What A Gas! 2

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 2

That night after Mitch and Justin had made love, Mitch thought about the three boys that he and Justin had already taken in in such a short time. It was clear that they were good boys who needed a safe place to live, and Mitch was so happy that he could provide that to them. He was concerned now about how fast his home would fill up though. It was abundantly clear to Mitch that there must be many more boys out there like Ryan, Joey, and Josh. Mitch wanted to help as many as he could now, no matter what he had to do to do it. Little did Mitch know that Justin was thinking almost the exact same thing.

The next day, Eric came back out to talk to Joey and Josh about living in Mitch's home. Eric was almost as upset by their story as Mitch had been the night before. He then informed Joey and Josh that they would never have to worry about going back to their mother, but they would have to make a statement against her. Eric had a hard time of it, but he convinced the boys that it was for everyone's best interest, including their mother's. He also gave Mitch the papers that officially placed Ryan in his custody, which made Ryan very happy. Mitch decided that that evening he would take all of the boys out for dinner, after getting them outfitted in decent clothing. The boys had fun shopping for new clothes, until Justin had to make a pit stop at the restroom at the mall. As Justin stood at the urinal, he heard some strange noises coming from one of the stalls. Justin was going to ignore it at first, thinking he might be better off that way, but the noises started to sound like a young person who might not be feeling well.

Justin slowly walked up to the end stall and called out, "Are you okay in there?"

All Justin heard was moaning, so he cautiously knocked on the door. Justin's knock was enough to make the door swing open, revealing what was on the other side.

"Oh my God!" gasped Justin. "Is that you Davey?"

Davey had been one of Justin's closest friends back in his home town, but now the boy didn't look like he was doing too well. Justin ran outside to get Mitch as quickly as he could. Mitch followed a frantic Justin back into the restroom, then began to care for the injured boy. Finally, it looked as though Davey was coming back around.

"Who beat you up like this Davey?" asked Mitch, who had learned the boy's name from Justin.

"I don't want to talk about it." moaned Davey.

"Why not?" asked Mitch. "Whoever did this shouldn't get away with it. Anyway, I'm going to call an ambulance for you now."

"Please don't do that mister!" begged Davey, almost ready to cry.

"Let us help you Davey." said Justin. "You've been beaten up pretty good here."

"Is that you Justin?" asked Davey. "I promise I'll explain everything later, just don't call the cops or an ambulance. Please Justin, you're my best friend."

Justin and Mitch talked it over for a minute, and they didn't want to scare Davey away. They decided to see if Doctor Bob could see him, instead of taking him to a hospital.

"Okay Davey, we won't call anyone." said Mitch. "I want you to come home with Justin and myself for now though. All we have to do is clean you up a little before taking you out to our car."

It seemed as though tonight's dinner plans would have to be postponed until the following night, but everyone agreed that dinner was unimportant compared to this. Mitch had Justin clean Davey up while the other boys stood guard, and he went to the nearest store to get the boy something to wear out of the mall. Mitch finally returned, and he and Justin dressed Davey. Justin had done a good enough job that no one would have noticed anything unless they were looking right at Davey. There were enough boys there though to keep that from happening. They were able to get Davey to the limo without being spotted. Once Davey was in the car, he leaned back in the seat and began crying softly.

Justin gave Davey a few minutes, then asked, "So Davey, why did I find my best friend from back home beaten up in the restroom of a mall in Los Angeles?"

