At that point, Josh finally woke up. "Hey!" exclaimed Josh. "He's peeing on us!"

"Yeah, my cute little brother is having an accident." giggled Justin. "I can see Josh doesn't like it as much though, so I guess I have to do something about it."

Justin got up quickly, and opened his mouth directly in front of Garrett's dick. Garrett watched in awe as his pee shot into Justin's mouth, and Justin swallowed quickly. Garrett concentrated on peeing as much as he could, while Justin drank it. When Garrett finished peeing, Justin licked the few drops off the end of his dick.

"Wow, little brother!" exclaimed Justin. "Your pee tastes really good!"

"Okay!" laughed Mitch. "Time to get cleaned up, you dirty little boys! You can use our bathroom this morning Josh."

"How am I going to get back to my room though Mitch?" asked Josh.

"Well Josh, you can either go back in your underwear and smelling like pee, or you can get cleaned up here and go back naked." replied Mitch. "If it were me, I'd take my chances with going back naked."

"Okay, I guess you're right." replied Josh.

Then Josh went ahead and stripped off his underwear. Mitch had him throw them on the bed, and he would wash them with the pissy bed clothes. Josh went ahead and took a good shower, then headed out the door naked to get to his room. As luck would have it, he immediately ran across Joey, with his arm around Leah.

"Hey little brother, we need to talk later." snickered Joey.

"What about?" asked Josh, as he blushed because Leah could see him naked.

"I could think of a few things off hand!" giggled Leah. "Don't worry Josh. We think every little thing you do is beyond cute, so you're not in any trouble."

"Yeah little brother, we just want to talk about how you feel about certain things." smiled Joey, as he rubbed Josh's head.

George didn't recognize where he was when he first woke up. Then he smiled as he felt Trevor's beautiful body in his arms. Waking up in the bed of a fourteen year old boy in his own home was going to take some getting use to, but right now George didn't mind.

"Good morning beautiful!" said George, when Trevor's eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning sexy!" smiled Trevor, as he ran his hand across George's chest. "I think I need a snack!"

"And I think I'll need a check-up!" laughed George, as Trevor disappeared under the bed covers. Then George moaned deeply as he felt Trevor's mouth wrap around his cock, and said, "I love you more than I've ever imagined loving anyone Trevor. Could you turn around so I can make love to your beautiful fourteen year old cock?"

Trevor turned around so that his smooth young legs were sticking out from under the covers, and his erection was right in front of George's face. George was very impressed that the boy was already erect, just from sucking his cock. George hungrily swallowed Trevor's cock, and the boy moaned around George's cock. Then the two made love passionately until they had the taste of each other's cum fresh in their mouths.

Meanwhile, Antonio woke up with Danny in the spare room, with Danny's back pulled tightly into his chest, and his cock buried deeply inside his lover. Antonio began thrusting gently in and out of Danny, as he nibbled softly on Danny's ear.

"Damn baby!" exclaimed Danny softly. "I love how you wake me up!"

"When I woke up with my cock still inside you, I had to make love to you my love." replied Antonio into Danny's ear. Danny melted into Antonio's embrace, as his lover continued to gently make love to him.

Ash and Denton also woke up in each other's arms, and Denton said, "I'm sorry we didn't do anything last night before we fell asleep."

"That's okay my lover." replied Ash, as he smiled just inches from Denton's face. "You needed to be held and comforted last night, and I'll do anything you need."

"Then can you kiss me?" asked Denton with a smile. "That was kinda fun!"

The two boys kissed passionately for a few moments. When they broke the kiss, Ash said, "I'll make our first time making love as beautiful as I can my love, but we don't have to do anything until you're ready. I'm just happy that you said you love me."

"Ash?" asked Denton softly. "Can you teach me to make love to you right now? I really want to do it this morning. I want to make love to my lover, another boy, for the first time in my life!"

Ash smiled at Denton, then gave him a brief kiss, and moved down in the bed. "The first thing you want to do is get your lover ready to make love." said Ash. "Kissing is an important part of that, but this is a good way to do it too. A guy's nipples are very sensitive, and it really stimulates most guys to suck on their nipples."

Then Ash began passionately sucking Denton's nipples. In just a few moments, Ash had Denton writhing in pleasure. Then Ash had Denton do the same thing to him. Denton was a little tentative at first, but he soon began enjoying the feel of Ash's nipples between his lips. When Ash told Denton that he was stimulated enough for now, Denton giggled as he came back up to kiss Ash for a moment. Then Ash smiled, and turned around the opposite way from Denton.

