What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

Chapter 20 was so much fun to write that I decided to do another chapter after the cast of characters. Just so everyone knows, book two of What A Gas may be my longest book to date. As of now, I don't anticipate stopping book two anytime soon. This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations, including between males of different age groups (man/boy). If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 22

From Chapter 20:

"Did you want to speak to us first Mitch?" asked Jerry.

"Yes Jerry." replied Mitch. "Like I said before, I'm not going to tell you two that you can't have sex. You are at the age where you could begin having real orgasms at any time though Jerry. There are things you can do to prevent your cum from getting into Sheila though, and getting her pregnant. Joey and Leah are also boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are sexually active with each other. They can explain to you how you can keep from getting your girlfriend pregnant, so I want you to listen to everything they tell you. Now, you kids go on and have fun."

Then Mitch and Justin took Adam to have a talk with Bernie. Even with Bernie's background, he was still shocked by what Adam and Mitch told him. Then Bernie got a gleam in his eye as he told Mitch that he was sure he could help protect Adam.

Mitch and Justin had a lot to think about that night, as they went to bed together. Not counting Justin, there were forty two kids living there. Even though Justin slept with Mitch every night, he still had to have a room for appearances sake. Fortunately, Justin's room did not count toward the forty beds they had available for other kids.

"If you're going to adopt Jeremy and Randy, they could move into my room with me." said Justin. "It's not like I ever use it anyway, so I wouldn't notice."

"You have to remember that Davey is going to want to room with Randy too though." said Mitch.

"If you get two bunk beds and put in there, that would make four beds in the space of two." replied Justin. "Like I said, I'm not going to notice."

"I'll check with the three of them at breakfast then." said Mitch. "I guess we could also move Taz, Lance, Garrett, and Josh into the guest room on the other side of this one, although we would no longer have a guest room."

"I think Taz and Lance might enjoy that, when they come back from England!" snickered Justin. "I know Josh and Garrett will!"

"I could call Lance first thing in the morning, and see what he thinks." smiled Mitch. "Then we'll see how Josh and Garrett feel about it. I just hope the adoption goes through before Taz and Lance get home. You know that Josh and Garrett will want to try some of the things they see Taz and Lance do."

"I guess I should have a brother to brother talk with Garrett when Lance and Taz come home." said Justin. "We don't want him not to be ready to do those things, but I know he'll want to."

"Okay, I'll leave that to you." replied Mitch.

Then Mitch and Justin made love, before falling asleep in each other's arms. The next morning, Mitch dialed the number for Lance's cell phone.

"Cheerio, and good morning mate!" said Lance in his best English accent, as he answered the phone. "I know it's late afternoon here, but it must be pretty early there Mitch."

"How did you know it was me, and not Justin?" asked Mitch.

"Because, I expected you to call while it was still morning here." replied Lance. "I know you have a reason for not calling earlier though, so I'm cool with it."

"You wouldn't even believe it son!" laughed Mitch. "Counting you and Taz, but not Justin, there are now forty two kids living here!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Lance. "We ain't going to know anyone there when we get back, are we?"

"I'm sorry." chuckled Mitch. "I sure didn't expect another twenty five kids so soon after you left. I think word is getting around the street about the home. I was wondering about something."

"What is it?" asked Lance.

"Well, it's no secret that I want to adopt Taz too." said Mitch. "If he does become my real son, he should live here in the family section of the mansion, along with his boyfriend."

"That sounds really sweet Mitch." replied Lance. "I'm sure he'll be honored and touched. I know I am."

"Before you say yes, there's one more thing." said Mitch. "Garrett is going to be my son too, along with Randy and Jeremy. We're going to have Randy, Davey, and Jeremy move into Justin's room, with an extra bed for Justin. That would put you and Taz into the guest room, along with Garrett and Josh."

"You mean we get to watch those two cute little guys play boyfriend?" laughed Lance. "Taz and I would get a real kick out of it!"

"Just remember, they would also get a ringside seat to watch two older and more experienced boys." said Mitch. "You know that their attention is going to be glued to you and Taz when you two make love."

"And you want us to hold back?" asked Lance.

"No, I just want you to be ready for two horny little boys to be watching you and Taz like a couple of little hawks." laughed Mitch. "And you know that they're going to have questions."

"I don't see that as a problem." replied Lance. "It might even be fun! I'll talk to Taz about it first though. I don't know how he'll feel about putting on a show for two horny little boys every night."