"I don't even know where to start Justin." replied Davey. "When you disappeared, I missed you very much Justin. I know we were just friends, but it felt like more than a friend had left. I didn't know why I felt that way at first, but then I started hearing stories about you leaving. When some of them started exciting me, I figured it out. I knew that I was gay, and that's why I missed you so much. I had to know more about who I was, and I tried to be very discreet about finding out. I wasn't discreet enough though, and one of the kids at school found out. By the time I got home that evening, my parents had found out from people at school. I never knew that they could hit so hard, so I left home. I did everything that I could to keep from having to make money by doing stuff for guys. Sometimes it worked, but then sometimes it didn't. I would try to pick someone who looked healthy and safe, but this last one wasn't very safe I guess. I was hanging out by the fountain and trying to attract attention. This guy started looking at me, and he looked like he wouldn't give me any problems, so I led him to the restroom. Once we were alone, he showed me his cock, then I told him that I would suck it if he would pay me. It's been almost a week since I've eaten, so I hoped he would go along. He told me to wait for him in the end stall, so I went down there and got ready for him. I wasn't ready for him when he came down there and began hitting me though. After a few minutes, I kinda went out. The next thing I knew, you guys had found me."

"How long have you been on the street Davey?" asked Mitch.

"I don't know exactly." replied Davey. "I would guess around four or five months."

"Have you tried talking to your family since then?" asked Mitch.

"The last time I tried calling home, they wouldn't accept the call." replied Davey sadly.

"Well, I'm not letting you stay on the street anymore." said Justin. "You're still my friend Davey, and you shouldn't have to live like that."

"Thanks Justin, I love you dude." said Davey. "I know it's probably way too much to ask if you ever found a boyfriend yet. A guy like you probably has to fight the guys off."

Justin smiled sheepishly, then replied, "Sorry dude, I have the best boyfriend in the whole world right now. We love each other more than anything. There's no reason why you can't find a boyfriend though Davey. If you weren't a great guy, we wouldn't have been such good friends. Even though I have a boyfriend though, there's no reason I can't do this."

Justin leaned over and gave Davey a soft and brief kiss on the lips, which finally brought a smile to Davey's face that lit up the inside of the limo. Mitch smiled, as he knew that a smile like that would surely get the boy a boyfriend. As soon as Mitch and the boys got home, Mitch called Doctor Bob. Bob went to Mitch's house to look Davey over thoroughly. Bob looked, poked, and prodded the boy all over before he was done with him, then he went back out to Mitch.

"So Mitch, when are we going to see you and Justin at our meeting again?" asked Bob. "Eric fills us in on what's going on, but we really miss the two of you."

"We'll try to start coming again when we can." replied Mitch. "With this project we have going now though, I can't make any promises. How is Davey, anyway?"

"Well, he was beaten up pretty good tonight, but I've sadly seen much worse." replied Bob. "The good thing is it doesn't look like his assailant did any serious damage. He will have some bruises and be sore for a few days though. I think it was good that Justin wandered in there when he did. The man Justin saw leaving when he went in might have been the man who did this to Davey, and it may have been worse if they hadn't been disturbed. I would suggest ice packs for the bruises, and have him get a thorough physical as soon as possible."

"Okay Bob, I'll do that." replied Mitch. "And we'll try to get to the meeting sometime soon."

While the two men talked casually, Davey had gone upstairs to be with the other boys. "So, Justin, what's happened with you since you left? About the only thing that I know is that the police were after your mom just before I left."

"Well, I spent six months on the street, just like you were doing." said Justin. "After the last trick I turned though, I swore I would never do that again. Then I started hanging out at supermarkets, offering to help people with their bags. I also went to the gas stations, and offered to pump gas. I found I could make enough like that to eat almost every day, but I had to watch out for the businesses calling the police. Then one day, I was at a gas station when Mitch pulled in. At first I didn't think I was going to get anywhere with him, but then he started to look like he cared. I hadn't seen that look in a long time, so I took a chance on him. He ended up taking me back to his place, and then I talked him into making love to me. It wasn't like turning a trick though. We really made love, and I had never felt anything like that before. The rest is history. We fell in love, got rich together, then I found out that he might be my uncle. That was when the police went after my mom. We finally found out that Mitch really was my uncle, and that made things even better."

"You mean Mitch is the boyfriend you were talking about?" asked Davey.

