What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

"What's wrong with Jeremy?" asked Taz.

"His kidneys aren't working like they should." replied Mitch. "They had to admit him today, and he's getting ready to undergo dialysis right now."

"Poor little dude, we need to go see him NOW!" exclaimed Taz.

"Don't worry boys, I'm sure I can treat him." said Evan. "Hopefully he should be out of the hospital sometime next week, and on his way to a full recovery."

"We still need to see him." said Lance. "He needs to know that all of his new brothers and sisters are here for him."

"Okay, I'll let you go then." smiled Evan. "Take this pamphlet and call the people in England as soon as possible though. "I"ll e-mail them to let them know that you would like to take part in the study."

Evan, Mitch, Taz, and Lance went right to Jeremy's room. As they got there, the nurse was just finishing getting Jeremy hooked up. Then she turned the machine on, and left Evan, Mitch, and the two boys with Jeremy. Evan looked him over really good, to make sure everything was running correctly.

"I'll be back when it's time to end your treatment today Jeremy." said Evan, who then left Mitch, Taz, and Lance alone with the boy.

"Are you okay Jeremy?" asked Taz.

"They've stuck so many tubes into me that I feel like a science project." replied Jeremy. "Other than being a little scared though, I guess I'm okay."

"Well dude, I had to spend time in here before I got to go live with Mitch, so I kinda know how you feel." said Taz.

"Why were you in here Taz?" asked Jeremy.

"I"m sorry that we haven't had a chance to talk about that before now, but I'm HIV positive." replied Taz. "That's why I had to see the doctor this morning too."

"Don't people die from that?" asked Jeremy.

"Yes, in a lot of cases they do." replied Taz. "Hopefully they caught me early enough though that I'll live a long and healthy life. Besides, Evan wants me to take part in some research in England that might help too."

"I hope so Taz, I like you." said Jeremy.

"Even though I'm gay?" asked Taz.

"Joey helped me realize that that doesn't make any difference at all." said Jeremy. "All of you guys have been so cool to me, and I'm glad to be living with you."

"That's good, because all of us will do anything we can to help you Jeremy." smiled Taz.

"He's right Jeremy." said Lance. "You don't deserve what's happened to you, and all of us want to be the kind of family you do deserve. You may not be the same as us as far as who you're attracted to sexually, but we do all have one thing in common. We all care about each other very much, and we want our newest brother to be as happy as he can be."

"Thanks guys, that means a lot to me." replied Jeremy.

Mitch, Taz, and Lance stayed throughout Jeremy's treatment, and the boys bonded quite a bit. That made Mitch very happy, as he knew that Jeremy needed a family like this. After Evan unhooked Jeremy, and checked him again, everyone stayed on until Mitch had to go meet the other kids after school. They had one more chance to practice before the tryouts the next day, and Mitch wanted them to be ready for it. When Mitch told Jeremy that he would come back later though, Taz and Lance asked to stay with Jeremy. Mitch smiled as he agreed to let them stay.

The kids trying out for baseball had fun at practice, even though they were concerned about Jeremy after Mitch told them what was happening. Joey was the first to offer a kidney if Jeremy needed it. He was followed quickly by Frank and Lin making the same offer, then by most of the other kids. Mitch knew that the other kids at the home would react the same way, as everyone seemed to like Jeremy very much. Angelica pitched very well for the last practice before tryouts, and Mitch was very impressed. The boys got very few hits off of her when Mitch turned her loose. Mitch smiled as he told Angelica that he was sure she would get a starting pitcher's spot on the team.

When Mitch went back to the hospital that evening, Lance had made the same offer of donating a kidney as long as he continued to test negative. Evan still didn't think it would be necessary, but he didn't interfere, as he saw the offer as a bonding of friends. When Mitch told him that most of the kids in the home felt the same as Lance, Jeremy realized that he had become a part of their family already. It was enough to make him shed a few tears of joy, for having the family he deserved now. As Mitch, Taz, and Lance left for the night, Mitch gave Jeremy a gentle kiss on the forehead. Mitch could see Jeremy becoming as close to him as Justin and Garrett were now, but he needed to be sure before he said anything to Jeremy.

