What A Gas! 2:

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 3

Justin and Mitch didn't think it was a good idea to leave Lance alone that night, so Justin asked Lance to sleep with them. Lance didn't know what to make of that at first, but Justin finally talked him into it. Lance then followed Justin to his and Mitch's bedroom.

As Lance was about to climb into bed with Justin and Mitch, Justin said, "I hope you don't mind Lance, but we both sleep in the nude."

"I guess that's okay." replied Lance. "I can do that too."

Justin and Mitch couldn't help but watch as Lance stripped in front of them. Lance stood about five feet and seven inches in his bare feet, with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. He had a sparse patch of hair in the middle of his chest, and a little more hair around the base of his five inch circumcised cock. Lance's balls were tight under his cock, and had no hair on them.

"How old are you Lance?" asked Mitch.

"I'm fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in about two months." replied Lance, as he climbed into the bed.

"I'll bet the guys really drool over you dude." said Justin.

"I've tried not to notice, but I guess they do." replied Lance.

"Well, Mitch and I are going to make love before we go to sleep." said Justin. "I hope that doesn't bother you."

"You guys can do whatever you want." replied Lance as he grinned. "After all, it's your bed. I'll try not to stare too much."

Justin then pulled the blanket down to reveal Mitch's naked body. Lance watched intently as Justin crawled down and engulfed Mitch's eight inch erection. He was surprised that the younger boy could easily swallow all of Mitch's cock. Lance also ended up crawling down the bed, so he could get a close up view of Mitch's cock going in and out of Justin's mouth.

After a few minutes, Lance said, "It really looks like you love Mitch's cock, but I was wondering if I could help."

Justin let Mitch's cock slide out of his mouth, then kissed the head and said, "I guess it wouldn't hurt this one time."

Justin held Mitch's cock at the base as he pointed it toward Lance. Lance stared at it for a second, then went all the way down on Mitch's cock until his lips touched Justin's fingers. Justin let go of Mitch's cock, then began to suck on Mitch's balls. As Justin sucked his lover's balls, his hand wrapped around Lance's now seven inch erect cock. Mitch gasped as he looked down and watched the two boys suck his cock and balls. Mitch reached down and put one hand on the back of each boys' head. After a few more minutes, Justin could feel Mitch's balls shiver in his mouth.

Justin pulled off and said, "Let's trade Lance. Mitch is about to cum, and I'm the only one he likes to cum for. I'm sure he would be happy with you sucking his balls like I was though."

Justin continued stroking Lance's throbbing cock as the two boys switched. Within a few moments, Lance could see Mitch's cock pulse inside Justin's mouth. He knew Mitch was now filling Justin's mouth with cum, so he sucked hard on Mitch's balls. Then he clamped down on them with the inside of his mouth. Mitch had a very good orgasm in Justin's mouth, as he groaned from the pressure on his balls from Lance's mouth. As soon as Mitch's orgasm was over, Lance began to cum all over Mitch and Justin as Justin stroked as much cum from him as he could. Mitch then pulled Justin up in the bed, and crawled down to Justin's crotch. Mitch hungrily sucked Justin's cock, which by now had grown to just over six inches erect. Lance began to suck and nibble on Justin's nipples as Mitch worked on his lover's cock. By this time, Lance's cum had been smeared over all three of them, and the smell of the three cum soaked bodies was pushing Justin over the top. Justin wriggled and whimpered as he began cumming in Mitch's mouth. When Mitch had sucked all of the cum from Justin's cock, he crawled up in the bed with the two boys. All three of them fell asleep, with their cum soaked bodies tangled together.

When Mitch awoke the next morning,Lance was staring into his face. "I know you and Justin love each other very much, so I wanted to thank both of you for making me feel loved for the first time in my life. Yesterday evening was the best thing that could have happened to me, and I never want to leave this place."

"It was our pleasure Lance." said Justin, who had awaken and was now rubbing Lance's back. "Someone should have shown you some love long ago. You will have to work on finding a boyfriend now though."

"Yes Lance." said Mitch. "We do love you, but Justin and I are very happy as lovers."

