What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

Due to the number of kids, the clinic would take up most of the afternoon. While the kids were being tested, Mitch set up an appointment for Mo to have his hand repaired. Mitch was surprised that the only problem anyone had was a venereal infection. It just happened to be Marcus though, so he and Deshawn both had to be treated. After Mitch explained things to both boys, Deshawn took it well.

Valencia had another baseball game after school, and Mitch had just enough time to stop by the mall to shop for the few kids who hadn't been taken care of yet. As Mitch loaded the busses to head to the academy, he breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't over this time.

Angelica was on the mound for Valencia today, and seemed to take some ribbing from the other team before the game started. That was enough to inspire her to pitch a perfect no-hitter, and Valencia had won their first three games in a row. Coach Donnelley would have a tough time making room for Tyrone on his team, but after talking to the new student earlier, he was determined to do it.

Even though it was Tuesday, Tabitha went home with Mitch's kids, so she could celebrate Angelica's victory with her. Joey and Leah watched the two girls make love in the other bed for a few moments, before they joined them. Then it was Angelica and Tabitha's turn to watch Joey's cock slide in and out of Leah. They could see how much Leah enjoyed Joey's cock thrusting in and out of her, so they just smiled at the two, then went back to making love.

In Marcus and Deshawn's room, the two boys had just finished pleasuring each other by hand. "I'm sorry I gave that shit to you Deshawn." said Marcus, as the two boys held each other in their arms.

"No big deal man." replied Deshawn as he smiled. "It just means that I have to take antibiotics with you. We still would have had to watch the really physical contact anyway. It was worth it to feel your beautiful cock inside me though, and I can't wait until this shit is cleared up."

"Yeah, and now that I have you, I won't have to worry about that again." smiled Marcus. "You're the only one I ever want to make love to again Deshawn. I can't wait until this is cleared up, so we can make love again." Then Marcus placed his lips against Deshawn's, and the two boys shared a deep kiss.

In Justin and Mitch's room, Justin was on top of Mitch, making love to Mitch's cock. Mitch was underneath, and had just finished swallowing the last of Justin relieving himself in his mouth. Now Mitch was passionately making love to Justin's cock, when they heard the front doorbell. Mitch and Justin got up, and threw on a pair of shorts. When they got downstairs, Mitch had Justin hang back until he saw who was at their door. When Mitch opened the door, he was shocked to see a young teen boy carrying a baby caddy.

"What can I do for you, young man?" asked Mitch.

"I was suppose to drop this off here." said the boy, as he held out the baby.

"What you're referring to as this, happens to be a baby." said Mitch. "Why do you have a baby, and why are you suppose to drop the baby off here?"

"Some woman pulled up to the corner I was on, and asked me if I wanted to make a few bucks." replied the boy. "Since it's usually men that proposition me out there, I wanted to see what it would be like with a woman. She didn't want what I thought she did though. After I got into her car, she started driving this way. Then we pulled up in front of your mansion. I asked her what was going on, because there was a baby in the back seat too. She said the this was a home that took in kids off the street, and she wanted me to take the baby to your door to give it to you. Then she shoved twenty bucks into my hand, and put me and the baby out of her car. So, here I am, with a baby. You're going to have to take him mister, I don't know what to do with a baby."

Justin then stepped up to the door and said, "It's okay, we can take care of him. What's your name?"

"I'm Jason." replied the boy.

Justin looked Jason over carefully. It did look like Jason had been on the streets, but that he also tried to take care of himself. Jason looked to be about fourteen or so, five feet six inches tall, about 120 pounds, blonde hair, and had brilliant blue eyes.

"Hi Jason, I'm Justin." said Justin, as he stuck out his hand.

As Jason shook Justin's hand, he asked, "Is it really true that you take in kids off the street?"

"Yes it is Jason." smiled Mitch. "No matter how many kids we have though, we will never turn anyone away who needs a home. Now, how do you know that the baby is a boy?"

"From what the woman said." replied Jason. "She said that the baby's father turned out to be a fag, and that the baby probably would too, and she didn't want to take any chances. It kinda hurt when she said that. The past year has been kinda rough because I'm gay, and she's just the latest person who has said something mean because of it."

