What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

I have an announcement to make before I begin. I am now engaged to a very wonderful guy in Canada. As a matter of fact, he's the most wonderful guy I have ever met. I will be moving there by March of next year, so the two of us can be married on March 3rd. I will try to keep the disruption to my writing as minimal as possible, but some changes may be inevitable. I will try to keep you posted of these changes as soon as I can. Thanks.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. Also, there is no such thing as a cure for HIV except in fictional stories, so please play safe. This story contains sexual situations between males, including those of various age groups (man/boy). If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, please visit my web site at: www.timthestoryguy.us. The band Youthful Discretion is from my story Allen, in the high school section of Nifty. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 28

From the last chapter:

Taz had one of the most intense orgasms he'd had in a while, as he writhed on the bed. Lance sucked hungrily, until he was sure he'd had the last drop of Taz's cum. Once Taz's orgasm was over, he weakly moaned, "Please put your cock in me now Lance!"

That was all it took for Josh and Garrett to drop what they were doing, so they could get a good view of it. Lance chuckled as he lubed his cock, with the two younger boys watching closely. Then he placed the head against Taz's pucker, and pushed into Taz. Both boys gasped as they watched Lance's cock slide into Taz as far as it would go. Lance forgot the two boys were even watching, as he passionately thrust in and out of Taz. By the time Lance began to moan, Josh and Garrett were breathing heavily. Then Lance shot his cum into Taz, while they both moaned loudly. Once Lance's orgasm was over, he rested on top of Taz for a few minutes.

When Taz and Lance had recovered, Taz asked, "Do you guys have any questions now?"

"Only about a billion!" replied Josh.

The next day was time for formal introductions. Taz, Lance, and Melanie didn't know quite a few of the new kids yet, and last evening hadn't given them a good chance to either. Before starting though, Eric had dropped by with news for Trevor and Leah.

"Trevor and Leah, the judge has completed sentencing." said Eric. "Trevor's plea to save your family did just that. When the judge and jury agreed that they would drop the death sentence case, the defense team convinced everyone it would be in their best interests to forego a pre-sentencing hearing. Your family was immediately sentenced to serve the rest of their lives in prison."

"I'm glad then." replied Trevor. "If they had been sentenced to die, that would have made me and Leah no better than them, and I'd like to think me and my sister are much better than that."

"I'm glad everything worked out like you wanted then Trevor." said Eric. "To be honest, when you pled for mercy for your family, it made me very proud of you."

"Anyway, it's time to introduce the newer kids to Taz, Lance, and Melanie." said Mitch. "I'm going to start with the girls, because they will all be assigned to Melanie as their counselor. First we have Rachel. Her parents disappeared suddenly, because we think they may have been involved in illegal activities. Next is Maria. She was removed from her home when her dad was discovered forcing her to have sex with him. Maria and Bart seem to have quite a friendship going on now. Michelle is next, and she also suffered from sexual assault at the last group home she was in. Moving on, we have Sheila. Sheila is involved in a relationship with a boy here named Jerry. Since both kids were only twelve at the time, their parents didn't approve. They thought the proper way to handle it would be to kick the two kids out of their homes. Then we have Anna. Her and her brother Reynaldo are the children of migrant workers, who moved away without the kids in the middle of the night. Next we have Carrie and Carla. Carrie and Carla are lovers, which was what led to them being thrown out onto the streets. Finally there is Stephanie, who likes to go by Steph. Steph is bisexual. She likes other girls, but she was also caught with a very young boy, which is what led to her being thrown out of her home."

"Well Mitch, I'll do my best with all of the young ladies in this home." said Melanie. "My door is open to you girls any time of the day or night. That includes you too, Leah and Angelica."

