What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

Then Mitch began singing, "We're in the money, we're in the money. We've got a lot of what it takes to run our home!" After Mitch and Justin both laughed at Mitch's song, and Garrett began working on another cartoon, Mitch said, "I'll contact our friends at the software company first thing in the morning. I know they will jump at this one, considering our track record with the 3-D Coaster Simulator. If other boys and girls take to this like Garrett has, it will guarantee that every boy and girl that this home takes in will get a college education. It will also help them live very nicely until they are ready for college. I'm serious about this too Justin, you are a genius. I would love for you to consider studying computers in college, so we can be a father and son programming team."

"To work side by side with the greatest dad in the world for the rest of my life, taking in as many kids as we can who needs it, and giving them a better life than they could dream of sounds like heaven to me dad." replied Justin, as he smiled proudly at his dad.

Before dinner, Josh wanted to speak to Mitch alone. "Can I get a plastic cover over my mattress?" asked Josh. "I like spending the night with Garrett, but we can't go to your room to sleep all the time because he might pee."

"So then Josh, you don't mind the idea the he might pee in the bed with you?" asked Mitch.

"There are worse things he could do, I guess." replied Josh. "Besides, he's so much fun to have around that it makes up for him peeing in the bed. So, can I get a cover on my mattress?"

"I'll help you put one on after dinner." smiled Mitch.

Mitch and Justin suspected that they might be alone all night when they went to bed, so they were very passionate with their love-making that night. Justin decided that he wanted to taste Mitch's cum that night, so he pleasured Mitch's cock as erotically as he could with his mouth. Mitch always loved the chance to taste Justin's cum, so that was no problem with him.

Josh finally got Garrett to climb up into the bed with him, and Garrett asked, "But what if I pee tonight Josh? It will soak into your mattress."

"That's why I had Mitch put a plastic cover on my mattress." smiled Josh. "Now you can sleep with me, and not worry about it. If you do pee, the only thing you'll be doing is peeing on me, and I don't mind."

"Thanks Josh, I like having you as a friend!" said Garrett happily.

"I like having you as a friend too." smiled Josh. Then Josh leaned over and gave Garrett a very nice and tender kiss on his lips.

"I like that Josh." said Garrett. "You kiss really nice. Can you kiss me some more?"

"I'd love to Garrett, I love you." replied Josh.

As Josh leaned into Garrett again, and began kissing him very lovingly and a little more deeply, he reached down and began playing with Garrett's dick. As Josh broke the kiss again, he was still playing with Garrett's dick.

"It feels really nice when you play with my dick Josh." smiled Garrett. "Can I play with your dick too, while we kiss some more? I really like kissing!"

"You can play with my dick anytime you want to Garrett." replied Josh.

As Josh leaned in for another kiss while still playing with Garrett's dick, he felt Garrett begin playing with his dick. Josh was smiling by the time he pressed his lips against Garrett's again. This time Josh kissed Garrett the same way he had seen the older kids kiss. It felt very nice to kiss the five year old boy passionately while he played with his dick, and Garrett seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit too. Garrett was amazed that Josh's dick got really stiff while he played with it. This was a lot of fun as far as Garrett was concerned, and he assumed that Josh's dick getting stiff meant that he liked it too. Josh broke the kiss again after several minutes, and the two boys continued playing with each other's dicks.

"You like playing with my dick, don't you Garrett?" asked Josh.

"Oh heck yeah!" replied Garrett. "This is just as much fun as playing with your PlayStation! Why did your dick get stiff though?"

"That means that I like it too." giggled Josh. "Garrett, I love you. That means that I like kissing you, playing with your dick, and other stuff like that."

"What other stuff?" asked Garrett.

"Like putting your dick in my mouth and sucking on it." replied Josh.

Garrett thought about that for a moment and said, "That sounds like fun Josh! Can we do that?"

"Okay Garrett." replied Josh. "Could you be my boyfriend, and I can be your boyfriend?"

"Okay Josh, my boyfriend!" giggled Garrett.

