What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 29

From the last chapter:

Mitch put his arms around Wes, and let the boy cry into his arms. "I don't want to scare you at a time like this Wes, but there are things you can't tell by the way someone looks." said Mitch. "If a person has HIV for example, it might not be outwardly apparent. Do you remember Taz? He had HIV, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at him. We'll get you tested as soon as you are released though, unless you want them to do it here."

"I guess that would be okay." sniffled Wes. "We might as well find out now."

"Okay Wes, I'm going to let you stay with Mitch for now." said Will. "We have to contact Oregon though. If your parents do express an interest in having you returned, I'll get the agency there to investigate your report of abuse. They won't do anything until that is done."

"I don't want to go back there at all!" cried Wes.

"I don't want you to either Wes." replied Will. "I'll do everything I can to keep you in California. A parent locking up their child is illegal in most places. Considering the amount of time that has passed though, it may be your word against theirs. Now, I didn't say this Mitch, but you might want to get your lawyer to convince them to work out an arrangement to keep Wes here."

"Don't worry Will, I didn't hear that from you." smiled Mitch with a wink.

While the nurse was drawing blood from Wes for the tests, Mitch called Eric and gave him as much information about Wes's parents as he could. Eric assured Mitch that it was good enough to get started with.

The next day was a nervous one for Mitch. Will came by early that morning, and picked up all of the boys who Mitch wanted to adopt. Mitch had told Taz that he was in charge of the boys before Will got there, because he couldn't be there himself. Taz took that responsibility very seriously, and made sure that he stayed as close to Garrett as he could. That was enough to keep Garrett calm, and make him respect and love his future big brother.

The doctor was not one that Will would have chosen, but that choice hadn't been left up to him. The best Will could do was make sure the doctor knew that most of the boys were street kids, and that they wouldn't respond well if the doctor tried being too invasive. The doctor assured Will that he knew what he was doing, before beginning the examinations. Garrett's examination took the longest, which Will thought was odd since Garrett had never had to live on the streets. The doctor didn't say anything to indicate any problem, although he did say that he had talked to the supervisor at Child Welfare, who had had the hearing moved up to the next day. Will thought to himself that that was odd, as he finally started back toward Mitch's house with the boys. Most of the boys took off like a shot into the house when they got home, but Garrett stayed back to talk to Will.

"Mister Will, can I talk to you?" asked Garrett.

"Sure son, what do you want to talk about?" asked Will.

"Daddy tells me that I should be careful what I say to adults outside of the home, but this is different than anything we've talked about before." replied Garrett. "If I told daddy, he might do something so bad that it would get him in trouble though."

"This sounds pretty serious." said Will, switching into professional mode. "What's wrong Garrett?"

"Daddy tried to get me ready for some of the questions the doctor might ask today, but he didn't cover everything." replied Garrett. "The doctor started off asking the questions that daddy thought he would, but he kept going after that. He kept asking me if I was a boy whore, or something like that. And he wanted to know if I liked doing stuff with the older boys and men in the home."

"He what?!" exclaimed Will. "I knew I didn't want him seeing you boys!"

"That wasn't the worst of it though." said Garrett. "He said he had to examine my butt, and then he put his finger in it. When I told him it hurt, he said he had to do it. Then he started pushing it in and out of me."

Garrett could actually see Will's face turn red. Will didn't want to say anything yet though, although he felt like cursing at the top of his lungs. When Will didn't say anything for about thirty seconds, Garrett started getting nervous, thinking that Mitch had been right about him not talking to people outside the home.

Will finally collected himself though, and asked, "Would you mind seeing one more doctor today Garrett?"

"I didn't mean to do anything wrong though!" replied Garrett in a panic.

Will put an arm around Garrett and pulled the boy into him, as he said, "You didn't do anything wrong Garrett. It was that doctor who was wrong. He shouldn't have done what he did to you, and I want to make sure he never does that to any other boys again. I'm going to need yours and your daddy's help though. Let's go see Mitch, and then I want another doctor to look at you, so we can keep that doctor from today from hurting any other boys. Can you please do that for me Garrett?"

"Okay Mister Will." replied Garrett, a little relieved that Will wasn't mad at him.