"I know you'll do a great job Melanie, that's why I hired you." smiled Mitch. "You've already done so with Taz and Lance. Now, on to the new boys. Bobby lost both of his parents, and has had a tough time coping. That has led to him having problems at other homes, but I know that won't happen here. You boys and girls all seem to treat each other like brothers and sisters. Rafael is here because both of his parents are in prison for smuggling illegal aliens into the country. Steven's parents weren't very bright. They threw Steven out for being gay, even though they were heavily involved in illegal activities. It kind of pissed Steven off, so he turned them in. Next is Diego. He was sold to another man by his parents. Due to his wish for privacy, that's all I can say right now. Now we move on to Bart, Maria's boyfriend. Bart was accused of rape, but later cleared. That didn't seem to matter to his parents, as they still threw him out. The older of our two Zacks was thrown out after being caught having anal sex with a younger boy. The younger boy participated willingly, but that didn't seem to matter to them. Next is Tyrone. Are you being a little more open about what happened now Tyrone?"

"Yeah Mitch, I'm fine with it now." replied Tyrone. "It was all my pig of a dad's fault anyway."

"Okay then." said Mitch. "Tyrone is here because his dad brought his prison buddies home with him, and let them satisfy themselves using Tyrone. Our next boy is Dinh, who is Tyrone's boyfriend. Dinh was caught on camera having sex, and it got broadcast out on the news before the station could stop it. His family believes that was a disgrace to them, and threw Dinh out. Alex came here from an abusive home. It was pretty bad at times, from what Alex has said. Next is Deshawn, who's father threatened to kill him when he found out that Deshawn was gay. Sitting next to him is Marcus, and he and Deshawn are boyfriends. The boy holding the baby is Sean. When Sean's mother found out he was gay, she forced Sean to have sex with her every day. She was trying to make Sean straight, but she ended up getting pregnant by Sean instead. The baby is Mark, Sean's son. Sean's mother somehow knew Sean was here, and dropped Mark off here to be with Sean. Next to Sean is Jeff, Sean's boyfriend. Jeff was raped by a cousin, then thrown out for turning the cousin in. Our next boy is Adam. Adam's parents used him for their drug dealing, until a deal went bad. That put Adam's safety in jeopardy, and his parents threw him out, and threatened to turn him over to the drug supplier that was mad at him to protect themselves. We also have Adam's brother Sam. Sam was left without a home after his and Adam's parents disappeared anyway. Next is Jerry, who is Sheila's boyfriend, and Reynaldo, who is Anna's brother. The two younger twins are Jack and Zack. Jack and Zack's parents became homeless, and sold the two young boys for money to live on. After Jack and Zack ran away from the man they were sold to, they were taken care of by Carrie and Carla. Next is Chase, who was in a relationship with a young male actor. Apparently the young star didn't want his career threatened after being caught, so he claimed that Chase forced him into having sex. Ivan's parents were originally from Russia, but Ivan was born in the US. When his parents wanted to return to Russia, and Ivan didn't, they threw him out and left the country without him. Next is Mohammed, but he likes to go by Mo. Mo and his boyfriend Saleem were caught having sex. Their families were from a country where homosexuality is punished by death. After witnessing the murder of his boyfriend, Mo got loose and made it to us. Then we have Leo, Marco, Carl, Miguel, and Theo. Theo is an interesting case, as he was falsely accused of being gay, and treated like a lot of gay kids are. He is very understanding of gay people now, and wants his friends here to know that, even though he is straight. Next is Nero, who has found a boyfriend in one of our counselors here. Last but not least is Jason. Jason is originally from Idaho, and was sexually assaulted there by another boy. No one there believed him though, and made his life in Idaho miserable. He made his way to California though, and is now with friends here. Did I leave anything out, anyone?"

"Yeah, you forgot to introduce us to our new brothers!" smiled Sean.

"I was getting to that son." chuckled Mitch. "Kids, I want you to meet one of our counselors Melanie, and two more boys who live here, Taz and Lance. Taz has spent the last month in England, undergoing a new treatment for HIV. The doctor there seems to have completely eradicated the virus from Taz. The other boy is Taz's boyfriend Lance. I hope everyone makes Taz and Lance feel right back at home again. I know I missed them quite a bit over the past month."

