What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

After the boys got off to school the next day, Mitch heard from his software company. They were so enthusiastic about Mitch's new program that they were ready to send him a contract for it, along with an initial payment of ten million dollars to buy the right to produce the Animated Coloring Book. Of course the initial payment would be a drop in the bucket compared to what the company thought Mitch would make in royalties on this program. Since royalties were still coming in at a nice rate from the coaster program, Mitch smiled as he agreed to the deal the company offered him. Mitch was going to let the cook from the service finish today, but now he wanted George to take charge of dinner, and do something special for tonight. Mitch and George also went ahead and placed a help wanted ad, to hire assistants for George.

Mitch told Justin about the software deal as soon as the kids got home from school, and Justin gave Mitch a very hot kiss in front of everyone. That night, Justin laid on his back in bed, and smiled up at Mitch who was kneeling between his legs and lubing his cock.

"This new program is going to make this home everything we wanted it to be." said Mitch, as he finished his cock and began lubing Justin's pucker.

"I can't wait to have a hundred kids in this home." smiled Justin, as he felt Mitch's finger in his pucker. "All of the kids here now seem like brothers and sisters to me, and I'd love to have that many brothers and sisters."

"Then I can't wait to give you everything you want my love." replied Mitch.

As Mitch said that, he gently pushed his cock all the way into Justin. Justin moaned loudly in pleasure as Mitch's cock plunged into him. As Mitch's cock got all the way into Justin, Justin's cock began to harden without being touched. Mitch noticed that, so he readjusted himself, then leaned over and took Justin's cock into his mouth. As Mitch began thrusting his cock in and out of Justin, he began sucking Justin's cock passionately.

"Oh God Mitch!" moaned Justin loudly. "I love it when you do that!"

Mitch smiled as he made love to Justin's cock, and continued to thrust in and out of Justin. Mitch and Justin both tried to hold back, to make it last as long as possible. Justin could only go about ten minutes though, due to feeling Mitch's cock inside him as Mitch made love to his cock. When Mitch realized that Justin wouldn't go much longer, Mitch stopped trying to hold back. Mitch's thrusts in and out of Justin became more urgent as he felt his orgasm coming on. As soon as Mitch began pumping his cum into Justin, Justin's cock began filling his mouth with cum. Mitch sucked hard on Justin's cock, as Justin's rectum contracted around Mitch's cock to milk it dry. Both orgasms finally ended, and Mitch smiled down at his beautiful lover, who was also smiling back at him.

When Justin realized that Mitch was going to pull his cock out of him, Justin said, "Please Mitch, leave it inside me while we kiss. Then I want you to turn around behind me carefully, and pull me back against you tightly. I want you to drive your cock into me as far as you can, then leave it there all night while we sleep."

Mitch went ahead and left his cock inside Justin as they shared a passionate kiss for the next five minutes. Then Mitch carefully turned around, and grabbed Justin's hips, pulling the boy back onto his cock. Then Mitch held Justin against him as he rubbed Justin's gently heaving chest. Within a few minutes, Justin was snoring softly with Mitch's cock buried deeply inside him. Mitch kissed the back of Justin's neck gently, then joined his boy in sleep.

The next morning, Mitch was awoke by Justin moving his butt back and forth on Mitch's cock. Mitch was already erect when he woke up, and quickly approaching an orgasm. Mitch began thrusting into Justin, and less than a minute after he awoke, Mitch was pumping his cum into Justin. Mitch pulled himself out of Justin as soon as his morning orgasm was over, and turned Justin over to kiss him passionately. After a few moments of that, Mitch kissed his way down Justin's body to his cock. Mitch quickly but lovingly sucked Justin to a morning orgasm as well.