Mitch, Taz, and Lance went back to the hospital the next day, along with the kids who weren't trying out for baseball. Reggie took the eight kids who were trying out to the academy in the limo, while Mitch used the bus for the rest of the kids in the home.

"Okay boys and Angelica, first I want to take a look at pitchers and catchers." said Coach Donnelley. "Lin, I want you behind the plate first. Let's start off with Angelica throwing a few pitches."

The coach showed Angelica the signs for the pitches he would call for, then stood behind Lin in the umpire's position. Angelica was able to throw every pitch he called, and Coach Donnelley was impressed. He also watched how Lin handled her pitches, and Lin did very good as the catcher. The next boy to try the catcher's position shied away from Angelica's fastball, and had trouble handling her slider. The final boy to try out for catcher did a little better, but still not as good as Lin. With Lin now set as the starting catcher, Coach Donnelley finally congratulated Angelica on her pitching, and began looking at the other potential pitchers. None of the boys could match Angelica, but Frank was very respectable. It looked pretty certain that he would take the other starting pitcher's spot. The coach didn't let on though. At the end of tryouts, he said that he would post the team roster on the bulletin board on Monday morning.

After tryouts, Reggie took the kids to the hospital because most of them wanted to see Jeremy. By this time Jeremy was finished with his dialysis, so Evan allowed him out into the courtyard to visit with everyone. Mitch was somewhat concerned, because after two treatments, Jeremy didn't look too much different. Mitch then came to a decision, and called Eric to the hospital to talk to him. Mitch introduced Jeremy to Eric, then the two men went to the side to talk while the boys and girls all visited with Jeremy.

"It's a good thing your new wing will be done in three weeks." laughed Eric. "Jeremy does look like a nice boy though. What's his story?"

"His parents threw him out of their home because he was costing them too much money." replied Mitch.

"I know that dialysis can be expensive, but that's still no excuse." said Eric.

"Jeremy didn't have a problem with his kidneys until he was kicked out onto the streets." said Mitch. "His kidney problems are due to malnourishment and dehydration. He was a normal twelve year old boy when he lived at home."

"Damn it!" exclaimed Eric. "I swear that I wish they would make people have to have a license to be a parent! Is he going to be okay?"

"Evan seems to think so, but he doesn't look any different than he did yesterday." replied Mitch.

"Well, if it's only been one day, you may have to give it some time." said Eric. "I certainly hope things turn out okay. We should go after his parents on this one Mitch."

"I know, but maybe we could talk them into an arrangement instead." said Mitch. "This one is special Eric. I want to adopt Jeremy. I know that I already have Garrett in the works when we straighten out this mess with his mother, but there's something special about Jeremy too. Could you see what we can do in that direction?"

"How does Jeremy feel about this?" asked Eric.

"I haven't asked him yet." replied Mitch.

"I think you should before we go any further." said Eric. "This would all be moot if Jeremy didn't want it."

"You're right Eric." replied Mitch. "I want to ask him now though, while you're here." Then Mitch went back to the kids and said, "I need to speak to Jeremy alone everyone. I'm just going to borrow him for a second."

When Mitch wheeled Jeremy over to the side, Jeremy asked, "What's wrong Mitch? Am I worse than the doctor said?"

"It's nothing like that Jeremy." replied Mitch, as he took ahold of Jeremy's hand. "Evan still seems to think you'll be fine."

"That's a relief!" sighed Jeremy. "You kind of had me worried there for a moment. If that's not it though, what's going on."

"Jeremy, what your parents did to you could have killed you." said Mitch. "They don't deserve such a special boy as you. I'd like you to have the kind of parent that you deserve, who'll care for you and get you through this. Jeremy, would you allow me to adopt you and be your father?"

"Is this because you like me like,.. you know." replied Jeremy. "If it is, I can't be that way Mitch. I like all of you guys, but I'm just not gay."

