What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

Evan wheeled Randy as close as he could to the head of Jeremy's bed, and Randy leaned over slowly and gave Jeremy a kiss on the chin, which was the only place he could reach. "Please don't ever come that close to leaving me again Jeremy." said Randy. "I love you my brother."

"Don't worry brother, I won't leave you." replied Jeremy as he smiled weakly. "I love you too. Besides, I don't have anywhere else I'd rather be than with my brother."

Jeremy and Randy just sat and laid there, holding each other's hand as Mitch smiled. After a few hours, Evan insisted that Randy return to his room. Besides, he wanted Jeremy to get some rest after what he had been through.

By the next afternoon, Jeremy's vital signs had all returned to normal, and he looked very good. Evan examined him closely, then had him moved back to his old room. He told the nurses there to keep a close eye out for any change in his vital signs, or any signs of rejection. If Jeremy and Randy were closely related, as Evan seemed to think, the chances of rejection would be much lower though. Randy was more thrilled than anyone when the orderly brought Jeremy in on a gurney. He was sharing a room with his brother now, like it should have been all along.

Everyone quickly got an idea of how much more Jeremy had to go through yet when they saw how many medications Jeremy would have to take. Taz and Lance went the next day with Mitch to visit the boys.

"Damn Jeremy, I think you're trying to beat me on the number of pills you have to take!" laughed Taz. "What are all those pills anyway?"

"Well, I have pills for the surgical pain, which I shouldn't have to take for too long." replied Jeremy, as Randy held his brother's hand. "Then I have drugs to keep me from rejecting the new kidney. Some of those are suppressing my immune system though, so they also have me on antibiotics, and drugs to boost my immune system. When they're finally sure that I won't reject the kidney, they'll start taking me off the pills. So, are you and Lance excited about going to England soon?"

"You better believe it dude!" smiled Taz. "Hopefully I can get off some of the pills too. I'm not going to expect too much though, since this is an experimental treatment."

"I still hope it works out." replied Jeremy. "You and Lance are great guys."

"Thanks dude." replied Taz. "I hope everything works out for you too, and you and Randy find out that you are brothers."

"We're already sure that we are." said Randy. "Every time we compare notes about what Jeremy can remember about his dad, he sounds more and more like the man my dad always talked about who almost split them up."

"I think we may find out soon." said Mitch, as he came into the room. "I just talked to Eric, and he wants to see all of us together. He should be by in about an hour. Are you two boys ready to find out if you actually are brothers?"

"He has to say we are." replied Jeremy. "I know I was meant to find my brother someday."

Everyone talked about that until Eric finally showed up. After Eric shook Mitch's hand, he said, "Okay everyone, I did track down Jeremy's father. The man was apparently having an affair behind his wife's back. He and Randy's mother did get together on his visits to Phoenix, and she became pregnant. Since she had just had a son by her husband, it was decided for Jeremy's father to take the child when it was born, so he and his wife could raise it. Congratulations boys, you are definitely brothers."

Jeremy and Randy cried in happiness, as they hugged each other as hard as they dared. Then Randy gave his brother a quick kiss, which Jeremy didn't mind at all. Randy was smiling madly from the contact with his brother's lips.

"This is fantastic news Eric!" smiled Mitch. "How soon can we begin working on permanent custody of Jeremy?"

"I've already got the ball rolling there Mitch." replied Eric. "Considering all of the new information I have, plus what we've already gone through with Randy, this one should be easy to take care of." Then the two men listened in on the conversation between Randy and Jeremy.

"You have to move in with me now when we get out of here brother!" said Randy.

"What about Davey?" asked Jeremy.

"It's not like we ever use the other bed anymore!" laughed Randy. "Me being in here is the first time he's slept out of my arms in a while."

"What about when I have a girl over?" asked Jeremy. "I kinda like Traci, and I hope she likes me too. How are you two going to feel if we end up doing stuff together."

"We're brothers now Jeremy." replied Randy. "If you two can handle me and Davey making love, we can certainly handle you and Traci doing the same thing."

"In that case, I'd love to move in with you guys as long as Traci would be okay with you two together." replied Jeremy.

