What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

Mitch asked Dinh if he was hungry first. After stopping by the kitchen, which George was more than happy to open for the new boy, Mitch took Dinh around and introduced him to everyone. When it came time to find Dinh a room, Dinh asked Tyrone if he could stay in his room for now. That was because Tyrone was the only one who he had had a chance to speak very much with.

"Well little homey, I have a kind of South Central meets Ethiopia motif going on in there." smiled Tyrone. "If you're okay with that though, I wouldn't mind having a roomie for now."

Dinh smiled at Tyrone's description of the room, and said that would be fine with him. So Tyrone helped Dinh set up his bed, then set Dinh up with a clean change of clothes from the incoming resident stock. Once the two boys had showered, Tyrone put some soft R & B on his stereo, on very low volume. After Tyrone turned out the lights, he could hear Dinh snoring very softly within five minutes. Tyrone smiled as he drifted off to his favorite soft music.

When Tyrone awoke the next morning, he found Dinh snuggled in front of him in his bed, still snoring softly. Dinh was snuggled so closely that Tyrone found his cock was nestled gently between Dinh's cheeks. Tyrone couldn't explain what was coming over him, as he reached around and gently took Dinh's cock in his hand. Tyrone rubbed it very gently as he listened to the sound of Dinh's soft snoring. Tyrone didn't even notice when Dinh stopped snoring.

"Mmmm." moaned Dinh softly, as he felt Tyrone's cock stiffening between his cheeks, and Tyrone's hand around his cock. "Could you put your cock inside me Tyrone?" asked Dinh softly.

"Are you sure my cock won't be too big for you Dinh?" asked Tyrone.

"It could never be too big for me." smiled Dinh.

"To be honest, I always thought if I wanted to do anything like this, it might be with one of the men my dad brought over." said Tyrone. "He was pretty nice about doing things to me."

"Did he do it because he loved you, or because he wanted to do it with a boy." asked Dinh.

"Huh, he probably would have done it with anyone." replied Tyrone.

"Well, I want to do it because I think I'm falling in love with you." said Dinh. "Your arms feel very good around me, and your body feels very good pressed into my back. I don't think anyone else would be making me feel the way you are right now."

"Wow little homey, you're really falling in love with me?" asked Tyrone, as he pulled Dinh into him tightly. After a few moments, Tyrone said, "Reach into my drawer and pull out the small tube in there. It was kinda like a welcome to the home gift from one of the guys. I think it was suppose to be a gag, but I'm glad I have it now."

Dinh pulled a tube of lube out of the drawer, and handed it to Tyrone. Tyrone then pulled away from Dinh just enough to reach his cock. Tyrone lubed his cock well, then stuck a lubed finger just inside Dinh to lube his opening too.

"Are you sure about this little homey?" asked Tyrone.

"Please make love to me Tyrone." replied Dinh.

Tyrone had to use quite a bit of pressure to get his cock to slip just inside Dinh. Dinh immediately tensed up, and Tyrone could tell he was holding back a yelp. Tyrone remembered how it felt the first time his ass was entered by a man's cock, so he held perfectly still.

"I can pull my cock out of you if you want me to Dinh." said Tyrone. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Just give me a minute or two to get use to it." said Dinh through clenched teeth. "My friend wasn't anywhere near as big as you are."

Tyrone finally felt Dinh relax, so he said, "I'm going to go really slow Dinh. If you need me to stop so you can adjust to my cock, just tell me. Like I said, I don't want this to hurt you. I really kinda care about you."

Tyrone slowly worked his cock into Dinh, stopping several times to let Dinh get use to it. He finally couldn't believe it though when Dinh had let him put his entire cock inside him. "Oh Dinh, you feel so tight and warm around my cock!" moaned Tyrone softly.

"I've never had anything so far inside me Tyrone!" replied Dinh euphorically. "It feels so full inside me. Can you please give me your love now Tyrone?"

Tyrone started going very slowly back and forth into Dinh, as both boys moaned in pleasure. Tyrone picked up the pace a little bit at a time, and began making his strokes longer and longer. When Tyrone reached back around to feel Dinh's cock, he could tell Dinh liked what they were doing. Dinh's erection was only about five inches long, but it was now incredibly hard.

"Try not to cum Dinh." said Tyrone softly. "There's something I've wanted to try ever since the day my dad brought his friends home from prison. Your butt feels better than any girl's pussy I've ever been in."