"Is my cock right in front of your face right now Denton?" asked Ash.

"Uh-huh!" replied Denton.

"Okay my love, just take a few moments to get use to the look of it." said Ash. "I want you very comfortable with how my cock looks before we move on. We're just going to worry about oral sex this morning. The first few times you have another guy's cock in your mouth, it's very important to watch your teeth. Some guys cocks are so sensitive that a light grazing with the teeth can feel like the guy is trying to bite your cock off. Also, take it easy until you're use to oral sex, and try not to gag yourself with the other guy's cock. That could lead to accidentally biting it, and your lover might not enjoy that. The best technique is to gently slide your lips up and down the shaft, and caress the shaft and head with your tongue. Are you ready to try it my love?"

"I guess so." replied Denton, as he stared at Ash's cock. "I've never had another guy's cock in my mouth before though, so could you talk it in for me?"

"Okay babe, no problem." smiled Ash, as he looked down at his cock and Denton's face. "Go ahead and open your mouth for me my love. That's good, now cover your teeth over with your lips. Now, you're ready to take my cock into your mouth Denton. Just aim your open mouth straight at it, and move your face into my crotch. Now you're going to see my cock disappearing beneath your nose. Don't let that stop you though, just keep going. You'll get very comfortable with that sight before too long. Okay babe, my cock is in your mouth now. I want you to gently bring your lips together, until they're in contact with my shaft. Oh God Denton, that's great! Now, slide my cock all the way into your mouth. You should be able to get it all the way in without gagging. That's perfect! I have to suck your cock now my love! Just do whatever you feel like doing to mine."

Ash hungrily swallowed Denton's cock, and began to passionately stroke it with his lips. Denton concentrated intently on the feel of Ash cock in his mouth for the first time, and he immediately fell even more in love with his best friend. Within just a few moments, Denton enjoyed having Ash's cock in his mouth more than anything he had ever done. Denton began stroking the head of Ash's cock with his tongue, while he lovingly caressed the shaft with his lips. Both boys were soon moaning around each other's swollen cocks. After about five minutes, Ash could tell that Denton was ready to cum any second. Ash sucked lovingly on his best friend's beautiful cock, and was soon tasting the best tasting cum he had ever had, coming from Denton's cock.

When Denton's orgasm was over, Ash panted, "Denton,... your cum tasted,... so good! I'm getting ready,... to cum!" Then Ash caught his breath a little and continued, "When I cum in your mouth, it's going to surprise you at first, even if you're ready for it. Cum is an organic fluid though, and it can't harm you at all. Try to swallow it if you can my love. Get ready Denton!"

As Ash began moaning, Denton sucked hungrily on his cock. Denton wanted to swallow every drop of Ash's cum more than anything he had ever wanted before. Denton was shocked at Ash's cum shooting into his mouth, but he remembered to start swallowing. After a few shots, Denton thought it was the best tasting thing in the world. As Ash's orgasm faded, Denton sucked as hard as he could, trying to get every drop of cum from Ash's beautiful cock that he could. When it was finally over, Ash turned back around and gave Denton a tight and loving embrace.

After resting a few minutes, Ash said, "That was the greatest thing I've ever felt Denton. I hope you'll be my lover forever!"

"I could have never imagined anything that felt like that, or being as in love with you as I am right now Ash." replied Denton. "I can't wait to make love to you again!"

"George!" exclaimed Mitch, when he saw Trevor's lover at the breakfast table. "Decided to stay for one of our wonderful breakfasts, huh? Well, I for one am glad you did. I think Trevor has been searching for you ever since he was left in that desert to die."

"Thanks Mitch, it really helps to know that you support our love so much." replied George as he smiled.

"Just don't get too use to the fine breakfast though." said Mitch. "The cook we got from the service said that she won't stay, with the home growing as much as it is."

"That really kind of sucks Mitch." replied George. "I mean, what are you guys suppose to do now? Can't you reason with her to stay?"

"I tried telling her that she would be the kitchen manager and head cook, I've tried telling her that I'll hire as many assistants as she wants, and I've even tried doubling and tripling her current salary." said Mitch. "She just doesn't want to be in an institutional setting, even though all the kids here are wonderful."

"She's crazy then Mitch." said George. "If I wasn't pulling down fifty grand a year managing my restaurant, I'd do it just to be around all these wonderful kids!"

