What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

"Well Tyrone, you have all kinds of help around here if you want it." said Mitch. "No one will try to tell you you're something that you're not either. All any of us want is for you to be who you were meant to be. Now, did Will remember to feed you kids?"

"Hell no!" smiled Tyrone.

"Then let's see what our cook George and his staff can come up with quickly." said Mitch. "I'll call Jeremy down so you can meet him too. He's one of the kids who live here, and he's recovering from a kidney transplant. The other kids should start getting home in about two hours, and the ones who have baseball practice will be a little later."

The ten new kids met Jeremy while they ate a light lunch, and everyone seemed to get along well together so far. That continued as the other kids began coming home from school. Mitch really got the new kids excited when he announced it was time for a trip to the mall when supper was over.

Quite a few kids ended up going to the mall with Mitch, so Reggie had to take everyone on the bus. The new kids all got new clothes, and Mitch began furnishing their rooms for them. Justin, Randy, Davey, Jeremy, and the other kids that went were having a good time getting to know the new kids. No one had much luck in getting Diego to open up though. Mitch finally took him aside from the other kids for a talk.

"Hi Diego, I wanted to have a talk with you, with no one else around." said Mitch. "I want you to know that you'll never go through anything like what you have so far in this home. I also don't want you to feel bad about what happened, because none of it was your fault."

"Do you know exactly why I'm here?" asked Diego.

"Yes Diego." replied Mitch. "Your parents had no business selling you to someone, knowing that man would force you to perform oral sex on him every day. The court was right taking you away from them. They didn't know that they would be placing you with someone who would find out about it, then charge his friends to have you perform oral sex on them. As for you biting down on his penis hard enough to nearly sever it, he deserved that."

"It felt wrong though when his blood squirted onto my face, but I had to make him stop." replied Diego. "I'm too young to have sex, and I hated having those men's penises in my mouth."

"Well, you'll never have to worry about that here Diego, and I don't want you to feel bad about anything that has happened before now." said Mitch. "I'm proud of you for how you've handled everything so far, even teaching that last man a lesson. He had no right to force a ten year old boy to perform oral sex."

"Thanks Mitch, it means a lot to hear someone say that." said Diego, as he finally smiled a little bit.

"You have a really nice smile Diego." smiled Mitch. "You should let people see it more often. As far as sex goes, you're right. You are too young to worry about that if you don't want to. Then when you get older, it should only be when and with who you want. Also, don't let what happened to you influence you toward being straight or gay. When the time comes, you'll know which one you are without having to think about what you've been forced to do in the past. And no matter which way it goes, there's nothing wrong with whichever one you turn out to be. The only thing that matters is how you feel about it in your heart."

"I'll try to remember that Mitch." replied Diego. "I think I'm going to be glad I came here."

"I hope so." smiled Mitch, as he ruffled Diego's black hair.

As Mitch watched the kids finish up shopping, his cell phone went off. "Hello, this is Mitch." said Mitch.

"Hey Mitch, this is Lance." replied Lance. "We just got to the hotel here in London. That was a long flight!"

"I would think so, considering England is a third of the way around the world from here." replied Mitch. "How are my two wonderful boys doing?"

"We're a little tired from the flight, especially Taz." replied Lance. Then Lance giggled and said, "I guess he's not too tired to be nibbling at my nipples though."

"Then I take it everything is normal." chuckled Mitch. "Is Melanie taking good care of you two?"

"Yeah." replied Lance. "Customs was kinda intimidating at first, but she got us through there with no problems. Once we get use to the accent over here, I think we'll have a blast."

"You do know of course that the people of England would say that we're the ones with the strange accent, right?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah." laughed Lance. "We've heard that one already." Then Mitch heard some kissing on the other end of the call, before Lance said, "I think I better let Taz talk to you for a little while, before he tries to climb down my throat."

"Okay, but you boys remember to keep playing safe tonight." chuckled Mitch.

"I don't know how much playing we'll do, considering it's almost morning here!" laughed Lance. "It's a good thing they're giving Taz tomorrow to rest up from the trip. Well, I love you Mitch, and here's Taz."

"Hi Mitch, I love you too." said Taz. "I hope you know I would never do anything to put my baby at risk."

"I know you wouldn't Taz." replied Mitch. "I'm glad you two boys love each other as much as you do too. I hope you two get to get out over there and have some fun."

"Like Lance said, the research clinic is giving me tomorrow to rest up." said Taz. "Then the next day they will be examining me, and doing a bunch of tests. After that, we'll have a few days to see London before the treatment starts. Then they'll keep me there for the first week, and have me come in every other day after that."