"I've never imagined being made love to feeling like this Tyrone." moaned Dinh softly. "I'll try to hold my cum back, and I can't wait to see what you have in mind!"

"I'm sure you'll like it." smiled Tyrone. "I just hope I do too."

Tyrone continued making love to Dinh, experiencing the most intense pleasure he had ever felt before. Dinh was also in a state of ecstasy now, and he knew that Tyrone was the only one he wanted doing this to him. Dinh worked as hard as he could to honor Tyrone's request, holding his cum back as hard as he could. Dinh finally felt Tyrone's thrusts becoming more urgent, and knew that he would soon be flooded on the inside by Tyrone's cum. As Tyrone approached his orgasm, he felt more pressure building in his balls than he had ever felt before. He knew that this would be his most intense orgasm ever. When Tyrone felt the first blast from his cock, he yelled out in pleasure.

"Oh God Tyrone, keep filling me!" moaned Dinh loudly.

Tyrone didn't know how much cum he pumped inside of Dinh, but he knew that it was more than any orgasm he'd ever had before. Tyrone was almost drained, but he still wanted to try something new. Tyrone's cock pulled out of Dinh with a faint pop, then Tyrone turned Dinh onto his back. Tyrone moved down in the bed and looked at Dinh's five rock hard inches for a few seconds, then watched as a cock passed through his lips for the first time ever. Dinh gasped as he watched Tyrone's thick and full lips slide over his cock. Tyrone slid his lips all the way down Dinh's hard shaft, and urgently caressed Dinh's cock with his tongue. Dinh moaned when he felt Tyrone's tongue press his foreskin between it, and the roof of his mouth. Then Tyrone reached in with one hand, and pulled the foreskin back on Dinh's cock. Tyrone's full lips and tongue caressed the now exposed head of Dinh's cock for a few moments, then Tyrone took it deeply into his mouth again. Dinh could no longer hold back, as his cock began shooting in Tyrone's mouth. Tyrone didn't know what to think of the taste of Dinh's cum at first, but still swallowed all of it. Tyrone nursed and suckled at Dinh's cock, until it stopped shooting and began to soften. Then Tyrone moved up, and took Dinh tightly in his arms. Dinh pressed his lips against Tyrone's, and the two boys shared a passionate kiss.

After several minutes of kissing, Dinh pulled back slightly and said, "I can't believe how great you've made me feel Tyrone! I knew that making love was suppose to feel good, but that was incredible!"

"I can't believe it either!" replied Tyrone. "I never dreamt two guys could make each other feel like that! I can't believe how sweet your cock felt in my mouth either, and that was the first time I've done that! Would you please be my boyfriend Dinh?"

"I'll be proud to be your boyfriend Tyrone." smiled Dinh. "I can't imagine making love to anyone else right now."

It was a good thing that today was Saturday. With the leisurely pace that Tyrone and Dinh took cleaning each other in the shower, and getting to breakfast, Tyrone would have been late for his first day of school. Mitch noticed the look on both boys faces that morning, so he took them aside after breakfast.

"With what Tyrone has been through, I just wanted to make sure he's okay with what you two have obviously done so far." said Mitch.

"You can tell?" asked Tyrone.

"The looks on both your faces this morning have left very little to the imagination!" laughed Mitch. "How do you feel Tyrone?"

"This morning was the most incredible experience I've ever had!" replied Tyrone. "I've even asked Dinh to be my boyfriend, and he accepted."

"Well, as long as you are both approaching this willingly, I think it's very beautiful." said Mitch. "I hope you realize that there's nothing wrong with what you two did, because you both did it because you wanted to. As a matter of fact, making love to someone because you love them is the most wonderful thing in the world, regardless of what sex the other person is."

"I know Mitch, and right now I can't imagine giving my love to anyone except Dinh." replied Tyrone. "I think I want to spend the rest of my life loving him."

"Then congratulations, and I'm very happy for both of you boys." smiled Mitch. "If there's anything either of you need to talk about, come to me at any time of the day or night. Now Tyrone, after Eric and Will stop by this morning, we'll take your boyfriend to the mall and get him set up here permanently. Would you like that Dinh?"

"I want to be here with my boyfriend more than anything in the world!" replied Dinh happily.

