What A Gas! 2

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 5

That night, after Mitch and Justin had made love, the pair just laid next to each other in the bed. Justin had his arm wrapped warmly around Mitch's shoulder. After a few minutes, Justin noticed that Mitch was very quietly weeping.

"What's wrong Mitch?" asked Justin soothingly.

"I was just thinking." replied Mitch, as he dried his eyes. "What happened to Taz could have happened to any one of you boys, even you Justin. I'm not sure how I could have handled that."

"Well, you're a warm and loving man, and you've handled Taz great so far." said Justin. "I think you would have the love to be able to care for anyone under any conditions."

"It really isn't right though." said Mitch. "How could anyone as wonderful as any of you boys, including Taz, be put in a position to have to deal with this?"

"From everything I've heard, HIV has never been fair to anyone." replied Justin. "That's one of those things you wish had never come along, because the world would have been a better place without it. That's not possible now that the genie is out of the bottle though. The best we can do is love Taz as he is, and help him to live as normal of a life as possible. We both knew when we started this home though that this would eventually come along."

"Are you sure that you're only fourteen Justin?" asked Mitch. "Sometimes I could swear that someone stuffed a much older man in your body."

Justin giggled as he knelt in the bed next to Mitch. "Give me your hand." said Justin. When Justin had ahold of Mitch's hand, he pressed it against his smooth torso and continued, "Does this feel and look like the body of a fourteen year old boy to you? When we make love, do I taste like a fourteen year old boy?"

Mitch ran his hand gently over Justin's body and replied, "You are every bit a wonderful fourteen year old boy, and the best lover I could ever imagine. Your feel and your taste is something a man could never duplicate. I know you won't stay a boy forever, which is why I'm so grateful that we have this time between us now. Years from now I will remember this time with you, and I'll love you just as much as I ever have."

Justin fell down onto Mitch in an embrace, and the two kissed passionately as they caressed each other's bodies. When sleep finally overtook them, they remained pressed snugly together.

The next morning, Eric showed up as Mitch and the boys were getting ready to go see Taz. Eric had Mitch close his eyes, then held out a piece of paper to him. When Mitch opened his eyes, he took the piece of paper and read it. Mitch shouted for joy and hugged Eric, as he held onto the release from Randy's parents, giving Mitch the authority to care for the boy indefinitely. The boys came into the room to see what the commotion was about, and Randy almost cried as he hugged Eric and Mitch. His parents had finally done the right thing for him, for once in his life. When everyone got to the hospital, Mitch found out that they wouldn't all be allowed in Taz's room. Mitch then borrowed a wheelchair, and took Taz to see the gang. Taz was a little overwhelmed by the number of people who had come to see him, as Mitch introduced them all.

"Okay Taz, first we have my driver, Reggie." said Mitch. "The man standing next to him is our lawyer, Eric. Then we have our security chief Bernie, and his boyfriend Ryan. Then you have already met Davey and Randy. Next to them we have Lance, Joey, and Joey's little brother Josh. Finally, we have the love of my life, Justin."

Everyone eagerly took turns shaking Taz's hand, as they said a few words to him as well. All of the boys also gave him a brief hug, and a few of them even gave him a short kiss on the cheek. Taz wasn't ready for that kind of welcome, especially after how he had been treated by the people out on the streets. The last one to give Taz a hug and kiss was Justin.

"Damn, you're cute Justin!" said Taz. "You and Mitch are both very lucky to have each other. Well, I already like Mitch a lot, and I'm sure I'll like you just as much. I have got to talk to both of you later to find out what it's like to be in your position."

Taz gave Justin a wink, and Justin giggled in response. Taz had a great time being around so many nice people, people who accepted him without reservation. He had thought he'd seen the last of that when he figured out that he was HIV positive, but these people were proving him wrong in the best way. Eric came by to talk about legal matters with him, and soon had Taz's paperwork filled out. After that, Taz's doctor came out to see him.

"Well Taz, I have some news for you." said Evan. "Your T-cell count is starting to rise again. If your treatment keeps working this well, we may let you go in a few days instead of a week. That also makes me optimistic that we got to you in time to do you some good. Don't take that the wrong way though Taz. HIV is something that you will have to fight for the rest of your life now, but that life is getting longer by the minute."

"Thanks doc, I appreciate everything that you and Mitch's family are doing for me right now." replied Taz. "I wish things went this well for every kid in my position, but I know from experience that it doesn't."

"Well Taz, medical researchers are still working on ways to make that wish come true someday." replied Evan. "I hope we see it soon too. HIV is a terrible thing for all of us to deal with, and I've seen plenty of it to know. The worst thing is the way it destroys people's lives, even before it makes them ill. People like Mitch are trying to put a stop to that though, and we in the medical profession appreciate that."

