What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 27

From the last chapter:

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to eject you for using offensive language in front of minors Stan." said Carl, as he motioned for the home plate umpire to be ejected.

"You can't do that!" yelled Stan.

"All I need is one more umpire to verify it." smiled Carl, who then looked toward the third base umpire.

The crowd erupted into cheers the second the third base umpire signaled for the ejection as well. Stan stormed off the field, flipping the middle finger at the crowd as they jeered him. Justin was all smiles as he prepared to take over as coach for the rest of the game. After Justin sent in a replacement for himself and Tyrone, and Angelica was given a few pitches to warm back up, the game finally resumed. Angelica finished her perfect game, and Valencia added four more runs in honor of Coach Donnelley and Tyrone. When the game was over, Justin's teammates carried him to the locker room on their shoulders as the crowd cheered wildly. It had been a game that would definitely be hard to top in everyone's memory. As the team got to the locker room, they were once again joined by Coach Donnelley and Tyrone.

"Justin, I talked this over with Tyrone, and he agrees." said Coach Donnelley. "I'm making you the team captain. That way if something like this happens again, you are going to be in charge."

"Geez coach, I don't know what to say." smiled Justin.

"There's only two words required Justin." said Coach Donnelley. "Okay coach."

"Okay coach." replied Justin.

"Yay Justin!" shouted the entire team.

The home was still buzzing about the baseball game the next evening, when Will stopped by. Will sat down with Mitch and Sean, then cleared his throat.

"Sean, your DNA is a match with Mark's father's DNA by ninety nine point nine nine percent." said Will. "That's as high as the tests can determine, so you are undoubtedly Mark's father. I will have Mark's birth certificate changed to reflect that you are his biological father. Now for his name. Your mother had it listed as your father's name. I guess she didn't want to trouble herself with thinking of another name. Do you want your son's name changed to Mark on the birth certificate?"

"Can you really make that change?" asked Sean. "I'd prefer my son be named Mark, rather than after my father."

"In this case we can." replied Will. "We can't change the last name though, as your mother had it listed as her married name, so it's the same as your last name. If Mitch does go through with the adoption though, and you opt to change your last name, you can petition the court for your son to have the same last name as you."

"I'll do that when the adoption becomes final then." said Sean. "I'd much rather my son be named Mark Malloy, so he doesn't find out the true story of his birth."

"Well Sean, I'm glad you can experience the joys of fatherhood." said Will. "I just wish it could have been under better circumstances, and when you were better prepared for it."

"I'm sure it will be okay, especially after the adoption." replied Sean. "At least my mother did one good thing for me, and gave me a son."

"I'm glad you feel that way Sean." smiled Will. "I'll get that adoption going as quickly as I can Mitch."

"Okay Will, and thanks for everything." replied Mitch. After Will had left, Mitch called for Justin and Mark to join him and Sean. "Hi Justin, could you hand Mark to his father Sean for a moment?" asked Mitch.

Justin smiled as he sat next to Sean, then showed Sean how to cradle Mark in his arms. Sean looked down at his infant son as a tear of happiness formed in the corner of one eye. Then Sean leaned down, and gave Mark a gentle kiss on his lips. It made Mark smile as Sean held him in his arms.

"I love you so much son." said Sean. "I know I'm going to have to grow up quickly now so I can be your father, but I'm going to be the best father you could ever hope for."

"I'm sure you'll be a great father to your son Sean." said Mitch, as he and Justin smiled at the two. "I know you were kind of looking forward to having Mark as a son Justin, but he has a father already. His father will soon be your brother though, so I hope you'll be happy with being his Uncle Justin."

"I'll be the best uncle that Mark could ever hope for!" smiled Justin. "Between his father Sean, and his Uncle Justin, Mark will have all the love he ever needs from a family. And he'll have one heck of an awesome grandfather!"

"Thanks Justin." replied Mitch. "Now Sean, I'm going to keep you home from school tomorrow, so I can start teaching you how to care for your son. I'll have his crib moved to your room tonight though, so if you need any help at all, just call for me right away. Then when you go to school during the day, I'll care for Mark for you. How does that sound son?"

"It sounds like I'm glad to be a part of your family dad." replied Sean. "Between all of us, Mark will never have to worry about the bad start he got in life."

The next morning, just as Mitch was ready to get started with Sean and Mark, he got a call. "Hey dad!" said Taz. "How's everything going at the greatest home in the world this morning?"