The kids who went to Valencia was told that their would be a special announcement following the morning announcements this morning. All of the kids listened attentively as Valencia's baseball coach, Brian Donnelley came on the PA. "Good morning everyone." said Brian. "This is Brian Donnelley, the baseball coach here at Valencia. As some of you students know, our season will begin in about three weeks. I don't know how it happened, but last season almost all of our team was comprised of seniors. I am in desperate need of kids who want to play baseball now. If you ever thought that you might like to play, please come to our tryout sign-up today. Even if you've played other sports this year, I would love to see you today if you would like to play baseball. I promise that we will give everyone a fair tryout this Saturday if you sign up today. The sign-up will be at the athletic facility, during the period right after lunch. Anyone who shows up will be given a pass to their classes. I hope to see a lot of you students there. Thank you."

Justin knew that Tyler had played last year, so he turned to his friend and asked, "How many returning players do they have Tyler?"

"You're looking at him dude!" laughed Tyler. "You need to come with me after lunch Justin, you might like baseball. After all, you did do pretty good on the lacrosse team this year."

"Okay, I'll give it a try." replied Justin. "I'm only doing this to humor a good friend though."

Then Justin and Tyler shared a laugh together. After lunch, Tyler and Justin went ahead and headed over to the athletic facility together. Tyler had tried to talk Antonio into it, but Antonio wanted to tryout for track later, and knew that the two seasons would conflict. When Tyler and Justin got there, they saw several kids from Justin's home there. Ryan, Davey, Joey, Frank, Lin, El, and Angelica were all there to sign up too.

"Oh-oh!" snickered Tyler. "I'll bet Coach Donnelley never thought a girl would show up at the sign-up. This is going to be good!"

"He's not a sexist, is he?" asked Justin.

"I guess in the sense that he doesn't think any girl could ever make the team, then yes he is." replied Tyler.

Justin and Tyler lined up right behind Angelica, and Justin was ready to step in if he needed to. When Angelica stepped up to the table, Coach Donnelley looked up and asked, "Can I help you young lady?"

"Yeah, I'm here to sign up!" replied Angelica.

"This is the baseball sign-up." replied Coach Donnelley. "There will be sign-ups for girls sports in about a month."

"Excuse me?!" replied Angelica. "Did you just say girls sports?! What the hell is a girls sport suppose to be?"

"I didn't mean anything by it." replied Coach Donnelley. "It's just that you may be more suited for track or swimming."

"I HATE track and swimming!" replied Angelica. "They are so boring that I would fall asleep in no time! I've always played baseball with my old friends, and I love playing. Are you just afraid that a girl might show some of your boys up?"

"That's not what I meant at all young lady." replied Coach Donnelley, who was now fighting a losing battle. "I just meant that there's a lot of contact in baseball at times. Most girls don't do well in that kind of environment."

"I can play just as tough as any boy!" exclaimed Angelica. "Do you want to compare arms right now? Do you see that water bottle sitting on that bench over there? That's about a hundred feet, but I bet I can pick it off with a baseball! Give me a ball and I'll prove it, unless you're afraid that I can do it!"

"Yeah, give her a ball!" chanted Justin, who was enjoying this.

"Okay young lady, here's a ball." said Brian, as he handed Angelica a ball. "If you can pick that bottle off, I'll see you for tryouts on Saturday!"

Angelica took the ball and wound back as she took aim at the bottle. Then she fired the ball at the bottle, knocking it cleanly off the bench a hundred feet away. Justin stared in amazement, as his sister looked very proud of herself.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Brian. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! Can you throw a curve ball?"

"Piece of cake!" smiled Angelica.

"How about a slider?" asked Brian.

"It's not quite as good as my fast ball, curve ball, or breaking ball, but I can get it over." replied Angelica.

"Please accept my apologies for earlier young lady!" said Brian. "I will definitely look forward to seeing you on Saturday! If you throw like that on Saturday, then welcome to the team!"

Justin and Tyler couldn't help but to giggle over Angelica's show as they signed up for the tryout. Then the boys caught up to Angelica on the way back to classes.

"Hey sis, I like how you handled yourself back there." said Justin. "I think it'll be good for the team to have you on it."

"Thanks Justin." smiled Angelica. "I never did like anyone telling me I couldn't do something because I'm a girl, especially when I know that they're wrong."