Josh went ahead and pulled the covers back, and looked at Garrett's cute little two inch dick for a moment. Then he opened his lips, and wrapped them around the soft little shaft. When Garrett let out a sigh of complete happiness, Josh began sucking his dick like a small lollipop. Josh was in heaven as he sucked his cute little boyfriend's dick.

"Oh geez Josh, this IS fun!" said Garrett excitedly. "Can I suck your dick when you're done with mine?"

Josh quickly turned around in the bed, without letting Garrett's dick out of his mouth. Then he positioned himself so that his dick was right in front of Garrett's face.

"Thanks Josh!" squeaked Garrett.

Josh almost yelled out when he felt his dick going into Garrett's mouth, because it felt so good. Garrett thought sucking his best friend's dick was about the most fun thing he had ever done. The two boys were enjoying themselves so much that they didn't even hear Joey come into the room. Joey stood quietly at the door and watched the two boys for a few minutes, because they looked like they were having more fun that any two boys he had ever seen. When Joey finally started walking toward his bed, Josh finally saw his brother.

"Oh crap Garrett, Joey's here!" exclaimed a frightened Josh, after he took Garrett's dick out of his mouth.

Garrett let Josh's dick slide out of his mouth and replied, "Tell him to go find his own boyfriend! You're MY boyfriend, and we're having fun!"

That made Joey laugh very loudly, as he sat down on the edge of Josh's bed. "You don't have to be frightened little brother." said Joey warmly. "If you like other boys like that, I don't mind." As the two naked boys sat up next to Joey, Joey asked, "Do you guys know what homosexual is?"

Josh looked kind of blank, so Garrett said, "That's when two boys like each other the way a mommy and daddy like each other."

"I'm very impressed Garrett!" replied Joey. "I think someone has had THE talk with you already. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since most of the people living here are homosexual. You see Josh, when I was doing what you guys were just doing to other guys, it was so we could make money to survive. When two guys do that because they want to, and they like each other a lot, they're homosexual. It's also called gay. So Josh, do you love Garrett? Do you want to be with him all the time, and do stuff like this when you're alone?"

"Yeah." replied Josh.

"Then you probably are gay little brother." said Joey. "You know what though? Even though you are gay, I still love you brother. You're still my little baby brother, and I'll do anything I can for you. I don't mind it at all that you love Garrett. As a matter of fact, you two looked pretty cute together. How about you Garrett? Do you like Josh the way a mommy and daddy like each other?"

"I always want Josh to be my friend, and do stuff like this with me." replied Garrett.

"Then you are probably gay too." said Joey. "Has Mitch ever talked to you about why you can't say anything to people outside the house about anyone here being gay, including yourself?"

"Yeah, he said that some people don't understand, and they could cause all of the kids to be taken out of the house." replied Garrett.

"That's very good Garrett." said Joey. "Now that you're gay too, it's very important to always remember that. And that goes for you too little brother. Everyone in this house understands that you love Garrett. There are people outside the house though that don't, and sometimes you can't tell who they are until it's too late. That's why it's best not to say anything to anyone outside the house, unless it's a friend of someone who lives here, and everyone knows that they know most of the kids here are gay. If you're not sure though, the best thing to do is not to say anything until you talk to Mitch, or someone else older that you trust. As for what you were doing when I came in, I don't think there's anything at all wrong with it, so don't worry about me seeing you do that. Do you guys have any questions?"

"I was starting to feel kinda weird before I saw you, but in a good way." said Josh. "What was that?"

"Was it mostly in your dick?" asked Joey.

"Yeah!" replied Josh.

"You were probably close to having a dry orgasm then." said Joey. "That usually starts to happen around your age."

"What's a dry orgasm?" asked Josh.

"I'll tell you what, little brother." said Joey. "It's getting kinda late now, and we have to go to school tomorrow. Why don't we just go to bed now, and we can talk about this more when we get out of school tomorrow?"

"Okay, you're right." yawned Josh. "Let's go to sleep now boyfriend."