The visit from Eric and Will went well, and it looked as though Mitch now had another new resident. Will had dealt with oriental cultures before, and knew that if Dinh's family felt that he disgraced them, they would never allow him to return home. After that, it was time to go to the mall. Every kid in the home wanted to go today, so Mitch would have to drive the second bus. As soon as the two busses pulled up and unloaded, Mitch was met by mall security.

"We would like you to make sure you keep your group together today sir." said the chief security officer. "It's not that we don't want you and your kids here, because nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that we seem to have been inundated by quite a few street kids this morning. We've been trying to round them up, but they have managed to stay away from us pretty good so far."

"Oh no!" thought Mitch to himself, as he had a feeling his head count would be over again today. "I'll try to do what I can, but I'm sure you know that my home specializes in taking kids like that off the street, and turning their lives around for the better. The boys and girls in my home have become very good at spotting and befriending kids like that."

"I'm personally all for that sir, and I wish you luck this morning." smiled the officer. "Our only concern is that the street kids do not disrupt business here at the mall today."

"I'll make sure to help with that then." replied Mitch. "I guess you may end up being glad we stopped by today. And don't worry, if my kids do split up into groups, they will be very well behaved."

Mitch decided that the first stop should be at the electronics store, to get some two way radios in case the kids did decide to split up into groups. They would need to get in touch with Mitch if any of them wanted to buy anything. Mitch did give everyone twenty dollars for spending money that day, but knew that wouldn't last long. Tyrone and Dinh started off the day with Mitch's group, as the trip was mostly for Dinh anyway.

"How can you be spending so much money today Mitch?" asked Dinh, as he was looking over clothes at a very trendy shop.

"That's easy." smiled Mitch. "Justin and I have two of the most popular computer programs on the market today. We've probably made more in the last hour than all of you kids will spend today. Now, don't worry and let's get you everything you'll need today."

Then Tyrone tugged at Dinh's arm, and pointed at a shop across from the one they were in. The shop Tyrone was pointing at specialized in urban contemporary clothing, which made Dinh smile at the thought of dressing the way Tyrone wanted him to. Mitch laughed lightly as he and Justin followed the boys to the other shop. Tyrone had fun outfitting Dinh as if he were getting clothes for himself, and it made Mitch and Justin chuckle a few times. After buying quite a few clothes there, Mitch did remind the boys that Dinh would also have to conform to Valencia's dress code when he started there. They went back to the other store, and Dinh finally found a few outfits there too. Then came the first call over the two way radio.

"Hey Mitch, are you there?" called out Bart.

"Yeah Bart, I'm here." replied Mitch. "What's going on?"

"Some of us came over to the arcade, and we met a few kids that don't have any place to go." replied Bart. "Security has shown up though, and they're trying to harass the kids we met. Can you come over and give us a hand?"

"We're on our way." smiled Mitch.

When Mitch and his group got to the arcade, security had cornered the street kids, and a few kids from Mitch's home. Mitch went to the security guards and asked, "Can I have a talk with the kids? Some of them are from my home, and I think I can straighten this out for you."

"Okay sir, but we can't have any of these kids hanging out here with the intention of bothering the mall customers." said the security guard.

"I promise that they won't bother anyone after I talk to them." replied Mitch.

The guards backed off, and gave Mitch and the kids some room. Mitch saw four boys he didn't recognize, along with three boys and a girl from his home. "Hey there boys, my kids seem to have taken a liking to you today. That may work out okay for you, as security seems to be intent on rounding up unescorted kids today. Do all four of you boys live on the streets?"

"Yeah, but we don't like the idea of selling ourselves to make it." said one of the boys. "We will when we have to, but we'd rather trying raising enough to live on in places like this."

"Either way is a tough way to live." said Mitch. "I should know, a lot of the kids in my home use to live on the streets. They know they don't have to live that way anymore though, isn't that right Randy?"

"Yeah, we have a great place to live now." replied Randy, who was one of Mitch's kids who were with the four new boys. "It was really rough living on the streets, but now Mitch makes sure I have everything I need, and I don't have to be afraid that something is going to happen to me, or worry when my next meal will be."

"Would you boys like that too?" asked Mitch. "You can ask any of my kids what I expect from the kids in my home. The only thing I expect is for you to turn things around from how they are now, and grow up to be happy and successful young men."

"No sex?" asked the boy who seemed to be the group's spokesman now.

