What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

Before we start, I wanted to share the cover story of this week's Sun with everyone. Just so everyone knows, I only glance at it when I need a laugh. It was about The DaVinci Code, how the movie did not dare to unveil all of the secrets, and about the famed prophet Leonardo DaVinci. First, DaVinci was a painter, not a prophet. A prophet predicts the future, not things that happened 1,800 years in the past. Second, The DaVinci Code is a fictional story. Us writers may be talented and (everything, but we're not THAT) gifted. We do (not) put secret messages in our writing. We do (not) know things that others are not privileged to, and can(not) reveal deep mysteries of life. There is (not) a secret message in this paragraph. Pay (no) attention to the words in parenthesis, and (do not) remove them to find (some kind of) a secret message. I hope this clears things up.

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What A Gas 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

Mitch grabbed ahold of Justin and held him, as he searched for what to say to Mo. The other kids were shocked, and a few of them became ill. Mitch finally said, "Mo, you're safe here, and this is where you are staying. We need to call Will immediately though, and probably the police."

"Hello, this is Will." said Will, as he answered his phone.

"Hi Will, this is Mitch." said Mitch. "I hate to bother you on Sunday evening."

"Damn Mitch, don't you ever take a day off?" laughed Will.

"I think I will after tonight." replied Mitch seriously. "Will, I picked up a new boy tonight that witnessed his closest friend being murdered by their families. I need you, and possibly the police here right away."

"Holy shit Mitch!" exclaimed Will. "I'm on my way!"

As soon as Mitch ended the call, his phone rang. "Hi dad." said Taz, a little weakly. "How is everything there?"

"You wouldn't even believe it son." replied Mitch. "One of the boys here, and a boy he met at the mall were almost raped at gunpoint. The man said that he intended to kill both boys, but I showed up in time to rescue them. Then I found out that we took in a boy who witnessed his boyfriend being murdered by their families, and he was next."

"What?!" replied Taz, as loudly as he could.

Mitch heard Lance in the background ask, "What is it Taz?"

"I don't know Lance, but I'll find out." replied Taz to Lance. Then Taz spoke back into the phone and asked, "How could something like that happen Mitch?"

"His name is Mo, and his family belongs to an extreme fundamentalist sect of Muslims." replied Mitch. "He and his boyfriend were caught in a homosexual act, and the leader of the sect ordered them to be executed by their families. Mo did get away, but not before having to see his boyfriend murdered, and I assume brutally."

"Can I talk to him?" asked Taz.

"Sure son." replied Mitch.

After Mitch called Mo over, and handed him the phone, Taz said, "Hello Mo. My name is Taz, and I'm Mitch's son. I don't want you to worry about anything Mo. Mitch will take very good care of you, and he knows exactly what needs to be done right now. I know nothing will ever make up for you seeing what you did, but I'll bet there are a lot of people there who are willing to try. I can't wait to get home now, so I can help you get over this too."

"Thank you very much Taz." replied Mo. "I really need good friends like Mitch and his family right now, and I can't wait to meet you."

"Cool dude!" said Taz. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to have Mitch give you a hug from me."

Taz spoke to Mitch for a second, and Mitch wrapped Mo warmly in his arms. Mitch held Mo's still scared body tightly against his, and gave Mo a kiss on the cheek.

"That's exactly what Taz wanted me to give you from him." said Mitch, as he let Mo go.

"Then thank him for me Mitch." said Mo. "Tell him that I could feel his love through you."

"Did you catch that son?" asked Mitch into the phone.

"Yeah, and tell Mo that he's very welcome." replied Taz.

"I will son." said Mitch. "So, how are you feeling this morning?"

"I'm still weak, but a little better than yesterday." replied Taz. "They have me taking some pretty strong stuff, and it makes me feel like I run a marathon every day. The doctor here says they were expecting that though. He says that latent cells get very deeply into your body, and those are what they want to go after. He's telling me not to be surprised today if my t-cell count is starting to resemble that of a perfectly healthy person, when he comes by to do today's blood work."

"I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you son." said Mitch.

"Now, is Lance right that you want us to share a room with Garrett and Josh?" asked Taz.

"Yes, but we promise that we'll have a talk with them before you get home." replied Mitch, finally smiling again. "Well, Will should be here soon, and I should let you relax some. I love you very much son, and I can't wait for you boys to get home."

"We love you too dad." replied Taz. "Call me back later and let me know how things are going."

