What A Gas! 2

The Dream Home

by tim the story guy

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What A Gas! 2: The Dream Home

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

"I want you to come live with us Trevor." said Mitch. "All of these boys are from the streets like you, and I think of all of them as my sons. I want you to be my son too Trevor. We will all love you and take care of you, and none of us will ever expect anything from you except to finish growing up as happily as possible. Will you please come to live with us Trevor?"

"Well, since I haven't ever got a whole lot of offers like that from people like you that I like, you got a deal!" replied Trevor, with a slight smile. Trevor then cuddled into Mitch's embrace for the rest of the drive to his new home.

Since all of the occupied rooms had already been spoken for. Trevor would have to take a room by himself for now. All of the boys pitched in and helped him get cleaned up, and Justin got him some clean clothes to wear from the supply they already had at the house. Trevor looked a little afraid of sleeping by himself in a new home though, so Ryan approached him.

"Hey Trevor, why don't you use my bed tonight, then you can move to your own room tomorrow." offered Ryan. "I stay with my boyfriend Bernie anyway, so my bed is empty every night. I just have to keep a bed in Lance's room in case anyone asks any questions."

"You sleep with Bernie every night?" asked Trevor in interest.

"Yeah, it's great!" smiled Ryan. "Bernie is so wonderful and gentle when we make love. I can't stand being apart from him, and he loves me with all of his heart."

"You're a very lucky kid to have such a wonderful man to love you, and make love to you." said Trevor.

"I take it you like older men too, huh?" asked Ryan.

"My Indian friend was almost fifty, and I still wish we could have found a way to be together." replied Trevor. "When he made love to me that night, it was so beautiful and exciting."

"Well, there are lots of men out there who love boys like us, and I mean real love, not just that they're turned on by boys." said Ryan. "I don't think you'll have a problem meeting the right man and falling in love again."

"I hope you're right Ryan." replied Trevor. "I know he's out there somewhere. Thanks for letting me use your bed tonight."

"No problem Trevor." replied Ryan, as he gave Trevor a hug.

The boys didn't want to go to school the next morning, using the excuse of wanting to get to know Trevor better. Mitch insisted though, as he and Trevor would be busy anyway. Once Reggie had gotten all of the boys in the limo and took off, Mitch and Trevor would be by themselves until Eric came along. Mitch and Trevor talked until then, and it wasn't very long before Eric was at the door. Mitch couldn't believe it, but Eric actually cried a few times when Trevor was telling his story again. When Trevor finished his story, Eric got ahold of himself

"I always told myself not to get too attached to my clients, but I'd like to give you a hug Trevor." said Eric.

Eric wrapped his arms gently around the boy, and held him in a loving and caring embrace for several minutes. When Eric finally broke the hug he smiled at Trevor and said, "You feel almost exactly like my son and lover, Casey. Anyway, we need to take care of what happened to you Trevor. I don't think having you stay here permanently will be any problem whatsoever, but what everyone in your family did to you, except your sister, boils down to attempted murder. They are very sick Trevor, and they need to be someplace where they can be dealt with. If we don't stop them now, your sister could be next. Can you be strong enough for us and your sister to go through this Trevor?"

"If we do this Eric, can I have my sister brought out here to see me?" asked Trevor.

"I'll see if I can pull a few strings and have her here tomorrow, if you'd like that." replied Eric with a smile.

"I'd be in your debt for the rest of my life if you could do that!" exclaimed Trevor emotionally.

"Even though this is a home for boys, I think we can accommodate your sister for a while Trevor." said Mitch.

"You two are the greatest people in the world!" replied Trevor, as he threw his arms around both men and cried.

Once Trevor had released the two men, Mitch said, "I'm going to get Trevor to the clinic today, then go by the hospital to see how Taz is doing. Give me a call on my cell phone the moment you hear anything Eric, okay?"

"I'll get right on this one, and call you as soon as possible." replied Eric.