"Before I leave you guys to get acquainted, I had one more piece of business." said Eric. "This one is going to be fun too. Mitch, Will seems to have managed to pull a few strings. You have a hearing on the adoptions of Jeremy, Randy, Garrett, Taz, and Sean a week from this Monday. Will will probably stop by Monday to have you take the boys for a routine examination. I know most of the boys will know how to handle themselves, but you may want to prepare Garrett for this. I'll make sure to keep my schedule clear, so I can accompany you. With Will in your corner, and if the examinations go well, the adoptions should go through. With the age of the boys, Garrett will be the one they look at the closest."

"Thank you so much Eric." replied Mitch. "I'll make sure to have everyone ready, especially Garrett."

"Then I can have Mark's name changed when I become Sean Gordon, right?" asked Sean.

"We'll file for a hearing as soon as your adoption is final Sean." smiled Eric.

"Thanks Eric, that would be so great." replied Sean.

"Okay kids, I have a plan for today that will help everyone get to know everyone else a little better." said Mitch. "I've written everyone's name on one of these chips I'm holding up. We're going to go to our favorite park today, and draw chips before each ride. If you draw your own name, you have to put it back. If you draw someone who is not tall enough, we'll hold it out until everyone is paired up who can ride."

"Can Danny, Antonio, and Tyler go along too dad?" asked Justin.

"I thought they might want to, so I included a chip for them too." replied Mitch. "After the park, I've reserved a banquet room for us at a very nice restaurant. Does that sound okay with everyone?"

Once everyone had said okay, they all headed out to the busses. The day at the park was a lot of fun for everyone, as they had no idea who their partner would be for each ride until just before getting in line. Then when they got to the rides for the smaller kids, each smaller kid got to pull a name out of the bag, and that person would go on with them. Mitch was convinced that he had come up with a great idea this time, and even more so when Mo was paired up with Chase on one of the rides. The two boys seemed like they were getting along well while waiting in line. Then Mitch caught up with them at the exit, as Chase was putting his arms around Mo.

"I know that you had a hard time after seeing your last boyfriend murdered Mo, and no one could take his place." said Chase. "I don't want to take his place, but I would love for you to make a new place for me in your heart. Would you be my boyfriend Mo?"

"You are a very beautiful guy Chase." replied Mo. "I would love to be your boyfriend."

Mitch watched as the two boys shared a very warm and loving kiss at the exit to the ride. He had been worried about how Mo was doing, but now knew that thanks to Chase, Mo would be fine. Lance on the other hand was feeling a little frustrated. He hadn't been able to ride anything with Taz. He and Taz knew this was about meeting some of the other kids, but he thought he might get at least one ride with Taz. Lance was pulled out of that though, when Garrett drew his name to ride the kiddy coaster with him. It was Garrett's first coaster ride of the day, since he was too small for the big ones. When Lance looked down and saw the look of joy on Garrett's face, he forgot about his problems. As the coaster went over the top of the lift hill, Lance put an arm around Garrett, and the two boys laughed and had a great time.

Taz and Lance did sit together on the bus ride to the restaurant, which was on Hollywood Boulevard. To the joy of the smaller children, Mitch had made sure to find one with a kids menu. He still vividly remembered the time he had taken Mike and his kids to a restaurant that didn't have one. As dinner was winding up, some of the boys began going outside to get some fresh air. This included Chase and Mo. Most of the kids who went outside were hanging out on the side where the busses were waiting, but Chase and Mo wanted a little privacy. They ended up just inside an alley on the other side of the restaurant. It was dimly lit, and that's what the boys were looking for. As they were getting ready to share a kiss, the boys heard a scuffling noise in the alley. Then a man jumped out of the shadows holding a gun.

"You two fags have bad timing!" said the man, as he still held the gun down.

"Mo! Chase!" yelled out Tyrone. "Where'd you guys go?!"