"You know you're gay, but you wanted to see what it would be like with a woman?" asked Justin. "Why's that?"

"Because, people have hurt me a lot because I'm gay." replied Jason. "Maybe if I can make it look like I'm not, that won't happen anymore."

"Well, you could put your dick inside a woman, but if you know that you're gay, you won't be able to fake liking it." said Justin. "Maybe you need to be with people who accept you being gay."

"Is there a place like that?" asked Jason. "I know it isn't the street. The only people out there who accept me being gay are other street kids, and married guys who want some boy to suck their dick."

"There's our home Jason." said Mitch, as he put a hand on Jason's shoulder. "You don't have to be all alone."

"I like being alone though." cried Jason. "No one can hurt me that way!"

"No one can love you that way either." said Justin. "There are people here that will love you though, and make sure no one hurts you. We're all one big family here, and we love each other. Wouldn't you like to be a part of that?"

"Yeah, I would." sniffled Jason. "I'm tired of being hurt."

"Then come on in, and consider this your new home." smiled Justin. "I promise that everyone here will love you. Mitch, take care of the baby." Justin then put an arm around Jason, and let him into the mansion.

"Does the baby have a name?" asked Mitch, as he followed the boys inside.

"She didn't call him by any name." said Jason. "When I asked her, she said it wasn't important, and to name him anything you want."

"There's mother of the year material if I ever saw it!" muttered Mitch, just loud enough for the boys to hear.

While Justin took Jason to get him settled in, Mitch checked the baby over. The baby had a diaper rash, and was in need of a fresh one. Mitch knew that he was going to need clean diapers, and probably something to feed the baby. He didn't want to leave him though, or take him out that late at night before he had a chance to talk to Will. Just then though, Reggie came by to see who was at the door. He immediately offered to run to the twenty four hour store for Mitch, for which Mitch was relieved. While Reggie was gone, Mitch cleaned the baby up, and wrapped him in a clean dry towel. Then he and the baby stopped by to see how Justin was doing with Jason. Jason was looking better by this time, but he had still not opened up much more to Justin. Justin did feel okay about leaving him to settle in when Reggie returned though.

"Hi Mitch, I got what I thought you might need until you talk to Will tomorrow." said Reggie. "I got diapers, formula, a little baby food, a pacifier, some baby wipes, and baby powder. You'll have to get him some clothes and a crib tomorrow though."

"Thanks Reggie, you're a lifesaver!" replied Mitch. "I might need more help from you later, since I've never raised a baby before."

"Well, it's been a while since Brandon was that age, but I'll do my best." smiled Reggie. "Does the cute little fellow have a name?"

"His mother didn't give that information to Jason, so I guess it's up to us." replied Mitch. "I'm kind of thinking of naming him Mark, after my brother."

"That's a fine name Mitch, and one I'm sure he'll be proud of." said Reggie.

"Hi there little baby Mark." said Justin, as he lightly stroked the baby's head. "I sure hope you will become my little baby brother."

"He couldn't ask for a better brother either." smiled Reggie.

"Well, we have a busy day tomorrow." said Mitch. "I better warm up some formula in a bottle, and see if Mark will take some, then go to sleep."

"I'll take him to our room and diaper him while you do that!" offered Justin.

"Okay mother hen." chuckled Mitch.

Justin took Mark and the diaper supplies to their room, while Mitch took the formula and baby food to the kitchen. Once in their room, Justin laid Mark down on the bed, and unwrapped the towel. He noticed the slight rash that Mitch had, and since the baby wipes were medicated, Justin decided that Mark needed to be wiped off first. Justin took the first wipe, and as he held Mark's feet up slightly, he wiped between Mark's cheeks. After a few wipes, Justin disposed of the first wipe, and took another out. Then Justin delicately cleaned Marl's tiny penis, and his scrotum. After throwing away the second wipe, Justin gently dried Mark with the towel, making sure that Mark's genitals were dry. Then Justin looked at the baby, who seemed a little happier now.