"Taz?" replied Mitch. "Is that you son? You sound better than I've ever heard you before!"

"I feel great too dad!" replied Taz enthusiastically. "I feel like I could run a marathon, and still have enough energy for a night of love-making with Lance! I haven't felt like this since before my nightmare started!"

"I'm glad to hear you are feeling so well son." said Mitch. "So, what are you boys doing right now?"

"Melanie took us to Paris." replied Taz. "We went to Euro Disney earlier today, then she brought us to the Eiffel Tower for dinner, and to check out the view. I'm calling you from the upper observation deck right now. The view up here is spectacular dad! Oh, Lance and Melanie says hi."

"Tell them hi for me son." smiled Mitch. "I guess the doctor likes what he's seen so far, to let you go off to Paris."

"He got the comprehensive results back yesterday." replied Taz. "They even did a biopsy of fatty tissue, which hurt like hell, but there isn't any trace at all of the virus, anywhere in my body! He's confident that I'm cured, but he does want follow up tests in six weeks, then in six months, just to be sure. I know that I am though dad! I haven't been taking any of the retro-viral medications since I've been here. If there were any HIV inside me, it would be running amuck by now!"

"That does sound logical." said Mitch. "Are you and Lance using any protection? I know you've had sex by now."

"Both of us have decided that there really isn't any need to dad." replied Taz. "We're both confident that I've been completely cured. Last night was the most intense sexual experience of my life, not having anything between me and Lance for the first time!"

"I hope you're right son, but I do trust your judgment." said Mitch. "So, are you ready to start home in three days?"

"We're looking so forward to that that none of us can wait!" replied Taz. "We'll have an early bird flight out, so we'll try to rest on the plane between London and New York. That way when we get out to LA, we'll be ready to party with you guys! I know you're going to have one heck of a party ready for us!"

"You can count on that son!" smiled Mitch. "We'll be celebrating our family being complete again, as well as one of the most fantastic miracles ever! I can't wait for that!"

"We can't either dad." replied Taz. "Lance and I love you and our new family so much! Well, Lance wants me to check something out. I think he's pointing at where we were at earlier today. I'll let you go dad, it's getting late here, and Lance and I plan on another awesome round of love-making tonight!"

"Okay son, you two have fun." chuckled Mitch. "I love you and Lance very much, and it'll be great to be together again."

"Thanks dad, we know it will." replied Taz. "I'll give you a call from the airport before we leave. Melanie had the airline fax a copy of the itinerary to you. We can't wait to step off that plane and give you a gigantic hug dad!"

"I'll look forward to that son." smiled Mitch. "Good night son, I love you."

"I love you too dad." replied Taz.

Mitch was in a great mood as he ended the call. Then he said, "Okay Sean, let's get started. First we're going to start with feeding Mark."

Mitch showed Sean all the things that baby Mark needed to eat, and explained when to feed him what, and how to prepare his food. Then Mitch let Sean go ahead and prepare Mark's morning feeding. After Mitch helped Sean get use to feeding Mark, and burping him, it was time to move on to bathing the baby. Mitch and Sean took Mark to the main residence bathroom, and Mitch showed Sean how to prepare the bath. After Mitch had Sean do that, he showed Sean how to bathe Mark. Sean seemed to like doing that. He was very loving and gentle when it came to bathing Mark's genitals. Then it was time to diaper the baby.

"Okay Sean, I know we just bathed Mark, but when he's dirty, you'll need to know how to clean him with baby wipes." said Mitch.

Mitch then went ahead and showed Sean how to clean Mark after he had soiled his diaper, and let Sean do it himself. Mitch watched as Sean gently cleaned Mark with the wipe, then dried the baby off. Mitch explained powdering Mark to prevent diaper rash, and let Sean do that as well.

"My son sure is a beautiful little naked baby boy, isn't he dad?" asked Sean, as he held Mark's penis comfortingly.

"He sure is son." smiled Mitch. "I know you will want to bathe your son for as long as you can, but when he gets old enough to object, then I want you to promise to respect that."

"I will dad, I promise." replied Sean. "I just hope that he never objects. I love bathing him."

"I can see that, and you did it very well son." said Mitch. "You never know what will happen. As long as he never objects to you bathing him, feel free to do it for as long as you want. Even if he's twelve, and he still likes his dad bathing him, go right ahead if you want."

