What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males, including those of different age groups (man/boy). If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, please visit my web site at www.timthestoryguy.us. Just a note about this chapter, this story is complete fiction. There currently is no cure for HIV, and I do know that. The only thing that can be done for HIV to this point is protection, and a lifetime of treatment. Please do not use this story as an excuse for being lax in protecting yourself, as it is just fiction at this time. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 25

From the last chapter:

Justin then went ahead and changed Mark's diaper, as Mitch looked on. Justin carefully and lovingly cleaned the baby, making sure to clean his genitals well. As Justin carefully cleaned Mark's little penis, the baby began to giggle.

"I think he really enjoys that!" laughed Justin softly.

Justin finished cleaning and powdering Mark, then fit him with a new diaper. Then Justin held Mark gently cradled in his arms, against his chest. Justin gave Mark a kiss on the forehead, and Mark smiled as he rested in Justin's arms.

"That's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen." smiled Mitch. "You are going to make a fine parent to our son Justin, and I love you more than any words can describe."

"I love you more!" giggled Justin.

"No, I love you more!" laughed Mitch, getting drawn into Justin's game.

"No, I love you more!" laughed Justin.

"How about we call it a draw, put our son to bed, and show each other how we love each other?" smiled Mitch.

"That sounds like a great idea!" smiled Justin.

Mitch was finally caught up in getting everyone enrolled in school, so after Justin fed Mark the next morning, Mitch was looking forward to some quality time with the baby boy. As Mitch held the baby and watched him smile, the phone rang.

"Hello, this is Mitch." said Mitch, as he cradled Mark in one arm.

"Hi Mitch, this is Lance." replied Lance.

"Then good evening son, how was your day?" asked Mitch.

"Kinda rough." replied Lance. "Taz was having a bad day today. I don't understand it Mitch. This was suppose to help Taz, but if it keeps going like this, I'm really afraid for him!"

Mitch could tell that Lance was on the verge of tears, so he tried to calm the boy. "I'm sure it will help him Lance." said Mitch. "You have to remember that this is an experimental treatment though."

"You don't understand though!" cried Lance. "He looked so bad today that I thought he might die on us!"

Now Mitch was concerned as he said, "Let me speak with Melanie right now son!" As soon as Melanie was on the phone, Mitch asked, "Do you know what they're doing to my son Melanie?"

"Lance and I were both concerned today, but the doctor refuses to go into detail." replied Melanie. "I wish you were here Mitch. I think they're doing a bit more than what they said they were."

"I want you to get that doctor to meet you at the clinic as soon as possible, then I want to talk to him!" said Mitch. "I'll get to the bottom of this before they kill my boy!"

"Okay Mitch, I'll call you back as soon as Lance and I have him meet us at the clinic." replied Melanie.

Mitch was a wreck until Melanie called back about an hour later. "Hi Mitch, we're in Taz's room right now, and the doctor is here with us. I'm going to set the phone to speaker."

Once that was done, Mitch asked, "What is going on with my boy? I've put a lot of trust in you people, and now I'm starting to doubt that trust!"

"Please calm down Mitch." said the doctor. "Taz is resting comfortably right now, and he needs that more than anything else right now."

"I want you to tell me why Melanie and my other son Lance are scared that you are trying to kill Taz!" said Mitch.

"Okay Mitch, but please don't let any of this get around yet." replied the doctor. "I've lost too many patients, and even family members to HIV. This disease is almost impossible to fight. The reason for that is that it works itself into places in the body that are impossible to get to. We have gotten to the point where we can eliminate it in most organs and lymph glands, and at first we thought that might be enough. It wasn't though. HIV is so invasive that it can even work itself into fat cells and mucous membranes, and we haven't been able to fight it there. That's what I'm trying to do though. I'm tired of seeing people have to fight this for the rest of their lives, scared to death that a cold or the flu will be enough to kill them. I'm going after the cells that everyone thinks are impossible to get to. I think I can get to them, and I want to eliminate HIV in the human body. If I had told the government that I was going to try to cure HIV, they would have laughed me out of the profession, but I know I can do it. Most of the patients here are merely being treated with new treatments that should work better than current treatments. The four strongest patients, including Taz, are being treated much more aggressively. If I can show that I've cured these four patients, the world will have to accept my theories."