Randy ended up getting out of the hospital after another week, but Jeremy would be staying there a while longer. Evan wanted him there for the first several weeks of his recovery. As Mitch was taking Randy home from the hospital, he had to have a talk with him.

"I got something started before we knew that Jeremy needed a transplant, and now it involves you too since you are brothers." said Mitch. "I had asked Jeremy to let me adopt him Randy, and he wants that very much. Since you are his brother now, it would be best if I were to adopt you too. Would you like for me to do that Randy?"

"Absolutely Mitch!" smiled Randy. "If we're brothers, we should have the same dad. Plus, I'd get two more brothers out of the deal. Are Justin and Garrett okay with this?"

"They're both looking forward to it, especially Justin." smiled Mitch. "He wants you and Jeremy as his brothers very much."

"Then remind me to give my new brother a nice hug when we get home." smiled Randy.

As soon as Justin and the other kids got home from baseball practice, Randy did give him that nice hug that he promised. Then he listened to the kids talk about practice. Angelica said that the coach expected the state to give him problems over her being on a boys team. Since she was the best pitcher he had ever seen though, he told Angelica not to worry about a thing. He would make sure that the state saw his way of thinking, even if it took a lawyer to help him. The other kids had a great practice too, and it looked like Valencia's baseball team would be hard to beat this year.

Mitch also had Melanie stop by that evening, to work out travel arrangements for her, Taz, and Lance. The more time she spent with Taz and Lance, the more she looked forward to her first assignment for Mitch. Four weeks in England with Taz and Lance sounded more like a vacation than an assignment to her.

The next evening after school, Mitch took Randy to the hospital to see Jeremy. Randy had also asked Traci if she wanted to go, as the three of them needed to discuss Jeremy moving in with Randy and Davey. Mitch decided to go talk to Evan, and give the kids some privacy to talk alone. After about a thirty minute discussion, Traci seemed to be okay with the arrangement between Randy and Jeremy. She knew that she liked Jeremy more every time she saw him, and she thought it was great that he now had a real brother. Randy gave Traci a hug and thanked her, before leaving her and Jeremy alone so he could get something to drink and find Mitch.

"I like your brother Jeremy." said Traci. "It will be strange at first though, seeing two boys make love."

"I imagine it will be just as strange for them to see us make love though." laughed Jeremy lightly.

"I take it that you liked what we did, and want to do it again sometime?" asked Traci.

"I know it might seem quick Traci, but I think I'm falling quite a bit in love with you." said Jeremy. "You're one of the nicest people I've ever met, not to mention that you're very sensitive and understanding. Besides, when we made love, it was something that I can't even describe because it felt so good."

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I know that I love you Jeremy." said Traci. "I know that you had a rough time during surgery, but I want to do something special with you. I'll be as gentle as I can."

"I love you Traci." said Jeremy breathlessly.

Traci leaned down, and put her lips against Jeremy's. The two shared a very gentle and loving kiss for several minutes. Then Traci leaned up, and pulled down Jeremy's sheets. Once she lifted Jeremy's gown, Traci said, "I always though boys looked kind of weird down there, until I made love to you Jeremy. Now it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Traci then leaned down, and gently took Jeremy's cock between her lips. As Traci made love to Jeremy, Jeremy pulled her closer to him. Then Jeremy worked her pants and panties down, and pushed his finger as deeply into her vagina as he could. That caused Traci to make love to his cock with even more feeling.

As Randy walked back into Jeremy's room a while later, Jeremy was moaning deeply. Traci was lovingly swallowing the cum that was shooting from his cock, as two of Jeremy's fingers had stroked her to an orgasm.

As both their orgasms ended, Randy laughed as he said, "I guess that's what I get for not knocking huh?"

"We're sorry brother, we couldn't help it." moaned Jeremy.

"Don't worry about it brother." smiled Randy. "You and your girlfriend looked perfect together like that. You two are so much in love that what you just did was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. By the way Traci, thanks for making my brother cum. He probably needed that."

"I guess it's going to be really interesting when Jeremy gets out of here." laughed Traci very lightly, and still a little breathlessly.