"That'll be fine." said Mitch. "Now, how did his first day of treatment go?"

"It did make him feel kind of weak." replied Lance. "I guess it's good that they wanted to keep him there for at least the first week or two. The doctor said that the weakness was expected though. The treatment is suppose to be working it's way deep into his system, so I guess the weakness is a good sign. It means that it's doing what they hoped it would."

"As long as he has you and Melanie with him, I'm sure he can put up with it." said Mitch. "I just hope that you're right, and this does everything they hope it will. To have my boy back in good health would be a miracle."

"I've got everything crossed that I can, hoping that's the case." replied Lance. "It would not only mean a lot to us, but millions of other people too."

"We can hope." said Mitch. "So, do you have any plans tonight?"

"Yeah, Melanie should be here soon." said Lance. "We were going to go for a trip on the Millennium Wheel, then go to a restaurant that Melanie heard of. I wanted to go to a french restaurant tonight, but she didn't want to take the train to France tonight. She promised we could do that when Taz was out, and felt up to it though."

"Well, I hope you guys have as much fun as you can while you're over there." said Mitch. "When you go to see Taz tomorrow, give me a call so I can speak with him too. I love both you boys."

"We love you too Mitch." replied Lance. "I'll call you again tomorrow, or tonight for you."

Mitch spoke with Randy, Davey, and Jeremy during breakfast, and they loved the idea of sharing Justin's room. Once Garrett and Josh agreed to move into the guest room, with Taz and Lance when they returned, that left five open beds, not including the two that had to remain reserved for Ryan and Trevor. Mitch then decided Ryan and Trevor's empty beds would be in the same room, so it could be used as a guest room in case it was needed. After breakfast, it would be time to go shopping again.

The first stop was at the furniture store, to get four bunk beds. The store they went to had four full sized bunk beds, and Mitch had them snapped up immediately. That would give the boys using them enough room for love-making in their bed. Mitch speculated that the upper bunks would rarely be used, but they needed to have them anyway. After the furniture store, Mitch decided to go to a different mall from where the fourteen kids he needed to shop for were picked up. About half of the rest of the kids had wanted to go along, so they were once again using both busses.

Once everyone was off the busses, and radios had been handed out, Mitch got everyone together and said, "Okay everyone, try to remember that the home only has five beds left. If we fill those, we'll have to start doubling some people up until the next wing is finished."

"You mean we can't pick up more than five new kids?" asked Davey as he laughed.

"I hope you boys and girls know that I'm just kidding." smiled Mitch. "I promise that somehow, our home will never turn anyone away. Besides, I'm going to talk to the construction crew tomorrow and see what it would cost to speed things up a bit. If you boys and girls do find someone though, I want top talk to them right away. If it looks like they may stay, I might as well get what they would need too."

Mitch took the newest kids with him, Tyrone and Dinh put together another group, Justin and Jeremy went with Davey and Randy, plus a few other kids, and Bart and Maria headed up another group.

Once Bart and Maria's group got off on their own, Bart gave Maria a kiss and asked, "How much do you like me Maria?"

"I adore you Bart." replied Maria. "You are very nice, and one of the most attractive guys I know."

"Then Maria, could we make love tonight?" asked Bart.

"Are you sure?" asked Maria.

"I'm definitely sure!" smiled Bart. "I want to feel our bodies together tonight, and feel myself inside you."

"Then we need to prepare, so we can make love without worrying about me becoming pregnant." said Maria. "I don't want anything holding back our passion when you make love to me."

Bart smiled, then kissed Maria again, as he rubbed his hand gently over her crotch. Maria then blew gently into Bart's mouth, and gently bit on Bart's lower lip. The two wanted to make love right there in the middle of the mall, but knew that they had to wait. Bart and Maria were so entranced with each other, they didn't even notice when Deshawn picked up another boy at the food court. The boy was a little lighter than Deshawn, but still had fairly chocolate colored skin. He was also about an inch taller than Deshawn.

"Would you like to have lunch with me?" Deshawn asked the boy.

"I'd love too, if you could pay." replied the boy. "I don't have any green on me right now."

"Who comes to the mall without money?" laughed Deshawn lightly.

"Someone who hasn't had a chance to make any lately." replied the boy. "You may as well know this, but I don't have a home right now."