"So do I." smiled Taz, as he looked at Mitch.

Mitch and the boys stayed with Taz until it was time to leave for Justin's game. Taz wished Justin good luck before he left, and Justin responded with another hug and kiss. Taz smiled for the rest of the evening after Mitch took him back to his room. He now had the family that he had always wanted.

When Justin got to the academy that evening, he filled Danny and Antonio in on the newest member of the family. Both of the boys thought that it was a shame that he was positive, especially after the way Justin described him. Then Justin reminded them that it was a shame for anyone to have HIV. The game that night was the closest one of the championships so far. The other team had a good number of fans in the seats that night, so Valencia's fieldhouse was a very loud place to be. Justin had tried to help his friend be the star tonight, but the other team was hanging very tough. As the game rolled down to the last few minutes, both teams found themselves deadlocked at four goals each. By this time Justin just wanted his team to score, no matter who got it.

"Please God, let me get one more goal for Taz." said Justin, as he ran down the field after one of the other team's players.

The other player was going to take a shot at winning the game for his team, but Antonio came out of nowhere to prevent that from happening. The ball popped up in the air in front of Justin. He quickly caught the ball in his stick, then turned to see no one between him and the other team's goalie. Justin ran down the field toward the side of the goal he liked shooting from. As soon as the goalie committed to defending that side, Justin shifted his grip on the stick and cut to the other side. That left enough of an opening for Justin to put the ball into the goal, and the fieldhouse erupted into applause. Mitch was so proud of his boy as he watched from the seats. The other team tried everything they could to tie the score back up, but when they resorted to pulling their goalie for an extra attacker, Justin managed to intercept the ball. He quickly passed it to Antonio, who ran down the field to score another goal just seconds before the final buzzer. After the game, Valencia's locker room was once again a very happy place. Everyone on the team wanted to give Justin and Antonio a friendly hug before hitting the showers. About half the team was unable to get around to it until everyone was naked, but that didn't stop them. Justin and Antonio had a very difficult time trying to keep from getting an erection from being hugged by so many naked boys.

The next day, Mitch made good on his promise to Doctor Bob, and he and Justin went to a meeting. Mitch and Justin had a good time seeing everyone again, and they met a few couples who were new to the group. The newcomers seemed to be inspired by Mitch and Justin's success, but then Mitch told them about the early days of himself and Justin. It reminded some people of what they were going through now. That got a good discussion going about how to make it through the tough times that couples like themselves face at first. Also, the man who they had met at the group early on, who was afraid he might go to jail, had good news for the group. He and his lover were still being kept apart by the boy's parents, but the boy had built up the nerve to make a stand with his parents, keeping his lover out of jail. Everyone encouraged him to hang in there because it really seemed like the boy truly loved him. Everyone thought that they would find a way to be together again at some point. The meeting was very good for Mitch and Justin, and they promised to make it back as much as they could.

After the meeting was over, Mitch and Justin stopped by the house on the way to the mall to pick up the other boys. Joey, Lance, and Davey had been accepted at Valencia, and would be starting the next day. Mitch had also enrolled Randy in a private middle school, and Josh in a private elementary school. They would also start the next day. All of the boys now needed new wardrobes, and Mitch had to pick something up for Taz as well, seeing that he would soon be coming home. Mitch had gotten a chance on Saturday to discuss education with Taz and his doctor on Saturday, and everyone agreed that due to his treatment, Taz would be home schooled by a private tutor for now.

The mall turned out to be a rather interesting experience today. First, Mitch was buying clothes for so many different boys today, that he didn't know which way to turn at times. Lunch at the food court was almost as much fun. After lunch, Mitch still had to get a few things for Randy and Davey, plus something for Taz to wear when he was released. Justin, Lance, Joey, and Josh decided to entertain themselves at the arcade while Mitch was finishing up his shopping. After the boys had been in the arcade for a while, Lance was playing Justin on one of the games. Joey was looking around while they were playing, when he spotted a friend of his from the streets. The boy was not very good at turning tricks, so he usually made his way by begging. Today he was begging at the arcade in the mall, and Joey wasn't the only one who had spotted him.

"Hey Justin, I know that kid over there!" said Joey. "His name is Trevor, and he's a really nice guy. He's just not too good at turning tricks."

"Call him over to talk then." replied Justin, without looking up from the game.

"I would, but I think mall security is about ready to bust him!" replied Joey. "We gotta help him!"

Justin then looked over and saw a security officer closing in on the boy Joey was talking about. He didn't have much time to come up with a plan, so he did the only thing he could think of to distract the officer.

"Fucking rip-off machines!" yelled Justin, as he pounded heavily on the game. "They take your fucking money, then end your game as quickly as they can!" Justin then pounded on the machine even harder.

