What A Gas! 2

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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Before I begin, I recently lost my job. I had been working at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio since last season. False allegations were made against me by the Cedar Point police, which were covered up with a false police report from the same officers. Even though the desk clerk at the dormitory I was staying in admitted the police report was false, she refused to say anything on my behalf. I wanted everyone to know how Cedar Point treats it's employees, as well as it's guests. If you feel compelled to write them, the address is:
Cedar Point Amusement Park
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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 4

The next day, Mitch took Randy to have him tested. Randy and Davey insisted that Davey go along with them, so the three headed out to the clinic. Twenty minutes after the test was started, the doctor came out to give Randy his good news. Randy was negative as well. Mitch couldn't believe how lucky all of these boys had been so far. The most serious thing any of them had picked up so far was the venereal infection that Davey had gotten. After the test, Mitch took the two boys out to a treat at the local ice cream parlour.

After taking a lick from his cone, Davey said, "I sure am glad that Randy is negative too."

"We all are Davey." replied Mitch. "Randy is a very nice young guy. If I'm not mistaken though, there's a little more to it than that with you, isn't there?"

Davey grinned sheepishly and replied, "Randy is cute as hell, and I hope he wants to be my boyfriend someday."

"Well, congratulations Randy!" said Mitch. "You already have an admirer. How do you feel about that?"

"I like Davey a lot." replied Randy. "It's making me stiff right now just thinking about having a boyfriend like him."

"That has to be about the sweetest thing I've ever heard!" chuckled Mitch. "Well, hopefully Eric will find Randy's parents soon, and he can convince them to let Randy stay with us. If not, we'll have to do it the hard way. I don't want you to worry though Randy. Whatever happens, you're at home now and that's where you'll stay as long as you want."

"Thanks Mitch." said Randy. "I've never felt more at home than I do with all of you guys."

"I'm glad you feel that way Randy." said Mitch. "Now, let's get on home as soon as you guys finish, in case Eric calls."

Just as the boys were finishing their ice cream cones, a very unkempt boy who looked about fifteen or sixteen came staggering up to them. "Please help me mister, I don't feel too good." said the boy, just before he collapsed at Mitch's feet.

Mitch immediately took out his cell phone and dialed 911. When the paramedics arrived, the boy looked so dirty and uncared for that they put on rubber gloves before handling him. Mitch looked on with concern on his face as the paramedics cared for the boy, then got him ready to load into an ambulance.

"Where are you going to take him?" asked Mitch.

"Well, he's obviously a street kid, so we'll take him to County General." replied the paramedic. "The state will have to pick up the tab for this, and they are the only ones who take state cases."

"He's obviously pretty ill though, and County General is too overcrowded to treat him properly." said Mitch.

"I'm sorry sir, but that's the best we can do unless someone else is willing to pay for his care." replied the paramedic flatly. "Besides, being a street kid, he could have anything. Maybe even full blown AIDS. You usually don't see kids like him last much longer than another year or two at the most."

"Well, I think he deserves more of a chance than that, no matter what his condition is!" stated Mitch. "I'm Mitch Gordon, the multi-millionaire, and I will pay for his care! Could you please take him to the best hospital in the area?"

"If you'll sign a state release, I'll be happy to." replied the paramedic.

Mitch signed the papers, and the paramedic told Mitch which hospital they would take him to. Mitch was much happier with the second choice of hospitals, and they had Reggie follow the ambulance. Once they got to the hospital, Mitch turned to Randy and Davey.

"You boys don't have to stay." said Mitch. "I can have Reggie take you home, then come back to get me."

"We really want to stay though Mitch." replied Randy. "We want to find out who he is."

"Yeah, I felt really bad about the way he collapsed in front of us." said Davey. "He looks really sick, and he'll need friends around him when they get done."

"I'm very proud of you boys." said Mitch.

Everyone then went into the hospital to wait. Mitch called home on his cell phone to let someone know what had happened, and to tell them that if Eric called, to call him on his cell phone. Then they waited for someone to come out about the boy they followed there. Finally, after a few hours, a doctor came out and went up to Mitch.

"Are you the one who signed to take care of the boy who came in two hours ago?" asked the doctor.

"Yes." replied Mitch. "My name is Mitch Gordon, and I can easily afford the boy's care."

"Okay then Mister Gordon." said the doctor. "My name is Doctor Grandy, but you can call me Evan. We have gotten the boy cleaned up, which was quite a job itself, and we've run some tests on him. We haven't been able to get a whole lot of information out of him since he came to though. It seems as though he doesn't trust doctors and hospitals very much. I was wondering if you might like to take a shot at talking to him. We can't even get his name out of him."