"That would be sweet dad." smiled Sean. "Since I'll be your son soon now, could you bathe me when we lay Mark down for his nap? I don't want anything sexual dad, I just want to feel you caring for me."

"I'd be honored to do that son, as long as it's nothing sexual." replied Mitch.

Sean got a few opportunities to change diapers that morning, while Mitch looked on to make sure he could handle it. Then after Mark's late morning feeding, he looked ready for a nap. Mitch placed Mark in a baby carrier, then he and Sean took Mark to the bathroom with them. Mitch ran a bath for Sean, then watched as Sean stripped to get into the tub. As soon as Sean was ready, Mitch began to lovingly bathe his teenage son. As Mitch gently cleaned Sean's cock, it began to stiffen.

"Sorry about that dad, it has a mind of its own sometimes." giggled Sean.

"I understand son." smiled Mitch, as he continued bathing Sean.

Once Sean was cleaned and rinsed, Mitch had him stand in the tub so he could dry him. Sean's cock was still stiff at this time, so Mitch told him to go ahead and do something about it while he dried him off. As Mitch dried Sean, Sean intently stroked his cock. When Mitch felt Sean begin to quiver, he put an arm around Sean's midsection to hold him up. Sean moaned loudly as he shot his cum into the tub, and Mitch held Sean up lovingly until his orgasm was over. Then Mitch finished drying Sean, and rinsed the tub out.

"Thanks dad, I needed that." said Sean. "My real parents would have never done that for me, and I needed to feel what it was like for a parent to lovingly care for their child. You made me feel a lot of love there, and I love having you as my dad now."

"I'm glad I did that for you then son." replied Mitch. "I love you as much as I do any of my other sons."

Mitch then gave Sean a kiss on his forehead, then sent him to his room to put on fresh clothes. Once Sean was dressed, he joined Mitch and Mark in the living room. When the kids came home, the ones on the baseball team were furious.

"That asshole umpire!" yelled Justin. "He went and filed a complaint with the state athletic commission. Now Coach Donnelley has to go to them just to try to keep Angelica on the team! He has no right to do that!"

"Why did I know this was going to be a fight?" asked Angelica.

Mitch put an arm around Angelica and said, "Justin is right, he has no right to do what he's doing. You deserve to be on that team as much as any boy out there. Justin, I want you to call the coach over here, while I call Eric. Coach Donnelley won't be going to them alone, and the commission will know they'll have a fight on their hands."

Justin then calmed down, and called the coach. Coach Donnelley said that he'd be right over. Eric told Mitch that he'd be happy to meet them about Angelica. After everyone had arrived, and Eric talked to the coach and players for a while, he asked, "Does Valencia have separate facilities for boys and girls for both teams?"

"Yes, we do." replied Coach Donnelley.

"How about the other teams in the league?" asked Eric.

"Everyone has been able to be very accommodating so far." replied the coach.

"Well then Angelica, I don't want you to worry." said Eric. "The state of California has laws to protect your right to play, as long as facilities can be provided for both boys and girls on each team. In a case like this, the umpire and commission can be sued for attempting to violate your rights under our state constitution. I don't think they're going to want to take that on."

"Thank you so much Eric." said Coach Donnelley. "Angelica has proved beyond any doubt that she belongs on this team, and I'm glad to have you to help me fight for her rights."

The following day, Mitch kicked into high gear on preparing a homecoming party for Taz, Lance, and Melanie. George had already been busy planning the food for the party, with Trevor's help of course. A large group of the kids put together a decorating committee, with El and Randy in charge. Even though some of them had not met Taz and Lance yet, they had heard all about them. That left Mitch to plan the festivities. He contacted a local carnival company to set up a few rides in back of the mansion, after promising a bonus for accepting on such short notice. Then he hit on an idea for entertainment. Most of the kids were talking about a new band from Florida, called Youthful Discretion. They were just hitting the music scene, and were apparently waiting for summer vacation to kick off their first tour, since they were all in high school. Mitch knew it would be very short notice, but he wanted to give it a shot anyway. After quite a few calls, Mitch finally came up with a number for their manager.

"Hi there, this is Mike Cooper." said Mike, the band's manager. "Can I help you?"

"I hope I'm not bothering you Mister Cooper." replied Mitch. "My name is Mitch Gordon, and I need some help."

"You're not bothering me at all Mitch." said Mike. "I'm at the airport in Los Angeles, waiting for a group of boys to find all their luggage and equipment. What can I do for you?"