"You're a girl?!" laughed Tyler. "You looked more like a pitcher back there! Anyway, I liked how you handled Coach Donnelley too. He was asking for that!"

The three kids laughed together as they headed back to classes. Tabitha was very excited that Angelica was allowed to sign up, but she knew that her girlfriend could talk her way into it. Mitch was overwhelmed that eight of his kids had signed up for baseball tryouts, but he was shocked at how Angelica's sign-up had gone. That evening after supper, Mitch would have to take them to the sporting goods store to get them outfitted for the tryouts on Saturday. Then he could take them to the park to practice in the evening for the rest of the week.

At the sporting goods store everyone got a conventional mitt except for Lin, who was going to tryout for the catcher's position, while Frank tried out for the other starting pitcher's spot. Then Angelica came up to Mitch and said, "The instruction sheet we got at the sign-up said that everyone had to have a jock and cup. I'm a girl though, so I'm a little confused about that."

"Well Angelica, you are built a little differently down there than the boys." replied Mitch. "What if something struck you hard enough in the vagina to cause penetration though?"

"That probably wouldn't feel too good, depending on what it was." replied Angelica as she snickered.

Mitch smiled as he said, "I'll tell you what. Let's go find a female clerk here, and see what she recommends."

Mitch and Angelica then tracked down the only female clerk on staff at the store that evening, and talked to her about it.

"Congratulations on getting a tryout Angelica." said the clerk. "I lived up in Canada until I was sixteen, and girls up there like to play hockey. They wouldn't let us play with the boys, even though we were just as tough as they were at times. Anyway, about half of the girls I played with never used anything down there because there were no rules for girls to use any protection. One day one of my friends took a very fast puck right in the vagina. It hurt her bad enough to put her in the hospital for a few days, and she was always afraid of hockey since. After that, we found that a small boys cup wasn't too noticeable, and it would keep anything from penetrating our vaginas like that puck did to my friend. The girls league where I played made it mandatory shortly after that. If it were me, that's what I would wear."

The clerk helped Angelica discreetly pick out the proper protective equipment, and Mitch thanked her sincerely. After everyone had enough equipment for the tryout, Mitch picked up an assortment of bats and a case of balls so the kids could practice. They would come back and get shoes later, when Mitch knew who would need them.

The next day after school, Mitch took the kids out to the park before supper to practice. The ball field at their local park was pretty nice, and wasn't used too much except for summer leagues. It even had bleachers and a dugout on the first and third base sides. The boys and Angelica ran up to the dugout on the third base side to set down their extra equipment, but there was someone laying on the bench in it. Then Mitch came up to see what was going on. The boy seemed to be about eleven or twelve, and didn't look like he had cleaned himself in a while. Mitch took a closer look to make sure the boy was okay, and could see that he was breathing okay, but sound asleep. The boy was also very skinny, and very slightly pale, which led Mitch to believe that he hadn't eaten in a while. Mitch told the kids to go ahead and set their stuff down at the other end, and then they could go ahead and practice.

"I think we're getting a new person soon!" laughed Justin softly.

Mitch smiled, then took one more look at the sleeping boy before following the kids out to the field. As Angelica and Frank took turns pitching to Lin, Mitch looked over the other boys. Ryan and El both had very strong arms, and could run pretty good, so Mitch was thinking they should tryout for the outfield positions. Justin was also fast, and had a decent and accurate throw, so Mitch suggested that he tryout for shortstop. Mitch had to think about Davey and Joey. Mitch finally realized that Joey had a good arm, but wasn't fast enough for the outfield. Mitch recommended third base to Joey. That left Davey. Since Davey probably wouldn't make relief pitcher anytime soon, he would either have to tryout for the other outfield spot, or first base. Davey decided on first base, since there was a lot less area to cover than in the outfield. After the boys were done throwing balls around the bases and outfield, it was time for a little batting practice. The kids split up into two squads of four. That way while four kids took their swings, the other four would pitch, catch, and run down balls. Then they could switch places. Mitch could tell that some of the kids would need to work on batting, as Angelica and Frank were pitching pretty good.

