What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

Chapter 21

Cast of Characters

Mitch Gordon - The main character of our story. Mitch is a free lance computer programmer who meets a young boy at a gas station, then the pair fall deeply in love.

Justin (Malloy) Gordon - The young lover of Mitch Gordon, who was later adopted by Mitch after he had Justin removed from his mother's custody.

Doctor Bob - A doctor belonging to a man/boy support group that Mitch and Justin go to. Mitch uses Doctor Bob when discretion is needed.

Max - Doctor Bob's teenage lover.

Will Daniels - Justin and Mitch's caseworker from the Child Welfare Agency.

Eric - Mitch's lawyer and friend.

Casey - Eric's adopted son and lover.

Ms. Gardenier - The headmistress at Valencia Hills Academy, where Mitch enrolled Justin for school.

Tyler - Justin's first friend at Valencia. Tyler is also the boyfriend of Justin's lacrosse coach.

Danny - Justin's second friend at Valencia, and also the son of a famous actress.

Antonio - Danny's boyfriend, and the captain of Justin's lacrosse team.

Mike - The coach of Justin's lacrosse team, and Tyler's boyfriend.

Andy and Billy - Mike's two young sons. They are also fond of calling Tyler "Mommy Tyler".

Reggie Thomas - Mitch's driver, originally Danny's driver before Danny was removed from his mother's custody.

Donald - Danny's father, who took custody of Danny from his mother.

Brandon - Reggie's son.

Peter - Tyler's cousin, and Brandon's boyfriend.

James - Another cousin of Tyler, and Reggie's boyfriend.

Bernie Sharpes - Kidnapped Danny, Antonio, and Justin for Danny's mom, then rescued them. He is now the security chief for Mitch.

Ryan - The first boy Mitch and Justin took in after opening their home. Ryan is also Bernie's boyfriend.

Joey and Josh - Two brothers who Justin picked up soon after finding Ryan. Joey is straight, and has a girlfriend in the home named Leah. Josh turned out to be gay, and has a younger boyfriend named Garrett.

Davey - Justin's best friend from his old home. Davey was also kicked out of his home for being gay, and Justin found him in a mall restroom after being beaten up.

Lance - The next boy after Davey that came to the home. The group found Lance when he was about to kill himself, and they talked him out of it. Lance now has a boyfriend named Taz.

Randy - The next addition after Lance to Mitch's home, who becomes Davey's boyfriend.

Taz - The first boy Mitch takes in who is HIV positive. He and Lance are very careful about expressing their love to each other.

Trevor and Leah - A brother and sister from Utah. Trevor's family tried to murder him, so he came to Southern California. Leah was brought to be with her brother when their family was arrested for attempted murder. Trevor has an older boyfriend named George, and Leah is Joey's girlfriend.

Denton - Was found in the park by Lance and Taz, after a suicide attempt that almost ended his life. Denton later realized that he's gay, and became boyfriends with his best friend, Ash.

Ash - Denton's best friend, who began living on the streets when Denton's parents separated the two boys after finding them in bed together. Ash is gay, and had to help Denton realize that he had the same feelings before they became boyfriends.

Angelica - The second girl to come to live at Mitch's home, and the first lesbian. Angelica meets her girlfriend Tabitha after starting at Valencia.

Frank and Lin - Identical twin brothers who come to the home at the same time as Angelica. Frank and Lin are also lovers.

El - El is short for Elvis, but he hates that name. El is straight, and ran away when he caught his dad urinating on him one night.

George - The manager of a restaurant who stuck up for Taz. Trevor was so impressed that he pursued George until they became lovers. George is now the head cook at Mitch's home.

Garrett - Mitch's youngest resident yet. Garrett, who is five, was left alone in a mall for three days before Mitch found him. Mitch wants to adopt Garrett, and Garrett enjoys doing things sexually with Josh. The two boys claim to be boyfriends.

Melanie Holton - Garrett's former kindergarten teacher. Mitch talks Melanie into accepting a position as counselor in his home.

Brian Donnelley - Valencia's baseball coach. Quite a few of the kids in the home end up on the baseball team, including Angelica.

Jeremy - Mitch ran across Jeremy while the kids were practicing for baseball tryouts. Jeremy had been so malnourished and dehydrated that his kidneys had shut down, and he needed a transplant. In finding a donor, Jeremy also finds out that Randy is his brother. Jeremy has a girlfriend named Traci, who goes to Valencia.

Bobby - The youngest of a group of ten that Will placed in Mitch's home. Bobby is still grieving the loss of both parents.

Rafael - Rafael is now in Mitch's home because his parents were imprisoned for bringing people from Mexico illegally.

Rachel - Rachel was left without a home when her parents disappeared mysteriously.

Steven - Steven was thrown out of his home for being gay, so he turned his parents in for illegal activities.

Diego - Diego was sold by his parents to a man who forced Diego into sex with him.

Bart - Bart was accused of rape, and was thrown out by his parents, even after being cleared of the charges.

Maria - Maria was removed from her home after her dad forced her into sex with him. Maria is strongly attracted to Bart.

Zack - Zack was thrown out of his home when his parents caught him having anal sex with a younger boy.

Michelle - Michelle came to Mitch from a very bad foster home, where the man who ran it is facing charges for things he did to the kids in his care.

Tyrone - Tyrone is Mitch's first black resident. His father brought his friends home from prison, and let them satisfy themselves using Tyrone. Tyrone always thought of himself as straight, but liked the things one of his father's friends did. Tyrone eventually ends up as the boyfriend of a Vietnamese boy named Dinh.

Dinh - A Vietnamese boy who was kicked out of his family for disgracing them, by being accidentally broadcast having sex with another boy. Dinh becomes Tyrone's boyfriend.

Alex - Alex ran away from a very abusive home.

Deshawn - The second black resident of Mitch's home. His father threatened to kill him when he found out Deshawn was gay.

Sean - Sean's mother forced him into sex with her every day when she found out he was gay, trying to make him straight. She ended up getting pregnant by Sean, and his father threw them both out.

Adam - Adam's parents used him for their drug dealing activities. When a job went bad, and Adam's life was threatened, his parents threw him out to protect themselves.

Jerry and Sheila - they have been lovers for a few months now, and were both kicked out of their homes because their parents didn't approve of their relationship at twelve years old.

Reynaldo and Anna - They are brother and sister, and are the children of migrant parents who moved away from them in the middle of the night.

Jack and Zack - Nine year old identical twin brothers who were sold by their parents after becoming homeless. The boys then ran away from the man they were sold to.

Carrie and Carla - Lesbian lovers who were thrown out of their homes for being lesbian. Carrie and Carla took care of Jack and Zack right after the boys first ran away.

Chase - Chase was kicked out of his home for being gay, after his famous lover called his parents threatening to sue them over what he claimed Chase forced him to do.

Ivan - Ivan's parents were originally from Russia, and wanted to return there. Ivan didn't want to though, because he had been raised in the US. Ivan parents told him to leave, and stay in the uS, if that was what he wanted.

There is my first cast of characters. I'm sure another one will come along at some point. I know, I have two Zack's now. What can I say, I like that name. lol. I'll try to be specific about which Zack I'm referring to at all times.