"That's not why I want to adopt you Jeremy." replied Mitch. "I care about you because you seem special in some way, and I love you like a father would love his son, but I could only have the feelings that you referred to for one person. It's time to be completely honest with you Jeremy. I have a mate, Justin. I know that he's a boy, but we have so much love for each other. He is the only one that I could ever have those feelings for. I hope you can understand and accept that, and that you'll be my son."

"You and Justin?!" exclaimed Jeremy. "I knew that you two seemed close, but I didn't think it was like that. I thought it was because he was your son."

"Justin and I fell in love with each other shortly after we met." said Mitch. "It was a few weeks after that that I decided that I wanted to adopt him, but we were already deeply in love by then. Then it was some time later before I found out that I was his actual uncle. By that time we were so deeply in love that it didn't matter. I never even thought I could be interested in a boy until Justin came along, and now he's the only mate I'll ever want."

"I guess that's kind of cool." said Jeremy. "So then, I'd be Justin and Garrett's brother? I've never had a brother before."

"Yes, you'd be their brother, and my wonderful son." smiled Mitch.

"In that case, I'd love for you to adopt me Mitch." replied Jeremy. "My real parents destroyed any chance of there ever being a relationship with them."

"I promise that you'll never have to go through that again Jeremy." said Mitch. "I'll love you and care for you like a parent should. I'll take you back to visit with the other kids now, while I set things in motion with Eric."

Mitch then gently kissed Jeremy on the forehead, and took him back to the other kids. As Mitch approached Eric, he heard Justin shout out an exclamation of joy. Then Mitch told Eric to go ahead and start the process, but Justin had already taken the surprise out of that.

The next day, Mitch went back to the hospital with about half of the kids. Davey and Randy had started getting along so well with Jeremy, that they had to go back on Sunday. Mitch and the kids had a nice visit with Jeremy. Later that day after Jeremy's dialysis, the nurse came in and drew some blood for testing, as per Evan's orders.

On Monday Taz went with Mitch to the hospital, after they made the call to England. Taz and Lance were all set, and Taz was excited. It seemed as though Mitch had Melanie's first assignment lined up when she started. All he would have to do would be find another counselor for the home while she was away. When they got to the hospital, Evan had a different look on his face as he told Mitch and Jeremy that he needed to speak with them.

"I was thinking that since there was no actual kidney disease, Jeremy's condition would begin to turn around." said Evan. "It hasn't shown any signs of that yet though. I'm going to try a few more things treatment wise, but we should be prepared just in case. I want to run a tissue type on Jeremy, and submit the results to the national database. If we do need to do a transplant, we need to start looking as soon as possible."

"All of my kids want to be tested." said Mitch. "They all say that any one of them would be happy to donate a kidney to Jeremy if he needs it."

"Are you sure about that Mitch?" asked Evan. "There are risks to the donor as well as the recipient. And if anything should happen to the kidney they have left, they wouldn't have another to fall back on."

"I've explained that to all of them, and they think that the risks are worth it to help Jeremy." replied Mitch. "I can't blame them, as I want to be tested for a tissue match too."

"Okay Mitch, but we'll need a perfect match." said Evan. "We would ideally use a sibling, because they stand the greatest chance of being a perfect match. Since Jeremy has no siblings, we'll have to do the best that we can. Like I said though Jeremy, we are going to continue treatment for now. I'm still hoping that it will turn your condition around, but at the least it will buy us some time."

"Am I going to die?" asked Jeremy.

"If we can't treat this, we WILL find a match for you Jeremy." said Evan. "I won't let anything bad happen to you."

Mitch and Jeremy did the tissue match together, then Mitch and Taz comforted Jeremy. Mitch left Taz at the hospital with Jeremy, as he went home to talk to the other kids. After the other kids told Mitch that all of them who tried out had made the baseball team, it was Mitch's turn.