"Someone would have to be a real witch to give away a beautiful little baby boy like you Mark." said Justin to the baby. "Her loss is my gain though. Now I get another really cool little brother." Then Justin began to powder Mark, so he could fit him with a diaper.

"I thought I heard someone in my kitchen." said George, as he walked in on Mitch. "Warm milk Mitch? Are you having a rough night?"

"You could say that George." replied Mitch. "This isn't milk, it's baby formula. Some woman had a boy from the streets deliver a baby boy here tonight. Reggie had to rush out and get a few things, to do us until tomorrow."

"A baby?!" exclaimed George. "I knew there were all kinds in the world, but who could do something like that?!"

"Apparently a very evil bitch." replied Mitch, as he took the bottle out of the water and dried it. "The boy she gave the baby to said that she said her ex boyfriend was gay, and that would probably make the baby gay too, since it was his son."

"She sounds like an ignorant bitch too!" said George. "So, you don't know anything else about her, the baby, or the ex boyfriend?"

"Not a thing." replied Mitch. "The way the baby was left here tonight, I want to make sure he never does either."

"I don't blame you there Mitch." said George. "Can I see him?"

"Sure George." replied Mitch. "Justin took him to our room to put a diaper on him."

George then followed Mitch up to his and Justin's room. The door was slightly open, so George and Mitch looked in first.

"I know all about what it's like for your mother not to want you Mark." said Justin, as he held the sleepy baby in his arms. "My mother didn't want me either. Me and you got lucky though, we found a man who does love and want us. I'm going to make sure you love it here Mark, and I'll do everything I can to make sure you don't remember what your mother did. I know how painful that would be for you. I love you baby brother."

Mitch backed away slightly, and almost cried, "Oh God George! I've never loved that boy any more than I do at this moment! I think that baby was meant to be brought here, to show what a wonderful man my Justin is going to be!"

"Did you ever have any doubt?" asked George, as he too was touched by the scene.

"Never!" replied Mitch, as he tried to smile. "And now I am guaranteed that I never will!"

Mitch and George went on in, and sat on both sides of Justin. Mitch put his arm around Justin, and told him that George had come to see the baby. As soon as Justin handed the baby to George, Mitch wrapped Justin in the most passionate kiss he had ever given his boy. The kiss almost left Justin breathless.

"I love you so much Mitch." smiled Justin. "And Mark now has the most perfect dad in the world!"

Once George was finished visiting the newest arrival, he gave Mark back to Justin and left smiling. Mitch then gave Mark some formula, while Justin held the baby gently in his arms. After Mark had taken a little bit, Justin burped him. Then Mitch and Justin got ready for bed again, as Mark began drifting off. Mitch laid on one side of the bed, and Justin laid on the other, with Mark now sleeping between them. Very soon afterward, Mitch and Justin joined Mark, with their two bodies forming a temporary crib around the sleeping baby.

The next morning, Mitch had to force Justin to go to school with the other kids. Then it was time to call Will, and see if Mark was up to eating or having some formula. As Mitch was feeding Mark, he took the opportunity to talk some more to Jason.

"So Jason, how do you like it here so far?" asked Mitch.

"Well, I got to talk to some of the other kids here this morning." replied Jason, as he watched Mitch care for the baby. "They all seem pretty cool. Not at all like some of the people I knew before I left home."

"You said the past year was a tough one." said Mitch. "How tough was it that it made you leave home?"

"Do you really have to know?" asked Jason, with his mood changing.

"Oh my goodness Jason!" exclaimed Mitch. "Your eyes just shifted from blue to gray!"

"They've been known to do that when my mood changes." replied Jason, unenthusiastically.

"Anyway son, I do need to know." said Mitch. "I want you to stay here, and have a happy life with us. I'll have to go through the state to do that though, and I'll have to know what made you leave home."