"So, you picked my son at random to be your guinea pig?" asked Mitch.

"Taz was carefully selected Mitch." replied the doctor. "I wanted two subjects from Europe, one from Africa, and one from the US. That way when the news of a cure breaks, they can't claim some kind of conspiracy. Taz met all of the requirements I set for being healthy enough for this treatment. You have to understand that the treatment is working it's way into the body into places where no one has been able to get to before. It will make Taz very weak, but I am making sure that he and the other three patients are being monitored especially closely."

"Why are the people I sent with him afraid that he's going to die then?" asked Mitch.

"I'm very sorry about that." replied the doctor. "I didn't want to take any chance of this getting out, and ending my research. I should have taken Melanie and Lance aside though, and explained things a little more thoroughly to them. Taz has two more days of aggressive treatment left, then he will be on a little more conventional follow up. I will personally assure that he will be okay for the next two days, and hopefully after that, he will no longer have any trace of HIV left in his body. If this works Mitch, I will send him home with a one month treatment to rebuild his damaged immune system, and he will never have to be treated for HIV again."

"I'm going to give you another chance doctor, but I wish you would have trusted us enough to be more forward with us before now." said Mitch. "I want to speak with Taz when he wakes up too. I'm sure you haven't fully explained things to him, and he deserves to know why he's going through what he is. You probably have him scared to death as well."

"Okay Mitch, and I'll be there to to make sure he understands exactly what I'm trying to do for him." replied the doctor.

"I hope you can accomplish what you want to doctor, but I don't want it to be at the expense of my son's life." said Mitch. "Please stick close to him until this is over."

"I will Mitch, and once again, I'm very sorry about keeping this from you." replied the doctor.

Mitch felt a little better after talking to the doctor, then talking to Lance and Melanie again. We knew he wouldn't feel a lot better though, until he had the chance to speak to Taz that evening. Early that afternoon, Will stopped by to talk to Mitch.

"Well Mitch, no one seems to be stepping forward about the baby." said Will. "I really figured that might be the case though, from the way he was left here. I just can't shake the feeling that the baby's mother must have done something horribly wrong, which is why she dropped the baby off here. I wish I could find the baby's father, but without knowing who the mother is, that will be almost impossible. How are you doing with him?"

"To be honest, Mark has been a joy to have here." said Mitch. "I would have thought it would be much more work than what it's turned out to be. It has also brought out the mother hen in Justin, which is so cute that it's beyond words. Justin adores baby Mark, and wants him to be his baby brother."

"Well, I was concerned that you may be stretching yourself thin, but it looks like things might be covered here." said Will. "That's a really good thing, considering how much progress we've made in identifying the baby's mother. At this point though, even if we do find her, baby Mark might be better off here."

"I already know that he would." smiled Mitch. "Mark will get so much love and attention around here that he'll grow up as the happiest boy in the world."

"I'm sure he will." replied Will. "I want to give it one more try though Mitch, even if it's just to prosecute his mother. I want to talk to Jason when he gets home from school today."

"Sure Will, I'm sure Jason will cooperate as much as he can." said Mitch.

Will did stop by again after school, and Jason told him as much about the woman who picked him up as he could. Will and Jason didn't know it, but someone in the house began paying attention when Jason was describing the woman again to Will. He didn't even want to think about what this might mean to him.

Later that evening, Mitch finally got the call he was waiting for.

"Hi Mitch, this is Taz." said Taz weakly, when Mitch answered the phone.

"Hi son, how are you feeling?" asked Mitch.

"Better today dad." replied Taz. "I think I might be turning the corner today with this bout of weakness."

"Let's give it a few more days to be sure son." said Mitch.

"Why?" asked Taz. "Do you know something that I don't dad?"

"Is your doctor with you Taz?" asked Mitch.

"Yeah." replied Taz fearfully. "What's happening to me dad?"