After Traci pulled her pants back up, then covered Jeremy's now deflating cock, Randy went over and gave them both a hug. "I'm glad you two love each other so much." said Randy. "I'll never have any problem seeing my brother with the girl he loves."

The three sat around laughing and talking together until Mitch showed back up. By then it was getting to the time when he and Randy had to get Traci back home, so Traci gave Jeremy another very nice kiss.

Jeremy was released from the hospital on the day before Melanie, Taz, and Lance were to go to England. That evening was a combination welcome home and going away party. They were also celebrating the new wing of the home being ready to open, as well as the hiring of two more counselors who Mitch could trust. Both of them came from recommendations by Dwight and Bob. The kids were also celebrating Valencia's first win of the baseball season. Coach Donnelley did have to make a stand with the state, but Angelica was allowed to be a part of the baseball team. For her first game, Angelica pitched a perfect no-hitter. Tabitha was there that night to celebrate with her girlfriend. The party was a little subdued at first, due to Will showing up too. He had several things to talk to Mitch about though.

"First Mitch, Garrett's adoption is now ready to proceed." said Will. "I don't know exactly everything that Eric said to her lawyers, but Garrett's mother is no longer going to fight it. That means that we can now proceed with Randy and Jeremy's adoption too."

"That's great news Will!" smiled Mitch. "I know that will make my entire family happy."

"Then it will be well worth it Mitch." replied Will. "Now I have a favor to ask. Since your new wing is ready to open, and you have two counselors lined up while Melanie is in England, I have a list of kids I would like to place with you. For one reason or another, they haven't worked out in any other placements yet. I think they would do well with the kids you have here now though."

"You don't even have to ask Will." replied Mitch. "I would be happy to help in any way that I can. Let me see the list you have."

Mitch's eyes widened slightly as he took a look at the ten names on Will's list.

"I swear Mitch, I'm not trying to fill your home as quickly as I can." laughed Will. "These kids really need help though, and I think your home might be just what they need. The list contains seven boys and three girls, ranging in age from eight to fifteen. Please help Mitch."

"Hmm." replied Mitch. "We have Bobby age eight, Diego age ten, Rafael age twelve, Rachel age twelve, Steven age thirteen, Zack age fourteen, Michelle age fourteen, Tyrone age fifteen, Bart age fifteen, and Maria age fifteen. I see you included a little history about each one." Mitch's eyes widened even more as he read what Will had wrote about each of the kids. Then he came to Tyrone and asked, "Is this boy Tyrone okay after what he went through?"

"He's okay physically now." replied Will. "He might need a little more help emotionally though."

"I would think so after his father got out of prison, and brought his prison buddies home with him." said Mitch. "What was his excuse for letting those men put their penises in the boy's rectum?"

"In his statement he said that the men used him as their bitch in prison, and those were his exact words." replied Will. "He wanted them to be his associates outside of prison though, but never liked what they had him do behind bars. He gave them his son to use to keep them happy."

"I'll be happy to take these kids in Will." said Mitch. "Can you bring them by after one, after I get back from the airport?"

"Absolutely, and thanks a lot Mitch." replied Will.

After Will left, the kids loosened up a little. James had come over that night to be with Reggie, so they were sitting on the couch kissing next to Ryan and Bernie. Trevor and George were sitting on the chair across from the two couples, and kissing just as much as the other two couples.

Bernie slipped his hand underneath Ryan's shirt, and gently pinched Ryan's nipples as he asked, "What do you men say about taking our boys upstairs and showing them our love for them?"

"Us boys kinda like the sound of that!" giggled James, as he caressed Reggie's cock through his pants.

Once all three couples got to Reggie's room, the boys took over. Reggie, Bernie, and George watched as James, Ryan, and Trevor undressed each other. Then James began to undress Reggie, Ryan began to undress Bernie, and Trevor began to undress George. Once the boys had their men naked, they guided them back onto Reggie's bed. All three naked boys climbed on top of their men, and began kissing them passionately.