As soon as Mitch hung up the phone, he heard a couple of cars pull up in front of the mansion. Mitch looked out the window to see that Will had a police escort. Mitch invited everyone in, then he, Will, Mo, and the police went into Mitch's office to talk.

"Okay Mo, we only want to help you here tonight." said Will. "I'm Will Daniels, and I'm Mitch's caseworker with the Child Welfare Agency. Are you willing to talk to me and these police officers about what happened to you and your friend?"

"I would like to talk to a religious figure first, but not from my parent's sect." replied Mo.

"Hi son, look at my name tag and tell me what it says." said one of the officers.

"Officer Harik Fisel?" replied Mo. "Are you Muslim too?"

"My father is actually a cleric." replied Officer Fisel. "He wanted me to study the Qoran, and follow in his footsteps. Although I love my Muslim background, I wanted to be a police officer. I can tell you that there is nowhere in our religion where murdering children is right. I know of these extremists though. They set themselves up above Allah himself, and act as the judge of other people's souls. It doesn't work like that though, and they had no right to murder your boyfriend."

"What?!" exclaimed Mo. "Who said that the other boy was my boyfriend?"

"There are very few things that these people think warrants an immediate death sentence." replied Officer Fisel. "You either had extra-marital sex, which you don't look old enough for, or you and your friend were caught in a homosexual act. None of us are here to judge you though. If you and your friend were lovers, that's no one's business but yours, and it's no excuse for you boys to be murdered. We just need to know what happened, so we can make sure these people never do this again."

"Okay then." replied Mo. "I loved Saleem very much. We had been friends since our families came here, and lovers for the past year. We were very careful about not letting anyone find out, but not careful enough. We were caught in my bed, fully involved in mutual oral sex. It was very scary how our parents said nothing at the time. They went to their leader though, and when they came back, they told me that me and Saleem had been sentenced to death for our homosexuality. We didn't think they could be serious, until they tied both of us up. Then they brought out a sword that had been given to them for the executions, which was razor sharp."

Mo went ahead and told everyone the gruesome details of Saleem's murder, stopping several times to cry. Mitch wrapped his arms around Mo each time, until the boy was ready to continue. By the time it was over, Will and Mitch were crying lightly too, and there were even tears building in the officers eyes.

"I want you to know that we are going to find Saleem's body, no matter what it takes to do it." said Officer Fisel to Mo. "Everyone involved in his murder will be charged with a capital murder charge. We can't force you to testify against your parents in this, but if you wish to do it willingly, we can't stop you either. I just want you to know though that you and Saleem didn't deserve this."

"Now Mitch, I need you to take Mo to the hospital as soon as we leave, and have him examined." said Will. "I can give you temporary papers tonight, and permanent papers by tomorrow. We need to collect as much evidence against the people who did this as we can, and it needs to be done immediately." Then Will gave Mo a hug and said, "Don't worry Mo, if anyone can help you through this, Mitch and his kids can."

Mitch left the home in charge of his two counselors, Dale and Manny, and he and Justin took Mo to the hospital. The kids had all calmed down enough so that things were starting to return to normal. When Marcus and Deshawn went to their room for the evening, Deshawn started undressing.

"You're not ready for bed yet, are you?" asked Marcus.

"Nah, I just wanted to make myself comfortable." smiled Deshawn. "Why don't you do the same thing, so I can get a look at that body of yours?" As soon as both boys were naked, Deshawn rubbed his hand lightly across the top of Marcus's cock and said, "That looks so sweet!"

"You're not too bad yourself." smiled Marcus, as he lightly grasped Deshawn's cock.

Within a few seconds, both boys were fully erect. They let go of each other's cocks, and decided to play with the Playstation that Mitch had gotten for their room. During the game, they looked at each other's cocks almost as much as they looked at the screen the game was on.

Marcus finally said, "I can't get over how your cock looks exactly like mine."

"They are both beautiful, aren't they?" snickered Deshawn. "I'm sure they're not exactly the same though. You wanna find out?"

Then Deshawn reached into the desk drawer, and pulled out a ruler that Mitch had gotten with his school supplies. Deshawn placed the ruler against Marcus's groin, and held Marcus's cock along the length of it.

"You have nine and one eighths of very delicious looking cock Marcus." said Deshawn. "Do you want to check mine for me?"

"I'd love too!" smiled Marcus. Marcus then held the ruler along Deshawn's cock, and said, "Damn, you have me beat at nine and one quarter!" Then Marcus looked into Deshawn's eyes and said, "I know I've had sex with other guys before, but I've never made love to another guy. Could you teach me to make love to you Deshawn?"