"Just calm down son, and I'll tell you as much as I can." said Mitch. "Your doctor has been running a research program that he hasn't told anyone about son. He just filled me in on it after you went to sleep last night. Most of the people there at the clinic are getting the treatment you expected when you went to England. You and three other patients were singled out though, because you were healthy enough to undergo a little more extensive treatment. HIV has been thought of as impossible to cure, because it gets into places in the body where treatment has been unable to get to before. Your doctor thinks he can get to it though, which is why you've been so much weaker than you expected. He is trying to eliminate it in the impossible to get to areas of your body, and cure you of the virus. You have two more days of intensive treatment to go, and then he thinks you will be one hundred percent free of the virus."

"Are you serious dad?" asked Taz.

"That was what he explained to me last night." replied Mitch. "Lance and Melanie have been very concerned about you though. I don't want you to go through with this if you don't think your body can handle it. I'd rather have you here alive than anything else. Can you take two more days of extensive treatment, or do you want to call this phase off?"

"I can do two more days dad, especially after hearing what you've told me." replied Taz. "Do you know what it would mean to me not to have HIV anymore? It would be like the worst nightmare of my life is finally over."

"Okay son." said Mitch. "Your doctor is going to talk to you about it some more though. He's been told that if he doesn't think you can make it through the next two days, he's to discontinue the treatment. Do you understand that son?"

"I'll force myself to make it if I have to!" replied Taz.

"Okay son, but it's up to the doctor now." said Mitch. "I love you very much Taz."

"I love you too dad." replied Taz. "Thanks for calling me today."

As Mitch and Taz hung up, Melanie and Lance entered Taz's room. Then the doctor talked to all three of them for the next hour, before deciding to continue with the treatment.

Baseball at Valencia had never been as much fun as it was now. Both Frank and Angelica were determined that they would not be the first to give Valencia their first loss of the season. While most opponents were more afraid of playing against Angelica, Frank was just as unhittable on the mound. The next game was Frank's turn to shine on the mound, and with Tyrone in the outfield now, it was even easier. Tyrone worked so well with the other two outfielders that they looked perfect together. After the game, Eric told Mitch that he wanted to stop by to see several of the kids. Mo was the first to see Eric.

"Hi there Mo, I wanted to let some of you kids know what was going on in your cases." said Eric. "Yours and Saleem's parents were arraigned today, and the judge denied bail. I was there with the prosecutor to make sure of that. The prosecutor wants them to implicate the person who ordered the execution, so people will know that things like that are not acceptable here. I want you to be ready though, because he may offer your parents a life sentence in order to get them to cooperate. Otherwise, they would be facing the death penalty here in this state. Are you okay with that arrangement?"

"They killed my one true love, and they were going to kill me too." replied Mo. "They may as well have, with the pain they've caused me. I don't know how I should feel."

"If it's any consolation, child killers are not looked upon favorably by other inmates." said Eric. "They may end up wishing that they had gotten the death penalty. Whatever happens though, they will not get away with what they did."

Next up was Trevor and Leah. Their parents and older siblings were standing trial in California for the attempted murder of Trevor, and the trial was now in the jury selection phase. Eric was going to make sure that Leah and Trevor spent no more time in the courtroom than necessary though, but he wanted them to start getting prepared for that.

Next was Michelle. Eric had talked her into filing charges against the man who ran the last home she lived in, and the prosecutor was so comforting about it that Michelle agreed. Eric wanted to tell Michelle that the man had been arraigned, and he would soon be standing trial for rape.

Jack and Zack's case was two fold. Eric's investigator led the police to finally charge their parents with selling their children, and the man they sold the boys to with lewd sexual acts on a minor.

Sean had been a tough sell, but Eric finally thought he had the boy talked into charging his mother with rape. Now he had bad news for Sean.

"I'm very sorry Sean, but when the police finally went to pick up your mother, she was gone." said Eric. "I'm afraid they have no leads as to where she might have went to."

"That's just as well Eric." replied Sean. "I was going to see you about dropping the case against my mother anyway. I just want to forget the whole thing ever happened."

"If we can find her, I seriously suggest going through with it Sean." said Eric. "The odds are that she got an abortion after getting pregnant by her own son, but if she didn't, there's now a child out there to think about."