"Well, you might want to know this before you let me buy you lunch." replied Deshawn. "I like guys, as in having sex with them."

"No way man!" replied the boy. "I would have definitely had you pegged as a ladies man ladies man! In that case, my name is Marcus. If you could afford it, I wouldn't mind going on the clock for you! Most of the ways for guys on the street to make a buck make me cringe, but it might actually be fun with you."

"I can do you better than that Marcus, although I would love to have sex with you." replied Deshawn. "Do you see the other kids I'm with? We all live in a home that mostly takes kids off the street, and gives us a safe place to live where we are given what we need."

"If you can hook me up with a deal like that, I'd be in your debt forever!" replied Marcus. "And I think I'd still like to do stuff with you later, if you want."

"Well, let's see if I can make it easy for you to figure out if I'd like that!" smiled Deshawn.

Deshawn pulled Marcus into him, and put their lips together. Then Deshawn pulled Marcus's face tightly against his, as he kissed Marcus. Marcus parted his lips, and let Deshawn's tongue caress the inside of his mouth. When the two boys faces parted, they were both smiling.

"You two should be ashamed of yourselves!" said a man, as he passed near them.

"And you should mind your own b, bee-atch!" replied Marcus, as he patted his hip.

When the man ran off, Deshawn asked, "Are you carrying man?!"

"Hell no, I'm a pussycat, but he don't know that!" laughed Marcus.

Both boys laughed as Deshawn bought his new friend lunch, and they ate together. Then Deshawn went to Bart, and asked for the radio. Bart handed Deshawn the radio without ever taking his eyes off Maria.

"Hey Mitch, this is Deshawn." said Deshawn into the radio. "Come in Mitch."

"This is Mitch, what is it Deshawn?" asked Mitch.

"I need you to meet me and a guy I met." replied Deshawn. "I think he really needs a home. We're at the food court right now."

"Okay Deshawn, I'll be there as soon as I talk to a couple of kids that Justin met." replied Mitch.

Mitch showed up about thirty minutes later, and sat with Deshawn and Marcus. By this time Bart had removed his lips from Maria's long enough to notice that Deshawn was with another boy who didn't live with them.

"Mitch, I'd like you to meet Marcus." said Deshawn, as Mitch and Marcus shook hands. "Marcus, this is Mitch. Mitch is the great man who has been taking all of us kids in."

"Hi Marcus, Deshawn tells me you don't have any place to call home." said Mitch. "Can you tell me what let to you living on the streets?"

"I never knew who my dad was." replied Deshawn. "My mom tried to raise me by herself, but she loves to party. I mostly took care of myself. As her drugs got worse, she started doing anything with anyone to get more. We were always moving place to place, and I was made to feel like I was in the way. When she started telling me that I was a worthless man, and she wished she didn't have me around her, I decided that I didn't need to be there anymore. That was a month ago, and it's not as easy out here as I thought it would be. My mom doesn't care though. I talked to her last week about coming home, and she said that she really wished that I wouldn't."

"Then you can come home with us Marcus." replied Mitch. "I don't know what you've had to do over the past month to take care of yourself, but the only thing I ask is that you realize that you don't have to do those things anymore."

"Yeah, Deshawn told me it was a pretty sweet deal, and I'd like that a lot." replied Marcus. "I'd love to have someone take care of things like that for me."

"Then welcome home Marcus." smiled Mitch. "Deshawn, I want you to keep Marcus with you for now, and tell him all about the home. After I'm finished taking care of the other kids, I'll pick up the kids we're bringing in today. You should have been with us, and I was wondering where you ran off to. I'm glad you did take off with Bart and Maria though. I'll meet you two at two o'clock at the fountain in the center court."

At two o'clock, Mitch met everyone at the fountain in the center court. Deshawn and Marcus was joining Mitch, and six other new kids. Sean then switched places with Deshawn, and took off with Bart and Maria. Mitch gave everyone instructions to meet at the busses at six o'clock.

"Okay boys, welcome to our home." said Mitch, before taking off shopping with the new boys. "I know you have already heard the welcome speech Deshawn, so this is for everyone else. I know what it takes for boys to survive on their own on the streets. Most of the boys and girls in the home you will be living at lived on the streets as well. You will no longer have to beg, steal, or sell yourselves to survive anymore, so that kind of behavior is not permitted at the home. The only other thing that I ask is that you have respect for everyone in the home, and that you finish your education so you can live a successful life, despite the rough time you've had lately. I will provide every one of you with everything you need to be happy and successful from this point on. We'll save the introductions until we get home tonight, after we've had dinner. There is one more thing. Our home can hold forty right now, and you boys will put us at forty two. That doesn't include the boys who live in the family section of the home, so it's going to get nice and cozy. I'll never turn away a boy or girl who needs my help though. Now, let's get you boys everything you need to begin your new life."