"He's a lot more than just a boyfriend." said Justin. "He's a part of me that I could never live without now."

"Well, I guess if you wanted a man as a boyfriend, you couldn't have done much better." said Davey. "As for me, I really need to find someone as young as me, if not a little younger. I've had so many problems with older kids and adults since you left, I really can't be with someone older now."

"I'd love to help find you a boyfriend Davey." said Justin. "We were always good friends, and I'd like to pick up where we left off."

"That would really be great Justin." replied Davey. "I missed having you as a friend so much."

Eric was once again at Mitch's house the next day for Davey, then Mitch had three boys to take for tests. Joey was the most nervous about the test than anyone, so Justin talked to him.

"There isn't anything to be nervous about, is there Joey?" asked Justin.

"Well, I was out there having sex with men for money." replied Joey. "I'm sure we all know how risky that is."

"It is risky Joey, but we've all done that." said Justin. "Ryan and I are both okay, so there's no reason to be too nervous."

"Yeah there is." said Joey, as his voice hitched. "The kids I hung out with on the street weren't always as careful as you were, and they were the ones who taught me the ropes. I know a few of them have had it. Now I seem to feel tired more often. I don't want to leave Josh all alone dude. I want to take care of my baby brother, and watch him grow up not knowing the things I've had to learn about."

By this time Joey was crying, so Justin put his arm around him and said, "There may be some other reason why you feel tired dude. Sure, it could be AIDS, but it could be something else too. After the test, we will take care of you and your brother both as best as we can. Don't give up now though Joey, Josh still needs you."

"I'll really try hard dude." said Joey. "Could you be with me when we do the test though? I need help to get through this one."

"Of course I will Joey." replied Justin. "You don't even have to ask that."

First up was Davey, who Justin agreed to be with too. The test results came back negative for Davey, but due to his answers during the screening, the doctor wanted him examined for another possible problem. It seemed as though Davey had picked up a venereal infection from one of his last tricks. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics, and told Davey to come back in one week. Davey was also told to abstain from any sexual contact until then.

Next was Josh, which was just a formality seeing as how he was not sexually active yet. Then came Joey, and Justin went in with him for the results as promised.

"You look like you need to hear this, so I'm not going to beat around the bush Joey." said the doctor. "You are also negative Joey." Joey and Justin hugged each other, and cried in relief. Then the doctor continued, "Now for the bad part. It could take as long as six months for the virus to make itself known, so you should be tested again in the future. I would like to run complete blood work on you though, to see if there is some other reason you may be feeling tired. When you were taking care of you and your brother, did you always eat regularly?"

"I never let Josh go without food." said Joey. "I would make sure he could eat, even if I couldn't."

"Josh is lucky to have a brother like you Joey." said the doctor as he smiled. "The problem with that though is that you may have made yourself anemic from not eating properly. Your blood needs certain nutrients to be able to maintain it's iron level. Without the proper iron level, your blood can't hold enough oxygen. We can treat that though Joey, so I hope that's all that your lack of energy is. With you having a proper home now, we hopefully shouldn't have to worry about this again."

The doctor drew two more vials of blood from Joey, then told Mitch that he would have the results in five days. He suggested making sure that Joey got plenty of rest until then. Joey was happy with his visit to the doctor today, even though he was told he would have to be tested in again in six months. Justin was also happy for his new friend, that at least he was negative for now. Justin told Joey how lucky Josh was to have a brother like him. Joey was proud to be told that, as he loved his brother very much.

The dinner was tried again that night, and this time Mitch and the boys, including Davey, were joined by Danny and Antonio. When everyone went into the restaurant, Mitch made sure that Joey got everything on the menu that he wanted.

"So, is everyone going to come and watch Justin and myself in our next game?" asked Antonio during the dinner.

"What game is that?" asked Davey. "Justin never was much of the jock at our old school."

"We're in the state high school championships for lacrosse." replied Justin proudly.