"She'll have to deal with that then." said Sean. "I don't want to think about what she did to me anymore."

"Okay Sean, but if you change your mind, please let me know." said Eric.

Last but not least was Jason. "Hi Jason." said Eric. "My investigator is ready to turn his report over to the local authorities back in your hometown. We think we can get the guy who attacked you charged with rape, and your parents charged with neglect and abandonment. Even though you left home, they drove you to it. I will do everything I can to make sure that your name is cleared, and that you can stay here."

"Thanks Eric, that means a lot to me." said Jason. "It meant a lot just to find people who believed me, and wanted me to feel better about what happened."

"We all believe you Jason, and you shouldn't have had to go through what you did." said Eric. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Do you know of a man who light love someone like me?" replied Jason. "After what has happened, I'm not too interested in finding another boy."

"Well, I'm sure there are good men out there looking for the love of a wonderful boy like you." said Eric. "If I hear of anyone, I'll keep you in mind. You could try asking your friends too. I know your school is very liberal, so if one of your classmates knows someone, they might hook you two up. Try not to go out on your own looking though. I wouldn't want anything to happen after what you've already been through."

"Thanks Eric." smiled Jason. "I'll try asking around school."

Later that evening, Sean ran across Justin as Justin was holding baby Mark. "Hey Sean, how did the meeting with Eric go?" asked Justin.

"My mom skipped town, but I figured she would eventually." replied Sean. "I told Eric to just forget about it. It isn't worth it to me to keep this thing going any longer. I have a home now, and really cool people around me."

"Thanks Sean, we all like you too." replied Justin, as he took a bottle out and put the nipple between Mark's lips. "We're all really glad you came here, and that you like it here so much. If you just want to concentrate on making this your home, and forget about your past, I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

"Thanks Justin, you're really great." smiled Sean. "Mark really is a cute little baby, and that's a great name. I probably would have named him something like that myself. Would it be okay if I held him for a few minutes?"

"Sure, as long as you don't drop him." giggled Justin.

"I could never do anything like that." replied Sean. "He's so beautiful and helpless. Only a real monster like his mother could ever hurt a boy like that."

"Okay then, hold out your arms." said Justin. Justin then carefully placed baby Mark into Sean's arm, and had Sean hold the bottle for Mark.

"How do I know when he's done feeding?" asked Sean.

"Well, if he starts spitting it back out, that's a pretty good indication." laughed Justin. "Hopefully though he'll just stop sucking on it first. I think he likes you Sean. You may want to consider a permanent place here after school, helping care for younger kids that come in."

"That might be pretty fun." smiled Sean. "Do you think Mitch would go for that?"

"I know he would when I tell him how good you are with babies." replied Justin. Justin then looked at Sean and Mark, as a thought went through his head. Justin dismissed the thought quickly for now though.

The next day, Jason made a new friend at school during first period. The boy's name was Todd, and he seemed extremely nice. Todd also happened to be the son of a famous actor. During lunch, Jason opened up to Todd.

"There is something you should know Todd." said Jason. "I'm gay."

"Well then, you're no different than quite a few other guys here at Valencia." laughed Todd. "If you're worried about me accepting you because of that, you don't have to. As a matter of fact, I'm bi myself. My current girlfriend knows that, and she accepts that I like boys too."

"The bad thing for me though is that I'm interested in finding an older man now, and it can be pretty hard to find that without putting yourself in danger." said Jason.

"Yeah, I guess it could be." replied Todd pensively. "Do you consider us good friends Jason?"

"Of course I do Todd." replied Jason. "I'd really like to be your close friend a lot."

"Then I'm going to tell you something that not a lot of people know." said Todd. "You have to keep it a secret though. You can't tell anyone what I'm going to tell you, okay?"

"Sure Todd, I promise." replied Jason.

"If you really want to meet an older man, I could introduce you to my dad." said Todd softly. "My mom doesn't even know that about him. They got divorced because her career was going in a different direction than his. She never found out about this, or she never would have allowed him to have custody of me. My dad likes teenage boys. He even tried to fool around with me once. We got as far as stoking each other. After a few moments of that though, we both decided that it didn't feel right. He does have a nice cock though. Anyway, I know my dad is a decent person, and he wouldn't hurt you."