"I'll do the best I can." said Mitch. "Can my boys go with me?"

"We like to limit the treatment room to two people, but I think we can make an exception this time." replied Evan.

"Before we go in, do you know what caused him to collapse?" asked Mitch.

"Well, his T-cell count is pretty low, but not untreatable." replied Evan. "In HIV cases though, the earlier you treat them, the better their prognosis is. The collapse was most likely due to the T-cell count, combined with his lack of care and nutrition."

"Do you mean that he is HIV positive?" asked Mitch.

"Yes, but I thought you knew that." replied Evan. "I am so sorry about telling you this way. If I had known that you didn't know, I would have been much more subtle."

"That's okay Evan." said Mitch. "The only thing that's important is that he's cared for properly."

"Yes, that's the important thing now." said Evan. "You do realize that treating an HIV patient can be very expensive, right?"

"I've heard that, but money is no object." replied Mitch. "His care is much more important."

"He's lucky to have found you then Mitch." said Evan. "I hate to say it, but if he had been taken to County General, which is usually the case, they would have most likely treated him and released him. In my opinion, he wouldn't have lasted another six months."

"How about now?" asked Mitch.

"We'll do everything we can, but I can guarantee you that his life expectancy has just gone up." replied Evan.

With that, Mitch and the boys went in to see their John Doe.

"If you're another doctor, I still ain't talking!" said the boy, when Mitch came into the room. When Davey and Randy followed Mitch in, his look became confused.

"I'm not a doctor." replied Mitch. "I'm the man you asked to help you before you collapsed."

"And you went ahead and helped me?" asked the boy. "If I hadn't been so out of it, I would have told you that it wouldn't do any good."

"Why's that?" asked Mitch.

"Because, I have,... IT." replied the boy. "I've seen enough people I know die to know that I have IT, and there's not much hope for me now." Then the boy began to cry.

Mitch took the boy into his arms and said, "There, there. Go ahead and let it out."

The boy cried while Mitch patted and rubbed his back. The boy seemed to be letting years of hurt come out as Mitch held him. Randy and Davey were almost in tears themselves as they watched Mitch comfort the boy. It hit them both really hard that they had been incredibly lucky not to be where this boy was now. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the boy's tears began to let up. Mitch then pulled back and kissed the boy lovingly on the forehead.

"You have one thing now that those other boys never had though." said Mitch. "Someone who cares about you, and wants to see you get the care you need. I want to help you beat this thing for as long as you possibly can."

"Why?" sniffled the boy. "I don't even know you, and I'm sure you don't know me."

"My name is Mitch Gordon." said Mitch. "The boys with me are Davey and Randy. They are two boys who had lived on the streets, and that I'm taking care of now."

"Hi, I'm Davey." said Davey, as he gave his hand to the boy to shake.

When Davey was done with his handshake, Randy said, "Hi, I'm Randy. You look like you could use a few new friends." Then Randy held his hand out for the boy to shake.

"I sure could!" the boy almost cried, as he shook Randy's hand. "My name is Griffin, but everyone calls me Taz. Why did it take me so long to find people as nice as you?"

"I couldn't tell you that Taz." replied Mitch. "I guess if I could, it would make me the smartest man in the world. What's really important is what we do now that we have met though. The doctors here want to help you as much as they possibly can Taz, but they are going to need some information to do that. I'm also going to need some information so that the state will let me take care of you, if that's what you want."

"I guess I'm ready to talk then." replied Taz.

Taz was sixteen now, and had been living on the streets since he was fourteen. In that two years, Taz had seen so many street kids that he'd made friends with either die or disappear that he had lost count. Taz didn't know exactly when or how he had been infected with HIV, but he had began feeling ill about two months ago. It only took him about a month to figure out what was happening to him, and the past month had been hell. As his friends on the street began figuring it out too, Taz began feeling more and more alone. Taz was now starting to feel as though he couldn't take any more, and was wondering when he would build up the nerve to put an end to his life. Mitch told Taz that he wouldn't let him do anything like that now, and Taz told Mitch that he really no longer wanted to end his life anyway. All he had ever wanted was for someone to care about him. Mitch and Taz hugged again before Mitch called Evan back into the treatment room. Evan came back in, and Mitch and Taz gave him the information he needed.