When Will talked to Mitch though, Mitch was mad. Will thought he might have to restrain Mitch, to keep Mitch from going right then to kill the doctor who saw Garrett. Will finally convinced Mitch that it wouldn't do his adoption hearing the next day too much good. Then Will explained how he wanted to handle it, and Mitch calmed down enough to agree. The second doctor that day to see Garrett was much more gentle, and concerned with Garrett's well-being. He did still have to examine Garrett's anus, but he was very gentle and caring about it. Then the doctor went out to talk to Will and Mitch.

"I'm going to put in my report that it does indeed look like Garret was sexually assaulted today." said the doctor. "His anus does show signs of very recent stretching, from something that could be the size of an adult finger. I certainly hope you can get this man Will. He does the entire medical profession a great dishonor, and I'll help in any way that I can."

"Is Garrett going to be okay?" asked Mitch.

"He is complaining that his anus is still a little sore, but I'm going to give you some ointment that should help that." replied the doctor. "His anus should return to normal quickly though, although now it will always be slightly looser than it was before. On behalf of doctors everywhere, I want to apologize for what happened to him."

"It's okay doctor." said Mitch. "I know not very many doctors are like the one Garrett saw this morning. Trust me though, this one is going to pay for what he did."

By the time Will got a warrant that evening, it was very late. Will went ahead and explained to Mitch that it might work out in his favor this way anyway. They would take a pair of officers to the court with them the next morning, and give the doctor just enough rope to hang himself before taking him into custody.

The next morning, Mitch, Eric, and the boys got ready and went to the courthouse. Will and the two officers met them there, and the officers offered their apologies for what had happened the day before. They guaranteed Mitch that the suspect wouldn't be getting away with what he did though. Will was a little shocked when he saw his supervisor enter the courtroom, with the doctor that the agency had sent the boys to. He didn't know it, but the doctor had gone to Will's supervisor with his embellished report, and convinced him that the adoption should be turned down. When they came over and sat at Will's table, Will got up to go sit with Mitch, Eric, and the boys. The adoption hearing was now starting to look more like a criminal trial.

Will was very relieved when he saw the doctor he took Garrett to walk into the courtroom. He went to the door to bring the doctor over to Mitch's table, and on the way there, he stopped to talk to the two officers. It just so happened that Will's supervisor and the agency doctor didn't see that, so they didn't notice when the two officers moved closer to them.

The bailiff finally entered the courtroom, and said, "All rise. This is an adoption hearing filed by Mitch Gordon. The honorable judge Elizabeth Stanton is presiding."

Everyone stood up, and a very attractive woman in her early thirties entered in her robe, and sat behind the judge's bench. She banged the gavel, and said, "Everyone may be seated. I see we have an adoption hearing here today, filed by Mister Mitch Gordon. It says here that Mister Gordon runs a registered group home that mostly shelters children who live on the streets, and is also a successful computer program designer. It says that Mister Gordon is seeking the adoption of five children this morning. That is quite a few at one time Mister Gordon."

"Yes your honor, but I intend to show that I am more than capable of that responsibility." replied Mitch.

"Okay, we'll get to that soon." replied the judge. "Who is representing Child Welfare this morning?"

Will immediately stood up and said, "My name is Will Daniels your honor. I work for the Child Welfare Authority, and I'm Mister Gordon's caseworker."

"Why aren't you sitting at the state's table this morning Mister Daniels?" asked the judge.

"I have a very good reason for that your honor." replied Will.

Before Will could continue though, his supervisor stood up and said, "I am Henry Brooks, from the Child Welfare Authority. I'm the supervisor over Mister Daniels, and I believe I know why he isn't sitting here. He have some new information on the case, which I feel has been suppressed for a while now. That's why our agency asked for the trial to be moved up yesterday, as an emergency case. I'm going to be speaking for the agency today."

"Your honor, this is the very first time that I've heard of this." said Will. "I have been Mister Gordon's caseworker for a while now, and I fully know every circumstance of Mitch's home, and this case. I should be the one representing the state in this matter."

"Mister Brooks, it sounds like you are not in support of this adoption." said the judge.

"That is correct your honor." replied Henry.