Once Eric had left, Mitch got Trevor ready to go to the clinic. They weren't very busy that morning, so Mitch and Trevor had the results by ten thirty. Trevor had come back negative, and from his answers to the questions they had asked, it was certain that wouldn't change. The clinic doctor was concerned that Trevor's ribs may not have ever healed properly though, so he suggested that Trevor be checked out thoroughly when they got a chance. Mitch would have to arrange that through Eric, since serious charges would be filed against Trevor's family. The two guys then left the clinic, and went directly to the hospital a few blocks away.

"You're late Mitch!" beamed Taz, as Mitch and Trevor walked into the room. "And you have someone new with you."

"Hi son." said Mitch to Taz. "Taz, I'd like you to meet Trevor. He's our newest addition to the family, as of yesterday."

"Hi Trevor, it's good to meet you." said Taz, as he held his hand out to Trevor. "You guys missed the vampires. They left just before you got here."

"More blood work, huh son?" asked Mitch.

"What's wrong?" asked Trevor.

Mitch knew there was something that he had forgotten. He forgot to tell Trevor about Taz, and that Taz was HIV positive. Mitch was trying to think of a way to get out of this one, when Taz spoke up.

"I'm shocked that Mitch didn't tell you, but then again he always seems to have a lot going on." said Taz. "But then again, one of his most admirable traits is how he's trying to help so many people! I'm here because I just started treatment for HIV. I've been positive for about a month now, but Mitch came across me in time to help me."

"I'm so sorry Taz, that sucks!" replied Trevor.

"Well, what's done is done, and we can't change what's already happened." replied Taz. "What matters most is what happens from here on out. I'm in a lot better shape now than before I met Mitch."

"That's because I care about you so much son." said Mitch, as he leaned down and kissed Taz on the forehead.

Trevor moved in closer to Taz and asked, "So, you're going to try to beat this?"

"I'm gonna fight it as long as there's any fight in me!" replied Taz. "Doctor Evan was telling me about new treatments this morning that may help. Something about reducing latent virus cells, and stuff like that. The longer I can stay healthy, the better chance I have of being here when they can beat this thing once and for all."

"I'm sure we'll beat this then." said Trevor, as he too leaned down and kissed Taz on the forehead.

"Thanks Trevor." replied Taz as he smiled. "I like you a lot already."

Mitch, Taz, and Trevor continued talking, with Mitch and Trevor giving Taz the love and support he needed. When Taz's lunch was wheeled in, Mitch and Trevor excused themselves to the cafeteria. They told Taz they would be right back after they had eaten, so Taz would also have a chance to eat and take his medications. Mitch and Trevor ate while they talked, mostly about helping Taz, then made their way back up to his room. Just as they walked into Taz's room and were about to pick up where they had left off, Mitch's cell phone went off.

"Hello, Mitch here." said Mitch.

"Hi Mitch, it's Eric." replied Eric. "I have a few things you guys might want to hear."

"Damn Eric!" exclaimed Mitch as he chuckled. "You work fast, don't you?"

"That's what you're paying me for!" replied Eric, as he laughed lightly. "Anyway, Trevor is now a ward of the state, and in your custody indefinitely until we can get things nice and legal. Our prosecutor wants to speak with him today, but based on what I told her, they've already been in contact with the authorities in Utah. Now for the good part. Trevor's sister Leah will be at the airport here at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning. I'm going to fly out to Vegas to meet her, then accompany her back here. By the way Mitch, did Trevor ever mention that he and Leah were twins?"

"You gotta be shitting me Eric!" exclaimed Mitch.

"Nope, I'm afraid not buddy." replied Eric. "Apparently they were born about an hour apart."

"That would explain a lot about some of the things that happened." said Mitch. "The little guy must be torn up inside from being apart from her. I hope you know what I'm going to ask next Eric."

"I'm way ahead of you Mitch." replied Eric. "I just needed to know how you felt about it first. Now, we need to get things legal with Trevor being in your permanent custody, then we can start on Leah. I will see if I can get a temporary order though, so she doesn't have to go back to Utah. Then I'm sure she can stay with you until things are straightened out. We will also have to have your license changed so you can care for boys and girls both. I think we can handle that one though."

"I know someone who's going to be happy to hear this." chuckled Mitch. "Why don't you swing by the hospital then Eric, and we can start working on some of this."