"Stop beating that machine boy!" said the officer. "Are you trying to break it?"

"You assholes are a bunch of crooks, and this fucking machine is a rip-off!" yelled Justin, as he gave the machine another punch.

"You're about to bite off more trouble than you can chew!" warned the guard.

At that time, Trevor finally spotted the guard and took off running. Joey immediately took off after Trevor, while Justin punched the machine one more time.

"That did it boy!" said the officer, who was upset that he had lost Trevor.

Justin, Lance, and Josh immediately took off, as the officer chased them. As the boys ran through the mall, they hoped they would be able to find Mitch right away. When they turned a corner onto one of the main concourses, they had to jump up onto a fountain ledge to get past a crowd. That slowed the officer down enough for Justin to look for Mitch. As the boys headed down the concourse, they spotted Mitch and the other two boys outside a clothing store. Justin, Lance, and Josh caught up to Mitch just as the officer had caught back up.

"Dad! Dad!" exclaimed Justin. "You have to help us!"

The officer came up and panted, "Is this,... your son?!"

"Yes, these are my boys." replied Mitch. "What seems to be the problem?"

The officer had now caught his breath as he pointed at Justin and said, "That little brat there attempted to vandalize a machine back at the arcade! He needs to be arrested, and have a good little scare thrown into him!"

"First of all mister, I would appreciate you not calling my son names!" said Mitch loudly. "Now, did he cause any damage to the machine?"

"I don't know, but he might have!" snarled the officer.

"Don't you think that is something you should find out before chasing a boy through a crowded mall?" asked Mitch firmly. "What happened son?"

"The machine ripped us off!" said Justin, who knew he had to play this one out. "The people here don't care though. They set them up to do that!"

"That's still no excuse for violent or destructive behavior though son." said Mitch, who was beginning to think Justin was reverting to being a street kid.

"Are you sure dad???" asked Justin, as he winked at Mitch.

Mitch caught the wink, and knew something was up. That was a relief, but he need to stall so he could think. "Why don't we go back to the arcade then, and see if there is any damage to the machine?" Mitch asked the guard. "I believe my son when he said the machine ripped him off, but I'll talk to him about his reaction."

The officer wasn't too happy with Mitch's suggestion, but he knew he wasn't getting anywhere like this. Mitch and the boys followed the officer back to the arcade, while Mitch thought about what to do next. On the way back to the arcade, Josh slipped up next to Mitch.

"My brother saw a friend of his from the streets." whispered Josh. "The security officer was going to bust him, so Justin was making a distraction. He wasn't trying to damage the machine, and it didn't look like he did."

"Thanks, that'll help." whispered Mitch back.

When they got back to the arcade, a couple of boys were playing the machine in question. The machine appeared to be in good working order as Mitch and the officer looked at it over the boys' shoulders. Then Mitch motioned for everyone to talk outside.

"The machine looks fine to me sir." said Mitch. "I will have a talk with Justin about how he handled this though."

"And what if the machine had been broken?" asked the officer.

"Then I would have paid for any repairs, and taken it out of Justin's allowance." replied Mitch. "Either way, I will be talking to him about what happened. I believe that he was just upset, and not really trying to break the machine. It would be impossible for you to prove otherwise too."

"Well,... that's not good enough!" said the flustered officer loudly. "I'm going to have to ask your boys not to come to this arcade anymore!"

"That can be easily arranged sir!" replied Mitch. "There are plenty of malls in this part of California!"

Justin looked around, and saw Joey peeking around the corner outside the nearby entrance. "Yeah, let's go dad!" said Justin. "We don't have to shop here anymore!" Justin then turned and headed toward the nearby entrance.

Mitch was kind of confused because Reggie was parked on the opposite side of the mall, but he played along without appearing as though anything was wrong. Justin led everyone out the door, then turned the corner Joey had been peeking around.

"Hey Joey, I see you caught him!" said Justin, as Mitch called for Reggie to come around and pick them up.

"Yeah, I was always a better runner than him!" replied Joey, as he lightly punched Trevor's arm as a gesture of friendship. "Everyone, I would like you to meet Trevor. I always loved hanging out with Trevor when we were on the streets. At least I did whenever I could run across him. Trevor, meet my new family. All of the kids here use to live on the streets, just like us. The man is Mitch, and he's about the greatest and nicest man you will ever meet. I already think of him as my new dad."

"Hi everyone." replied Trevor nervously. "Joey said it would be okay if I hung out with you guys for a while."

"That's no problem at all Trevor." smiled Mitch as the limo pulled up. "Let's get in and talk on the way back to our house." Once everyone was in the limo, Mitch continued, "So Trevor, tell me about yourself. How did you end up being on the streets, and causing such a commotion today?"