The shopping began, and the newest boys in Mitch's house began having a blast. When Deshawn and Marcus thought no one was looking at one shop, they shared another kiss. Mitch smiled as he watched the two beautiful dark skinned boys expressing their feelings to each other. He could tell that Deshawn and Marcus would soon be inseparable.

While they were at a shop for Deshawn and Marcus that specialized in urban street wear, Deshawn leaned into Marcus's ear and said, "I can't wait until tonight, and I can see you with no clothes."

"You're kinky, aren't you?" smiled Marcus.

"Nah, I just like seeing hot guys naked." laughed Deshawn.

"I was never too comfortable when I had to make money that way, but I want to be very comfortable doing those things with you later." said Marcus. "Can you help me to be just like you, even if it means me being gay?"

"Reach down between my legs, and see if that answers your question." replied Deshawn softly.

Marcus discretely grabbed Deshawn's erection through his pants and said, "Damn, you're big! Just like me. This is going to be so much fun!"

"Now I really can't wait to get you nekkid!" laughed Deshawn. "I love 'em when they're as big as mine!"

Mitch was surprised that they were able to finish shopping without Deshawn and Marcus having sex in the middle of the mall. Then Mitch had to make a round to pay for things that the other kids had radioed him about. When everyone was at the busses, Mitch did a head count. The kids had picked up three more kids after Mitch began shopping for the new boys, and counting them too, Mitch came up one short.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Mitch. "Does anyone know who we're missing?" called out Mitch.

Everyone looked around, and finally figured out that Sean was missing. "Who was Sean with?" asked Mitch.

"I'm sorry Mitch, he was with me and Maria." said Bart, now afraid that something might have happened.

"When was the last time you saw him?" asked Mitch.

"I don't know." Bart replied, now with a tremble in his voice. "I guess I was paying more attention to something else."

"Don't worry Bart, I'm sure he's fine." said Mitch, trying to keep Bart from getting upset with himself. "Does anyone remember seeing Sean leave the group?"

"I think he might have seen someone he was interested in." said Steve. "He got away before I could ask him though. We were over near the north entrance."

"Okay, Reggie you grab someone and follow me and Justin." said Mitch. "Bart, you weren't in charge of anyone, so don't worry. Like I said, I'm sure Sean is fine. I am leaving you in charge now though. Make sure everyone stays here."

On the way to the north entrance, Mitch ran across a security guard. Nothing had been reported to security though, and the guard apologized for not being able to be more help. The guard did follow Mitch's group to the north part of the mall though, and everyone split up when they got there. Reggie and Davey searched the area just outside the entrance, Mitch and Justin went down one corridor, and the security guard went down another. After searching for almost thirty minutes, Mitch didn't know what to do next.

"Do you hear something Mitch?" asked Justin.

Mitch strained his ears, and thought he heard a commotion coming from a service hallway. Justin and Mitch quietly entered the hallway, and very quietly made their way toward the source of the noise they had heard. Mitch was terrified at what he saw when he turned a corner. A man was holding a gun at Sean and another boy, both of whom were now naked and tied together with their backs away from each other.

"I'll teach you faggots a lesson." said the man, who's back was turned to Mitch and Justin. "I just wish I could find those two little black faggots I saw earlier. I'd teach that mouthy one to call me a bitch! You boys will like it when I fuck both of you. You may not like it so much when I put a bullet in both your heads when I'm through though."

Mitch kept Justin behind him, and completely silent. The man still had never seen Mitch and Justin, which is why he took his pants off and set the gun down on the floor.

The man stepped toward Sean and the other boy and said, "As young as you two faggots are, I'll bet your holes are going to be very tight around my big cock."

As soon as the man stepped far enough away from his gun, Mitch stepped toward it as quietly as he could, then reached down and picked it up. "You better not move one more muscle, you bastard!" yelled Mitch. "If I even see your cock twitch, I'll rid the planet of your disgusting ass!"