The man held the gun up where Chase and Mo could see it, and said, "Not one word! You two better forget you ever saw me back here! If you don't, I'll find you!" Then the man disappeared around the corner.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Chase. "That freak scared the shit out of me! I thought for sure he was going to kill us!"

"It looked more like we interrupted something bad." said Mo. "I wonder what he was doing back there?"

Tyrone yelled out again, and Chase answered him to let him know where they were. Then Mo started toward the corner that the man jumped out from, so Chase followed him. When they turned the corner, they could just barely make out a crumpled form laying in the alley. Both boys approached carefully, fearing the worst.

"It doesn't look like he's moving, and I can't tell if he's breathing either!" said Mo. "He looks like he's about our age."

"Look!" called out Chase as he pointed. "There's someone else over there, and I think I just saw him move a little!"

"Go check him out Chase, while I look this guy over!" replied Mo.

When Chase got over to the other person, he called out, "He's breathing Mo! He's bleeding really bad though!"

"Where is he bleeding?" asked Mo.

"From the groin!" replied Chase. "Oh my God! That man cut him bad down there! I can't find his,... his..."

"I found it!" cut off Mo. "It's in this guy's mouth! He's not breathing though Chase. He's been beaten and shot."

"What the hell are you..." started Tyrone, as he came upon the scene in the alley.

"Tyrone, go get two quart sized bags of ice from the restaurant!" said Mo urgently. "Tell Mitch to call nine one one too! Tell them that someone has been killed, and another person is bleeding badly, then get back here as quickly as you can!"

Mo then turned his attention to the person that Chase was with, and both boys tried to control his bleeding. Tyrone was back in just under two minutes, with two bags of ice. Mitch followed him a few moments later, after telling Justin to keep everyone else out of the alley. Mo and Chase were relieved to hear sirens approaching just a few minutes later. The paramedics took over, and took the bag of ice containing the severed appendage. While two paramedics were working on one boy, two more were covering the other boy with a sheet. As Mitch was telling the paramedics where to take the surviving boy, the police were talking to Mo and Chase.

"Can you boys describe the man who jumped out at you in the alley?" asked the officer.

"I'll never forget any detail about him." replied Mo. "I thought he would kill me and my friend, and that was before we knew about the two boys back here."

"I'll have nightmares about him for quite a while, and be able to recall every feature about him!" replied Chase. "I think I'm going to be sick Mo!"

"I know you kids have been through a lot tonight, but I'd really like for you to take a look at some mug shots." said the officer. "If that doesn't work, I want you to sit down with our sketch artist. We want to find the man that did this."

Since all of Mitch's counselors had come with them, and Mitch wanted to accompany the boy who survived to the hospital, he had Melanie go with Mo and Chase to the police station. Reggie would take everyone else on home, with Dale driving the second bus. Justin wanted to be with Mitch though, and finally ended up winning the argument.

While Mo and Chase looked through pictures of all known sex offenders and murderers in the area, Melanie talked to the officer about who would do something like that. Then she went into telling the officer about the home she worked in.

After about forty minutes of looking through mug shots, Mo called out, "We found him!"

"Are you boys sure that's the man you saw?" asked the officer.

"I'll never forget that evil face!" replied Mo.

"I'm sure without any doubt!" replied Chase.

"Okay then boys, hopefully we can find him within twenty four hours." said the officer. "We've dealt with this guy a few times, and he's really bad news. This should get him the death penalty this time though. I want to thank you Miss Holton, Mo, and Chase for coming down here. You boys are doing the right thing."

About another hour later, Evan came out to the waiting room, and tried to act upset as he yelled, "I'm getting really tired of this shit Mitch! Just as I try to relax for a few minutes, you bring in someone that I have to work my ass off on just to keep alive!"

"You need a few acting lessons Evan." smiled Mitch. "I know a guy who's won an Oscar. Maybe he can give you a few pointers."