"Not only that, Justin is our star player!" exclaimed Antonio.

"He is quite a little go-getter on the lacrosse field." added Mitch.

"Well, I guess we have to then." said Davey.

"You can count us in too!" said Joey, answering for himself and Josh.

"I wouldn't miss it either." said Ryan.

"So Justin, what school do you go to around here?" asked Davey.

"I go to Valencia Hills Academy." replied Justin proudly.

"Wow amigo, that sounds expensive!" exclaimed Davey.

"That's something else I wanted to bring up to you boys." said Mitch. "I want any one of you that wants to, to go to Valencia Hills Academy yourselves. You would be getting the best high school education in the state, not to mention having fun while doing it."

"Yeah, it's the best school I've ever been to." said Justin. "They will actually make you look forward to going to school."

"I hope all of you boys will take advantage of the opportunity, and try to get enrolled there." said Mitch. "We can put Josh in a good private elementary school until he is old enough for high school, but I would really like to see him go to Valencia too."

"I would like to see that too." said Joey, as he smiled at his brother. "It may be too late for me to get in somewhere like that, but I definitely want to see Josh do well."

"It's not too late for you Joey." said Justin. "You could still get a great education there."

"I don't know if they would be looking to enroll any ex-prostitutes my age though." said Joey sadly.

"I did the same things when I lived on the street, and they took me." said Justin. "The only one there who will ever bring that up will be you. There's no reason you should though Joey. You did what you had to do to survive and take care of your brother. You're a better person than to ever have to relive that again."

All of the boys agreed over dinner to try to enroll at Valencia after Mitch talked to Miss Gardenier the next day. Danny and Antonio had a great time getting to know all of the boys living with Mitch and Justin now. After a nice dinner, everyone left the restaurant to head back to the limo.

"Hey mister." came a voice from the alley they passed by. "You with all the kids. Could you do me a favor? When the cops get done picking up pieces of my body, can you tell them why I did this."

A boy then stepped out of the alley, holding what looked like a live grenade to his chest. "Is that thing real?" asked Mitch, who motioned for all the boys to get behind him.

"It's real enough to blow me into tiny little pieces." replied the boy.

"Why would you do that though?" asked Mitch. "You look like such an innocent and gentle boy. By the way, my name is Mitch. What's your name?"

"My name is Lance." replied the boy. "I guess I just can't take living like this any more. One of the guys I hang out with sometimes is into collecting military stuff like this. I told him I wanted the grenade to try to rip off a bank. I guess I'm not as innocent and gentle as you thought mister."

"Do you really want to rob a bank though?" asked Mitch.

"Nah, I can't do it." replied Lance. "That's why I decided to use it on myself instead. I'm such a damn failure! At least that's what everyone has always told me. My parents told me that all the time before I left."

"Could you give yourself one more chance Lance?" asked Mitch. "I could give you a place to live and plenty of people around you to help you be anything but a failure. I don't think you really are a failure anyway Lance. I think people just didn't want to go to the trouble of understanding you, so they told you that as a way of copping out."

"I don't know Mister Mitch, my hand is getting awfully weak now." said Lance.

"Please Lance, tell me where the pin is for that thing." begged Mitch.

"It's on the ground just behind me somewhere." replied Lance. "I don't really want to kill myself if you will help me Mister Mitch."

"Okay Lance, this is what we'll do." said Mitch. "I'm going to help you hold the lever on that thing, while my boys here find that pin. Once they find it, we'll get rid of that thing. Then I will help you, just like I promised. You'll see Lance, everything will be okay again. I swear it will."

"Please help me!" sobbed Lance.