The man froze when he turned to see that Mitch now had his gun. "Please mister, I was just trying to scare them. Besides, they're faggots. Why would you care?"

"You better start giving me a reason not to blow a hole through your head, and that wasn't it!" replied Mitch heatedly.

"He isn't worth it Mitch!" pleaded Justin. "Please Mitch, we all need you!"

"Your son is right sir." said the guard, who had just come upon the scene. "You don't want to go to prison over some worthless bastard like that, do you? Your son looks like he needs you too much for that. I can have the cops here in five minutes to deal with him. Just let me have the gun now sir."

When Mitch handed the guard the gun, the man thought he was safe. As he started to move toward his pants, the guard pointed the gun at his head and said, "I didn't tell you that you could move! The guards here are deputized, so I could take you down without having to worry about it!"

The guard the called for the police on his radio, while Mitch went to untie Sean and the other boy. As soon as Mitch removed the gag from Sean's mouth, Sean cried out, "I'm so glad to see you Mitch! That man hit me and Jeff both very hard in the nuts, and they really hurt!"

The guard heard that, and called for paramedics as well. Mitch held Sean and the other boy tightly, as they both cried into his chest.

"You're all a bunch of faggots, aren't you?!" asked the man loudly.

"Sir, you have the right to remain silent!" said the guard. "I strongly suggest you use it!"

The police arrived in only a few minutes, and Reggie came in shortly afterward. Mitch told Reggie and Davey to go back to the busses, and tell everyone that he would be there as soon as he could. Then the paramedics arrived as the police officers were cuffing the man.

"What about my pants?!" asked the man loudly.

"Don't worry, we'll take them with us as evidence!" barked one of the officers.

The paramedics looked over Sean's and the other boy's testicles carefully, then told the boys to put their clothes back on. Then the paramedic went to Mitch and said, "There is some bruising in both boys groins. I don't think they were damaged in the assault though. You may wish to have them examined tomorrow by their regular physician though. Was there any sexual penetration by the perpetrator?"

"No, I stopped him before that could happen." replied Mitch.

"Do you know that he was going to do that though sir?" asked one of the officers.

"Yes, he said that he was going to fuck both of them." replied Mitch. "Then he said that he was going to shoot both of them in the head."

"How were you able to stop him?" asked the officer.

"He didn't see me and my son, so I snuck up and took his gun when he set it down to rape the boys." replied Mitch.

"I would say they are very lucky that you came along when you did then." said the officer. "Are both of these boys yours?"

"I run a group home for boys and girls with no other home." said Mitch. "Sean is staying at my home. I don't know what the other boy's story is though."

"He was raped by a relative, and when he reported it, his parents threw him out to protect the relative that raped him." said Sean. "His name is Jeff, and he can stay with us, if it's okay with Mitch."

"I would love to have him at the home." replied Mitch. "I'll have my social worker come out first thing in the morning."

"We'll come out too." said the officer. "We've been looking for a boy named Jeff, who filed a rape report. He disappeared from his parents home though, and they claimed they couldn't tell us anything about him. We were concerned that there may have been some foul play involved, so we're glad to see him again."

Mitch, Justin, Sean, and Jeff finally made their way back out to the busses. Bart immediately wrapped his arms around Sean and cried, "I'm so sorry dude! You could have been killed, and it was all my fault!"

"It wasn't your fault Bart." said Sean, as he patted Bart on the back. "You weren't in charge of us, and I was the one who took off without saying anything. I didn't think things would go wrong though, until that man showed up with a gun. Please don't blame yourself though. It was really my fault."

"I don't care dude, I won't let anything like that happen again!" cried Bart.

Maria, Sean, and Jeff worked on calming Bart down all the way home, and finally managed to do it. Once everyone had supper, Mitch had them stay in the dining hall. They had now outgrown the living room. Marcus went first in introducing himself, then Jeff went next.

"I had always thought I had a happy life." said Jeff. "The only real problem I had was being gay, and knowing how people would treat me. I tried to keep it secret, but a much older cousin found out about it. I'm only fourteen, and I didn't want to do anything with him, but he beat me pretty good, then did what he wanted with me. I was so hurt and numb that I called the police out of instinct. When the police were done taking the report, my parents asked if I was trying to ruin my cousin's life, and destroy the family. Then they told me to leave and never come back."