"Okay, but it isn't pretty." replied Jason. "I realized I was gay about a year ago, and that's when everything started going wrong. It started off okay though, when I met another boy that I liked back in Idaho. Me and him tried to keep everything cool, but a bully that had been torturing me for years found out somehow. He was afraid of my friend, but not me. One day he followed me out of the school, and I guess he had grown tired of beating me up. Instead he forced me to do things. I was going to run and scream like hell, but he had brought a gun from home. I was so afraid that he was going to kill me, that I didn't put up a fight. The things that he did hurt so much, and I thought he would kill me when he was finished. It hurt so much that I wished he had, especially when I got home. My parents finally pried it out of me, then figured out that I was gay. They acted like they didn't even believe me, and that I had asked for what happened. After that, it started getting around, and the other boy was made to look like some kind of victim. No one wanted to be around me, not even the other boy I liked. Things finally became so bad that I had to leave home, before half the town got together and killed me."

By this time Jason was crying so hard that Mitch had to set Mark down to comfort Jason. Mitch put his arms around Jason and said, "All of those people were wrong Jason. You didn't ask for what happened, and you didn't deserve to be treated like that afterward. I know you've felt a lot of pain in the past year, but I'll make sure you never go through anything like that again. Everyone here will love you Jason, and help you any way that they can."

"I wanted to be a virgin for the first person I fell in love with though!" cried Jason. "Now I can't even have that!"

"I know that nothing can undo what's been done Jason." replied Mitch. "You have to trust me though. Someday you will meet someone who doesn't care if you're a virgin. The things you've gone through will only make them love you that much more, and it will be a love that will help heal the pain of your past."

"Are you sure Mitch?" asked Jason, as he tried to dry his tears.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life." replied Mitch.

"Why did it have to happen though?" asked Jason, still a little shakily.

"Because some people have never evolved from the animal that man use to be." replied Mitch. "Some people are filled with love and compassion, and they redeem the entire human race. Others care only about themselves, and their selfish instincts. They are the animal that man use to be, and constantly strives to be better than. You're a man though Jason, although a somewhat young man. The people that hurt you are animals, and they can never be as good as you are."

"I wish someone could have told me that before now Mitch." said Jason.

"Well, I'm telling you that now Jason, even if it is long overdue." said Mitch, as he drew Jason tighter into him. Then Mitch gave Jason a tender kiss on the forehead, and said, "You are a good person Jason. Those others aren't, and I want you to talk to our lawyer to see what can be done to show them what kind of animals they are."

"If you will stand behind me, I think I can do it." replied Jason. "It's almost too bad you love Justin so much. I wouldn't mind having a man like you."

"Did Justin tell you that?" asked Mitch.

"He didn't have to." replied Jason. "I can see it in both your faces. You and him are lucky to have each other. You're both great people."

"Well, you are too Jason." smiled Mitch. "I'm sure you'll find someone just as great as you are too."

At that point Mark began crying, demanding attention. Mitch picked the baby back up, and noticed that his diaper was now sagging. As he helped Mitch clean and diaper the baby, Jason said, "I love you too Mark, for bringing me to this house. Thanks to you, I feel like I have a home again."

Will did come by, and was shocked by what had happened last night, and by Jason's story. He did have concerns that Mitch was spreading himself thin now, especially with wanting to take on raising a baby. Mitch convinced Will that he could handle it though, and wanted Will to look into him adopting Mark. Will told Mitch that he would have to investigate Mark's past as best he could, but he had doubts about finding anything out unless Mark's mother came forward, which wasn't likely in these cases. Then he could see about Mitch adopting the baby. In Jason's case, Will wanted Mitch to look into bringing justice to that case, while he took care of things from the state's point of view. He would first have to get in touch with the state agency in Idaho, but he thought he could work with them on this, and keep Jason in California.

After Will left, Mitch called Eric. Eric said he would stop by after he was out of court that afternoon, so that left Mitch with enough time to go shopping with Jason and Mark. The first thing Mitch had to get was a stroller. Then he went to the furniture store, and picked out an appropriate crib. After that, it was off to the mall. First they went to the store that specialized in baby clothes and supplies. After Mark was completely taken care of, it was time to take care of Jason's needs. Mitch was already planning on Jason being a part of the home for quite a while, so he set Jason up well. Since Jason was the only one who needed to be tested, as Mark was too young to fall within the state's requirements, Mitch took him by the clinic after the mall. Jason was nervous at first, but Mitch explained that it was the state's rule for group homes. The nurse at the clinic was very gentle with Jason, and a little while later, the results came back negative on everything.