"I'm glad we were able to get Taz to open up here Mitch." said Evan. "Like I said before, the earlier we begin treatment, the better the patient's prognosis will be. We've been looking closer at Taz's test results, and we think we can do him some real good here. The first thing we need to do is to get the T-cell count up to a healthy level. That will help Taz fight this disease better. I'm sure we can do that pretty effectively, but we'll need to keep him here for a few days to a week. After that, we are going to start him on a treatment program. Some of the drugs we will be using may be difficult to tolerate, but I feel as though the more we do to treat this, the longer and more productive his life will be."

"So then, I'll be on some kind of drugs forever?" asked Taz.

"You will have to be on a treatment program for as long as you need it." replied Evan. "I'm not going to lie to you guys. This may not be pleasant at times, and there are no guarantees with HIV, but a chance at a better life is better than the alternative. I'm sure you've seen enough of that to know what I mean Taz."

"Way too much." replied Taz somberly. "I'm ready to do whatever you guys want."

"Then let's do it!" exclaimed Mitch.

"Great!" relpied Evan. "We'll get a room upstairs for Taz, and get started right away. Before we release Taz though Mitch, you'll need to get him some new clothes to wear. We had to dispose of everything he was wearing due to parasites."

"I'll have that taken care of before we take him home with us." replied Mitch.

"I'm glad to hear that too." said Evan. "Taz would have a very bleak future without someplace to go where he can be cared for properly, and have the love and support that he needs."

"Well, he doesn't have to worry about any of that anymore." replied Mitch.

Mitch and the boys waited out in the waiting room while Evan arranged a room for Taz. While he was there, Mitch spoke to Eric on the cell phone. Eric hadn't found Randy's parents yet, but he had a really good lead on them, and expected to talk to them in the morning. Mitch said that was a relief, then he filled Eric in on Taz.

"I guess it's a good thing I should be back by tomorrow evening, huh?" replied Eric, when Mitch told him about Taz.

"Yeah, this may be the toughest and most important one yet." replied Mitch. "Whatever happens though, I know this will be worth it. Just wait until you meet Taz."

By the time Mitch got off the phone with Eric, Taz had been moved to a room. Mitch and the boys went in to see him again, then Mitch would have to get home to his other boys. Taz understood though, and Mitch promised to return first thing in the morning.

Before Mitch left, Taz asked, "Could you kiss me like you did before Mitch? Since everyone figured out that I have HIV, they've been afraid to even touch me."

"How about this then?" replied Mitch. Mitch put his arms around Taz in a warm embrace, then kissed Taz very lovingly on the cheek.

When Mitch pulled back, Taz exclaimed, "That was awesome! Your lover is a very lucky guy!"

Mitch had told Taz about Justin, but not everything. He didn't want to chance scaring Taz off with the information that his lover was a boy even younger than he was. Now though, he was beginning to feel that Taz would be okay with it.

"Well, you'll get to meet Justin soon enough." said Mitch. "I know you will both like each other."

Mitch, Davey, and Randy went home, and the two boys went on and on telling everyone about Taz. The fact that he was HIV positive didn't seem like it mattered to the two boys. They thought Taz was the greatest guy they had ever met. Some of the other boys did seem a little concerned that Taz was positive though, so Mitch decided it was time for the talk. He knew that he might have to have this talk someday when he and Justin started the home, but he didn't think it would be so soon. That evening, after supper, Mitch gathered everyone in the house together, including Reggie, Bernie, and Brandon.

"Okay everyone, as I'm sure you all know by now, we will be having someone living here who has HIV." said Mitch. "I'm sure everyone knows the significance of HIV, but I want to make sure everyone knows exactly what it is."

"Don't you die from HIV?" asked Josh.

"You don't necessarily die from HIV itself Josh." said Mitch. "This is a disease that attacks a person's immune system. It can weaken the immune system to the point where any number of other things that are normally treatable can kill you. There are a few things that I will expect everyone to do when Taz comes here."

"Is it true that you can catch HIV by helping a person who has it to clean themselves?" asked Ryan.

"That is completely wrong Ryan." replied Mitch. "There is only one way that you can get HIV, and that is to come in contact with blood that is contaminated with the virus, and to have it enter your body. It is true however that there are a lot of bodily fluids that contain small amounts of blood, but sweat is not one of them. You cannot get HIV simply by touching someone who has it."

"What kinds of bodily fluids have blood in them then?" asked Joey.

"Now that is the type of question that we should all know the answer to, so I'm glad you asked Joey." replied Mitch. "The major fluids that contain at least trace amounts of blood, if not more, are vomit, semen, urine, and stool. Stool is actually solid, but it should be considered as a fluid in this case."

"What about saliva?" asked Brandon.