"The only time anyone should ever do that is when they want to because they love someone." replied Mitch. "No one in my home will ever be forced into a sexual situation against their will. And you should absolutely never have to do that just to survive. It should only be a wonderful experience between two completely consenting people, and only because they both want to."

"Not many people make offers like that to us street kids." said the boy. "Why are you?"

"Because I rescued the love of my life from a life on the streets." replied Mitch. "Now me and him want to give as many kids as we can that same chance. We believe that anyone can overcome the circumstances that led to you being here today, if we help you do it. What are your boys names anyway?"

"My name is Alex." replied the first boy. "I left home at fourteen because it was better than being beaten every day of my life. I just turned fifteen, and celebrated my birthday by sleeping under a freeway overpass."

"Did your parents beat you because you were gay?" asked Mitch.

"No, they just liked beating me." replied Alex. "I actually don't like doing things with other guys, but I will if I have to to survive."

"You'll never have to worry about that again, if you let us help you Alex." said Mitch, as he tried to hold back his emotions. "Who wants to go next?"

"My name is Deshawn, and I'm fourteen." said a very nice looking young black boy. "My dad walked into my room and found out I liked doing things with other boys. Then he told me if I was still there when he came back to my room, he would shoot me in the head. After that, he hit me in the head so hard that he knocked me out. When I came to, I grabbed a few things and climbed out my window as quickly as I could. When I first got to the streets, everyone wanted to pay me to have sex with them. I was scared to do that though, and Alex has helped me quite a bit."

"I'm Sean, and my parents were a trip when they found out I was gay." said the next boy. "I was thirteen at the time, but I knew there was no doubt that I was gay. My mother then forced me to have sex with her almost every day for the next year, trying to make me straight. I guess that she forgot to take the pill or something though, because she ended up getting pregnant from me. At that point my dad threw her out of the house, then looked at me really hatefully. I knew that I couldn't stay there, so I left. I do sell myself when I have no other choice, but I'd rather not do that. I just doesn't feel right."

"My name is Adam." said the next boy. "I'm straight, and I don't want to do things with other guys. I don't know how much longer I can make it without doing that though, and it scares the hell out of me. My parents were into drugs, and made me take care of pick-ups and drops for them, so they wouldn't get caught. One night things went wrong though. It really wasn't my fault, but the person I was suppose to contact thought it was. He went to my parents, and beat them pretty bad. Then he told them when he caught me, he was going to kill me. He also said that he would kill anyone I was with, so my parents threw me out. I really can't let you guys take that risk with me."

"Holy shit Adam!" exclaimed Mitch. "How old are you?"

"I'm only twelve man, and I'm scared to death that someone will find me someday!" cried Adam. "I don't want to die like that!"

Mitch took the crying boy into his arms and said, "You need help more than anyone I've ever met Adam. I promise that we'll all protect you until we can get this mess straightened out. Don't worry son, we'll make sure that no one ever finds you at our home, even if it takes changing your name and making up a new past for you. I don't know what would be involved in that, but I'm sure my lawyer can find out. Please let us help you Adam."

"Please help me!" cried Adam.

As Mitch comforted the boy until he calmed down, the other kids were in shock from what Adam had told them. Mitch finally went back to the security guards and said, "All of these boys will be going home with my group today. I promise that they won't bother anyone. My kids will keep three of them with them until we leave, and I'll take the youngest with me."

"Okay sir, that's good enough for us." replied the guard. "As long as we don't get any complaints, we're fine with that."

After the trip to the computer store, where Mitch decided that most of his kids would end up going to Valencia so he bought their entire stock of notebooks, Tyrone and Dinh decided that they would go out on their own. Then Mitch began taking calls to meet groups who had either found kids they wanted to help, or groups who wanted to buy something, and needed Mitch to come pay for it. Then Mitch got a call from Dinh.

"Mitch, please come help!" said Dinh.

"What's wrong Dinh?" asked Mitch.

"Tyrone bought a CD with the money you gave us earlier, and mall security is claiming he stole it." replied Dinh. "He threw the receipt away after we got away from the store, and now I can't find it! Please hurry Mitch, they want to call the police!"

Mitch met Dinh as quickly as he could, and began getting into an argument with mall security. Dinh showed Mitch the trash can where Tyrone threw the receipt, but it wasn't there. Then security took everyone to their office, where they were already holding Tyrone.