"Mister Daniels, it sounds like you ARE in favor of this adoption." said the judge.

"That is correct your honor." replied Will.

"This is very odd." said the judge. "I'm going to have to allow Mister Brooks to represent the state in this matter, since he is your supervisor Mister Daniels. You do have quite a bit of knowledge of the situation regarding Mister Gordon though, so I will allow you as an expert witness in his case. I do want to hear what you know."

"I object, your honor!" said Henry.

"Mister Brooks, this is a family court, not a criminal or civil court." replied the judge. "I determine what evidence is presented here, and there is no room for any objections. Do you understand?"

"Yes your honor." replied Henry, in a reserved tone.

"Good, you may start then Mister Brooks." said the judge.

"The children that Mister Gordon wishes to adopt were taken to our doctor yesterday." said Henry. "I have personally reviewed the report made by him, and the state has serious concerns regarding the conditions at Mitch's home. After this hearing today, we are going to look into revoking his license, and closing the home."

Mitch wanted to jump up right there, but Will held him in his seat. Then Henry continued, "The state only has one witness today your honor, but that witness is more than enough to show why this adoption should not be allowed. I would like to introduce Doctor Kendal Wilkes."

"Okay Doctor Wilkes, why should we deny the adoption this morning?" asked the judge.

"I examined all five children mentioned in this case." replied the doctor. "Four of them show definite signs of sexual abuse, and I highly suspect the same in the fifth child, even though he doesn't show any signs. This is based on the questions that I asked him yesterday, and the answers he gave. It is my opinion that he was coached into being evasive about answering any questions. It's my opinion that Mister Gordon should be investigated by the authorities."

"May I see your report?" asked the judge.

"Absolutely." replied the doctor, who then handed the report to the bailiff.

The judge looked the report over, and said, "Mister Gordon, I am going to be fair about this, and ask you if you can explain the things I'm reading here."

"Yes, your honor." replied Mitch. "The group home that I run has been taking in mostly children who live on the streets. These children have been abused, neglected, or molested in their past, which is why they turned to the streets. I'm going to assume that you know how these children are forced to survive once they are on the streets, with no home or no one to take care of them. Stealing to survive would most likely cause them to be picked up, and returned to the conditions they ran away from. That only leaves one way for the kids to survive. I know no one likes to think about that, and that's why the problem continues. I've been taking these kids in though, and giving them a safe and secure home, where they don't have to do those things anymore. The signs of sexual abuse that Doctor Wilkes has mentioned are remnants of the life they lived before they came to my home. The reason that the fifth child doesn't show these signs is because he was never forced to survive on his own, except for the three days he was left abandoned by his mother at the mall where I found him. I treat all of these kids with the same love and care that any decent parent should, and nothing more."

"Okay, I guess we should hear from your witness then, Mister Gordon." said the judge.

"Hello your honor." said Will. "I don't plan on being quite as gentle with my statements as Mister Gordon was. The kids in Mitch's home have been abandoned by their families, beaten by their families, and molested by their families. There is one child in Mitch's home who's family tried to kill him, then left him for dead in the middle of the desert. Another child's family killed his best friend, while forcing the child to watch them murder the boy. These are all extreme cases that come to Mitch's home. In most cases, these children feel that they were better off living on the streets, until Mister Gordon rescued them. We all know that most children who end up on the street have no other means to support themselves other than turning to prostitution. Of course four of the children we have here show signs of sexual activity. Most of us can't even begin to fathom the nightmare they lived until Mitch took them in, and offered them a loving and supportive home. Quite frankly, I am very upset at the position of my supervisor, and when I leave here today, I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure that he never works with children again. As for his so-called doctor, I have that covered. The youngest child in this case, Garrett Anderson, came to me after seeing Doctor Wilkes. He reported to me that the doctor had extremely inappropriate language with him, and sexually assaulted him. I took Garrett to an independent doctor, who confirmed that the child had indeed been sexually assaulted earlier that day. That report and Garrett's statement was enough for me to get a warrant for Doctor Wilkes to be arrested, which those two officers behind him are going to serve right now."