"Okay Mitch." replied Eric. "I'm going to bring the prosecutor with me, so we can get that going in full swing too. We should be there in about an hour to ninety minutes."

"Great Eric, we'll see you then." replied Mitch. "Thanks for everything, and I'm sure Trevor will want to thank you too."

As soon as Mitch ended the call, Trevor asked, "What was that about?"

"Eric had a few things for me to tell you." replied Mitch. "First, he's going to be coming by here in about an hour or so. He's bringing the prosecutor with him, and she needs to talk to you. There's nothing to worry about Trevor. She just wants to hear your story from you, so don't hold back anything about your family. Okay?"

"Okay, I guess I can do that." replied Trevor unenthusiastically.

"Don't be so down about it Trevor, I'm about to make it up to you." smiled Mitch. "Your twin sister Leah will be at the airport at eleven o'clock tomorrow, and I'm going to try to keep her here with you."

Trevor launched himself up into Mitch's arms, and hugged onto him tightly as he cried, "Oh Mitch! I love you so much! I'll never be able to thank you enough for this!"

Mitch held Trevor tightly as he said, "Right now this is plenty enough thanks for me son. I love you too." Then Mitch kissed Trevor lightly on the forehead.

After Trevor had held on tightly to Mitch and cried into his shoulder for about ten minutes, he finally disentangled himself from Mitch.

"I'm so happy for you Trevor." said Taz emotionally. "It's always nice to see good things happen to good people."

As if on cue, Evan stepped through the door and asked, "How would you like to leave here today Taz?"

"You mean you don't want me here in this wonderful hospital anymore?" asked Taz sarcastically, as he began to smile even more.

"I think you and your wonderful new family would rather be together right now, and we can treat you from this point at home." replied Evan, as he too smiled.

"Oh god Mitch!" said Taz, as a tear formed in his eye. "I can come home!"

Mitch leaned down and hugged Taz warmly, as he thanked God for bringing his new family together. Then Trevor joined in on the hug. Evan was going to step outside so they could have a moment together, but Taz motioned him over when he noticed that.

Taz drew Evan down into the group hug and said, "Thank you for taking such good care of me Doc. Every new day that I have from this point on will be because of you."

The hugfest finally ended, and Evan began giving Mitch and Taz instructions. Evan wanted to see Taz twice a week in the outpatient center for the next several weeks, and he gave both of them instructions on Taz's medications. Mitch called Reggie during that time, and asked Reggie to get Taz's clothes and bring them to the hospital. Reggie was thrilled to do that. Shortly after Evan wished everyone luck and left the room, Eric showed up with the prosecutor. After introductions were made, Eric asked Trevor to tell his story to the prosecutor. She listened very intently to every word Trevor told her, and when he was through, she gave him a few moments to gather himself back together.

"I just want to ask you a few questions Trevor." said the prosecutor. "Just take your time and answer as completely as you can, okay dear?"

"Yes ma'am, I'll do my best." replied Trevor.

"Okay then, were your parents just as abusive toward your sister as they were toward you?" asked the lady.

"Yes ma'am, if not even more at times." replied Trevor.

"Did they physically abuse you a lot before that day in the desert?" asked the lady.

"My dad would always say spare the rod and spoil the child." replied Trevor. "That was usually just before he would beat me or my sister."

"What about your older brothers?" asked the lady.

"He hardly ever touched them." replied Trevor. "My parents had them brainwashed very good. They always thought they were better than me and Leah."

"How about when they locked you in you room?" asked the lady. "Was that the first time they had ever done that to you or your sister?"

"No way, they liked to do that!" replied Trevor. "Once they locked Leah in her room so long that she almost couldn't stand up when they let her out. I took care of her for weeks until she felt better."

"Would it be okay if we had our own doctor look at you Trevor?" asked the lady. "We just want to make sure that the last time your family beat you, they didn't do any permanent damage to you. No one is going to say anything to you about what you did to survive after your family left you in the desert to die."

"I guess that would be okay." replied Trevor.

"You do look like you're doing pretty good right now Trevor." said the lady.

"Yeah, Mitch is taking really good care of me now." replied Trevor. "He acts so much like my dad that I wish he was!"