"Did you say fifty grand George?" asked Mitch, as he raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, I know it's a lot for working in a restaurant, but the company takes very good care of it's employees." replied George.

"That was my first offer of a raise to her George!" said Mitch as he smiled. "Plus benefits, plus insurance, plus a 401K!"

"And she turned that down?!" exclaimed George. "Then she IS crazy Mitch! Dust her off quickly! You're not getting at what I think you are though, are you?"

"Please George?" begged Mitch. "I need you! I'll make sure you never regret coming to work for me! Please consider it as a friend George."

"Okay Mitch, I'll consider it." smiled George.

"Thank you so much for even considering it George." replied Mitch.

"Okay Mitch, I've considered it." said George. "You have yourself a new kitchen manager and head chef."

"Alright George!" exclaimed Trevor, as he came back into the dining room with Ash and Denton. "Now you'll be here all the time! I love you so much George!"

Everyone smiled as Trevor ran to his lover, and threw his arms around him. When Trevor was through approving of Mitch's and George's decision, the two men worked out the details. Mitch was actually offering George a better package than he had at the restaurant. George did have to give two weeks notice though, so he could train his assistant manager to take over. Then Mitch could send his cook back to the agency, and George could hire his own assistants when he started.

After that was settled, Mitch went to his office to work on his latest project. He had hit a few snags, and really wanted to finish it. Mitch was ready to pull his hair out after about a half an hour, when Justin and Garrett came in to see him.

"Hi boys, it's so good to see you right now." said Mitch, as he smiled at his two beautiful sons. "I need a break from this program I'm working on."

"Are you still working on the cartoon coloring book daddy?" asked Garrett.

"Yes, but it seems to want to be the boss right now." replied Mitch, as he rubbed Garrett's head.

"What's wrong dad?" asked Justin.

"Well, I had no problem writing the code for the coloring book, then the animation." replied Mitch. The problem was getting the animation to work right. When I finally got the animation working, the coloring book wouldn't work. I know I'm asking the program to take a lot of variables into consideration when transferring between the coloring book and the animation, but it can't be helped. The whole purpose is to let the child color, and then create their own unique cartoon. If I start removing choices on what the child has the cartoon do, it won't be very unique. Do you think you could work your Justin magic on it, like you did with the rollercoaster program?"

"Rollercoaster?!" asked Garrett with interest. "Rollercoasters are neat! They won't let me ride the really cool ones though, cause I'm too little."

"Do you know what dad?" asked Justin. "Our program would be perfect for kids like Garrett. He's brave enough to ride, but too small."

"I'll show him that then, if you'll take a look at my coloring book." replied Mitch.

"I never thought I'd hear a dad ask his kid to take a look at his coloring book!" laughed Justin. "I'll do it though, daddy."

"Thanks son." chuckled Mitch, who then turned to Garrett. "Have you ever seen Goliath Garrett?"

"That's a really cool one daddy!" replied Garrett. "I'm way too small for that one though."

"How would you like to ride it anyway son?" asked Mitch.

"Can you get me on that one daddy?!" asked Garrett excitedly. "I'd do anything if you could get me on that one daddy!"

"Okay son, I now proclaim you SuperBoy!" said Mitch dramatically. "You can now ride any rollercoaster you want!"

Mitch then booted up the other computer in his office, and loaded the rollercoaster program. Then Mitch fitted a small headset properly on Garrett's head. "Is that comfortable son?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah daddy, but what is it?" asked Garrett.

"It's your special SuperBoy helmet." replied Mitch. "With this helmet on, you can ride any rollercoaster you want. It has little TV screens inside the helmet that projects an image all the way around your head, so it looks just like you're on the real ride. Are you ready to ride Goliath now?"

"Oh boy!" exclaimed Garrett. "You bet I am daddy!" When the program started, Garrett yelled excitedly, "I'm on Goliath daddy! I'm really on Goliath! Oh wow daddy! This is going really high!"

Mitch giggled like a little boy as he watched Garrett weave, scream, laugh, and squeal with delight. Garrett immediately wanted to do it again when the ride was over. Then Mitch asked Garrett what other rollercoasters he wanted to ride. Next Garrett wanted to ride the tallest and fastest one in the world, at a park in New Jersey. Mitch loaded that one in, and had never heard a boy scream so loud, or laugh so hard. Garrett and Mitch were having so much fun that Justin finally had to interrupt them.

"I knew Garrett would love that program." smiled Justin. "Why do you have the coloring book and animation tied together dad?"