"Okay boyfriend." replied Garrett.

"You two are just so cute together!" smiled Joey. Then Joey got his clothes off, turned out the lights, and smiled as he listened to the two little boys kissing in the other bed

"I'm sorry Josh." said Garrett just loud enough for Joey to hear too. "I couldn't help it."

"I know, my little boyfriend." replied Josh softly. "I don't mind if you pee on me."

Then Joey heard the boys kiss a few more minutes before they fell asleep. Joey had the most erotic dream that night about he and Leah making love next to Josh and Garrett, and the two young boys were keeping up pretty good!

The next day Mitch called his software company as soon as all the boys got off to school. After Mitch explained his and Justin's latest project, the company insisted that he send them a copy of the program and the technical details by next day air mail. They were even more excited about the new program than Mitch thought they would be. After Mitch got home from mailing the program off, Melanie Holton showed up for her interview.

"Okay Melanie, before we start here, I want to tell you the background of most of the boys and girls in this home." said Mitch. "I need to get your take on what they've been through, and the way that most of them have ended up feeling because of it."

"That sounds fair Mitch, but I have to warn you, I am very understanding about the problems some kids have." replied Melanie. "It may be impossible to shake me."

"I hope so Melanie, I and two of the boys here already like you, and we hope this works out." smiled Mitch. "Most of the kids here have been thrown out of their homes, and have been forced to live on the streets. We have one boy who was almost murdered by his family before taking to the streets. His sister also lives with us because the parents and older siblings are facing serious criminal charges. We have another boy who was nearly driven to suicide by his parents, and as you know, Taz is HIV positive. I am surprised that Taz is the only one, as most of these kids have had to resort to prostitution to survive on the streets. Most of the kids are gay. They were either thrown out of their homes for that reason, or realized they were when they turned to prostitution and discovered they like having sex with other males. This has led to quite a few problems. One of the boys who prostituted himself has since realized that he is actually straight, and a few of the boys have realized that they need lovers who are quite a bit older than they are."

"So, you have boys who seek relationships with adult men?" asked Melanie.

"Yes, that's correct." said Mitch. "It was something they discovered was a part of themselves as they sold their bodies mostly to men on the streets."

"The only reason I would have a problem with that is that most adults in that position tend to exploit children for their own sexual gratification." replied Melanie. "I have heard of several cases where that is not what happens though, and the man and boy have a genuine love for each other. In those cases, I wouldn't have a problem with that, as long as the boy is never harmed or put in danger. As for gay people in general, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, and gay kids need a lot more care and understanding than they usually get from society. I would provide them any help and guidance that I could."

"And if you found out one of the boys in our care had a relationship with an adult man?" asked Mitch.

"As long as it's because the man genuinely loves them, and wouldn't harm them, that's between the boy and his adult lover." replied Melanie.

"Okay, that sounds fine for what you would face here." said Mitch. "Since you are Mrs. Holton, what about your husband? Our counselors would be here on a resident basis, as the children need so many adult caretakers on the premises at all times. I have a wing of the original mansion that is our staff quarters, and that is where our counselors would live."

"I actually keep the title in honor of my husband." replied Melanie. "We had a long and happy childhood friendship before it turned into a romantic relationship. I finally ended up marrying my childhood sweetheart after he enlisted in the military. He was killed in service about a year ago in the gulf war."

"I'm so sorry for bringing it up then Melanie." said Mitch, as he offered her a hug.

"That's okay Mitch." replied Melanie, as she accepted the hug. "You had no way of knowing. It was very rough at first, but I have begun to adjust to the change it caused. That's why I think helping kids who really need it would help me."

"Well, I really like everything about what you've told me so far Melanie." said Mitch. "I've already checked your employment references, and you look like a good fit with our home. We will be ready to open up the first new wing in three weeks, and I want you to start then, if you want this job."

"That sounds great Mitch!" smiled Melanie.

Mitch and Melanie spent a while longer working out the details of her employment, and were becoming good friends by the time they finished. As Mitch and Melanie thanked each other, and Mitch walked her out, George showed up at his door.