"Well, I'm glad you have him to take care of you then Trevor." said the lady. "I'm going to call the authorities in Utah Trevor. When they pick up your sister in the morning to take her to the airport in Las Vegas, I'm going to see if they will place the rest of your family under arrest. Since what they did to you happened inside the California border, we're going to see if we can get them sent here to face attempted murder charges. I'm going to want to talk to your sister too sometime tomorrow, but we'll make sure that both of you remain safe here in California. Do you think you can go through with this Trevor?"

"If it means that Leah and I can stay here, I'll do whatever you ask." replied Trevor.

"Okay then, I'm going to go ahead and get started on this." said the prosecutor. "Take good care of our boy and his sister, okay Mitch?"

"You have my promise on that." replied Mitch.

After the prosecutor left, Eric had a few papers for Mitch to sign. They talked about the case as Mitch signed what Eric needed him to. Then Mitch and Trevor thanked Eric for what he was doing, and Trevor thanked him with a kiss to the cheek. Reggie arrived soon after that, and was accompanied by a nurse with a wheelchair and Taz's discharge papers. Eric went ahead and left then, so he could pick up Casey, and prepare for an early trip to Vegas in the morning. As Taz was wheeled out the hospital door and up to the waiting limo, he looked up at Mitch and smiled.

"You like our ride, huh?" chuckled Mitch. "That's good because it's going to get cozy by the time we pick up all the kids at school!"

Everyone laughed as they climbed into the limo and left the hospital. Even though there was plenty of room right now in the limo, Taz sat next to Mitch on one side, and Trevor sat next to him on the other side. Mitch smiled as both boys leaned into his side. By the time all of the boys had been picked up from school, the limo was getting pretty crowded. Mitch was glad that he had decided on the stretch Hummer, because he knew that all of these boys would never fit in a normal limo. With Trevor's sister coming in tomorrow though, Mitch knew he would have to come up with something else quickly. He was going to have to get together with Reggie about it tonight.

The boys were all excited to see Taz out of the hospital, and Davey and Randy finally pried him away from Mitch's side to sit with them. That suited Justin fine, as he climbed into the limo next to Mitch. As soon as Reggie pulled away from the academy, Mitch leaned over and placed his lips against Justin's. All of the boys looked on and smiled as Mitch and Justin shared a very passionate kiss. As a matter of fact, while Trevor reached over and placed Justin's hand on Mitch's cock, Taz reached across from where he was sitting with Davey and Randy, and placed Mitch's hand on Justin's butt. Mitch and Justin played along a little bit, and caressed each other sensuously for a few minutes.

Then Mitch broke the kiss and said, "Okay boys, that's all the show that you're going to get. When Justin and I do anything more, it'll be when we're together in bed tonight!"

Justin then looked up with an impish smile, and playfully asked, "Are you sure you don't want me to show them what it's like when my mouth pleasures your beautiful cock? You know I won't mind!"

As Mitch replied, "I will though," the boys were all shouting, "Do it! Do it!"

Justin then squeezed on Mitch's cock lightly, causing Mitch to gasp. "Do you boys realize how fast this would all be over if Justin and I were caught doing that in front of you?" asked Mitch, as he breathed a little heavier.

"We all love you though Mitch." said Taz. "None of us would ever say anything! Would we guys?"

All of the boys shouted out, "No!"

Justin then gave Mitch's cock another playful squeeze, and it began to stiffen as Mitch gasped again. Then Justin began to unzip Mitch's pants. Mitch's breathing became even heavier, and he made no attempt to stop Justin. Justin unzipped and unbuckled Mitch's pants, then pulled them and his underwear down as the other boys watched quietly. A few of the boys did gasp when Justin uncovered Mitch's now fully erect cock though. Then Justin leaned down and placed his lips against the head of Mitch's cock. Mitch could not stop Justin now, so Justin began taking Mitch's cock into his mouth. The other boys watched in fascination as Justin took all of Mitch's cock into his mouth, then let it come out to the head. Justin closed his eyes and got a good rhythm going with Mitch's cock going in and out of his mouth.