Everyone then turned to see the two police officers place Doctor Wilkes into custody, as Will continued, "Doctor Wilkes and my supervisor's testimony has no credibility here as far as the state is concerned your honor, and I whole-heartedly support the adoption petition filed by Mister Gordon. As far as I'm concerned, he is one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the honor to meet, and he can give these boys the love and support that they need."

"Mister Brooks, do you have anything to say for yourself?" asked the judge.

"Yes, I am still the official representative of the state!" replied Henry. "My opinion hasn't changed, and the state urgently requests that the adoption petition be denied. Mister Daniels can consider himself terminated from the agency as of this moment!"

"Even though your primary witness has just been arrested in this courtroom for sexual assault of a minor?" asked the judge. "You may have a bit too much nerve for your own good Mister Brooks! I would like to hear from the children involved in this petition. Under the circumstances here, I want to do this one at a time, in my chambers."

"All rise!" said the bailiff, as the judge immediately left the courtroom without another word.

Then the bailiff began to escort the children to the judges chambers, one at a time. Mitch and Eric could see that this would be a long process, as the judge seemed to be spending at least a half hour with each boy. Sean and Garrett took the longest with the judge though, at about an hour each. When the judge did come back out, she immediately called for a lunch recess.

As Mitch's group tried to eat lunch, Mitch said, "I hope I'm not going to need your services to defend myself in court after today Eric."

"If it begins to look that way after we get back, I'm going to ask to speak with the judge on your behalf." replied Eric.

"What about my job?" asked Will.

"I intend to help you back up what you said in the courtroom Will." said Eric. "Hopefully by the time we leave here, Henry will be the one seeking another job."

The adults continued to pick at their lunch, until it was time to go back to court. The kids all assured Mitch that they didn't say anything that would look unfavorable, but Mitch was still nervous. After everyone was back in the courtroom, the judge came back in and was seated.

"I have to admit that with everything that has happened today, I had a few doubts." said the judge. "I was especially concerned about the circumstances surrounding Garrett Anderson. Talking to these beautiful children though helped quite a bit. Mister Brooks, the family court does have some jurisdiction over the behavior of the Child Welfare Authority's officials. I am supporting Mister Daniels, and asking the agency to place you on immediate suspension pending the outcome of an official investigation. Mister Daniels, please don't worry. Mister Brooks no longer has the authority to terminate you, and I don't feel you have done anything wrong. I have no reason to doubt the validity of the report you brought to me Mister Daniels. Now for Mister Gordon. If court decorum permitted, I would come off this bench and give you a huge hug! What you have done with these children is nothing short of a miracle, and I'm glad that there are people like you in the world. If the Child Welfare Authority could model its program after your home, every homeless child in this state would benefit from it. You have officially impressed the heck out of me, and I think you are some kind of hero. I almost cried several times as I talked to these children, especially in the case of Sean and Garrett. Then when they told me what you've done for them, it made me so incredibly happy. I have no problem whatsoever in approving the petition for you to adopt all five of these boys, and may God bless you and your home. Now, how many of you boys would like for your last name to reflect Mitch as your legal father?"

No one was surprised when all five boys immediately raised their hands. The judge smiled as she continued, "Then congratulations Mitch, and your five new sons Griffin Gordon, Randy Gordon, Jeremy Gordon, Sean Gordon, and Garrett Gordon. I certainly hope you continue to do what you've been doing Mister Gordon. This case is adjourned."

As everyone at the table shared a round of hugs, Taz said, "Damn, I should have asked to have my first name changed from Griffin to Taz!"

"Don't worry my son." laughed Mitch. "No one in our home will ever call you anything except Taz Gordon from now on."

"I love the sound of that dad!" smiled Taz.

After court, everyone went to the hospital to see Wes. Evan saw them on the way in, and went with them to Wes's room.

"Geez, you all look happy to see me today." said Wes. "I was beginning to wonder if anyone would show up today though."

"We could never forget you Wes." replied Mitch, the smile still not having worn off from earlier. "We just had a very good and exciting day in court today. I now have five new legal sons."

"Congratulations Mitch!" said Evan. "This day is just going to continue to get better then. I have the results back from Wes's test, and at this point he has tested negative."