"Mitch, I'm glad you're here!" said Tyrone. "These people know I bought that CD, they just want to harass me because I'm a black kid in the mall without an adult!"

"Where is the music store clerk who filed the report that Tyrone took the CD without paying for it?" Mitch asked the security guard in charge.

"No one filed a report." replied the guard. "We were keeping the suspect under surveillance. We have video tape of him in the store, taking the CD, but not paying for it."

"I want to see that, and I want your supervisor here too!" said Mitch.

Once the supervisor was there, Mitch was shown the security video of Tyrone picking up the CD. He never did try to conceal it though, and once he and Dinh got to the front of the store, the video stopped.

"That video doesn't show him passing by the register at the front of the store!" said Mitch. "What happened to that video?"

"Our tape jammed at that point, but I know he left without paying for it!" said the guard. "I was watching him the whole time!"

"Well, I believe Tyrone and Dinh over you sir." said Mitch. "If they say they paid for that, I believe them."

"Where is their receipt then?" asked the guard smugly. "You better be careful before calling me a liar sir."

"I don't know where the receipt is, but I want the clerk from that store here now!" replied Mitch.

"Okay sir, calm down." said the supervisor. "We'll get to the bottom of this."

The supervisor then called the music store, to have the clerk come to the office and corroborate his guard's story. That didn't work as well as the guard had hoped though. Apparently Tyrone and Dinh had made a friendly impression on the clerk as they had checked out.

"Hey guys, how is that CD you bought earlier?" asked the clerk, as soon as he saw Tyrone and Dinh.

"Now may I call your scumbag of a guard a liar?" Mitch asked the supervisor.

"We haven't had a chance to listen to it yet." Tyrone told the clerk. "This pig of a guard thinks we stole it!"

"What?!" exclaimed the clerk. "That's ridiculous! I remember you two buying that CD very clearly!"

The supervisor then turned to his guard and said, "Okay Vic, empty your pockets."

The guard reluctantly emptied all of his pockets, and pulled out the missing receipt.

"How in the hell did you get that!" asked Tyrone. "Wait a minute! You went into that trash can behind us, and took the receipt, didn't you? Do you hate me that much just because I'm black?! Or is it because you think me and my friend are a bit too friendly together? If we love each other, that's none of your business!"

"Okay Vic, clear out right now." said the supervisor. "This goes way beyond suspension, you're fired." Then the supervisor turned to Mitch, Tyrone, and Dinh and said, "I'm very sorry about this. We don't condone the behavior of that guard for one second. Is there any way I can make this up to you guys?"

"I just want to know why." said Tyrone.

"I don't really know son." said the supervisor. "He should know better than to behave the way he did. You don't deserve to be treated that way by anyone. I'll make sure that all of my guards know that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated though, and I'll make sure no one here treats you like that again. If you want to file any kind of civil action against him, we will cooperate fully."

After the supervisor shook Tyrone's hand, Tyrone turned to Mitch and said, "Thanks for believing me Mitch. Some people wouldn't have, and I appreciate it."

"That's because some people don't know you like I do." smiled Mitch. "I know that you could have never lied to me about that, so I didn't doubt your story for a second. That's called love and trust, and I want everyone in my home to practice that with everyone they meet." Then Mitch turned to the supervisor and said, "I'm not holding this against you sir, but this has kind of put a damper on things today. My group will be leaving here soon because of this. I hope you let your staff know that."

"I will, and I apologize again." replied the supervisor. "I want you to know though that I will personally guarantee that no one from your home will ever be harassed here again. Please don't let this keep you from coming back anytime."

Once that incident was over, Mitch called everyone together to leave. The luggage compartments on the bus were packed fully by this time. So were the busses, for that matter. Even with counting the extra kids Mitch knew about, his head count still came up over by six.

Mitch turned to Justin and laughed, "I guess the word about our home is starting to get around on the streets. I hope the next wing of our home is finished soon."

"Yeah, and we may have to get working on that next hit computer program soon!" laughed Justin.

Once they got home, Mitch sat all of the new faces down in the living room. There were the four kids from the arcade, two that his kids met at the food court, another two that his kids spotted being chased past the cinema, and six that no one seemed to know about. This would once again fill Mitch's home, but he and Justin were determined to never turn anyone away who needed their help.