"Well, it wouldn't do much good for the kids to color the pictures in if they couldn't animate them." replied Mitch.

"Yeah, but you have both parts completely tied together, and they only need to be tied together at critical points." said Justin. "The way it is now, the coloring book and animation will always conflict with each other, and you won't be able to run both. I'd completely separate them, then only tie the coloring book pages in at the end of the code for each page. It should work that way."

"Damn, I'm such a fucking idiot sometimes!" exclaimed Mitch.

"Dad!" yelled Justin as he laughed. "Watch your mouth mister! We have little ones in the room."

"Daddy said a bad word!" laughed Garrett, still wearing his SuperBoy helmet.

"Yes son, and daddy shouldn't have said those words either." said Mitch. "That means neither should you guys."

"Okay daddy, but you should be spanked for saying bad words." giggled Garrett.

"Do you want me to spank daddy, so he won't say bad words again?" Justin asked Garrett, as he smiled impishly at Mitch.

"Yeah!" replied Garrett, as he took off the headset and smiled. "I would have gotten spanked for saying bad words before I came here, so daddy should be spanked too!"

"Okay then daddy, pull down your pants and bend over the edge of the sofa." ordered Justin. "You should be spanked for saying bad words!"

Mitch didn't know where this was going, but he decided to play along. Mitch pulled down his pants, and started to bend over the arm of the sofa.

"What are you trying to get away with daddy?" asked Justin. "Pull down the boxers too!"

Mitch nervously pulled down his boxers, and leaned over the arm of the sofa, with his bare butt pointing away from the sofa. Garrett giggled as he came around to the end of the sofa where he could see.

"Daddy, you've been a bad daddy." snickered Justin. "You need to be punished, so you know not to say those bad words again. This is going to hurt me more than it is you."

Justin pulled back, and smacked his open hand against Mitch's butt just hard enough to make Mitch jump slightly. When Justin was on the streets, one of his regulars had tried to teach him about this. Justin did get away from the man, but not before learning just how hard to spank someone to make them erect. Now he was using that knowledge on Mitch. Justin brought his hand down against Mitch's butt over and over again, until Mitch's butt was beginning to redden.

"Do you think that's enough to teach daddy not to say bad words Garrett?" asked Justin.

"Yeah, that should do it Justin." replied Garrett. "You spanked him pretty good."

"Are you going to use any more bad words daddy?" asked Justin mischievously.

"I promise son, no more bad words for daddy." replied Mitch, as he stayed bent over. "Garrett, could you go talk to Josh or play with him for a few minutes?"

"I guess so daddy." replied Garrett. "I know how I would feel if I had been spanked like that."

"Are you okay dad?" asked Justin, after Garrett had left.

When Mitch stood up, his cock was sticking out harder than Justin had seen it in a long time. "Your little spanking made me so hard that it hurts!" replied Mitch. "Other than that, I'm fine."

"Sit down on the sofa then daddy, and I'll make it feel all better." smiled Justin.

As Mitch sat down, Justin looked through the desk drawer until he found a tube of lube. Then Justin lubed Mitch's cock well, climbed up in his lap, and sat back on Mitch's cock. Mitch moaned as he felt his cock drive into Justin.

"I love you daddy." smiled Justin, as he pressed his lips to Mitch's, then began lifting himself up and down on Mitch's cock.

Justin kissed Mitch passionately, as he lifted, then sat back down hard on Mitch's now throbbing cock. As stimulated as he had been due to the spanking, Mitch began moaning in a very short time. Justin kissed Mitch even more passionately as soon as he felt Mitch's cum shooting into him. As soon as Mitch's orgasm was over, Justin sat all the way down, and laid the side of his head on Mitch's chest.

"This feels so good daddy." said Justin softly.

Mitch hugged Justin tightly to him and replied, "I'll never stop loving making love to you, my sweet little MVP. I think we better get up now though, in case Garrett comes back."

Justin smiled as he pulled himself off Mitch with a pop. Then Justin cleaned them both up, and they redressed. Once they were both dressed, Mitch sat down at the computer so Justin could show him exactly what he was talking about. When Mitch saw it, he almost used another bad word.

Garrett finally came back in and asked, "Is daddy okay now?"

"I don't know, I almost had to spank him again just now!" snickered Justin.

"I'm okay little angel." smiled Mitch, as he gave Garrett a hug. "I promise I won't use anymore bad words either. I'll just hire Justin to program the ideas I come up with!"