"I can't even believe those people I use to work for Mitch!" exclaimed George, after Mitch let him in. "When I gave them my notice last night, they informed me that they would be closing our location at the end of the month anyway. Then they said that since they had no intention of training a manager to work out the month, they would send someone from the corporate office today, and my services were no longer needed! Those assholes!"

"That certainly was a crappy thing to do!" replied Mitch. "But on the positive side, that means you can start your new job right away. Would you like to keep living where you do now, or take one of our empty staff quarters?"

"You mean live here with a bunch of nice boys, including my boyfriend?" asked George as he smiled. "When can I move into heaven,... I mean the staff quarters?"

Mitch and George laughed together, as they headed to the staff quarters to pick out a suite. Once George picked out his favorite from what was available, Mitch gave him two key sets. Mitch explained that one was for his lover, and that Trevor would have to maintain a room in the residents section for the sake of appearance. George could go ahead and move in anytime that he wanted now. George was eager to get home, explaining that he wanted to start packing as soon as possible. Mitch told Reggie to ask Trevor if he wanted to stop at George's after school to help, and if he did, he could pick him up that evening. Of course Trevor was eager to help his boyfriend pack so he could come to live with them.

When Reggie dropped Trevor off at George's apartment, George and Trevor shared a warm hug and kiss as Trevor ground his body into George's. Then Trevor smiled into George's eyes as he felt the man's cock stiffen and poke into him.

"I love how I can make your cock so hard so fast George!" Trevor almost laughed. "I can't wait until you move in, and we can sleep together every night like Ryan and Bernie does."

"I can't think of anyone who wouldn't get erect hugging and kissing the sexiest boy in the world!" smiled George. "It will be heaven to go to sleep every night with you in my arms. Now, let's see how fast we can get all this stuff packed up so that will happen as soon as possible."

George was amazed at how fast packing went with Trevor helping him. The boy was definitely in a hurry to be with his lover, which made George smile. When dinner time came, it looked like they might get almost everything packed that evening. George took Trevor to a nice intimate restaurant that evening, and got the most private booth in the place. As they were waiting for their dinner, George took a look around to make sure no one could see them, then leaned over and gave Trevor a nice but quick kiss.

"You know what Trevor?" asked George. "We may get almost everything packed tonight at the rate we're working together. Since Mitch said that I can move in at any time, why don't we take a load of the most important things over tonight, and spend the night at the house? Then I can rent a van tomorrow, and finish loading everything else up, and be moved in by the time you get home from school tomorrow."

"I was hoping I was working fast enough that you would say that!" giggled Trevor.

Also that evening, Doctor Bob and Max made their weekly visit to the home. Only a few of the kids needed to see the doctor. He also had to do a weekly check up on Taz, and a complete physical examination of Garrett. Garrett had been told he could talk about anything to Doctor Bob and Max, so during the course of the examination, he told Bob about his boyfriend Josh. After the examination, Bob wanted to speak to Garrett, Mitch, and Josh together.

"If Garrett and Josh are going to be sexually active together, there are some things that all of us need to discuss due to Garrett's age." said Bob to all three of them.

"What do you mean, Garrett and Josh are sexually active together?" asked Mitch.

"I'm sorry Mitch, haven't the boys discussed this with you yet?" asked Bob.

"This is the first I've heard of it." replied Mitch. "What about it Garrett, are you and Josh doing things together?"

"I meant to tell you daddy, honest I did!" replied Garrett, a little afraid. "I really love Josh, and we like doing things together!"

"You don't have to be afraid Garrett baby." said Mitch. "If you and Josh are gay, and really in love with each other, I'm not going to be mad at you about that. We do need to make sure you boys understand what kind of love it is that makes it okay to do those things though. What kind of things have you and Josh done so far?"

"Well, we both like kissing a lot." said Garrett. "It's really fun when we have our tongues in each other's mouths. It was a lot of fun playing with each other's dicks too, but even more fun sucking each other's dicks."