"Well, welcome to our home everyone." said Mitch to the ten boys and four girls. "I feel a bit overwhelmed here. I'm sure that most of you have had a chance to hear a little something about this home, so why don't we just start with introductions. My name is Mitch, and the young man next to me is Justin. We set this home up to take in boys and girls with nowhere to turn to, and give them another chance at living a normal and happy life. We will do everything we can to help you put your past behind you, and be happy and successful with the rest of your life. We're not going to be asking for much in return, but one thing we want most is for everyone here to treat each other like family, and respect each other's differences. Okay, let's just start on one side, and work our way across the room."

The four boys from the arcade went first, and Mitch ended up with Adam glued to his side again. Mitch thought that maybe he should talk to Bernie about Adam, before calling Eric, and decided to do that after the new kids were settled in. After the kids from the arcade were finished, the boy and girl who were picked up at the food court went next.

"Hi everyone." said the boy. "My name is Jerry, and this is my girlfriend Sheila. We're twelve, and we just found out about sex a few months ago. Neither of us even knew what a boyfriend and girlfriend was until then. Now though, we can't stand to be apart. The sex part is really fun too. Sheila says that she loves it when I get my dick hard and put it inside her. I still haven't shot any cum from my dick yet, so we're not worried about Sheila getting pregnant. Our parents were though, which is silly. I could have sex with her for a solid hour, and still not cum inside her. It just feels good. They were afraid I would make her pregnant though. Then they started yelling at each other. After that, they started yelling at us. Our parents told us that we could never see each other again. Then they told us they were sending me to an all boys school, and Sheila to an all girls school. When Sheila and I told them to fuck themselves, they got mad and threw us both out. Sheila and I thought we would be okay on our own, but it's only been a week, and we're both scared about how we'll make it. We're glad we found your home."

"We're glad you did too Jerry and Sheila, and we'll help you as much as you need it." replied Mitch. "Now, don't take this next part wrong, because I'm not trying to sound like your parents did. You are getting to the age where you could cum at any time Jerry, and you wouldn't know it was happening until it was too late to stop it. Then there would be the chance that Sheila could get pregnant. I'm not telling you that you can't have sex, because if you really want to do that, I couldn't stop you. I do want to talk to both of you about ways that you can have sex though, that would reduce the chances of Sheila getting pregnant if you were to start cumming. Is that fair Jerry?"

"That sounds a lot more fair than our parents did." replied Jerry.

"Good." smiled Mitch. "Who's next?"

"My name is Reynaldo, and this is my younger sister Anna." said a hispanic teen. "I'm fourteen, and Anna is thirteen. We both learned English in a school for migrant children while our parents picked grapes. Our parents were migrant workers in the vineyards south of San Francisco. We heard that they had heard of better opportunities for migrant workers in Florida, and were excited to get the chance to go there. Then we woke up one morning, and our parents had left with a group to go there during the night. It was explained to us by someone who knew them that our parents didn't want us to go with them, and that it was time we learned to take care of ourselves. We stayed on for a few weeks, taking our parents place in the vineyards. Then we saved up enough money to leave there, and come here. The money didn't last as long as we thought it would though, and now we have no idea what we're going to do next."

"Well Reynaldo, I don't want you or Anna to worry about that anymore." said Mitch. "You shouldn't have to take care of yourselves at your age, and the people at this home will take care of that for you. We'll help you and Anna be better off than your parents will ever be. Now, who are the extremely cute little twin boys?"

"I'm Jack." replied one of the boys.

"I'm Zack." replied the other boy. "Jack and I are nine. Our parents became homeless. We stayed with them for a while though, until they found out they could make one hundred thousand dollars by selling us to some man. The man was really scary though, and Jack and I knew that he wanted to buy us to do things that would hurt us. The second we got the chance, we ran away from the man. Then we met our two friends next to us, which was a good thing because that man looked everywhere for us. Our friends hid us though, so that man would never find us. Then we followed our friends onto one of your busses, and here we are."