"Well, just once with you guys was enough for me to remember it for a long time." replied Lance as he smiled. "Besides, there is another guy in this house who I think is incredibly cute. I can't say who he is right now though. I don't want to jinx myself."

"That's great Lance!" replied Mitch. "I hope it works out for you. Now, let's go get cleaned up. We smell like we spent all night doing nothing but having sex."

The three of them got cleaned up together, as Mitch's bathroom had an extra large shower in it. Mitch and Justin both took turns helping Lance to clean himself, and Lance enjoyed the attention very much. After the shower, Mitch went to the kitchen to begin breakfast. Seeing as how the household was growing so quickly, Brandon decided to begin helping Mitch with breakfast. Mitch and Brandon had breakfast for ten finished by the time everyone else began staggering into the kitchen.

During breakfast, Lance kept glancing in the direction of Joey. Joey never did catch him, but Justin did and began to smile. Ryan was also doing some glancing, but his glances were in the direction of Bernie. Ryan thought he was very brave for coming out last night and taking care of the grenade that Lance had. Mitch noticed Ryan's glances, and made a note to talk to Bernie later.

After breakfast was over, Mitch did catch up to Bernie. "Hi Bernie, how are things going?" asked Mitch.

"Everything couldn't be better Mitch." replied Bernie. "This feels more like a home to me than anything I have ever known before."

"That's great Bernie, I'm glad you have been made to feel so at home here." said Mitch. "I wanted to talk to you about someone else's happiness though."

"What do you mean Mitch?" asked Bernie.

"I'm talking about Ryan." replied Mitch.

"Yes, Ryan is a very nice, good looking boy." said Bernie. "I've had the chance to help him out a few times, and he is just wonderful."

"I'm glad you feel that way too." said Mitch. "I've noticed Ryan glancing at you several times, and I know the look of a boy who is falling in love. I think Ryan wants to be with you very much Bernie. How do you feel about that?"

"It would be a pleasure to return any feelings he might have for me Mitch." replied Bernie. "I have actually imagined myself and Ryan together as lovers a few times."

"Then I think you should go to him right away Bernie." said Mitch. "I think he would like to know that you are in love with him too."

"I'll go to him right now." replied Bernie as he smiled.

"Come in." chirped Ryan, as he answered the knock at his door.

"Hi Ryan." said Bernie, as he entered the room. "Do you mind if we talk?"

"No sir, not at all." replied Ryan respectfully.

"You don't have to call me sir, Ryan." said Bernie. "My friends just call me Bernie, and I hope that's what we are."

"Okay!" replied Ryan as he smiled.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you have a beautiful smile Ryan?" asked Bernie nervously, as he sat down beside the boy.

"Are you trying to come on to me Bernie?" asked Ryan.

Before Bernie could answer, Ryan leaned into him and placed his lips against Bernie's. When Bernie began returning the kiss, Ryan had his answer. Bernie and Ryan held the kiss, and each other, for several minutes. Bernie finally backed away from Ryan to catch his breath.

"I hope this doesn't scare you Ryan, but I want to make love to you very badly." said Bernie.

"Damn!" replied Ryan jokingly. "I was hoping you would do it good if we ever got together. I would love to let you make love to me any way you want to though Bernie. Will you be my boyfriend?"

"I would love to be your boyfriend Ryan." replied Bernie.

Bernie then reached over, and gently removed Ryan's shirt. After Ryan returned the favor and removed Bernie's shirt, Bernie laid Ryan back and removed his shoes and pants. Bernie then leaned down to Ryan's ear.

"Your young body is so beautiful that it will be a joy to make love to you." said Bernie softly.

Ryan then took ahold of Bernie and rolled him over, then removed Bernie's shoes and pants. Ryan then leaned down to Bernie's ear, and rubbed his hand through the hair on Bernie's chest.

"Your body is so masculine and sexy that it will be hard to stop making love to you once we start." said Ryan, in as husky a voice as he could muster softly.