"Oh God Justin, I love you so much!" moaned Mitch, as he gently stroked the back of Justin's head.

After a few minutes, Mitch was panting heavily while his cock began throbbing in Justin's warm wet mouth. Justin then concentrated on sucking the cum out of Mitch's cock, and was rewarded a few moments later when Mitch's orgasm began. Most of the boys in the car were panting as they intently watched Justin swallow every drop of Mitch's cum. Mitch's orgasm finally ended, and his cock began to soften in Justin's mouth. Justin looked lovingly at Mitch's cock as it slipped from his mouth, then raised up and pressed his lips against Mitch's. As Justin kissed Mitch deeply, the other boys pulled Mitch's pants back up, then tucked everything in for him and zipped and buckled his pants. Mitch was smiling as Justin finally broke their kiss.

"Did you boys really need to see that?" asked Mitch breathlessly.

Everyone enthusiastically answered, "Yes!"

"I guess I don't mind this one time then." said Mitch. "We do have to be careful about that though." Mitch took a few moments to catch his breath, then continued, "As of tomorrow, Trevor's sister Leah will be living with us. This is going to cause me to have to be licensed to take care of boys and girls both, so we may end up with a few more girls around the house. I know the home was intended to be only boys, but I think we all love Trevor so much that we want him and his sister to be together again. That means you boys won't be able to do anything in front of girls that they might be uncomfortable with. They may not complain about you boys kissing each other in front of them, but you have to be careful about doing anything else. Don't do anything that a girl tells you she would be uncomfortable with seeing. Does everyone understand that?"

Once every boy had answered yes, Trevor said, "I don't think anyone has to worry about Leah. Once she told me that she wished I would bring a boy home so she could watch us. Then she said she would try to get him to have sex with her after he had sex with me. I always felt bad for her though. Her hormones have kicked in, but the parents always watched her so closely that she could never do anything about it."

"Well, I can't say I completely disagree with that, although I have a serious problem with how they handled it." said Mitch. "You wouldn't want Leah getting pregnant at her age would you?"

"Leah and I talked about everything though." replied Trevor. "There's no way she would do anything like that without taking precautions like rubbers or foam or both. She's just like everyone else, and wants to feel what it's like. You can't blame her for that as long as she's responsible about it, unless you want to blame everyone else for having those feelings."

"You're absolutely right Trevor, and I'm sorry." said Mitch.

"Your sister is pretty cool about you being gay, isn't she?" asked Taz.

"Leah and I would love each other no matter what!" replied Trevor as he smiled. "I could commit the most heinous crime you could think of, and she would still love me. I didn't tell anyone this, but Leah and I are twins. She was born about an hour after me, and we've been that close ever since. She's the only one I've missed since leaving home."

"Then we'll treat her like our sister as much as we'll treat you like our brother." said Justin.

"I'm sure she'll like that!" snickered Trevor.

By then they had arrived home, and Trevor and Taz had decided they would like to share a room. Fortunately there wasn't a whole lot of moving in to do yet, because Taz would soon have to have dinner and his dinner medications. Mitch promised that after Leah had joined them, he would take them all shopping to help furnish their rooms, chests, and closets. Then Mitch got together with Reggie to discuss transportation issues.

"I'm afraid with the way this family is growing, we may soon outgrow the limo." said Mitch. "It's a beautiful limo, and I intend on keeping it, but it just won't hold everyone for too much longer."

"I know what you mean Mitch, and I've seen this coming." replied Reggie. "I did go see a vehicle broker a few days ago, and the only thing he could suggest was a bus. He did have one that is a little smaller than a full sized bus. It holds thirty people and it was built as a private tour bus, but the company that ordered it went under as it was ready to be delivered. The bus was customized for the tour company, and they had it furnished very nicely. All we would have to do is get the tour company paint scheme painted over, and the broker said he could take care of that for us."

"Well then Reggie, if it's brand new I'll give you a check to take to the broker tomorrow." said Mitch. "When can we take delivery of it?"

"If I take him a check tomorrow, we can have it by Friday." replied Reggie.

Oops, now they have a girl coming to live with them! That should make things interesting. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 7.