Mitch gently placed his hand over Lance's hand, then took the boy into a warm and loving embrace. As Mitch comforted Lance, and made promises of help and hope, the boys frantically searched for the pin. After about fifteen minutes, Danny found the pin against a pile of wooden crates. Mitch held his and Lance's hand out, while Danny carefully reinserted the pin into the handle of the grenade. Mitch handed the grenade to Justin, and told him to call Bernie to get rid of it for them. Then Mitch carried a hysterically crying Lance back to the limo. Everyone took turns hugging Lance and talking to him, while they waited for Bernie to show up. Once Bernie showed up and took the grenade, Mitch had Reggie head back home. Mitch knew that this would be a very long night, especially for Lance.

Lance had to be carried inside when they got home, then all of the boys helped him to get cleaned up and dressed. While they were doing that, Mitch called Eric. Mitch had never handled someone who had been so close to killing themself before, and he felt he needed help. Eric thanked Mitch for calling him, then headed over with Casey. Eric and Casey arrived about the same time as the boys were finishing with Lance.

"I don't want you to get scared Lance." said Mitch. "This is Eric and his son Casey. Eric is a very good friend, and he has helped all of the boys living here to be able to stay with me."

"Hi Lance." said Eric, as he held his hand out to the boy. "I hear you had a rough time of it tonight. I want you to know that I'm here to help. Casey had a friend at one time that tried the same thing as you, except not with a grenade. Casey and I helped him, and we want to help you too. Would you like to tell us why you wanted to blow yourself up with a grenade tonight?"

"I just feel like such a failure." said Lance. "My parents always called me that. They said that I would never amount to anything like my older brothers will. I thought maybe finding a nice girlfriend would make them let up, but I could never even get hard for any girl I went out with. When my friends found out about that, they called me a failure too. I didn't have anything to stay at home for, so I left. I expected my parents to try to find me, but they never did. They never even filed a report that I ran away. I tried to make money to live on, but I found out the only way I could do that was to do stuff with guys and let them pay me for it. When I realized that I could get hard while doing that, I really felt like a failure. After the third time, I just didn't want to live like this any more. I got the grenade from a guy I met on the street. He thought I was going to use it to rip off a bank, so he gave me the grenade. All I had to do was give him a small cut of what I was suppose to rip off, but I failed at that too."

"I wouldn't call not being able to commit a serious crime a failure Lance." said Eric. "It shows that you are too good to do something like that."

"Mitch came along and said that he could help me." said Lance. "I know that I will feel like a failure again because I have nothing to offer him."

"You could never be a failure because of that, because I don't expect anything from my boys except to grow up happy and successful." said Mitch. "I will help you as much as I can to do that Lance."

"Mitch is right Lance." said Eric. "No one is going to expect anything in return for the help Mitch gives you. The only thing he will want is for you to become the best person you can be as you mature into manhood."

"Yeah, but I get hard for other guys, and not for girls." said Lance, as his voice hitched. "I am a failure!"

"That's enough of that Lance." said Justin. "How many guys here can get a hard on for other guys?"

Lance was shocked as everyone except Josh raised their hand. Then Mitch said, "If you're a failure Lance, then we all are too. I personally don't believe you are though."

"My friend thought pretty much the same thing as you do Lance." said Casey. "My dad and I finally convinced him that what he was feeling was what other people thought though, and not how he really felt. If you had killed yourself it would have been wrong, and those other people would have gotten away with the lies they were telling you. I hope you'll think about that before you ever do anything like that again."

"How can all of you seem to care so much?" asked Lance.

"How could those others not care?" asked Mitch in reply. "I know we didn't know you before tonight Lance, but we all have one thing in common. We all need people in our lives who care. I may not know you, but I know that you really need someone to care, and I can't help but to give you that. I hope that I've taught all of my boys that too, and after tonight, I'm pretty sure that I have. We all care about you Lance, and we want to help you."

Lance cried heavily as he threw himself into Mitch's arms, and told everyone how much he wanted them to help him. Everyone promised that they would do everything they could for him.

It's getting crowded, huh? I'm sure Mitch's home has enough room and enough love for quite a few more boys though. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 3.