"It sounds like you should have plenty of time to enjoy England then." replied Mitch.

"I hope so, unless the treatment makes me too tired." replied Taz. "They said to expect that for the first week especially, which is why they'll keep me there for that week."

"I just hope that when it's over, it'll do what they think it might." replied Mitch.

"Yeah, that would be the greatest thing in the world." said Taz. "Lance baby, I think it's too tired to get up right now. I'm sorry Mitch, Lance is trying to get me hard, but I think we're a bit too wiped out from the trip."

"I could imagine!" laughed Mitch. "You two boys take care of each other, and I'll go ahead and let you get some rest. Tell Lance that you should feel more up to it after a few hours of sleep. I love you both, and I can't wait until you come home."

"We love you too Mitch." replied Taz. "We both wish that you had been our dad."

"I would have been very proud to have two sons like you and Lance too, Taz." replied Mitch. "Good night son, and tell my other son good night too."

"Okay dad, good night." replied Taz. "Lance said good night dad too."

After the call ended, Mitch took a few moments to compose himself. Then he paid for the rest of the kid's shopping, and everyone headed out to the bus. When Justin got on the bus, he sat down next to Mitch. Then when Diego walked by, he stopped to look at Justin and Mitch. Justin knew that Mitch had had a private talk with the boy, and could sense that Diego felt a little closer to Mitch now.

"Do you want to sit with Mitch, Diego?" asked Justin.

"I don't want to impose." replied Diego. "I know that he's your dad."

"It wouldn't be any imposition if you sat on my lap." said Justin. "Then we could both sit with him. I promise that I won't do anything to make you feel uncomfortable."

"Are you sure that you wouldn't mind having me sit in your lap?" asked Diego.

"Not at all little dude!" smiled Justin. "It would be a pleasure!"

Diego then climbed into Justin's lap, and Justin wrapped one arm gently around his midsection. When Diego leaned over into Mitch's side, Justin lightly pulled the boy back into his chest and abdomen. Then Justin put his other arm around Mitch's back, and the two boys smiled as they sat with Mitch. Mitch ruffled their hair lightly, then smiled at the contact with both boys. Once the bus pulled in at the house, Mitch gave Diego a light kiss on the forehead.

"Where's mine dad?" asked Justin playfully.

"Right here son." replied Mitch.

Diego watched as Mitch gave Justin a light kiss on the lips, then he felt Justin stiffen beneath him. "Why did your penis stiffen when Mitch kissed you Justin?" asked Diego.

"I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable Diego, but dad and I are both gay." replied Justin. "We're also lovers too."

"I guess that's okay." replied Diego. "I was forced into having sex with men, but if you two do that because you love each other, there's nothing wrong with it. Is that right Mitch?"

"That's exactly right Diego." smiled Mitch. "I'm happy that you can see that too."

That night was very busy around the home, now that some of the kids would be using the new wing. Even some of the kids in the original mansion wanted switch to the new wing, as the newer rooms were a little larger, and gave them more flexibility in how they wanted to decorate their room. When everyone was finished moving, and the new kids had moved into their rooms, half of the kids were in the new wing, and half were in the original mansion.

Ash and Denton were the first two boys ready to break in their new room. Ash stripped Denton naked slowly and lovingly, then had Denton lay on the bed. After Ash removed his clothes, he joined Denton on the same bed. Then Ash took Denton in his arms, and began kissing his lover passionately. By this time Denton had become so comfortable making love to Ash that it seemed natural for him to return the kiss just as passionately.

Ash finally broke the kiss and panted, "I'm so glad that you're my lover now Denton. I always dreamed of making love to you when I figured out that I was gay. I love the way you feel in my hands, in my mouth, and inside of me."

"I could have never imagined making love could feel so good before we came here Ash." smiled Denton. "I'm so glad that you helped me realize that I love you, and that being gay is the most natural thing in the world. Now, can I put my dick inside you, my beautiful lover?"

Ash immediately grabbed the lube from the nightstand and handed it to Denton, then laid on his back and spread his legs wide apart. Denton knelt between Ash's legs and lubed his dick, then put Ash's ankles up on his shoulders. Ash smiled brightly as he felt Denton push his dick as far into him as he could.

"I love how you look when I do that." smiled Denton. "I hope that when we're both old men, you still look the same way when I put my dick inside you."

"I'm sure that I will!" replied Ash.

Denton then grabbed Ash's hips, and began thrusting in and out of Ash in a heat of passion. A little while later, as Denton got closer to cumming, he put his hands on Ash's chest. Denton began squeezing Ash's nipples with his hands, as he began thrusting in and out of Ash as hard and fast as he could.