"Let's go to my bed Marcus." replied Deshawn.

Deshawn turned off the game and TV, and the two boys laid down on Deshawn's bed. Deshawn wrapped his arms around Marcus, then Marcus wrapped his arms around Deshawn. Both boys caressed each other's backs, as Deshawn began kissing Marcus as passionately as he could. When Marcus slipped his tongue into Deshawn's mouth, Deshawn began sucking on it hungrily. Then the two boys began moaning into each other's mouths as they kissed. Deshawn finally turned Marcus on his back, and parted their faces slightly.

"I love kissing a guy with lips as full as mine." said Marcus, as he gazed into Deshawn's eyes.

"Yeah, it makes you feel the kiss so much better!" replied Deshawn, as he looked down into the eyes of his lover. "I guarantee you'll feel this even more though."

Marcus watched as Deshawn left a wet trail down his chest and stomach with his lips. Then Deshawn grasped Marcus's cock, and looked at it hungrily. Marcus moaned lowly, as he watched Deshawn's full lips caress the head of his cock. Deshawn then began stroking over two thirds of Marcus's cock with his lips. After a minute of that, Deshawn went as far down on Marcus's cock as he could, then swallowed deeply. Marcus gasped as he watched Deshawn's lips settle around the base of his cock, and felt the head of his cock being caressed by Deshawn's throat. Deshawn went back and forth slightly, keeping Marcus's cock in his throat for the next minute and a half.

When Deshawn finally backed off for a breath of air, Marcus moaned, "I have to do that to you too! I've always wanted to find a guy who could take a cock into their throat like I can."

Deshawn laid on his back, and watched as his cock disappeared into Marcus's mouth. He too moaned when he felt the head of his cock slip into Marcus's throat. When Marcus came up for air, Deshawn panted, "I need you inside me now! There's a tube of lube inside the nightstand!"

Marcus reached over and got the lube, then knelt between Deshawn's legs as he lubed his cock. Once Marcus was ready, he put Deshawn's legs up on his shoulders, and pushed his cock against Deshawn's pucker. Marcus felt his cock thrust into Deshawn, and pushed it in as far as he could. As Marcus began thrusting in and out with long strokes, he looked down to see Deshawn's big erection bobbing up and down. Then he looked up into Deshawn's smiling face.

"Your cock looks so nice the way it bobs up and down when I thrust in and out of you!" panted Marcus. "I want to try something I saw once."

Marcus then moved his knees forward, propping Deshawn's back up on his thighs. As Marcus continued thrusting in and out of Deshawn, he leaned forward as far as he could and took Deshawn's cock into his mouth. Deshawn moaned loudly as Marcus's huge cock thrust in and out of him, and Marcus's lips caressed his cock. After a few minutes, both boys had to begin holding back their orgasms. Deshawn was finally the first to give in, flooding Marcus's mouth with his cum. When Marcus tasted Deshawn's cum in his mouth, and sliding down his throat, he let go and began flooding Deshawn's rectum with his cum. Both boys were moaning very loudly, as their orgasms finally came to an end. Then Marcus laid on top of Deshawn. Their legs tangled together as they wrapped their arms around each other. Marcus and Deshawn finally drifted off, with their lips still pressed together.

Sean and Jeff were growing very close to each other, very quickly. Due to the assault earlier though, neither of them felt up to sex that night. They were happy though to settle for feeling each other in their arms as they kissed.

Miguel got a lot of attention that evening. Frank and Lin gathered two more boys together, interested in helping Miguel look the way he wanted to. First, Frank took a pair of trimmers, and got rid of all of Miguel's excess hair. With what came off Miguel's back, chest, stomach, crotch, butt, and legs, it was enough hair to almost fill a small trash can. Some of the boys involved in the project couldn't believe the thick fur that covered most of Miguel's body. Frank did a very nice job of trimming around Miguel's penis, leaving the boy a nice patch of pubic hair. Miguel however did want the hair taken off his testicles. Then the boys divvied up the shaving duties. Frank took Miguel's back, Lin took his chest and stomach, Ash had the pleasure of shaving Miguel's groin and butt, and Denton took Miguel's legs. By the time the boys were finished, Miguel was clean and smooth except for the hair on his head, his eyebrows, and the patch Frank left around his penis.

Miguel ran his hands over his smooth body, and said, "I'll never be able to thank you guys enough for this. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me."