Mitch was standing over near the third base dugout while the second squad took their swings, when a voice called out behind him, "How is a guy suppose to get any rest around here with all this noise?"

Mitch turned around to see the boy leaning back against the back of the dugout as he sat sort of upright. "I'm sorry about the noise, but my kids are trying out for a team this weekend, and need to practice." replied Mitch.

"It's just that I really need to rest so I can go out and find some food tonight." said the boy. "Then maybe I won't feel so tired all the time."

"I take it you live here then." said Mitch.

"So what if I do?" replied the boy. "A person has to live somewhere."

"They usually live in a home though, not a dugout at a park." said Mitch. "By the way, my name is Mitch."

"Hi Mitch, I'm Jeremy." replied the boy. "I wish I had a home to live in. My parents threw me out of my home because they said I was costing them too much. You sure do have a lot of kids Mitch."

"This is only about half of them Jeremy." replied Mitch. "Most of them are foster sons and daughters who didn't have any home. How long has it been since you've eaten last Jeremy?"

"I don't know exactly." replied Jeremy. "I think it's been about five or six days. I can't sell myself like other kids on the street do, so I don't get to eat very often."

Mitch sat down next to the boy and asked, "Can you make it to my house Jeremy? It's about a mile away. I want you to at least have a good meal tonight, and have a chance to get cleaned up. Then you can talk to my kids and see if we might be able to help you."

"Thanks Mitch, I can try." replied Jeremy. "Not too many people make offers like that, so I'd have to be stupid to pass it up."

"Well, you certainly don't look stupid Jeremy." smiled Mitch.

Jeremy laughed weakly, then tried to stand up. He looked very wobbly on his legs though, so Mitch had him sit back down. Then Mitch called Reggie on his cell phone to have him bring the bus to the park. The kids were just finishing up batting when Mitch saw Reggie pull into the park.

As everyone came over to get their equipment, Mitch said, "Hey kids, this is Jeremy. He's going to be going to our home to get a meal and get cleaned up. When we get back to the house, tell everyone that I want them to get a chance to speak to Jeremy."

Mitch then had Jeremy slide behind him on the bench, and hold on to him around his neck. Then Mitch grabbed Jeremy's legs, and stood up with the boy on his back. Reggie just smiled as Mitch stepped up onto the bus carrying a new boy. Mitch sat Jeremy down in one of the front seats, then sat beside the boy. Then the other kids all said hi to Jeremy as they got on the bus.

After the bus made the short drive home, El came up to the front of the bus and said, "I can carry Jeremy in if you want me to Mitch."

"Thank you El." replied Mitch. "That would be very sweet of you."

Mitch then got up to let El get Jeremy up on his back. By this time supper was almost ready, so El took Jeremy right to the dining room. The boy did look unbathed, but fortunately he didn't smell too bad yet. Mitch went and got a fresh bottle of vitamins from the supply room, before joining everyone in the dining room. Then Mitch sat down next to Jeremy, unwrapped the bottle, and handed it to him.

"I'd like you to take one of these every day until you feel as good as you use to Jeremy." said Mitch.

Jeremy thanked Mitch for being so nice to him, then took one of the vitamins. By that time, all of the kids were in the dining room, and ready to dig in. George had made a really good meal tonight, and Mitch smiled when Jeremy dug into it eagerly. Finally after seconds, and a generous helping of a delicious cherry cobbler that George had made, Jeremy said that he was stuffed.

Before getting up from the table, Mitch put an arm around Jeremy's shoulder and said, "Jeremy, my home is here for any boy or girl who needs it. Your parents saying what they did to you was a horrible thing to say, and it shows me that you need a home like this. We have plenty of room for you here if you want to stay, but I'm not going to try to force this on you. I want you to stay here because it's what you want to do." Then Mitch smiled as he added, "I will however let the other kids try to talk you into it."