"Oh God Dent!" moaned Ash as he panted. "I love how you make love to me! Please shoot your cum into me!"

Denton groaned loudly as he emptied his balls into Ash's rectum, while Ash contracted his rectum around Denton's dick to milk out every last drop. Then before Denton's dick could soften, he leaned down and kissed Ash as passionately as he could. After Denton's dick slid out of Ash on its own, Denton broke the kiss.

"I want you to make love to me like that tonight too Ash." said Denton.

"Are you sure my love?" asked Ash. "The last time I did that, you said that it hurt."

"It only hurt when you first started though." replied Denton. "After a minute or so, it felt so incredible that I never wanted you to take it out."

"Then I'd be happy to." smiled Ash.

By that time, several kids were now breaking in new rooms. Bart had invited Maria to his room, but he was determined that he would take things slowly with her at first. After the last time he had sex with a girl, he didn't want to go too fast. Maria understood that though, and she was fine with kissing being the most they would do that night.

Diego ended up having a room by himself for now, and he moved into one of the now empty rooms in the original mansion. Mitch did stop by to tuck him in that night, and gave the boy another gentle kiss on the forehead. Diego smiled as he said, "Good night papa."

Josh and Garrett had had a long talk with Joey, and now they were going to share another one of the empty rooms in the original mansion. Joey and Justin ended up helping the two boys get moved and settled in. Tyrone finally knocked off on decorating his room, which he was alone in for now. He was in the process of doing the most decorating of any of the new kids, but that was because he already knew that he wanted this place to feel like home to him. Mitch did give in and get him a stereo for his room, but with instructions not to disturb the other boys and girls after ten o'clock. Tyrone smiled good-naturedly as he agreed to that condition.

The next day, Mitch took the boys and girls who were old enough by the academy for a visit. He was thrilled when all of the new high school aged kids decided that they wanted to apply. After they all finished the admissions test, it was time to take all of the kids to the clinic for their tests. On the bus ride there, Mitch got another call from Lance and Taz. They had been busy seeing some of London with Melanie, and were now back at the hotel at the end of an exciting day. Mitch talked to the two boys for quite a while, then spoke with Melanie as well.

"Hi Melanie." said Mitch. "I just wanted to thank you for the fine job that you're doing of watching out for my boys. I knew that I had picked the right person to accompany them to England."

"It's been nothing but a pleasure so far Mitch." replied Melanie. "To be honest, this has seemed more like a vacation than a job so far. How are things there with all of the new kids you took in yesterday?"

"Kind of hectic, but the new kids all seem to be fitting in well here so far." said Mitch. "There were a couple of tough cases among them, but I think we've made them feel more at ease than they have in quite a while. I'm sure you'll love meeting them when you get back here."

"Just like I'm sure that you'll have even more by then." laughed Melanie. "Seriously though Mitch, I'll never be able to thank you enough for this opportunity."

"And I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you're doing." replied Mitch. "Anyway, take care of my two special boys, and call me whenever you want or need to."

Then Mitch talked to Taz and Lance again, telling both boys that he loved them. The news at the clinic that all of the new boys and girls were healthy put Mitch in an even better mood. Tyrone was the most concerned about the results, thinking there was a chance he may have picked up something from one of his father's prison buddies. Tyrone was visibly relieved that he was just as healthy as the other kids.

The next day in England was a tough one for Taz. The doctors at the clinic examined him more thoroughly than he had ever been examined before, then asked him a million questions about his medical history, and his sexual habits. After the doctors were satisfied with Taz's fitness for the research, they drew four vials of blood from him. Taz was glad that he would have two days off before beginning the treatment, as long as the blood tests were within the limits they had set.

Also the next day, Mitch heard from Ms. Gardenier at the academy. Zack, Michelle, Tyrone, Bart, and Maria had all been accepted at Valencia, so now it was time to make sure that the five oldest new boys and girls were ready to begin classes. That meant another trip to the mall. The five older kids were excited when they heard that they would all be getting their own notebook computer for classes at Valencia. The other boys and girls were disappointed that they wouldn't get one too. Mitch did give in and get one for Steven, since he would be joining Valencia in the next school year, but the other kids would have to settle for the computers in the rec room. He didn't want them to get their own notebooks, only for them to be obsolete by the time they started at Valencia. Mitch did compromise though by picking up two new desktop computers for the rec room, to go with the ones that were already there.

After getting the computers and taking them home, it was time for everyone to head over to the academy. Valencia had another baseball game after school, and today would be Frank's first time on the pitching mound. After Angelica pitched their first winning game, Frank knew that he had to look good. He did have a rather large cheering section to help him out though. With the help of all of the kids at the home cheering him on, Frank pitched a very good game. Unfortunately, so did the other team's pitcher, and the score was tied going into the last inning.