That made Mitch and Justin both laugh, so Garrett finally joined in. Then Justin asked, "Hey Garrett, do you want to put your SuperBoy helmet back on and ride some more coasters? I know some rides at a park in Ohio that are really cool, if dad put them in here!"

"If you're talking about the Beast, and other rides at that park, they're in there." said Mitch. "I left the other park out though, because they have a terrible reputation for treatment of gay employees and guests. The funny thing is, not one person has complained about them being left out of the program yet."

"I didn't know that." replied Justin. "That really sucks. I wonder why I've never heard that."

"It's not exactly the kind of thing they would advertise." said Mitch. "They don't want to change, but they don't want to lose business either, so they cover it up. It doesn't help that the state of Ohio has no anti-discrimination laws protecting gay and lesbian workers, and looks the other way when it happens."

"Why did you include the other park then, if the state of Ohio won't protect gay and lesbian workers?" asked Justin.

"Because at the other park, anti-discrimination rules are written into their corporate policy." replied Mitch. "They protect the diversity of their employees regardless of what state their park is located in, even if it's in Ohio. You can find listings online of what companies do and don't support the equal rights of gays and lesbians though. Now, if you want some rides like the ones I didn't include, there are similar rides to each one in that park that are even better, and I put all of them in there. Just look on the list of rides not included, and it will give you the superior alternative to that particular ride. I believe the alternate ride you would be looking for would be the Steel Dragon though. It's at a very nice park in Japan."

"Cool!" replied Justin. "Thanks dad!"

The boys then played on the other computer while Mitch went to work. Justin did end up liking the coaster in Japan better than the one he was originally thinking of, and Garrett liked it too. Mitch was just proud that he could raise their awareness of gay and lesbian issues. Justin and Garrett now had two headsets plugged into the computer, and rode rides all over the world for hours. Mitch did manage to stop them for lunch, then they went right back to it. Justin and Garrett ended up riding every alternate ride to the rides that weren't included, and liked every single one of the alternates better. Finally around mid-afternoon, Mitch stopped Justin and Garrett.

"Guess what I have here boys?" asked Mitch, as he held up a CD-Rom.

"Is it a really cool music CD?" laughed Justin.

"No son." smiled Mitch. "It's a demo copy of the Animated Cartoon Coloring Book! Since you're our resident crayon expert Garrett, would you like to give it a try?"

"Sure daddy!" replied Garrett excitedly. "I always wanted to make my own cartoon!"

Even though the program was complex, it was very simple to use. Mitch only had to help Garrett occasionally, and when Garrett had a task figured out, it was easy for him to do it again. Then came the fun part. Garrett finished a chapter of the coloring book, and then began turning his colored pictures into a cartoon. It seemed to Garrett that he could control almost everything his characters did in the cartoon, and Mitch only had to help occasionally again. Then Garrett finished setting up his cartoon and saved it. When he played it back for Mitch and Justin, they were both impressed with Garrett's cartoon.

"I wrote that program, with Justin's help of course, and even I'm impressed with your cartoon son!" beamed Mitch. "This program is even easier and better than I thought it would be!"

"This one might even make us billionaires!" exclaimed Justin.

"That was a lot of fun daddy!" said Garrett. "I could play that for hours! I think every little boy and girl will want it."

Then Mitch began singing, "We're in the money, we're in the money. We've got a lot of what it takes to run our home!" After Mitch and Justin both laughed at Mitch's song, and Garrett began working on another cartoon, Mitch said, "I'll contact our friends at the software company first thing in the morning. I know they will jump at this one, considering our track record with the 3-D Coaster Simulator. If other boys and girls take to this like Garrett has, it will guarantee that every boy and girl that this home takes in will get a college education. It will also help them live very nicely until they are ready for college. I'm serious about this too Justin, you are a genius. I would love for you to consider studying computers in college, so we can be a father and son programming team."

"To work side by side with the greatest dad in the world for the rest of my life, taking in as many kids as we can who needs it, and giving them a better life than they could dream of sounds like heaven to me dad." replied Justin, as he smiled proudly at his dad.

That was fun! Maybe a little kinky in spots, but still fun. lol. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 15.

P.S. For those who are curious about the gay rights section of the story, it is true that in the state of Ohio, employers are legally allowed to discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation. Only two local jurisdictions have passed anti-discrimination ordinances to overrule the position of the state of Ohio on this matter. This type of discrimination happens on a regular basis in Ohio, and there is currently no recourse for such discrimination.