"There is a chance that Jeremy is in worse condition than Evan first thought." said Mitch. "He is still doing everything he can for Jeremy, but Jeremy's kidney functions are not improving any yet. It may become necessary for Jeremy to have a kidney transplant, if a donor can be found in time. I know that most of you said that you want to see if you can help him, but I want you to be sure now. Please remember that there would be risks to the donor as well. I've already been matched, so I'm not trying to talk any of you out of this. I just want you to be sure."

"Those of us who want to be matched have already talked it over dad." said Justin. "If any of us can help, we want to."

"Then Evan can do the match tomorrow." said Mitch. "I'll have those who want to be tested excused from school tomorrow. Also, I'm sorry Josh, but Evan has put a minimum age limit of twelve on any donor. Jeremy is really happy that you care that much about him though."

Then Mitch and most of the kids went back to the hospital. Evan was still there, and took Mitch to the side to tell him that he wasn't a match. Mitch was almost upset by the news that he couldn't help Jeremy. Evan went back out with Mitch, and told the kids that he could test them the next day. No one slept very soundly that night after they returned to the home.

The kids who were being tested were eager to get to the hospital the next morning. Evan took them in two at a time, and took the tissue sample he needed. Once everyone was done, they visited with Jeremy while they waited for the results. Evan finally came back late that afternoon.

"We have the results on everyone." said Evan. "I was beginning to think that we wouldn't have any luck today, which is often the case in these situations. Then we came across a sample that turned out to be almost a genetically perfect match. I would almost be willing to bet that one of you are related to Jeremy somehow. Randy, you are a match for Jeremy's tissue type. If you want to do this, we will do it after we exhaust Jeremy's treatment options."

"Yes!" exclaimed Randy, who then walked over and put an arm around Jeremy. "My kidney is yours if you need it Jeremy. As for being related, it's sometimes hard to tell who my mom or dad might have slept around with. I know they weren't always faithful to each other, so I guess it could be possible. Did your mom or dad ever live in Phoenix?"

"I don't know." replied Jeremy. "I know that my dad traveled a lot when I was a baby, or so my mom always said. I guess it could be possible."

"That would be so cool if we had the same dad!" smiled Randy. "I would love it if we turned out to be brothers."

Everyone saw that Randy and Jeremy were bonding, so they left the two boys alone for a few minutes. Once everyone was gone, Randy said, "If there is even a chance that we are brothers, I need to do something special for you. I want you to be able to experience some of the things I have before we go under the knife dude. There's this girl in one of my classes who really wants to meet someone special. She doesn't like any of the boys in our class except me, but Davey and I are very happy together. I told her about you today though, and she can't wait to meet you."

"You don't have to do that for me Randy." said Jeremy.

"I know, but you and her are both very nice." replied Randy. "I want to do this for you, especially if we might possibly be brothers. I know that I already love you like a brother dude."

"I love you too Randy." replied Jeremy, with his first smile all day. "I can't tell you how special everything is that you're doing for me."

"Tell me that again Saturday after I bring Traci to see you." smiled Randy. "She's already said that she'd love to know what sex is like if she could find a nice guy, and you're as nice as they come. All you have to do is show her how nice you are, then ask her."

"I'm glad you care about me so much Randy." said Jeremy. "I hope we do turn out to be brothers."

"To tell you the truth, I was hoping that I would turn out to be a match for you." replied Randy. "I really did want you to have one of my kidneys. It'll make our friendship even more special. Do you mind if I give my brother a kiss on the cheek?"

"Only if you give him a hug too." smiled Jeremy.

Randy then wrapped Jeremy in his arms, and gave him a very gentle kiss on the cheek. Once Randy was finished with his kiss, Jeremy returned it to him, and the two boys shared a warm hug.

"Whether we're legally brothers or not, you are already my brother Jeremy." said Randy.

"That's good, because I want us to be brothers." replied Jeremy.

The rest of the week went by without any change in Jeremy's condition, even with all of the medicines Evan was using to try to restart his kidneys. Randy and Davey were at the hospital with Mitch after school every day, and the three boys became extremely close. By the end of the week, Evan decided that Jeremy's kidneys had been too badly damaged to function normally again, and it was time to prepare for the transplant. Evan would schedule it for Monday, as the sooner it was done, the better it would be for Jeremy. Randy almost seemed happy that he would be giving up a kidney to help Jeremy, so Evan had a talk with everyone on Friday.