On the way home, the police called and wanted to speak with Mo. Mitch told them that he would meet them at the house, and have Mo ready to speak to them. As Mitch, Jason, and Mo were finishing setting up the crib for Mark, the police arrived.

"Hi Mo." said officer Fisel. "We wanted to let you know what happened today, and that we have a solid case with or without you having to testify. When we went to the location were you and Saleem were to be executed, both sets of parents became very nervous and agitated. That, along with your statement, gave us probable cause to search your home. We did find traces of blood from where they didn't clean up as well as they had thought, and that gave us cause to suspect that it was Saleem's blood. We then conducted a thorough search of the entire residence. The parents didn't get too much more agitated, until we brought out a portable sonar unit, and began searching the grounds. We did find where they had buried Saleem in the back yard, and took both sets of parents into custody. They will be given a bail hearing tomorrow, but since they are being charged with first degree murder of a minor, bail will most likely be denied. If we can keep them locked up, they may crack and implicate the person who ordered the execution as well. I'm so sorry for what has happened to you, but this will not go without justice being served. I promise you that Mo."

"Thank you so much officer Fisel." replied Mo emotionally. "I know that Saleem would have wanted his body found, and for his murderers to be punished. I know it will be rough, but I want to help justice be done for my friend. I owe him that."

"You are a very good boy Mo, and I highly suspect that Saleem was as well." said officer Fisel. "If you need any help in understanding what has happened, or any spiritual help, please don't hesitate to call me. I want to help you in any way that I can. Here is my personal phone number as well."

Officer Fisel gave Mo his number, then gave Mo a warm hug. Mo thanked officer Fisel again, then went to his room to be alone. Before officer Fisel left, he spoke to Mitch and asked him to take very good care of Mo. Mitch shook officer Fisel's hand, and promised him that Mo would be well cared for.

The next day, Mitch took all of the kids who weren't in school yet, to get them into school. He took the younger kids to the private middle school first, and had then enrolled. All of the high school aged kids decided they wanted to apply at Valencia, so that was the next stop. While the kids were being given the tour, Mitch and Ms. Gardenier had a talk.

"If this keeps up Mitch, we may have to change our name to The Gordon Academy." laughed Ms. Gardenier.

"I'm sorry about that." smiled Mitch. "I just wish there weren't so many kids who needed my help, but I'm afraid I've only scratched the surface."

"Yes, it is a shame that so many good children have gotten such a rough start in life." agreed Ms. Gardenier. "We are all very proud of what you are doing though. We're also happy that you have helped us expand our facilities so much. That's why there will always be a place here for any child you bring us who meets out minimum requirements. Besides, you're bringing us some fine athletes as well. Our athletic program has never done as well as it is now."

"Yes, and two of the boys I brought today should help your basketball team greatly next year." replied Mitch. "I've already talked to Deshawn and Marcus about that. They were both stand out players at their old school, and are looking forward to joining your squad next year."

"That would be a relief!" laughed Ms. Gardenier. "Our basketball program finished next to last last year."

At the same time, Coach Donnelley had called Tyrone in to speak to him. "How would you like a spot on our team Tyrone?" asked Coach Donnelley.

"I love baseball sir!" replied Tyrone. "It would be an honor for me to be a part of the team. What position do you want me to play?"

"Well, my infield is pretty well set right now with Joey, Justin, Tyler, and Davey." replied the coach. "I could use some help in the outfield though. Ryan and El are both very fast, and I need someone to compliment them. Our other player out there is okay, but I feel that he may leave a hole out there that the others won't be able to cover. Since he is a solid hitter though, I want to keep him as a pinch hitter and replacement infielder, or outfielder if necessary, and put you in center field. Can you handle that position?"

"I'll do my best sir." smiled Tyrone.

"Great son!" replied Coach Donnelley. "We have a practice today after school. I'm sure we can scrounge up enough equipment for you to borrow. Then you can have your guardian take you to the sporting goods store tonight, and equip you to be on the team. Welcome to the Valencia Tigers baseball team!"