"You've already been nicer to me than anyone has ever been Mitch, and I don't know what to say." replied Jeremy. "I'll talk to the other kids and see if I like it here. If I do stay though, the reason that I was staying in the park is that I can't do things with other guys for money. I guess I would probably starve to death if it came down to that. I hope that won't be expected of me for staying here."

"No one here will expect anything like that from you Jeremy." replied Mitch. "Most of the boys here are gay, but there are a few that are straight. There is nothing wrong with being straight Jeremy, and you should never be ashamed of it, or apologize about it. No one will ever force you into having any kind of sex here against your will though."

Jeremy was going to reply, but the only thing he could manage was to laugh. Mitch smiled at Jeremy's laughter, because the boy had a beautiful laugh. Then Mitch had Jeremy try to stand to see if he was still wobbly on his feet. Jeremy decided that he should be able to stand and walk for short periods.

"Seriously though Jeremy, if you can accept living with boys and girls who are different than you as easily as they can accept living with someone who's different than they are, I think you will like staying here a lot." said Mitch, before letting Jeremy go.

As Jeremy got to know the boys and girls in the home, everyone began to get the feeling that he needed to, and would like to stay with them. Joey was asked to help Jeremy out during the evening, and got him to take a shower after rounding up shorts, a shirt, and a clean pair of socks from the incoming resident supply. Although he still tired easily, Jeremy was soon feeling a lot better physically and about himself. After he had gotten to meet most of the kids in the home, Jeremy and Joey had a talk.

"How many of the kids here are gay Joey?" asked Jeremy.

"Well, me, Leah, and El are straight." replied Joey. "Everyone else that I know of is gay, or at the very least bi. Is that a problem Jeremy?"

"Not really." replied Jeremy. "Everyone here seems so nice, like they'd love the chance to help me."

"That's because they would." replied Joey. "The only difference between straight kids and gay kids are who they like to make love to. Mitch has taken in some very nice people here, even if most of them are gay."

"Why is that though?" asked Jeremy. "Does he go out looking for kids he thinks might be gay?"

"No, he goes out looking for kids who need help." replied Joey. "You have to understand that under normal conditions, most parents love their kids. For yours to do what they did for the reason they did is very rare. It usually takes quite a bit for parents to throw their child out on the streets, and usually it's because the child is gay. That's the biggest reason most kids are living on the streets. I'm straight like you, but the only difference is that I did resort to selling myself to men for sex. I had my little brother to take care of, and I had to. I do know what these kids are going through because of that though, and it makes me a lot closer to them."

"If you aren't gay, why did you get kicked out?" asked Jeremy.

"We didn't get kicked out, we ran away." replied Joey. "My parents were really bad drug addicts, and they came up with a plan to prostitute me and my brother to men so they could pay for their drugs. They got ahold of me before I knew what was happening, and rented me to a guy so he could fuck me. It hurt so bad to be forced like that for the first time. Then they said that my brother's ass was the next to be rented out. I couldn't let that happen, so I ran away with him before they could."

"You must really love him." said Jeremy.

"Yeah, Josh means everything to me." replied Joey. "Josh is gay too, but that doesn't change the way I love him. I'd do anything to protect my little brother. Anyway Jeremy, why don't you at least stay here tonight, and think about what it would be like to have a real bed again, three meals a day, and plenty of friends who would help you any way they can?"

"Okay, I'll stay for now." replied Jeremy. "I hope it's everything you say it is here."

"It is Jeremy, I promise." replied Joey. "I promise that you'll like it so much that you'll wish you had lived here your whole life. Now, let's go find you a bed so I can see my girlfriend."

Joey laughed after that, and Jeremy joined him. Then Jeremy said, "I know she's a bit old for me, but you never mentioned the other girl when you were talking about the straight kids who live here."

"That's because you're also the wrong sex for her." replied Joey. "Angelica is lesbian, and she has a girlfriend at our school. If you're on the lookout for a girlfriend though, I wouldn't mind helping you with that. I'm sure we can find you a really beautiful girlfriend."