After a few minutes, James moaned, "Roll me over so that you're on top of me Reggie. I want to feel all of your weight pin me to the bed as you kiss me."

Reggie smiled as he did as his young lover asked. Once James was completely underneath Reggie, and Reggie had all of his weight resting on James, he began kissing the boy even more passionately than before. Bernie and George quickly followed Reggie's lead, and all three men soon had their boys pinned beneath them to the bed.

After a few minutes, Trevor took as deep a breath as he could and said, "I need to feel your cock inside me George. Please make love to me."

As Reggie kissed James, he handed George a tube of lube from his nightstand. George knelt between Trevor's legs, and lubed his cock. As George slowly pushed his cock into Trevor, he handed the lube to Bernie. Bernie then knelt between Ryan's legs as he lubed his cock. As Bernie pushed his cock into Ryan, he handed the lube to Reggie. Soon, all three men were kneeling between their boys legs, with their cocks deeply inside their boys. Trevor, Ryan, and James all three smiled as their men began to slowly thrust in and out of them. As Reggie thrust in and out of James, he leaned back down and placed his lips against James's. James threw his arms around Reggie, and kissed his man as deeply as he could as he felt Reggie's cock slide in and out of him. The other two men were soon in the same position with their boys. After about ten minutes, all three men began cumming into their boys within a few seconds of each other. George finished cumming first, then he drew his cock out of Trevor, and leaned down to swallow Trevor's cock. All three men were soon hungrily sucking their boys cocks. The boys could only last a few minutes, after already having their mens cocks inside them. Starting with Ryan, the boys fed their men their cum one by one. After Reggie sucked the last sweet drops from James's cock, the men took their boys back into their arms. The three couples lovingly caressed their lovers bodies as they recovered from a fantastic session of love-making.

By this time, Randy, Davey, Jeremy, and Traci had all gone up to the boys room. The three boys and one girl seemed to have no problems getting naked in front of each other, which relieved Jeremy. Randy and Davey laid on their bed and watched as Traci got on top of Jeremy, and slowly lowered her vagina down over Jeremy's cock. Then it was Traci's turn to watch as Randy turned around on top of Davey, and the two boys hungrily swallowed each other's cocks. The two couples continued making love, completely comfortable with do so together.

The next day Mitch went to see Melanie, Taz, and Lance off at the airport. Mitch hugged both boys as he said, "I'm really going to miss you guys for the next month. I really hope this works out well for you though Taz. All of your brothers and sisters will be hoping the same thing."

"I can't even begin to tell you what it meant to my life the day I stumbled into yours Mitch." replied Taz, trying not to get emotional. "You and all of your family have been the first ones to ever give me any hope in my life. I couldn't imagine a greater group of people to proudly call my family, and I love all of you. I can't wait to get back here in one month."

"We love you too Taz." replied Mitch, after giving Taz a light kiss on the cheek. "Lance, you take good care of him and keep him happy for me, okay?"

"I will Mitch." smiled Lance. "I love all you guys too. I'll call as often as I can, seeing as the phone you gave us is good for international calls too."

"That's why I got it for you two." replied Mitch, after giving Lance the same light kiss on the cheek. "I want to hear from you two often, so I know how much you're enjoying England."

"Well, they just called our flight so we better be going." said Melanie. "I think it's incredible that you trust me enough for this kind of assignment Mitch. I'm going to show you that you weren't wrong for giving me that much trust."

"All I want is for you to take care of my boys, so I think you'll do a great job Melanie." replied Mitch. "And by the time you return in one month, I should have plenty of kids at the house for you to help with."

A single tear rolled down Mitch's face as he watched Melanie and the boys head off down the jetway. He would miss the boys, but he really hoped this trip would help Taz live a better and longer life. Mitch pulled back into the driveway at home at about one o'clock. Fifteen minutes later, Will pulled up with a packed shuttle van.

"Well, here they are Mitch, all ten of them." said Will, as the kids piled out of the van. "I can't thank you enough for this Mitch. You're becoming something of a hero at the department."

"I'm glad to do it Will." replied Mitch. "If these boys and girls need this home, there's no way I could turn them down."