Ryan lifted Bernie's legs up onto his bed, then turned around on top of the man so they were laying in opposite directions. Ryan began to remove Bernie's plain white briefs, so Bernie began to remove Ryan's cartoon character boxers. Once Ryan had Bernie's briefs off, he looked at the man's body. One of the things that attracted Ryan to older men was their body hair, and Bernie had plenty. Bernie, on the other hand, was marveling at how smooth and hairless Ryan's body was. Ryan didn't even have any pubic hair, which was now turning Bernie on very much. Bernie was the first to break out of his trance, as he took Ryan's six and a half inch uncut erection into his mouth. When Ryan felt Bernie making love to his cock, he began to go down on Bernie's nine inch circumcised erection. It took Ryan a few minutes to finally work all of Bernie's cock into his mouth and throat. Bernie and Ryan made love with a passion that neither of them had ever felt before. Moans of pleasure filled the room as they made love to each other's beautiful cocks. Ryan didn't know how long it took him to begin approaching his orgasm, but he was well ahead of Bernie. That's because Ryan had planned it that way. Ryan began to gasp out, as his cum began to fill Bernie's mouth. Ryan's young cum was the sweetest thing that Bernie had ever tasted before, so he sucked as hard as he could. Once Ryan was through cumming, he pulled off of Bernie's throbbing cock.

"I want you to do something special for me Bernie." panted Ryan. "Even with everything I've done to survive, I've never let another guy put his cock inside me. I want you to take my virginity Bernie. I want you to be the first man who's cock has ever been in my rectum. I know you're a little larger than average, but that's one of the things that makes me want to do this now." Then Ryan laid down face first on the bed.

"I'm going to have to get you ready though Ryan." said Bernie. "And if this is your first time, you'll need more lubrication than just spit."

"There's a brand new tube of lube in the drawer beside the bed." said Ryan softly.

Bernie reached into the drawer, and sure enough, Ryan had placed a brand new tube of lube in there. "Have you been planning this Ryan?" asked Bernie.

"More like hoping it might happen." replied Ryan sheepishly.

Bernie grinned as he opened the tube, then squeezed a large bead of the lubricant onto Ryan's pucker. Bernie gently worked the lube into Ryan with one finger for a few minutes, then he added more lube and another finger.

"Uhhh!" grunted Ryan. "I can feel that!"

"I'll try to be gentle Ryan, but you'll feel the next one even more." said Bernie soothingly.

Ryan knew that from his friends on the street, Bernie was right. He knew that this would probably hurt somewhat, especially considering the size of Bernie's cock. He also knew that he wanted to do this more than anything he had ever wanted before. Bernie lubed his cock, and gently placed it against Ryan's pucker.

"Let me know if this hurts too much Ryan, and I'll stop right away." said Bernie.

"I don't want you to stop no matter what Bernie." said Ryan. "I love you, and I need you inside me. I know it might hurt, but I'm still looking forward to it."

Bernie then began to gently push his cock against Ryan's still tight pucker. The opening did not give at first, so Bernie slowly increased the force behind his cock. Ryan was now sweating, because Bernie's cock felt even larger than it looked. Ryan tried to relax himself as much as possible though, to help Bernie's cock go into him. Bernie was now pushing as hard as he wanted to, because he didn't want to hurt Ryan. Ryan knew that it still wasn't going in, so he pushed back against Bernie's cock.

"Ohhh!!!" shouted out Ryan. "It feels like you're putting a telephone pole inside me!"

"I'm sorry Ryan, I'll take it out." said Bernie. "We don't have to do this."

"Yes we do!" gasped Ryan. "Just let me get use to it."

Ryan was trying his hardest not to scream out, because he knew Bernie would take his cock out then. Bernie held his cock perfectly still just inside Ryan, as Ryan bit his lip and tried to relax. Finally the pain began to go down, but Ryan felt like his butt was stretched wider than it could possibly be stretched. After another moment, Ryan asked Bernie to push himself in further. Bernie continued pushing slowly and gently, stopping often to let Ryan adjust. It took Bernie over five minutes, but he finally got all of his cock inside Ryan. Ryan's rectum was squeezing Bernie's cock tighter than anything Bernie had ever felt before. It took a little bit of force to begin sliding his cock slowly in and out of Ryan. Ryan had never imagined having anything this large in his butt, and he was sweating heavily from the immense pressure of Bernie's cock. Fortunately for Ryan, Bernie's cock was being squeezed so hard that it would not take long for him to cum.