"I could have fooled almost anyone else with that bit." chuckled Evan. "You're just too good for me Mitch."

"How's the boy we brought in Evan?" asked Mitch.

"I'd say lucky that your boys found him, and knew exactly what to do." replied Evan. "We were able to reattach the penis, which took care of the bleeding as well. You got lucky that one of the best microsurgeons in the world was here tonight. We'll still have to wait to see how well he did with reattaching the nerves. The boy will probably be out of it for the rest of the night."

"You know I'm not going anywhere until I see him though Evan." said Mitch. "I strongly suspect that he needs us."

"Well, if you crash out here in the waiting room, I'll make sure to wake you when he comes around." said Evan.

It was almost seven the next morning when Evan came out to wake Mitch and Justin. "Our boy is coming out of it Mitch. He's likely to be scared and in pain, so see what you can do."

"Thanks Evan." replied Mitch sleepily.

Mitch and Justin woke themselves up as they made their way to the intensive care room that Evan had put the unknown boy in. When they walked in and saw the boy, he did look scared.

"What's happening?" asked the boy weakly. "Where am I? Where is Jesse? Why does it hurt so much?"

"Slow down son, and I'll try to answer you as best as I can." replied Mitch. "You asked about Jesse. Was that the other boy you were with last night?"

"You ain't a cop, are you?" asked the boy.

"No son, I'm not a cop." smiled Mitch, who was trying to keep the boy calm because he knew this would be rough for him. "My boys found you last night. I'm someone who can help you. Please tell me what happened last night, starting with your name so I know what to call you."

"You're sure you're not a cop?" asked the boy again.

"I'm sure son." replied Mitch calmly.

"Okay, my name is Wesley, but everyone calls me Wes." said the boy. "Jesse and I were picking up guys together, because a few street kids had been beaten up lately. We figured we could handle anything that might come up. Anyway, we picked up a guy and got into his car. He stopped about a half block from an alley next to a nice restaurant. Jesse and I got suspicious, and I guess the guy saw that. Just as Jesse and I were about to run, he grabbed both of us. I never met anyone that strong, because he was able to drag Jesse and me both into the alley. Then he started beating us. When one of us would run, he would stop beating on the other one, and catch whichever of us was trying to run. Jesse was catching the worst of it, but we were both pretty weak after a while. Then he stopped beating us, took out a gun, and told me to let Jesse suck my cock. I thought maybe the worst of it was over, and Jesse was doing really good on me. Then the guy took out a knife, and started down toward the front of Jesse's face. I don't remember anything after that."

"Okay Wes, my name is Mitch, and this is my son Justin." said Mitch.

"Hi Wes." said Justin.

"Hi Justin." replied Wes.

"Justin and I run a home for kids, most of whom are from the streets like you." said Mitch. "I had taken the kids from our home to that restaurant last night, and two of my kids found you. Now to answer your questions, although you're not going to like any of this. I want you to remember though that you're alive, and there's a reason for that somewhere. The man beat you and Jesse pretty savagely. I'm sure he was trying to kill both of you. When he went down with the knife, that was him severing your penis into Jesse's mouth. The doctors here did reattach it though. After he did that, he shot and killed Jesse. I'm so sorry Wes."

"NOOO!" cried out Wes in anguish. "Jesse can't be dead! He was my best buddy out on the streets! I couldn't have made it without him! What will I do now?!"

Justin wrapped Wes in his arms and said, "Dad and I really are sorry about this Wes. I can't imagine what it's like to go through something like this. We do have someone at the home who has though. He was forced to watch his best friend and lover murdered by their parents. I'm sure he can help you through this. He's the one who found you last night."

"Can he bring back Jesse?!" cried Wes.

"No one can do that Wes." said Mitch as comfortingly as he could. "We can take you into our home though, and help you get through this. I want you to come home with us when they release you from the hospital. Everyone at the home is like a huge family, and we all love each other very much."