"Okay Randy, I want you to be prepared for what is going to be happening." said Evan. "The kidneys filter toxins out of a person's blood. After Monday, you will only have one. It will be very important that you treat the remaining kidney well. You and your boyfriend are both healthy right now, and it's very important for you both to remain that way. The best way to do that is for you boys to commit yourselves to a totally monogamous relationship if you haven't already. There are some sexually transmitted diseases that would be disastrous to a person with only one kidney, such as HIV or hepatitis. Those diseases are bad anyway, but they're even worse if you only have one kidney. You will also have to be more conscious of your diet. Try to cut out as many additives in your food as you can, which means eating less processed food. That would be healthier for all of your boys and girls anyway Mitch. Also, I'm not saying completely cut out all soft drinks, but it would be best to limit them to once every day or two. If you could cut out soft drinks, that would be even better, as caffeine tends to work your kidneys harder. When you get older, avoid starting to drink alcoholic beverages. That is the single worst thing a person can do to their kidneys. The healthier you can keep yourself, the better off you will be. Do you understand that Randy?"

"Yes sir, and that's a small sacrifice to make to help my brother." replied Randy.

"Then all you have to do now is get yourself ready for Monday." said Evan. "I have one of the best kidney surgeons I know coming in to do the transplant. I want you to keep any meal you eat Sunday afternoon or evening very light. No greasy or rich foods. I don't want you drinking anything but water on Sunday too. We'll take very good care of both of you boys."

On Saturday morning, Randy introduced Mitch to the young girl who had shown up to go to the hospital with them. "Mitch, this is Traci." said Randy. "She goes to school with me. She heard me talking about Jeremy, and wanted to meet him. I thought Jeremy would enjoy meeting her as well."

"It's nice to meet you Traci." said Mitch, as he shook her hand. "You are a very beautiful young lady, and I'm sure Jeremy will enjoy meeting you."

"Thank you sir." replied Traci. "When Randy told me about Jeremy, he sounded so nice that I had to meet him."

Once everyone got to the hospital, Randy introduced Traci and Jeremy. Randy smiled when Traci and Jeremy's eyes met, because he could tell that they were both interested in each other right away. Mitch could also tell before too long that Traci and Jeremy were well on their way to becoming very close friends, so he made an excuse around lunch time to let the two have some time alone.

Once they were alone in Jeremy's room, Traci said, "I can't believe such a nice and good-looking guy like you is going through so much right now. It's great that Randy is doing what he is for you though. He almost acts like a brother to you."

"For all we know, we could be brothers." replied Jeremy. "The doctor seems to think that there is some relationship between us. I think you are very nice too Traci. When I get out of here, would you be my girlfriend?"

"I would love to have a gorgeous boyfriend like you Jeremy." smiled Traci. "Can I kiss you?"

"I'd like that a lot!" replied Jeremy.

As Jeremy and Traci shared a kiss, Traci worked on getting Jeremy's gown out of the way. That gave Jeremy an instant erection as Traci pulled back to look at what she had uncovered.

"You look really nice Jeremy!" said Traci, as she looked at his naked body.

Jeremy guided Traci's hand to his erection as he began to remove her clothes. Once Traci was undressed too, Jeremy said, "I'm a virgin Traci, except for doing stuff to myself. I really would like to give that to you though."

"I'm a virgin too Jeremy." replied Traci. "I really want to find a boy that I'd like to be with though, and make love. I really want to be with you Jeremy. I even brought a condom with me, just in case."

"Could you put it on me then, so we can make love?" asked Jeremy.

Traci smiled as she unrolled the condom over Jeremy's erection, then climbed into the hospital bed with him. Randy and Davey were standing guard outside Jeremy's room, and they both smiled when they faintly heard Jeremy and Traci making love. Randy turned several of the kids away, until he was sure that Jeremy and Traci were finished.