"That's just as good as the news I got earlier then Evan!" replied Mitch. "I'm so happy that you won't have that to deal with as well Wes."

"Me too." said a relieved Wes. "Now if I could just get this catheter out of my dick!"

"I'm sorry son, but it has to be in there while your penis is healing." said Evan. "It was completely severed after all. I will need to examine you today, once everyone has visited enough to clear the room for a few minutes."

"Since I want these guys to be my family, I don't have any problem with you examining me while they visit." replied Wes. "I've showed people my dick for less of a reason than that!"

"Well. If you're sure son." said Evan. "Go ahead and lift your gown for me then."

"Just a second Wes." said Mitch. "Eric, can you take Garrett down to the cafeteria, and get him an ice cream cone? He doesn't need to see this."

"Sure thing my friend." smiled Eric. "What flavor ice cream do you want Garrett?"

"I love chocolate!" exclaimed Garrett, as he followed Eric from the room.

Evan chuckled as Wes lifted his gown. Then Evan removed the bandages, and gently took ahold of Wes's penis and began to look it over. The other boys knew what had happened, but it never struck them what it really meant until they saw Wes's penis. The cut ran all the way around the base of the shaft, with stitches holding it together every quarter of an inch. The catheter Wes had complained about came out of the piss slit, and ran to a bag that was strapped to Wes's leg. Wes did have a nice penis at five inches though, but it was more flaccid than any penis the boys had ever seen before.

"Well, everything looks normal there Wes." said Evan. "There doesn't seem to be any indication of infection, and that's what I'm most concerned about now."

"That's good doc." said Wes, who saw the other boys looking intently at his penis. "You guys want to look it over better before the doctor puts fresh bandages on it?"

The boys stepped up one at a time, and gently handled Wes's dick as they looked it over. As Taz gently handled Wes's dick, he looked into the boy's face with compassion.

"I hope they give the animal that did this what he deserves!" said Taz. "I'm not a violent person, but there should be no tolerating what he did to you dude."

"It's okay Taz." said Wes. "I'm sure the court will take care of him for what he did. Besides, it still feels really nice to have you guys handle it like that. I use to have a really nice looking dick."

"Well Wes, if you are getting feelings from it already, there's no reason to think that it won't be as good as it ever was." said Evan. "That is really a very good sign."

"Then why is it so damn limp?" asked Wes.

"That's because we have you on medication to keep it that way." replied Evan. "We don't want you getting an erection yet, and damaging the work we've done. After your penis is healed, and we remove you from the medications, you should be able to achieve an erection again."

"That's good!" said Wes. "As nice as it was feeling to have everyone handle it, I was worried that it wasn't getting stiff."

"I'm glad we made you feel good then dude." smiled Taz, as he lovingly caressed Wes's dick with everyone watching. "You're going to be a damn nice lover to some lucky guy when you get out of here, and they'll love your dick when it's healed."

"Now I really can't wait to get this catheter out!" smiled Wes. Then he immediately looked forlorn, as he continued, "I wish it could be Jesse that would be my lover though. God, am I always going to miss him so much?"

Mitch moved in and gave Wes a hug, as Taz continued caressing his dick. "I wish I could tell you that the pain will go away completely." said Mitch. "It's been quite a while since I lost my brother though, and I still miss him. It does get better though. I have his son now to raise as my son, and it gives me a great feeling to have that. Justin will always help me remember the good feelings regarding my brother, and you'll have someone to help you like that too. It may not go away, but it will get better."

"Yeah, I'm already happy to have a great family." replied Wes emotionally. Then he straightened himself back out, and almost laughed out, "You might want to stop for now Taz, or there may be more than just pee passing through that tube!"

Taz looked a little blushed for a second, then said, "I'm glad I could make you feel that nice, even if it was only for a moment. We'll all help you feel better any way we can Wes."

"Now I kinda wonder what it would have felt like to cum through a flaccid dick." said Wes.

"Well Wes, the catheter I put in can handle normal seepage." said Evan. "Since that's the norm with most boys, that's why I decided to use that catheter. A full blown orgasm couldn't have all come out through it though, and could have caused some damage. I'm glad you stopped Taz when you did. Try not to come that close until your penis is healed enough to remove the stitches and catheter."