"Well Jeff, we'll help you get that happy life back." said Mitch. "The police will be here tomorrow to talk to you some more, and I think you should consider filing charges against them. Now, who do we have next to Jeff?"

"My name is Leo." replied the next boy. "I don't know if I'm gay or straight. I've done things with boys and girls, and it's all fun. I was just taking my time figuring it out, as I didn't see any reason to rush it one way or the other since I'm only fifteen. My parents aren't quite as patient though. They caught me and a friend of mine sucking each other's dicks, and figured that I had to be gay. After they had my friend leave, my dad threw a dining chair across the room at me, screaming at me to get my faggot ass out of his house. I locked myself in my room, and packed what I could quickly. Then I snuck out the window, and I haven't been home since."

"I hope you'll think of yourself as being home now Leo." said Mitch. "Who's next?"

"My name is Marco." replied the next boy. "I'm thirteen, and I think I'm straight. My parents both died in an accident about two years ago. They didn't leave any will, and an aunt and uncle of mine convinced the court that they would be the best ones to care for me. As soon as I turned thirteen, they both started trying to get me to have sex with them. My uncle came close to forcing me into it, and then I guess they became afraid I would turn them in, so they threw me out."

"Well Marco, you'll be safe here, and please take your time figuring out who you are." said Mitch. "I would however suggest making that report to the police that they were afraid of. They have to know that doing what they did would not prevent you from going to the police. Next?"

"My name is Carl." replied the next boy. "I'm sixteen, and I came here a year ago from the midwest with my girlfriend. She was a very beautiful hispanic girl, but my parents didn't approve of our relationship. She thought she could get work as an actress or model, so we came here so we could stay together. She did have a little luck at first, but then she took off. I think she took a job with a really sleazy porn producer, who was afraid that I would give away her age. When I first got to the streets, the kids there told me how I would have to survive. I didn't like that, but I did find someone who I thought was making me a better deal. All I had to do was steal cars, and deliver them to his shop. He said that no one was getting hurt, because the people who's cars he sent me after would have them replaced by insurance. I almost got caught on a job he sent me on last week though, so he fired me. My money ran out a few days ago, so I'm not in too bad a shape yet, but I was going to have to resort to selling myself soon."

"Stealing and prostitution is no way to have to survive though Carl." said Mitch.

"I know that, and I never would have stolen anything if I thought it would hurt someone." replied Carl.

"Even if it doesn't look like it hurts anyone, it's still not right." said Mitch. "That's something that I want you to realize if you're going to stay here. I'll provide everything you need, and never ask for anything in return. All you have to do is ask. Then I'll help you get enough education to get any kind of legal job that you want when you're finished with school. That offer goes to all of you boys and girls too. You don't have to live that way anymore. Now, who's next?"

"My name is Sam." said a very adorable young boy. "My parents were taking very bad things that made them act strange. My older brother tried to keep me from knowing too much about it. I'm ten and he's twelve. Then there was a lot of fighting, and my brother ran away. The next day my parents ran away too, and I had to leave my home. I'm really scared though. Why did everyone run away from me?"

At that point Adam entered the room, and yelled out, "Sam?! What are you doing here Sam?!" Then Adam ran to Sam and scooped him up into his arms.

"Mommy and daddy ran away, just like you." cried Sam. "Why did you run away?"

"I didn't run away baby brother!" cried Adam. "Mom and dad made me leave! I love you Sam, and I never would have run away from you!"

"I love you too Adam, please don't leave me again." said Sam, as he snuggled tightly into Adam.

"I'll never leave you again Sam!" replied Adam, as he hugged his brother tightly.

Mitch was so choked up by the reunion, that Justin had to take over. "Who's next after Sam?" asked Justin, as Mitch had gone to hug Adam and Sam both.

"My name is Nero." replied the next boy. "I actually hate that name, but everyone else thinks it's cool. I can't wait to turn eighteen in four years though, so I can change it. Anyway, my parents told me they were taking the family on a vacation about two months ago. It was very exciting for my brothers and sister, and for me too. The excitement wore off when they left for home without me. I don't know how, but they must have found out that I like other guys. They could have at least told me why they hate me."

"Well, we don't hate you Nero." replied Justin. "Hate is a very ugly emotion. Love is much better, and is much more fun, even without sex. I love you Nero, and I'm glad you're here with us now. Who's next?"