"Are you serious Todd?" asked Jason. "Why would he be interested in me?"

"Because, you're a nice looking guy." giggled Todd. "Besides, you're just the right age for my dad."

"What about when I get older though?" asked Jason.

"I think he'll mature with you." replied Todd. "To be honest, I don't think he's ever really been in love before, not even with my mom. If he falls in love with you though, and that's a good possibility, I think he will stay in love."

"Why would he fall in love with me?" asked Jason.

"Dude, if I wasn't too young for you, and didn't have a girlfriend, I might myself!" said Todd. "You're good looking, nice, and you seem sincere. Those things are very attractive in a guy."

"Can you introduce us?" asked Jason.

"Anything for a friend dude." smiled Todd. "My dad will get a kick out of me setting him up on dates." Then both boys laughed together.

Meanwhile over in England, Taz was starting his last day of intensive treatment, with Lance at his bedside. "Just think babe, after today I'll start feeling better again." said Taz. "Then we can be lovers the way we always wanted to be. I just wish I didn't feel like I've been hit by a truck right now."

"Well, like you said, you should start feeling better after today." replied Lance, as he held Taz's hand. "I love you so much Taz!"

"I love you too Lance." replied Taz.

Back in Beverly Hills, Todd was leading Jason up to his door. Jason had called home, and got Mitch's permission to go to Todd's house. All the way there, Todd reminded Jason to just be himself when they got to his house. Once inside, Todd took Jason to meet his father.

"Jason, I'd like you to meet my dad, Robert." said Todd. "Dad, this is my new friend from school, Jason. I thought you two should meet, because Jason seems to be interested in older men."

"Well,... I'm kind of at a loss for words right now." said Robert, as he nervously shook Jason's hand.

"Don't worry sir, Todd explained to me how you feel, and I think it's great." said Jason.

"Well then Jason, if my son is setting us up on a date, don't you think you should call me Robert instead of sir?" asked Robert. "Or even better, Rob if you like."

"Not if you wouldn't mind calling me Jay." replied Jason.

"It would be a pleasure Jay!" smiled Robert. "Now, since Todd has gone to the trouble of arranging a date for us, I would be pleased if you'd join us for dinner. Then you and I can get acquainted. How does that sound so far Jay?"

"That would be so cool Rob!" replied Jay, as he too smiled.

Robert, Jason, and Todd had a very nice dinner together. Then while Todd went to do his homework, Robert and Jason went to the den to get acquainted. Robert had Jason sit next to him, and asked, "So Jay, how old are you?"

"I'm fourteen." replied Jason. "I hope that's not too young for you Rob."

"Do you think you are old enough to decide who you want to have a relationship with Jay?" asked Robert.

"I'm sure of it!" replied Jason.

"Then I don't see you as too young at all." smiled Robert, as he slid one arm around Jason. "Besides, you are a very good looking young man. I just hope you don't think of me as too old. But then again, Todd said you were interested in older men. Why is that Jay?"

"Because, a man your age knows what he wants." said Jason. "Most kids my age only know what they want as long as it's convenient for them. I want someone who knows that a relationship works both ways though. Besides, you're a very good looking man Rob."

Then Robert put his free hand on Jason's thigh, and rubbed it lightly. After a few moments, Robert lightly brushed Jason's dick with one finger, then returned to his thigh. "Are you okay with that Jay?" asked Robert.

"Are you kidding Rob?!" replied Jason. "I'm as hard as a rock right now! If my guardian will let me, can I spend the night here? I would love to get acquainted to the point where you'll make love to me!"

Then Jason put Robert's hand back over his crotch, and pulled Robert's face down to his. Jason gave Robert a very longing kiss, which Robert began returning. When they finally broke the kiss, Robert said, "I would like that very much Jay!"

Well, there we have it? I hope things work out for Taz and Jason, but what the heck is going on at Mitch's home? It sounds like someone there has a secret. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 26.