"Well, I'm fifteen and I've been out here for about six months I guess." said Trevor. "I never knew exactly how my family would react if they ever found out that I'm gay, but I knew they wouldn't take it too well. We moved out west from the south, and my parents were members of a really strict church there before we moved. One time they caught my sister kissing her boyfriend really hot, and they beat her black and blue. Then they went on for days about the evils of sex before marriage. As much as they're against sex, I sometimes wonder how they managed to have kids. Anyway, after we moved out here, my sister kinda became a loner, and I began taking more chances. Let's face it, there are a lot of really hot guys out here, and the temptation is a lot worse. One day, my dad barged into my room even though I locked the door, and caught me with my pants down with another boy. He held both of us down while he called the whole family to see what we were doing. I was so embarrassed and scared. Everyone in my family looked at me like they hated me, except my sister. She just hung her head with a really sad look, like she was really sorry for what I was about to go through. I thought I was going to be beaten for sure, but the next week went kinda quietly. They wouldn't let me out of my room for anything that week, but no one said anything or touched me. My sister did sneak meals to me through my window though, or I wouldn't have eaten that week. Then one day, my dad came along and announced a family outing, including my two brothers, but not my sister. I guess he found out she had been sneaking meals to me, or he didn't want her around to see what was going to happen." At that point, Trevor was having a hard time controlling his emotions.

"It's okay Trevor." said Mitch. "We're here for you, and nothing can happen to you right now."

Trevor took a moment before he continued, "My dad drove all of us out into the desert, and I didn't have any idea where we were heading. All I knew was that we were in the middle of the Mohave Desert, somewhere near Death Valley. I do know that it was a long way from where we lived in southern Utah. As evening was approaching, my dad pulled off the road we were on, and pulled off where no one would see us if they did happen to come by. Then I knew something bad was about to happen. My dad and brothers pulled me out of the car and began beating me. They knocked me down and began kicking at me. I felt several really hard kicks to my ribs, and then they started kicking me in the head. After a few kicks to the head, I must have went unconscious. The next thing I knew, it was a few days later and I had woke up in a strange bed. Some nice old hermit had found me in the desert, and he and an Indian friend of his had been taking care of me while I was out. I decided to stay there and rest for as long as the old guy would let me, then head out toward the coast. After about three weeks, my ribs were starting to feel better, but something awful happened. I woke up to find that my new friend had died in his sleep one night. His Indian friend came over, and told me that the guy had no family except for me now. We buried him out in back of the shack he had lived in, and my other new friend held onto me as I cried in his arms."

By this time, tears had begun streaming down Trevor's face. Mitch sat next to the boy, and held him tightly in his arms. As Mitch rubbed Trevor's back, he talked quietly into his ear.

"You're going to be okay Trevor." said Mitch softly. "We love you, and we'll take up where your friends left off. I promise you will be safe and loved from now on."

Trevor looked up at Mitch with tears still in his eyes, and Mitch gave him a gentle and loving kiss on the forehead. That brought a half smile to Trevor's face, so he dried his tears to continue.

"The old man's Indian friend held onto me until I stopped crying that night." said Trevor. "I asked if I could stay with him now, but he said that his family would never understand. When I asked what was to understand, he told me that he had feelings for me. He ended up staying that night with me in my friend's home, and we made love for most of the night. It's a night that I'll never forget. The next morning though, he was gone when I woke up. I knew that he would never come back again, so I got ready to head toward the coast like I had planned. I walked for a good while until I got back to civilization enough to pick up my first ride. From then I was able to get rides the rest of the way here. Joey thinks I'm terrible at picking up tricks to make money, but the truth is, I only want to have sex for one reason now. My Indian friend taught me that there was only one reason to have sex with another person. I think he was trying to prepare me for what he knew I would be going through here. I've mostly been surviving by begging. I'm not proud of that, but you have to do what you can to make it, and that's one thing I can do."

"You have to stay with us Trevor!" wept Justin.

"Yeah my friend, we want you to be a part of our family!" said Joey, on the verge of tears himself.

As a matter of fact, everyone in the limo had been very moved by Trevor's story. Mitch was having a difficult time not crying as he continued to hold Trevor. Mitch finally regained control of his emotions though, as he backed away from Trevor slightly while continuing to hold him.

"I want you to come live with us Trevor." said Mitch. "All of these boys are from the streets like you, and I think of all of them as my sons. I want you to be my son too Trevor. We will all love you and take care of you, and none of us will ever expect anything from you except to finish growing up as happily as possible. Will you please come to live with us Trevor?"

"Well, since I haven't ever got a whole lot of offers like that from people like you that I like, you got a deal!" replied Trevor, with a slight smile. Trevor then cuddled into Mitch's embrace for the rest of the drive to his new home.

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