"Man, it's too bad I ain't out there yet!" said Tyrone to Mitch. "I know I could blast one off that other pitcher. Whenever he gets up by two strikes and one or less balls, he likes to lay in a nice straight up pitch about waist high, and halfway between the outside of the strike zone and the center of the plate. I could knock a pitch like that to the ocean!"

"Can you run down to the dugout, and tell Frank that before he gets in the batter's box?" asked Mitch. "He'll be their last batter in the inning unless they do something."

Tyrone ran down to the dugout quickly, and caught Frank just before Tyler hit a shallow pop up for their first out of the inning. Tyrone and Frank talked for a few moments, while Lin took his time getting to the plate. Frank finally smiled widely, and gave Tyrone a pat on the back. Lin did manage to hit a slow ground ball toward third base, and ran as hard as he could to first base. He just beat the ball to first base, which finally gave Valencia a glimmer of hope in breaking the scoreless tie. Then Frank stepped up to the plate, remembering the plan that he and Tyrone worked out. Frank missed the first pitch on purpose, then settled in to take a strike without swinging. The pitcher threw a ball first, then put one on the inside of the strike zone. As Frank prepared to swing as hard as he could, he hoped that Tyrone was right. The pitcher threw the ball just like Tyrone said he would, and Frank swung with everything he had. Frank and Lin watched the towering fly ball, as Lin edged toward second, and Frank made his way a little bit toward first base. Then both boys saw the ball easily clear the fence, and ran the bases at a leisurely pace. Lin stopped after he crossed home plate, and waited for his twin brother. After Frank trotted across home plate, Lin picked him up off the ground in a hug while the crowd cheered. Valencia took a two to nothing lead, as Justin came out to start the top of the batting order. He gave Frank and Lin both a high five on the way to the plate. The two run homer by Valencia's pitcher was enough to throw the other pitcher off a little. Justin saw his first pitch come down the center of the plate, and launched the ball over the fence a few yards away from where Frank's home run had gone out. When El followed Justin with another home run, the other team replaced their pitcher. By this time though, the damage had already been done. The other team did get another at bat in the ninth inning, but Frank was so pumped up from his home run that he struck all three batters out.

The victory celebration that night was at Pizza Play Time, where Reggie was first reunited with his son Brandon. The staff knew that they would have a very profitable night when they saw the bus filled with mostly boys and girls pull up, but they also knew that they would have to work for it. The staff made sure the boys and girls had a great time though, when they found out what the occasion was. When the celebration was over, everyone headed back out to the bus. Mitch thought it would be a good idea to start doing head counts, to make sure they weren't forgetting anyone. When he finished the head count though, he was surprised to come up with one too many. Mitch recounted everyone, and still came up one person over. As long as they weren't short though, Mitch wasn't too concerned. He had Reggie pull out, then inspected each seat. When he got to the row between Randy and Jeremy, and Frank and Lin, he came across a disheveled young face that he didn't recognize The boy seemed to be of oriental descent.

Mitch sat down next to the boy and asked, "You're new here, aren't you?"

"Yes sir." replied the boy meekly. "There were so many kids on this bus, I didn't think anyone would notice me."

"I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't started doing head counts." smiled Mitch. "I never expected to come up with too many kids though. You don't have to be scared though, I'm not mad. My name is Mitch, what's your name?"

"My name is Dinh." replied the boy. "My parents are originally from Vietnam. My father brought us here when my mother was carrying me inside her. He had finally found his aunt after thirty years, and he wanted to come to America to be near her after his parents died, because she was the only family he had left besides us. She had followed an American soldier here because she had a baby by him."

"Wow, that's a lot of information just for asking your name." chuckled Mitch. "Now Dinh, why were you on this bus instead of home with your parents?"

"I disgraced my family, and had to leave." replied Dinh. "Those were my father's exact words. Since I have nine brothers and sisters, I thought it was best not to put up an argument. I have made a little to live on for the last two weeks without selling myself, but it is becoming more difficult all the time. When I saw your bus, I thought maybe I could come up with a way to survive without resorting to selling myself. The thought of doing that scares me, because I don't want to catch something and die. That's what a boy I met last week told me happens to all kids on the street eventually."

"I don't blame you Dinh." said Mitch. "Life on the street is very scary and rough. What could you do that disgraced your entire family though?"

"Do I have to answer that?" asked Dinh.

"No, but it would be a big help to me if you did." replied Mitch. "I promise not to think badly of whatever you did."