"Yes Wes, please come to live with us." begged Justin. "We can't bring Jesse back, but he would be happy to know that you are safe and loved now."

"I still want Jesse back!" cried Wes. "I never got the chance to tell him that I loved him!"

"I'm sure he knew that Wes, and he loved you too." replied Justin.

After Wes cried for almost thirty minutes, he finally stopped in resignation and said, "I guess I'll come live with you guys. I don't have anywhere else to go now. I couldn't have made it out there alone, and Jesse is gone now."

Mitch and Justin spent the next few hours hugging Wes, and crying with him. When Reggie showed up to pick up Mitch and Justin, Mitch talked Wes into talking to the police. As Mitch was talking to the cops before they went in to talk to Wes, they got a call on the radio. The man they were looking for had been arrested, thanks to Mo and Chase pointing him out in the mug shots.

After a shower and a short nap, Mitch woke up to Garrett's face staring into his. "How is my wonderful little baby boy?" asked Mitch.

"I can't wait to become Garrett Gordon." replied Garrett as he smiled.

"That reminds me, I wanted to have a talk to you before Will comes by tomorrow." said Mitch. "I want you to be ready for whoever he sends you to see. The problem is though, I need to get back to the hospital to see Wes."

"I could go with you daddy, and we can talk on the way." said Garrett.

"That sounds like a good idea!" smiled Mitch. "Just let me get some clothes on first."

"Can Josh come with us daddy?" asked Garrett.

"That might not be a bad idea either son." replied Mitch. "I should see how many kids would like to go see Wes, and help him get over what happened. Besides, I'd like him to meet some of the kids, so he'll feel okay about coming here to live."

By the time it was over, a dozen kids got on the bus with Mitch. That also included Mo and Chase, who wanted to see how the boy they found was doing now. Mitch decided he would take the boys in two at a time when they got there. First though, it was time to have a talk with Garrett.

"Now let's talk Garrett." said Mitch, as the bus pulled away from the home. "Your adoption is going to be the toughest son. The court will have a harder time deciding to let me adopt you than they will with the other boys. Will is going to be coming by tomorrow, and he has to send you to see a doctor that the state chooses. It's a part of the adoption rules, and there's nothing Will can do about it. Besides checking to make sure you're healthy, the doctor will look to see if you've been neglected or abused, either physically or sexually. There can't be any signs that you do stuff with Josh. Do you understand son?"

"Yeah daddy, that's why Josh has been careful with me." replied Garrett.

"That's good son." said Mitch. "The doctor will also be asking you some questions. You have to be really careful how you answer any questions he might ask, so he doesn't think someone in the home has been doing stuff with you. If he thinks that, the court won't let me adopt you, and they might take you away from us."

"I wish you could be with me daddy." replied Garrett.

"I really want to son, but the state won't let me." said Mitch. "I know you can do this though Garrett. You are a very smart little boy."

"I'll try daddy." said Garrett.

Mitch spent the rest of the trip to the hospital going over things the doctor might ask Garrett. Garrett was nervous at first, but Mitch got him to where he was answering questions with ease. Since Mitch could take two kids at a time into Wes's room with him The first two would be Mo and Chase.

"You look a lot better than you did last night." said Chase, as he held out his hand. "I'm Chase, and this is my boyfriend Mo with me. We were the two who found you."

"Thanks, I guess." replied Wes. "What was it like for Jesse when you found us?"

"He was already gone Wes." replied Mo. "It must have been very quick, or you would have bled to death by the time we found you. I am very sorry though Wes, because I know how you feel right now. I was forced to watch as my first boyfriend Saleem was murdered in front of me. It felt as if they were killing me too."

"We're just kids though." said Wes. "How can people do that to kids?"

"There are some evil people out there Wes." replied Mo. "People like us to think that we're the ones who are evil, but it's not us. Our families were the ones who murdered Saleem, and it was ordered by a religious figure in their sect. It was the most evil thing I have ever seen."