Mitch looked the boys and girls over quickly as Will headed back to the van. This seemed to be a pretty diverse group of kids, which Mitch expected sooner or later. There were seven boys and three girls. Six were caucasian, three were latino, and one was african-american. Mitch didn't know what their orientation was, but he figured that was just as diverse. Mitch went ahead and had all of the kids bring their belongings inside, and he would address them in the rec room.

Once all of the kids settled down, Mitch said, "First, I want to welcome you boys and girls to this home. Some of you have been in other group homes already, so I want those of you to know that this won't be anything like what you were use to there. This will be a first time experience for some of you, so I want those of you to know that you will have plenty of staff and other kids to help you adjust. Regardless of which group you're in, the most important thing is that I want all of you to be happy and successful here. A part of that will be learning to live together with others in respect and harmony. This home was started by bringing in kids off the streets that had no where else to go. Most of those kids resorted to selling themselves to survive, and quite a few of them have learned that they are gay in the process, if they didn't already know it before. We do have straight kids that live here as well though, and all of the kids who live here treat each other as brothers and sisters. They know that people are different, and that's no reason not to love and respect them. That may be the first adjustment that some of you will have to make. I don't want anyone to think badly of anyone here though, thinking that you might be taken advantage of. That kind of behavior will not be allowed here, and has not come up yet. If you give this home a chance, I'm sure you'll find that everyone here only wants you to overcome what you've been through, and be as happy and successful as you can be. Most of our high school aged kids here go to a private academy, and I hope that you will too. The academy they go to is ranked near the top of academic academies in the state. The reason I want you to seriously consider the academy is that I want all of you kids to eventually go on to college, and the academy will help you there. The home will take care of all of your education, all the way through college or university. Now, let's have everyone introduce themselves quickly, starting with the youngest."

"My name is Bobby, and I'm eight." said Bobby. "Will has put me in several homes, but I keep having to leave because the other kids won't stop picking on me. They say that I'm a cry-baby because I keep getting caught crying over losing my mom and dad."

As Bobby finished, Mitch could see tears coming to the boy's eyes. Mitch quickly went to Bobby and gave him a gentle hug. "Those other kids were wrong Bobby." said Mitch, as he left his arm around Bobby. "I'd be willing to bet that none of them have been through what you have. I have lost family members that I've been very close to though, and I know how much it hurts. I've even cried about it myself. It's a part of grieving, and if a person has any feelings at all, they will go through that. Don't ever let anyone tell you it's wrong to cry though."

"He's right little amigo." said Rafael. "I know if that happened to me, I'd cry too. I wouldn't want to know someone who wouldn't. If anyone else gives you any crap, come see me."

"Thanks for sticking up for Bobby." said Mitch. "I'm sure he needs friends like that right now, and I think you'll fit in well here. Why don't you go next?"

"Okay senor Mitch." replied Rafael. "My name is Rafael, and I'm twelve. My parents brought me into America with them when I was six. We kinda snuck in, but my parents worked really hard to become citizens. Then two years ago they decided they wanted to make more money, and help others come into the country from Mexico. After six trips though, they were caught. Since they were from Mexico, the judge gave them the maximum sentence, even though they had become American citizens. I've been in a couple different homes, but the people there looked down at me for what my parents did. I hope that doesn't happen here, at least until my parents can get a better lawyer and get out sooner."

"I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen Rafael." said Mitch. "I also want to talk to you in private sometime. Let's hear from the girl between Rafael and Bobby now. After that, we'll just go around the room in order from Rafael."

"My name is Rachel, and I'm twelve too." said Rachel. "My parents were into drugs really bad, and one day they just disappeared. The police seemed to think that my parents had been tipped off to a raid, but I have a hard time understanding why they just left me to take care of myself."

"I can't blame you there Rachel." said Mitch. "All I can say is that drugs make you do things that you wouldn't otherwise do. Any one of us here will be more than willing to talk to you if you need to talk though."