"My name is Theo, and I was a star running back in my freshman year at high school football this year." said the next boy. Theo was very athletic looking, and the darkest skinned boy in the home at this point. "Someone wanted my spot on the team though, and started the rumor that I was gay. He must have messed with some pictures on the computer too, cause he had pictures that he said proved I was gay. I never posed for them though. I've never had sex with another guy. Everyone believed him though, and my life fell apart quickly. Then I got to experience what a lot of gay kids go through, without ever being gay. I feel so bad for you guys and girls, and I feel bad that I've had a hand in treating people that way too. I'll never do that again though. Gay people don't deserve to be treated the way they're treated, and I'll make sure things change someday. In the meantime, I need a home. My parents don't want a gay son that isn't gay."

"Well Theo, considering our team's record in football last year, I'll bet you have a spot next season." smiled Justin. "I also want to thank you for your support. If more straight people knew what you did about us gay people, the world would be much happier. All of us really appreciate your attitude now."

"And I want to thank you too Justin." said Mitch, as he came back to Justin's side. "You are doing a great job of welcoming everyone to our home, and I'm proud of you. Would you like to continue?"

"Sure dad." smiled Justin. "Now let's move on to the kids who we met while Mitch and the others were shopping. We'll start with the girl, then go on to the two boys."

"My name is Steph, and I'm fifteen." replied the girl. "I had my first sexual experience with another girl when I was fourteen. I kept it a secret, even though it was the most fun I've ever had. Then I started feeling guilty about it, because everyone I know thinks that it's wrong. I decided to try having sex with a boy, but I didn't want to take a chance on getting pregnant, and I didn't want my parents to know I was asking about contraception. I found a very cute eleven year old boy who couldn't cum yet, but loved it when he got hard. He was actually the one who talked me into having sex with him, and I only agreed because he had a very nice dick for an eleven year old boy. His parents found out though, and would have had me arrested if their son would have cooperated. It was enough for my parents to think I was a pedophile though, so they kicked me out. Now I'm very confused. That boy was every bit as fun as the last girlfriend I was with."

"Wow Steph, I think we'll need you to talk to Melanie when she gets back from England." said Justin. "The only thing I can think of in the meantime is not to worry about it. If you like having sex with girls as much as you like having sex with boys, it isn't going to matter to anyone here. Actually, that gives you more options than most people here. No matter how it turns out though, we all love and support you. Who's next?"

"My name is Miguel, and I have a slight problem." said the next boy. "As you can tell, it looks like I need to shave, and I'm only twelve. I've been shaving regularly since I was eight, whenever I could catch my father's back turned. He has the same condition that I do, and never shaves. He is covered in thick hair from head to toe. I don't want to look like the wolfman though. My dad finally got mad at me for shaving, and said if I couldn't be proud of what I was given, I was to leave his house. I try to at least keep my face and arms shaved, but it's been three days now because I'm living on the streets."

"If it's what you want Miguel, anyone here would be happy to help you." said Justin. "It should be your right to decide how you want to look. I'm glad you're here so we can help you. Okay, last but not least?"

"My name is Mo." said the last boy. "It's really Mohammed, but I'm ashamed of that name. My family is very strict in their beliefs. So was the family of my boyfriend. Like a lot of boys on the street, I'm gay too. Unlike most others though, I had to watch my boyfriend die. Like I said, our parents were very strict in their beliefs. According to their beliefs, homosexuality is a sin that must be punished by death. My boyfriend and I tried to be careful, but we were caught. An official from our religion was called in, and he ordered us to be killed, and that our parents had to carry out the executions. They tied me and my boyfriend up, then killed him while I was forced to watch. Then they had to recover from the first execution, and I got away. Getting out of the ropes they tied me with cut up my wrists and ankles, and broke several bones in one of my hands, but I had no choice. They had already killed my boyfriend, and I didn't want to die too."

"Mitch!" called out Justin weakly, as his face went pale.

Mitch grabbed ahold of Justin and held him, as he searched for what to say to Mo. The other kids were shocked, and a few of them became ill. Mitch finally said, "Mo, you're safe here, and this is where you are staying. We need to call Will immediately though, and probably the police."

Before anyone writes, I know that not all Muslims believe that way. I have several Muslim friends, and they are very good people. There are fundamentalist Muslims the same as there are fundamentalist Christians though, and there are some fundamentalist groups who believe that way. That does not mean by any means that all do though, and I know very well that they don't. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 23.