"Did you say Los Angeles?" asked Mitch, as he smiled.

"Yeah, I said Los Angeles." replied Mike. "I manage a band, and their record company needed them to make an appearance out here."

Mitch went ahead and told Mike the story of his home, and about Taz and Lance. He then told Mike that he wanted to do something very special for their homecoming party on Saturday, but he had no idea what until he heard about the band Mike managed. Then Mitch told Mike that he could pay whatever he asked if the band weren't committed on Saturday, and could make an appearance at the party. Rusty Cooper, Mike's son and one of the lead singers of the group, had overheard Mike's end of the conversation, and heard just enough to be interested.

"Dad, did I hear correct that this kid is in England now, being treated for HIV?" asked Rusty.

"Yeah son, he lives here in a group home, but has been in England for the past month receiving an experimental treatment for HIV." replied Mike.

"You mean this kid doesn't have any family, except for the kids at the group home where he lives?" asked Rusty.

"Yeah son, but Mitch assures me that they are one large and happy family there." replied Mike.

"And he's coming home on Saturday?" asked Rusty.

"I see where this is going son." smiled Mike. "I thought you boys wanted to use Saturday to see some of the sights you missed the last time here."

"Screw the sights dad!" laughed Rusty. "We'd rather meet these kids, and go to a party! I don't care if we get paid for it or not!"

"Okay son, let me ask the other boys." chuckled Mike. "If they all agree, I'll accept the appearance for you."

The other boys in the band were just as eager to make this appearance as Rusty was. Mike then got back to Mitch on the phone, and accepted the appearance for no pay, at the insistence of the band. Mitch was overjoyed at the news. Then he gave Mike all the details, and thanked him again. He assured Mike that the boys and girls at the home were sure to thank the band themselves on Saturday. After talking to Mike, Mitch now had to find a stage, lighting, and sound contractor who could put up the stage on short notice.

The day before the big homecoming, Mitch had to take Trevor and Leah to court. This would be the day that Eric had tried to prepare them for. Leah took the stand against her parents first, and it wasn't too rough on her. The defense attorneys did try to dismiss her testimony as biased, but had no luck. The cross examination was pretty tame, but she wasn't the one they wanted anyway.

Then Trevor took the stand. He tried to be strong through the prosecutor's examination, and the prosecutor was very gentle with him, but when he got to the point where his family got him out into the desert, he began to break down. This actually played into the prosecutor's hands though, because there were very few dry eyes in the jury box. The defense attorneys knew their case was in trouble, so they called for a recess. During the recess, Trevor's mother finally cracked, and she frantically went in search of the prosecutor in the case. The prosecutor listened to her break down in front of him, then offered her a deal. He offered her testimony in exchange for dropping the death penalty against her. She agreed immediately. When the case resumed, the prosecutor announced the deal that had been made with Trevor's mother. Eric didn't know what to think, but Trevor and Leah looked relieved. The defense had to be very careful with Trevor now, because they would have to face his mother's wrath right afterward. Before Trevor was excused from the stand, he motioned that he wanted to speak with Eric. After that brief conversation, Eric had a slightly more impassioned discussion with the prosecutor.

The prosecutor then stepped forward and said, "The witness has asked to speak once more before he leaves the stand. Taking into consideration the relationship of the witness to the accused, I have agreed to let him speak. The defense must agree as well, but knowing what the witness has to say, I strongly recommend that they do."

"The defense agrees, your honor." said the lead defense attorney, in a subdued tone.

"Go ahead and speak young man." said the judge.

"I know my parents tried to kill me, then left me in the desert to die." said Trevor. "I should have died out there, but I beat the odds and survived thanks to a dear friend who's not here anymore. I should hate my family, with the exception of my sister Leah, who was my only protector. The funny thing is, I don't. I don't really feel anything about them anymore. Leah and my new family in California is the only family I have now. But still, I don't want to see my old family put to death. I just couldn't stand the thought of that for some reason. It would kill another part of me, and I've already been hurt enough. If my family is found guilty, I beg that the court and the jury spare their lives. Thank you your honor."

With that, Mitch took Trevor and Leah home. They also left almost everyone in the courtroom fighting back tears. Mitch sat next to Trevor and Leah in the back of the limo, as Trevor and Leah cried into each other's arms.