"Okay doc, I'll try." replied Wes.

Evan went ahead and bandaged Wes's penis, then left to give Wes some privacy with his visitors.

Later that week, Eric accompanied Coach Donnelley to the hearing about letting Angelica remain on Valencia's baseball team. The board stated their concerns, and gave the coach a chance to speak. Then Eric asked to speak as well, so he could address his and the coach's legal concerns.

"Gentlemen of the board, I have studied the laws governing the state athletic commission very well." said Eric. "The laws were put in place to prohibit discrimination based on sex, in cases just like this. No team under your jurisdiction has made any complaints about having to accommodate female players. The only complaint thus far has been from an umpire, who is mad because he was ejected from a game by his fellow umpires due to his inappropriate behavior. If you'll look at the laws that I've outlined for you, you'll see that Valencia's female player has every legal right according to the state of California to remain a member of the team. To decide anything else would be a violation of state law, and could open the commission up to a barrage of civil litigation. I hope you consider this before taking any action today."

The commission only took about five minutes of private discussion of what Eric had said. Then they came back out and immediately apologized to coach Donnelley, before ruling that Angelica did indeed have every right to remain on the team. It was also ruled that the offending umpire would be permanently removed from further duty.

Also later that week, Peter Lewis had pulled into a small town in Oregon. He loved doing work for his favorite client Eric Andrews. Eric was a lawyer for a guy named Mitch, and gave him some great cases. Peter was gay himself, and loved cracking down on adults who had abused gay kids in any way. After Eric had told him the story of a boy named Wes, and his friend Jesse, Peter wanted to nail the people responsible. He had already tracked down Wes's father, which wasn't very difficult, and it was about time for the man to show up at his favorite bar. Peter went on in, and waited for the man named Jack Russell to show up. When Jack showed up, Peter went to sit down beside him. Peter had already made sure that his miniature recorder and camera were working, and sending a signal back out to his car.

"Damn, I'm at my wits end!" exclaimed Peter.

"We all got problems buddy." replied Jack. "You can buy me a round and tell me yours if you want though."

"Well, that's a pretty good deal I guess." said Peter. "Bartender, set my new friend up with a round of whatever he wants. My name is Peter Lewis." Peter then extended his hand to meet Jack's, even though the thought sickened him slightly.

"Jack Russell is my name." replied Jack, as he shook Peter's hand firmly. "I'll take a whiskey and bourbon. Now, what's the problem there Pete?"

Peter went into his actor mode, and said, "I don't want to say this too loudly, but I just found out my son is a damn faggot. How could that sick little shit do that to me?"

"It's a small world there Pete." replied Jack. "Mine did the same damn thing."

"How did you handle it?" asked Peter.

"Well, my wife and me are decent church going people." replied Jack. "Our minister gave us the name of someone who said he could cure the kid. I guess the kid was tougher than we thought though, because it got to the point where he had us lock the kid in a closet. It was for his own good, mind you."

"Yeah, how'd it work out?" asked Peter.

"The damn piece of shit ran away before we could straighten him out." replied Jack. "The man we took him to had forced himself inside the boy once though, to show him that it wasn't as right as he thought it was. He told me I was to do that to the boy every day, until the kid finally gave in. I didn't get the chance before, but they finally found the faggot down in California. As soon as I make them send the piece of shit home, I'll get my chance to teach him a lesson."

"You mean you're going to fuck your son in the ass?" asked Peter.

"Everyday, and as hard as I can!" replied Jack. "It's not like I'd ever let anyone do that to me. Besides, I'll be draining my balls into him, and teaching him a lesson at the same time. The man explained it to the wife too, and although she isn't crazy about it, she does understand that it has to be done that way. I'll make that faggot scream so hard that he'll never want to do that shit again!"

"I guess maybe I should talk to the man you sent your son to then, and see what he says." said Peter.

"It's your only chance if you ever want to make your kid straight." replied Jack. "Here's his number. Your son will thank you some day, when he finally realizes how wrong that shit is. I know mine will too. This man says that they all do." Jack then wrote a number down, and handed it to Peter.