Then the two boys went off to get Jeremy a bed. Since Jeremy was straight as well, Joey decided that he might like to room with El. Garrett had already moved his stuff to one of the empty rooms, since he usually slept in Josh's bed. He wanted El to have the chance to have a real roommate instead of an imaginary one. El and Jeremy were both happy with that arrangement. The two boys did stay awake and talk a little bit, but it was so comfortable to be in a real bed again that Jeremy didn't have any trouble drifting off to sleep again when it was time for El to go to sleep.

The next morning, Jeremy was a little shaky again, although not as much as he had been when Mitch found him. El did help him down the stairs, then they went on to the dining room for breakfast. Mitch and Justin were already there, so El and Jeremy went over to sit with them.

"So Jeremy, what's the verdict?" asked Mitch when Jeremy sat down.

"I like it here a lot Mitch." replied Jeremy. "I want to stay if I can."

"Then we'll get to work on that right away." replied Mitch. "How were you feeling this morning?"

"A little shaky again." replied Jeremy. "I took one of the vitamins this morning though, so hopefully I'll feel as good as ever soon."

"I think we should make plans to see a doctor today, just to be safe." said Mitch. "You have to do a blood test today for the state anyway. First though I have to call our social worker so I can sign as your legal guardian. Then if we have time today you'll need to see our lawyer, especially under the conditions that your parents threw you out. It can wait until tomorrow though if it has to."

Mitch called Will right away, and he showed up about thirty minutes after all of the kids except Taz left for school. Will took a statement from Jeremy, the gave Mitch temporary papers for the boy. Then Mitch and Jeremy were off to the clinic for the tests, and the hospital to have Evan look at Jeremy. Evan looked Jeremy over very good, and took some more blood. Mitch was beginning to think they were going to keep Jeremy by the time they came back out.

"I put a rush on the blood I sent to the lab, so I hope we have the results by tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest." said Evan. "As badly malnourished and dehydrated as Jeremy is, I almost want to keep him. The only reason I don't is that he looks pretty good under the circumstances. I would like you to feed him foods rich in iron and protein for now, and make sure he drinks enough water, but not too much. In cases like this you don't really know what you're dealing with until the blood work comes back. We should have a good idea then though."

"If he is bad, maybe he should stay Evan." replied Mitch.

"Well, the only thing we could do right now is what I just told you to do." said Evan. "I think he'll be okay for now. Just make sure he takes it very easy. I was going to call you about Taz today too Mitch. There is some new research going on, and they're ready to start the clinical stage. From everything that I know about Taz, he would make an ideal subject, so I put his name down for you. The people doing the studies called me this morning from England and said they would be interested in treating him, if both of you would agree to it. I'd like to talk to both of you tomorrow. Maybe Jeremy's results will be back by then too."

"I know Taz won't want to make a decision like this unless Lance is in on it too." replied Mitch. "Can he join us?"

"Yes, by all means." replied Evan. "I didn't realize it was that serious between the two boys. Is Lance going to maintain a regular testing schedule?"

"They are trying to be as safe about sexual contact as they can." replied Mitch.

"He should still be tested on a regular basis as long as he maintains any relationship with Taz." said Evan.

"Of course, you're right Evan." replied Mitch. "Will every six months be fine?"

"That should be good Mitch." replied Evan. "When you guys come in tomorrow, I'd like to see Lance. They do make drugs now that in some cases may reduce his risk of becoming infected. It isn't a vaccine by any means, but it can be helpful."

Tax was pretty excited about Mitch's news, and Lance did want to go with him to see Evan the next day. Jeremy took it easy that evening, according to the doctor's instructions, and remained home when Mitch took the kids who were trying out for baseball to practice.