The next morning, Mitch awoke with an excited look in his eyes. It was almost enough to make Justin laugh, as he awoke in Mitch's arms. Mitch was a bundle of nerves, waiting for the time for him and Justin to take the limo to the airport, with Reggie at the wheel.

As the band Youthful Discretion was arriving to check everything over for the show, Justin looked down at his watch. "Mitch, my loving father?" said Justin.

"Yes, my wonderful son and lover?" replied Mitch.

"It's time to go to the airport and get my brothers now!" chuckled Justin.

On the way out the door, Mitch passed by Mike, and thanked him and the boys for coming today. Then he said he would be right back. The limo couldn't get to the airport quick enough as far as Mitch was concerned. Even so, they still made it there in plenty of time. Then Mitch and Justin waited just outside the security checkpoint. When the arrival announcement was finally made, Mitch jumped up like he had been shot, and began pacing.

"Dad!" yelled Taz, as he came through the checkpoint.

"Son!" yelled Mitch, as he turned to face Taz's voice.

Mitch ran to Taz, Lance, and Melanie, and threw his arms around Taz first. "Welcome home son, I've missed you two so much!" said Mitch, as he tried not to become emotional. After Mitch and Taz nearly hugged the life from each other, Mitch gave Lance the same hug and welcome.

Justin came up to Taz and hugged him, as he said, "Welcome home brother. It hasn't been the same without you and Lance."

Mitch hugged Melanie next and said, "Thank you so much for taking care of my boys Melanie. You'll always have a place in this family's heart."

"It was something that I'll never forget, Mitch." replied Melanie, as she smiled.

"That's great Melanie." said Mitch. "Now, let's get our boys home. I know a bunch of kids that have a great party planned for them."

After Melanie, Taz, and Lance picked up their bags, and put them in the limo, they were finally on their way home. Justin sat next to Melanie, so Mitch could sit between Taz and Lance. Mitch kissed both boys on the forehead several times, as Justin and Melanie smiled. Then the limo finally pulled up to the home. Reggie volunteered to take care of all the bags, so Melanie, Mitch, and the boys could get to the party. The inside of the home was decorated very nicely, although a bit overdone, which Taz commented on.

"Just wait til you see the back yard bro!" laughed Randy.

The kids who had been there the longest welcomed Taz and Lance home first, most with a warm hug. Then Taz and Lance were introduced to the newest kids. They had all heard about Taz and Lance though, so they felt like they already knew them. Most of the newer kids greeted Taz and Lance with a hug as well. Quite a few kids from the academy were there as well, including Antonio, Danny, and Tyler. Those three especially welcomed Taz and Lance home, because they knew them pretty well. Then Mitch announced that the entertainment was ready to start their show, so everyone moved out to the back yard. Everyone cheered when the band Youthful Discretion came out on the stage, since most of the kids had their CD. Then one of the lead singers, Rusty Cooper, stepped up to the microphone.

"Hey there everyone, I have to say that this is one of the best parties we've ever been to." said Rusty. "We've met several of you guys and girls before the guests of honor arrived, but we haven't met them yet. Can I have Taz and Lance join me up here before we get started?" Once Taz and Lance were on the stage, Rusty said, "We want to welcome you guys home too. You've been away from your family for a month now, and that had to be rough. From what I've heard though Taz, you've come back much healthier than when you left. I hope that continues now that you're back home." Then Rusty gave Taz a hug, followed by Rusty's mate, Allen Martin.

"We hope that years from now, you and your mate Lance will still have the feelings in our our first song." said Allen.

The band then began playing the first hit from their first album, and Taz and Lance stood off to the side of the stage and hugged each other throughout the song. After the second song, which was the band's most emotional song, everyone began hitting the food tables while they listened to the music. George had prepared plenty of food for the tables inside and outside, and was prepared to keep everything fresh. After the music was over, and the band agreed to stay for the party, the kids started riding the rides that had been set up for them. That evening was the most fun any of them had had in a while.

The party finally began to run out of steam though, and Taz and Lance decided they wanted to get to their room, while they still had the energy to make love. They got there to find Garrett and Josh already sitting on Josh's bed together.

"Oh man, I almost forgot!" said Taz. "We're sharing the room with the little dudes!"

"Don't worry, we won't interfere with you two having fun." smiled Josh. "Garrett and I like to have fun too."