"Well, there's really nothing harmful about those things, including the oral sex, as long as both boys are healthy." said Bob. "Like Mitch said, it's just a matter of you boys understanding that kind of love, and what it will mean to both of you boys to be homosexual. Is there anything else that you boys have done, or want to do?"

"Well, I'd like to get my dick stiff sometime, and see if Garrett likes me putting it in his butt." replied Josh, which made Garrett smile.

"Anal sex is going to be a different story though Josh." said Bob. "Even though your dick is still fairly small, when you put it inside Garrett's butt and push it in and out, it will cause his sphincter, which is the opening to his butt, to stretch in and out along with your dick. At your size it might not be painful to him, but it could still leave signs of anal sex."

"I will be trying to adopt Garrett at some point Josh, and if he were examined and they found out someone in this house was having anal sex with him, they wouldn't let him stay." said Mitch. "I'm sure you boys do love each other, and you want to do this, but until Garrett's adoption is final, it could cause him to be taken away from all of us."

"I wouldn't want that to happen Mitch!" replied Josh.

"I know you wouldn't Josh." said Mitch. "I can see how much you care about him."

"Is there anything else we shouldn't do Doctor Bob?" asked Garrett.

"There are all kinds of things that you shouldn't do in this situation." replied Bob as he smiled. "It would be easier to stick to the things you can do. The kissing is fine as long as you don't suck on each other's necks. That would leave a very visible bruise. The masturbation is fine, and can actually be very good exercise for your penises. Oral sex is also fine, as long as you don't start biting each other's penises and leaving teeth marks. Now, Garrett also has a problem with nighttime urination. I couldn't find anything, but you would have to take him to a urologist for a thorough examination of that problem. Has Garrett peed in the bed while sleeping with you Josh?"

"Yeah, I kinda like it when he does that." replied Josh sheepishly.

"Then anything you boys do with regards to pee is fine." said Bob. "Even if you want to swallow it, pee isn't really harmful to your system. I want you boys to stick with just those four things though, that way there won't be any confusion about what you can and can't do. Is that okay with both of you?"

"It sounds fun to me!" chirped Garrett.

"Me too!" giggled Josh.

"Okay then, I'll leave you with Mitch to discuss the aspects of the love between you two boys." said Bob. "I'll see you again next Monday Mitch."

"Okay Bob, and thanks for the help." smiled Mitch.

Then Mitch sat down with the two boys for a nice long talk about love and homosexuality. By the time it was over, Mitch could clearly see that the two boys were comfortable with the homosexual feelings that they had. He could also see that they did care deeply about each other. Now all Mitch had to do was make sure they understood how others might see their relationship. When the talk was over, Mitch smiled as the two boys shared a kiss while sitting on his lap.

When George and Trevor came in, Mitch put the two boys down and said, "You two little angels go play with each other." When both boys smiled from ear to ear, Mitch doubled over in laughter.

George and Trevor smiled, even though they didn't know why Mitch was laughing. Then George said, "Your little dynamo was so anxious to get me moved that he almost has me finished packing. I thought we would spend the first night in my quarters tonight, then I'll get a van tomorrow and move everything."

"That was quick Trevor!" exclaimed Mitch as he smiled. "And here I was thinking I should have sent George more help! Anyway George, let me know when you get moved in and unpacked, and we'll run an ad to hire your kitchen assistants. Then you can be in charge of picking out whoever you want."

"Thanks for everything Mitch." replied George, as he put an arm around Trevor. "This really means a lot to me, and I think it means quite a bit to Trevor too."

Everyone laughed together for a moment, then George and Trevor went to settle into George's quarters for the night. As George made up the bed, and put some of his clothes away, Trevor went to get some of his clothes to keep in George's quarters. Before he left, George gave Trevor a set of keys to their quarters and said, "This is as much your place as it is mine Trevor. You live with me now, my beautiful little lover."

Once Trevor got back and put his clothes away next to George's, he smiled as he said, "Our clothes look so nice hanging together George. It's just like they were meant to be that way."