The next day, Mitch, Jeremy, Taz, and Lance went to see Evan. Evan called Mitch and Jeremy in first. "I wanted to take care of Jeremy first, after seeing these test results." said Evan. "I don't want either of you two to be alarmed, because I feel Jeremy is treatable. Malnutrition and dehydration can do strange things to the human body. I was mainly worried that Jeremy may be anemic, and although he is slightly, we can easily treat that. What concerns me most is that his lack of eating while living on the streets has disrupted some of his bodily functions. The level of toxins in his blood stream has me most concerned. That is a sign that his kidneys are not functioning properly. I want to keep Jeremy at the hospital for a few days until we get control of the toxins in his blood stream. That is going to mean daily dialysis until his blood is normal again. Maybe by then we can regain control of his kidney function. I'm hoping they aren't permanently damaged. If they are, Jeremy may be facing the need of a transplant."

"Am I going to die doctor?" asked Jeremy on the verge of tears, as Mitch hugged him lightly.

"No Jeremy, I am going to do everything I can to make sure you can live a healthy and normal life." said Evan. "I think all of your problems can be treated. We're going to try medically first, and if we have to, there's the hope of a transplant. Do you have any natural brothers or sisters Jeremy?"

"No sir." replied Jeremy softly.

"Then if it comes down to that, we'll try to match you through the national database." said Evan. "I want you to know that we're going to take good care of you though Jeremy. I'm not even sure that it will come down to a transplant yet. I think we may be able to treat you without that."

"Do I have to stay?" asked Jeremy.

"We have to have you here for at least a few days Jeremy." replied Evan. "I want to start your first dialysis right away."

"It'll be okay Jeremy." said Mitch. "I'll join you as soon as we're through with Taz and Lance."

Mitch then gave Jeremy a fatherly kiss on the forehead, and signed the papers to have him admitted and treated. As a nurse came in with a wheelchair, Evan told him that he would be there to check on him as soon as they got him all hooked up. After the nurse wheeled Jeremy away, it was time to take care of Taz and Lance.

"Okay boys, here's the deal." said Evan. "First I need to know if Lance has any allergies to medicines, a weakened immune system, or is more susceptible than normal to any illnesses."

"No, I'm okay as far as I know." replied Lance.

"In that case I'm going to write you a prescription." said Evan. "This medicine should be taken within a twelve to twenty four hour period before sexual contact with Taz. If you boys have sex every day, then go ahead and take it every day. This drug cannot guarantee that you won't get infected, it just reduces the chances in some cases. That means that you should still use the level of protection that you already do. This is just something extra to help. Now Taz, do you like England?"

"I've never been there, but I wouldn't mind going." replied Taz.

"That's good, because the clinical studies that I told Mitch about are being held in England." said Evan. "It's a four week study, and it would begin in one month. If you want to go, you'll have to provide your transportation there, and lodging and meals for whoever accompanies you. The clinic will pay for your stay in their facility, and all the treatment."

"What is the study about Evan?" asked Taz.

"It's a course of treatment for latent HIV cells." replied Evan. "They want relatively healthy subjects with a good t-cell count, and a low anti-body rate. As it just so happens, your last counts were well within what they are looking for. They want to see how well they can treat latent cells in patients like you. I've seen their research on this, and I hope you decide to do it Taz."

"Could Lance go too?" asked Taz. "I can't be apart from him for a whole month."

"As long as he pays his way, it would be up to Mitch." replied Evan.

Then Taz and Lance both looked pleadingly at Mitch, who finally said, "Okay boys, Lance can go. I just have to figure out a way to do this with Jeremy's condition and the new wing opening in three weeks."

"What's wrong with Jeremy?" asked Taz.

"His kidneys aren't working like they should." replied Mitch. "They had to admit him today, and he's getting ready to undergo dialysis right now."

"Poor little dude, we need to go see him NOW!" exclaimed Taz.

"Don't worry boys, I'm sure I can treat him." said Evan. "Hopefully he should be out of the hospital sometime next week, and on his way to a full recovery."

"We still need to see him." said Lance. "He needs to know that all of his new brothers and sisters are here for him."

"Okay, I'll let you go then." smiled Evan. "Take this pamphlet and call the people in England as soon as possible though. I'll e-mail them to let them know that you would like to take part in the study."

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