"Yeah, but we know more ways to do it than you two do!" chuckled Taz. "Anyway, Mitch said the arrangement was okay, so here's what we're going to do. You two can watch Lance and me if you want to, because I'm sure you will anyway. If you have any questions about anything you see, please wait until Lance and I are through. Then we will answer all the questions you want. Does that sound cool?"

"Sure!" replied both younger boys in unison.

As Taz and Lance stripped each other, the two younger boys giggled as they stripped too. Then Josh got a look at Taz in the nude and exclaimed, "Cool! You have the biggest one I've ever seen up close Taz! And yours looks nice too Lance."

"It has grown some since I first came here." replied Lance proudly. "And thanks for complimenting us on our cocks. Guys like us always like that."

"You two guys don't look too bad for your age." said Taz. "I'll bet when you get to be mine and Lance's age, yours will be just as big."

"These will be as big as yours?" asked Josh in wonder, as he played with his and Garrett's dicks.

"Cool!" exclaimed Garrett. "I'd love to have a dick as big as yours when I get older Taz!"

"Well, don't be in too much of a hurry yet." laughed Lance. "We think they're really cute the way they are now."

"You think our dicks are cute?" asked Josh. "Thanks guys!"

"No problem little dudes." chuckled Taz, as he and Lance laid down on Taz's bed together.

As Taz and Lance took each other into an embrace and began kissing, Josh and Garrett sat down on the edge of Taz's bed so they could watch the two older boys up close. Josh and Garrett were riveted to what the older boys were doing when Taz and Lance began stroking each other's cocks as they kissed.

After a few minutes of that, Lance broke the kiss and said, "I need to taste you tonight Taz. Now that it's safe, I can't get enough of it!"

"Only if you'll put your cock inside me after I cum." replied Taz.

Taz laid where he was, and Lance worked his way down Taz's body with kisses. Josh and Garrett watched eagerly as Lance longingly took Taz's cock into his mouth.

Once Lance began pleasuring Taz, Josh said, "I like the way your dick feels in my mouth when I do that to you Garrett. Could you lie back next to Taz?"

Garrett giggled as he laid next to Taz, and Taz slipped an arm behind his head. Josh laid face down next to Lance, and took Garrett's entire dick into his mouth. When Josh began sucking on Garrett's dick like a little lollipop, Garrett began to coo and smile.

Taz looked over to Garrett and asked, "You really like it when Josh sucks your dick like that, don't you little brother?"

"He makes it feel so good when he does that!" moaned Garrett happily.

"Do you make his dick feel good too?" asked Taz, as he moaned from the pleasure Lance was giving him.

"I love to suck his dick too!" replied Garrett.

"Josh, turn around on top of Garrett, so your feet are pointing this way." moaned Taz. "That way you can both suck each other at the same time."

Taz moaned as he watched Josh dick slide into Garrett's mouth. Garrett threw his arms around Josh, and grabbed his butt. Then he began to lovingly suck on Josh's dick. Taz had never seen anyone who loved sucking as much as Garrett seemed to love sucking Josh's dick.

"Don't you two dudes ever change!" moaned Taz. "You two look perfect together!"

Lance was also getting a good show, as he watched Josh suck Garrett's dick out of the corner of one eye. Garrett had a very pretty little dick, and it looked even better with Josh's lips around it. After a few minutes, Taz and Lance turned their attention completely back to each other. Josh and Garrett continued to passionately suck each other. After a few more minutes, Taz began moaning loudly.

"I'm going to cum for you babe!" moaned Taz.

Taz had one of the most intense orgasms he'd had in a while, as he writhed on the bed. Lace sucked hungrily, until he was sure he'd had the last drop of Taz's cum. Once Taz's orgasm was over, he weakly moaned, "Please put your cock in me now Lance!"

That was all it took for Josh and Garrett to drop what they were doing, so they could get a good view of it. Lance chuckled as he lubed his cock, with the two younger boys watching closely. Then he placed the head against Taz's pucker, and pushed into Taz. Both boys gasped as they watched Lance's cock slide into Taz as far as it would go. Lance forgot the two boys were even watching, as he passionately thrust in and out of Taz. By the time Lance began to moan, Josh and Garrett were breathing heavily. Then Lance shot his cum into Taz, while they both moaned loudly. Once Lance's orgasm was over, he rested on top of Taz for a few minutes.

When Taz and Lance had recovered, Taz asked, "Do you guys have any questions now?"

"Only about a billion!" replied Josh.

I hope the homecumming was worth it. lol. At least the family is back together again though. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 28.