When Jeremy and Traci were finished, Traci took the condom off Jeremy, and gently cleaned the cum from his dick. Then she put Jeremy's gown back in place, and put her clothes back on as she said, "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt Jeremy. I'm so glad we made love to each other, and I'm happy that you're my boyfriend now."

"Me too Traci." smiled Jeremy. "I love you, and I can't wait to get out of here so we can have a normal relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. You are so incredible, and you're everything I could want in a girlfriend."

"I love you too Jeremy." replied Traci, as she leaned down to share another kiss with Jeremy. "You're going to make the most awesome boyfriend in the world."

As Jeremy and Traci broke their kiss, Randy came in to see if the coast was clear. He could tell that they had made love, and were now falling deeply in love. "I'm so glad that I got you two together!" smiled Randy.

"We are too brother." smiled Jeremy. "Traci and are are going to be happy together for a long time now, thanks to you."

"You're a great friend Randy, and I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the hottest guy in the world." smiled Traci. "I promise that I'll take very good care of your brother."

"Just seeing you two as happy as you are right now is thanks enough." replied Randy. "Well, Davey and I have to let the others back in now. They're getting kinda restless out there."

"That would be cool." replied Jeremy. "Now I can introduce them to the greatest girlfriend in the world!"

Later on, Jeremy got the chance to talk to Randy alone and said, "I really can't thank you enough brother. Making love to Traci was so incredible! I thought I was going to explode when I started cumming inside her. Then she had an orgasm too, and well, it was pretty wild. It was the greatest time I've ever had."

"I'm glad that I could help you feel that brother." replied Randy. "Now when you get out of here, you'll have an incredible girlfriend waiting for you."

Then Traci came over and thanked Randy again too. Randy smiled as Jeremy and Traci shared another brief but tender kiss.

Sunday was a very nervous day for everyone. The next day, Randy would be joining Jeremy in the other bed, as they both recovered from the transplant. Randy couldn't imagine not going through with this though, and everyone understood. Randy now even had a picture of Jeremy next to his bed, with "My Brother" written across the bottom. They would have felt bad saying anything negative, knowing that there may have been a chance that the two boys were brothers. Traci went back to the hospital Sunday too, and that helped Jeremy somewhat.

The next morning when Randy got to the hospital to prepare for the surgery, he asked to see Jeremy first. Randy went in to Jeremy's room, then leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

"I just want you to know that this is going to turn out just fine for both of us Jeremy." said Randy, as he held Jeremy's hand. "We're brothers now, and we'll be brothers for a long long time. Besides, this hospital knows that if they let anything go wrong, our new family will kick their butts."

Both boys laughed as the nurse came in to prepare Jeremy. She also told Randy that his nurse was waiting for him. The first half of the transplant to remove one of Randy's kidneys went flawlessly, and the closing team began closing Randy up right on schedule. Then Evan and the specialist moved on to Jeremy. The first sign of trouble came about thirty minutes into the operation on Jeremy.

"Doctor, the patient's blood pressure and heart rate is starting to drop." said the anesthesiologist.

The specialist looked over at the gauges on the anesthesia, and replied, "Cut the volume of anesthesia by ten percent. How low is the pressure and heart rate?"

"Pressure is fifty five over ninety, and the heart rate is down to fifty." replied the anesthesiologist.

"Let's pick up the pace people, but don't take any chances." said the specialist. "I want to get this boy finished and sewn up as quickly as we can. If either rate drops by ten more, let me know."

A few minutes later, the anesthesiologist called out that Jeremy's rates were dropping again, and quickly.

"Stand by with epinephrine and a defibrillator!" called out the specialist. "Anesthesiologist, I want you to switch anesthesia. He's not reacting well to what we're using. Hang in there Jeremy, I'm going to need at least thirty more minutes!"

"I switched the anesthesia doctor, but we're losing him!" called out the anesthesiologist.

"Inject the epinephrine now!" yelled the specialist. "Evan, stand by with the defibrillator!"