"I'm going to cum deep inside you Ryan." said Bernie. "You are definitely going to feel this."

Ryan gasped loudly when he felt the first shot of Bernie's cum shoot into him. The liquid that was forcing itself deep inside of Ryan was the most exciting thing he had ever felt in his life. Bernie moaned as he shot over and over into Ryan, emptying his long built up load from his balls. The feeling of Bernie's cum shooting into him was enough to cause Ryan to cum again into his bed before he even knew it was going to happen. Once Bernie's orgasm was finished, he began to pull out of Ryan. Bernie had to pull hard to get his cock to come out of Ryan's rectum. When Bernie's cock finally popped out of Ryan, Bernie and Ryan both moaned loudly. Bernie turned Ryan over, and took the still panting boy into his arms.

After a few minutes, Ryan weakly said, "I can't wait to do that again. I love you very much Bernie, and I hope we are boyfriends for a very long time."

"I love you too Ryan." replied Bernie, before taking Ryan into a kiss. When they broke the kiss, Bernie asked, "Will you move into my room with me, and be my lover Ryan?"

"Let's pack!" replied Ryan as he smiled.

Mitch had no problem with Ryan moving into Bernie's room, although Ryan would have to keep a bed in his old room for appearances sake. In a very short time, Ryan was moved and living with his boyfriend. That night was uneventful, except for the sounds of love coming from several rooms. Lance had moved into the room that was occupied by Ryan, so he would be alone for now. He had still not had the nerve to approach Joey.

The next day Mitch took the boys out to the local city park. This was suppose to be a day for all of the boys to be boys, as they ran and played in the park. Mitch staked out a spot where he could keep an eye on them, then laid back on a blanket. After about an hour, a boy who looked to be about twelve walked in front of Mitch. His button up shirt was completely unbuttoned, showing off his hairless chest. He looked like a typical cute boy. The boy stopped in front of Mitch, and turned to face him.

"Hey mister, would you like to play with my nipples?" asked the boy. He had figured Mitch as a boy lover because Mitch had been watching his boys play.

"Do you always ask older guys that?" asked Mitch.

"Not unless I see them watching a group of cute boys playing." replied the boy as he sat down next to Mitch. "My nipples would love for you to take them between your fingers."

"What would your parents say if they walked by?" asked Mitch, as he gently tweaked the boys' left nipple.

"Mmm!" replied the boy. "It would be an awful long walk for them from Phoenix."

"My name is Mitch." said Mitch, as he tweaked the boys' right nipple. "What are you doing here if they're in Phoenix?"

"Duh, I ran away." replied the boy. "What did you think, I came out here to be discovered by a movie studio? By the way, my name is Randy."

"How are you making it here on your own Randy?" asked Mitch.

"I was just about to get to that." replied Randy. "Could you spare a few bucks if I could make you feel good? You really are doing a good job on my nipples."

"What could have been so bad that you ran away to a life like this Randy?" asked Mitch.

"I'm sure you don't want to hear about that Mitch." replied Randy.

"Let's just say I'm bored." said Mitch. "Besides, it could mean a few bucks to you."

"Okay Mitch, you asked for it." said Randy. "My folks both lost their jobs about a year ago. They had been through so many jobs that this was their last chance. Anyway, we got kicked out of the apartment we were living in, and no one seemed to want to help them. They started living on the street, and sent me to live with my cousin. The only thing wrong with that was he was a drug addict who couldn't support his own habit. When I went to live with him, he immediately had me start stealing for him to help support his habit. I hated what he was making me do because it's wrong to do those things. About a month ago, I almost got caught on a job he sent me out to do. The police were looking for me, and I couldn't go back there. I searched the streets until I ran across my parents. They told me to go back and do what I was told, and that if I had gotten into trouble, then it had to be my fault anyway. I never did go back to my cousin though. Instead I came out here and have been learning how to live on my own."

"Do you call what you're doing living though Randy?" asked Mitch.

"No, I hate it." replied Randy. "It's the best I can do though. I'm only thirteen as of a month ago, so it's not like I have a lot of options."

"What if I gave you an option Randy?" asked Mitch.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Randy. "You're not some kind of weirdo, are you?"