"So were we Trevor." replied George as he smiled and began removing his clothes. "Now, come over here and get in bed with me, my beautiful little lover."

Trevor went over to the bed next to George, and began taking his clothes off too. Once George and Trevor were both naked, they laid down on the bed together, and kissed each other passionately. Trevor's hands gently caressed George all over, as he kissed the man as deeply as he could.

Trevor finally pulled back and smiled at George as he said, "It is going to be wonderful to spend the rest of our lives together like this."

"I can't even imagine what it's going to be like Trevor, but I know I'll love every moment we have." replied George. "Now my love, tonight is about you. I want to do whatever you do tonight."

"In that case, I want to lay on my back and look up in to your wonderful face as you put your cock in me and make love to me." replied Trevor as he smiled.

"It will be my pleasure, my love." said George.

After George had gotten ready, he put Trevor's ankles up on his shoulder, then watched Trevor smile as he slid into him. George also kept an eye on Trevor's cock, which stiffened more the further George's cock went into him. Trevor's butt was so tight and warm that it was the best love-making George had ever had, and Trevor enjoyed it just as much.

The next day, George rented a van, then went to get the rest of his belongings. He was back at the house long before Trevor came home from school. Mitch also had a visit from Eric, which prompted him to have to call Will out for a visit.

Once Will was there, Eric asked, "Where does the state stand on it's case against Garrett's mother?"

"As far as we're concerned, she abandoned the boy alone in a mall for three days, and she's unfit to continue as his mother." said Will. "Our talks with her haven't exactly been productive either. She is very uncooperative, and we hope that the prosecutor successfully puts her away for what she did. Why Eric, did she contact you?"

"She had her lawyer do it." replied Eric. "She seems to think that her problems are Mitch's fault for finding her boy in that mall, and taking him in to care for him."

"I can guarantee that she had problems long before Mitch came into the picture!" replied Will. "I want you to know Mitch that I will have my department stand behind you as much as possible. She better concentrate on being ready in a few weeks to explain why the state shouldn't permanently remove Garrett from her custody. Once that happens, I will be happy to push the adoption through as quickly as I can."

"Thanks Will, I appreciate that." said Mitch. "I hope for Garrett's sake that that's exactly what happens. Now Eric, how viciously can you go after her for attempting legal proceedings against me."

"Well, I've already taken the liberty of rounding up everyone who has ever known her, and I think there will be no problems in proving that all of her problems existed before you took Garrett in." said Eric. "I definitely think that a multi-million dollar countersuit will be in order. If you've never seen a grown woman piss on herself, just keep an eye on her until I'm through with her!"

"If the state can help Eric, I'd love to have a part in that!" laughed Will.

"I'd be happy to let you join in the fun Will." smiled Eric.

That night after making love to Leah, Joey went back to his and Josh's room. Tonight had been fun, since Angelica had Tabitha spending the night, and the two couples made love at the same time. Joey kind of liked being the only naked boy in the same room with three naked girls, even if two of them were lesbian. For whatever the reason, Joey was really sexy that night as he made love to Leah, and the other two girls made sure to compliment him too. Joey already had a smile on his face when he walked into his room, and saw Josh and Garrett sound asleep in a tight embrace. His little brother and his boyfriend were so cute together that it made Joey feel good, as he covered them both over and kissed them both lightly on the forehead.

After the boys got off to school the next day, Mitch heard from his software company. They were so enthusiastic about Mitch's new program that they were ready to send him a contract for it, along with an initial payment of ten million dollars to buy the right to produce the Animated Coloring Book. Of course the initial payment would be a drop in the bucket compared to what the company thought Mitch would make in royalties on this program. Since royalties were still coming in at a nice rate from the coaster program, Mitch smiled as he agreed to the deal the company offered him. Mitch was going to let the cook from the service finish today, but now he wanted George to take charge of dinner, and do something special for tonight. Mitch and George also went ahead and placed a help wanted ad, to hire assistants for George.

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