"Okay, here goes." said Dinh. "Another boy I knew talked me into doing stuff with him. We didn't know it, but where we decided would be private enough to do stuff wasn't so private. There was a news helicopter covering a police chase on foot. It was being broadcast live, and the chase passed by very close to where we were. It was so close that we were caught on the camera."

"You were one of those boys?!" exclaimed Mitch. "I remember seeing that on the news! What happened next?"

"The other boy took off before the police could come back to us, but they caught me." replied Dinh. "I was taken to the police station, and my parents were called. Then the police told my parents exactly what had happened, and that I had been shown on the news having sex with another boy. My parents took me home, and that's when my father told me that I had disgraced our family."

"I'm so sorry things turned out so bad for you Dinh." said Mitch. "Now it's time to tell you about me, and the kids on this bus. My lover and I run a home for kids with no where else to go. The kids on this bus are either off the streets, or have been forced out of their families in a bad way. Justin and I give them a safe place to live, where they can be happy and normal kids again. Would you like that too Dinh?"

"More than anything in the world!" replied Dinh, as he threw his arms around Mitch. "What will I have to do to repay my debt to you?"

"Be a happy boy, do well in school, and have a happy and successful life." replied Mitch. "That's all I want from any of my kids. Is it a deal?"

"It's a deal!" replied Dinh.

"Then welcome to our home Dinh." smiled Mitch. "I'll introduce you to everyone when we get off this bus, and tomorrow we'll start on officially making this your new home." Then Mitch looked around for someone who he thought it would help to tell Dinh about life at the home. Mitch spotted Tyrone sitting alone, and took Dinh with him to Tyrone's seat. "Tyrone, this is Dinh." said Mitch. "He's going to be staying with us now. Could you fill him in on life at our home?"

"Sure Mitch!" replied Tyrone with a smile. "Sit down with me little homey, and I'll give you the low down. So Dinh, are you from China?"

As Mitch walked off smiling, Dinh replied, "No, my family is from Vietnam. I don't think I have any Chinese in my family history, but you never know."

"Well, I'm sure you'll love living with all of us." said Tyrone. "Some of the kids here are gay, some are straight, but they're all cool as hell. Some of them are even pretty good baseball players. The most you will have to share your room with will be one other person, and you're free to make your own arrangements with roommates if you want. There's only one bathroom facility in each wing for boys, and one for girls, so we all have to shower together, but everyone seems cool about that so far. There is a rec room, and a dining room, and the cook there is pretty damn good. In homes that I've seen that have a lot of kids, they either use vans or old broken down school busses. Both of the busses at this home are just as sweet as this one. The best part is that no one will ever try to force you to do anything, or hate you for who you are. My old man passed me around to all his prison buddies when he got out, and let them all fuck me. Everyone here has been so good about it though. They all want to help me forget that shit, and live a normal life."

Dinh then opened up, and told Tyrone why he left home. The two boys were deeply involved in conversation for the rest of the trip. As they pulled in at the home, Tyrone promised Dinh that he would do anything he could to help him be happy in his new home.

Then Tyrone went to Mitch and asked, "Did Dinh tell you everything about him being here?"

"Yeah, and I can't imagine what he felt about being caught like that." replied Mitch.

"That's just awful luck though, to be broadcast on the news the first time you ever do anything like that." said Tyrone. "And his family sure didn't help things. I mean, he must have been scared and embarrassed enough without his dad doing what he did."

"Well, I think he'll be okay." smiled Mitch. "And he's starting off by making a great friend too. Thanks for helping Tyrone."

"Well, that's what family is for." smiled Tyrone.

Mitch asked Dinh if he was hungry first. After stopping by the kitchen, which George was more than happy to open to the new boy, Mitch took Dinh around and introduced him to everyone. When it came time to find Dinh a room, Dinh asked Tyrone if he could stay in his room for now. That was because Tyrone was the only one who he had had a chance to speak very much with.

"Well little homey, I have a kind of South Central meets Ethiopia motif going on in there." smiled Tyrone. "If you're okay with that though, I wouldn't mind having a roomie for now."

Dinh smiled at Tyrone's description of the room, and said that would be fine with him. So Tyrone helped Dinh set up his bed, then set Dinh up with a clean change of clothes from the incoming resident stock. Once the two boys had showered, Tyrone put some soft R & B on his stereo, on very low volume. After Tyrone turned out the lights, he could hear Dinh snoring very softly within five minutes. Tyrone smiled as he drifted off to his favorite soft music.

Well, Mitch and Justin do have a lot of empty beds to fill now. lol. I may have to post a cast of characters soon though, as it is even getting hard for me to remember all of the boys and girls in the home now. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 20.