When Tyrone showed up to practice after school, all of the kids on the team gave him a high five. Then Brian got enough equipment together for Tyrone to practice. Since he was the only adult around, Brian got spare cup and supporter out for Tyrone to use.

"I hope this will be big enough son." said Coach Donnelley, as he handed the cup and supporter to Tyrone.

"It looks a little small, but I'm sure it will fit better than any of my teammate's stuff." laughed Tyrone.

"Damn kid, I'll bet you're popular with the ladies!" laughed Brian.

"I might be, but I think my boyfriend would complain." laughed Tyrone.

"Well then, he's a lucky young man." smiled Brian. "Now, put that on and let's get the practice started."

Tyrone had a great practice with the team, and it looked like center field would be a good choice for him. Brian also saw that he could hit the ball as well as anyone else on the team, and he could read other pitchers especially well. This was going to shape up to be a great season for the Tigers.

Mitch had not told anyone what Jason had told him. He thought it would be best if he left that for Jason, considering the circumstances. Justin knew that Eric had talked quite a bit with Jason though, and that something serious was going on with Jason's old home. After Justin got home from practice, he got off alone with Jason, and Jason finally told him his story.

Justin put his arms around Jason and said, "That really sucks that everyone would make you feel that way dude. You didn't do anything wrong. If you ever need a hug from a brother, or someone to talk to, I'll always make time for you."

"It's cool that everyone feels that way." replied Jason. "I even got a really nice kiss on the forehead from Mitch. You two are so lucky to be in love with each other the way you are."

"Did he tell you about us?" asked Justin in shock.

"He didn't have to." smiled Jason. "You two look like you were meant to be lovers."

"Oh, that's okay then." smiled Justin. "I'll bet he would have done this, if he didn't think it would have been inappropriate."

Justin then put his lips against Jason's, and gave him a very nice kiss. It wasn't deep or erotic, just one boy helping another that he cared about feel good. Jason liked it, and smiled as their faces parted.

"I didn't kiss you like that for the same reason I kiss Mitch like that, but I do care about you, and wanted to show you how much." said Justin.

"I know, and it felt really nice." smiled Jason. "I know you and Mitch are lovers, but it's nice to have you kiss me like that just because you care. Also, it felt really nice and beautiful. I'd love to think of you as my brother Justin."

"You got it then!" smiled Justin. "I hope we teach those people you left to think about what is right and wrong in the future, and I hope you stay here forever. I love you like a brother Jason."

That made Jason very happy, as Justin left to be with Mitch and Mark. Before it was time for bed, Justin offered to change Mark's diaper again.

"You really enjoy caring for the baby, don't you my love?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah, it's really nice caring for our baby son." smiled Justin.

"Hmm, you and me being parents together." smiled Mitch. "I really like the thought of that! I also love how much love and care you have to show, Justin. It makes me love you that much more."

Justin then went ahead and changed Mark's diaper, as Mitch looked on. Justin carefully and lovingly cleaned the baby, making sure to clean his genitals well. As Justin carefully cleaned Mark's little penis, the baby began to giggle.

"I think he really enjoys that!" laughed Justin softly.

Justin finished cleaning and powdering Mark, then fit him with a new diaper. Then Justin held Mark gently cradled in his arms, against his chest. Justin gave Mark a kiss on the forehead, and Mark smiled as he rested in Justin's arms.

"That's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen." smiled Mitch. "You are going to make a fine parent to our son Justin, and I love you more than any words can describe."

"I love you more!" giggled Justin.

"No, I love you more!" laughed Mitch, getting drawn into Justin's game.

"No, I love you more!" laughed Justin.

"How about we call it a draw, put our son to bed, and show each other how we love each other?" smiled Mitch.

"That sounds like a great idea!" smiled Justin.

I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to end this chapter. I know that I said I was through adding characters, but the character of Jason was inspired by a very dear friend that I love. This chapter was meant for him, but I hope everyone else enjoys it as well. The baby was an idea I had been toying with for a while now, and I decided to throw him in along with Jason. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 25.