"We just want you to be happy with yourself Miguel." smiled Frank. "I'm sure almost any guy in this home will help you with this, anytime you need it."

"Damn Miguel, it's a good thing we all have boyfriends." said Ash. "If any of us had been available, this could have taken all night! You look very beautiful."

"Thanks." smiled a slightly blushing Miguel.

Dale, Mitch's counselor, ran across Nero in the rec room as it was getting close to bedtime. "Are you okay son?" asked Dale.

"I guess so." replied Nero. "It's just that I apparently have to bunk with a couple of guys, and it's kind of cozy in there. Not to mention they wanted to fool around, and it's kind of hard to watch that if you don't have someone to love."

"You are a very good looking boy though Nero." said Dale. "I'm sure you won't have that problem for long."

"I'm picky though." said Nero. "I know that most of the couples here try to make love to each other, but a lot of guys make it look like they're just having sex. I want someone who knows how to make love. Someone who's done it enough that they'll take the time to make it feel special. Someone who knows how to show passion. I haven't had that in quite a while, and I miss it."

Dale was now trying to hide the effect Nero was having on him, as he said, "If that's what you want, I know you'll have it someday really soon. If boys are given the right environment, they can be very loving."

"You sound like you know that from experience." smiled Nero. "And judging by the bulge in your pants, I'd say it was an experience you liked."

"I do seem to have a little situation going on, don't I?" laughed Dale, almost nervously.

Nero was now looking deeply into Dale's eyes, wanting to see what was causing the feelings he could see in them. "I'd love to help you with that situation." said Nero softly.

"I don't know if it would be right Nero." replied Dale.

"How long has it been since you've been with a boy?" asked Nero.

"It's been a few years now, and it ended badly." replied Dale. "The boy was brainwashed into thinking that I took advantage of him, when all I did was try to show him the love he craved and deserved. I never did anything to hurt him though. I spent almost an entire year in fear that I would go to prison over him. The parents said that all they wanted was to be compensated for what they said I put him through though, so the case was eventually dropped."

"If that boy loved you like he should have, he would never have put you through that." said Nero. "I promise not to put you through that Dale."

"Why me?" asked Dale.

"Because I can see a lot of love hiding behind your eyes for the right boy, and I want to feel it too." replied Nero. "I want to be the right boy for you. Would you kiss me Dale? If I'm right, I think we'll both know it. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize and not bring it up again."

Dale leaned down, and Nero tipped his head up toward the man. Dale placed his lips gently against Nero's, and the two began sharing a kiss that would consume both of them. Nero opened his mouth, and coaxed Dale's tongue inside it. Dale spent a wonderful eternity caressing the inside of the softest mouth he had ever felt before. Nero could feel the love coming from Dale's lips and tongue, and needed more. Nero reached down and softly stroked Dale's cock as the kiss continued.

When they finally parted their lips, Nero said, "I knew I was right. I don't want anyone but you to make me feel that way Dale. Would you please be my lover?"

"Come with me while I get everyone settled for the night, then we can go to my suite." smiled Dale.

Once all of the kids were settling down for the night, Dale led Nero back to his suite. Nero followed Dale joyfully back to Dale's bedroom, then began undressing the man. Dale smiled as he let his new young lover do that, then it was his turn to undress Nero. Dale marveled at the beauty of Nero's fourteen year old body, especially when the last piece of clothing came off. Dale stripped Nero of his briefs to reveal a beautifully erect five inch dick. It was surrounded by a perfectly sparse patch of hair. That was enough to make Dale once again grow to his full seven and a half inches, which Nero looked at lovingly. Dale and Nero laid on the bed, and Dale took the boy into his arms again. Then they resumed the kiss they shared earlier. As they kissed, Dale ran his hands over Nero's back and cheeks. Nero concentrated mostly on Dale's butt, occasionally running his hand through the crack, and rubbing Dale's rosebud.

Dale finally said, "I'd love to feel your five inches in there, but we'll do that later. We have a lot of love-making to do before we reach that." Dale then turned around so that his face was hovering over Nero's erection.

"It's too small, isn't it?" asked Nero insecurely.

"It is the most beautiful and perfect boy dick I have ever seen." replied Dale, after licking the head lightly. "Just looking at one of God's most perfect creations is driving me wild!"