"No, I'm not a weirdo." chuckled Mitch. "I run a home for boys like you Randy. Those cute boys that I'm watching all live at my home, and they have all been where you are now. I can give you a place off the streets, and a chance at living a normal life. Would you like to talk to them and see if you like what I can do for you?"

"Sure." replied Randy. "It's not like I'm going to get many offers like that."

Mitch called the boys over to talk to Randy, and he listened to all of their stories. All of the boys seemed to like Randy, especially considering how well he went through what he did. Randy liked all of the boys too. He knew that he had found a group of kids just like himself, and he wanted to be a part of that group. When Mitch and the boys left the park that day, they took Randy home with them. He was given the option of moving into an empty room by himself for now, or to share a bedroom with Davey. Davey seemed thrilled when Randy chose the latter. When Eric came by that evening to go to Justin's game, he said that he would have to make a trip to Phoenix and try to find Randy's parents. He could possibly get Randy declared a ward of the state of California, but it would be easier to get them to sign for Mitch to care for Randy and become his guardian.

Justin and Antonio had another great game that evening, with Justin wanting to help Antonio play a great game. After all, Antonio was the team captain. Besides, he deserved as much of the glory as Justin though he was getting. With each other's help, Justin and Antonio both got their hat trick. Antonio scored four of the team's eight goals, with Justin getting three of the other four. The best the other team could manage was to match Antonio's goals. The locker room was very happy after the game, and the reputation of the team was growing every day. Hopefully after three more games, they would be the state champions. After they were done in the locker room, Antonio, Danny, Mike, and Tyler met the two newest additions to Mitch's house. Lance and Randy were both very well liked by Justin's friends, and everyone made plans for another night out together.

Later that night, as everyone was getting ready for bed, Ryan had a favor to ask Bernie. "Do you know how my body is so smooth Bernie?" asked Ryan.

"Yes Ryan, that's one of the things I find so sexy about you." replied Bernie.

"Well, the only reason that it's that smooth is because I shave it." said Ryan. "The problem is that I'm not too good at it, and I usually cut myself up if I try to do it myself. I had a friend out there that I could usually get to do it for me, but he's not here now."

"I'd love to shave your beautiful body for you Ryan." said Bernie. "How much do you usually shave?"

"Just to be safe I shave the whole thing from the neck down." replied Ryan.

"So, I get to cover your entire body with shaving cream, then shave it all off huh?" asked Bernie.

"That's about it." replied Ryan.

"That sounds like fun, although I'll have to be extra careful around your balls." said Bernie. "I think that tomorrow I should buy you an electric shaver, so you won't be as likely to nick your smooth body."

"Thanks Bernie, I love you." said Ryan.

"I love you more Ryan." replied Bernie.

Bernie had Ryan strip, then he covered the boy with shaving cream. Bernie had a great time shaving Ryan's entire body, and when he was finished Ryan didn't have any sign of a hair on his body. Ryan and Bernie slept soundly, wrapped in each other's arms that night.

Meanwhile in Davey and Randy's room, the two boys were getting to know each other better. "So Randy, how active were you on the streets at twelve and thirteen?" asked Davey from his bed.

"As active as I needed to be to survive." replied Randy, as he gently stroked himself in his own bed. "Besides, sometimes it was kinda fun."

"Weren't you afraid of catching something though?" asked Davey.

"I guess that's always possible out on the streets." said Randy. "That's also possible anywhere though."

"Well, I'm lucky that all I got was an infection." said Davey. "It could have been much worse."

"So, the doctor said it should be cleared up in a week?" asked Randy.

"A week to ten days to be safe." replied Davey.

"That's good." said Randy. "Who knows, maybe we can have some fun when it's cleared up."

"I would like that a lot Randy." replied Davey.

The two boys continued to talk until they both began to fall asleep. Davey fell asleep with a smile on his face because he had wanted someone younger for a while, and Randy was cute as hell.

Okay, before anyone says anything about Mitch and Justin being with Lance, Lance was feeling very down and they just wanted to show him that he was loved. That's all it was. Besides, Lance seems to have his sights set on Joey now. Also, I know there was a lot of sex in this chapter, but that was to make up for a lack in the first two. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in chapter 4.