"Thanks so much Jack." said Peter. "I'm sure this will help with my problem. Bartender, here's a hundred. Keep my friend here happy, and if there's any left, keep the change. I have a call to make."

When Peter got back out to his car, he replayed the video that had been recorded. When Peter saw that it had worked perfectly, he let out a very loud and fulfilling laugh. "We'll be the ones teaching you Jack! You sick, disgusting bastard!"

The following Monday was to be a very busy one for Mitch. First he had to go to the hospital, where Evan was going to remove Wes's stitches and catheter. Then he had to meet with the contractor, who Mitch expected to turn over another completed wing to the home. Finally, Eric had called, and wanted to meet with Mitch and Will.

"Okay Wes, this might sting a little, but I guarantee it's going to make you feel much better." said Evan. "Then after I get you taken care of here, I'm going to let Mitch take you home. How does that sound?"

"Let's get this over with then!" exclaimed Wes, as Mitch chuckled lightly.

As the catheter came out, it was a little uncomfortable. It was also an unimaginable relief at the same time though, and Mitch could tell from the way Wes was reacting. Once the tube had been completely retracted from Wes's penis, it was time to remove the stitches.

"Okay Wes, there may be a slight sting as I clip the stitches, then pull them out." said Evan. "It should feel like a pin prick, then some pressure."

As Evan went to work on the first few stitches, Wes yelped lightly at each one. Then he became a little more use to it, and the rest weren't quite as bad. Once the last stitch was out, Wes exhaled a deep sigh of relief.

"Okay Wes, you can get dressed now, and go home as soon as Mitch has signed the release papers." said Evan. "You won't be taking any more medications, so you should notice your ability to have an erection return within a week. I want you to take it easy at first, and keep an eye on your penis. If you notice any bleeding around the cut, get back here to the emergency room. We probably won't keep you if that happens, but you may need a stitch to control it. I'm thinking you should be fine though."

"Thank you so much Evan." said Mitch. "You've done so much for this family that you almost feel like a part of it."

"No problem my friend." smiled Evan.

As soon as Mitch returned home with a very happy boy in tow, the contractor tracked him down. "Well Mitch, your generous pay and bonuses have motivated my crew to finish another wing of your home. Here's a box with all of the keys. I have to say, they surprised the hell out of me with the quality and speed of this wing!"

"Thank you so much." replied Mitch. "This is going to mean a lot to a lot of kids out there who need to get off the streets."

"I'm glad we could help then." smiled the contractor.

Will arrived a short time later, just before Eric did. "Well, my PI does good work." said Eric. "I wanted Will here because I need to play you guys a tape he sent me. I think this should do everything we want it to. I do want to warn you that it gets a little rough though. Are you okay with being here Wes, considering what a creep your old man can be?"

"I guess I can take it." replied Wes.

"Okay then, here goes." said Eric. "Mitch, you may want to sit close to him."

Eric started the tape, and it didn't take long to see why he wanted Mitch close to Wes. Mitch and Will were both shocked beyond words, and Wes started looking terrified. When it got to the part where Jack talked about fucking Wes hard, Mitch had to hold on to the frightened boy. When the tape was finally over, Will and Mitch were still stunned.

Will finally asked, "Why didn't you tell us that you were also sexually assaulted Wes?"

"I was so ashamed of it." replied Wes. "It might have started out that way, but the man really enjoyed having sex with me. He was so carried away with it feeling good and erotic that he lost the urge to do it hard. He was so passionate about going in and out of me by the time it was over, that I kinda started to like it by the time he was done. Then when he started cumming in me, he began moaning about how I was the sweetest of all the gay boys that he had ever fucked. I asked him to prove it, so he turned me around and sucked me to an orgasm. When I was cumming, he was really tasting every shot I pumped out. Then I watched as he gently licked every drop of cum from the tip of my dick. I ended up thanking him for making having sex with him feel so good, and he said that it was a shame that it was a one time only thing. He said that he would have to turn me over to my father, and he knew my father wouldn't be very gentle about it. He said I was a nice boy, and if he could ever take the chance of being found out, he wouldn't mind it being with me. After he told me that he wished he didn't have to turn me over to my father, he gave me a very long and nice kiss. I don't care much for doing it with adults, but I loved having sex with him by the time we were finished."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Mitch. "Do you mean...?"