Dale then gently wrapped his lips around Nero's shaft. Nero moaned in pleasure, then stared lovingly at Dale's cock, which was dangling over his face. Nero placed his hands on Dale's hips as Dale lovingly sucked his dick, and pulled Dale's cock down toward his face. Dale moaned heavily as he felt two perfect boy lips wrap around his cock, then caressed Nero's dick with as much love as he could. Nero had sucked men's cocks for the first time when he had to survive on his own, and didn't care much for it. This man loved him though, and Nero thought his cock felt better in his mouth than anything he had ever felt before. Dale could tell that his young lover loved what they were doing now, and he didn't want it to end too soon. He knew that they would also not be able to hold off much longer like this, so he grudgingly backed off Nero's dick. Then Dale turned around, and the two locked themselves in their most passionate kiss yet.

When Dale finally broke the kiss so they could catch their breath, Nero gasped, "I can't believe how much I'm falling in love with you Dale!"

"And you make me feel like a much younger man." replied Dale. "I think it's time for us to completely give our love to each other now. I'm going to turn onto my stomach, and I want you to climb up on top of me, so I can feel your love inside of me."

When Dale turned onto his stomach, Nero reached down to his pants pocket and took out a small tube of lube. After putting a little bit on his dick, Nero reached down and held his shaft against Dale's pucker. Dale thought he was in heaven when he felt Nero's boy dick push into him. Nero began slowly, giving Dale as much of his love as he could with every thrust.

"I need your cum inside me so much Nero!" moaned Dale.

"And I want to be your lover forever Dale!" Nero almost shouted out.

After a few minutes, Nero began to instinctively pick up his pace, without even realizing it. Dale knew that his young lover would soon be cumming inside him, and his rectum began clenching around Nero's dick.

"Oh God Dale, I'm cumming!" shouted Nero.

Dale moaned and smiled as he felt the warm juice from his lover spill into his rectum. Nero continued to thrust and buck, until his orgasm had completely ended. Then he laid all of his weight on Dale's back, until his dick softened, and slid out of Dale on its own.

Dale finally laid Nero on his back and said, "I will cherish what you just put inside me forever Nero. I love you more than any words can ever describe."

"I love you too Dale, and I want to feel you inside me now." replied Nero, almost incoherently.

"Are you sure, my love?" asked Dale.

"I can't live without it!" replied Nero.

Dale gently spread Nero's legs apart, and knelt between them. Then he took the tube that Nero had earlier, and put a generous coating of lube on his cock. After Dale put Nero's ankles up on his shoulders, he lined his cock up with Nero's hole. As gently as possible, Dale began pushing his cock inside Nero. He looked up to see if Nero was okay, and saw the most heavenly smile he had ever seen on a boy's face.

As Dale slid his cock back and forth slowly inside Nero, he said, "I have finally felt pure and true love for the first time in my life. I can't thank you enough, my beautiful young lover."

Then Dale bent down, and kissed Nero passionately as he thrust his cock in and out of Nero. When Dale felt Nero grab his hips, and pull them into him harder, he decided to let Nero dictate the pace. He would do the thrusting, but the speed would be determined by Nero's hands on his hips. Dale couldn't believe how passionately Nero had him thrusting into him after only a few moments. When Dale began to feel pressure building up in his balls, he began moaning loudly. Dale then took over again, and made his cock one with Nero as much as he could. When Nero felt Dale's cum blasting into him, he joined Dale in moans of pleasure. After Dale's orgasm had been completely exhausted, he pulled his cock out of Nero, and laid next to the boy of his dreams.

"Can I move in with you Dale?" asked Nero, almost exhaustedly.

"I'll help you first thing in the morning, my beautiful lover." replied Dale. Nero and Dale finally fell asleep in each other's arms, with smiles on their faces.

It was a long night at the hospital for Mitch and Justin. The doctor finally brought Mo back out at almost one in the morning. "Well, I treated the old rope wounds as much as I could." said the doctor. "It would require surgery to completely get rid of the scars though. What is really more important is the hand. It was broken in a few places, in the frantic attempt he made to get out of the ropes he was tied with. They have had a number of weeks to heal though, and have begun healing improperly. He will need surgery to reset the bones in his hand, or I'm afraid he may lose the use of that hand completely."

"When should that be done?" asked Mitch.

"I would like to schedule it a week from today, since it's now officially Monday." replied the doctor. "And don't worry Mo, we'll make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. If we don't do it though, your hand will only hurt more and more as time goes by."

"I guess I will trust you then." replied Mo.

"Good." said the doctor. "You can call our scheduling department later today Mitch, and they'll set everything up for you."