"We're sorry about sneaking in the way we did too." said one of the girls. "My name is Carrie, and the other girl next to me is my girlfriend Carla. Our parents kicked us out when they discovered that we were lesbian, and were having a relationship with each other. We've been making it by finding people who just want to take pictures of us. It's still tough though, even though we haven't had to resort to selling our bodies yet. Then we came across Jack and Zack, and knew that we had to take care of them too. It was almost getting to the point where we thought we would have to turn to prostitution, and then we heard about your home. Most of the kids on the street think it's a myth, but we knew that it had to be true. It had to be true, not only for our sake, but for Jack and Zack too. We went to the mall today because a lot of kids said they were going to hang out there. We couldn't believe it when we actually saw your group there, and knew that you had to be the ones that the stories we heard were about. I can't tell you how glad we are that we were right."

"We're glad you found us too Carrie." said Mitch. "Now you and Carla can concentrate on just being happy again, and you can rest assured that Jack and Zack will be very well cared for now. Who's next?"

"I'm Chase, and I heard the rumors about your home too." said one of the two boys who were left. "I'm sixteen, and gay too. I guess that's a popular reason for being kicked out of your home. I got kicked out because of the guy I fell in love with though. He's a popular teen actor, and I guess he didn't want a gay relationship to ruin his career. I just don't know why he didn't think about that before we made love. Anyway, he called my parents, yelling and screaming about what he said I forced him to do. I'm not exactly an intimidating or strong person, but they believed him anyway. They threw me out right after they hung up the phone with him. I would love to find my dear boyfriend though, so I can tell the whole world what we did."

"Well Chase, I don't agree with him doing what he did, but remember to be very careful about trying to get even." said Mitch. "It could blow up in your face, or not turn out at all like you would want. Now, who do we have last?"

"I am Ivan." said the last boy. "My parents defected here from Russia just before the end of the cold war. I was born quite a bit after that, here in the US. My parents wanted to return home to Russia, but this is the only home I've ever known. I don't even know more than a dozen words of Russian. They said that if I want to stay here so badly, that was fine with them, and I should just leave them. I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to leave the only place I've ever known as home. I've had to sell myself for sex a few times, but I don't want to do that. I don't mind having sex with guys as much as I did when I first got out on the streets, but I don't want to do it for money. I met Chase yesterday, and he told me about the rumors about this home. I hope you will let me make it my home too."

"I'd be happy if you considered this as your home Ivan." replied Mitch. "I'm glad all of you boys and girls are here now. Now you have a chance to lead a normal life, be happy, go to school and to college, and be very successful despite the rough breaks that you've had in your lives. I know that all of you will be very happy here. I've asked some of the kids here to go ahead and help you get settled in, and introduce you to everyone."

Once Mitch had his boys and girls come in, he said, "Ivan, I want you to meet El. He'll get you settled into your new home, and introduce you to everyone. Chase, this is Ash and Denton. They'll help you get settled into your new home. Carla and Carrie, this is Angelica. I had a feeling about you two, so I know you will get along well with her as she helps you settle in. Jack and Zack, I'm going to have our other twins Frank and Lin show you around, and get you settled in. They've been told to be on their best behavior, but if they're not, don't let them corrupt you. Reynaldo and Anna, I was going to have two different people show you around, until I learned that you are brother and sister. Now I'm just going to have Trevor show you around. He also has a sister here named Leah. Jerry and Sheila, I want to talk to you for a moment first, then I'll turn you over to Joey and Leah. They can explain what I'll be talking to you about. Alex, I'm going to have Randy show you around. Deshawn, you'll have Tyrone and Dinh to get you settled in and introduced to everyone. I know it shouldn't take two, but they seem to be a package deal now. Sean, you will have Randy's boyfriend Davey to accompany you around the house." Then Mitch looked down at Adam and smiled as he said, "Adam, I wouldn't trust you to anyone but myself and Justin. We're going to go have a talk with one of my employees named Bernie first, then we'll get you all settled in."

"Did you want to speak to us first Mitch?" asked Jerry.

"Yes Jerry." replied Mitch. "Like I said before, I'm not going to tell you two that you can't have sex. You are at the age were you could begin having real orgasms at any time though Jerry. There are things you can do to prevent your cum from getting into Sheila though, and getting her pregnant. Joey and Leah are also boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are sexually active with each other. They can explain to you how you can keep from getting your girlfriend pregnant, so I want you to listen to everything they tell you. Now, you kids go on and have fun."

Then Mitch and Justin took Adam to have a talk with Bernie. Even with Bernie's background, he was still shocked by what Adam and Mitch told him. Then Bernie got a gleam in his eye as he told Mitch that he was sure he could help protect Adam.

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