"Yeah, the only reason he runs a ministry to try to cure gay kids is because he loves having sex with them." said Wes, as he hung his head.

"Wes, you did nothing wrong." said Will. "The fact that this man uses his position to have sex with boys is disturbing. Okay, he might have been gentle with you, but what about all the other boys? He used them and you to fulfill his sexual urges, and he shouldn't be doing that. Your father however is a completely different story. I can't even begin to explain how disgusting the things he said is. Now that I've seen this, I can guarantee you will stay here. Eric, after you get what you can out of this, I want you to give me the video. Once Wes is safely here, and his father can't do anything about it, the tape needs to be used to teach this man a lesson. I just can't believe he would talk about brutally raping his own son so casually!"

"I never liked the man from the first time I heard Wes's story." said Mitch.

"Don't worry guys, I have a few more copies of this left." said Eric. "You can have this one Will. It'll be a pleasure to help this scumbag get what he deserves!"

"Please don't let him get ahold of me!" said Wes almost frantically. "As far as I'm concerned, that man isn't my father anymore!"

"Well, as far as I'm concerned that man isn't you father anymore either Wes." said Will. "I'll make sure he can't get ahold of you where I'm having him sent!"

"You're safe here Wes, and this is where you're going to stay." said Mitch. "We just opened a new wing today, so there's plenty of room now. Even if there weren't though, I wouldn't be letting you go anywhere."

"Thanks for treating me like family Mitch." said Wes.

"That's what you are now son." replied Mitch as he smiled.

"Okay guys, I sent a package out this morning, and now it's time to make a phone call." said Eric. Eric dialed his phone, and when someone answered, he asked, "Hello, is this Jack Russell?"

"Yeah, what do you want?" replied Jack. "If this is about that kid of mine, you people down in California need to hurry up and get him back home where he belongs!"

"My name is Eric Andrews, and I am from Los Angeles." said Eric. "This is also about your son, but it may not be exactly what you think."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" asked Jack. "I want my boy back here now!"

"Why, so you can rape him?" asked Eric. "I'm a lawyer here in Los Angeles, and my client wants custody of your son. You've done nothing but abuse and molest the boy since you found out he is gay. We know for a fact that you plan on brutally raping the boy over and over, until he doesn't want to be gay any more. The problem is that you're such a sick bastard that you're going to enjoy it!"

"How dare you say that kind of crap!" yelled Jack.

"How?" asked Eric as he laughed. "I have the videotape of you saying it, that's how! Do you remember a guy you met in the bar named Peter? He told you that his son was gay, and asked your advice. He was really my private investigator. Your reply made a very nice piece of evidence though Jack. So nice that I'm afraid it will put you in prison for a very long time. Now, like I said before, my client wants custody of Wes, and he's not use to taking no for an answer. I've sent you a package by overnight express. In it is a copy of the tape Peter made, and before you get any thoughts, there are plenty of copies of the original tape, which I have here. I'm just sending that for you to see, so you know that we're not bluffing. You and your wife are to sign the papers I'm sending, have them notarized, and send them back in the return express envelope I have provided. If I don't have them in three days, my client has instructed me to turn our evidence over to the authorities. It will take them less than a day to take you and your wife into custody. Do you understand the instructions I've given you?"

"How do I know you won't turn the tape in anyway?" asked Jack.

"You don't, but this is the only chance you have." replied Eric. "Just so you know, we don't need your cooperation at this point to get what we want. Now, I've talked to you about all I can stomach. You better hope we get those papers back in three days."

That evening, the kids were once again spread out into a new wing. Some wanted more elbow room, so they were enthusiastic about moving into the new wing. On the day Sean filed to have Mark's name changed to Gordon, Mitch got the papers back from Wes's parents. He immediately had Will file them with the state, so Will could finally make Mitch Wes's guardian. As soon as that was done, Will sent his copy of the videotape to the police, who assured him that Wes's parents would be picked up immediately.

Mitch and Justin's dream home had become a reality now, but they knew that this was only the beginning.

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