Mitch didn't get a chance to drive his Beetle much anymore, but he was glad this was one of those times that he did. It was no surprise at all that both boys climbed into the back seat together. When Mitch looked back, he saw that Justin had his arm around Mo, holding the olive skinned boy closely. Mo was fast asleep by the time they got home, so Mitch and Justin lifted him out of the car, and Mitch carried him inside. Mitch and Justin both tucked Mo into his bed, and both gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Deshawn and Marcus woke the next morning with their arms and legs tangled together. Their faces were so close that Deshawn reached out with his tongue, and gently licked Marcus on the nose. When Marcus's eyes opened, Deshawn said, "Hey sexy, I could get use to this."

"I hope you do!" laughed Marcus gently. "Last night was the greatest time I've ever had! I don't think I'll mind being completely gay, if I can be with you."

That made Deshawn the happiest boy in the world.

In Dale's room, he and Nero were also waking up. Dale was the first to wake, as he looked at the beautiful boy that had shared his bed with him. Nero's dick was now at rest, and was the most beautiful three inches Dale had ever seen. Dale reached down, and began to fondle Nero's dick gently.

"I'm so happy that you love them small like that." said Nero sleepily, with a smile on his face.

"That is still the most beautiful shaft of flesh that I've ever seen, soft or hard." replied Dale. "Can you keep it soft like that for me, for just a moment?"

"I can do anything for my man." smiled Nero.

Dale immediately went down, and wrapped his lips around Nero's three inch dick, and caressed it with his tongue.

"It won't stay soft long like that!" moaned Nero softly.

Dale lovingly nursed his boy to an erection, then suckled lovingly on Nero's dick. Nero cooed and moaned, as he wrapped his fingers in Dale's hair. Dale continued stimulating his boy, until Nero began to writhe on the bed. A few moments later, Dale was rewarded with the taste of Nero's first orgasm of the day.

"I'm going to love living with you!" moaned Nero, as Dale climbed up into his arms.

"And I'll have everything I've ever dreamed of." smiled Dale, before giving Nero a passionate kiss.

Today was going to be a busy day at the house. Mitch was expecting Will as soon as the kids in school had left. Mitch would have to go over every new kid in his house with Will, then sign papers for all of them. While Will was there, the police also stopped by to talk to Sean and Jeff, and then to Mo. After talking to Sean and Jeff, they felt they had enough to indict the man who assaulted them on attempted rape and attempted murder charges. Then they had to ask Mo whether or not he intended to testify if his and Saleem's parents were picked up on murder charges. Mo was unsure of what to say, but he trusted Mitch now. When Mo looked at Mitch, Mitch nodded his head yes. Then Mo told the police that he would testify. They would take one shot at finding Saleem's body, then arrest everyone involved in the murder, hoping one of them would crack if they hadn't found Saleem.

After the police, then Will left, Mitch took all of the new kids who hadn't been tested yet to the clinic. Dale accompanied him, mostly to be with Nero. Mitch noticed this right away, and talked to Dale about it.

"So Dale, is it serious?" asked Mitch.

"Is it obvious?" asked Dale.

"Just to a man like me, who has found his perfect boy." smiled Mitch.

"I love him with all of my soul, and more than anyone I've ever known." replied Dale. "That's why I helped him move into my suite this morning. I hope that's okay."

"If he feels the same way, it's more than okay." said Mitch.

"I've never seen a boy with more love to give, and I'm honored that he's decided to give it to me." replied Dale. "I've been with other boys before, but I don't even feel worthy of this one."

"Well, it sounds like he thinks you are." said Mitch. "Take my advice, and don't argue it."

"I wouldn't dream of it!" laughed Dale.

"Good, and I hope you and Nero are happy together for a long time." smiled Mitch.

Due to the number of kids, the clinic would take up most of the afternoon. While the kids were being tested, Mitch set up an appointment for Mo to have his hand repaired. Mitch was surprised that the only problem anyone had was a venereal infection. It just happened to be Marcus though, so he and Deshawn both had to be treated. After Mitch explained things to both boys, Deshawn took it well.

Valencia had another baseball game after school, and Mitch had just enough time to stop by the mall to shop for the few kids who hadn't been taken care of yet. As Mitch loaded the busses to head to the academy, he breathed a sigh of relief that his head count wasn't over this time.

Angelica was on the mound again for Valencia today, and seemed to take some ribbing from the other team before the game started. That was enough to inspire her to pitch a perfect no-hitter, and Valencia had won their first three games in a row. Coach Donnelley would have a tough time making room for Tyrone on his team, but after talking to the new student earlier, he was determined to do it.

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