"I'm so sorry Mo." said Wes. "I can't imagine what it must have been like to watch your families kill your boyfriend. That's about the sickest thing I've ever heard of."

"Allah will judge them eventually, then they'll have to pay for what they did." said Mo. "Whatever you need to make it through this Wes, we're here for you."

"Thanks guys, and thanks for coming along when you did." replied Wes.

Wes really enjoyed meeting some of the kids from the home that day. Wes couldn't believe there would be kids in the home as young as Garrett though. After all the kids saw Wes at least once, Will stopped by, and it was time to hear Wes's story.

"Okay Wes, I read the police report from last night." said Will. "I'm very sorry about Jesse. If you feel up to it though, I need to hear why you were on the streets, so you can go to live at Mitch's home."

"Just take your time Wes, and I'll be right here if you need me." said Mitch.

"Okay." replied Wes. "It all started about two years ago in Oregon, when I was thirteen. I was starting to get stiff all the time, and discovered that it felt even better when I thought about other boys. When I thought about other boys being naked and stiff with me, I started having orgasms. I didn't really think there was anything wrong with doing that, and eventually found another boy who had the same feelings. My parents figured out what was happening with us though, and they did think it was wrong. They both belong to a very strict Pentecostal church, and thought I was evil. They sent me to see a supposed counselor though, who was with a group that said they could cure people of the evil of homosexuality. He tried everything with me, to make me think I chose to be gay, and that I was evil. He even started saying that I wanted to do things like that with my father, which was why I turned to being gay. I knew he was full of shit, but he started making me hate myself. When my parents noticed this, they started locking me in my room. Then they would forget to feed me when they thought I was acting up. It got so bad that I finally got out of my room one day, found as much money as I could around the house, and took off. Anything would have been better than being a prisoner in my home, and being made to hate myself. I kept going south until I got here to Los Angeles. It was pretty rough for the first two months, and I ran out of money long before that. One day when I was really hungry, I met Jesse. We liked each other right off the bat. He said that he had been living on the streets for almost a year, and could help me get use to it."

Wes took a few seconds to breathe, then continued, "He told me that the only way I would be able to survive would be to charge men for us to do stuff with them. All me and my friend had ever done was jacking each other off, and maybe a little sucking. We never did it long enough to cum in each other's mouths. Jesse was the one who taught me all about sex. It was really fun having sex with him, and he showed me a lot. Even after he taught me enough to start selling myself to men, we still enjoyed having sex with each other. He also taught me never to pick up a guy who looked sick in any way. He was pretty good at that. I don't think he had ever caught anything, and neither did I. That's because we always picked up strong looking, well-built straight guys. There was two of us then, so we didn't worry about it. That's what led us to the guy in the alley. Like I told Mitch, I didn't think anyone could be that strong. He handled Jesse and me like we were both rag dolls. I'm going to miss Jesse so much!"

Mitch put his arms around Wes, and let the boy cry into his arms. "I don't want to scare you at a time like this Wes, but there are things you can't tell by the way someone looks." said Mitch. "If a person has HIV for example, it might not be outwardly apparent. Do you remember Taz? He had HIV, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at him. We'll get you tested as soon as you are released though, unless you want them to do it here."

"I guess that would be okay." sniffled Wes. "We might as well find out now."

"Okay Wes, I'm going to let you stay with Mitch for now." said Will. "We have to contact Oregon though. If your parents do express an interest in having you returned, I'll get the agency there to investigate your report of abuse. They won't do anything until that is done."

"I don't want to go back there at all!" cried Wes.

"I don't want you to either Wes." replied Will. "I'll do everything I can to keep you in California. A parent locking up their child is illegal in most places. Considering the amount of time that has passed though, it may be your word against theirs. Now, I didn't say this Mitch, but you might want to get your lawyer to convince them to work out an arrangement to keep Wes here."

"Don't worry Will, I didn't hear that from you." smiled Mitch with a wink.

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