"The only way saliva has ever been proven to contain blood is if the person has an open sore in their mouth, or has recently had a tooth extracted." replied Mitch. "If you're not sure about either of those, then go ahead and use caution."

"So, we're in no danger from Taz living here?" asked Lance.

"Not as long as you follow a few simple precautions." replied Mitch. "There is no reason in the world why you should ever be afraid of Taz. If you have unprotected sex with Taz, you would be exposing yourself to the virus. You should never have unprotected sex with Taz, or anyone else for that matter unless you are in a committed and monogamous relationship, or you know their status beyond any shadow of a doubt. Also if you are helping Taz clean up after vomiting or using the toilet, or helping him if he is injured and bleeding, you should always wear a pair of latex gloves. We will have those here by the time he comes here to live. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to worry about simply touching him, or showing him other acts of compassion. I even kissed him on the forehead and the cheek today, and there is no reason for me to worry about doing that. Right now Taz is very fragile, and he could use all the shows of friendship that we can give him."

"What about him?" asked Reggie. "We don't want to make him sick, but there's no way we can prevent coming down with something that may be harmless to us, but could kill him."

"That's true Reggie, and I'm glad you mentioned that." replied Mitch. "If any of us has any type of contagious illness, we need to be careful around Taz for his sake. Either try not to be in direct contact with him until you are well, or if you are in contact with him, wear a mask. He will accept that you are doing that for his sake better than he would accept fighting for his life over catching a cold. Is everyone comfortable with Taz coming here now?"

Mitch was happy when everyone answered yes, and some even answered that Taz needed them right now. Mitch was always proud of his new family, but he was even prouder at this moment. Now all that was needed was to get their newest family member out of the hospital.

Mitch kept his promise to return to Taz the next morning. Taz did feel a little weak today, but the doctor told Mitch to expect that as Taz was starting his treatment. The hospital would adjust his diet and include some vitamins to help offset Taz's weakness. Mitch and Taz's conversation eventually turned to why his family had let him go to the streets.

"They didn't let me go." said Taz. "It was more like I was told that the streets were my new home. My dear old drunken dad went out on my fourteenth birthday, and bought his fourteen year old son a bunch of porn tapes. He was so proud that I liked the tapes so much, but then two weeks later he found out why. He caught me jacking off with the tape paused in a part where there were no naked women. I had never seen him so mad in my life, so I decided that I should leave while my body was still intact. I tried to call a few weeks later, but neither of my parents would even talk to me. I never tried to go home after that, because it was made clear to me that I had no home."

"Well, you do now Taz." said Mitch. "We will love you, and help you with anything you need. I just wish there were more I could do."

"You've done more for me in the two days that I've known you than anyone else has done for me in my whole life." said Taz. "I'm so glad that I met you Mitch. You're a great man, and I'm sure your family is just as great, especially if Davey and Randy are any indication."

"Those two boys really took a liking to you Taz." said Mitch as he smiled.

"That use to happen all the time." said Taz. "Now it hardly ever happens anymore. That's what makes it so special to me."

Mitch and Taz lost all track of time, and talked until well into the afternoon. Mitch knew that he wasn't falling in love, because no one could ever take Justin's place in his heart, but this boy had to be a part of the family. Taz was even more like the son he never had than Justin was. Mitch was sure that Justin wouldn't be jealous of Taz, because it just wasn't in him to be jealous. Besides, Justin would always be his lover. They were finally reminded what time it was when Taz's afternoon medications came around.

"Well, I have to get back to the family Taz." said Mitch. "I'll see you tomorrow though, and we'll see what your T-cell count is. My lawyer will also probably come by, and the boys all want to come, seeing that it's Saturday. Justin will have a game tomorrow night though."

"Really?" asked Taz. "What sport does he play?"

"He and his friend Antonio are the stars of their high school lacrosse team." beamed Mitch.

"High school?" asked Taz. "I was thinking you were a lucky dog with him being a college student! How old is Justin?"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you Taz." replied Mitch. "I didn't want you to be scared off thinking that I was a dirty old man. Justin will be fifteen in a few months."

"Damn!" exclaimed Taz a little too loudly. "Oops, sorry for being so loud. You are a lucky dog though, having a fourteen year old boyfriend. There are guys that would probably kill for your secret for doing that."

"It's really no secret." said Mitch. "We both fell in love the moment we met."

"Now I can't wait to meet Justin." replied Taz.

Mitch was relieved that that went as well as it did. Now when he came back tomorrow, Taz could meet the whole family.

Well, we knew it had to get heavy at some point. I think Mitch handled it very well though. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 5.