"Please stay with us Jeremy." begged Evan. "I don't want to have to tell Mitch that you didn't make it."

A few seconds later, Jeremy's heart stopped. Evan began using all of his skill as a doctor to restart it. No one on the team wanted to lose anyone, especially not this boy.

Mitch had been told when Randy had been finished, and he went to join Randy in the recovery room. Now he had to wait for word on his other boy. After a while, it seemed to be taking a bit longer with Jeremy than Evan told him that it would. After another thirty minutes passed, Mitch began to get worried. Randy began coming around during that time, and immediately wanted to know if Jeremy was out yet. Mitch didn't know what to tell Randy, except that they were still working on Jeremy.

Evan finally came to Randy's recovery room looking completely exhausted, and Mitch asked, "Where is Jeremy? Is it over now?"

You have no idea how badly I want to stop here. Since I also like all my body parts where they are though, we'll continue.

"Jeremy has been taken to ICU to recover." replied Evan. "We ran into a problem when he didn't react well to the anesthesia. His heart stopped twice, but I got him going again in under three minutes both times, so I'm sure there is no damage to his brain because of that. Then he finally stabilized after switching anesthesia, and we finished putting in the new kidney. We're going to need to keep a very close eye on him for a while. I'm very sorry it was so close Mitch, and I'm going to look into what happened personally."

"I'm glad you were there to save my boy though Evan." said Mitch, trying to control his emotions. "I know Jeremy hasn't been with us long, but he's become special to most of us. I would feel good if you personally oversaw his recovery."

"It means a lot to me that you have that much faith in me after what happened Mitch." replied Evan. "I promise that I won't let you down."

"When can we see Jeremy?" asked Randy weakly.

"I'll see what I can do, but it won't be for at least a few hours." replied Evan. "Besides, you just had a major surgery too, and I want to make sure that you're okay before we start moving you around too much."

A little while later, Evan cleared Randy to be moved to his room. Randy had planned to be sharing the room with Jeremy, but now Jeremy wasn't there. Randy didn't want to be either, he wanted to see his brother. After a few hours, Evan finally came in and told Mitch that Jeremy was beginning to come around. He also told Mitch to try not to act alarmed about the wires and tubes that were hooked up to Jeremy, that it was mostly just to monitor him closely.

"I want to see Jeremy too!" yelled out Randy. "He's my brother, I know he is!"

"Okay Randy, but calm down." said Evan. "I'll look you over really good, and if I think you're well enough, I'll take you to see him personally."

"Okay doc, I'm sorry about yelling." replied Randy.

Evan looked Randy over thoroughly, then called for a wheelchair. Evan picked Randy up out of the bed, and gently set him in the chair. Then Evan carefully wheeled Randy to ICU.

"See Jeremy, I told you he was okay." said Mitch to Jeremy, when Evan wheeled Randy in. "He was more concerned about you anyway. You gave us a bit of a scare son."

Evan wheeled Randy as close as he could to the head of Jeremy's bed, and Randy leaned over slowly and gave Jeremy a kiss on the chin, which was the only place he could reach. "Please don't ever come that close to leaving me again Jeremy." said Randy. "I love you my brother."

"Don't worry brother, I won't leave you." replied Jeremy as he smiled weakly. "I love you too. Besides, I don't have anywhere else I'd rather be than with my brother."

Jeremy and Randy just sat and laid there, holding each other's hand as Mitch smiled. After a few hours, Evan insisted that Randy return to his room. Besides, he wanted Jeremy to get some rest after what he had been through.

By the next afternoon, Jeremy's signs had all returned to normal, and he looked very good. Evan examined him closely, then had him moved back to his old room. He told the nurses there to keep a close eye out for any change in his vital signs, or any signs of rejection. If Jeremy and Randy were closely related, as Evan seemed to think, the chances of rejection would be much lower though. Randy was more thrilled than anyone when the orderly brought Jeremy in on a gurney. He was sharing a room with his brother now, like it should have been all along.

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