"My name is Steven, and I'm thirteen." said Steven. "My parents caught me playing around with another boy, and told me that I had to leave because I'm gay. They actually called me queer, but I hate that word. I don't know if I am or not, but I liked it so I probably am. Instead of going out into the streets though, I got even. I turned them in for throwing me out, plus a few other things I wasn't suppose to know about. At least it kept me off the streets."

"Well Steven, if you are gay, you'll find plenty of support here." said Mitch. "Just make sure that whatever you do, it's because it's who you really are."

"Um, I'm Diego, and I'm ten." said Diego. "I really don't want to talk about why I'm here."

"Okay Diego, no one will force you to say anything." said Mitch. "Just so you know though, I have seen your file. You have nothing to be ashamed of Diego, because it was what someone else did. I do want to talk to you alone later too."

"My name is Bart, and I'm fifteen." said Bart. "I was accused of raping someone. It wasn't true though. It was the first time that either of us had done anything, and she got scared because it hurt. I was still arrested though. Then someone explained to her why it hurt, and she wasn't scared anymore. When we went to court, she told what really happened. By that time though, my parents refused to take me back home."

"I'm sorry that happened Bart, but I want you to think of this as your home now." said Mitch. "That's one reason why sex should be explained fully to kids before they go off and experiment on their own. Explaining it could also keep young girls from becoming pregnant unintentionally."

"My name is Maria, I'm fifteen, and you're a hottie Bart!" said Maria, accompanied by a chorus of giggles and snickers. "I would have never done that to you if I had been that girl. As you can tell, I like complimenting boys I think look good. Some people think that makes me sound like a slut. That included my dad, but when the police found out what he did next, they thought he was a pedophile. I really do mean it though Bart, I like you."

"Okay Maria, since our female counselor is away in England right now, I guess I'll have to have that talk with you that I mentioned just a moment ago." said Mitch, which got another chorus of giggles and snickers.

"My name is Zack, and I'm fourteen." said Zack. "I've had trouble in other homes because of the kids finding out about this, but here goes anyway. I know that I'm gay. The reason is that my parents caught me with my private part up another boy's butt. Then they said that I was raping the other boy who was twelve, because he was crying. The boy even said that he was crying because they made me stop what I was doing, but they still told me to get out of the house before they called the police. The only reason I was doing that with a younger boy was because I loved him, and he loved me too."

"I'm really sorry that happened to you Zack." said Mitch. "They didn't care how you or the other boy felt. All they cared about was their own twisted beliefs. If you need any help in finding the other boy to let him know you're okay, just let me know."

"Thanks Mitch, it would be nice if you could do that." said Zack.

"My name is Michelle, and I'm fourteen too." said Michelle. "I've been living in homes for over half of my life now, because my single mother couldn't take care of me anymore. The last home I was in started out okay, but turned into a nightmare. The man who ran it with his wife is in jail awaiting trial for what he did, and that's about all I want to say about it."

"Okay Michelle." said Mitch. "Some of the girls here have been through similar things though, so I hope you will talk to them eventually. Okay, last but not least."

"My name is Tyrone, and I'm fifteen." said Tyrone. "My old man is pretty whack, man. He brought his homies home with him from prison. Apparently he had been letting them use his ass as hooch, but when he got home, he turned them on me instead. I tried to fight them off, but there was too many of them, and they held me down. After the second time they did that, I ran. The bad thing is although most of them hurt me quite a bit, one of them felt good. I probably would have let him do that. I don't know if I'm gay like that though. It's made me really confused about shit."

"Well Tyrone, you have all kinds of help around here if you want it." said Mitch. "No one will try to tell you you're something that you're not either. All any of us will want is for you to be who you were meant to be. Now, did Will remember to feed you kids?"

"Hell no!" smiled Tyrone.

"Then let's see what our cook George and his staff can come up with quickly." said Mitch. "I'll call Jeremy down so you can meet him too. He's one of the kids who live here, and he's recovering from a kidney transplant. The other kids should start getting home in about two hours, and the ones who have baseball practice will be a little later."

The ten new kids met Jeremy while they ate a light late lunch, and everyone seemed to get along well together so far. That continued as the other kids began coming home from school. Mitch really got the new kids excited when he announced it was time for a trip to the mall when supper was over.

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